Friday, October 25, 2013

Fear - Dems Turn to Delay of Health Care Mandate – Obama Delays Individual Mandate for Six Weeks - The Apolitical Cruz was Right.

As the healthcare mandate known as Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care Act implodes to the strains of health insurers dropping individual’s converge across the nation, and the “glitches” in the on-line systems allowing for enrollment in Obama-care are at critical mass, the 21 hours of reasoning by the Texas powerhouse Senator – Ted Cruz, lampooned by his critics in both parties and especially the media, have apparently begun. What are Democrats to do, especially those that live in states where the party has a tenuous hold on the seat, at best?

They begin to beg for wavers and delays on the individual mandate! (U.S.A Today.)

What does the President do, after refusing delays or fixes to the program put forth by the Libertarian leaning Republican’s in the House and Senate? (i.e. Cruz, Lee, Rand, et al.) He has granted a reprieve of an entire six weeks for the individual mandate to begin.

Which begs the question, one’s insurance company has dropped their coverage in anticipation of Obama Care starting immediately – what is that person to do? As millions loose health care and millions more cannot enroll in the Federal Health Care System, known as Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care Act, what will they do?

One might hazard to guess those who are most effected or even moderately effected will remember whom this bright idea this entire fiasco belonged – Senate Democrats, specifically Harry Reid who refused to do anything to stop the mandate, including every possible parliamentary procedure followed by Ted Cruz, and his cohorts in the House – Nancy Pelosi, and those living in the la-law land of bigger government means more money in her pocket.

At the top of the Obama Care or bust standoff was the President himself, who called Republican’s out, including those no longer, serving the nation, as those who would prefer to see people go uninsured – seriously.

One can no longer vote the President out of office, however, one can ensure that anyone silly enough to have wholeheartedly supported a roll-out of an untested program, or for that matter, had done a seriously in-depth study on the ongoing disaster - which is the State of Massachusetts’s program post rollout – would have stopped this mess from occurring in the first place. Politically it would have been far better for the Democrats, in general, to have taken an anti-approach to Romney Care and then laid out a better plan (i.e. cross border insurance purchasing, with no mandates to purchase to name two).

They just could not help themselves.

The Libertarian-Tea Party-Republican types so maligned and so correct in their assessment of this debacle apparently will be the ones who will benefit. The GOP who runs the game and their candidates (generational politicians (any Bush), or moderates like McCain, and Christy) might have fared better had they jumped about the Cruz, o Paul or pick anyone member that was actually bucking the system not to get along.

One has to believe that those members will be stepping up the challengers against every Democrat in every conceivable district, from dog catcher on up in the next three election cycles.

The play for a coup it the National GOP should also become more evident as times rolls on – as to the Democrats, they hitched their ponies to the wrong horse, and frankly – there is little in the way of the media, or anything else, that can get them out from under – Way to destroy a political party!

Since the American people are so sick of the two party system, perhaps the DNC could run their Progressive candidates, the Unions and the old style Democrats could run their candidates, The GOP could run their McCain’s and the Libertarian-Tea Party could do the same – why stop at three parties for choices why not go to four or five and end the stranglehold these political behemoths have on the nation.

There’s much to play out in the next two to four years, and to those political junkies one can predict a period of extreme enjoyment in the goings on in the political arena.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ted Cruz – Texas Offers Warm Welcome – UK profiles Ted Cruz’ Wife – Cruz Stock Rises, no Matter His intentions.

The Power Couple - just ask the media - Ted Cruz with wife Heidi - image from problanc

This morning looking over articles regarding Ted Cruz and the State of Texas, one finds a slew both opinion and news whereby Ted Cruz is a star in Texas. From the Washington Post ”Ted Cruz Returns to Texas as a Hero who is reshaping the State Republican Party”, reads the headline. Of course it’s not all milk and roses, the premise, Ted Cruz is supported by Texans, but that’s because Texas is mainly Republican, with the last Democrat winning a statewide office in over two decades. That’s about as complementary a post one can find re: Cruz and the Media.

As a follow-up, the State GOP is jubilant – with packed artless regarding the crowds showing up at every event Cruz invest his time – and he is apparently visiting a lot – there are photo’s and video’s – here – at One would imagine, a man so despised in Washington by the rank and file GOP, from a state that gave us George Bush, Gorge W. Bush, Lyndon Johnson, et al, this is a new era of the Washington elite becoming a thing of derision when one leaves the beltway.

