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The Press Mocks Conservative Candidates Religions – from Santorum’s Catholic Faith to Mitt Romney’s Mormonism – The Elite Media Shows Bigotry

Santorum the Catholic, Romney the Mormon, Obama the Christian, only one of three can have faith in Media's mind -image

When Rick Santorum was the first GOP Candidate to passionately defend the Catholic Church against the Obama Administrations mandate that they provide insurance to their privately held, (religious organization) charities and entities that included abortion and sterilization (which is not, for those who are not familiar with the major religions, acceptable under any circumstances), the media, from both the right and the left began to question Santorum on his Catholic Faith. They dug up old lectures he gave at a Catholic College, as proof that he might be too far right or too radical as he believed in God and Satan (as do most religions and those who are of faith), the remarks he made speaking as a Catholic, rather than how had voted in the Senate, will be found in many an article, not particularly honest of the press, which is from the right and the left - Matt Drudge to name a major paper, cable news outlet or the so called “Big 3” (CBS, NBC, ABC) televised news outlets. It was a strong message of anti-Catholicism, which has been lying underneath the surface and is now out in the mainstream in full force. The media are saying a practicing Catholic, holding mainstream Catholic views, is somehow…not acceptable.

The same with former Governor Mike Huckabee’s Baptist faith, in 2008, or any candidate that holds Christian views regardless of the denomination.

Now, a columnist for the New York Times feels fine mock Mitt Romney’s Mormonism in a “Tweet” to followers on Face book “Charles M Blow” tweeted: “Let me just tell you this “Mitt Muddlemouth”: I’m a single parent and my kids are amazing! Stick that in your “magic underwear”. #cnndebate”National Review. The National Review links to an article explaining the use of special garments for men in Mormon Religious Practices here at:”

This is what happens if one is a member of any religion and is running as a Conservative or Republican GOP Candidate for office – However, did the media cover any of the views held by President Obama’s church of choice? (With the exception of FOX). A Christian Church in Chicago headed by the Revered Wright who used extreme anti-American rhetoric during his “services”, the press waited while the President sat in that Church for decades and then threw the Reverend under the buss at which time, they reported on Obama’s distancing himself from those remarks . Now, whenever the President, who is a Christian, uses his faith to support an agenda, that’s all fine and dandy and is reported by every news outlet available. Yet, he is not “mocked” for being a Christian?

Apparently it depends upon which side of the political aisle one is associated with as to whether or not they, as an American running for President (or any other office) is as a Catholic, or in Romney’s case a Mormon, qualified due to having a “faith”. Although the coverage on Romney’s faith has been limited to this one remark, (so far – although brought up as in “will they attack his faith” – meaning the Religious Right – while in reality it is the secular left that despises all faith.) Rick Santorum was under fire constantly. It is the point from the media however, that we, as American’s have the right to choose any religion we please, under the first amendment, Be that Catholic or Baptist or Buddhist, or Muslim or Mormon, but don’t run for office if you are a Conservative or Moderate Republican.

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Romney in Ma – Running Negative Ads against Santorum – Santorum Makes Indiana Ballot – Gingrich/Santorum on Arkansas Ballot

Santorum and Gingrich - the last men standing? Photo: Politico

Presidential GOP Candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign issues a press release noting that the former Governor’s surrogates will be speaking on his behalf in Press Conference in Boston:
“On Friday, House Minority leader Brad Jones and Citizens for Limited Taxation Executive Director Barbara Anderson will hold a press conference call to discuss Mitt Romney’s bold economic plan for more jobs, less debt, and smaller government.”

To date, that press conference, and a slew of negative campaign ads by Romney’s PAC, targeting Rick Santorum, is the only reference to Mitt Romney one can see in the Bay State. If one thinks that Michigan is critical to the candidacy of Mitt Romney, then one must imagine if he is rejected out of hand by the residents of the state in which he claims to have cut taxes, and most recently, claimed to have helped the Catholic Church.

Although Romney is polling well in a recent statewide issues poll conducted by Suffolk University (PDF here), on the 17th of February, the sample of 172 voters is such a small margin, that it is difficult to assess as credible. Rick Santorum has a 15% of the vote in this particular poll understanding that Massachusetts is a proportional delegate state, and with 15% of the primary vote, one is eligible for delegates. No other candidate comes close to those margins in the Bay State. To accurately assess Massachusetts, with the primary on Super Tuesday and 41 delegates at stake, (Delegates that Romney desperately needs) – internal polls might suggest the need for negative advertising, as well as more surrogate activity in the State.

As always, this blog urges non-Bay State pollsters, such as Public Policy Polling to conduct a Massachusetts Survey – the last poll conducted showed Romney with a huge lead, in September of 2011 – one might consider things have changed since that time.
Without polling however, or polling that is limited in scope, should Santorum surge in Massachusetts – and capture a greater percentage that 15, or, for the sake of argument, actually bests Romney is the Bay State – based on the ground here in the Bluest State (Santorum is generating the same type of enthusiasm two weeks out of the primary that there was for Scott Brown one week out from the January 19, 2010 special election for the Senate.) One might consider the recent attacks on the Catholic Church as reasoning, with Santorum leading the defense of the Church earlier than the other GOP contenders – as reasoning – given the fact that the majority of Massachusetts residents are Catholic, however, that is most probably not the case. The major factor would be the lack of enthusiasm for the former Governor. This is based on residency and other factors on the ground in MA – it is most likely that there will be few to no outside polls for Massachusetts, as it is normally assumed the Bay State will be “solid Democrat” and that there are no Conservatives in Massachusetts. A note: negative advertising, in more than any other state in the union, does not do well in the Bay State and has crushed many campaigns.

