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Romney Releases Tax Returns – Media Criticizes Romney for Paying Too Much and Not Being a Billionaire!!! – Romney 2011 Tax Returns Show Charity 1st Concern

Who Do You Trust? - Not the Media - Gallup Trust in Media by Political Ideology - graphic image Gallup

GOP Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, is now taking heat for releasing additional tax returns – the American media and Harry Reid and the Obama Campaign’s bluff has been called, the only question was how fast they would spin it to a negative – the answer – seconds.

ABC News suggested that although Romney paid 1.9 Million in taxes in 2011, it was at a tax rate of 14.1%, and shame on him for paying too much! – Seizing on a Romney statement during a GOP primary debate, where he estimated his payment at a lower percentage (sending the same media reeling), apparently, now he’s paying too much, thus the implication – Romney “lied”. They also touch on his charitable giving, the reason his tax rate is higher than it need be – apparently the Romney’s giving is at a higher than average percentage and they claim less than half of what they give to charity. Since Romney does not take all of the available deductions – shame on him!

The Huffington Post is also questioning Romney’s public service, or more to the point, the fact that he abandoned his lucrative Bain Capital gig in order to save the Olympics in Salt Lake, run for Governor of Massachusetts and then for President, which made him a Millionaire – not a Billionaire!!

Of Course the Democrats are up in arms - suggesting that Romney’s releases of income tax returns was purely a political move(Washington Post).

This would suggest that after being harangued by the Democrats, the Obama Campaign for months about releasing tax returns, when he did so – it was political – yet it was not political for Harry Reid, current Senate Majority Leader and nut case, to suggest that Romney did not pay any taxes at all – and the media ran with it as gospel. It was not political for the President to call Romney out for not releasing enough tax returns – only two years, not twelve – and the media jumped on that.

Is it no wonder then that the most recent Gallup Polling - suggests:

Americans' distrust in the media hit a new high this year, with 60% saying they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. Distrust is up from the past few years, when Americans were already more negative about the media than they had been in years prior to 2004.

Gallup Graph Political News Consumption by Political ID - image Gallup

The trust in media by party is telling: 26% of Republican’s Trust the Media, 31% of Independents feel the news is worthy, and the highest percentage of trust goes to those who identify as Democrats at 58% - In addition, those who watch political news (or pay attention) appears to be in reverse, with Democrats on the low scale at 33%, Independents at 39% and Republicans at 48% (Gallup).

Therefore, across the board, across all news media, two thirds of the nation isn’t buying what they are selling.

According to the Tax Returns Here in PDF via Politico, Romney paid more in taxes as well as gave more to charity than the President because he earned more from investments (well, that explains the taxes, not the charitable donations where by percentage Romney is extraordinarily generous.(President Obama 2011 Tax Returns PDF)which show that the President did, paid less in dollar amounts based on income than the Romney’s in taxes, but had a 5,000,000 deduction (page 4 schedule C – Computation of Generation Skipping Tax Transfer – trust for children), gave a total of 172, 130 in donations, and has an adjusted gross foreign and domestic income of 789,674 (includes the Presidents salary of $364,000 (and change) Investments are, for the most part, in U.S. Treasuries .

Also, Romney’s firm is rumored to be preparing a release of 10 year, and one can bet at this juncture, the media and the Obama Campaign is praying that he doesn’t.

Otherwise, the American People might find out that Romney is successful, Romney is generous, giving more to charity and not deducting all of his charitable giving, as that’s just not done in the true sense of giving, Romney pays his fair share of taxes and then some, Romney could have been much richer, but instead decided to donate his time to the U.S. Olympics and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (where he took no salary).

