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2012 GOP “Pink” “Candidates” Update: Sarah Palin, Potential Candidate Responds to Jury Duty – Media Questions! AP eyes Michelle Bachmann’s Fundraising

Palin at event supporting Bachmann, image MSNBC

For many American’s the postcard in the mail, calling for one to participate in the process of the American Legal System known as Jury Duty, is a challenge of not how to serve when called, rather how to get out of serving as part of a “jury of one’s peers”. In response to Sarah Palin’s call to Jury Duty, late night talk show Comedian, Jay Leno, quipped (paraphrasing), “anyone too stupid to get out of jury duty should not be President”. There are those who will not register to vote, fearing that the dreaded postcard will end up in their mailbox, look for any way in which to make themselves unavailable to serve – however, when one seriously looks at the slight inconvenience of answering the call to serve on a jury, it is with an eye towards the duty and the privilege as a United States citizen, to be able to participate in the process of the U.S. justice system. In addition, one might need a jury of one’s peers at one point in their lifetime; therefore, karma may come in to play. Although the media is questioning the why, when and where’s of Palin’s jury duty, one has to ask, why on earth would the State of Alaska give anyone, including someone calling from CBS, ABC, MSNBC the date, place and time, of the former Governor’s call? That would do one of two things, either confirm completely that she has, indeed been called, (who makes that up?), and they (media) would not mention it again, or, the alternative, the ever “truthful” media would publish the date, time, and place, so that Palin’s might find the courtroom packed with onlookers, and media, disrupting the court, and the proceedings. Would a civil trial be mocked, what if she were not chosen to be on a jury? That would become huge news. The media is, in a word, ridiculous. (Check out ABC’s, questioning whether or not Palin actually has jury duty or is using “jury duty” as an “excuse” of some sort.)

When one answers the call, (this blogger finds it impossible to ignore, no matter the inconvenience, the call is a duty and a privilege, and allows one to participate in the process of justice), one is, with perhaps fifty to one hundred other individuals called on a specific date to a specific court (Federal, County), where one sits for either minutes or hours before being either called into a jury pool, or dismissed until the “next postcard” arrives. If one is called into the pool, one is then given a number; potential jurists are called before the lawyers for both the prosecution and the defense, asked a series of questions, and then either chosen or dismissed. If chosen, depending upon the type of trial, one may be in that courthouse for a day or weeks. It can be inconvenient; however, it also proves that our system of government is based on the individual’s ability to appeal to a jury of one’s peers. Therefore, when one does not try to “get out” of being on a jury, one is being civic minded, patriotic, and smart, whereas, should someone like Mr. Leno (or his joke writer) find themselves in the position where they might need a jury of their peers, they might hope that the individuals chosen, were as smart as say, the former Governor of Alaska, especially if innocent of charges.
One has to ask: do the critics of jury duty even vote, or participate in any other way besides, perhaps, paying taxes to the State or Federal government?
Kudos to Palin for stepping up and for the State of Alaska for protecting both the court and Palin (one would be they were protecting the Court first and foremost.)

Michelle Bachmann and her fundraising methods are the focus of an AP article: “Small checks drive Michele Bachmann's big bucks”. The article compares and contrasts Bachmann’s fundraising style with that of President Obama and former President George Bush (one should start to notice that any Republican candidate running, with any article printed, is lately, somehow, compared to George W. Bush – do they never give up?), both of the aforementioned culled the majority of their funds from major donors; those giving the maximum, while Bachmann’s funds come from individual donors, giving small amounts over an extended period of time. It is as if to say: Bachmann’s style (which is then dissected as to how fundraisers approach the donors and the costs of fundraising), may not bring in the big bucks necessary to say, out fundraise one of the “boys” be it Obama or George Bush (who is, to the best of anyone’s knowledge not running nor even involved in the process of 2012). That said, those small donors quoted in this particular article, are from places as far flung as New York, and, according to the AP, they are “retired or own small businesses” just the sort of people one might “profile” as “Tea Party Members”. Also noted is that Bachmann is climbing in the Republican Polls, specifically after her debate performance on CNN’s most recent GOP debate (If one could call it that – given the circus like atmosphere, it had a game show flavor).