Again, one does not run advertising, especially when is spending more than one takes in, and to boot one lacks the necessary individual donations, unless there is a problem in “river city”. There is an excellent analysis of the FEC filing reports for January of this year, by the New York Times Romeny’s Money Problems” The Title says it all, but it is a must-read to understand where the actual voters are investing, rather than the P.A.C.’s.

On Making the Grade:

Rick Santorumwill be on the Ballot in Indiana – due to a recount of signatures, finding in favor of Santorum.
Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are the only two that have filed with the State of Arkansas as of yesterday according to Arkansas news sources From the Secretary of State’s office Santorum and Gingrich are the only two GOP candidates on the Ballot The deadline for filing is March 1st - The State of Arkansas holds it primary on May 22nd.

One can take the aforementioned (reading tea leaves) two ways, Romney’s Camp is waiting to get into Arkansas or hasn’t taken the time, and/or they may be looking at where best to spend the money to get onto ballots – Should Santorum pull out one or both States on Feb. 28th (given the polling is so tight in both Arizona and Michigan – similar, again, to polling in Colorado and Minnesota prior the primary), then pull down Romney’s Gubernatorial state in the Super Tuesday Primary - it would be hard to imagine Romney going further, as the delegate count, despite those super-delegates, would not warrant an extended campaign.

Granted, this is based on the old theory of History Repeating Itself – which is usually the case. However, with the layout of the remaining states, money considerations and the lack of enthusiasm for certain candidates over others, (in large enough numbers) it might very well be Santorum and Gingrich as the last men standing heading into April.

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Public Service Announcment: Rick Santorum is On the Ballot In Massachusetts

The search for "Is Rick Santorum on the Massachusetts Ballot" (or a number of variations) has hit this blog tracking with over 100 queries in the last 24 hours, therefore, as a public service announcement, Rick Santorum is indeed on the ballot. This information can be confirmed at the Secretary of State's website. In fact, this website also contains a section where one can request state govenrment documents from the historical archive (This would include former Governor Mitt Romney's written records, not the computer records which were destroyed)

The Santorum Team, to date, is the only campaign with a grassroots organization on the ground, Facebook offers information: Rick Santorum MASS

Ron Paul Supporters are using "meetup"

Of note: The Romney PAC: Restoring Our Future is running ads against Satnroum in MA. The delegates in MA will be awarded proportionally with 15% of the vote - Currenlty polling shows Romny in the lead in MA, however, Santorum with sufficient support to be granted delegates.

Then again, internal polling may show otherwise, as, again, Romney's PAC, Restore our Future, is running negative ads against Santorum in the Bay State.

CNN GOP AZ Debate 2 23 12 – Winner Gingrich, Romney Lies Through Teeth but Strong on Delivery, Santorum Strong on Defense, Paul – just Ron Paul

The Candidates; Paul, Santorum, Romney, Gingrich seated for CNN debate - image Gaurdian UK

A Matter of Trust

The 2012 GOP Candidates gathered in Arizona for the last debate prior to the Primaries to be held in Arizona, Michigan on the 28th and the Super Tuesday State Primaries on March 6th. The four remaining GOP candidates went from the usual introduction, to an attack by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney on the one Candidate running strongest in the polls, Senator Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich, stayed out of the battle of what amounted to “he said, she said” – between Ron Paul (the pot who calls the kettle black when it comes to earmarks, then babbles his way to - “protect the constitution, or some such snippet of a slogan” to get his point across – which apparently is: I’m going to attack whoever is the front runner, regardless of whether or not, I’ve done the same thing, and then end it with something my supporters understand.

Former Governor Mitt Romney did the same, however, his delivery was stellar, and he managed to continue to pound home on Santorum to the point where he sounded believable – to anyone who hasn’t exactly “fact checked” Mitt Romney. The opening remarks he made regarding the Catholic Church, which is a hot button issue, was a major stretch – considering it was his usual excuse to those who reside in Massachusetts and looked towards a positive outcome: (Paraphrasing) “There is nothing I can do – the deck is stacked against me, too many Democrats!” – The most egregious assertion was his "work" with the Catholic Church and their ability to operate as an adopt service in Massachusetts – from Cactholic

Boston Catholic Charities has decided to pull out of adoption services, rather than comply with Massachusetts law that requires adoption agencies not to discriminate against homosexual couples.
The surprise move by Boston Church officials, announced on March 10, avoids a political showdown in Massachusetts. The state's bishops had said last week that they would seek an exemption from the law that mandates equal treatment for same-sex couples.
The Boston office of Catholic Charities has been caught up in a controversy since last November, when it came to light that the agency had placed several children in homosexual households. Church teachings say that adoption by same-sex couples is a form of violence against children.
In December, Boston's Archbishop Sean O'Malley reportedly received a direct instruction from the Vatican saying that a Catholic agency cannot be involved in adoptions by gay couples. (The San Francisco archdiocese has recently acknowledged a similar message from Rome, responding to same-sex adoptions arranged by the office of Catholic Charities there.)
On February 28, the four diocesan bishops of Massachusetts joined in a public statements indicating that they would seek an exemption from the government's non-discrimination policy. Today's announcement indicates that the bishops have abandoned their effort.
"We have encountered a dilemma we cannot resolve," said Father J. Bryan Hehir and Jeffrey Kaneb, the president and chairman, respectively, of Boston Catholic Charities. Their joint statement concluded that they could not find a way to "reconcile the teaching of the Church which guides our work and the statutes and regulations of the commonwealth."
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had said that he did not have the authority to grant an exemption for Catholic Charities from the state's anti-discrimination laws, but he indicated that he would be sympathetic to legislation advancing that goal. However, leaders of the state legislature warned that a Church bid for an exemption would be unsuccessful, leaving the bishops no other option but a court battle.

