Friday, August 07, 2015

Big Winner of the 1st 2016 GOP Primary Debate Marathon – Fox News – All Candidates – Too Early to Determine

The large field of 2016 GOP Candidates - split for two debates by tiers - image insider fox news

Last night’s back to back GOP 2016 Primary debate hosted by Fox News is Cleveland, OH, with 17 candidates vying for the spotlight, appears to have had, at first glimpse of the headlines, a net zero effect on the candidates, however, the most positive or negative reactions go to the network itself, with the majority of commentators either praising or debasing the network. That leads to the theory that this debate may have been the largest audience for a primary debate in the history of televised debates. Obviously time will tell, as the ratings are not yet available, however with the hype surrounding many of the key players, such as Donald Trump, but all news organizations, and the number of people watching just for Trump, makes that scenario likely. See: CNN Opinions on who won the GOP Debate

New York’s CBS


Tucson News Now (one of my local where to watch to GOP Debate

On the Candidates there are a variety of opinions as to who won or lost in the debate, and front a general consensus of the 13,200,000 available on Google News as of 5:32 AM EST 8/7/15 it could be any one of the seventeen GOP Candidates who were either in the first or second debate.

Donald Trump was the prime draw for the majority of viewers, based on comments either positive or negative and possibly of the plurality of coverage of the debate itself. In this humble opinion, there were no clear winners or losers, with only personal preference needles moved slightly. The Drudgereport poll results indicate that Trump was the clear winner, with Cruz in second place and Carson in third, however, as with all internet polls, there are opportunities for campaign operatives to help on a large scale to get their candidate over the top in, what is the largest news aggregator on the net(Drudge Report)

The only candidate to truly stand out as lackluster from the perspective of this Libertarian leaning independent from MA was Gov. Jeb Bush. The balance delivered as expected, with the time constraints and the unusually large field. What might be missing in all of the hype is the huge service Donald Trump has performed for the GOP in general – without his presence causing such a national firestorm (and international given the coverage by the BBC and other world outlets – viewers tuning in to watch Trump only may have learned about the other candidates and conservative viewpoints, counting as new votes cast in the primaries and caucuses let alone the general election, regardless of who the nominee may be. Personal favorites, Cruz, Fiorina, Carson and yes, Rand Paul and Donald Trump – go figure.

Monday, July 20, 2015

GOP Field - Separating the Wheat from the Chaff – Media Skewers Trump, Along with 99% of the Republican Candidates

Dem’s Oddly Silent over McCain Brouhaha – What if more than half of Trump’s Statement was left off the page?

Two from this group did not jump on the Media-GOP bash Trump bandwagon - the Smart Guy in the bunch - image Kansas City Star.

Donald Trump, bombastic and rascally 2016 GOP Candidate has been criticized by fellow Republican contenders for the 2016 nomination and the gleeful press, continues to ask the same questions: Do you agree with Donald Trump – to a man and woman – they all swiftly denounced Trump as he allegedly said:” John McCain is no war hero” . The only one who refused to take the bait – one smart candidate, Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, who has said he values John McCain’s service but would not “jump in the gutter” to malign a fellow contender in the race by charactering what he or she said. (Bloomberg)

Apparently, The Washington Post’s Sharly Attkisson’s “Fact Check”, shows that with every snip of a clip, the context can change dramatically. From the article on Donald Trump and John McCain:
1. The Post did not provide context at the outset disclosing that McCain and Trump have been feuding, with McCain characterizing some Trump supporters as “crazies” and Trump stating that McCain graduated last in his class in Annapolis. The charged rhetoric continued at the conservative Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa this weekend.

2. When a panelist characterized McCain as a “war hero,” the Post is accurate in reporting that Trump initially said McCain is “not a war hero.” But then, Trump immediately modified his statement saying– four times– that McCain is a war hero: “He is a war hero.”

“He’s a war hero because he was captured.” “He’s a war hero, because he was captured.” “I believe, perhaps, he’s a war hero. But right now, he’s said some very bad things about a lot of people.”

2. Did Trump say McCain is not a war hero because he was captured? No, not in the exchanges represented in the Post.
(Washington Post Fact Check

The question remains, who in the GOP hierarchy were thrilled to send the Post, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg, whoever, part of a quote, and why are our journalist not able to fact check on their own? – Apparently they cannot find C-Span, or any number of sites, where the video is found and one can get the gist straight from the horse’s mouth.

Of course what Trump said may have been better put by say, a fifth grader, but it’s his style, and once again, instead of watching the man nosedive in the polls (methinks it may have been the intent) the opposite will happen, supporters will now understand that he is right about that media!!!

Therefore as the primaries are coming up around the bend, and the debates are schedule and Trump, despite the BS, should be on that stage if he holds onto a top position through August, it makes one think – those who would jump on the press bandwagon without checking for themselves if a certain fact was true (have a staff member watch what a video, the event was videotaped), were quick to criticize. Except one, and what does that tell us? The rash rush to judgment may not be the quality one wants in a Presidential Candidate.

That leaves, 2 in the field of Republican’s and the Democrats who said zip.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New York Times is the New Rolling Stone –Fabricating Stories for Personal or Political Purposes – Ted Cruz, A Time for Truth, #1 in Biographies at

In another case of creative reporting, the New York Times has kept Ted Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth” off their Best Seller list due to the fact that they had evidence the book did not qualify due to “bulk purchases”, except for one problem, there is no particular proof, and that includes the reports from, perhaps the largest book seller period, Unfortunately, the Times has allowed itself to become akin to Rolling Stone Magazine, still reeling from the Major Failure in their article on a rape – the story was, basically fabricated in order to make it more salacious (CNN). In other words, the author of the Rolling Stone article fictionalized a rape in order to a) make a name for themselves, or b) drive an agenda or c) both. Either way, if one person within an organization makes national headlines for abject lying, it taints the entire organization.

The New York Times, having been the source for books and best seller lists for eons, apparently felt the need to keep Cruz’s tomb off the chart – perhaps because the book decimates those rich and famous politicians from both sides of the aisle. Or perhaps it’s just personal political angst of this one editor. Regardless of the cause, it says a lot about journalism in this nation as a whole, when there is no check on what might or might not be considered a report rather than an opinion. Perhaps if the story had read, Cruz’s book did not make the list because of a personal distaste for his political leanings, it would have been truthful.

In order to keep the ball rolling, one might want to order a copy at Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles, or wherever one purchases an actual book anymore – this bloggers preference is – due to speedy delivery and time-savings. The book can be found at –where it currently is #1 in, “A Time for Truth” by Ted Cruz.

It sounds like such a minor petty offense, but the suppression of books by what is considered (by some) a national trust, should not happen. One wonders if the political or personal tastes changes at the Times, which book would be next?

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Michigan- Dog License Renewal Arrest – the Lunacy of Bureaucracy

Final update 7-9-15

In a second email from Kalamazoo County - the details were more complete - including text below for edification.

The warrant was a result of ignoring the numerous warnings and requests to comply. She was warned that charges would be filed and was given several chances to avoid the outcome. She could have purchased the license any time with late fees but she ignored the warnings. Her mistake was once she was informed that she had the warrant (filed a month before she purchased the license), instead of calling us or the prosecutor’s office to see if charges could be dropped (which we do all the time), she went to the Sheriff’s dept. She basically turned herself in. They do not care if she purchased her license or not, she had a warrant signed by a judge in the system so they have to process her and release her with a court date to go before the judge who signed the warrant. They did their job. The prosecutor dropped the charges as we would do for anyone who complies with the law. She put herself in the situation by choosing to ignore the requests and the warnings. We have over 32,000 people who comply each year either purchasing their licenses on time or by paying the late fee when given a warning.

In my reply, I noted that the woman actually followed the letter of the law, and turned herself in, not thinking of trying to get out of the warning. Understanding that this is a state law and the county is following rules – therefore there is zero blame on either side - It is the process put in force by the State that might be tweaked. One disagrees with the current process, which if streamlined, would save the county/city/state taxpayer funds, and if incentivized, might get more people to license their dogs (one might believe that there may be more than 32,000 dog owners in that county). The fees are, in this mind, punishment enough, and an incentive to provide dogs with their vaccinations. However, with the health of animals, the economy, especially for those who are on fixed incomes, some suggestions for all states/counties/municipalities requiring dog license: Take a $1.00 from each fee to put towards a local project: fence in a section of a city park for a dog park, if one is in place, work with local veterinarians to offer discounted vaccinations, reduce fees for those seniors who are on a tight bidet while offering the same benefit(s) provided. Allow additional “donations” to be made towards: vaccinations, spay and neuter or other perks and leave that in the local hands. There are always those dog owners who will comply as well as make sure their animals health is primary, however there are those who may not have the wherewithal, or care to do the same. Working with the state and local licensing options might literally kill two birds with one stone. If one must face licensing (fees = taxes) in states already burdened with excessive instances of fees and taxes, it would be worth getting something back in the community that benefits everyone, but especially the pups.

