Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston – One Suspect Dead, One at Large – Media in Chaos – Updated: Boston PD Identifies to Chechynian Brothers as Bombers

Boston: Breaking Identified as two Chechynian Brothers, living in US for a year.

FBI Official Photos - Released last night - Said to have been named by Boston Police Scanner, Followed by Fellow Students on Twitter - image NBC News

Boston-Watertown - As of last night the media reported shootings of an MIT police officer, then came bombs, police, and a standoff in Watertown, where on suspect was apprehended, and later died, the other is “at large” (Boston Globe)- Twitter was blowing up – students, reporters, residents following on the Boston Police Scanner picked up the names of two suspects: Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi. (Also see Huffington Post) Further on Twitter, those named on the Boston Police scanner are reported to have been using aliases, Mikael Maulvi, Sunil Tripathi has been identified as a missing Brown University Student gone since March 16 (Link to ABC Local VPIV via Twitter)

There is nothing office from the News sources as of 5:55 am – regarding this development – However, students who were on twitter suggesting that they recognized, the suspects, as well as the Boston Scanner Reporters are reminiscent of what occurred during the Iranian Revolution, which, “unconfirmed” reports were not published by news sources until Iraqis’ were dying in the streets, a week after the fact – This took place in 2009.

As the media has been less than accurate over the past week regarding the terrorist attack in Boston, then it may be worth a note to listen to the voices coming out of Boston via Twitter. Although not confirmed, again, by the sources, it was reported at approximately 4pm by Fox News that a Boston Police Office has noted they were “terrorist”. It was later picked up by

According to one blog – the two were in involved in “training” in Hanover, MA it is not clear how reliable any of the above information is at the moment, but, one might suggest it may be more pertinent than other media outlets, given the changing headlines over the past few days. If this individual is at large in Boston, armed or not, one might suspect that he will not survive – if the Boston PD doesn't get him, someone else in the Baystate will.

Search #Bostonscanner on on Twitter.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Immigration – Rand Paul favors Immigration Bill, with some amendments – Annual Reports to Congress, Voter Verification, No Access to Welfare – Must have Border Control.

The Immigration Reform Bill is estimated to take approximately three days to read (CNS News), and is seeing some opposition on certain amendments to the Bill. For exampple, provisions to legalize those that had been previously deported, as well as relatives of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently in the country, is a sticking point for some members of Congress (CNS News).

Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, according to Politico, is seeking to read the Senates 884 page bill, and also is looking to add amendments to the existing legislation. He’d like to see reporting to Congress on an annual basis of the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country. He would like to see immigration reform pass, but with border security included. “Another amendment he’s interested in would add verification requirements to make sure immigrants with work visas and driver’s licenses, but not citizenship, are unable to vote. He also wants to make sure that anyone in the country illegally does not receive welfare benefits. “ Politico

Paul, is pragmatic, in the Libertarian sense as far as fiscal responsibilities are concerned. Understanding that one needs immigrants, but that there should be order to the process, and verification designed to protect the rights of citizens. He is also considering 2106 Bid for the Presidency.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why We All Need to be Vigilant – Bomb Sniffing Dogs Deployed Prior to Marathon - Police presence, yet Someone Managed to Plant Bombs.

Bomb sniffing dogs - article from Government Executive on how TSA Bomb sniffing dogs could be doing more...

After the Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center, there was a general reaction, fear, disbelief and a sense that we had become Israel – with all the implication that entails. In the State of Israel, the citizens live with the daily threat of bombs, rockets, suicide bombers hitting “soft” targets – buses and restaurants. The point of a terrorist to use “soft targets” is to engender fear in the populace, and regardless of whether or not the Boston Marathon bombing was a home grown Jihadist, or an Al Queda cell, or some nut who was looking for attention, or an anarchist from the left who is looking to Occupy 15 minute of fame, the main point we, as people in a nation that was changed on September 11, 2001, should be ever vigilant. We have become, as is our nature, more complacent, less aware of our surroundings – we feel “safe” in our surroundings, as there have been few incidents that have occurred since the World Trade Center.

Although the U.S. has the Intel and the policies in place to attempt to stop these attacks (and they have), there is human error on the one hand, and on the other, the sheer will of someone crazy (either clinically or with some sort of politically or religiously motivated zeal), might have figured out how to leave off the “chatter”, and/or get around it, so that those who are vigilant cannot know when a bomb might go off. This would leave our intelligence without the ability to prevent further attacks, or to miss a planned attack. It would be far more difficult if it were a random person, with an unknown motive (insanity, political zeal, religious zeal) for the national security forces and departments to prevent this type of terrorism.

