Saturday, May 06, 2006

American Social Classes

While participating in a Senior Seminar course prior to graduating with my "second childhood" degree in History, the professor, a women who i hold in high esteem in spite of her rather extreme points of view, taught the following life lesson: those graduating were part of a social order. What exactly did she mean? She expounded that American truly has a class system.

The American class system is comprised of the first estate, those individuals who are direct descendents of the first families to set foot on our soil such as members of the D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) would be one example. Although not necessarily wealthy, or noted for any contributions to our society, these individuals are at the top of the social heap. Next, the upper class, or those individuals who are descended from the barrons of industry - the power-brokers who invested in our country, and made the nation great by what-ever means possible. These individuals built the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island and Palm Beach and include names such as Roosevelt, Carnegie and Kennedy. The middle-class (which can be broken up into segments, upper middle, lower middle, etc.) includes the "elite", or those holding a four-year college degree. The middle-class status is granted to an individual regardless of the degree held, be it history, medicine, law, economics, one is automatically pushed up one rung on the social ladder. The lower class, or those who hold a blue collar position, are on the bottom rung, again regardless of the fact that they work in law enforcement or fast food. One who holds a four-year degree or is a member of a particular family and/or can claim their grandfather came over on the Mayflower - all hold the lower class person to be beneath them on the social scale.

How American! Someone should slap somebody silly and point out that this train of thought is all Bunk! As a participant of the class, this was my first impression and I immediately filed both my notes and memories under "absurd things they teach you in college."

Why bring this up at all? - The media has given a great deal of hype the last few days to the "accidents" involving a certain congressman, Patrick Kennedy, son of Edward M. Kennedy. Apparently, young Patrick has issues with alcohol, like so many other individuals in the country. What makes this special, or different? Nothing in particular. Conservative author, Ann Coulter, in a debate on Fox News last evening stated she believes young Kennedy was given special treatment because of partisan politics and the fact that he is a Kennedy. Partly correct in my estimation. Ms. Coulter pointed to the disparity in prosecution of radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and the young Kennedy as a difference in treatment between conservatives and extremists (liberals). Where did she missstep?

Patrick Kennedy, like his father Edward M. Kennedy, are part of America's upper class structure and therefore eligible for treatment that could be considered "special". This point of view is held by professors, who also believe that Bill Gates should hand over all of his income and redistribute it to the poor. These professors impart their opinions in classes entitled "senior seminar". This "knowledge" of class systems and the order of the universe is given to the future educators, politicians, lawyers, and most importantly journalist of these United States of America. These theories have been taught for the past thirty years or more.

In other words, he is literally beyond the law, because he is equivalent to an American duke, or lord (we never seriously severed ties with the British, that is a myth.)

Recall the troubled youth of his father? There isn't an American breathing who cannot remember the events at a bridge on Cape Code involving the Senator from Massachusetts, or of any other member of that family or other families of the same ilk. They simply are not prosecuted and subject to the rules of law that the "regular folk" are.

They are American Royalty.

People who actually live in Massachusetts hold a slightly different opinion of said family, which is a more realist point of view. Referred to as the "Kennedy Clan", members are considered descendents not of pseudo-royalty, but of "that rum-running, criminal, loudmouth Joe Kennedy", Teddy Kennedy is a shadow of his brother, Jackl; an embarrassing old uncle. For the sake of brevity, let it suffice that this family is not held in the highest esteem by the citizens of the commonweath.

The fact that the Senior Kennedy maintains his seat in the senate, shouldn't that be proof enough that the people of Massachusetts love and respect the man? The Senator has run unoppossed in virtually every elation held against him since he has taken office. Why is that? There are many theories -- no-one has the money to go up against the Kennedy's; the Kennedy's are criminals and would intimidate anyone who ran against them; and the most likely: the Republican Party will not run a serious candidate against Kennedy because he is a buffoon and represents all that is wrong with the Democrats, or so people (or masses) believe.

Patrick Kennedy will not face any prosecution, will not resign his seat in congress and will be lauded as a brave man for coming forward with his addiction simply because he is a Kennedy, not because he is a Democrat. He is the millstone about the people's neck, not unlike his august Uncle, or any other descendents of the Barrons of Industry who are held in such high esteem by the "elite" educators of our youth.

In our Republic, there should be no class systems, prosecution or punishment should fit the crime, no matter if you are Lord, Duke, Doctor, Lawyer, Police or Garbageman.

For more discussion, click on links to right: Michelle Malkins blog offers comprehensive coverage, and there is a lively discussion over at Daily Kos

What should be done with young Kennedy? He should resign, for the good of his party (the DNC), and for the good of the country, and for the good of his own reputation and his own peace of mind. Unfortunately the young man is burdened with being part of a dynasty, one that will continue to run-amok with abandon until our present-day "class system" is abolished.

