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Iran Update 06-27-09: The Mothers of Iran Vigil, Protestors Silence - A Time to Regroup, Regime Tortures Protestors at Camp Kahrizak

From Tehran via Twitter the voices of the Iranian People, although fewer and further between are still being heard on Twitter. According to several “Twits”, the mothers of victims will gather in Park Leah today – the outcome undetermined. Notices of meetings in the past via Tweeter have proven to be confirmed later in the day – this was, of course, prior to the interruption of internet and telecommunications from within Iran. Additionally, unconfirmed reports are coming through that site, that the regime in housing protestors in the notorious Camp Kahrizak, where they are undergoing torture. The reputation of this particular “camp” is well documented. In 2007, 18 women died from the extreme conditions, while 10 died under torture. The regimes crimes are further detailed here at an Iranian Women’s Organization. For more on the Camp, and world views Human Rights Organizations document this particular “camp”.
The green balloon protests, have been thwarted by the regime, yesterday the Guardian Council banned balloons.

From Twitter: the Iranian Protestors are regrouping:

it's ok that we didn't have protests yesterday, we r trying 2 think of ways 2 have our voices heard without dying!

Therefore, from this perspective, the silence from Iran, touted by those in the media who prefer to focus on other events, as contained by the administration, is simply on hold until such time as communications between those now fighting for Democracy and Persia, are able to find the means to achieve their ultimate goal. This without the enormous loss of life inflicted upon the protestors by the Hired Guns of the Iranian Regime. Certainly that aid will not come from the administration of the United State, regardless of what the Ayatollah believes, President Obama would refer to the United Nations first, and then offer his condolences to the “freedom fighters” and “strongly condemn” the Iranian Government. The aid will come, however, and it will come from Europe, from a nation that has seen the face of fascism and suffered the oppression of its people, a nation that has stood up so far in response to the Iranian protestors, have no doubt that a nation that is considered the least among us (given the arrogance of certain world powers), will become the greatest in terms of morality.

Lastly, one has to understand the history of Persia, to fully understand the disconnect between the Persian People and their Islamic Leaders. Additionally, when one looks at the religious demographics of Iran, although predominantly Muslim, with several minority religions: Christians and Jews among them. However, a growing number of the Persian youth are subscribing to Zoroastrianism, the oldest religion in Persia. A sense of Persian nationalism is prevalent in a growing number of posts coming (either via twitter, YouTube, citizen tube, or a variety of blogs), and these are the voices of the protestors.

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UpDate Iran 062609: Tyrannical Ayatollah Calls for Execution of Protestors - The Smart Bomb Effect - Opinion

The Hardliner Ayatollah Khatami, called upon the people of Iran to execute those who protested against the government - this edict came during Friday services. Khatami, in line with Khomeini, noted that the "rioters" - otherwise known as peaceful protestors against a brutal regime - should be executed and hopes that the Iranian Judiciary sees it his way.

Considering the fact that the militia used in the grotesque attacks on these peaceful marchers this past week, including the use of axes, was all hired Arabs speaks volumes - the regime must fear its own military and police so they must resort to hiring outsiders. How desperate the regime must be - as they have tried and failed to keep Iranian protestors from finding ways to use Twitter - Google has made it clear that Iran's Regime does not own the internet.

Facts to be considered: 70% of the population is under the age of 30; those who are in the majority do not recall the rise to power of the Ayatollah Khomeini and his evil cohorts and, from Twits, have little to no respect and or allegiance to the regime. Calls for Khomeini’s death could be heard from the rooftops during the past week and as the communications are slowing down, one can imagine that the worst of the regime is still on tap, yet, they are sorely outnumbered. The exhortations to those who were murdered while peacefully protesting to stay peaceful are, at this juncture, ludicrous. As one Twitter pointed out, the Iraq/Iran border is very close and the US could aid the protestors - one should not look for help from the U.S. but rather, strongly worded condemnations from this administration.

Perhaps some other nation, one that has a moral compass and cares not one whit what Putin thinks - will "accidentally" drop a "smart bomb" in the vicinity of the current regimes sleeping quarters - Bombs, such as those used in the Iraq wars early stages, cut civilian casualties, which removing the sons of Saddam in an instant. Surely the U.S. is not the only country with such technology?