Update 7-8-15

An email was duly received by Kalamazoo County upon a suggestion that perhaps the county might try options such as additional fees rather than jail time for the heinous offense of failure to pay one’s dog license fee on time and save a few bucks in the process - The defense:

“Thank you for your suggestion. There already are late fees for dog licenses. The dog license law is a state law and a misdemeanor. The dog owner received a reminder in the beginning of the dog license season, a delinquent notice after March 1st, two visits to her house with cards left explaining the potential outcome of a warrant and or the seizure of her dog if she does not comply, and two phone calls, one with the owner, and one with a message giving her a deadline or a charging request would be submitted. The warrant was not a surprise to her, and was approved and submitted by the prosecuting attorney. Most people who forget or are late, pay the late fee and move on. The dog owner did not purchase a 2014 license and only had to purchase a 2015 license for $10.00. We wish everyone purchased their dog license on time, and most of the 32,000 people who purchase their licenses, do it on time. This was an unfortunate situation, but the dog owner had the ability to prevent it from happening. Thank you again for your suggestion.”

Background: From CBS Detroit: “Becky Rehr says she drove to the Kalamazoo County sheriff’s office June 23 to prove that she’s recently renewed the license for the family’s 11-year-old dog, Dexter. Rehr’s 14-year-old daughter waited in the car as her mother was arrested, fingerprinted and held for three hours, The Kalamazoo Gazette said.

“They frisked me and put me in this intake cell with all these inmates in orange jumpsuits,” Rehr said. “I was pretty nervous.” Failure to license a dog is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and $100 fine. County animal control Director Steve Lawrence said his office gave the 47-year-old Cooper Township woman numerous phone, mail and in-person notices of the need to renew the license. The last was a phone warning that a warrant would be requested unless she got a license by May 28.

“We prefer not for this stuff to go to court,” Lawrence told The Associated Press. “It’s just a $10 license. For some reason, some people like to make it hard for themselves.”

Rehr said she had “every intention of taking care of it. But with the end of the school year and my job, it just totally got put on the back burner.”
(CBS Detroit)

Here’s the take from this dog owner, dog licensee and previous “late fee” payer: when one receives a notice in the mail, or notices left on doors, or calls to answering machines, and one is harried, so to speak, one might take note and then when more pressing matters arise, put off the one that seems least damaging at the time. One might expect a little prosecutorial discretion, especially, when one does show up to pay the fee, granted late and has proof of said payment in hand. Given how the states generally allow criminals who have committed serious crimes prosecutorial discretion (See recent murders, rapes, you name it, by repeat offenders) it makes one wonder why the State and County in this case, decided to go the full length of the law over a $10.00 dog license. Perhaps it was to teach a lesson, use the poor woman as an example, so that other dog owners in the county and state would not be one minute late in getting in those fees (taxes). One might think that had she delayed a bit longer a swat team may have been deployed. From a PR standpoint, it was not the right move, from a fiscal standpoint, the county far outspent the value of that $10.00 fee, even if there was $100 in late fees attached. Senseless.

We reside in the Land of the free - unless one breaks a petty city, town or county ordinance such as renewing one’s dog license: Take the jail time, frisking and humiliation of a Kalamazoo County, MI woman who, went to renew her dog’s license, granted late, and ended up jailed for a few hours. (Detroit CBS Local). The punishment, in this case, does not appear to fit the crime, and with dog license fees set a $10, it makes one wonder how much was spent in time (wages) booking the poor woman, and processing her for the “crime” of being late paying a dog license fee. One would guess it was more a lot more than the $10 ticket. Every town, and hamlet being different, some offer a spike in the fee, if you’re one minute late getting that license – locally the licenses are $5.00 for a neutered or spayed dog, and $15 if one’s dog is “intact”. If one misses the filing date, one’s fees go up a bit, but one does not expect to land up in the lockup.

These fees (political speak for “tax”), are used for a variety of things in local and state governments – (the state generally getting a piece of the pie), allegedly to help other animals. However, if all things were local, the fees might be put to better use, a dog park perhaps.

Regardless, someone in Kalamazoo County might want to take a look at the situation and possibly impose a late fee, (TAX) rather than jail time; it would be more cost effective.

CNN has a nifty article on what can land one in jail especially as relates to pets at” - worth a quick read, especially if one has a “best friend”.

Being from Massachusetts, grouching about the “fees” (TAXES) levied and raised on a consistent basis by state and local bureaucracies allows one to sympathize with the woman from Michigan (another MA-Like State). Sometimes, one might think that the idiots in charge would use their God given brains and look at each case differently – if one is in the county office to pay the license fee – then they are not avoiding, merely late – it does not warrant arrest.

Of course, neither did the the act of breaking a car window to save a dog in a locked car, warrant an arrest of a vet, who was trying to save a life. (myfoxphilly).

One can be certain there are ridiculous statutes on the books, in every state, or hamlet, but the ability to reason, has been lost when it comes to just about any form of government. In this case, the County should be kinder to their citizens, send out two notices, and then slap them with a late fee. Then a portion of those fees should then be used for free care for county dog owners, or a lovely dog park. Without those good taxpaying dog owners, some in that county might be out of a job. Pay it forward Kalamazoo. In case anyone wishes to comment – there is a handy form available at Kalamazoo just for kicks!

Monday, July 06, 2015

DNC – Top GOP Targets – Today – Cruz hauls in 51 Million – Tops Charts – Sanders Advancing – Pragmatic Progressive

The Hill Blog provided a list of the top targets for the DNC based on negative mentions – topping the chart consistently is Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, who is perceived as the greatest threat with 203 mentions– he is followed by Christie and Bush – others fall through the cracks – with a few more exceptions at the top: Walker, Cruz who has 95. (The Hill)

Cruz may not be staying at 95 mentions for long – his campaign announced he has amassed a 51 Million dollar war chest between individual donations and PAC’s. Clinton the front runner has raised for than $45 million.(yahoo news).

Clinton, no longer the front-runner in the minds of progressives, has a bigger problem in one Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont – the Wall Street Journal reports Sanders is outpacing both Clinton and the lesser known Martin O’Malley (WSJ) Perhaps it’s what may be coined as pragmatic progressive think – Sanders who tells it like it is – notes that he is a socialist (which is rare for a politician to attach a label that might alienate 50% of the voters – but he is who he is, which is appealing to many. Pragmatic – in a manner of speaking – Bloomberg’s article notes that Sanders would let groups against gay marriage stay tax exempt”, allowing for the Constitution (in some respects) to stand – as they are entitled to their opinion.(Bloomberg). One might suggest the various churches, mosques and synagogues around the nation breathed a sigh of relief. If they are paying attention.

Bernie, from this p.o.v. stands the best chance at this point of grabbing the nomination on the DNC side of the aisle for the same reason certain members of the GOP 20 something would do the same - – It’s who votes in primaries, given that on the Dem side, it’s progressives in droves, and on the GOP side, dedicated mixture of conservatives – one can narrow that bunch down to a handful – Cruz, Paul, Perry or Walker from this take. Of course it’s early, and fortunes rise and fall. This maybe the most interesting race in a lifetime, given the sudden change and additional candidates on the Democrat side, and the double digit number of candidates on the Republican side – a true exchange of ideas for the public.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Cruz and the Simpson Audition – Having a Sense of Humor Trumps!

Ted Cruz, 2016 GOP Presidential candidate has auditioned for the Simpsons the LA times has the video here in case you missed it. In this clip, Cruz shows his humble side – able to poke fun at himself and be contemporary at the same time – smart and actually quite funny.

It is a different side of Cruz, one that makes him more likable than not (unless one is a party progressive purist, then Ted Cruz could walk on water, and it would not be worth their time). In the 24/7 news cycle, with Isis possibly attacking on the 4th of July, Greece about to collapse the Euro, and Puerto Rico also going bankrupt, the horror stories one here’s, murder, etc. every day, regardless of where one lives, it is as if the entire world has gone insane, and yet, for a minute at least, a man who one knows is the smartest guy in the room, takes time out to be entertaining.