Friday, May 05, 2006

On a more personal note,

Once again it is time for my husband to leave and I shall miss him sorely. Perhaps it is age, perhaps it is recent biopsy results (semi-positive), or perhaps it is just the simple fact that I would like to spend a little more time gazing into his blue eyes, listening to his latest take on any given subject, or just sitting on our yard swing, watching the plants grow. I believe the latter, I love the man.

He'll be 14,000 miles away, working for our country, our troops and our family (I believe it is "God, Family, Country"), for yet another year or so.

Why is it that when one wants time to stand still, it appears to race faster towards the event one wants to avoid?

Perhaps your leaving is what prompted me to plant gardens; fruits, vegetables, flowers that will blossom spring after spring. An act so alien to my nature, a symbolic gesture of renewal and new beginnings in the spring.

Oh, And, Anthony, Your name, in big, bold, letters, special delivery requested.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

9-11 conspiracy film story run on local news

Last evening while watching the 11 o'clock newscast of a local nbc affiliate, we (members of a household) were somewhat dismayed at a story that was given airtime. We understand that one who resides in Western Massachusetts is most likely to be bombarded by every type of leftist extremism imaginable however, this in no way prepares the halfway aware or enlightened individual for the continual onslaught of "fruitloop journalism" by the local media. I've logged an email complaint to the station this morning.

Apparently, someone has their panties in a bunch over the recent success of the film "United 93". (I'm only speculating)

Simply, a three to five minute (what appeared to be eternity) segment was devoted to the showing of "Loose Change 9-11" at a "local mosque". The "journalist" covering this story went on to inform viewers that the film was "free and available on the internet" and that it had already been viewed by over "five million people". A serious interview was given to the films director, Dylan Avery. Mr. Avery, a 22 year old "filmmaker" apparently began the film as a work of fiction and soon changed it to a documentary once he uncovered critical "facts" regarding 9-11. The "journalist" looked grave and impressed during the entire interview.

It could be suggested that the most critical fact Mr. Avery uncovered was that Michael Moore could not get to the bank fast enough and that 9/11 could be considered a "cash cow" by those who hide under the veil of liberalism and spout conspiracy!

What really boggles the mind is the certain fact that this NBC affiliate allowed this non-story to run at all, even on a slow new night, until the reality of media bias in the extreme surfaces. This particular NBC affiliate offers more "editorial news" segments than the ABC affiliate, and the new CBS affiliate is sticking to local news and issues, for now.

The station manager apparently has no shame - no more NBC local news for me, CBS now receives the least biased newscast award in this home and I suspect that given time and increasingly ridiculous stories from other affiliates, CBS will dominate the local market.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Moderate, Likeable Hillary Clinton

The Senator from New York is one smart cookie. She has the ability to read between the lines and has taken appropriate steps over the past few months to appear to distance herself from the extreme left and has implemented a program of talking about herself. The later making her more accessible to what the elite refer to as "the masses".

After reading a book that was both slammed by the left as well as conservative (independent) talk show host Bill O'Reilly, "The Truth About Hillary Clinton" by Edward Klein, this conservative went from believing Ms. Clinton was a somewhat dangerous liberal, ridiculous in her defense of her husband, power-hungry shrew -- to liking her. Seriously. If the author's intent was to expose Ms. Clinton, the goal was accomplished. Any woman who has ever had to deal with a male companion that was less than perfect, any woman who has ever had to fit into a certain mold in order to be part of a group and or to advance corporately, will understand, feel empathy and take a second or third look at the Senator.

This conservative used to change the news channel, skip the article, or dismiss out of hand any reference to said Hillary; now she's of interest.

What has she done to pique interest?

Attended the Fox News Sunday Party Fishbowl,DC,

reminisced about childhood choices at Newsday,

and most importantly

the Senator from New York is in favor of building a fence on the border! New York Daily News

The later, if she is serious; which, judging from recent remarks as well as the above mentioned tell all book, is quite possible, the coming out of Hillary Clinton from beneath the shadows of the former President and assorted left wing nuts, will only help her politically.

If the most recent election backlash from the May 1 illegal immigration rallies is any indication of what politician's will face Washington Post report, then those politician's who are pro-active border control; coupled with support of a sane guest worker program and a call to the white house congress and their fellow citizens that this be implemented with shock and awe -- will win the hearts and minds of the American people (note in Herdon, 1 in every 4 residents is Hispanic; are they also racist for wanting border control?) and ultimately the seat on the school board, city council, the mayor's seat, the congressional seat, the senate seat and the seat in the oval office.

