Saturday, August 02, 2008

Republican House Party – For the People - By the People

It is generally agreed that the average American family is worried about the price of gas and oil (heating fuel) – they also heavily (70%+) favor domestic drilling in order to try and stop what has become a national energy crisis. To date it has appeared that no-one in government was willing to do anything but talk - until yesterday. The House Republicans responded to the needs of the people and stayed in session, despite Nancy Pelosi, house speaker, who decided to cut the people’s needs short. She called the House into recess at approximately 11:30 AM in order to begin her 5 week vacation. For weeks the GOP legislatures have been lobbying to get the speaker to allow a vote to lift the Congressional Offshore Drilling Ban, but Pelosi, in a pure party fashion, stonewalled to the end. When asked about offshore drilling in a recent interview, she quipped: "I will not ... give the administration an excuse for its failure.”

In other words Pelosi will squash any bill that would help the American people, if that bill would make a Republican look good. Pelosi had the power to keep the house in session and bring this issue to a vote. She did not do so because she feared that members of her own party (which currently holds a decent majority but consists of those Democrats who still care about country over party) would vote to lift the oil drilling ban, further damaging the image of an all-powerful speaker.

The Republican minority felt that this issue, so important to the American people, required action. They stayed in session long after Ms. Pelosi made C-SPAN (owned and operated by the American People) shut down their cameras, shut off the house lights, turned off the microphones, and called security.(Stalin anyone?). The Republicans stayed in sessions – ordered up pizzas and kept on talking – in the dark – for the people. This was an historic revolt by a major political party in the best interest of the people – against a party that now is vested in tyranny. John Culbertson, Republican, 7th District Texas, recorded the proceedings (clips shown below) in order to bring attention to the plight of the people and the ridiculous actions of the current Speaker.

Culbertson has come under fire recently from Pelosi and other Democrats for using the Internet as a way to communicate with his constituents. The Complaint: “Current rules "have been interpreted to prohibit (House) members from posting official content outside of the domain," - this by Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Mass. with the full support of anti-free speech speaker Pelosi. The New York Times agreed with Pelosi and Company, yet, Culbertson has persisted in communicating with the people. Apparently, communicating with constituents by what-ever means necessary is not in the best interest of certain Democrats, especially when they are working contrary to the peoples interest and have imposed a virtual media blackout.

The House Republicans were finally forced to vacate at the close of day – only one person would have been able to keep that house in session and that was George W. Bush. Monday Morning Quarterbacking is called for: Regardless of how much calling Congress back into session (power granted the president under the Constitution), would have put the spotlight on the Republican Party at its best - George Bush had in his grasp the ability to do something for the country (and yes, stick it to Nancy Pelosi at the same time) - an opportunity that has passed. One has to believe that John McCain would have handled this a bit differently – calling the Congress back into session and putting an end to Ms. Pelosi’s 5 week vacation plans – in order to give the people a voice!

Of course, in all fairness, Bush may be letting nature take its course (acting instead of reacting). In a year that Democrats were handed an election on every level, they have systemically set the stage for a Republican run. Even Obama smells the political opportunity as he is ready to shift his position (yet again) on offshore drilling , possibly after the election. A recent article from the Financial Times headlines: “Democrats anxious for Obama to widen lead”- the article cites those nasty McCain ads and the fact that Obama “thinks very highly of himself” as the reason the latest polls are one point apart and closing. What they fail to see is a base that has started to warm to John McCain, in spite of differences - and Obama has yet to win over the hearts and minds of Clinton supporters - and has apparently begun to alienate others in his party (Washington Post on Obama Hecklers). The Democrats in the House and Senate need to take a long look at their own polls, never mind Obama. One must conclude, therefore, that a race which was considered “in the bag”, is now up for grabs and should the Democrats continue to thwart the will of the people in their own self-interest, Republicans will be celebrating Christmas in November.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Yet Another John McCain Attack Ad!

John McCain has found the perfect way in which to highlight the hysteria caused by BOS (Barrack Obama Syndrome) - political advertisements! Below one of the best to come out of the McCain campaign yet. Adding Heston into this piece was a stroke of brilliance (considering Obama's affiliation with the NRA). It is getting hot in that kitchen.

Jeff Beatty: Drill for Oil - John Kerry: Pose for Photos!