For a take no prisoners Cruz, look to his interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper (here) where he is comfortable in any setting and runs the interview rather well, considering that Tapper tries, and fails to get a rise out of Cruz. He stands up for who he is, and that is refreshing.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Benefits of a Walk in the Wood

A Washington Post article onthe mental health and wellbeing achieved by a nature walk, is rather interesting. Researchers found that a walk in the park, rather than a walk along a crowded highway produced different results in the brains of test subjects! (Washington Post) Seriously, imagine walking down a crowded highway – one’s mind might not be on any beauty around, rather, more on keeping one’s life. Walking in a lovely park, on the other hand, might produce a feeling a peace, and well-being, what with the beauty of the songbird, and or bubbling brook.

Yet a study had to be conducted to determine exactly that. Boggles the mind a bit – Getting away from it all, even for a short break, allows one to really look hard at their surroundings, a lovely garden, a child at play, or if allowed the time, the beauty of a large pine, or oak, the majesty of the sun and sky overhead breaking rays of sun through the crowded fields. It is walking in God’s world and viewing nature as undefiled as possible, that offers a human time to think or not think at all, rather look at explore. It is the ultimate mental health break.

As often as possible, a trip to a local park with ample trails allowing off-leash hounds, is as close to perfection as one can find – an hour or two in the wood offers both peace of mind as well as exercise. The added bonus of not beige tied to a computer or smart phone during this time allows for the brain to rid itself of the jumble of the day or the week ad just breath.

Now, of course, it’s confirmed by science.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ted Cruz Righteous Against Karl Rove – Meanwhile in Greece and Puerto Rico...

The morning papers are having some fun with the “spat” between Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Karl Rove (the architect of the Bush brigade) over Cruz’s assertion in his new book, that Rove told him to back off an endorsement by President H. Bush, given the man’s age, and a current race tied to donations to the Presidential library. Rove said Cruz flat out lied, Cruz pulled the emails from 2009. (Dallas Morning News) Score Cruz 1 – Rove 0 – Cruz is turning out to be one of the most interesting contenders for the 2016 prize –the other, Bernie Sanders, VT-Democrat Socialist or Socialist Democrat – is giving Clinton a run for her money – and best bet is he surpasses her in the polls and stays there.

Over the weekend, the nation of Greece decided to close its financial institutions for six days given it’s ongoing battle with those who hold the purse strings to a nation that has no ability to stop guaranteeing work, vacation and pensions to one and all – the system is a house of cards when that nation also has little in the way of exports. This affects all global markets. (The Guardian UK)

Next up on the possible default list – Puerto Rico - whose Governor announced they simply cannot pay their debts, many of which are tied to municipal bonds (hello – 401k’s) – His suggestion that “creditors must now “share the sacrifices” that he has imposed on the island’s residents.” Is par for the Democrat Padilla – to read more on this on- see article in the New York Time (New York Times)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chief Justice John Roberts - On the Conservative Hot Seat Again

Chief Justice John Roberts, not only agreed with the court on King vs. Burell, he wrote the opinion that upheld another potential stumbling block for “obamacare”. As a result, some Conservatives are mighty teed off. (Politico). That said if one reads the opinion (here in PDF), the man played by the rules of the Constitution and the Court, ruling from what it appears with prudence, rather than say, any political inference.

In addition to those reforms, the Act requires the creation of an “Exchange” in each State—basically, a marketplace that allows people to compare and purchase insurance plans. The Act gives each State the opportunity to establish its own Exchange, but provides that the Federal Government will establish the Exchange if the State does not. This case is about whether the Act’s interlocking re- 2 KING v. BURWELL Opinion of the Court forms apply equally in each State no matter who establishes the State’s Exchange. Specifically, the question presented is whether the Act’s tax credits are available in States that have a Federal Exchange.


In addition to those three reforms, the Act requires the creation of an “Exchange” in each State where people can shop for insurance, usually online. 42 U. S. C. §18031(b)(1). An Exchange may be created in one of two ways. First, the Act provides that “[e]ach State shall . . . establish an American Health Benefit Exchange . . . for the State.” Ibid. Second, if a State nonetheless chooses not to establish its own Exchange, the Act provides that the Secretary of Health and Human Services “shall . . . establish and operate such Exchange within the State.” §18041(c)(1). The issue in this case is whether the Act’s tax credits are available in States that have a Federal Exchange rather than a State Exchange. The Act initially provides that tax credits “shall be allowed” for any “applicable taxpayer.” 26 U. S. C. §36B(a). The Act then provides that the amount of the tax credit depends in part on whether the taxpayer has enrolled in an insurance plan through “an Exchange established by the State under section 1311 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [hereinafter 42 U. S. C. §18031].” 26 U. S. C. §§36B(b)–(c) (emphasis added).

The IRS addressed the availability of tax credits by promulgating a rule that made them available on both State and Federal Exchanges. 77 Fed. Reg. 30378 (2012). As relevant here, the IRS Rule provides that a taxpayer is eligible for a tax credit if he enrolled in an insurance plan through “an Exchange,” 26 CFR §1.36B–2 (2013), which is defined as “an Exchange serving the individual market . . . regardless of whether the Exchange is established and operated by a State . . . or by HHS,” 45 CFR §155.20 (2014). At this point, 16 States and the District of Columbia have established their own Exchanges; the other 34 States have elected to have HHS do so.

We begin with the text of Section 36B. As relevant here, Section 36B allows an individual to receive tax credits only if the individual enrolls in an insurance plan through “an Exchange established by the State under [42 U. S. C. §18031].” In other words, three things must be true: First, the individual must enroll in an insurance plan through “an Exchange.” Second, that Exchange must be “established by the State.” And third, that Exchange must be established “under [42 U. S. C. §18031].” We address each requirement in turn. First, all parties agree that a Federal Exchange qualifies as “an Exchange” for purposes of Section 36B. See Brief for Petitioners 22; Brief for Respondents 22. Section 18031 provides that “[e]ach State shall . . . establish an American Health Benefit Exchange . . . for the State.” §18031(b)(1). Although phrased as a requirement, the Act gives the States “flexibility” by allowing them to “elect” whether they want to establish an Exchange. §18041(b). If the State chooses not to do so, Section 18041 provides that the Secretary “shall . . . establish and operate such Exchange within the State.” §18041(c)(1) (emphasis added). (read balance here at supreme

Therefore, the Chief Justice sided with the law as it was written. Sour Grapes ensued

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

GOP – Can’t Catch a Break – From Cruz to the Confederate Flag

It appears that negative is the key word of the day for what is sometimes referred to as the “drive by media” when it comes to 2016 GOP candidates. For starters (there are so many so one must choose two for brevity) there is the AP Photograph of one Ted Cruz – the photo with Cruz standing next to a poster of a gun, was taken, most likely by someone who was not particularly skilled, to appear as if the gun on the poster was directly pointed at the Senator/candidates head. The photographer apparently missed that lesson where one is never to take a photo whereby there are objects that might detract from the main theme, a tree, for example might appear to be growing from someone’s head. Unfortunately, this particular photo has shocked some, and they are conservative, yet, instead of having a sense of humor, or giving a critique on the lack of skills employed by AP photographers, yelling from the rafters that this was intentional! (Yahoo News). It may or may not have been, and in all cases of the media, with few exceptions, one might suggest that it was intentional, but there are so many pertinent issues at hand that it seems rather small. Give the left a pass on this one.

That said, there is no excuse for the ridiculous assertion by a Politico piece that the GOP 2016 candidates played it “safe” on the confederate flag issue. The flag, a battle flag which historically stood for southern pride, (if one lived in the South), is now the cry of racisms (or has been since the carpetbaggers decided to get religion). Being the flag under discussion was in South Carolina and the removal or non-removal would be up to the state government, one would think it would be a 10th amendment issue. One would also think that smart and savvy candidates who profess to be lovers of the Constitution would not immediately weigh in, since, unless they lived in the State itself, it would be non-Constitutional for them to do so. Furthermore, what made this an issue was the usual hue and cry of the professional rabble-rousers, rather than any true passion, one the shooting at the church took place, and the pathetic individual appeared with a Confederate flag, among other items which stood for apartheid, was apprehended and photographs appeared. Instantly one had a guns issue (take them away!!) and a race issue (remove the flag!!) and perhaps the sky was falling. Meanwhile, families of victims of the shooting were espousing forgiveness and trying to grieve, while the aforementioned rabble-rousers descended upon the state. (The background). Frankly, one might have given the families some time, one might think to digest the fact that some who was on the face of it racist, but also taking medications known to cause suicide and or murder in hundreds of cases, might have been a little over the ledge, making this less of a shooter of hateful racism and more of a crazy person off or on their medication. Not a peep in that regard. Yet, according to Politico, many of those who weighed in after pressure from the media, or out of good conscious have most likely blown an election because they did a) too little to late) and b) most likely pissed off their base. (In simple language).