There’s more to Romney than meets the eyes, acts of kindness, charity, straight up heroics, but he keeps that to himself, which when one considers the mettle of the man, Romney is much maligned for being, in this world, a saint! He’s maligned for following the founders of this nation and making a success of himself. He’s maligned simply because, the media is to the left, and Romney is truly in the center. Therefore, as more and more American’s tune out, drop subscriptions as the media continues to spin out of control, what does that portend for the millions of individuals who are now employed by the demagogues of leftist ideology that run the aforementioned institutions? The media continues to blame the internet, in the same way the Democrats continue to blame George Bush –by wearing ideological blinders. If the aforementioned and this is all media outlets, would being to print and broadcast actual news (not clips designed to denigrate one political ideology, when millions have an entire tape on line to view), or inflict politically charged language into every conceivable broadcast from sports to entertainment, again, at a slant, it is more than probable that they would recover – unless of course, it’s too late.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Brown-Coakley MA Senate Debate – Brown Wins Round 1 – Specific on Issues, Warren Lackluster first Debate Performance

Warren and Brown at First Debate - Image:

The Scott Brown – Elizabeth Warren debate was held last night via a local CBS Boston and broadcast on their sister radio station, WBZ News Radio. – Brown was straight forward in his answers, and went after Warren’s character – the issue which will not go away – Warren’s claims to be a Native American and the use of those claims in her applications to universities, as well as her application to teach at Harvard, which landed her a six figure, part-time job.

Brown continued to be his usual straight-forward self, and Warren was carrying the water, very carefully for the left, she has a very difficult time trying to sound “independent”, while Brown has his record upon which to rest as well as a personality that is independent. In this opinion Brown won based on his ability to directly answer questions, rather than side-step issues as Warren appeared to do. The full debate is available in video below in two parts.

The Debate was polled immediately: via Kimball Political Consulting: with Republicans and Independents giving Brown the win, by a margin of 61%, 62% of Democrats surveyed felt that Warren won the debate (Marginals and cross tabs here) . If Brown is attracting 61% of unenrolleds, 82% of Republican’s and Warren is only pulling 62% of Democrats in this debate performance, perhaps Harry Reed should have kept Brown in the Senate!

Reid shut down the Senate on Thursday to “force Brown into debating Warren”. Careful what one wishes for Senator Reid - Or perhaps Reid would prefer Brown to Warren in the Senate – what Warren offers is a reliable Democrat vote, while Brown, will be non-partisan, as his record indicates.

For anyone interested in working with the Brown Campaign at one of their 10 field locations visit: click on the pins on the map in your city, and contact and address information is given.

Debate Part 1

Debate Part II

Audio Version

Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012 Is Massachusetts in Play for the GOP? Just for Giggles – Why Is MA being Polled for Obama? Why is the Warren Campaign Push Polling?

Elizabeth Warren and Barrack Obama - image ljworld

This is something to think about, in the 1980 and 1984 General Elections, Massachusetts, noted the most reliably blue state in the union - went deep red for Ronald Reagan. At that time (September 18, 1980) national polls had Carter and Reagan in a dead heat, in spite of a tanked economy and Carter’s major foreign policy fiasco with Iran (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and by mid-October Carter had placed Massachusetts in the safe column(Boston Globe).

In 1984, once again the Mondale Campaign consider Massachusetts a “maybe” or “leaning toward Mondale” along with 39 other states based on polling! (Waycross Journal Herald, 10/13/84)

Therefore, it is not without some shock that polling firms are measuring President Obama’s favorability in the Bay State – and neighbors are talking - those programmed calls are reported to go no further if one suggests an unfavorable opinion of the President’s job performance, one is then asked demographic (male-female, age) and summarily thanked and disconnected. Reportedly, if one selects approval (see operation chaos), one is allegedly given the option to enter voters preference. It is odd, is it not, that Massachusetts would be polled at all –

Then again, may be no.

Speaking of polling: reports of the Warren Campaign going negative has hit the bricks -(See Boston Globe – Warren Releases Negative Ad) - and that includes reports of push-polling. Push-polling are phone calls made to voters homes (mostly partisan, Democrats, Independents) and basically lie like crazy about the opposition. Warren is said to be push polling Massachusetts. Apparently not all Democrats and Independent minded folk (the majority) are enamored of Warren and prefer Senator Brown.

The Hill has reported that the Dems are being cautious on Mass Race despite Warren’s Lead”

Of course she has a lead; Martha Coakley had a lead too! Of course, those leads are easy to manufacture if the pollster is selective and samples disproportionate geographic and voter trends.