The same story can be found on the Boston Globe’s website, for those who might think that Catholics are a bit too worried about good and evil getting in the way of a few facts.

Romney Lobbied hard for the Salt Lake City Olympics, and yet, continues to pound on Rick Santorum on doing the same (as does Ron Paul). He also taxed and fee’ed his way to a mandated balanced budget, in Massachusetts, everything that Santorum attacked or counterattacked to the left and right of him was the truth – it was the delivery. He appeared tired., and he became technical – at one point, which is surprising, Santorum was describing the workings of the Congress, something which Mitt Romney declared, he could not understand – it was a minor point, to be certain, however, Romney if elected, should understand how the legislature works – it was understandable the delivery dry, and a high school student (hopefully form one of the “best schools in Massachusetts” (There are a handful of the state’s schools that do have graduation rates over 60%), could understand. Mitt Romney apparently needs a civics lesson. His new debating coach however, is doing a fine job.

In the final questions, Romney refused to answer a question on what the one misconception the public might have about him – instead going into a “Why you should elect me President” stump speech – coming off as a bit arrogant. In total he was the second to least “frazzled” appearing candidate on the stage, the most composed goes to:

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, answered very few questions, with short, pointed statements that were well structured and well spoken – he was consistent throughout the debate – and, appeared to be a different man, the Newt Gingrich of the pre-South Carolina Debates, who did not show up for the Florida debate – he was back last night. Best line of the night: In referring to Mitt Romney’s assertions against Santorum and Romney’s work with the Catholic Church – Newt Gingrich held that “incredible” look on his face, until he leaned to Romney and said “Nice Try” – then went onto support both his and Santorum’s assertions against Romney by noting – the truth. It was easily brushed aside by one Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum, of course, being charged as one of “those Catholics” that actually practice their religion, had a few good points in the debate, but appeared flustered at points, most likely due to the Ron Paul on his right and Romney on his left, and their continual assault on his record, while apparently, ignoring their own, or outright lying. He was the most passionate in his delivery in defense of Iran, and his grasp of the situation in the area (going a back at least a decade) is of import. Although one can give credit for Mitt Romney’s ability to get the foreign policy talking points down, and Newt Gingrich, (goes without saying), knows whereof he speaks on foreign policy) – it boils down after watching what amount to a three ring circus (Paul, Romney and Santorum) – of one question.
Who do you trust not to act rashly, but to come to be sensible on the points relating to Iran, and oil production and delivery and the options on the table leading to stabilizing the Iranian Theocracy? Who do you trust to be as honest as a boy scout, best Obama in the polls (in September) and to deliver a plan on economics that has not wavered and would best serve both those in Manufacturing jobs, of which there are very few (especially in Massachusetts)?

It is the fact that Santorum, who is now saddled with the “crazy Catholic” moniker over a speech given at a Catholic College (private church institution) in 2006, where he used the word “Satan” - something those on the left feel would not resonate with Catholics, and the views he personally holds that are within the confines of Catholic doctrine, which one would expect a Catholic to hold. However, he is the Boy Scout, next to another Catholic, Newt Gingrich. Santorum may have lost the debate on form, but on substance, he held on. He appeared somewhat tired, not unlike Romney’s worst debate performances (the man who owns that title over the plethora of debates held to date), and Gingrich’s performance on two occasions, one which was critical – that of Florida.

It will be perception and the battle lines of delivery on the ground in each of the states, and the reality that if there were to be a comeback for Gingrich, it has to happen not on Super Tuesday, but in Arizona and Michigan. Therefore, it is up to the Santorum Team, to ensure that their candidate is well-rested, at every stump speech made between now and the Super Tuesday and to come out swinging, staying on point, as everything he said for the last five decades (he would have been two) will be brought to bear on the media.

However, it is that nagging question of which one of those candidates, appears most trustworthy to lead the nation, to protect the nation, to deliver on their promises, and who has a record of delivery on promises made in the past – whether or not one might agree with supporting state programs (through earmarks), or if one is in the anti-Catholic Camp, the Right media followed by the left media, and those American’s who were concerned about JFK’s Catholicism. As it happened in 2008, when the extremely qualified, 2-1/2 term Govenor of the State of Arkansas ran against Mitt Romney and John McCain (two moderates who were sure to lose, either the primary or the general election as is historically the case when moderate Republicans run for the office of the Presidency), each article, each newscast, would begin with “The Baptist Minister, and somewhere near the end of the article or newscast, or perhaps not at all, the point as made as an afterthought, the successful two and one half term Governor of Arkansas, a state one might point out that has a fairly strong Democrat to Republican ratio.