The situation is “caught between a rock and a hard place” – leaving those candidates (all who have weighed in which is an opinion on the GOP side), prey to those who will be producing opposition videos for Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley or least likely to achieve the nomination, Hillary Clinton. It was never about the families or the flag, it was about politics and a pre-election year where any event can turn into a massive protest, and one might bet their bottom dollar this will continue to happen. What is so sad is that a mental health issue and multiple families’ grief were thrown to the side in the name of the Holy Gail of politics. Addressing racism is one thing, in a proper context, as in this young man was a racist, who when on or off his meds, could not control himself. See Sandy Hook and other recent shootings where race may not have played a factor, yet another person who was on these medications or off went over the ledge in a picture perfect moment for some politicians and the true issue was swept under the bed – again in the name of politics. – Yet all is silent when murder after murder is being committed in major us cities, black on black, white on white, regardless of race, the youth of the nation are literally wasting their lives – yet no action, no outcry, no marches. No articles of disgust and dismay!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What’s in a Rural Town Hall? The potential for 20 Million Votes That's what.

Interesting little side note: the RFD-TV will begin a series of Town Hall meetings featuring Presidential Candidates for 2016 starting in this year this Rural Television network reaches the farms and small rural markets in our nation via satellite, cable and now Sirius. (RFDTV). The network boasts 50 Million subscribers, those in hard to reach areas, and those that can and do vote, if the candidate is, in some cases, correct.

One often wonders why, with all the polling, in place and the numbers pointing to an upheaval, that Romney did not fare better. After all, the 20 million Midwest evangelical voters would surely jump on board for a moderate Mormon candidate – but they did not. Therefore, this is the bully pulpit that would give candidates who fit the criteria of the Evangelical, a perfect stepping stone to a nomination and then to the Presidency. One must keep in mind that for the most part, regardless of the larger population areas being in predominately able to deliver votes for Democrats, that if the heartland truly jumps in, then they negate any gains and one finds as sweep, so to speak.

Therefore, this gives the politically minded, a good place from which to watch the response and the polls coming out of rural areas going forward.

According to Pew Research Evangelicals supported George Bush in 2000 and more so in 2004, when he ran against John Kerry. However, in 2012 estimates show that 4 million evangelicals simply stayed home, and the result was a returning President (Redstate).

Those figures of two to three million are extremely conservative numbers. Should the right, and the religious right decide to push a candidate forward both in the primaries and in the general election, then it follows that candidate should succeed in their endeavor to gain the White House. As of yet, is it too early to tell who may or may not meet their stringent criteria, however, as they are beginning to become more involved in the political processes, it may be a revival of the sorts one has not seen since Ronald Reagan was swept into office.

That would be a case where no matter how much money, or voters bused over state lines (2004 – Missouri), or negative ads or hit mailers, were thrown at the general populace, the chosen candidate would , against all odds, win the day.

Monday, June 22, 2015

What I learned by taking a vacation – the news that left me without the ability to put into words

Until today.

Once in a while there is a need to take a break from the predictable, so, I chose to spend my time worthlessly playing games online, rather than anything else. It is that mindlessness that allows one to defrag so to speak, from the cares of the word. The cares of the world are in one’s face 24/7 if one is at all vested in news – and the news of the day is horrid.

The stuff of nightmares – yet, with all that, there is hope- I found a church – and I felt peace. That has allowed me to once again, get on the stick and pontificate on this that and sundry news that may be most disturbing to some, or not. The one piece that has recently brought me out of the fog of malaise was the shootings in South Carolina. Of course, it rocked the nation – with that in mind, my desire for fellowship increased, and I found myself in Church this past Sunday. The Church is non-denominational, which suits me just fine, and the congregation is diverse, which suits me better. The message was a non-partisan, prayer for the families of those who lost loved ones-mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.

As the usual rabblerousers that normally have no place in the local stories, rush to make a national news piece, those who are left behind but deal with the sorrow and the understanding that there is a great divide in this nation, one which is never talked about, rather it is always about “race”. The fact that children and adults with mental health issues on certain drugs have committed these atrocities and more has been left to the side, repeatedly. There are multiple links when goggled, for example this article from 2014 on 35 school shooters on a specific type of drug from, or the list of drugs and drug related homicides found here at All defy race, religion, or gender, and all are individuals who on prescribed medication committed murder.

What we have in this nation above all other things, is a mental-health-drug problem, with which, would come a lot of soul-searching to fix the problem, given our current politically correct state.

Blame the millennial, blame the racists, blame the Republicans (the go to for the media) and or pick a group – but let us not place blame on the policy that permits this to continue year after year, decade after decade. It is not compassion one might think, that allows this to continue, but possibly hard cash for government and pharmaceutical behemoth involved.

Monday, June 01, 2015

2016 Update – O’Malley Announces from Baltimore, Cruz Campaigns in MA, Paul to Stop in MA

The former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, launched his Presidential Campaign in Baltimore, joining Bernie Sanders of VT and Hillary Clinton in the quest for the Democrat nomination for 2016. (Yahoo News). O’Malley presents a reasonable alternative to Clinton and can be made to appear more mainstream than either Clinton or Sanders – the one to watch on the Dem. Side.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts of all places, Ted Cruz has a campaign rally in Andover this past weekend according to the Andover Eagle Tribune, the event, held on private property, saw over 500 in attendance. Granted MA is close to the NH border, however, Rob Eno over at Red Mass Group suggests that the 2016 primary in MA will count for a multitude of reasons, least among them the number of delegates to the Convention and the fact that the Bay State Primary is earlier making this a competitive state. (Red Mass Group)

On June 7th, Rand Paul will be in Peabody for a campaign event, at the Marriott, tickets are paid, making this a fundraiser/campaign rally(document via Facebooks’ Massachusetts for Rand Paul page.

There are rarely visits to Massachusetts by any politician campaigning for the Presidency, one might site Big-Foot first, so this is an anomaly –however, given the makeup of the state, with the majority of voters registered as unenrolled (or independent) it is a perfect stop for those seeking support, both in votes and financially. Given the Jeffersonian Republican wing of the party more prevalent in the Bay State, both Paul and Cruz, could fare well here, especially with boots on the ground.

Both parties fields are more robust than previously predicted, the GOP with the most varied field in memory, and the Democrats starting to pick up options making a Clinton-Bush rematch less likely than touted by the media and both DC based parties. America can temporarily breathe a sigh of relief – until both drop out of the race.

Monday, May 11, 2015

How Cuban is Ted Cruz? - That’s the Question

Not Cuban enough, Not Black Enough, Not Italian Enough....

Fromthe Mercury New, comes an article describing an interview between Ted Cruz (2016 GOP Candidate) and Mark Halperin’s (Bloomberg News), in which, Halperin tested Cruz’s authenticity as a Cuban The author, Ruben Navarrette, took offence, as he knows Cruz, as well as other prominent Hispanic’s. Apparently, if one of a Republican, then one might not be Hispanic enough, Black enough, Female Enough, and so on.

I took umbrage at this particular article as having once been in a position as a child, having a parent who as not quite “white” enough – being Spanish – Moorish Spanish, and having epitaphs yelled as my father held me – “what is that Brown man doing holding a white baby”, it occurred to me that having thought all of this behind us, that it was truly not the individuals flaming the fires of racial, ethnic hate, it was those who have a political agenda, from the left, of continuing the nonsensical dogma that if one if black they belong to the Democrats, if one is Hispanic, they belong to the Democrats.

If someone is a decent public service, or trying to become one, then it is not the color of one’s skin, or the authenticity that should be established but the character of the individual, nothing more, nothing less.

Shame on this nation for allowing the political bickering on the left determining who not enough of any one flavor is.

There are Democrats of all stripes who are perfectly worthy public servants, and there are the same people on the Republican side, or the Libertarian side, or the Green Party side. Shut up already.