Of course, there’s always trolling for votes in nursing homes (Personal experience, whereby Democrat operative was aiding my mother, who was in the end stages of Alzheimer, to vote for Al Gore – my mother, an independent, generally voted against my devoutly Democrat father, as a Republican – Needless to say, there were words, and the operative left.) The dead, the dying, and the non-existent are reported to vote in Massachusetts, and yet, Brown won by 5 points in 2009. One has to ask to what lengths the Warren Campaign will go. If they are push-polling, perhaps there aren’t enough dead and missing voters in MA to cover the deficit she actually faces. Perhaps she has internal polls. On the national polling stage, perhaps the Commonwealth that elected him Governor, will side with history and economics and foreign policy and hand the Massachusetts electoral votes to Romney –that’s a big perhaps, considering that Massachusetts never votes for a Republican, and has always been reliability Democrat and all seats, regardless of import, are shown year after year after year as – “safe Democrat”.

On Romney’s 47% remarks on a local scale: Although the media (including the morning and evening local affiliate news) are hammering Romney for the 47% of Obama supporters being dependent on the government, (Romney was speaking of campaign strategy and whom he would focus on during his campaign, which, is not lost on “the masses” – neither is the sentiment that is being portrayed) Apparently, those watching the newscasts are somewhat disgusted with the fact that Romney’s right and their local CBS, NBC affiliates are to use a phrase (So blind they cannot see the forest through the trees). Of course, this is relying on word of mouth, neighbor to neighbor - retirees, the unemployed, the employed but noticing their dollar goes nowhere, regular working class folks in the Bluest corner of the bluest state. The point being the mood has not shifted since 2009, in fact the mood is one that is more urgent in its animosity towards all things that appear to be pushing an “agenda”. Granted this may be a pocket of conservative and conservative leaning Democrats and Independents, but then again, do the 33 to 36% of the Massachusetts electorate that are registered Democrats (the balance are 11-12% Republican, 51% Unenrolleds (i.e. Independent) really win elections 100% of the time in Massachusetts when there is a better choice on the ballot?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

French Weekly, Charlie Hebdo, Publishes Cartoons of Mohammed – Supporting Free Speech in the Face of Politically Motivated Theocratic Riots

Charlie Hedbo's offices bombed last year over Mohammed Cartoon Cover -image Getty via

Reuters : The French Weekly, Charlie Hedbo, has published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed this morning, a “move criticised by the French authorities which sent riot police to protect the magazine's offices.” The editor of the publication stressed freedom of speech as the reasoning behind the publications latest issue according to Austrailian News:

Satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo confirmed that its latest edition contains several cartoons featuring Mohammed that the publication's editor said would "shock those who will want to be shocked."

The magazine is due to hit the streets today against a background of protests across the Islamic world over a crude US-made film that mocks Mohammed and portrays Muslims as gratuitously violent.

Charlie Hebdo is no stranger to controversy over its handling of the issues relating to Islam.

Last year it published an edition "guest-edited" by the Prophet Mohammed that it called Sharia Hebdo. The magazine's offices in Paris were subsequently fire-bombed in what was widely seen as a reaction by Islamists.

Charlie Hebdo's latest move was greeted with immediate calls from political and religious leaders for the media to act responsibly and avoid inflaming the current situation.

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault issued a statement expressing his "disapproval of all excesses."

The magazine's editor, originally a cartoonist who uses the name Charb, denied he was being deliberately provocative at a delicate time.

"The freedom of the press, is that a provocation?" he said.

"I'm not asking strict Muslims to read Charlie Hebdo, just like I wouldn't go to a mosque to listen to speeches that go against everything I believe."

The editor establishes the premise that publishing an image of a religious leader, lampoon or not, should not result in world-wide riots in any sane and reasonable society, and the fact that the publication of an image or video can be used as an excuse by “religious” leaders to incite their followers to be “gratuitously violent” begs the question – why pander and live in fear of one’s neighbors? The fact that publications routinely lampoon Christianity or Judaism or name a religion in the name of art or free speech, resulting in, at most condemnation, suggests that those who would be prone to murder and mayhem over a simple image or video are being used as a political tool, rather than anything theologically based. It is those governments grounded in the theocracy of radical Islam that allow their clerics to push their “masses” to violence, in the same manner that established religions run by man, have, over the centuries done the same, for personal political gain, for fortune and conquest.