Both women, it should be noted, have been outspoken in their beliefs regarding patriotism, the way things should be run (their opinion) and both have been eviscerated for being “women” in a man’s world, not just by the left, (which one would anticipate – see women on women running for President vis a vis Hillary Clinton in 2008 – the great disappearing act – or woman choosing the “rock star” over the more qualified woman), but the GOP “establishment”, or those GOP elite, beltway types, whereas anyone without a country club membership and an Ivy League Degree need not apply. Also, if you are a woman in the GOP, you might want to join say, a group called the “pink elephants” and help support the candidate (male or female) by sporting a button. Although Palin has, at times, embraced, the pink elephants, one has to ask, what color is applied to the male counterparts? Blue? Mamma Grizzly is preferred, or how about woman, female, or just plain, non-descriptive: candidate. Why the need to distinguish between male and female in this particular arena, unless of course, it is to say: women are equal. Are the men called “Blue Elephants, or maybe almost as smart and or as savvy and or as popular as the women? (Referring to so called “men” – with noted exceptions of fearless Rick Perry of dog defending, coyote shooting fame: see (this is hysterical) The Washington Posts: ) “Texas Gov. Perry fatally shoots coyote”).

How rich would our nation be, if in the 2012 campaign cycle, not one but two, or maybe three (any pink donkey’s out there want to take a jab at the President?) women, got on their patriotic, selfless, nation serving soapboxes and gave all of us an opportunity to actually have a choice besides the boys? Perhaps, just perhaps, they may, in the long run, prove to be more capable of the job, which requires nerves of steel, a certain fearlessness of the “politically correct things to say and do”, the ability to make quick decisions, multi-task, survive on little sleep, delegate, and achieve great successes, while being somewhat humble about the whole process – in other words, what every woman, regardless of party, socio economic rung, degree or not, achieves running a household and working on a daily basis.
Are the aforementioned two women right for the job? Is the country ready for a woman? Will the nation ever be ready for a woman to govern? How’s the success rate for the men been so far? How do they compare and contrast to their male counterparts? Are they credible and experienced? Can we afford not to take these women seriously? Those are the questions all voters must ask themselves as we get deeper into the process.

Some see the obvious: utopian Conservative Feminist? Perhpas, or no?

Bachmann Palin (either way) 2012 - image freedommist blog

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New England Legendary Criminal, 82 Year Old, Whitey Bulger Arrested in Los Angles – Tales of the Boston Mob and Massachusetts Politics

Whitey Bulger, Most Wanted Fugitive, image Boston Phoenix

This is one for the books, (the best one goes to Howard Carr:, entitled ”The Brothers Bulger: How They Terrorized and Corrupted Boston for a Quarter Century” - Whitey Bulger, , dubbed by the Boston Herald, as the “most wanted man in the world”, was arrested in Southern California last night, after years of sightings both in the U.S. and around the world.

The tale of murders, corruption, politics and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts crime is well chronicled in Carr’s book, a fast read, complete with photographs, and worth the read if one is interested in the “mob” in New England, and its ties to the political landscape. What is most interesting perhaps is how this particular man managed to elude capture and long-term prison for decades. His brother, William Bulger, was the President of the Massachusetts Senate, as well as going on to become the President of the University of Massachusetts, articles on one of the most powerful politicians in Massachusetts, and his brother can be found here: under topics: William Bulger vehemently denied knowing the whereabouts of his brother, and this close South Boston family, apparently did not know the whereabouts of the proverbial black sheep, during his years on the “lam”.

Other sources: Boston Magazine

Best(Almost Obsessive): The Boston Herald Archives

The FBI’s most used motto: ”We always get our man”, is appropriate here. What is probably the biggest question on everyone interested in this particular elusive criminal is how he managed to stay “underground” for so many years, and who helped him to avoid capture.