Monday, May 04, 2015

A Tacky Cartoon Event in Texas Brings Jihad Stateside – Religions Routinely Target – All Religions

What amounted to a small gathering of those who, in the name of free speech (and shock most likely given the recent disaster in Paris), has made headlines (in certain respects), as two Isis morons decided to blow up the event. They managed to wound a security guard before being killed by overwhelming force. Isis took credit in some social media posts, and of course, there were plenty in the US who were opposed to the event to begin with. (Daily Mail UK). It goes without saying that religions in general are a target in the US based precisely on our right of free speech to express ourselves (with limitations – i.e. fire in a crowded even where no fire exists). Given the lampoons and downright disgusting portrayals of Christian, Jewish, and other religions, all without one smattering of violence or extreme protests, it would be assumed that regardless of what the religion decrees, (Islam), there is no room for reprisals on American soil, given our laws.

If one cannot recall any instances where events unfolded that many may have found “jihad” worthy, there was the Feces covered Madona as an art exhibit(Mt. Holyoke College) – No one blow up. There were the cartoons, not all complementary of the Pope (Jason Bach Cartoons) No one blown up.

The things we find offensive are just that, but not cause of murder, unless of course, that is the tenant of a religion based on an aggressive world domination basis. History in seconds. Mohammed, prophet or not, was a general who, being somewhat of a visionary, decided the only way to build up the ranks to do battle and unit all those myriad fighting tribes, he would form a religions. He borrowed heavily from the Jewish texts, and before one knew it, he had conquered Jerusalem, marched his armies across Africa, and made it all the way to Spain (Of course, deceased and legened by that point). What is missing from today’s history, if it is taught at all, is the reality of a religion based on a general understanding that the masses will follow eh name of Jihad and the Ruling class will amass a fortune, while controlling the world – just isn’t’ – a religion of peace. It may have evolved, somewhat in the past 5 centuries, but the vestiges of medieval thought still cling to many who simply do not wish to jump forward and join the rest of the world – in peace, and in prosperity.

Therefore, although much can be said of scam religions (and there is much that has, from Catholicism, to Judaism, to Buddhism to Mormonism) and although there has been violence in the name of religion (most notably and most recently the Irish Catholic – British Protestant debacle in the UK) one might note it is based most entirely on political loss or political gain, having nothing whatsoever to do with actual – religion.

None-the-less, there is no place in the US for this type of BS where a cartoon cannot be drawn without death threats, or worse, events cannot be held without pounds of security in the event one might be offended and decide to blow up, behead, or otherwise practice a religion which should have died out in the 1400’s (instead of actively pursuing the slave trade in African, in league with the Dutch, and later causing a much ballyhooed civil war in this nation. (This blogger suggest taking advanced history course, if one is any longer available).

So much for reality – and plenty of backslapping for blowing up two would be ISIS terrorist in a suburb of Dallas.

The solution is simple, lock down the borders, close all of their social media accounts and start teaching the world, exactly what this religion consists of – in fact, not just this religion all religions – as part and parcel of history, for good or for ill, they should all be taught in schools. The reality of the said religion and not the practice of said religion.

Might go a long way to opening the eyes and ears of a nation clearly undereducated and swayed more by political correctness than reality.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Clinton Announces 2016 Candidacy – GOP to add Rubio to the Roster this week

Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy via social media this weekend in what the Washington Post dubbed: “A long awaited announcement”. Apparently, Clinton is going to strike a populist tone.

If there was a do-over and 2008 was the year, that would have been the time to forward Clinton as the candidate of choice (she was the popular candidate of choice, she was not the candidate of choice for the Super Delegates), unfortunately that did not happen. At that time, there was as choice between Clinton, McCain and Obama, it was a no-brainer for the women of America, both Independents, Democrats and yes, some Republicans’. Unfortunately that was not to be, we can’t turn back the clock, and despite best and worst intentions of the media – it may not be the best time for Clinton in 2016. Martin O’Malley is running as well, and he strikes a younger more attractive tone vis a vis the aura of Dynasty that hangs about Clintons Neck.

On the GOP side, polling suggests according to Bloomberg, that Rand Paul and Jeb Bush may have problems in the primary, although, Bush more than Paul, while other conservatives such as Ted Cruz will fare better. (Bloomberg). One might suggest that a robust primary, sans the attack ads at Paul (first) and second whoever does not fit the Beltway image of what is right for the nation, is what does the primary a disservice. Let the duke it out in the debates and the same should hold for the Democrats. Several news sources site that Rubio will announce this week – adding to a decidedly “youthful” cadre of candidates.

A note on those dark and menacing political ads – those should be pulled – one by Ron Paul, a candidate which this blogger finds more than worthy of support, is exactly the type of negative ad, dark, foreboding, that turns back on the candidate. Having watched so many good politicians go down in flames due to bad ads, the anti-Hillary ad is just that. Highlighting differences is fine in this opinion, helping the competition is not. Humble opinion notwithstanding, this general election primary is shaping up to be one of the most interesting - a lot of smart people are running, and there is nothing that the country needs more than a fresh face with a brain.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Rand Paul and the Hungry Press

The New York Times complains that Candidate for the GOP Nomination, Rand Paul, has become “testy” in interviews. Apparently, over the past several years, the press has been wearing a leash, and suddenly turned aggressive, when Paul took center stage. In a few interviews, the earnest journalist spluttered furiously at the Senator with a barrage of questions – and was surprised when he has the unmitigated gall to appear somewhat authoritarian..

Can one blame the press? After all, they haven’t had a real interview in years with a political figure of merit, so, they are somewhat unchained for what seems like the first time, and never being pushed back, are aghast that someone might do so. To the press: “welcome to the real world”.

In the instance where the media is full of tomes on the Senator’s sexist demeanor to two female reporters, they must have failed to listen to the painful manner in which they phrased (using that word politely) what should have been a question, but came across as a litany of nagging, shrill and senseless jargon. Regardless of the fact that they should have used the opportunity for a “gotcha moment”, they were either wasting both their time and the Senators for one of two reason, the first, being incompetence due to the inability to reign in a desire to get the man, and the second, by design, so that the mighty female demo might just buy into the “mean and cranky towards an idiot equals sexist angle.

Difficult to tell.

Either way, the words “unfair” have been uttered by those women who don’t normally follow Politics other than the evening news. This bodes well for Paul, as those who are furiously condemning him for having a “short temper” may be missing the bigger picture. Paul, who is no dummy, merely points to the press the majority either ignore or despise, with a few tolerating and fewer applauding the very same.

It would be refreshing to see this same journalist treating say, a political opposition candidate in the same manner. But that would endanger one or even both of the following: their ideology or their job.

As a feminist, it galls me to hear something that should be called out as ridiculous on the part of the screamer, what it is, she lost control, instead of pointing the “sexist” finger at the target, girls, get a grip. Had a man been in the same seat, and acted in the same manner, perhaps he’d get the same push back from the Senator. Merely look at the difference in the mannerisms of Sean Hannity, who in the Times article was said to receive a ‘testy” answer, but, apparently the author did not watch the interview, Hannity moved on and the interview was “cordial. Compare to Savannah Guthrie, who asked not one, but a never take a breath, barrage of questions – unprofessional, and sadly lacking. She deserved what was dished out.

They may call the Senator Cranky – but the base, and one might suggest the general public is not buying it. It appears, after watching years of a benign and shackled press, that they are the ones being the bully. Go figure.

As the next announcement is made, be in from a Democrat, or yet another GOP candidate (and there will be plenty) Savannah will have the opportunity to either barrage them both in a bi-partisan manner or make it extremely plain that she favors one party over the other, losing credibility. Perhaps when she has the next opportunity – she might review some tapes of Barbara Walter.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Rand Paul – the Truly Transformative Candidate

The announcement made by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, was one of the most inspirational speeches and pre speech that one might witness in a lifetime. The entire ceremony is included on video at - it is well worth the watch – from those who came forward leading up to the speech, from every walk of life, race, creed, color, in support of this man, to the candidate himself, who brought sincere and inspiring light to this moment. It is what we might hope for in a President – one that is pragmatic, one who is concerned with the people, one who is not about to let us fear those who would harm us.

Those naysayers (or more nicely put, those how also seek this position on both sides of the aisle and a press that is not necessarily in-sync with Rand Paul’s messaging, will of course, make a clip here or there, but the truth will out. From this vantage point, in listening to stump speeches from JFK through the last election cycle, there has been much lacking in candidates – one votes and holds their nose, lacking enthusiasm. Finally a candidate who inspires, and demands that we, as a nation, stand up and be counted.