Charlie Hedbo is doing nothing more than pointing out that allowing and pandering to the politically motivated, goes against the grain – and yet, the publisher is reprimanded and those that are exhorting their followers to commit murder over another expressing their personal or religious views are given a pass, or worse offered an apology. This should not be lost on the peoples of France, a Republic or the U.S., a Republic – whereby one is to live in fear of “insulting” another, or face the consequences – it should be reasonable to expect that one might not purchase the magazine, or write a strongly worded letter to the editor of thirty newspapers condemning a publications for said cartoon. A cartoon – those followers of the politically motivated radical Islamic clerics riot, murder and commit acts of “gratuitous violence” over something as simple as a cartoon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Video Caught On Camera Telling the Truth!! Hidden Camera Catches Off the Cuff Remarks at Fundraiser. Gallup: 67% of Dems Want More!

GOP Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney was taped while speaking at a private fundraiser back in May of 2011. His remarks were in a Q&A style, addressing concerns of potential diners as to Romney’s potential as a contender for the White House. The tape was released yesterday by the left-leaning, Mother Jones magazine. In this “hidden camera” tape, Romney speaks to the audience about his campaign strategy and which voters he will win over, and those he will not - it is evident that this is what is taking place in the video (even though it was cut to a smart 30 second clip). The New York Times offers a take on this as “Romney Faults Those Dependent on Government” leading with:

”During a private reception with wealthy donors this year, Mitt Romney described almost half of Americans as “people who pay no income tax” and are “dependent upon government.” Those voters, he said, would probably support President Obama because they believe they are “victims” who are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”

Nowhere in the taped remarks does Mitt Romney "fault" anyone.

Of course, the opening paragraph is close to what Romney said, and Romney is correct in his video remarks, the media and Mother Jones think it’s shocking that Romney’s campaign believes that he will appeal to Republicans! It is shocking that the campaign would focus their attention on independents! It is shocking that the campaign would not go overboard trying to attract those individuals who would automatically vote Democrat. In speaking of automatic Obama voters, Romney points out that 47% of the nation pays no taxes and is dependent upon the government – citing these individuals as the Obama base. Of course, it’s a bit broader than that, but not by much.

According to a new Gallup Poll 67% of Democrats do not believe the government is doing enough! When one thinks of those who are most likely the partisan Obama voters, one thinks of those who rely on the government in some way, shape or form, specifically public employee union members and organizers, those individuals who are generational welfare recipients, and those who are going to vote for a Democrat, no matter what, due to blind partisanship.

On the flip side, one has the generic Republican voter who will vote for a Republican no matter what, those that are in the military, those that are the middle income taxpayers, those that are concerned about the economy, and those that are big on individual liberty rather than government intervention.

Then you have those moderates, who are concerned with helping others, but not to the point where one is given and EBT card that offers free tattoos (Massachusetts EBT, no kidding), those who feel that the economy is in tatters and that JFK and Reagan using tax cuts as a means to jump start the economy, were right, those that are concerned about Middle East policy and will vote for a Democrat or Republican, depending upon who that individual feels is most like to “fix” the situation. Those are the moderate and independent voters who swing elections. That’s this opinion of course, based on polls, and statistics available through a simple Google search.
So, Romney is caught on camera, telling the truth about who is going to vote for whom. Shocking!

See the full video on You Tube here at Mother Jones You Tube Channel which has received 338 views – so help them out!

Meanwhile, what you will see is a smart and savvy campaigner who understands his base, the middle, the way the economy will react, and get this: Romney’s remarks will not appeal to the Obama base, it will automatically appeal to the Romney base, and the moderate or independent? One has to guess these are the smart voters who are not taken in by the constant hype of any campaign, but reality – and Romney is speaking directly to the moderate who might vote either way, who might just find his remarks to be not only “off-the-cuff” but, grounded in reality. This was not a slam at Obama’s base, but a strategy of which voter Romney felt he would appeal.

