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Palin Obsessed – U.S. Media Pays for Released 2008 Palin Emails by the Pound -Asks Readers for Help in “Analyzing” – One Step Further into the Abyss

There is much that has been written about the incredible decline of American Journalism and its ability to engage the public – at first, it was print that experienced the shock of readers abandoning the tried and true news outlets – the Internet was blamed – of course – and possibly talk radio - what else could it be? Now, a major network news anchors has a: 30 second spot in which he pleads viewers in primetime to “TiVo” the evening news – seriously. Perhaps those viewers are watching the web instead?

The fact of the matter, no matter who one blames: the Internet, the radio talk show hosts, some “vast right wing conspiracy” – the traditional news outlets (otherwise known as the “Lamestream media” in Palin-speak), cannot comprehend that at a conservative estimate fifty percent of their readership/viewership has abandoned them due to their march to the political left – it is patently obvious – so much so that those who would have never missed a broadcast or a chance to read at least the front page of a major tome – now walk away – in disgust. If there were one broadcast, or newspaper that would deliver “straight” news, with “editorial content” on the “editorial page” where it belonged, that entity would rise to the #1 slot in the nation. Fox News, who’s claim to being “fair and balanced” is approximately accurate (as they actually designate particular programming as “opinion” and have a newscast that is “straight reporting”), has recently taken the top slot in “trusted news sources” in poll conducted by Suffolk University. That top slot, mind you, leaves a lot to be desired, as the largest percentage of the participants trusted no U.S. news outlets.

Herein lays the problem. Today, journalists from across the nation will finally get their hands on emails sent by and to Sarah Palin, while she was Governor of Alaska. The press will then publish these emails, a la Wikipedia (not a credible source of information, unless using for a high school or college paper, as it is easily editable and prone to errors). These emails, might contain something that Palin might have said or done, while she was in the Governor’s office – these are official emails, and the public does has the right to know, but which public?

Here’s the deal: Palin, who has yet to announce a run for the Presidency in 2012, is, at present, a political figure, based solely on the fact that she was chosen as a 2008 GOP V.P. running mate, she did not “seek” the nomination, one is asked, and she accepted. Secondly, she has a massive political PAC and supports candidates that are conservative – if she does run, she will be “formidable” against Barack Obama – regardless of what the Post, or NBC or MSNBC might have to say – again see WikiLeaks: What use to the American Public at large are these emails (which are the equivalent of later day letters written by a Governor)? Little to none – The release of archived emails (letters) would be of historical value to only one state in the nation – Alaska – in the real world.

The problem with Sarah Palin is that she might just run for President – and let’s face it, she also makes headlines, her ability to draw crowds that are the envy of the current occupant of the White House, the fact that she might run, is enough to put the wheels in motion – there must be something, anything that the Washington Post, the New York Times, or Brian Williams has missed! She just may have written something in one of those emails that is heinous and therefore may be used as a weapon to either demean or subpoena.

That said, it’s a lot of emails and the Post is obviously understaffed, so they are asking readers, or those that even stop by their website to help analyze the Palin emails that they flew to Alaska to retrieve and are putting on line at 9 am today. No kidding: The Washington Post Blog even tells the reader what to expect:

There is no special criteria, no specific knowledge of even English that is required to become an analyst for the Post – it is the product of desperation.
After the Post is finished with the analysis of the Palin Emails (from the Governor’s State Accounts), they also would like to get their hands on her personal emails, arguing that the personal account may have been used for official Alaskan business – that suit is still pending.

Here’s what to expect from the Palin emails: Daily routine clerical blah, blah, blah that goes on in any corporation in the world (which is how the Alaskan State Government is designed, unlike the lower 48), the Governor’s opinion on how to handle this or that, a birthday wish to a staff member, a letter of condolence, a note home to say “I’m running late, again!”, forwarded joke emails, forwarded chain emails about: missing children, prayers to whomever that if broken will mean personal destruction: the types of emails received by and deleted in every office in the nation. In other words, most of this will be what those who work, or don’t, have in their in and out boxes, except for the running of the State of Alaska stuff, of which, most of those analyzing and one can bet the house that includes the “so called journalist” will be able to comprehend.

What they will find, quite possibly are typos, grammatical errors, and a host of English Major complaints that will become major news if no “smoking gun” magically appears. Even spell check misses now and again, so, anticipate that at the very least to be a lead story for one of these outlets.