One might refer to historical figures by way of comparison, George Washington, Ronald Regan, or even JFk, when speaking of the makeup of Candidate Paul, but they would fall short. He is an inspirational, unapologetic, and brave man – one we should be grateful for. One that is taking his time and life to help the nation. Yes, this blogger has supported a slew of candidates in the past, but, honestly, not one of them has truly inspired. That changed yesterday. Watch the cspan video – uncut, it will belie the naysayers, and perhaps, just perhaps, make a believer out of you too.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Rand Paul set to Announce 2016 Candidacy today – Lurking in the Shadows – “Swift Boat” Group (Beltway 501C who benefited Bush in Kerry Contest)

Rand Paul will announce his 2016 candidacy today, in Louisville, KY(WBALTV). Meanwhile, back in the shadows (sort of) is the GOP Hawks (so called) set to ruin Rand Paul’s big day, according to Bloomberg. The gist:

The Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, a 501(c)(4) group led by veteran Republican operative Rick Reed, will go live with its campaign against Paul on Tuesday, while the senator is in Louisville, Kentucky, announcing his presidential candidacy. The group will begin airing ads on broadcast TV, cable and the Web in several early primary states accusing Paul of being weak on Iran and tying him to the Barack Obama administration’s Iran policy….

The scale of the campaign is remarkable this early on in a primary fight, and reflects not only the depth of the hostility toward Paul’s worldview among many conservatives but also the prominence of national security in the 2016 cycle.

This is not the first major campaign Reed has influenced from the outside. He was the architect of the 2004 “Swiftboat Veterans for Truth” campaign that attacked John Kerry’s national-security record and credentials. His new campaign against Paul will be bigger than even that effort, he said. “Foreign policy has the potential to be as big in this campaign as it was in 2004 or even greater,” Reed said. “To me, given the state of the world, that’s a good thing.”

Tuesday’s ad will hit airwaves in states that are part of Paul’s rollout, including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Reed said. The millions committed to the early effort ensure that Paul’s deviation from the Republican field on foreign policy will be among the top issues used to illustrate his alleged divergence from the Republican voting public.

Not requiring much of a hint as to where this is coming from – one might see this as the standard GOP doing their standard Beltway GOP’s favorite sons (i.e. Bush Family) a favor in trying to oust a threatening candidate before they get off the ground – so to speak. In any event, it is reminiscent of the attacks made on other candidates in the past to clear the way for say – Mitt Romney. This group would better serve their country by holding their fire for the big game letting chips fall where they may.

The ad is said to be a typical scare and terrorize – heavy toned piece with accusations against the Kentucky Senator which are, at best a stretch(Politico) – in truth, those types of ads, turn people off, rather than on to the party at all – O’Malley and Clinton are hoping for their success in this endeavor, because it will not do the GOP, and any of their candidates a whit of good.

Paul, however, is at his best when shown this type of garbage, so anticipate the Senator to stand up to these GOP bullies.

Monday, April 06, 2015

The Contender – Rand Paul to Announce 2016 Candidacy on Tuesday 4/7/15

Rand Paul, Senator from the State of Kentucky will be announcing his candidacy tomorrow. A preview of his announcement is now on YouTube - See below.

The Wall Street Journal article ”Rand Paul’s challenge, charting his own course”, suggests that as a candidate, Paul may find difficulty in straddling two factions of the GOP base – however, as a Libertarian leaning Republican who defies traditional stomping grounds, and courts a diverse electorate, one might suggest just the opposite – the man is being himself. (Tiring comparison to his father is just that).

From watching the contest take shape, he is nothing but original in his presentation, and his pragmatic approach to making decisions. One might find him more George Washington than say Reagan, which, to this mind, is most refreshing. As the two most interesting and outspoken candidates will be in the race as of Tuesday (Cruz and Paul), this 2016 primary and subsequently the general, will be treated to the best of debates, perhaps in history. Both men have exemplary oratory skills; however, Paul’s appeal is across many platforms, while Cruz appeals to that evangelical – right. Paul and Cruz both stress Liberty, however, for now, this Libertarian leaning blogger feels that Paul who best suits a nation that is in sore need of a pragmatist. One that will work within the framework of the constitution while deliberating (not at the speed of a turtle mind you), before committing to a decision. Refreshing! Although yet to formally announce; Perry, Rubio and a host of others, Paul is the one to watch, in my humble opinion

Monday, March 30, 2015

2016 Primaries – Ted Cruz at $2 Million First Quarter, O’Malley comes out Swinging

Ted Cruz (R-TX), the first to officially announce his candidacy for the republican nomination, has reached a $2 Million fundraising first quarter goal according to USA Today. Cruz did this, in the main, through social media. One would anticipate this will give him good standing going into the primary.

On the other slide, O’Malley, the first from the Democrat side to actively campaign for the DNC nomination has finally spoke out against the dynastic option of a Bush-Clinton rematch in 2016. The former Governor from Maryland is in a good spot to go forward with his campaign to lead the Democrats. (New York Times)

Not yet announced: Rand Paul, Scott Walker and Rick Perry, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Although one might think that it may be late to announce a candidacy – there is, historically a 1 year out November rule which was established in the 20th century – Both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton announced in October and November the year before. That said, Barrack Obama announced in 2007. In light of the trend towered earlier announcement, which appear to give an edge of sort, especially when there is no sitting president running, to those with the earliest ground games established.

Monday, March 23, 2015

2016 – GOP - Cruz In First – Rand Paul On Deck, DNC – O’Malley Most Likely, watch Julian Castro

The 2016 Presidential Sweepstakes begins today with the announcement that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), will be running for the Republican Nomination. Cruz, who made the announcement via Twitter, will be speaking at Liberty University today, an evangelical Christian college. (Mass Live).

Rand Paul (R-KY) is expected to announce his primary bid on April 7th, with with an “ambitious five state tour”according to the Washington Times.

On the DNC side, the likeliest first to announce will be the former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley, who, according to the New York Post, is a favorite if Hillary Clinton does not run (NY Post)

The likelihood of Clinton running successfully, if at all, is high. Going by DNC history, the more likely candidate to emerge would be the former Mayor of San Antonio who is currently being evasive about a VP roll in a Clinton campaign. (National Mortgage

O’Malley who spent both time and money is Iowa in 2014, and is well received, has yet to nail down the support. Apparently, those who would be pivotal are waiting for someone else, (Washington Post) could it be Castro?

In any event, and somewhat early to tell with few exceptions (Cruz, O’Malley, Paul), it will be a politically diverse slate of candidates, with perhaps the exception of the DNC, who has the Progressive’s front and center (thus less support Clinton). Given the recent thrashing that the standard politicians took in 2014, one might speculate that the candidate that is less “political party” would go the distance – to the White House. Cruz, in comments from any news article, is seen as a radical Tea Party, Canadian born (Constitutionally, that does not matter), super intelligent, but lacking experience, candidate. The fact that Cruz holds his own regardless of which side of the aisle he is taking to task makes him extremely interesting. Additionally, if he is acceptable to the Evangelical right, then, he will be the nominee and with the twenty million who sat out the last General election due to an inability to vote for a Mormon, he can secure the Presidency. Unless, of course, they are able to support multiple candidates, should the candidate social issues align with their own, on a personal level.

The top of the GOP field picks: Walker, Cruz, Paul, Perry. Top of the DNC field picks: O’Malley, possibly Castro, and that rascal from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. With O’Malley in the game, there is little incentive for Elizabeth Warren to step forward. If Warren is aware that Castro is going to jump in, then that would be a reason she is not doing the same. Clinton is being maligned from all sides – therefore, it is very unlikely that a credible female candidate will emerge in 2016 with enough stamina to break the glass ceiling.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rand Paul, Corey Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand – Get the Federal Government Out of States where Medical Marijuana is Law.

From Reuters: Rand Paul, introduces legislation today to prevent the Federal government from prosecuting individuals in states where Medical Marijuana is legal. He is joined by Democrat Senators, Corey Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand:

Paul has been an outspoken critic of the war on drugs and has said pot users should not be put in jail. He has pushed to legalize hemp, a less-potent version of the plant, for industrial purposes.

Last month, he accused former Florida governor Jeb Bush, a potential rival, of "hypocrisy" for opposing medical marijuana in Florida after admitting to pot use as a student.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia, and voters have approved it for recreational use in four states and Washington, D.C.

But it remains illegal at the federal level. That disparity locks marijuana businesses out of the banking system and exposes users to arrest.

Paul's legislation would ensure that buyers and sellers in those states would not risk federal prosecution if they are complying with state and local laws, according to congressional aides and a marijuana-advocacy group.

What may at first appear to be bucking the “system”, is in essence, a state’s rights issue, as well, as a money saving issue – on the one hand, saving Federal dollars by not prosecuting these individuals and businesses in States where legalization of medical marijuana is legal, and 2) by allowing the businesses in these states to take full advantage of competing in the marketplace (job creation).