In the aftermath of the Bombing, in interviews, and elsewhere, it was known that there was either a training exercise or plain security in place: from the Guardian/UK

Davis says this year's race had a stronger security presence than usual: We review each one of these events. At the end of our review last year, we determined that the crowds were larger than usual. And so we put additional officers at the end of the race," the police commissioner says.

There was no specific threat about this event ... this was a standard threat picture.

Davis says undercover officers were "fully deployed" among the crowd as were bomb-sniffing dogs.

Additionally, a coach from an UM Alabama noted the presence of bomb sniffing dogs, and spotters on the roof, prior to and during the marathon.(Local TV 15, Mobile, AL)

Some attempting to debunk the “theory” of a police presence with dogs prior to the race present the following evidence: The Boston Police/EMS had such plans in place: Main (Training Summit – the running of a planned mass casualty event” (PDF)) it is apparent they were well aware of the ability for such an event to take place, and especially important, how to respond.

The fact that there may have been increased security before and during the event is not out of the question, yet, even with the bomb sniffing dogs, something went missing. The dogs, which are well trained, may not have found the type of IED that is generally found in Afghanistan, and/or the bombs were placed in position after the dogs had “swept” an area. What this means is that someone, in a crowd, dropped a backpack or other fabric carrier, into the trashcan and no-one noticed. If someone threw away a backpack, or tote of some sort, would it be any cause for concern? It should be, it should have been, since 9/11, we, every one of us, should take stock of our surroundings and look for the “unusual”.

It is not unusual for people to drop a backpack into the trash – perhaps it was old, tattered, and too heavy to carry. – but if one finds themselves, in a mall, or theater, or restaurant or getting onto a bus, or in a train station, or concert, or at a sporting event, and someone either leaves, drops or walks away from a backpack – that’s worth noting. For example, if it’s 90 degrees and someone walks into an event, onto a bus, and is wearing a bulky coat, they are either crazy, or about to blow up the bus, concert, etc. – It’s worth noting, calling an authority, the same if one spots someone dumping something into a trash can, or leaving it on the side of the trashcan, or behind the trashcan or mailbox, or side of a store in a mall. It’s time for the nation as a whole to pay a bit more attention, we should never have stopped.

We know, as a people that it is not necessarily a Muslim extremist, it may be a “home-grown” terrorist or someone who has “snapped”. It is the world we live in now, where we have to notice threatening behavior and pay attention to something as normal as a backpack, abandoned or being thrown away – even when where supposed to be having fun.

This is especially true in light of what we know about the Boston Marathon. Security was tight, there were bomb sniffing dogs, (and since there are few reports of other’s spotting the dogs and police presence), it is likely that the mere prescreens was enough to placate everyone. (To those who might feel there was a conspiracy afoot.) We are Israel; we need to be aware, and to go about enjoying the lives we lead, in the face of constant threats from zealots or crazy people. (Really both one in the same.)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

China’s Slump in Growth Causes Markets to Stumble – Oil and Gold down – Tales of Taxes and Debt.

In brief, yesterday, on the way into Boston, one look at market news found gold slumping and China a concern among investors as there was a slump in the nation’s growth. The Chinese GDP fell slightly, down 7.7 in the first quarter, from 7.9 in the previous (See Graph from The Australian below.) China is Australia’s largest trading partner, as noted in the Australian. “US retail sales and consumer confidence data disappointed late last week, while gold led a commodity sell-off to below $US1500 an ounce -- its lowest price since 2011 -- on concerns about the sale of bullion by central banks, driving down shares in gold producer Newcrest Mining by 8.2 per cent.”

The above graph from Bloomberg,via the Australian

There have been, of late, more than a few “doomsayers” speculating on what can be termed as a “financial apocalypse”, however, looking at the global nature of finance as it stands today, and the way all markets are interconnected and who the fall or rise of stocks in the U.S. affects, one should be more vested in the news of finances for one very good reason – those with modest investments, such as 401K’s, which are self-directed, could stand to lose, gain or hold onto their earnings. It is not that this blogger has any background in finances, except for losses in a 401K when the markets fell in 2008 – prompting a look at what was happening with high risk options, as well as safe options, in an effort to make gains on modest earnings, while holding onto the initial investment,

The U.S. Debt, for one is of concern, given the fact that the the Chinese own a huge percentage, along with Japan, the amount of the national debt owned by these two nations is at 42%(Desert News.). Paying down the national debt, attracting more businesses through tax incentives (cuts), and making cuts to unnecessary programs, would go a long way towards paying this debt down. It is the fact that, although a stable government, with an eye towards growth, one can anticipate China will have its ups and downs, along with all of its trading partners – one only needs to look Cyprus to see that global economics affect all nations to some extent.