In the 1940's, the German's were murdering millions of Jews and Catholics and the United States with full knowledge, stood by for several years, until Germany's ally, Japan, knocked off Pearl Harbor. It is a sad historical fact.

There are many evils the nations of the world have had the ability to address, and in the name of "politics and diplomacy" have seen the deaths of millions of innocents. With the images that have already come out of Iran, those in the regime are guilty of the greatest crimes against humanity and should be subjected to the condemnation of the world, and the punishment to fit the crime.

Update Iran 26-06-09: - Iran Returns to Twitter - Friday Prayer Services Broadcast - Khatami Presided over Prayers, not Khomeini.

News is coming back out of Iran via Twitter, the latest developing discussion – confusion regarding the fact that Friday Prayer Services were not televised, but noted by the AP as “broadcast” is significant. The State of Iran, a theocracy, uses the televised prayer services to deliver political-theological messages to the Iranian Citizens and beyond its borders – if using alternate methods and broadcasting inside Iran only - the message in these services has been “censored”. It comes as no surprised therefore, that the AP is Reporting that that Hardliner, Khatami issued what amounted to a religious “command” to abuse the protestors.
Khomeini Stock has appeared to fall - The Middle East - The Arabian Middle East News is reporting that the clerics are seeking an alternative to a “Supreme Leader.
The question now is will the Iranian people continue to bow to this theological tyranny. An article in the Italian Political Magazine
Limes written today outlines the fact that the Iranian Constitution is at odds with the concept of a Supreme Leader:

Translated via Google:

The essential question, however in a Republic, and self-define Islam is another. And that is the guide of the revolution is the most important religious figure in the country and Shiite Islam? The answer, short and indisputable is: No.

The Defiance is not dampened, nor the will of the people for freedom: Tweets from Iran:


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iran Update – Twitter – The Silence is Deafening and Heartbreaking

Twitter’s from Iran have dwindled, as communications from inside the country become more difficult, those that are getting through talk of new protests scheduled for Friday - From Al Jazeerareports are based upon Iran State Media – due to the slow internet connection coming out of Iran. Earlier in the week, Tweeter’s were concerned about the Iranian Government shutting communications down with the outside world – apparently they have been successful. CNN World continues to report: The lastestMoussavi continues to defy the Regime. One understands the 1979 Revolution went through a variety of stages prior to the establishment of the current regime, the atrocities committed by the State of Iran under the thumb of the Ayatollah Kohemni have been well documented - unlike those protests that have been "pushed under the bus" in the past, the new age of communications has made it possible for those who are oppressed to alert the world to their plight. The Persian People have proven to stand tall against all odds.

Iran Update – Protestors Battle Begins - Government Dropping Acid on Protestors

Iran Update – Protestors Battle Begins

From Twitter:

Protestors have gathered in Iran:

Army Helicopters Flying Over Protesters at Enghelab Sq.

I GO OUT TO DEMONSTRATE NOW ! Bye. IRAN FIGHT NOW ! the world is watching ! !!!!!!!!

Reports:Anti-Riot Policr at Enghelab SQ now facing in two directions fighting two sides.

Clashes at Vali Asr Cr. People Shouthing: Death to Khameni

JUST GOT BACK FROM OUTSIDE, TEHRAN is FULL of buses which brought ppl to friday prayers from small cities!

Reports: Army Helicopter droping Chemicals on ppl at Enghelab Sq.

Gunshots being heard from Enghelab St.

Police shoting Teargas at Protesters at Enghlab Sq

Reports: Ambulances stopped near Laleh Park, Polce dont allow them to enter in to Karegar St. or Enghelab Sq

group of youth gathering behing Police Blockage at Jamalzadeh Junc. trowing stones

And so it goes – with over 70% of the countries population under the age of 30, the Iranian’s, with passion unsurpassed, are fighting now with every last fiber of their being. It is this type of passion, spurred on by brutality and tyranny, which will win the day. Freedom for Iran.

Iran Update – Despite The Obscene Brutality of the Regime, Protests Will Continue Today

From Tweeter: The Iranians are determined. The suggestions from those outside Iran on how to protect oneself and to treat wounds are flying fast at 6:20 a.m. eastern time. The Iranians are adamant that this continues, regardless of loss of life, they are on a quest for freedom. Many of the tweets are pleas for updates on the safety of friends, those who may have been lost in yesterday’s bloody war on the peaceful protestors. One has to question how long they will remain peaceful. Additional tweets are posting that (unconfirmed) Khomeini is making plans to leave the country, and that (also unconfirmed) a Russian newspaper has reported that large sums of money are flowing out of Iran into Russia.