Also worth reading: Jon Keller’s ”The Bluest State: How Democrats Created the Massachusetts Blueprint for American Political Disaster”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bachmann Joins Palin in “Women Can’t Be President” Rant “Hill Blog” – Offers “Serious To-Do List”

A little ditty by Jill Hummer, an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Wilson College offers: : “A serious" to-do list for the female GOP candidates”, which includes: that they get serious about the economy, “Lose Fox News Celebrity Status”, and “Tone Down Silly Lingo”. She begins by noting that at this time in the 2008 election, Hillary Clinton was ahead in the polls, and so is Romney, while neither Palin or Bachman are close. Apparently, she failed to note that at this time in 2008 Mitt Romney was the favorite as well, and both he and Clinton failed to achieve the GOP nomination, Clinton robbed by Super Delegates, and Romney stymied by Mike Huckabee in Iowa and a combination of McCain, Huckabee and Fred Thompson (former Senator and Actor).
In addition, Palin, who has yet to announce is either tied or within the margin of error to Mitt Romney in many polls, while Romney is in front in certain polls, most notably Gallop, with the majority of respondents still undecided. Bachmann, who just announced last week, will most likely be making a dent in those numbers, as she continues to, as dubbed by the Christian Science Monitor Continues to Rise.

As to looking towards a strong leader, one who inspires confidence being a male trait, whereby, no female would be able to contend, think again. Turn on any talk radio show, ask a neighbor, or just view the words, actions and deeds of the two Women being advised not to appear on Fox News or use “Silly Lingo”, and one would find most hosts, callers, and others, bemoaning the fact that the only candidates from any party right now with any “male traits” (politely put), are Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, while the men appear more like the women of yesterday.
It is that both of these women, who are smart, rededicated public servants, with records of achievement in both civic and private lives, are who they are, with no excuses, and who have a take no prisoners, pride in America attitude, which drives those on the left, and center, including Beltway, academic and Mainstream Republicans, Democrats and Progressives to flinch, just a bit.

The fact that a woman, who “studies the presidency and women”, (of which there must not be a great deal of study to do, considering we have yet to elect a woman to the highest office, and to anyone’s knowledge, only two have achieved the honor of being nominated to the “running mate status” (Palin and Geraldine Ferraro), with the third running a smart and savvy campaign until stymied by her own party and the women within (Hillary Clinton), there’s just not a lot of material there.
Perhaps it is time to go back a little further than the U.S. Presidency to find women who lead nations without hesitation, bringing peace, and standing up in war (in fact leading battles), from the beginning of written history to the 21st century. Not a one was perfect, but then again, most were born to their leadership posts as queens, or were from nations that respected women (Israel’s Golda Meir comes to mind), whereas, somehow, the nation that “leads the world in women’s rights, apparently has neglected to understand that the qualities associated with the office of the CEO of the United States, does not allude to one gender only. The Office of the Presidency is one which requires the abilities of a CEO, the ability of an individual to inspire, and lead, and the ability to choose those who will aid an administration wisely. How did the men stack up? I leave that to the reader to decide, (Please attempt to take partisan baggage out and look at the overall administration and ask the question, would a woman have not done an equal and or better job?)

In closing, the prevailing logic that most Presidents coming from a Governorship have a better record in office, may make it difficult for Bachmann, then again, the last President was elected from one term as a Senator, is a lawyer, and well, pretty much matches Bachmann career choices, (granted Bachmann is in the legislature where they actually write and vote on laws and hold the governments purse strings).
That said, it is not so much that either Bachmann and Palin may be right for the job, but they are both, Constitutionally eligible, brilliant, proven women who actually want to take on this mess of a government at this time and in this place, (ok, one might add a little crazy for wanting this particular job, but that goes to their male counterparts as well) – this is, of course, unless one must first pass the litmus test of male brilliance spouted by those from both parties, especially the women who dominate the mainstream media and academics who will, with a vengeance, do their utmost to undermine both, and any other female who dares to rise against the “accepted male norm”. It is, from this perspective, disgusting. Would it not better serve the public, and the candidates, to opine about policy differences one might have with either of the aforementioned? In a utopian America, that might be the case. Fortunately, both Bachmann and Palin appear immune to these ridiculous “ditties”, as they press on. We’re fortunate that we have one woman who has entered the race, and possibly a second who has yet to enter, giving us both an historical first for women, and an opportunity to see one elected to the highest office. It is a nation of opportunity for all, even though “all men are created equal”. It is surprising that little line was not thrown in by Ms. Hummer! The list brings one back to the 1950’s, a Betty Crocker, Good Old Boy, Wishing things were perfect world, where the women were women and the men were men. It’s no longer an option. We need strong women and strong men, to be both leaders and mentors – both these women fit the bill.