One might think that this is partisan in nature, however, this blogger has no interest in the emails being written and sent from the Oval office, the Governor of Wyoming, or the Mayor of “pick a place”, regardless of party – it is what it is, historical records, that belong to the State, or City or the national archives at some point. It is the fact that the press is so obsessed with Palin, has blinded them to the obvious: if they need help now from those who read their paper or even visit their website, how much more help will they need as their continued antics cause viewership, subscribers, even casual glancers' to turn away? How many more layoffs will it take, how many more “ceased printing and gone to the web” will it take, what happens when no one is listening to a prominent news anchor begging for TiVo viewers? What happens when they politicize their business, much of which is publicly traded, into extinction?

They need to get a grip and stop the insanity before the pride of the nation, and that is what it is, the pride of the nation, the great newspapers and broadcast outlets that would always be there, dependable and trustworthy, comforting - are gone. Today’s release of Palin’s email’s is only the tip of the iceberg, the ship has sailed, but it can be recalled to port – if only somehow, someone, somewhere can shake some sense into the editorial boards, publishers, news editors and make some serious changes and quickly. Report the news, and leave ones opinions at the door, as a journalist or news anchor, if one feels the need to editorialize the news, then send a letter to the editor, where it would appear along with the thousands of others from colleagues, where it belongs. To those anchors who raise one eyebrow every time the word “Republican” comes forth, knock it off, and write the local paper, or suggest an “Andy Rooney” segment be added in the broadcast, be it local or national. Advertise the fact that this is happening, stick to it, and watch the readers return, the viewers watch, or even “TiVo” the news – save a few jobs including ones own. For media, it is not the “economy” it is the “stupidity” of failing to recognize that not everyone buys into the “elite” BS one was taught in one’s Senior Seminar at whatever college on happened to grace with ones presence. The average Jane and Joe no longer care that the journalist or anchor thinks they know better than the average person by virtue of their enlarged brain, crammed full of progressive knowledge – what they do care about is the fact that this, almost mass hysteria syndrome has overtaken an entire industry – and when one is displaying signs of instability – one loses credibility (again refer to Suffolk University Polling). It may be too late, it may not – save a job, report the straight scoop or perish. To those Editors, Publishers and Stockholders – imagine having credibility once again, along with an increase in sales.

Final note: Should Palin’s emails be of Internet to the press in the lower 48, possibly, she may announce, she may not, and she does guarantee viewers/readers, however, the sensible way in which to go about the procurement and reporting on this momentous event would be to have actual staff sift through the emails, and then report on what was found, be it a grammatical error or a shopping list, or the fact that she stopped Big Oil from taking advantage of the average Alaskan – and do so without those pandering and demeaning adjectives of which the media appears to be so fond – they may even uncover something that perhaps, those in the lower 48 (if and only if, Palin announces and makes this GOP 2012 field a whole lot more interesting) might want to know, should they be on the fence about voting in a given GOP primary coming soon.

On Trust in Media: Suffolk University Poll: Begin Question 58.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Economic Decline and Escalating Urban Teen Crime – From Chicago to the Northeast - A Rant on the Need for a Courageous Leader

Not a day goes by that news of an “economic” recovery appears to be nowhere in sight – unemployment is back to 9 plus percent, food and fuel inflation is on the rise, and the government is on the brink of writing its last bad check before interest rates are forced upwards - déjà vu 1979.

Those hardest hit by the aforementioned are not the working poor (i.e. those who have a job of any sort, and live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of income), it is those who have never held a job, or have depended upon one form of entitlement or another, in order to survive that are most vulnerable. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that those living on a stipend, are experiencing the same level of angst, however, in this generation, the reliance on free money, free phones, free cars, free food, all at the largesse of the state or federal government, coupled with a consistent political drumbeat of “tax the rich”, has translated into “take what you want”.

This is nothing new, crime out of poverty – having lived in an inner city setting back in the late 1970’s one watched neighbors on social security benefits purchasing cat food for human consumption, enterprising youth hitting local supermarkets and stocking the trunks of cars with pilfered meats to sell on street corners, it is the crime and consequence of failed economic policies. In the later era, those who profited from larceny also served the public in a twisted sense of a later day “Robin Hood” – the logic: grocery stores had insurance, therefore, taking meat or other food items from these stores, and selling them at pennies on the dollar to those who would go without, was somehow honorable. These were the children that either anticipated having a job during the summer months, fully understanding that they would somehow work at some point.