That scenario would, assuming it is valid, make sense, as Putin and the current Iranian Regime are simpatico, and Russia would be a perfect second exile for the Hitler-like Ayatollah Khomeini. The first exile was to France, where with the help of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Khomeini was repatriated to Iran. This time, the calls for Khomeini’s blood are being yelled from the rooftops, and despite the efforts of the Iranian government to block Twitter (by posting there), and remove the ability of the protestors to communicate via internet, the freedom fighters in Iran are finding a way to prevail. Add to that the division between the ruling classes in Iran – Khomeini’s retreat may be eminent.
Protests are scheduled for approximately 4:00 Tehran Time.

Barney Frank – New Requests to Freddie and Fannie to Relax Lending Practices – Frank has a Challenger for his 4th District Seat in 2010 .

Barney Frank, Massachusetts 4th District, U.S. Congressional Representative, has a long history with the nations federal loan arms that drove this nation into financial chaos, one would think, Mr. Frank would have learned his lesson at this juncture – not so. Frank, known financial genius, has meddled in TARP funds (no need for transparency), and specifically Freddie and Fannie where Congressman Frank held that the lenders were financially sound, despite the Bush Administrations questions regarding solvency. Additionally, Frank was part and parcel of the push to relax lending regulations in order to make housing “more affordable” to those who could not afford a mortgage in the first place. Now, Frank is after them again, this time regarding the lenders tightening of mortgage lending practices where condominiums are involved. Condominiums and lending practices have been fairly consistent with most lenders over the past several decades - there is a certain threshold of units sold, within a development, where lenders will guarantee mortgages – that threshold has been 70%. Freddie and Fannie were at 51% which is below the national average to begin with. The reason that lenders look at building occupancy is because it goes to the solvency of the entire condominium project, should the developers fail to sell up to 70% of the units, more trouble assets are likely to occur. Frank looks at it a bit differently, perhaps because the real estate industry is one of the top 5 contributors to Mr. Franks campaign.

Mr. Frank made an appearance on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly show last evening. In the interview, Frank insisted that the crisis with Fannie and Freddie was the fault of the Bush administration, and held that he, not the Bush administration, insisted on tightening guidelines for Freddie and Fannie – apparently, Mr. Frank either has loss of memory, or honestly believes that the nation is going to buy his “story”. The overall interview, on topics ranging from Gay Marriage to how Obama plans to pay for Nationalized HealthCare were rife with “Frankisms”, all being rosy on all fronts, virtually pulling figures out of thin air when asked about paying for the Health Care Plan. Specifically motioning the cutting the military budget, in regards to a program that is no longer relevant, and using that money, among funds from “agriculture”, to pay for Obama’s Health Care Plan. The program that Mr. Frank is keen on cutting, would account for approximately 400 million dollars, the Health Care Plan is projected to be in the trillions over a 10 year period. Additionally, Mr. Frank noted that the Massachusetts Health Care Program, which is a huge drain on the Massachusetts Taxpayer (as it has been in the red since inception), was not a problem. Mr. Frank not only is apparently clueless when it comes to Federal Programs, but Programs that are currently in force in his own state.(video below)

Barney Frank who is up for re-election in 2010, (and apparently campaigning see rather non-confrontational, out of character, Frank with Bill O’Reilly), does have a challenger in the 4th district - America take heart. Although no official release has been made, Earl Sholley, a businessman with a strong, fiscally conservative background, will be the candidate to watch in the 4th Congressional race. Sholley is the Anti-Frank, so to speak, a breath of fresh air for the 4th District and the nation. To learn more about Mr. Sholley and his campaign, visit Sholley For Congress. What American needs now, more than ever, is an alternative to Barney Frank, one who has some senses of business rather than being a “career politician”.

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Iran Protestors Thrown off Bridges, Attacked with Axes - CNN World Media Reporting On Atrocities

From CNN World

Security forces wielding clubs and firing weapons beat back protesters who flocked to a Tehran square, sources say.

