Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama: Congress Must Act Now To Boost The Military Budget – Wants Afghanistan Increase In Troop Level to 60,000

On ThursdayBarack Obama asked Congress to increase the Defense Budget by an additional 83.4 billion; which brings the total 2009 military budget to approximately $150 billion dollars, down from 188 billion in 2008.

Obama plans to increase troop levels in Afghanistan from 38,000 to 60,000 and give the Pentagon requested funds to overall increase the overall armed forces to 547,000 plus active duty personnel.
John Boehner, Republican House Leader, indicated that the GOP members would support the request, although he placed a caveat on that announcement – Democrats are historically prone to manage war efforts and funding; in effect hamstringing military efforts through the use of timelines.

The most interesting aspect of this particular request to Congress will be the reaction of those Democrats who supported Obama as an anti-war candidate, including the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi released the following statement after receiving Obama’s request:

“Pelosi said Congress would carefully review Obama's request and "engage in a dialogue with the administration on appropriate benchmarks to measure the success of our investments."

In this simple statement, one can surmise that: “Carefully Review” does not meet the President’s request for quick and speedy cooperation, and may also include earmarks which he specifically indicated should not be attached to this particular bill. Additionally, the “diaglogue with the administration on appropriate benchmarks”, would indicate the usual timelines and other restrictions common with the leftist in the Party ultimately forcing the GOP to back off of support for the bill.

Within the past month, North Korea launched a long-range missile, which drew the strongest criticism within the current administration from Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. In addition, the drug cartels and violence on the U.S. and Mexico border has reached critical proportions – the State Department issued a travel alert. Just this week, Somali Pirates ( Who are not officially linked to terrorists) hijacked an American Flagged Ship, and are currently holding the Captain Hostage. Obama has remained quiet on the subject, while Hillary Clinton is releasing statements and keeping the press informed. In the case of the 3AM phone call, directly following, Obama contacted his staff, while Clinton made the calls to U.N. Security Council During the primary challenges, Clinton warned there would be days like this, giving rise to speculation that the President may lack ability to deal with the world violence that has increased since January.

Perhaps, that may be part of the reason, this anti-war Candidate – Obama, suddenly finds it necessary to take a rather hawkish stance through the increase military funding. The questions now remain; will Pelosi cooperate with both the President and the GOP in crafting a bill that will be earmark and restriction free? Will Obama begin to speak out strongly on the attacks on American interests and the threats from nations such as North Korea, or will Clinton continue to prove to be the “strong arm” of the administration? Finally, with the Presidents “strongly approves” continue its downard spiral - currently dwindling to a mere 34 percent.

A side note:
Obama’s approvals may only decrease, as the President plans to push for very controversial immigration reform, in hand with the Senate , which on Thursday introduced legislation that would grand conditional citizen ship to illegal immigrants. Currently, 74% polled (crossing party lines) are in favor of increased border security.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Duval Patrick - Tax Hikes - Massachusetts Legislature Weighs How Many More The Can People Bear

Mass. Gov. Duval Patrick with Obama - image

Massachusetts GovernorDuval Patrick has requested that the Legislature impose a plethora of new taxes on the Commonwealth, yet legislators are beginning to balk at imposing an additional tax burden on the citizens of the State. With a dwindling tax base and an increasing budget deficit due, in part, to the insatiable state-mandated health care reform the debts from the corruption ridden “Big Dig” and the Governor’s decision to hire high priced State personnel, the Governor is at a loss as to how to increase revenues without making budget cuts – the answer – taxes.

Patrick has suggested imposing a .19 cent per gallon additional gas tax, which is still under consideration, increases in the States Registry Fees and at least 3 other taxes, designed to close the budget gap. Legislatures, in fear of being ousted, are considering budget cuts. Patrick, who is apparently oblivious to the recent polls suggesting that his approval rating is far from stellar, is continuing to suggest new ways to tax the Commonwealth out of existence.

With increasingly vocal Republican State Senate members, in concert with Republican Chair, Jennifer Nassour, the pressure is on the administration and the Democratic Legislators to pull the plug on taxes and seriously consider reform – or face defeat in 2010. The solution as far as the legislator is concerned:
“You're not going to get people to vote on four or five different taxes," said Representative Daniel Bosley, a Democrat from North Adams. "People can't feel like we're raising taxes on them every week. You need . . . to do this one time." Should the legislator take a clue from Mr. Bosley, the backlash would be substantial – any increase in taxes during a recession is political suicide. "Yes We Can" elect a new Govenor.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Analysis - It’s all about perception – Obama Supporters Concered About Domestic Impact of recent Euro Tour

An article from the Los Angeles Times suggests that some of Obama’s supporters may perceive his recent tours overseas as a disconnect with the problems of regular Americans. On the one hand, they worry that his continual travel (he’s off to the Caribbean and Mexico next week), might upset those who feel there is more need for the president to stay put while the country is in an ever deepening cycle of economic misery (see Carter), while on the other hand, Obama is restoring the Worlds appreciation of America.