The further one went into the inner city, however, the less “noble” the criminal behavior became. One driving through Hartford, CT at rush hour was well advised (in the pre-cell phone era) to keep a purse or any valuables hidden under a car seat, or risk an attack and robbery.) Once the economy improved, the rampant crime dissipated, and those who played at “Robin Hood” became respected members of the community. In Hartford, the crime abated, absorbed by the ability of the dollar to go further. In that era, the emphasis in schools and homes was that the individual be self-made, educated and take every opportunity to improve one’s station in life. No-one, especially the government, was responsible for one’s ability to survive, unless, and only unless there was a disaster of sorts.

It is not surprising therefore, that today, as the economy is in the same shape (or worse, as the jury is out), that those who have “checks” that do not cover the “bills”, specifically disenfranchised teens, are now committing crimes that would embarrass their counterparts of only a few decades past. It is the loss of the teaching of self-reliance, the push from parents and peers that would send high school students into tobacco fields, factories, construction any job that paid so that one could contribute and grow. It is the pervasive progressive push that the rich are somehow to “blame” and therefore, those on the bottom rung are “owed” everything they desire to exist. The fact that those factory jobs no longer exit, or the small farms, plays a part in this breakdown – where those who still desire to achieve on their own are hampered by a lack of choices, and must compete for those low level jobs with adults.

The crimes thereof ere, have become more blatant, without apparent concern for consequence. Take Chicago for example: Teen “mobs” are boarding city buses and robbing passengers – NBC Chicago reports that that up to 15 teens boarded buses on two separate occasions stealing cell phones and other items from passengers. Cell phones can be sold on Criagslist for example bringing $50 to $100, depending on the make or model. These are youth that are taking what they feel they “deserve” – the victim may be viewed as having “more money” or even “rich” by their standards, and therefore “deserving” of being robbed.

The civility is gone, as it is no longer taught or expected, regardless of what rung on the ladder one finds oneself, there simply is no incentive.

In the recent earthquakes in Japan, the most startling fact of coming from that disaster was that no looting occurred – neighbors helped one another, the reliance on self-reliance and family and respect deep rooted in a culture, that is reminiscent of the culture that pervaded the U.S. no so very long ago.

In Western Mass, a recent tornado that struck Springfield, resulted in neighbors helping neighbors, but also looting. Taking advantage of those that are struck by disaster, as the haves versus the “have nots” has appeared to become the norm.

The solution therefore, is to teach your children well, to right the wrong dogma that the world owes, that the rich are somehow evil, and that the “state” will solve one’s problems, not the individual.

The rich generally create the jobs, needed to put those roving bands of hoodlums to work. It is time for leadership to step up and stand up for the youth – those teachers, those politicians, those parents who need to instill a sense of hope, self-reliance and yes, industry (invite it by taxing it less), will, over time, bring this nation back to its senses. There is no time like the present to start the conversation. There has never been a time in our history where leadership that will inspire youth to be self-made, generous to their neighbors, and ashamed of base behavior is so badly needed.

Having seen the cycle of poverty and resultant crime and the changes in both over a period of forty odd years, one is convinced that this nation has opportunity aplenty when all children are encouraged, when all are told they are not “this group or that group” rather American’s with equal opportunity to succeed or fail, based on their own merits, and that there will be no government standing ready to sweep their mistakes under the proverbial rug. We need leadership with the moral authority to lead our nation forward, not merely economically but to instill a sense of value in each and every child, a sense of what is right with American that will allow them to become whatever they work hard at to become – to rely on no-one, but to help those in need. That leader may be a man, it may be a woman, but it is with a deep hope that this individual puts aside fears of a hostile media, and a hostile political party (as the individual in mind are considered outsiders), and has the courage to lead us out of this mess.

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ABC WAPO Poll – Romney Leads Obama – The New-Improved Mitt Romney - Changes Tactics Takes 4 Point Lead over Palin - Now Wears Jeans, Rolls Up Sleeves!