Although the Texas GOP isn’t alone, local Texas media is also on the bandwagon This CBS local has an exclusive on Cruz, as he talks about threats to his family and himself and – of course – Obama care – they also threw in a crowd estimate – for good measure.

But the telltale sign that an American Politician is seen as somewhat worthy of a bid at least at the Presidency is the European Press, with that said - The Globe and Mail has showcased Heidi Nelson Cruz, the wife of Senator Ted Cruz, in an article – speaks to her history, who she is, who her husband is –with a few editorial notes, but over-all the image of the article screams – this woman is important in the grander scheme of things – she’s married to Ted Cruz.

One might be able to anticipate that the Texas Senator may not be well liked by the media or the Washington Establishment, including member of his own “party” but, the rank and file, as well as certain members of the press, are beginning to understand, a bit, that brilliant trumps, plus he does have a sense of humor and a relentless smile and try and they might with hundreds upon hundreds of articles on Ted Cruz daily (just use Google news – it’s a landslide), he is overwhelmingly popular with the regular guy.

If it were in his mind to put himself out for the American Public by running for higher office, he would have already laid the groundwork and he’s getting a helping hand from those rapid politicians in DC holding desperately to their turf, as well as the media – ironic is it not?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Hillary Clinton Presidency – No So Fast to Gaze Into the Crystal Ball of the Presidency of the U.S. 2016

There’s an article in the Huffington Post today that was a bit on the interesting side - Although the piece, written by Sean McElwee, suggests it is one which brings a “Case Against Clinton 2016”, it is more of a rehash of her critics, and then a resounding conclusion that suggests there is no other candidate for President and, yes, Virginia, the Democrats will win the White House in 2016. There are also a few, perhaps to believe that a John McCain run for the Presidency may occur(Washington Post), however, even those without a crystal ball find it a bit ridiculous at this point to announce either Clinton or McCain as one a “done-deal” and the other even a remote possibility.

Hillary Clinton in 2008 was the strongest available candidate – at the time. This was comparing her to both Barack Obama (experience, and look where that has led), and McCain (who was, and remains, somewhat clueless when it comes to foreign policy, and or making decisions that would benefit everyone, not just the GOP inside D.C.) If it was Clinton vs. McCain, to this mind, it would have been a run, not a walk to the polling booth to choose the first woman President. There were several reasons, none of which had to do with gender, or the fact that as a Libertarian/Conservative, the natural reasoning would be to align oneself with whichever body the GOP put up for the job. Clinton had a record to stand on in the Senate, one which was her own – she was on the fiscally conservative voting side, took care of the Veteran’s and was a bit hawkish but in a protect the homeland vein – cautiously casting votes, rather than being brash – or casting a political vote. She had a darn good plan for the health care system, which would have been much more reasonable than either Romney Care or its derivative, Obama Care. (That can be said with a little authority living in Massachusetts.)

That said, there have been divisions in both political parties – in 2008 one saw the real rise of the Progressive Democrat, whereby a solid candidate for the blue-collar American Worker, Clinton, was cast aside for the ideologue, who looked great on camera, but continues to lack substance – a second coming of Jimmy Carter, which, through no fault of his own, apparently is in over his proverbial head. These particular brand of Democrats (not the New Deal democrats that are referred to in the McElwee piece) is deeply entrenched in the party, and will hold sway over elections until diminished – there is something in the word Progressive – move forward – that sounds right to the “uninformed” voters who are more than likely generational party members. Therefore, Clinton would have a rough primary against an inflated, mao-Barbie in the form of one Junior Senator from MA, Elizabeth Warren. Although polling near dead last at this moment, Ms. Warren one can predict will rise like a Phoenix, similarly to the President.

The GOP is now in the same predicament that the DNC appears to have itself – instead of Progressives (which to some conservatives appear to reside inside the GOP, as well as the DNC), there is the Tea Party – that much maligned group of agitators who are just too darn tied to the Constitution. They did not disappear after 2010, despite the harassment by a certain branch of the government), they fared poorly to some in the 2012 election, but to be fair, they did not have a dog in that hunt, neither did rank and file conservatives, or evangelicals. If one wants to think hard and long about why Romney failed so miserably when all the stars were aligned just perfectly – then think about the evangelicals who would not vote for someone whose religion was anathema (despite reports to the contrary) – that’s 10,000,000 votes (a conservative estimate). Add to that the Tea Party members of conscious who could not vote for someone who had been the harbinger of Obama Care – add another 2,000,000 or more voters who either skipped the Presidential choices on the ballot and/or just stayed home.