Smart move again, Senator Paul.

Monday, March 09, 2015

2016 – DNC – O’Malley Receives Standing O in South Carolina - The New Face of the Democrat Party

Martin O'Malley - photo Politico (AP)

From the S.C. News Exchangecomes an interesting take on Martin O’Malley and his changes of succeeding in a not so crowded field of Democrats for the 2016 Presidential nomination. O’Malley received several standing O’s in a crowd that once was all Clinton. It is noted that Clinton lost to Obama in that primary given his lack of a brand name.

O’Malley, who lost his Governor’s seat to a Republican in the 2012 sweep, is running against (possibly as no one has accounted) Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post asks Is O’Malley Ready for Hillary?”. One would surmise yes, given the recent events (emails) and the fact that O’Malley is seen a more Progressive than most.

Democrat strategists suggest that although O’Malley’s approval ratings might not have been perfect, that voters tend not to know such information when the candidate is further afield. Poltiico

One thing of interest is his “rain tax” according to the tax foundation – a tax was placed on rainwater, in order to comply with the EPA, the Governor signed a bill which levied a “fee” or tax on businesses and residences based on the amount of area on a piece of property where the rain might not land (parking lots, rooftops, etc.). .(Tax Foundation)

He is the only one to watch, so far, on the Dem team – Hillary will not run, Warren will not run, and that leaves Bernie Sanders. There may be others on hand, but O’Malley’s entrance on the scene (he is similar to the Warren school of tax the billionaires), makes things a bit more interesting.

Friday, March 06, 2015

What if – Court Strikes Down ObamaCare – Ted Cruz has the Answer

There is a big what-if involving the unconstitutional subsidies that are coming from the Federal government to help enroll individuals into the federal health care plan – the case is now in the Supreme Court and may be struck down in June . (See in brief State Lawmakers Keep busy While Supreme court Weighs Obamacare (NPR)

The what if, apparently has no backup plan, save for one written by Ted Cruz, (R-TX), and it is receiving scathing reviews based on partisanship. The Daily Beast article: “Ted Cruz’s Obamcare Substitute He Cares Really” is fraught with vitriol – from jabs at Cruz for being born in Canada, to the short length of his legislation – written as an Act- apparently few pages than the original..

What is wrong with the Beast, and those other publications that picked up on both points in order to jab at Cruz is twofold: one, his birthplace is of little consequence, as he was an American Citizen (or had dual citizenship), as his parent was an American and this disclosed not one individual from becoming President. (See John McCain). Secondly, although the first bill had too many pages to be read even a tenth of the way through before being voted upon, and was fraught with errors, including no separation clause, a huge gaffe which made the entire act stand or fall on any mistakes. There were mistakes, obviously. With Cruz’s bill (here in PDF), it is a 31 page, easily read, and smart option for the government to adopt. (

While those at the Beast cannot fathom purchasing insurance across state lines, it has been proven to drive down the costs of premiums, the lack of mandates on the proposed bill, will also allow individuals to buy coverage at their comfort or needs level. The Bill contains adequate language to cover what the insurers cannot do, which protects the individual rights of the consumer. It is not just a better than nothing piece of work, it is a beginning blueprint for bring back choice to the consumer, with the odd effect of allowing more individuals and businesses to afford insurance in the first place. Ultimately, this would lead to more individuals being covered under private insurers than those currently covered under the new Affordable Obamacare Health Law (a bit of an oxymoron, give the rising premiums due to the current law).

As the 2016 race heats up and the Democrats have little in the way of a bench for the primary, while the Republican bench is plentiful, with a variety of individuals who have a variety of options, there will be, of course, jabs from the right and the left as the winnowing process heading into the primaries for the 2016 general progress. That said, Cruz get’s points for putting together a fairly decent proposal, with protections in place for the consumer, driving down the cost of health care and increasing those covered.

Good for him.

Irrelevant side note:

As the snow is still 3 to 4 feet deep in my yard, and when one more flake falls, or one more record breaking cold temperature is recorded, it is becoming increasingly difficult to become enthused over anything other than board games and avoiding looking out the window, either at the office or at my personal desk. Spring is allegedly rising, and when summer breaks over 2015, one might hope for return of warmth and interest in life in general, and the sport of the political arena.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Somalia Terrorist Group – Al Shabaab Makes Threats Against US Malls – Somalia’s in MN, MA and ME – Locals should be prepared

From CNN News:a video released this week by the Somali Terrorist group, Al Shabaab is calling for attacks on malls in the U.S.. Most of the refugees are located in Minneapolis-1 in 3 refugees to be exact (CBSLocal), Maine, Lewiston, is another destination Somalian refugees recently protested cutbacks to welfare in that state(FrontPageMagazine). While in Springfield, MA the Mayor, Dominic Sarno, has tried to stop the flow of Somalia refugees to that city, given the burden placed on Springfield’s ability to cope with the influx of homeless from across the state, as well as population of 1500 that required assistance. (International Business Times).

One might suggest keeping a close eye on malls located near these cities, given the domestic terrorist possibility – see Boston Bombing in 2013(New York Times). The threat from immigrants from countries known to harbor Islamic extremist, should not be taken lightly as suggested by the FBI in downplaying the danger (politically correct) (CNN>.

With a warning in specific areas where Somalia immigrants are situated, notifying residents and owners of malls, restaurants and other high visibility, soft target areas, would best serve the population and perhaps avoid a major catastrophe. As there is a language barrier (where early 1900’s immigrants were required to learn English, today’s immigrants are not – which should be changed as it leads to an inability to be self-sufficient in this country), it would be difficult for local law enforcement or the local mall police to understand what was a plot to bomb the mall or coffee shop and what was not. These types of fanatics are also not above brainwashing or forcing their children to strap bombs to themselves and blow up markets as the recent Nigerian bombing of a market by a 7 year old girl injured 48(

One might suggest ensuring vigilance alert the population in high density immigrant areas to be on watch while dining out or shopping – and the reason why. This may result in stopping a similar 2013 Boston bombing.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Long Cold Winter - Massachusetts

The Long Cold Winter - Massachusetts

It has been one of those winters, winters that are so cold, dark and snowy that one is inclined to do little except plow out and rake the roof, bake in the oven (to further warm the house) eat soups and stews and play online video games, catch up on reading and basically hibernate.

With all of the atrocities taking place in the world – too many to count, it further weighs on a mind already besieged by yet another round of snow , while politics, which generally appeals, is at the point of where to being. It is not writer’s block per se; it is winter block in all its unfathomable glory.

How does one get out of this rut? Perhaps wait it out, there’s little to be done to grab winter by the horns at minus 7 in the morning.

Yes, complaining, and waiting for a thaw of sorts, even an even 32 would be a heat wave comparably.

Therefore, a few links of interest are in order:

Sunshine News ”Six Questions for Rand Paul” worth the read as that is usually a conservative leaning area of the Fl State and they have, apparently embraced Paul.

On the changing faces of politics - From Newark: Bookers BBF’s in Washington, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz” offers a glimpse into what can happen and how the government body elect should communicate. Although reading the comments are rather disheartening What is most interesting is those on the left will give no quarter, while those on the right are inclined to move an inch. (Unless one of those mentioned is a primary opposition opponent.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Winter Thoughts on a Crowded GOP Field

Cabin Fever – when one longs to take a walk, anywhere, without seeing 10 foot snow drifts! As one wrestles with t he flight or stay and fight the snow – thoughts turn to spring, and well, with that comes more of 2016. Announcement pending early to late spring s to who is serious about running for the GOP nomination.

One would understand that the GOP is rather crowded now, with those who have hinted but not yet announced, while the Democrat side of the equation has three or four at best, with one crowned early as the foregone conclusion –in other words, nothing could be more boring on that side. On the GOP side however, there is an added advantage to a crowded field, that being an exchange of ideas, as well as a winnowing of those who might not withstand the rigors of a good competition.

Therefore, when one ears oh, the field is a mess, it is too crowded, and they are in disarray – that translates into a better primary with lots of choices for those who would prefer to have choices.

Paul, Rubio, Walker, Bush, Perry, to name a half handful, all diverse and all bringing something to the table, which makes for a lively 2016 contest. Personally, I’d rather the crowded field to a foregone conclusion. The one who weathers best, makes the most sense should be better suited to taking on a campaign against those who are not prepared. Not prepared by being pre-selected, and pre-vetted by their own, rather than by the public.