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Palin 2012 – Decision Will Be in her Own Time and On Her Own Terms - Still Waiting for Sarah!

Waiting for Palin to Run: Palin pictured with Troops: Commander In Chief? image Iowa for Palin Blog

By Contrast: The Current Commander in Chief

Obama on the ground with Troops in Baghdad: Blog Faisal (give him credit for going to Baghdad

Although no pretext has been made by this blog to being a so-called “Palin Expert”, those that don’t take “news” about the Governor, directly from her or one of her staff, should know better. (This advice based on historical data to date) The State Column published an article noting that Palin would be making an announcement this week, vis a vis the 2012 GOP candidacy ending with a question mark (appropriately). Apparently, some GOP Consultant somewhere leaked something to the press that Palin would be making the announcement to run or not to run this week: which was met by Palin Tweets, saying: “News to Me”. (Source: State Column).
Palin is actually headed to the Sudan and the UK, the speculation is that she’s beefing up on her foreign policy creds, but it could be anything, as Palin’s doings are the most speculated doings – and the only thing the media has not done to her yet, is tie her to George W. Bush, but again, Palin is not from Texas so that might make it a difficult assignment. (See Rick Perry and New York Times Blog)

The one thing that anyone should by now understand is that Governor Sarah Palin never did anything predictable, she was not predictably found to be evil when a zillion tons of her emails were released, rather, shock and awe over the fact that she was a smart, savvy Govenor who beat u p both political parties, and worked with both, resulted in a few articles in the LA Times, and then the subject appears to have been dropped, as if to bury it deep on page 44: “nothing to see here, she’s the real deal, move along”.

Although there are many would love the former Alaskan Governor to enter the race, it will be in her time, maybe August, maybe October, but in her time and in time for her to dazzle in one late 2011 fall debate. Of course, no one actually knows if she will or will not run, nor her timing, however, being selfish conservative who would love to see a wild and woolly primary and debates, rather than the polite and inane debate held by CNN (with notable exception of Michelle Bachmann), it is common to find those who prefer some stand-up, no apologies, politicians hoping and praying (clutching those guns and bibles), that Palin, Perry and yes, even Chris Christie with all his denials), join Bachman and make this the year of the Conservative without Compromise of Principle! (While working with the left in order to work for their constituents, not against, but again, not compromising principle!) What A Concept! So, we all wait for Sarah because she’s the epitome of the uncompromising, stand-up, woman of the Republic, who would lead, while others followed.

New York Times Blog: Rick Perry Would Be Tied to Bush and Hampered in 2012 Election Because He’s From Texas – No Kidding!

Rick Perry, Dog Lover, Authentic Texan - shoots coyotes that threatens 4 legged friends, any questions? Photo: Dallas Morning News

In the most ridiculous assertion against any Republican, Potential or Announced, GOP 2012 Candidate to date, the New York Times’ blogger, Matt Bai, gives Times Readers this gem: “Rick Perry’s Bush Problem” . The article asserts that although there are zero similarities between Governor Perry and the Bush Family, despite the fact that the Bush Family endorsed another candidate for Governor of Texas over Perry, that’s Perry’s very ties to the State of Texas; tie him to the dreaded Bush "moniker". Although this blog has written infrequently about the Governor of Texas (that would be Rick Perry), with the exception to praise his sheer chutzpah in standing up and “calling them like he sees them”, his growing push towards a run coupled with this New York Times lunacy deserved a mention.