It was that Huckabee was rising against Mitt Romney, as is Santorum now, so if one cannot beat someone on their record, or resonate with the people, the press (from the left and the right), goes after that individuals faith, making it appear that it would be central to their governing the nation, with evidence in droves to the contrary, in the form of state governors records, and/or legislation signed by a Governor, and or votes taken, legislation written by a Senator.

Romney looked good – this time, has grown stronger in the debate arena, but only time will tell if those in Arizona and Michigan will trust Romney enough to throw their full support behind the “businessman” and one-term Governor of the State of Massachusetts In the upcoming primaries.

There is no answer to that question, however, one can assess how the standard media is handling the last debate – in Massachusetts the report by CBS locals used snippets of the debate video that caught each of the candidates in the worst one-frame, part-answer to a question that made them all look – pretty bad – that newscast went on to speak about Obama’s Campaign the fact that the Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, would be co-chairing the Obama Campaign. As sure sign, if any, that Massachusetts is being considered a state that needs a figurehead – how odd one might think – almost as odd as the constant adds run by Romney’s back currently hitting the airwaves In MA – ads are attacking: Rick Santorum.

In the interest and practice of full disclosure, this bloggers supports Rick Santorum as the 2012 GOP Nominee. The reasoning is not based on Social Issues, although his remarks following the Obama Administration assault on the Catholic Church resonated (given that this non-practicing Catholic is still a Catholic), further, the assertion by the media, Drudge Report to New York Times that Santorum is some sort of “religious nut” when he is merely practicing and speaking about Church Doctrine, strikes a cord of support rather than the intended result. It is his stance on economics, specifically his plans for manufacturing that are vital to this nation, his grasp, and strong grasp of foreign policy issues, which are always the key to this bloggers choices: foreign policy and economies. The social issues are secondary, if considered at all. In making this choice of a Santorum candidacy, it was not done lightly, as readers understand that this bog has favored several different candidates over the course of the campaign. However, in the debate arena, in the stump speeches, and in the laity to tell the truth even if it hurts, (goes to trust) of all the candidates, Santorum is the only one that satisfies both criteria. Is he able to beat Obama, polls have indicated that yes, indeed he is – so although technical points were awarded to both Gingrich and Romney due to their delivery, it was the passion and knowledge portrayed by Santorum, once again, that keeps this Massachusetts Moderate a supporter. Massachusetts Moderate – then why not Romney? It is the issue with truth, and when one can stand on the stage and in front of a nation deliver barbs against opponents, with a PAC that runs advertising that is patently false, then that individual’s quest to win at any cost, including abandoning truth and running on record, turns this voter flat. In the 2008 elections, when faced with a choice between McCain or the not yet decided Democrat Candidates, Barack Obama (and yes, Newt had that born alive issue down pat – it was for this reasons (Obama’s support for the doctors, not the living child who managed to escape the physicians ice pick) that Obama received the highest rank of any candidate by NARAL (A pro-abortion group) or Hillary Clinton, this blogger (feel free to check the archives), supported Clinton. Not due to the fact that she was a “woman” (goes to the feminist moniker), although that was a plus, but more on her voting record in the U.S. Senate on issues of defense (she has more, to be blunt, cajones than either McCain or Obama on record, this Massachusetts Moderate would have preferred a Clinton Presidency to a McCain or Obama Presidency – but was left with no choice but to vote against Obama, not for McCain. Sue me, I also voted for Carter, people change their minds, in a matter of a period of years sometimes, just not on a daily basis (if one needs to think about whom I’m referring, then one needs to read more about Massachusetts favorite sons John Kerry and Mitt Romney (ok Kerry has higher favorable).

Therefore, this blogger goes on records, and the ability to face the American public straight on without reservation, and with truthful assertions and explanations that Mitt Romney may not understand about how Congress works.

It is however, a fact in this mind, given the records of three of the individuals vis a vis Obama, (and a dose of reality, no matter how many delegates Ron Paul has, in truth, the polls and the results thus far, are not encouraging as far as any known path to the nomination) is that they are all, to a man, even one who can stand there and stretch he truth like a slinky, are all a better choice to run the nation. Therefore, the preference is: Santorum, Gingrich, Romney (goes to trust, but in the end, Romney may be more trustworthy than Obama, so one would have to vote for him regardless.)

As to a brokered convention: poppycock: The candidates for all their flaws and foibles, are still our candidates, and let the chips fall where they may – again, with exceptions, they are all preferable.

The video in 9 parts courtesy of 2012 Debates You Tube Channel
Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Part IX

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Matt Drudge Reports Rick Santorum Is a Catholic! Grab Your Pitchforks! Believes in Satan! Religious Persecution for Political Gain from Left & Right

Portrayal of Religious Bigotry towards Catholics - in the name of political ideology - screenshot the Drudge Report

On Tuesday, February 22, 2012 the Drudge Report’s headline screamed “Santorum’s Satan Warning” –and linked to a report that the GOP Presidential candidateactually gave a lecture at a Catholic College, about the forces of good and evil, about Satan and the war on the world, and how it specifically relates to the United States. Matt Drudge even supplied the audio. At first glance the black and white photo that is used to highlight the “article” (see screenshot below) appears to designate someone who is “out of touch”, someone who cannot possibly be serious, someone who just might be one of those religious nuts who actually believes in God, Satan and – worse – practices their Catholicism. It is big news that someone who is a practicing Catholic should have the unmitigated gall to attempt to run for the highest office in the land.