Mitt Romney? Indeed! Image

In the latest GOP 2012 poll conducted by the very non-partisan group at ABC and the Washington Post, indicates that Mitt Romney is tied with Barack Obama, before noting that Romney is actually beating Obama by two points. In addition, the poll places Romney in first place with 21% out of a field of six, including Sarah Palin, who places second with 17% and has yet to announce whether or not she will join the fray. The Post reiterates the mantra – that no voter is thrilled with the GOP field – and although Obama is skewered by the 1002 randomly sampled adults in a telephone survey, somehow, those randomly sampled see the current President as a strong leader.

Does the public really need these types of polls? Perhaps, as entertainment – however, anyone who is paying rent or a mortgage, utilities, and has managed to maintain a job (in the private sector mind you) is most likely too busy or depressed to give these types of polls much credence. It is no longer a fact that if one organization prints/broadcasts/blogs a “fact”, it will eventually sound true enough to the targeted viewer. It's hard to admit when the "honeymoon" (or "revolution") is over.

The problem that some fail to see (though not all) is that overall, Obama has lost his mojo – he’s no longer “cool” with College students (See Atlantic article.) Of course, one can easily find out just how cool the next crop of 2012 voters feel Obama might be by asking; the results, across socio-economic, ethnic, racial and gender lines basically result in the same data – he’s last year’s news. Not that one should rely on the youth vote, perhaps, but Gallup’s last poll on the Presidents approval on a state by state basis showed he was above 50% in 10 states based on 2010 approval rankings. One has to wait until the 2011 rankings come out sometime next April to see if there has been any improvement – perhaps he’ll pick up a state or two, but that scenario at this point, appears unlikely. (This screams: unelectable)

Reality: although the GOP field of contenders for the Office of the President may appear to the respondents to the Washington Post/ABC News poll, and similar polls taken by media outlets and Universities with political science polling programs as "lackluster" – when push comes to shove, one of those individuals will become the next President. This is beyond 1980 apathy and distrust of a public figure, this has morphed into an “anyone but” situation, with no time for recovery.

The “Leader of the Pack”, one term former Massachusetts Governor, Olympic Saving, Health Care Plan inventing (for Massachusetts only), Fee, not Taxes, “Perfect Hair and the Guy in High School one just could not stand”, Mitt Romney, appears to have risen to these new heights due to a remarkable makeover: Romney was spotted by the Boston Globe, of all tomes, sporting Jeans!! – the Tie was gone! This is breaking news! In a recent guest spot on WRCN Worcester’s Wesley and Weston Review (airs from 6 to 7 am Saturdays), this humble blogger suggested that Mitt become a bit more … the rest of us, let his hair get a bit ruffled, roll up his sleeves and well, be a little less perfect. Apparently, it works.

The reason that Romney, Massachusetts Budget Busting, Individual Liberty removing, Massachusetts Health Care Plan and Club for Growth Issues aside (They just are not “feeling it”) , is better received, is his “less perfect” persona. Jeans work, he now needs a tee-shirt – just saying.

To those Massachusetts residents who are horrified at the thought of exporting yet another disaster nationwide, there is still hope that Sarah Palin will still run and offer, if not merely entertainment, an opportunity to vote for someone who is less “Mitty”. Massachusetts, not exactly known for embracing conservatives, regardless of race, gender, or if one of them suddenly walked on water, are actually eyeing Palin. It is the media’s best kept secret (along with the Mass GOP and other Romney supporters in the Bay State), and here-in lays the kicker, young, old, male, female, Palin's best attribute to a Massachusetts Independent or Democrat, or Republican (there are a few who prefer Mitt in a suit), is that she appears to be able to take on anyone or anything – plus, she’s cool, like Donald Trump cool. These are Howard Dean leaning liberals, who are convinced Palin can beat Obama, and they are not going into therapy, they are hoping she runs. Somehow, they are under the impression that she fixed some problems in Alaska, and well, she didn’t care if someone was a Republican or a Democrat, or Big Oil, she threw them all out, and then gave everyone in the State of Alaska a piece of the action. (Movie reference to Stephen K Bannon’s – The Undefeated - (*like here on Facebook) a look at Sarah Palin and what she actually can do (as opposed to what has been repeated “reported”), scheduled to run in key GOP early primary states, and coming soon to a theater new you .

The biggest point to take away from the film (based on reviews) is that Palin, not unlike Ronald Reagan, was eviscerated by the media and the GOP establishment – and we all know how well Reagan did, especially since he took the Blue State of Massachusetts – twice. (That is the only comparison, from what reviews are available, between the Palin and the aforementioned Gipper).