Iranian Tweeters are reporting that protestors are being chopped with axes and then thrown over bridges. A tearful caller to CNN World begs for the U.S. to intervene as she describes the terror in the streets:


"RT news fm iran: in Baharestan we saw militia with axe choping ppl like meat blood everywhere - like butcher Allah Akbar"


"RT from Iran The Baharestan massacre will not be forgotten or forgiven. Long live Iran."

"URGENT: Police are checking cellphones for videos and pictures, transfer yr files and clean up your phone"

"NOW reports of street fighting in Vanak Sq, Tajrish sq, Azadi Sq"

It is this type of brutality, that will not have the intended effect, the more the current regime beats down the protestors, the more dedicated they appear to become. They are, afterall, seeking freedoms that those in the United States take for granted.

Video CNN:

Iran - Clerics Stand with Protestors, Protests Continue Wednesday Despite Government Brutality

Clerics March with Protestors June 22 - Photo CNN World

CNN Worldreports that clerics marched with protestors yesterday in defiance of Khomeini. The division between the ruling class has become apparent over the past two days, with former opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi, openly criticizing the state-run mediaand comparing the current regime to the Taliban in Afghanistan. CNN World has also noted that confirming events has become difficult as international journalists have been severely restricted.

From Tweeter protests will continue on Wednesday according to “tweets” coming from within Iran. The regime has their own Tweeters, tweeting constant warnings regarding the involvement of the U.S. and foreign countries “controlling” Tweeter. Those “tweets” are more prevalent today as the breakdown of the Iranian government grows more likely.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update Iran – UK Times - Clerics Debate to Remove Khomeini and Ahmadinejad – National Strike Begins

Iran Revolution June 15 photo: Randy

According to posts on Twitter as this morning, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, former president of Iran who is the Chairman of the Assembly of Experts (a committee which oversees the removal of the Ayatollah), has the army and the Revolutionary Guards on his side, he is allowing the Guards to choose between the people and the regime. Additionally, the silence from Rafsanjani since the election is said to be of import – apparently a rift between Khomeini and Rafsanjani has been fermenting for the past 10 years, and is now coming to a head as Iranian State TV (not confirmed) is reporting that 30% of the nation’s workers are out today. Tweets coming from Iran indicate that protestors are exhorting businesses to close and shut down the government. Additionally, Mousavi is said to have called for nationwide protests on Thursday – this coupled with the beginning strike, and the real possibility that Khomeini and Ahmadinejad will be removed, is giving hope to those tweeters who are risking their lives for self-determination in government.

There are those on Twitter, specifically coming from Iran that are tweeting that the U.S. and U.K. are responsible for the coup in Iran (as if it is a foregone conclusion), that the foreign governments are controlling Twitter – the Tweeter, antifacista245, also notes that a puppet regime is currently being installed in Tehran – other Tweeters we’re quick to point out that this particular poster was an “agent of the Iranian government”.
The desperation in the posts from Antifacista, coupled with reports from the Times, UK and indicate that Khomeini and Ahmadinijad’s removal by Rafsanjani is imminent. That said, the clerics are not sure, at this point, who would replace the current Supreme Leader, which is why no decision has yet been finalized. However, events are moving so rapidly, the decision to remove the current government may be taken out of the hands of the clerics, therefore, they would best be involved. From both Tweets and

One of the country’s highest-ranking clerics, Grand Ayatollah Hussein-Ali Montazeri has declared three days of mourning for those who have died in street protests. Grand Ayatollah Montazeri’s declaration could bring thousands of Tehran residents back out into the streets starting on June 24.

Several Factors to consider, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s population is primarily made up of its youth: 70% of the nation is under the age of 30, and few were even born when Khomeini, who had been exiled in France, was returned to Iran with the help of meddling foreign parties (the U.S. under the administration of the very naive Jimmy Carter, for one). The Persian’s, are cosmopolitan and technologically savvy, they are able to report in real time, regardless of the risks associated with doing so, on events as they happen in the street – they are dedicated to seeing the end of this regime.

Of special interest, up until several days ago, the U.S. Administration was planning to engage the Iranian Government, even after the protests had begun,, however, there has been silence on the subject for the past three days. This may go towards an acknowlegement that change in Iran is immiment. Obama will be holding a press conference today at noon on the subject.