Therefore, one has to have a balance – a Constitutionalist who would appeal to the rank and file GOP (those generational party voters will go along to get along), conservatives, tea party libertarians, and yes, the evangelical right wing. Without all of those forces aligned, the GOP will lose another election, even if, as one might suspect, the candidate would be another “first” who would, indeed, lack experience.

To say at this point, that the nation would go one way or the other is ludicrous. There will be characters of interest, no doubt, and the usual suspects will occur from both parties, but one might suspect that a stronger candidate will prevail. The question remains, which candidate in 2016 will appeal to all facets of their particular party brand. Perhaps one can afford a few million voters –staying at home, or voting with caution by avoiding the top of the ticket, but to the candidate that has the majority of his or her base in their back pocket, as well as cross over and generational party voters, that individual will walk into the White House – in a landslide. It will be the one candidate that does not tow the Party line, nor willingly invest themselves in the Washington party –one suspect that this time around, it will be the real hand-shaker, with some intellect that may rule the day. As to which candidate will capture the hearts of the voting public, that remains to be seen.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fish Tales and Fault Lines – A portent of Disaster in Quake prone Zones – the Oar Fish Warns CA

A Map of the worlds Fault Lines - image from mapsoftheworlddotcom

There have been a few sightings of a sea “creature” by the name of an “oar” fish in Southern California – these fish are said to predict earthquakes – this according to CBS Los Angles – who questions if those fish you had washed ashore a year prior to the Japanese Quake, are visiting the Southern California region now as a “warning” to resident..

The theory is that these fish, who live close to the bottom of the ocean floor may feel seismic shifts, and therefore, head to the top of the ocean and or beach themselves as quickly as possible – although there is no proof to back up this particular theory, according to ABC local in San Diego.

However, if one takes a good look at the fault lines that run the length the state of California, and include those in Mexico in the mix (see map) one is under the impression that between the fish floating away from the theoretical seismic activity, and the proximity of the fault lines, added to historical data on earthquakes in CA –one might safely predict there will be an earthquake in CA at some point, and one of certain magnitude.

The earthquake, not unlike the hurricane, or blizzard, are naturally occurring events, generally happening in areas that are desirable for human habitat, so we build, large communities near the shore are particularly popular. Then, when a major natural even occurs, we wonder why. If one lives in Kansas one is likely to see a tornado – it’s difficult to imagine place on earth where weather or geology does not play a factor in major disaster.

Therefore between the fish, and the basic history of the State as it relates to shifts in the fault line, anyone living in California might want to start looking for a reasonable exit strategy, have a survival kit on hand, and then go about their daily businesses. It’s quite the fish tale.

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  • Monday, October 21, 2013

    MA Turnpike Taxes – No Free Ride – with Gas Tax Increase, MA Statehouse Adds Pain to the Pocketbook – How to avoid the Massachusetts Turnpike.

    MA Turnpike Taxes – No Free Ride – with Gas Tax Increase, MA Statehouse Adds Pain to the Pocketbook – How to avoid the Massachusetts Turnpike.

    The Mass Turn Pike, plenty of Options to to take a slightly more interesting scenic ride and avoid the tolls. Image Wikipedia

    From the Western Mass Republican’s Mass Live Website – headlines – After 17 year free ride…..referring to the new increase in tolls on the Pike between the Springfield MA exists thorough to the Pike’s end at the NY State line. To be sure, the turnpike tolls, when removed, were done so in order to note that the project had paid for itself (or more to the point, Western Mass had paid for itself) thus the reprieve.

    However, since the Bay State mimics the Federal Government in too many ways to count, one might want to take advantage of the back road, or state routes that can get one from Springfield to Chicopee, or the end of the Mass Pike – giving oneself an extra 10 minutes traveling times, and in some instances, the ride is actually shorter!

    1. Check Google Maps: (or one’s GPS) and one can find:

    A ride from Chicopee to Randall’s Farms in Ludlow (always a toll ride):

    According to Google maps – a ride on rt. 90 (Mass Pike) takes 15 minutes, a ride through the city takes 20 minutes – a shorter route, with 5 minutes added to the ride.

    From Chicopee To Westfield (used to be “free”) – a ride on rt. 90 (Mass Pike) takes 37 minutes, but a ride on north grand street, takes 40 – adding 3 minutes to the drive time.

    And so on. The best way to save money, and spend a little extra time in one’s car is to avoid the Toll Road for local travel.

    One get’s to see the sites, and have the satisfaction of avoiding yet another MA tax!

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