Satire aside, (what fun is there in that?), Romney, Palin, a mind-changing Mike Huckabee, and Donald Trump to boot, in a debate, would induce skyrocketing ratings - This is not to diminish other candidates with less visibility, however, in a perfect political world, it would be mind-blowing entertainment to watch Romney in Jean’s and Tee-Shirt (think West Side Story (banned in Amherst Massachusetts as “racist”), Sarah Palin in whatever she wants to wear, Mike Huckabee, sanctimoniously preaching about twelve ways to fix the economy, and Donald Trump telling it like he sees it! Any bets on who would win that debate? Smart money in on the Barracuda.
What of the Media?

Perhaps NBC’s nightly news anchors would not have to do 30 second promo’s begging those watching to “TiVo” the news, if they somehow cannot find time to watch it! (Seriously that’s actually running.)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bannon’s “The Undefeated” – First Reviews Reveal Variety of Perceptions of Intended Political Targets – Trailer - Begs More

Stephen K Bannon, Harvard Business grad, Former Wall Street man, and conservative documentary filmmaker’s latest production’s pre-release reviews, leaves one wondering if those who actually reviewed the film watched the same movie. Without having seen the film, and therefore, unable to comment on the work specifically, it is interesting to note the differences in how the film is perceived by those blogs that have had access, the films intent, and the intended audience.

The fact that the film follows Sarah Palin’s rise in Alaskan’s politics, and actually tells the truth about Palin, should tell the readers, or viewers, that the film is what is it, a documentary about a woman who, despite having zero political connections, and a lot on her plate, took on the establishment (Both political parties and “Big Oil”), and won. In addition, before she had the unmitigated gall to run against Barack Obama (actually to be correct, she was the V.P. candidate, it was John McCain who ran against Obama in 2008, Palin was the one who drew the larger crowds and the media vitriol). Not unlike Hillary Clinton, also guilty of running and winning the 2008 Democrat Primary popular vote (a fact that gets lost once the DNC convention took place, literally threw those votes out the window, and Super-Delegated (those would be Politician’s) Barack Obama to the nomination, Clinton was treated as a woman – harassed, harangued, lampooned, and basically dismissed – and then came Sarah Palin, and the fans of Obama, ramped up the sexists garbage (for that is what is is) they dished out on Clinton, transferred it to Palin times 10, and they never quit. One does not have to live in a bubble not to get the point that the media and diehard Progressive Democrats hate Sarah Palin, blindly – without reason.

Apparently Bannon’s film supplies the reason, Palin is the real deal – and so the reviews begin.

The most level review to date has come from Human Event’s, Tony Lee: “The Undefeated:" Documentary Seeks to Reset Conventional Wisdom on Palin” - Mr. Lee reviews the film while noting facts such as which state’s will see the initial debut (Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Nevada), the film self-financed by director, Bannon, goes into the early career of Palin as Governor, which should, under any circumstances, raise questions as to who did the better job of vetting the candidates in 2008. Suggest reading the article for comparative purposes (see link on Title above). The final analysis – the film will appeal to independents, they are the intended target of this film, those who are not sure of Palin, but might vote for her if they understood that most of what has been written, is, plainly put, fantasy.

The second review from Salon (think Progress) by Matt Latimer, self-professed “former Bushie”, entitled: Six things to know about "The Undefeated” suggests the film is made for woman, simply because it documents the many times that Palin was harassed by the media, and therefore, logic follows vote for her. There is a paragraph that suggests Sarah Palin “actually was a good Governor”. Suggested reading to compare: link in Title.

Yes, one is Human Events (conservative) and one is Salon (not so much), written by a former “Bushie” (bells, whistles, and all sorts of warnings), however, these two in particular, serious or no, gives an insight into the thought process of the politically divided. The fact that these are more well-read blogs gives one the ability to understand how readers will react to each of the reviews – whether they would actually say watch a trailer.