The American Press is now weighing in on the perceived mistakes made by the administration: From the Los Angeles Times: a stunning op-ed piece entitled: “Obama’s Iran Policy is a Bomb” speaks to the problems facing Obama and his decision to continue to meet with the Iranian rulers – depending on the outcome of this revolution in Iran (and that outcome looks to be imminent and successful), Obama is caught between a rock and hard place. One has to understand that the President, although surrounded by experts, has little to no experience in government, and this naiveté, may prove to be problematic, when dealing with foreign policy and/or national security decisions. One can only hope that unlike Jimmy Carter, the president most associated with Obama by comparison, Obama will be looking towards the best interests of the United States as well as nations whose citizens would call for freedom – putting aside his Progressive Ideology for the greater good. The fact that the Obama was still planning on meeting with embattled Iranian administration up until this past week, may give rest to any rumors that the

U.S. was involved in any way with the revolution taking place.
The Iranian people are in charge of their own destiny, they are using what they can to get information out of their country and let the world know what is taking place, it will be a free Republic of Iran within a week; that said, an Iran that is still controlled by powerful clerics, which, one can only hope, are more inclined to work with their neighbors in order to bring a bit of peace to that region.

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 16 Democrats Cut Missile Shield Funding – June 22nd Gates Rushes to Defend Against N. Korean Missile Launch

In a stunning display of tax, spend and cut defense, Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee voted to limit spending for additional missile interceptors in Alaska. Putting things into context, missile interceptors prevent incoming missiles from hitting Guam, Alaska (both well within range) and Hawaii. The two Republicans on the committee were in favor of adding the additional interceptors. From Defense

To Democrats, led by Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Calif., years of lavish spending on poor-performing, ill-conceived programs is being brought under control.
Tauscher, who is chairman of the Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee, insisted that, "No one has validated the number 44. No one could tell us the rationale for 44" interceptors versus 30.
She said the plan to build 44 silos was set sometime after 2002 during years that the Missile Defense Agency was free to operate with few checks from the Republican administration and the Republican-controlled Congress.
Under Tauscher's leadership for three years, the subcommittee has shifted the emphasis from ground-based interceptors intended to protect against intercontinental ballistic missiles to mobile- and ship-based interceptors intended to counter medium-range missiles.
Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md., said Alaska's extra missile interceptors are strategically unimportant, but money should be spent on them anyway.
"Neither Iran nor North Korea will launch from their soil against us," Bartlett said. Missiles launched from those countries could be traced immediately and two things would probably happen: The United States would shoot down the missile, Bartlett said, and then the U.S. would "vaporize" the attacking country.
If either country attacks, it will be with a nuclear weapon smuggled into the United States, he said. Congress should be spending money to improve defenses along U.S. coasts, he said.
But the amount needed to finish building the 14 silos is $120 million. Having spent $780 billion on an economic stimulus bill to create jobs, spending $120 million on missile defense that will preserve thousands of jobs is "a trivial amount of money," Bartlett said.
The Democrats disagreed.

With North Korea’s unstable regime, aided and abetted by the embattled Iranian Regime, a launch on the 4th (symbolic), is probable – and at this point, although Japanese Intelligence has Hawaii as the target (also symbolic), the current (assumed) range of North Korea’s missiles put Guam and Alaska at close range - therefore, missile interceptors on the mainland are now critical to the nation’s defense. Although Hawaii is symbolic (Pearl Harbor), Alaska would, rationally, be the more strategic target – the large oil and natural gas reserves alone would decimate the U.S. economy if disrupted.

An excellent treatment on the strategic import of Alaska’s missile defense capabilities and the threat of the Iranian backed North Korean Nuclear program, can be found here at Cutting Edge News.

Today, Riki Ellison, Chairman and Founder of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA), announced that Gates had reversed his previous decision not to use the nations full capabilities to defend Hawaii.

"Last week, the United States Combat Commander for the Pacific, Admiral Timothy Keating (PACOM) and Northern Command General Victor Renuart (NORTHCOM) put forth a request to defend the United States and their areas of responsibility, most notably Hawaii from a North Korean long range ballistic missile, this request comes after the North Korean government threatened to launch a No Dong 2 missile in the direction of Hawaii."
"This military request has been approved by President Obama and the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates and efforts are under way to prepare United States missile defense assets and deployments to defend Hawaii against a successful long range ballistic missile test that may take place within the next few weeks from North Korea."
"The Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General James "Hoss" Cartwright testified before the United States Senate last week and when questioned if the President asked Congress of the likelihood of a successful shoot down of a rogue launch, he stated, '90 percent-plus.'"