Jeff Beatty, Republican Candidate for Senate MA, is siding with 70% of the populous nationwide in a call to drill for oil (offshore and anywhere else we might have a barrel). He is running against incumbent John Kerry (D) who is in favor of allowing anyone but a US oil company to drill offshore. (Cuba and China are apparently OK) Kerry is fearful that a US Oil Company may make a profit by drilling within the United States. (Note: Democrat Primary takes place on September 16, at which time, Beatty will absolutely know if he will be facing John Kerry or possibly Ed O’Reilly.)

The Democrats in Congress are sitting on their hands watching the economy tank, because somewhere back in their collective brain, they believe that a bad economy is good for their party. Pelosi, Reid and company know full well, that should they lift the Congressional ban on oil there would be an immediate impact – the speculators would lower expectations, and the price would drop like a rock – which would be good for consumers.

Republicans know this, and the last thing the Democrats want is another issue that the Republicans are right about (see: Surge in Iraq)

Jeff Beatty is just plain smart to take a strong stand on drilling our own oil and promoting U.S. Self-Sufficiency. It would behoove every Republican running for office, or not, to follow Jeff’s example. Those Democrats running (incumbent or otherwise) in states that are affected by winter woes, are excellent targets.

While Kerry is out there posing for photographs with four young tipsy and Underage ( hotties on Nantucket, the price per barrel of oil keeps climbing. John Kerry’s bad judgment regarding issues important to Massachusetts residents, along with his bad judgment in general, may be why 51% of the states voters thought he should find employment elsewhere, of course, that was in earlier this summer.

WHDH Channel 7 News Boston - Kerry is Denying anything improper - view You Tube Video

Thursday, July 31, 2008

John McCain – Attack on Obama.

Barrack Obama has been under attack these past few months by none other than John McCain! Apparently, John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee has had the audacity to advertise the differences between himself and Obama (The much ballyhooed Democrat presidential nominee) to the American Public. Obama’s campaign has, understandably, denounced these ads as nothing more than a vicious attack, going so far as to complain that McCain’s advertising only features Obama in a negative light!

There’s something to be said for that old adage: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

The straw that broke the camels back (Hold it: Is that politically correct? Let’s discuss: Camels - they can be found in Arabia, sometimes used for transportation - by Arabs who are Muslims - therefore, that phrase might now be categorized as “racist” if used when discussing Obama.) was an ad released this week by the McCain camp (video below for comparison purposes), depicting Obama as a celebrity (truth – media celebrity), using images of Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears (also celebrities) to drive home a point – Obama may be pretty (he’s been featured in his bathing suit on the cover of a magazine), but he needs an entourage of 300 to help him through the day (not unlike Ms. Hilton or Ms. Spears (who have fewer assistants) – is that the type of leadership the country needs?

The ad is funny. It makes its point. It is not offensive (unless of course, the truth hurts).

Additionally, the Obama campaign points out that John McCain only attacks Obama (something politician’s have been doing since time imorium), which is not the case. In between compare and contrast ads (Obama is for this, while McCain is not), McCain runs advertisements that don’t even mention Obama - in fact, they outline his personal beliefs and his plans! Example shown below.

The question then arises: “Do we need an overly sensitive President, who is catered to by an overly sensitive media?” Or do we need someone who can stand a bit of competition and have the character to quip back without needing advice from 300 faithful followers? John McCain, may be “not Obama” for many conservatives (As in: I’m only voting for McCain, because he’s “not Obama”), but credit should be given where credit is due: McCain isn’t out there crying foul when he’s compared to G.W. Bush (ying and yang if one has been alive for the past 25 years), or when his age is called into question (ageism!!) – he sucks it up and presses on – that’s leadership.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama – Apologist in Chief

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa. American’s have been apologizing for the sins of our forefathers for the past 30 years or more, yet apparently, the trend needs to continue. This week Congress formally apologized to all Black Americans for their suffering under Jim Crow laws and Segregation, while Barrack Obama, speaking to his fan base (cheering reporters), stated: "There's no doubt that when it comes to our treatment of Native Americans as well as other persons of color in this country, we've got some very sad and difficult things to account for." Indeed, Senator, but perhaps you have the wrong country in mind?