Available at the Daily Caller: (who just happened to get a preview): ”A Sneak Peak of the New Palin Documentary Video” The review of the trailer is basically sparing, stating that the film is being released in conjunction with Palin’s bus tour – and then just highlights the clip. It does not offer the director’s name, and or where one might find more information – but it does sport that important “clip”. (Shown below - if embed not working: go to: daily caller

From those of us who in 2007 starting casting around for potential runners and running mates, and had occasion to look up a certain First Woman elected to the Alaskan Governor’s office, (being that Feminist), it is heartening to see some reality versus fiction available when it comes to Sarah Palin. She is ultimately qualified to serve the nation, and putting one’s feminist side – aside – it matters not who is in the ring with her, GOP establishment and presumptive heir to the “throne” Mitt Romney, or the current occupant of the White House”, she can beat them both. Which leaves those constant questions about when, or if she will enter the race, asked and answered.

For more information on Mr. Barron and his films: follow him on either Twitter or Facebook, or visit the following links to Mr. Bannon’s documentaries:

Monday, June 06, 2011

Group Members Arrested in FL Park for Feeding Homeless - Seriously

What a way to start a Monday - this gem of an article comes from the Orlando FL Sentinel: The Gist, a group of anti-war, anti-hunger individuals were arrested for feeding over 25 homeless people in a park, because they had used up their maximum two per year homeless people feeding permits issues by the City.

No matter ta ht they are old hippies (no comment from this blogger on that), they had the right intent, feed hungry people gathered in one spot, and yes, they broke the law, a law that allowed only "two starving people feeding permits", per year?".

How often does this happen? -one has to ask - as unemployment is back up over 9% and the eocnomy is .. not exactly improving - one would think that easing the burdon of the local government would win awards, not a night in jail and a fine.


Howard Dean – Dismisses Palin while Warning that She Could Defeat Obama in 2012 – Dean From the Dark Side - Truth

Photo Crush, Palin about to Ride - Dean: Palin Can Beat Obama - image ibtimes

Former Vermont Governor, 2008 DNC Presidential Candidate and Chair of the DNC has issued a general warning about the 2012 election: Even Sarah Palin could beat Barack Obama (The Hill).

Mild Mannered Dr. Dean -as Govenor of Vermont - understands the process of governing

The Good Doctor from the Green Mountain State, is not, as some might suggest (given comments on the article at the Hill), drinking something exotic, he just may be off the “stump” for a moment, and taking a look at the reality of life outside of the pressroom or D.C. – all is not “rosy” and has not been for some time – lest anyone forget the November 2010 trouncing that Democrats took in the Congressional elections. Despite the alleged “signs of improvement” touted every time a jobs report becomes available, the “surprise” that the reports are not quite as fabulous as anticipated”, anyone who is still listening to the evening news (and or cable for that matter), tend to “shut off” the old “book tube” more readily these days – avoidance is a bad sign – and Dean is right.

When those who usually have one reference point for their news (rank and file….), and shut that source down due to disgust, then one has to wonder who, in 2012, gets their vote? The answer is simple – the most interesting “rock star” that looks both “good” and “competent” – Generally speaking, when thinking of Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle, the basis of a measure of success might be to investigate if those individuals had “run anything” larger than say, a lemonade stand and made a success of it for more than a month.

Although most on the left, and yes a few of those on the right, demean Sarah Palin without have a clue as to her education, background d and or abilities, she is aptly qualified, she Governed the State of Alaska, and although she left office early due to constant frivolous lawsuits that threatened to cost the State a bundle (until she resigned, and then they stopped), prior to her emergence on the national scene as McCain’s running mate (i.e. a challenge to Obama) in 2008, she enjoyed a higher than average favorability rating. She hit hard at both the right and the left and she hasn’t stopped since. Good for her.

She lends more to the debate than, in the words of one caller to WRKO’s Howie Carr’s (Boston) radio talk show (paraphrased) “being a “babe”, seriously, does it never end? Regardless of whether or not Sarah Palin decides to put herself through the gristmill of the press than really never ended, to take a shot at the GOP nomination, it will be not without the usual “what she was wearing”, rather than “what she said (in reality and totality, not regurgitated Couric sound bites) will those millions of alleged viewers ever really get to know what she stands for unless they read endless back articles from the Alaskan newspapers (subscription required) in order to understand – that yes, she’s credible and would make an excellent choice?

Not for nothing: Palin, as would, in Dr. Dean’s words, anyone (which is what he meant to say) running against Obama in 2012 may be able to “best Obama”. However, the reason we are in todays (or any decades” mess: Any candidate should pass one litmus test, the test given to those attempting to gain citizenship to the U.S. – So should those attempting to vote.

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