Makes life more interesting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

History as Entertainment – the Worth – The Sons of Liberty

The History Channel’s “ the Son’s of Liberty” May have played fast and loose with some facts, made a few up here and there, but overall, gave the viewer the understanding that a long war was fought by those that despised taxes and injustice, and forged a nation out of, what amounted to, a band of odd fellows, most privileged, and all English.

Sponsored by Sam Adams brewing company , the mini-series may have done the job that most teachers or, rather today’s curriculum have failed - make history entertaining, to offer those with zero background a glimpse into what happened in the distant past, and how this nation came into being.

Impossible, at any wise, in a short 3 to 4 hours of fill, yet, there will always be those critics of anything history, who will point out inaccuracies and condemn without considering the value. That value would be to make history enjoyable for those who would not have given it a second thought, and perhaps, just perhaps, inspire one or two at the least to do a little more digging into the past. History is no longer taught, and if so, with a political mindset, also playing fast and loose with facts in order to mold an opinion. Historians have for eons cast their own point of view on events – without the actual documents or 8x10 color glossies, one might cast doubt, regardless of the pedigree of the author.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State if the Union – Nothing New - GOP Rebuttal – the “New Republican Congress” Joni Delivers

Watching the State of the Union, via C-Span, CBS and Fox (different camera angles), one got the impression the man who would campaign no more, was campaigning nonetheless. The reference to working with Congress were weighed with threats to veto Bill that had not yet materialized, plans to take from the “rich” and give to everyone else, and taking credit for an oil and gas price that had nothing to do with the Government at all, sums up the President’s speech.

The redeeming feature of the evening was one Joni Ernst who gave the rebuttal. Politico gives an overview of points, and speaks a bit about who Earnst is and where she fits in the GOP. (Politico) However, watching one saw a woman who was practiced at the delivery, yet somehow came across as sincere. The catchphrase – “New Republican Congress” was akin to a rallying cry to those conservatives and independents that were looking for some movement in the body that could write all the legislation is cared to but nothing would have gotten past the former Majority Leader, Harry Reid’s desk.

Paraphrasing – “We are here to work for you, you elected us, we hear you”…it was a refreshing change from promises never kept, and costs not disclosed. Watching Joni, one has to understand she is a soldier, a mother, a wife, and now a Senator, from humble beginnings, and she states that more clearly than anyone seen in a long while. In other words, Senator Earnst is not so much a politician but one of us.

Joni and her likeminded “New Republican Congress” may well serve the nation better than any previous. It remains to be seen, however, from bored to interested, that’s the way the evening went.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Time for Pragmatism – Rand Paul offers Measured Reason - 2016 offers Reasonable Choice in Leadership

Last night, while looking for something entertaining to watch for an hour or so before bed, I found a program on CSPAN – the the Conservative Policy Summit (Video Here) with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul as the speaker. It was a dry topic to be certain, but worth the watch, and one was certainly drawn in by the Senator and his patter on the topics at hand. What one notices is that he is neither blue or red or hot or cold but right down the middle, challenging those on both sides of an issue to think about solutions.

Therefore, it is not without some hope that as the 2016 General Election primary season opens and those preparing to run the gauntlet of the primary emerge, that Paul will certainly enter the fray and bring his voice to the nation. It is past time that we, as a public, were offered an individual so dedicated to liberty, yet reasonable enough to see two sides to any give issue. It is not a flip-flop as some may note, but more of an intellectual approach to a problem, which sounds not usual, and makes it very appealing.

Paul, to this mind, is not pandering to the right, the left, and one lobby over another; rather, it is his own voice looking for those who may be of like mind, or partial like mind to join a national conversation. Plus, the man is smart; the nation needs smart people to lead them and those that would call out individuals in the opposition party as well as their own party. That gives the man extra points.

A few articles of interest this morning (or yesterday perhaps):

Time Magazine’sRand Paul Makes a Pragmatic Case Against Rivals”

Washington Post’s ”Rand Paul Announces Campaign Manager as he ramps up 2016 campaign” (worth noting his choice)

Lastly, Politico’s ”Rand Paul looks to Steal the 2016 Spotlight”

When a nation has the choice of a too familiar face (or faces in this instance both to the right and to the left), what would be more appealing and reasonable to those who are in the middle – or independent/unenrolled voters who would rather not see another partisan dynasty hack take the reins of the Office – the option of a Statesman of Paul’s stature is certainly appealing.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Is there a Glimmer of Hope for the New Congress-Senate? Bi-Partisanship maybe on horizon

If there was ever a time when a band of likeminded politicians from both sides of the aisle was needed, it would be this era, this year, this time in our nation’s history. Let alone it is the beginning of a general election season where one expects the partisanship to ramp on, again, and again, this should be put aside for those elected to do the people’s business.

Therefore – two articles stood out that makes one believe it may be possible to finally get things done, or not done, depending on the actual needs of the nation.

The first from Politico: Some house Democrats are seeking to add term limits to leadership positions according to Politico – in a nutshell, they see the GOP opening positions for new members of the body, and so, they would like to be able to have new voices heard on their side of the aisle. Smart move as it infuses new ideas into an otherwise stagnant and politically polarized group of older leaders (see Pelosi) (Politico)

Move to the Washington Post article which suggests that there is a large enough group of moderate Democrats who may be willing to work with the new Senate Leadership – thus giving the Senate the power to override a Presidential veto if necessary. We can only hope so – the constitution allows for a system of checks and balances - keeping everyone on an even playing field. (Washington Post)

There are instances where members do work together for the common good – see Rand Paul and Corey Booker.

Monday, January 05, 2015

With New Congress Ready to Take the Stage – Leadership is in question – 60% of Constituents want a new House Speaker. Hukabee enters the 2016 “crowded field”

With New Congress Ready to Take the Stage – Leadership is in question – 60% of Constituents want a new House Speaker. Hukabee enters the 2016 “crowded field”

A record number of Congressmen and women will be assuming their roles this week, the 55 new reps according to Bay News 9 made up of both Senators and Congressional Reps and one of the most historic in both numbers and diversity. Enter the Republicans, and the new Millennial.

While the conservative wing of the Republican Party has been fairly vocal, they have been stymied by that middle of the road politicians using diplomacy and appearing to get the short end of the stick. This is true of the current speaker, John Boehner, who now has multiple challengers to his position. CNN reviews one of those challengers here

It will be this week when we find whether he can hold his spot, or it will go to a newcomer.

Either way, it is far too early to tell how this Congress with a mudslide of new ideas, and cultures, will address the President as well as trend to the conservative roots.

As an aside, Mike Huckabee is clearly throwing his hat in the ring on the 2016 side. With a field crowed with moderates, and conservatives, Huckabee offers something to everyone – The reason that this blogger feels a crowded field is the best field as there are choices – and the opportunity for those on that national stage to either capitalize and reach the masses, or fizzle. The Washington Post offers an overview of Huckabee here and the troubles he may face.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Rick Perry -2016 – What are the odds? Both fields (DNC/GOP) too early to place any bets!

In reading a recent Texas Tribune article reposted by the New York Times one learns, if nothing else, that Rick Perry, the longest serving Governor in the State’s history, is politically astute. This is in stark contrast to the 2012 debate forum where Perry, in pain from a recent surgery, completely forgot the answer to a debate question. It was the end of his campaign, but obviously, not the end of Perry.

He maybe more popular now, than previously, and as all in the company of the not yet announced, is a wild horse. In the GOP possible at the moment, there is no way of telling who maybe the real front runner once the dust settles and the announcements have been made as to who is actually in the race.

Given the nature of the RNC one would imagine that the Jeb Bush push is on, but the odds of Bush making it through the primary is slim at best. This leaves an interesting group of individuals who bring Reaganesque properties to the table – Paul, Perry and Cruz for starters, should, again, any of them actually announce.

On the Democrat side – we are assured Hillary Clinton may run away with the nomination (see Clinton-Bush II) however, there are others who are seriously considering jumping in. An NBC Article Democrats eyeing a Clinton challenge get icy reception” gives us Jim Web (VA Senate), Martin O’Malley (Maryland Governor) and Bernie Sanders – Senator from Vermont. Apparently, the donors aren’t lining up for them according to NCB. That said, donors aside, Sanders does resonate with the base, and one has to like Sanders for being upfront about what he stands for. That’s unlike a lot of other options not yet set on the table. Long shot perhaps, but the base likes him.

What one has to factor is which one of the abovementioned truly has crossover appeal – one that would garner support from the right, the left and the center – two come to mind and neither are the proverbial early “frontrunners”.

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