It is, to a Catholic, and to most practicing Christians, the most offensive and most ludicrous attempt to attack a candidate in this election year – especially since the Senator’s religious beliefs are no secret – and there are, at present, approximately seventy million Catholics of voting age in the United States. Either Matt Drudge is a fan of Rick Santorum’s and wants to get the word out, or he’s firmly in the GOP – camp – and extremely desperate.

As a Catholic, albeit lapsed, the headline and subsequent ridiculous articles that were generated in news stories from major to minor outlets, got my “Catholic up” – and reminded this blogger that there was another time, when a Catholic had the nerve to run for President, and faced criticism and downright paranoia from the press and from within his own party – that candidate was John F. Kennedy. From the Chicago Tribune, on April 22, 1960, Kennedy defended his faith, as it was suggested he might want to drop to the VP slot, not run for President due to being – of all things – a Catholic. (See image below). This bigotry and bias towards Catholics, and Christians or religious of all faiths is nothing new – it’s been going on for centuries – however, this is the one nation that allows, under our Bill of Rights, the freedom to express our religion, and one can bet, that Senator Santorum has the ability to not only practice Catholicism, but to also govern.

The Kennedy Article - Fighting Catholic Bigotry

It is a direct attempt to put the Senator in a religious category – the night prior to the only debate before Super Tuesday, so the buzz is all about those Crazy Catholics, and not about his solid economic programs, his strong foreign and domestic policy backgrounds – and especially, here’s the kicker his ability to identify with people that runs the social spectrum but most especially the working class – formerly though to belong solely to the Democrat Party. Thank you Matt Drudge, for adding yet another reason to really like Santorum – he believes in the same things that over one third of the voting bloc of the U.S. (Catholics) and another (estimating here) one third of the nation that believes in Satan and God and good and evil, the evangelicals – one cannot be a Catholic or an Evangelical, or of any other religion and not understand the war that is raging between good and evil. It is his right, as a Catholic and as a citizen of the United States to both practice his religion and run for office. The only ones who might find a person’s faith, specifically the Catholic faith, are those who are deeply bigoted, and or so highly intellectual that there is no justification for faith – some of those “intellectuals” who went on to rule counties or were heads of state, such as Adolph Hitler, Stalin, the North Korean modern day Communist dynasty – murdered millions of people, all in the name of anti-religion.

One might even begin to think that Matt Drudge is in the tank for Mitt Romney – a preference of the national GOP, a man who is so popular with the rank and file (this is sarcasm) that Romney’s PAC, Restoring our Future, is running ads against Santorum in Massachusetts. Is Massachusetts also going to go the way of Colorado and Minnesota, and possibly Michigan and Arizona? One would think Romney would not need to have his PAC run ads in Massachusetts, but they are running, back to back, on FOX cable network, and those ads are about as accurate as Matt Drudges’ headlines. Romney is in trouble it the Bay State, if one were a political analyst one might supposed that there are internal polls being taken in each and every state holding primaries and caucuses in March, and the most wins are the states in which Romney lived, and the state from which he supposed cut taxes (while raising fees to the tune of seven hundred million and driving businesses out of the state). Social issues aside, he changed his mind every 10 seconds, but as one might be aware, most residents of the Bay State are more concerned with their pocket-book than social issues. This would be a clue for the rest of the nation and specifically those intending to vote as a Republican. A Santorum win or even strong second, it is more probable with a little help from Matt Drudge, given the voting bloc in the Bay State is primarily Catholic.

Moreover, let us not forget the evangelicals and other religious who might find offense at an assault on yet another candidate by the Drudge Report – go back to 2008 and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who was consistently painted as a “right wing zealot”, a Baptist Minister, oh my! – He was running against, of all people, Mitt Romney. However, the reformatted and often misleading “Drudge headline” (linking to articles that aren’t quite what the headline indicates), were not as outright egregious and seemingly desperate as they are as the establishment GOP tries to take down the son of working men and Italian immigrants, a Catholic to boot!

Does Santorum have to answer for giving a lecture on religion at a Catholic College, or does he have to explain why he believes in Satan and Jesus Christ? Apparently the press and Matt Drudge think so – to the rest of the nation, specifically those Catholics and evangelicals – it is an identifier – a strong identifier that requires no explanation because it is what is taught in catechism, it has been a predominant theme of the Christian faith – when Christ was tempted, for forty days and forty nights, every one that is a Christian understands just who was tempting him – Satan! Sorry Matt Drudge, you’ll need to find some flaw in Santorum’s voting record (unlike the Romney PAC AD’s account – it is available at and it is, to this moderate, conservative, Catholic, almost perfect. (One cannot agree 100% of the time with a candidate, and let’s face it, individuals are allowed to change their minds – just look at – oh Mitt Romney or John Kerry – two that come to mind).

