Friday, October 17, 2014

Democrats Represent the Rich? – What gives? – Class warfare reversed – who Cares

As if the Border, ISIL (or whatever the name is this week), The IRS, the inconsistent and scary CDC (and Ebola), etc, etc., were not enough to drag a party down, the AP just handed the Democrats another blow:

They, not Republican’s represent the rich –literally. According to the article, out of the ten (10) wealthiest congressional districts in the nation, 8 of them are represented by Democrats (list here at One might suggest that if one were paying attention one would notice that all politicians’ look fairly well off – but some more elite than others. The Kerry’s, for example, with the faux French demeanor – like a bad Gilligan’s island outtake, Nancy Pelosi with her zillions in wine industries, and the list goes on. Basically, it is just as this nation is supposed to be – some people are rich, some people are trying to get rich and the rest of us fall between the two – bettering oneself is the entire point of the nation. Therefore to despise someone who has “made it”, is someone like kicking oneself in the butt – that is if one has any ambition whatsoever. Or, if it is a politician, say a college professor turned Senator who’s part time salary teaching exceeded 400,000 annually, screaming billionaires from the rooftops, it appears somewhat….pandering.

Pandering to those who wish they were billionaires but due to the fact that they’ve never worked in a mailroom, the odds are, at this point, slim.

The excuse –living amongst the rich and elite empowers one to help the “little people” - seriously, that’s condescending. So what to make of all this us versus them (and that goes for the racists as well). Ignore what the idiots on the hill are selling, and then subsequently vote the most egregious out of their public servants position.

Truly, who really cares if someone is rich, or poor, the only difference is that one has reached a goal, and one has not begun, begun and failed, it is fortune’s that rise and fall, and no politician will be able to remedy the ill. There are charities for the destitute. Enough said.

Perhaps if less credence was given to those ambulance chasing politicians trying to catcall and cause fear amongst the semi-literate (case in point – war on women), then perhaps they’d get the message. The message should be: focus on taking care of your job, protecting the nation, and the taxpayers who have hired you.

Interesting piece on Elizabeth Warren in the Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren Slams Obama, Applauds Party, Still Doesn’t Get It” - worth the read, as it’s rather cutting.

If more citizens watched C-SPAN, especially our Congress in action – (Senate is included), one would get the gist that they are but common folk, and none-too-bright. There are some glaring exceptions, however, for the most part; one is left with a sense, that these yahoos better have Velcro fasteners on their respective shoes, as tying the lace may be beyond their pay grade.

They (Congress, the Administration, their Minions) should be working towards protecting what we have all worked so hard to achieve.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Something New, Nothing Borrowed, Nothing Blue – Massachusetts Reacting 2014

For all the ills that are affecting our great nation, mainly due to incompetence of leadership in the administration, which is effectively perceived as the Political Party it represents, the final straw has broken. Take Massachusetts, the “bluest” state for example; there is a possibility and a better than average possibility that both the Governor’s Seat as well as two Congressional seats will see changes in a few weeks.

The first is the battle between Charlie Baker and Martha Coakely – Martha being a flawed candidate3 from the getgo has made the national stage again in Poltiico’s hit piece “Martha Chokeley”. Basically the article outlines the problems Martha has faced in the past and faces still, unless the dead vote, and there are mysterious voting boxes in certain districts that are friendly to non-english speaking voters, Martha will go down in proverbial flames. The Unenrolled (which describes this bloggers political affiliation as none) have had it.

This lack of enthusiasm and distrust of all things old (or holding office) is evidenced by a new poll (PDF Here) released by Emerson College/WGBH, not exactly conservative pollsters, regarding the 6th Congressional District. It is not so much that the Republican, Richard Tisei is that far ahead of the Democrat running, it is a draw given the margin of error. The stunning reveal in this poll is Obama’s approval rating: a 62.6% unfavorable opinion of the President exists in the 6thth Congressional district. Blow me over with a feather.

This is Massachusetts.

Over on the Cape, the incumbent Democrat, Keating is a tad on the squeezed side, according to the Boston Globe, John Chapman is handing him his hat – yes another Republican Pickup.

If one understands that the Cape is more conservative than say Lowell and the 6th district, one can well imagine that without some serious cheating going on, the Democrats will lose heavily in Massachusetts.

This is Massachusetts – where there is a point that the people rise up and say, enough – the news out of everywhere is so horrifying that event he level headed are starting to think that the end is near, especially those who are currently holding offices and have a (D) somewhere in their history.

If this is taking shape in Massachusetts, then imagine what is happening elsewhere?

Where less progressive heads prevail.

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