Saturday, June 17, 2006

What’s Up with Iraq and the DNC?

There have been continued successes in Iraq this past week as a direct result of the brilliant assault and demise of Al Qaeda mastermind Zarqawi.

A huge "treasure-trove" of intelligence was reported found at the scene. Apparently, said Zarqawi kept his entire date book on a thumb drive in his pocket. How convenient.

For the Iraqi government and coalition forces.

The thumb drive contained information about instigating a war between Iran and the USA (Breitbart-click here) . They also complained about how the USA was undermining Al Qaeda by holding their funds, diminishing their recruitment goals and basically rendering the terror organization ineffective.Text of document - a "treasure-trove" indeed.

Iraq’s new government has stepped up to the plate and more responsibility is being taken by the Iraqi military and police. Iraqi forces, without coalition aid, carried out a good portion of raids on insurgents and the number of Iraqi led raids with no coalition support continues to increase. Associated Press on raids resulting from Zarqawi intel

Good news for our troops, for the Administration and especially the American citizens who have supported both in the War on Terror.

As the DNC squirms and attempts to diminish any joy that a citizen might take from a general success; the infighting continues.

Murtha announced he would make a run for the house majority seat should the Democrats take back the house. Apparently Pelosi, who is a little more centrist (reality check please) than Mr. Murtha, has squelched that revolution. Did the fact that Mr. Murtha may be called to testify about his statements re: Marines killing innocents in cold blood, in a case regarding alleged assaults on Iraqi citizens Washington Times cause Mr. Murtha to back off of Pelosi? Following in John Kerry's footsteps is difficult to say the least. Mr. Anti-America has been beating up our troops since the early 1970's. Apparently, Mr. Kerry feels if it worked in the 1970's, it should work today. He found out otherwise in the 2004 elections; (he lost, Bush won) apparently he hasn't learned his lesson.

So, who is listening to the likes of Kerry and Murtha? - The marine brass who have been holding seven marines and one navy medic in chains and shackles under deplorable conditions; without a charge being levied, at Camp Pendleton. The Marines were being questioned regarding an incident in Iraq where on Iraqi insurgent was killed. With mounting pressure from certain characters like Murtha and Kerry; the Marines, caught up in a hailstorm of anti-war, anti-marine rhetoric -- over-reacted and caused 8 men, their families and the US a grievous disservice. Innocent until proven guilty; that's somewhere in our constitution, surely Martha and Kerry can locate a copy? For full coverage visit
Michelle Malkin's blog

Also, this week, tax revenues increased by 12.5%, the budget deficit was reduced dramatically, and Karl Rove is not, repeat, not going to jail.

The DNC needed a plan and Pelosi came up with one:

"Our new direction will advance a common agenda, seek common ground, and apply common sense in the service of the common good. We know that with a new direction, we can meet our national challenges in a way that makes our nation stronger, our economy more vibrant, and our families more secure. Instead of record deficits, we will go in this new direction in a fiscally sound way. We will make America more competitive and not heap mountains of debt on future generations." Nancy Pelosi’s website has more of the same. Nowhere in this “new plan” touting new common ground and service to the common good is there a mention of covering our common behinds in the event of oh, a terror attack, hurricane, or other such disaster. The party that had ideals at one point is now reaching back into the rhetoric pantry instead of actually coming up with anything concrete. It saddens me.

The party of my father is living in the past, denying the future, and crying foul, "Bush did it!” at every opportunity instead of coming up with something new, fresh, and inspiring.
How do they intend to pay for all of their new programs? How exactly, to they intend to “fix” everything? – They lay no groundwork, only espouse ideals. One can hear the strains of Kerry’s, “I have a plan” fading in the background. They point to the deficit, yet for any alive in the 1970’s under the Carter administration, it is the same plan and it will have the same results: Gas lines, unemployment, interest rates at 21% for new home purchases, and absolutely zero foreign policy.

Recently while walking my dog, I ran into a neighbor who likes to go round with me about the current state of affairs. Apparently, keeping a quasi eye on the rifts between our two national political parties, and aware of my thesis that one is about to become irrelevant, this independent minded man has decided to vote for any democrat just to level things out. I didn't have the heart to tell him that we live in Massachusetts and he would be hard pressed to find a republican for which to cast his vote. In other words, the DNC is now receiving pity votes?