Note to Rep. Ellen Tauscher: One might want to take one's chances - 14 Silos, 120 Million Dollars, Alaska, Guam and Hawaii – priceless.

Iran Update – the Protests Continue Monday, Iran-Blaming the West - Insults and Inflames Protestors

From Twitter protests will begin at several locations through the Capital – at 4 and 5PM local time. It appears that the people of Iran, from posts made, are willing to die for democracy.

The current Iranian Government is grasping at straws - issuing statements that the “West Seeks Iran’s Disintegration”(from the BBC), while also blaming the Western Media - thus further inflaming those communicating via Twitter and other social media websites, as those fighting for democracy inside Iran consider it an insult to the Iranian people – their strengths, intelligence and determination. Therefore, a ploy which has worked in the past, (blame the West), will not work with today's technologcially savvy and enlightened Irainian revolutionaries.

Additionally, the AP is reporting dissent between the ruling elite, specifically Hashemi Rafsanjani, former president, “who is the head of the cleric-run “Assembly of Experts, which can remove the supreme leader“. There is speculation that Rafsanjani is sympathetic to the opposition. Should the protests continue (and there is indication that they very well may), the history of Iran will change – the protestors understand that the only option now is success or death (given the regimes hard line approach to removing dissenters in the past. The majority of the “Tweets” are focused on a path to democracy – with the ability to vote in an election, those Iranian’s tasted freedom, and the outcome (questionable), has spurned this culturally advanced, proud Persian movement to revolution.

Obama Poll Numbers Fall With Increased Spending and Health Care Reform – Strongly Approves now at 32%.

Two new polls, Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking, and Gallops Daily Presidential Tracking show an overall decline in Barack Obama’s job approval rating.

The Gallop, based on a 3 day rolling average, has the “approves” at 57% and the “disapproves” at 35% - which, on the face of it, is still a healthy job approval rating. When one looks at the numbers from Rasmussen, the reporting is more in-depth – showing 53% “somewhat approve”, while 46% disapprove – in polling, the “somewhat approves” are added to the “strongly approves” to give an overall approval rating. Rasmussen’s daily tracking from Sunday June 21, show that Obama’s “strongly approves” have dropped to 32%; they had been steady at 37 to 34% over the past three months – with the highest “strongly approves” at 44% on January 21st.

One has to ponder the term “somewhat approve”, and question why the polls are not tiered in order to give a better understanding of actual performance. A “somewhat approve” response from someone who has been polled, especially in this age of “American Idol” politics, could be a reference to naming the Presidential dog, rather than an indication of actual performance related to a specific policy or action taken as part of the job. That said, the same could be said of “somewhat disapprove”, therefore the relevant numbers are the “strongly approves” and “strongly disapproves”, which should be used as an actual barometer for approval – with the “somewhat approve” or disapproves given a separate heading.

Although proponents of the President continue to place the blame for the economy on the previous administration – the public, in general, understand that choices made by the current administration have yet to bear fruit (in turning the economy around) – historically the actions taken by this administration mirror the economic policies of the Carter administration which also “inherited” a financial crisis; the solution at the time - a stimulus program and an auto bailout (Chrysler). Although, one can also argue that there is a difference between the economy of the late 1970’s and today, and that the programs put into place by the Obama administration have not had the time necessary to work (or not), the perception of the overall population has also changed, from one that was, at one time, patience, to one that is now seeking “instant” relief (entertainment). Additionally, although the nation clamored for “change”, it was more of a “movement” (see caught up in the heat of the movement), being caught up in part of “something bigger”.

Now that Obama has the job, he is faced with those initial supporters who expected nothing short of free trips to Disney World, with no clear understanding of what the job of President actually entails. The fact that the government is spending with abandon and adding costly programs at a time when the government is patently “broke” is the biggest factor. The Universal Health Care concept, which played well on the campaign trail, is being viewed by those taxpayers, as an added burden at a time when the country can ill afford to add any additional debt.

Conservatives, however, both social and fiscal, see the administration as in direct opposition to their political ideology, and as greater percentages of the nation identify themselves as conservative, or “leaning conservative” (there we go again), one can reasonably project, short of a miracle, that this President’s job approval ratings will drop further in the coming months.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran - Protests Continue

From You Tube:

21 06 09 Tehran Avenure Forsat Shirazi

31 khordad 88 tehran khiaban forsate shirazi

Demonstration against Iranian government and Election fraud

The are saying don't be scared don't be scared, we are all together.