One must understand that it is the President’s job (or, more appropriately, the Secretary of State), to meet with his international counterparts from time to time; whether it be for a “dog and pony” show, such as the G-20, or not. Timing is not always convenient, especially to the one holding the office. The fact that the President is abroad representing the United States has little to do with his stagnant job approval ratings; those numbers are dismal due to domestic decisions made since January 20, 2009.

As to the Presidents mending the image of the United States, one would have to pick their poison, so to speak. On the one hand, American’s were reviled abroad when Bush was President, but respected. The European Press maligned Bush, simply because his policy and personal believes were in direct opposition to the liberal ideology of the same. That said, when push came to shove, he took no quarter and defended the United State of America at every turn.

On Obama’s recent trip to Europe, he was said to be extremely popular, saying what he felt would make the Europeans' like him more, going so far as to apologize for America's "arrogant and dismissive" attitude towards the world.(This did not sit well on the home front.) He went seeking support from the G-20 participants on several levels and was summarily ignored. His request for more aid to the U.S. in Afghanistan was a bust with the Euro powers that be offering up only 5,000 troops. On the economic side, Germany and France, refused to pump endless trillions into additional stimulus package. Richard, Sisk, at the New York Daily News put it best: “Other heads of state found in President Obama a guy who could take "No" for an answer Thursday at the world economic summit, and that's what they liked best.” Additionally, some in the British Press, commented on his oratory skills, much applauded here and abroad (when teleprompters are in use), - as being less than stellar.
Therefore, the Obama supporters who are concerned about Domestic perception of the President’s trip should worry more about the new perception that the current “Leader of the Free World” is a wishy-washy, clumsy clod (the later in response to the greeting with the Queen of England). This may lead countries that were not in attendance at the G-20, such as Iran, or organizations such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda, to believe that they now have an invitation to do as they might like. The Paper Tiger is back.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Division over Defense Budget Cuts – Blue Dog Democrats and Barney Frank

From Politico, the Defense budget is undergoing a few cuts, with Barney Frank (D-MA) leading the charge to eliminate most of the nation’s defense capabilities, including reducing U.S. submarines, decimating the budget for Iraq and Afghanistan, and eliminating the missile defense shield programs. Several moderate Democrats, or so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats, are wavering – seeking compromises that will appeal to their districts (heavy military and veteran), while towing the Party line.

Take, for example, Levin’s rhetoric on missile defense. Unlike hard-line missile defense opponents within the Democratic Party, he advocates the more nuanced approach that would perhaps slow development of futuristic but unproven systems while increasing efforts to test them.

Levin (D-MI), is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and is seen as a moderate. With North Korean launching rockets and the UN giving Kim Jong Il a virtual pass, now might not be the time to cut certain areas of defense, specifically our nuclear and missile defense programs.

Which Senators and Congress members should be most nervous? Those whose States are within reach of any device lobbed this way by North Korea – including California, Hawaii and Alaska. Should Alaska come under fire, it becomes more of a threat than say, a hit on Beverly Hills, due to the fact that Alaska has a bit of natural gas, and oil under the surface. One would consider this a no-brainer, considering that “Stability” is not generally associated with Kim Jong Il. (Or the current administration, for that matter, including the President (Utopian idea of nuclear disarmament), Barney Frank (clueless on all levels) and a host of other characters.

With the recent, although harmless, theft of a plain by a Canadian Turkish Immigrant, flown into US airspace via the Michigan border, and landing in Missouri, one can anticipate that the next “depressed” pilot stealing a plan and flying it into US airspace, may not necessarily have the best of intentions. The fact that the U.S. is back to its status of “Paper Tiger”, only servers to embolden those that would plan and execute attacks on U.S. soil, with the expectation that, given the stance on defense of the current Party in Charge (Democrats), there would be no retaliation.