If the current trends continue - more success in Iraq, more success on the border (versus placing troops where they belonged on September 12th, 2001), no indictments within the administration, a stronger economy, etc. – and there is no indication that it should not continue, it follows that 2006 will be a repeat of 2004, even with the occasional pity vote caste.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

State of the Union

With President Bush's recent trip to Iraq (New York Times Front Page Assessment)a success (although granted US media is giving his some credit, but very little), the recent killing of terrorist Al Zarqawi and the stunning reports on the nations economy for the last quarter as solid for yet another quarter in a long string of quarters, what is the opposition party to do?

Add to the woes of the DNC, the non-indictment of Karl Rove and all adds up to a sounding re-defeat in the November elections.

Which, although still many months away, the broader a smile one sees on New Gingrichs face, the more one can determine that regional and local polls are giving the RNC something to smile about.

In other news: Hillary Clinton is booed at a liberal convention in Washington DC for her rather hawkish stance on the Iraq war; while John Kerry condemns politician's who want their cake and eat it too; sticking to his "withdraw the troops now" line.

Yes, the nation is divided on the Iraq situation, as well as other issues, however, when one of the leading major political parties is divided, how can it plan to compete?

The marginalization of the DNC will continue unless and until they find someone, anyone who will appeal to middle America, is electable (unlike Senator Clinton), and shows signs of being semi-rational.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

and on the Seventh Day

thing are pretty much the same as they were on all of the other days of the week.
The mainstream media is jumping to the left with the entire mission leading to the death of terrorist, Al Zawqawi. One NBC (it figures) station out of Ohio reports that US Troops Beat the terrorist to death. God forgive me but - Good and do you blame our troops? - It would not surprise me if they did not arrive home, form a coalition and beat a few other people up - I'd help them. A good slap in the face is called for today. A wake up and smell the coffee, you despicable, pandering politicians. Either they are speaking to their base, or they have jumped over the hedge of reality.

I believe the later - in fact, they are so far over the hedge, that they have taken one conservative with them; albeit temporarily. Ann Coulter. Her new book, Godless, the Church of Liberalism, is as usual, brilliant. The one thing to notice is that Ann has become even more hurtfully witty than in previous tomes. It is with an almost urgent necessity that she attacks every single pathetic individual that the left deems as holy. The problem as I see it is that - it is fine for those on the left to speak of those on the right in terms of expletives, however, when one on the right, says anything remotely over the line, but yet still amusing, they are demonized. If you have bought one of Ms. Coulter's books before, buy this one, you'll be amazed. If you read, get the book, she makes a critical point about liberals in general. It is a belief I have held for quite some time and that is that liberalism (perhaps that is not the correct term, but as a label, it will do) is a peudo-political religious cult. Those that profess to be liberals, (not to be confused with Democrats, although some Democrats in positions without our very government are afflicted), usually hold onto one mantra, and cannot sway from the script or they will indeed falter. Not that the same can't be said of the right, but, it is from a cult, and normally, those on the right.. have a mind of their own.

Then again, one of the more left posters on MassLife, the Springfield Ma., newspaper website, was a "What WMD's? Blood for Oil!" poster. There were no supporting arguments, just one liners, straight from Arianna Huffington's website or the Daily Kos. This same individual has had a change of heart, only now he uses terms such as "Moonbats" (meaning liberals). It may take a while for that person to realize that they do have an opinion of their own, and in spite of what higher education tells its ranks of graduates: the masses aren't that easily controlled.

If the masses were so easily controlled, then Republican Party membership would not be up, ratings for alternative media sources would not be through the roof, and everyone and their brother wouldn't eye each report, down to tea local level with suspicion.

With that, the next hysterical item that I found last week, was that Congressmen, "I hate the troops so much" Murtha, wants to become the DNC Speaker, if they gain control of the house. Watch out Nancy, someone just as crazy as you has his eye on your job. Rueter's has the story. I'm still chuckling. If you have to ask why I'm laughing, or Newt Gingrich for that matter, two points:
the DNC taking control of both houses in the fall and Murtha, as leader of the party.

The only thing more amusing than that is - can't think of anything at the moment!

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