Then they say, Death to the Dictator

Update Iran – BBC via Twitter: Protests will Continue Today - Social Networks Link Iranians to the World

Protests Continue in Iran - photo: Daily

Should one have attempted to find updates regarding the violence in Iran yesterday, the only U.S. network that covered all aspects was FOX, which pre-empted prime-time shows in order to do so –there was little from CNN, (outside of Twitters touting the coverage they would provide), or similar news outlets. Unless one utilizes Twitter, FaceBook or YouTube, little had been said by most U.S. media, with the exception of the fact that Obama has issued a “strongly worded statement”. FOX, to their credit, has used the “new” social media in order to bring the plight of the Iranian People to bear. Today, the media has finally engaged.

In the meantime, citizens around the world are doing their best to help the Iranian’s on Tweeter, by offering valid medical tips, noting which embassy’s are open and or closed, and changing their Tweeter time zone and city settings to Tehran to thwart the dictatorial Iranian government from finding those bloggers and tweeters inside Iran.

As of yesterday, Iranian protestors were being murdered in the streets, and pulled from their homes, not by the Iranian police or military, rather, by Arabic Speaking mercenaries hired by Khomeini. This itself is significant as it implies the regime has no confidence in its own forces – forces which, from tweets inside Iran, are sympathetic to the demonstrators. Last evening, a young woman from inside Iran noted that the protestors were chanting: “Death to the Dictator” more strongly than on previous nights. The protests are not confined to the capital, rather have spread to outlying cities, such as Shiraz to the south. Tweets this morning indicate that those in outlying districts are moving to Tehran to join in further protests. The BBC on Twitter is confirming protests will continue today, while those Embassy’s inside Iran are Tweeting who will and who will not accept injured: Updated this morning: The Austrian Embassy is confirmed, The Norwegian Embassy, The Australian Embassy has no medical facilities but will take protestors, they cannot guarantee protection - confirmed, CNN attempting to confirm, both UK and Dutch embassy’s not taking protestors. Please from those inside Tehran to the Danish People to call their embassy have been posted. Many are concerned that reports of embassy’s not accepting protestors are false, coming from Tweeters who are pro-Khomeini. The latest Tweet on the Army: they will engage soon – with the protestors, should the attacks on the Iranian People continue additionally the bus workers and auto workers have confirmed a strike, they are waiting for the oil workers to join the movement – The last tweets as of 1 minute ago: (7:26 am EST) people are in the streets again, fearful but determined – to change history.

What of the U.S.A. and the Obama administration in particular? The consequences of a free Iraq would be strategically in the best interest of the middle east - although it has been reported that the protestors are in favor of a hard-line theocracy, that is far from the truth – those college students and people tweeting are seeking democracy; understanding that every “revolution” has growing pains, and needs help to develop – the administration may have some explaining to do: Tweets are appearing, some from within and outside of Iran (Europe) noting that the Obama administration has traded with Iran, that that Obama is siding with the Iranian Dictator. Due to the fact that up until last week the administration was attempting to enter into a dialogue with Khomeini and Company, as the protestors initially started to take to the streets, is a sticking point with those in Tehran and now other cities around that nation, who are paying attention to who is helping, by word or by deed (See Austrian Embassy). The President, who is always the first to be criticized under any circumstance, may be playing his cards close to his vest. In other words, unless and until anyone knows what involvement and or role the U.S. is playing or is willing to play, criticisms should be noted, but with an eye towards moderation. It is best to understand that, contrary to pre-U.S.-election rumors, changing the face in the White House does little to change the perception of America, and Obama should now be aware of that fact. Any action that may or may not be taken by the U.S. falls under national security interests, and therefore is “classified” (other than statements issued). Once the situation in Iran stabilizes, and it appears that the people in Iran are intent on forging their own destiny, with or without the help of other nations – the world will then be able to assess what role, if any, the Obama administration played in attempt to support the Iranian freedom fighters. As a citizen of theses United States of America it is hoped that the decision was made to help free Iran from a Theocracy that mimics Communism.

Video Below: Graphic: Protestors Below save police officer

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