Go figure. Every campaign has their supporters:

Classic 2008 campaign clip: “Now I don’t have to worry about paying for…”

The flip side: Welfare Fraud (Short Documentary) “It’s free money!” (Talking to the Middle)

A sensible response to the entitlement program by an average American! – Talking about limits!! And Tax Credit Limits!!!

Consider that President Obama’s Administration has waived the work requirement for welfare recipients (the claim is they tweaked the current law, not gutted the law), especially during an election year cycle, it does, intentionally or not, appear that the Campaign is attempting to solidify its base – i.e. those who feel that the government should do more.

In short, both President Obama and Mitt Romney need to appeal to their base, both need to appeal to the independent voter – both will most likely loose voters to the other candidate, or alienate voters who will stay home rather than vote at all. That said, although many may claim that the polls are extremely close, and that likeability is a factor, will vote with their pocketbooks, and whether or not they “like” a guy (or a woman for that matter), it is the one who is perceived as most competent that will rule the day.

This non-story will be a huge story for the next three days – while the Middle East is burning, while the Libyan President specifically stated that the the murder of our U.S. Ambassador was premeditated, and that it had nothing to do with a stupid movie - the strategy form the White House and its campaign supporter will be to ignore, deflect, and hope that the American Public finds Mitt Romney, telling the truth news! Those 50% of American’s working extra hours; extra jobs to make ends meet, might just miss it entirely, or agree with Romney if they do manage to catch the clip. This is not a “gotcha” moment, no matter how one slices it – the left will eat it up, and the middle? It’s: Nothing to see here, move along.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Scott Brown-- Liz Warren Poll – Warren Leads Brown by 6 Points – Mass. Independents Choose Brown by 22 Points –. Brown Job Approval at 57%?

Elizabeth Warrens full Speech at the DNC Convention in Charlotte - Video WSJ Convention Coverage.

The Springfield Massachusetts Republican commissioned the most recent poll on the Brown-Warren Senate race – Warren is up by 6 points over Brown in this particular poll, which was taken over a rolling period and has a margin of error of plus/minus 4.2 (or a 95% confidence in the results).

According to the polls Marginals (locaed here at, the makeup of the poll of 444 responders Included 163 Democrats, 61 Republicans and 217 Independents (or in Massachusetts, Unenrolled). The Secretary of State’s 2010 statistics on voter registration show: 4,190,907 total registered voters, of which 36.48% are Democrats, 11.33% Republican, .38% Libertarian and 51.61% Unenrolled (or Independent), .2% are “other”. Brown bested challenger Martha Coakley in the 2009 special election by 52 to 47%, in an election where 53% of the State’s Registered voters turned out.(

Using the model of the Marginal’s for the latest WNE poll, 36.7% Democrats were sampled, 13.7% Republican and 48.8% Independent, a fairly representative model, with a plus 2 and minus 2 polled between the Republican and Independents polled.
Of course, what’s behind the numbers if the geographic data and the undecided’s, with Brown losing Western Mass, which includes the Democrat Strongholds of Springfield, Northampton, Amherst, and most points west, as well as Boston Proper, while Warren loses Central Mass and the North and South Shore. Undecided in this race: 5% Democrats, 6% Republican and 9% Independents.

That same poll has Brown’s job approval rating in Congress (The Senate) is strong at 57% of all respondents, broken out by Gender: 53% of Women approval, and 62% men – which begs the question…??? – Until one looks at the regional breakdown. Western Massachusetts 82 respondents, central MA 55, North and South Shore 136 and Boston/Suburbs at 171, compared to voter registration statistics, Western Mass has the fewest registered voters in the state, by a margin of 2 to 1 to over Western MA (Voter Registration Statistics), therefore, what’s in a poll is just that. Over sampling of an area that is more sympathetic to one political party over another, while showing Brown with stellar Favorability and Job Performance (losing both in Western MA), somehow losing to a Little Known, Harvard Professor by 2 points (adjusted for the margin of error.)

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