One might also want to take a look at Rick Santorum’s issues page, and find that underneath that Catholic exterior lays a brilliant, thoughtful man who is deeply committed to the nation and actually has some solid plans:

Of note: during the last month this household has received two separate Catholic publications, one the “Catholic Family News”, ran two articles that are extremely interesting: one “Obama Codifieds Indefinite Detentions for US Citizens” (from the front page and continued throughout the paper), and the other “The Obama Administration and the War Against Religion”. It was address to current resident – and one could have knocked this blogger over with a feather. The Catholic Church is normally seen as strong Democrat, and for the Church to go in depth, well, then that’s another story – the articles go onto suggest that Catholics vote against those who would treat the Church (and other religious institutions) in such a manner. (Repeat after the Drudge Report, Santorum is a real Catholic). Yesterday, another Catholic Magazine appeared in the mail – this was the local Massachusetts Diocesan publication – again, the Attack on the Catholic Religion was primary, complete with the notion that the “Administration” was responsible for attacking all religions, by virtue of their health care mandate contrary to Church teachings – again referring to the Constitution and giving instructions to Catholic on who to address the station.

It’s about time that religious institutions and those how are of faith in this country stand up and fight for their right to practice their faith and to work in whatever field they are most qualified. To this blogger, it does not matter if one is Catholic, or if one is Evangelical, or pick a brand of Christianity, a Jew, or Buddhist, or Muslim, or yes, even a Mormon (that was for Matt Drudge). It matters not how an individual practices faith, but what does matter to this voter is that the individual does have faith, and understands that there is good (God) and evil (Satan) in the world – and of course, is smarter than the average reporter, and has the desire to take on a job which will be nothing but a nightmare.

Therefore, leave Rick Santorum’s faith alone, leave my faith alone, and leave the faith of 70,000,000 Catholics, practicing or not, in this nation, alone. (Include in that, every one who wishes to practice a faith of their choosing) To those who will immediately scream about the atrocious behavior of some Catholics, let us not forget that the church, any church, of any faith, is run by men (and women) and that there is indeed, Evil in the world, but that does not take one grain of sand away from the principles of the faith, and only enhances those practicing Christians (Catholic means “Universal”) – making someone who is of faith, more responsible and compassionate, and qualified for the position of President of these United States.

John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism did not, as it was suggested, put him in the number two slot on the ticket, rather, he stood up for his faith and stood his ground, as a Catholic. Rick Santorum makes no apologies for being a Catholic, and is prepared to defend everything he has spoken (CNN) . How refreshing, yet, the “Right” (or Establishment GOP) has attempted to knock Santorum off his game, politicizing his Catholicism, just as the Establishment DNC did to Kennedy in 1960. There are men of principle, and men of opportunity, (and women for that matter) – Rick Santorum is a man of principle, who has solid experience and an fantastic plan to bring manufacturing back to the United States. Who better to lead the free world?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 GOP Update – Santorum Praise and Derision from the Press – Love & Fear for Obama - Santorum’s Key to Winning the Nomination and the Election –

Santorum on the Stump - image from Time Magazine


Rick Santorum is leading the GOP pack of Presidential hopefuls in the national polls (Gallup by 10 points), in Michigan Santorum leads Romney by 5 points, in Ohio he’s leading by 7 (CNN), and in Texas he “dominates” the field with 45% to Gingrich’s 17, Romney’s 16 and Ron Paul’s 14% University of Texas. The Santorum surge has brought about great scrutiny from the press, which, while praising him on one hand, is deriding him on the other – specifically about social issues.

In Michigan and elsewhere, he is being barraged by negative campaign ads from Mitt Romney surrogates, the former Governor from Massachusetts is looking for a pickup on Super Tuesday, on last night’s edition of Fox News “On the Record” a Romney campaign spokesman began to downplay the importance of Magician, a similar tactic used after Romney lost both Colorado and Minnesota (two states where polling was similar to where it is now in both Arizona (Romney and Santorum are tied), and Michigan).

The problem for the Romney Campaign is that Super Tuesday does not allow the former Massachusetts Governor many options with a few exceptions, and that data is based on his performance in 2008, for the most part. Alaska is allegedly Romney’s, however, Georgia home state to Newt Gingrich, finds Santorum leading, the same in Idaho, in Massachusetts, the Santorum Grassroots Team is blanketing the state in advance of Super Tuesday and shows a strong organization on the ground, although one Suffolk University poll on Statewide elections,shows the former Governor leading Santorum by double digits in the GOP segment of the poll with Santorum at 15% (2nd in the state), however in the Presidential match-up section, Romney leads Santorum by 39% to 32% against Obama, among likely voters (which includes Republicans’ Independents and Democrats., North Dakota, no data - on Ohio, Santorum leads, on Oklahoma, Santorum leads in double digits, in Tennessee, Santorum leads, again by a significant margin, in Vermont, there is no data, and finally in Virginia, Romney is alone on the ballot with Ron Paul, no data.

Therefore, Super Tuesday may make or break the Romney Campaign, specifically if these numbers hold, or increase, and even giving him Virgina, Massachusetts, Alaska and North Dakota (We’ll throw in Vermont), it is unclear how Romney can possibly be considered the front runner, and it will also give him an opportunity to reassess the campaign.

Here in lays the crux of the matter, the Press:
In the Leader Post News, Santorum is referred to as “The Working Man’s Warrior” acknowledging his strength with the blue color base of the Democrat Party, and his strength in his position on job creation and economics, however, the paper goes on to speak about the big ballyhoo of taken out of context remarks, made by Santorum regarding Obama and the “theology of environmentalism” over the needs of the working class. It was obvious that Santorum was speaking metaphorically regarding the preference of the President to side with environmental groups against the manufacturers, to those who follow current events, it is no secret, but apparently, to the news, it comes as quite a shock, that the President might actually be called out for nixing an energy pipeline from Canada throw the US, in favor of an environmental group – especially in light of the fact that the cost per gallon of gas in the U.S. is projected to hit well over $5.00 per gallon this summer. If that is a tactical choice by the President, it is perhaps one of the worst political moves of the century thus far. For the media to make the reach from Santorum speaking about a political “theology” and the video clearly shows that was the intent, the fact that he has, over the past several years, acknowledge the Presidents Christianity, has apparently, fell on deaf ears! The press, living up to its reputation as somewhat partial to the President, is further endangering its subscriber base.