Social Studies (a blend of History, Geography and Apology), is a course that replaced History,(a subject no longer taught in most public schools in this country) approximately thirty years ago. Our children learn about the horrid treatment of indigenous tribes by those that first set foot on these shores, the institution of slavery, and the treatment of all ethnic groups - with an eye towards making sure they understand this country has a much to answer for. The Progressives who control the education system in the country (beginning with the curriculum), insure our students learn to be ashamed - not proud.

Of course, to be fair, it is part of the nations history, however, students no longer learn the basics, from the founding of our nation to the development of our government, until long after (if at all), they have become indoctrinated apologists. (Sample Curriculum from Virginia, and California show a fairly balanced Social Studies curriculum.)

The fact remains, however, that the inflicter and the inflicted mentioned by Barrack and Company, are long dead and buried. Additionally, most of the students in U.S. schools and those currently living in this country are first, second or third generation Americans – in other words, neither they, nor any ancestors, were responsible for what had happened to people who lived 50, 100, or 300 years ago.

So, what’s wrong with an apology? Not a thing – very nice gesture – politically correct and all that. However, it is a bit redundant - the nation has apologized – laws were enacted and the Constitution amended in order to insure equality and protection under the law for all citizens and guests (see the ACLU and Gitmo). This should be celebrated and held up as a shinning beacon of hope to those living in countries that have governments (communist regimes and dictatorships and theocracies) that make America’s past look like a day at the park.

Barrack Obama knows a thing or two about those types of countries. When he was an Illinois State Senator he flew to Kenya to campaign for his cousin,
Odingo who wanted to be president. His cousins platform: Vote for me or my supporters will burn you to death in your church! Maybe Barrack Obama should be apologizing to Kenya. More on Kenya here

Conclusion, as a first Generation American (Spain), the development and growth of the United States in matters relating to treatment of all peoples, should be held up to our students and all peoples as a point of pride. Let Freedom Ring.

Monday, July 28, 2008

German Press Headline - “Obama’s speech in Berlin is traitorous”

The Gallup polls released this week show that Obama’s world tour gave him a 9 point bump nationally (2,000 plus respondents) – how could it be otherwise? From the big three networks allotting 25% of their evening news to Obama and their affiliates in every hamlet in the country devoting at least 10 minutes or more with each broadcast, the “folks” have been treated to Obama 24/7 since his plane landed in Afghanistan.

If one is wondering how well that trip went, one only needs to read the European papers, (Al Jezzera, of course, believes Obama can do no wrong), to get a dose of reality. (If one does not have language skills there are several on-line translators available, both free and paid versions.)

From Berliner Umschau, July 28, 2008, Karl Von Weiss has a slightly different take than CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC - The headline: “Obamas Rede in Berlin ist verräterisch” (Translated from the Berlinere Umschau, July 28, 2008. Translation in quotations) is an indication of just how well Obama’s World Tour really went in Berlin. (Note: Depending upon intent of the article, traitorous may be substituted for treacherous. Either way it is not a complement.)

“Obama would have the makings of becoming a new Kennedy – His speeches are brilliant (in the double sense of the word) and the dark part of his skin color seems to single he has a little bit in common with the underprivileged persons of this world”. That is where the praise, such as it is, ends. The article concludes that should he be chosen, he would be a “fish on dry land”, one “who can hold nothing of the promised, especially those promises which he has not done at all.” (Yes, Europeans do check the record and get their facts straight.) Von Weiss sees Obama’s main problem as handling the current economic crisis, without experience, and the results? – “The superpower will be only a dream.”

On handling Iraq and the Middle East in general, Von Weiss is right on target – “Obama has already used up now, not yet as a candidate of the democrats elective, all premature praise. – On the Media circus –“In the newspapers, run radio stations and TV stations there it is spread again and again what he promised!” Specifically on Jerusalem: “it will be forever the undivided capital of Israel – “It is already clear: there will be no peace in the Middle East.

In his conclusion, Von Weiss notes that the “lower class layers in Europe and even part of the workers may still be blinded for some time by him, what they want to see in Obama, however, most of them will become frightened and disillusioned”

George W. Bush has gotten better press from the German papers.

The question now arises: “Will the American Public, despite or because of, the media push for one particular candidate, “be blinded for some time?” or are they now disillusioned?

A 9 point bump from the Gallup Poll, when averaged with polls nationally, (Real Clear Politics), becomes a 5 point lead, or a statistical tie with McCain. Perhaps, just perhaps, the American Public is not "blinded" but are, as Von Weiss suggests, becoming "disillusioned".

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