To the Times: Rick Perry is, as noted, is the longest serving Governor of the State of Texas, no mean feat, considering Texas is Texas. Texas has produced the following presidents (after joining the Union) with Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, George H. and George W. Bush (although born in Connecticut), (source: White House .gov). Prior to that, the Republic of Texas a sovereign nation, featured President’s Sam Houston, M.B. Lamar and Dr. Anson Jones, with notable hero’s such as Davy Crockett.

It makes about as much sense to tie Rick Perry to say, LBJ, as it does to Bush, but more likely an apt comparison would be Sam Houston. (Although it is doubtful anyone education past 1970, outside the state of Texas, would actually know who Sam Houston might be, besides possibly having something to do with a city in Texas by that name.
Rick Perry, as Governor, has led many a conservative and liberal to move to Texas, given the fact that he’s managed to create jobs, manage both the State of Texas and open its borders and cities to its neighbor Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, and has mentioned seceding from the Union, a suggestion that many Texans might favor (and would have the consequence of increasing the population).

The premise of the Times Blog’s author is that it is a bad thing to be tied to George Bush, even though, admittedly Rick Perry is as far from Bush as Earth is to Saturn, it doesn’t matter to the Times Blogger because: It’s what people think about Texas: seriously. Another aspect, is the evil Karl Rove Factor – somehow, in some universe, Karl Rove would be seen to be involved with Governor Perry, regardless of the truth of it, this would all add up to Perry running an imperiled 2012 campaign.

Talk about reaching. Even in New York City one can find George W Bush “Miss Me Yet?” tee-shirts, along with new ones that include “Bill Clinton” and Ronald Reagan (Google – one would be overwhelmed – not included: James Carter), Bush’s book “”Decision Point’s” and subsequent book tour resulted in many a left leaning and diehard left of center Democrat and or Independent shockingly reporting that “In retrospect, Bush was not that bad, in fact, he’s likable!”. As far as Karl Rove’s Evil Genius, should the Times be paying attention, Rove is now found with a chalk board on Fox News, making political predictions now and again. He suggested that Scott Brown, now the historical Republican Senator from Massachusetts, would have lost to Martha Coakley (the opposition Democrat Candidate) by a few points, but would get close to the Senate Seat. Being from Massachusetts, and during those three weeks, the only people that had any clue of what was going on, were those on the ground in Massachusetts, the media was clueless – sitting in Washington or New York and making predictions based on polls that were…less than credulous (see Boston Globe, University of New Hampshire’s laughable poll giving Coakley a 15 point lead).

Point, calling Rove an “evil genius” (who doesn’t always get it right some of the time) because he was Bush’s “Architect”, and is now affiliated with Fox News (which is evil in the eyes of the Times blog, and say those who watch MSNBC), and then trying to tie him, somehow to Perry is very: “Chicken Little”: the Sky Is Falling!!
Therefore, the Times blogger is suggesting this winning strategy should Perry be so inclined to run for the GOP nomination: tie him to Bush! With Gallup suggesting that any candidate that is a Republican, would, at this point, best Barrack Obama, tying a candidate to a more popular President, (to reasonably minded people) would be helping Perry, not hurting him.

Although Perry does not need any help, given the fact that he is admired for being as straightforward, and brave as two Republican Women, one announced, Michelle Bachmann, and one unannounced, Sarah Palin – Anyone of those aforementioned, in reality, stick to principals, take no b.s. from (what has now become an accepted term for the likes of the Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. ) the “Mainstream Media”, and has gone after anyone or any legislation that might hurt their constituents, regardless of party of author, showing the aforementioned to be somewhat bi-partisan when it affects those for whom they work (and they know it), rather than, say, changing their positions daily and backing away from nifty zingers so as “not to offend”. It is those that stand up and stand for the United States Constitution, and the people for whom they are responsible, that have a sudden strong appeal, with the noted exceptions of the Obama Campaign, the “Mainstream Media” and the those who consider themselves “very liberal” (which includes: college professors, some students (who may or may not vote) and diehard progressives (i.e. socialists). Note to Rick Perry – should you decide to run for the office of the Presidency, don’t forget to send that blogger over at the Times a thank you note.

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