Take for example Time Magazines focus on Santorum and the fact that he does not shy away from Social Issues (the title) – again taking statements out of context, which comes as no surprise given the Magazine’s proclivity to feature the President on almost every other Cover.

The fact that the left, and the President’s surrogates are now actively speaking out against Santorum (almost verbatim on the issues taken out of context above), clearly shows that they are trying to prepare for his nomination as the GOP candidate. Previously, they had focused on Mitt Romney, amassing political research for months in preparation for the “inevitable Romney Candidacy”. Now they are playing “catch-up” and all they have are words that were taken out of context, and Santorum’s personal choice of Religion. The problem facing the Democrats is that, outside of the highly paid national union organizations, the rank and file find Santorum to be appealing, specifically when it comes to his plans for manufacturing – being a Catholic, practicing or not, does not hurt, especially in the states where Romney might expect to do very well. There will be two identifiers for those blue color voters in such states that were once manufacturing powerhouses, and where the jobs no longer exist, or if they do, they are in such small numbers that it is not significant. The Catholic voting bloc is normally Democrat, however, in a season where there is high unemployment, underemployment and high gasoline that Catholic bloc, especially with Obama’s recent affront to the Church, may see a shift towards a Republican candidate, especially if that Candidate is Catholic and makes no apologies for being a Catholic (also refreshing).

What to look for should Santorum win Michigan or Arizona, and then pick up half of the States on Super Tuesday – a change in strategy from the Romney Campaign with what little time they have left, to a less scored earth policy when it comes to their opponents, (otherwise, there will be no Romney Campaign), and an increase in Obama Surrogates and the Press (Obama Surrogates) going after Rick Santorum with everything possible. Given the language and the quick jump to Santorum from the Obama campaign, gives the signal that they would prefer not to run against Santorum – the Social Issues are only a small part of the campaign, and Santorum’s record reflects that he has voted in the interest of women and the elderly, and has the ability to separate his personal religious beliefs from governing. On economics, and foreign policy, as well as domestic policy, he is on target with the American public, crossing party lines.

Of course, there is the final debate performance before all primaries including Super Tuesday this Wednesday night on CNN – that debate may make a difference for any one candidate – as Santorum has grown stronger in the debate arena, and will, most likely be placed next to Romney - it will be an opportunity to either compare and contrast, or fend off attacks by the former Massachusetts Governor.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Massachusetts 4th “Barney Frank’s Seat” Primary – Elizabeth Childs Vs. Sean Bielat for GOP vs. the DNC “Kennedy Brand”

The Massachusetts 4th District, which has become infamous over the past decades as home to Congressman Barney Frank of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae fame, is now in the midst of a primary where both Republican’s and Democrats have an opportunity to pick up an open Congressional Seat in Massachusetts. Barney Frank, who retired earlier this year, would have been faced with a more Conservative District, after the state party was forced to make cut a congressional district with the loss of population associated with the 20101 census. The 4th was gerrymandered in the bluest state as the most conservative district in Massachusetts – a real game changer for Frank.

There are two individuals who are running for the GOP Contest, one Sean Bielat who had previously run against Frank in 2008 and who came the closet anyone had to ousting the man who was the Committee Chair in the Congress who mollified everyone involved by saying there are no problems with Freddie or Fannie – then the housing bubble burst. Bielat, with the dead voting, and the ballots stuffed came within 11 points of Frank, who was projected to win by a margin of 75%. (NYTimes)

Beilat, a former Democrat, and Marine, recently of Norfolk, MA will face Dr. Elizabeth Childs, a lifelong Massachusetts resident, who is a Doctor of Psychiatry, and has served the State of Massachusetts as the President of the Mass. Psychiatric Society and Chair and it’s Legislative Committee. She has lived in Brookline for over 20 years. She is the only one of the four major political party candidates how has served in a political capacity.

To learn more about both GOP candidates: VisitChilds for

or Sean

The Democrats are counting on Branding to keep the State’s Congressional contingent completely blue, they have recruited a Kennedy. Joe Kennedy the grandson of Robert Kennedy, who is a newcomer to the district, and has no legislative experience, (Rather he did serve as the Assistant DA of Middlesex County (not in the 4th District) has tried to bring himself up to speed by touring the 4th. He aslo has the backing of the Unions (AFLCIO) – a given since he is a) a Democrat and b) a Kennedy.

He does face an opponent in the primary, Paul Heroux who has worked in the Middle East. He is billing himself as an “Independent Democrat” and according to the Attelboro Sun Chronicle has received a great deal of attention nationally.

To learn more about the Democrats who want to keep the seat held by Barney Frank in the “blue” column:
Joe Kennedy 2012
Or Paul for Congress 2012

From the perspective of a Conservative Feminist who based her choice of candidates on credentials rather than gender, but is always hopeful, Dr. Child’s appears to be the best choice to take the seat. She is a long time resident of the area, understands the makeup of the 4th district, and has the experience in government (specifically legislative) that would allow her to easily step into the position. In addition, she would be the first Conservative woman to attain a congressional seat by right of a popular vote in Massachusetts. (Nikki Tsongas was appointed to the seat held by her late husband).