Barney Frank and his ilk, are too busy planning the next business takeover, , and pushing for legislation to legalize Marijuana. (They see tax revenues, however, one has to ask wonder – so that’s what he’s smoking!) to deal with funding defense. Not for nothing, but the military is one of the nation’s largest employers, any cuts to defense will only serve to increase the growing unemployment numbers, (shades of Jimmy Carter, once again), and add to the misery currently enjoyed by the American Working Class.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama’s “Strongly Approve” Steady at 36%, Democrat Party Affiliation lowest since 2007

Pelosi, Reid and Obama - photo:

Rasmussen Reports trends on Party Affiliation show a drop of party identity for Democrats of 2 percentage points, while Republican’s lost a half-point in party identity. Democrats continue to have an advantage of 5 points, however, with the President’s “strongly approves” remaining in the 30’s, one can expect that percentage to decline. Add to this a Pew Research report indicating that Obama is enjoying the most politically polarized division in job performance approval since 1969, eclipsing George W. Bush by 10 points overall.

Obama with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd photo: zimbio

Where are all the Democrats and Republican’s going? There has been an increase of 28% in unenrolled affiliation since the last election, during the previous year, the number of unenrolleds was at 30%, some of those shifting over to Democrat affiliation during the last election. (Rasmussen).
This is rise in unenrolleds can be correlated to the rise in partisanship in Congress and the Senate since the Democrats gained the majority in 2006. In the period leading up to the 2008 general election, the blame could be placed on the Bush administration, however, now it is apparent that, as the trend has continued unabated through such high-profile Democrats as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and, most notably, Barney Frank (”Republican’s suffer from psychological disorder”), the disenfranchised of both parties is growing, lending to the increase in unenrolleds. That aside, the consistent gaffes by the current administration, is a contributing factor.

Unless and until this 8th grade mentality that appears to have stricken the Democrat Party leaders in the Congress and Senate abates, and should the President take a hard look at the numbers from the Carter administration, expect this trend to continue.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saturday Night Live Slams Obama Takeover of US Business (Barney Frank Suggests All Business be Subject to the Government)

Saturday Night Live Slams Obama Takeover of US Business
The Video of last evenings Saturday night live gives a bit of insight into the general angst over the governments increasing involvement in the private sector. In this segment, “Barack Obama”, addressing the nation from Europe, talks about the U.S. Automakers, and then goes on to tell the nation, they are not alone – in an hysterical rundown of businesses from Frozen Shrimp to Sports Franchises, The “Obama Administration” gives thumbs up or thumbs down on particular manufactures/franchises, telling those that did not make it that they would have to cease operations, or be forced to do so.

This skit aligns perfectly with Obama’s front man, Barney Frank (D-MA)’s desire to extend restrictions on Tarp Fund recipients to all U.S. Businesses. Frank, who rules over the House Financial Services Committee, is the pride of the Massachusetts 4th district, and up for re-election in 2010. To date, one candidate, Earl Sholley, has announced a run against Frank. In the last 2008 Election, Barney won handily, and there is no reason to believe that the people of the 4th, won’t do the same again.

A recent article, in Barney’s major paper, South Coast Today glorified the Congressman’s ability to raise considerable campaign contributions – they have quadrupled since 2002. The top 5 contributors to Mr. Frank’s campaign coffers, inlcude: The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Bank of America. Top donors in other sectors include Securities and Investment and Real Estate. Which may be why Frank feels he knows a bit about Finance and is in a good position to advise the President – which is why the video from last evenings Saturday night live is right on target.

Dodd Losing Ground in Early Senate Polls – Spells Trouble for DNC Candidates Nationwide

Chris Dodd, (D-CT) has taken yet another beating in a poll released this weekend by the Hartford Courant.
In the latest match-up, Rob Simmons, Republican beats Dodd handily, with 50% of respondents choosing Simmons, and 12% undecided – Dodd garnered only 34%.

With the DNC desperate to maintain the slim majority in the Senate, Dodd is now in the unique position being staunchly defended by the Party and alternately of facing opposition from within the party. Just this past week, Roger Pearson, Democrat, announced his intent to run against Dodd in the primary.

An interesting analysis in U.S. News and World Report by Michael Barrone, questions whether Dodd will drag other Democrats down. One can’t be certain that Dodd alone would be a factor in the possibility of lost seats in both the House and the Senate – the economy, and a nation that remains deeply divided politically, will factor.

Therefore, Democrats who are running in states where the electorate is skewed more than 25% unenrolled, unaffiliated or independent should start paying attention to poll numbers and watching the opposition. One has to recall that the last two general election cycles were, basically, historically correct, the Republican’s were bound to lose seats, and the question was how many. The elections in question were lost not by an increase in party affiliation, but by a growing number of those independents who are not so easily swayed, one way or the other, when it comes to party rhetoric.

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