In a letter from Senator Kennedy regarding immigration, he notes that this is a complicated issue. However, it can be simplified by voting with the will of the American people. They are aware of Iran growing more psychotic by the day, allowing our borders to remain open is no longer practical or acceptable. Mr. Kennedy does not believe his constituents are capable of understanding; they are, afterall, the "masses" so despised by this brand of elitist. Hillary has a handle on what Kennedy and others are too arrogant to grasp.

As previously noted, Hillary will never be elected President of these United States, regardless of Vegas Odds, and/or current polls; but she can save the Democratic Party. There needs to be regime change within the DNC. With a moderate, likeable Hillary Clinton as DNC chair and power broker, the party would become more appealing to moderates and independent thinkers. She can build a new DNC base, help close our borders and in the long run have an historical impact on our nation.

Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day without Immigrants

May 1st - the day that those who have illegally entered the United States as well as their supporters, intend to send a message by protesting in the streets of major urban centers. The message: As illegal aliens they are underappreciated; they would like some recognition, and by the way, while we are at it, an open border policy. Say again?

These individuals will neither go to school or to work. Does anyone really care besides the press and the unfortunate citizens of said urban centers? The problem as I see it is not the fact that in certain cities, such as Los Angeles and New York, people will not be at their work stations, nor attending our schools, rather they will be mucking up citizens lives by tying the hands of first responders (fire and police who must be present in case this gets out of hand) as well as the transportation industry in these cities.

That's patently annoying.

I'm fairly certain that if all illegal immigrants boycotted for the day by not going to work and staying home for a nap, hardly anyone would notice. Chances are they do not perform critical services in fields such as medicine, fire or police.

Here's a scenario and a thought

Illegal aliens, protesting in broad daylight, with police and emergency services personnel at the ready just in case anything should happen.

Call the border patrol (or the minutemen); take advantage of all those empty schoolbuses that will not be needed this morning and drive them all back to Senor Fox. The organizers could receive a free trip to Mexico! In fact, I might suggest the border patrol check for passports, etc. from the Radical Muslim Groups that will be marching in support of open borders!

Now, why would radical Muslim groups march in support of open borders and illegal immigration?

I for one am a very disgusted Hispanic-American. Those who are of Spanish blood and decent understand that our heritage is rooted in Catholic Conservatism. Every child of Spain(The Mother Country) is taught of the danger of the conquest of the Moors. It is unfortunate that this fact is buried in an old history book; no longer used in favor of the more appropriate and politically correct "Social Studies".

Today's protests? - Will anyone in the heartland, northeast (not including New York City) or elsewhere honestly be affected? It is doubtful. What a colossal waste of time and tax payers dollars.
The fall of one's life
like the season
hairs greying
like the leaves of the trees
changing colors
life's pallet a bit boring
greys and whites

denial in a bottle
or in an attitude or dress
that belies age
or more appropriately
defies age

fall, once a favorite season
the harbinger of winter
the death of summer
cool, crisp

the cycle of life
comparisons to highways and byways
are somewhat inadequate
mortality becomes an issue
the seasonal analogy fits
like a glove

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tehran: stuck between Baghdad and Kabul

According to Hamad Asefi, a spokesman for Tehran, Iran's nuclear enrichment program is "irreversible". (Latest Press here at However, they are now considering some sort of limited inspections. Perhaps the pre-emptive writing is on the wall.

Did Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wake up and realize the following?

Israel's, especially of note, acting Prime Minister Olmert, believe him to be comparable to Hitler. Reuters

Mahmoud might have got a glimpse of the latest "peace" March in NYC (i.e. the Elite-Communist-Democrats-Hollywood find a 1000 or 3 gullible students to march to Bloomies and shop; they relish the day back in the 1960's when they were relevant and 100,000 would march).

"I'm Against the Next War?" These same messages have been spotted at every "peace" March held in New York: immediately following September 11, prior to any action against Afghanistan and more heated before action against Baghdad.

Which begs the question, was it by blunder or design or both that the world finds itself facing a nuclear capable, religiously insane, runaway regime and the United States finds itself in a unique position? In place, armed and resolved on both of Iran's borders.

"Never mind a ground campaign," "Those bases in Iraq and Afghanistan? They are for our convenience" "We're going to bomb the back to the stoneage" (anonymous internet and cafe quotes)

Saddam Hussein, like Mahmoud, also thought his friends in France, Germany and Russian were capable of halting any action by the American's and allow him to continue being crazy unabated.

One would think he would only need to look at Iraq for inspiration and a dose of reality.

Perhaps his "constituants" are considering just that.

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