The primary for the state of Massachusetts is March 6th, Super Tuesday. With Redistricting one should check with their city or town’s clerk or Registrar of voters, to be sure that their polling place has not been moved – or simply vote by absentee ballot.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flashback 1980 – GOP Calls for Brokered Convention – Reagan Too Conservative! Santorum receives Reagan Treatment from Establishment GOP

40 Years Later, National GOP uses Same Tactics on Candidates Considered Too Conservative to Win Nomination - Ronald Reagen - Rick Santorum - image

From ABC News: ”A Top GOP Senator Says If Romney Loses Michigan We Need a New Candidate” – a headline that came out on the 17th of February The Senator declined to give his name, but insisted that Romney (the establishment GOP choice of Candidate from the beginning – he is a moderate to the left of moderate – would be best positioned to wrest the Presidency from Barack Obama. That, of course, depends on how blind a Romney supporter one is, and if one understands that the Daily Match-ups by Rasmussen Polling are fluid at best and meaningful only in terms of entertainment at this stage of the game.

The latest “buzz” comes from a Reuters article ” Romney’s struggles fuel talk of brokered convention” where the standard line is that should Romney lose Michigan, then Santorum is too conservative to best Obama in a general.

“Many senior Republicans do not think Santorum, a social conservative caught up in the U.S. culture wars over issues like abortion and contraception has a chance to beat Obama if he wins the party's presidential nomination.”

However, prior to this recent spate of “brokered convention chatter”, there has been a feeling of foreboding coming out of the establishment due to the lack of enthusiasm over their Choice (Romney) and the willingness of the voters to look at candidates who are, darn it, more conservative than they would like.

The names bandied about as replacements? Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, and Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida and brother to George W. Bush, son to Herbert W. Bush – otherwise known as the “Bush Dynasty”.

The unmitigated gall of those who are so ridiculously childish as to think they have the ability to usurp the voters inside the Republican Party reminds one of the Democrats! (See the 2008 convention – where Super Delegates elected Barack Obama)

Establishment Republican’s may think that they are Democrats, and they have in the past. The perfect example is Ronald Reagan. Yes, the one man that the entire Republican Party holds in such high esteem, and where one candidate attempts to out-Reagan the next, was in the same position as Rick Santorum!

No kidding: From the archives of the Christian Science Monitor Is Defeat Probable for GOP if Reagan wins Nomination?” The premise was the Reagan was too Conservative to win the nomination over Jimmy Carter (are we seeing similarities here between all candidates – yet) – and so the Establishment GOP wanted to go to a brokered convention and put up Gerald Ford!” (Complete article below).

Therefore to all the pundits, and the mystery senators, and the establishment GOP who have their panties in a bunch (including – shock – Sarah Palin), perhaps they need to take a short trip down memory lane (otherwise known as history) to 1980 and do some math. As far as polling by state for Obama versus Carter (Gallup) they are about equal at this point, with Obama carrying over a 50% approval in 10, count them 10 states, Carter was invested in appeasement, the Iranian situation was increasingly volatile. One must give Obama his due in killing Osama Bin Laden, however the situation with Iran among in the Middle East, is eerily familiar to those who lived through the Carter Administration and well, it is more dangerous. In addition, the gas crunch under Carter is about to hit Obama – at the same time frame – the summer – as gas prices are expected to hit $5.00 per gallon. (Due to tensions in what part of the world?)

One might suggest that Santorum is a Catholic, (already a negative, the Democrats had a problem with John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism), and that his personal lifestyle choices are somehow too conservative (he is a practicing Catholic – Lion’s Tiger, Bears, oh my!), and that somehow, every President since Washington has allowed their personal religious preference to affect how they ran the nation. Wait that didn’t happen! Therefore there is little more than the following fact. Since Santorum had a fairly decent record in the Senate (, the Congressional Record – do the search), as a conservative who also was supportive of contraception in his voting record, as well as labor (which riles some on the too far right), He lost only one election, to a Blue Dog Democrat whose father was a favorite Politician of the State of Pennsylvania, in a year when being a Republican meant that you were about to get placed back in the Private sector. Why? Bush was about as popular as Pee Wee Herman – and the establishment GOP wants to go to a brokered convention and put up Jeb Bush? If these people we’re not so serious, this would be taken for satire.
Unfortunately, what they don’t realize, is that Reagan was being called out for being too Conservative and unable to best Carter in March of 1980 – he then went on being a screaming scary Conservative to win Massachusetts (along with the rest of the states – twice).

Therefore, one suggestion would be to cut funds immediate to the RNC and let them know why – paws off the election – let the chips fall where they may, be it Santorum or be it Romney – but let the voters decide.

Then, should Santorum win, and be not Reagan, but (here’s the heretical statement) better than Reagan, (as he has the potential in both his values as well as his record (emphasis on record), he would become the litmus test for future generations of Republican GOP Candidates. Those very same mystery Senators and Sarah Palin would be calling again, for someone like Rick Santorum, and a brokered convention should that person not arrive in March! Let the chips fall where they may, one might be pleasantly surprised, and then take the credit for knowing all along that Santorum was the right choice.

History repeats

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