Gold fell on the move by Cyprus to sell it’s gold to settle the national debt, this caused a 30 year low as investors panicked. The US stock market fell based on both the drop in Gold, and the reports on slow growth in Gina (Fox Business).

Expect the U.S. to rebound, as it is won’t to do- but keep an eye on the global markets, and rebalance your 401K accordingly – as most accounts offer features of safe, moderate, and aggressive options, one might want to move rebalance towards safe or moderate, leaving a smaller percentage in aggressive options – as a buffer over the next few months.

If one wants to know who invests in the stock market, those who hold 401K’s, pension funds by city, and state governments, private company pensions, and those whose earnings are not considered to be anywhere near the 1%.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Philadelphia Gosnell Trial – Where the Water Get’s Muddy – Media Focus Taking Center Stage – Puts Story in Forefront – What of Women’s Health and Safety – Nationwide?

There is a trial taking place in Philadelphia – one Kermit Gosnell, an abortion clinic doctor, is being accused of performing late term abortions, so late that the children, born alive, were technically “beheaded”. It is a story that is, for all intents and purposes, horrifying – no matter which side of the “abortion “issue one stands on – the details emerging from the case, are disturbing to the point of nausea. How anyone could perform a procedures described as follows: “The clinic's practice of "snipping" the spines of babies born live during abortion procedures. “ and respond when asked if they knew it was “murder”. - "No, I didn't," said Williams, 44, who told the Philadelphia jury hearing Gosnell's murder trial on Tuesday that the doctor's "standard procedure" was to "ensure fetal demise." is beyond comprehension.

The fact that Media outside of the Philadelphia Area is under attack for ignoring the trial – is not incomprehensible. If a story does not receive national coverage, then it is most likely due to the “deluge” of news released on a daily basis. However, pressures from “pro-life” activists, who have seen coverage on Fox News, are pushing a narrative that the story was intentionally shoved under a rug.

Now, the media is responding more to the accusation, and less to the trail content. If one “Goggles” Philadelphia Abortion Trial, one finds a million excuses – and apologies included from news media across the spectrum. It is not that the on-line versions of what might be considered “liberal” publications did not run the AP stories on the trial in March, as evidenced by a search of the Springfield Republican’s,, those that are considered more “conservative” had the same coverage, The Boston Herald’s site, Boston had the same AP coverage, and nothing else in their archives indicated a focus on the Philadelphia trial. – Apparently, not everyone watches Fox News, including some Moderate Conservatives who happen to be pro-life. Go figure.

Not one to defend the MSM (Mainstream Media), in this case, perhaps a good percentage of the media outside of Philadelphia simply missed the story, or the magnitude of the “horrors” (the typical headline associated with the clinic) of what had taken place. However, by covering the lack of attention paid by the media to the case, they are, now covering the story - with excuses as to why they did not cover it in the first place. This blogger did not respond to this particular story, as it was not in the “spotlight” or something that was in one of the areas of interest – and this blogger is pro-life – anti-death in any form, which allows more than a little leverage to the national and out of state media, who are now responding.

In reading the details, the fact that some view the coverage of this story as a national assault on the pro-choice movement, is insane – the story should offend anyone – anti or pro – given the fact that since Roe vs. Wade, the promise of safe, legal abortions has been set in cement in this nation. The real question should be – why was this clinic, and possibly hundred of similar clinics around the country – not inspected regularly? Looked at once in a blue moon? – No one would want to go to a family medical practice, if it had a record of filth that this “women’s clinic” apparently had. As to the doctor, it goes to the individual who would make a decision to perform late-term abortions – that feels a child born alive, is to be treated no better or worse than an unwanted litter of kittens. As any animal lover might, the thought of what happens to millions of unwanted animals is heartbreaking. Yet, in the case of an unwanted child, the thought of what this particular “provider” did (and had his staff help willingly), is beyond heartbreaking. The fact that abortion, as a procedure is apprehensible aside, the willingness to murder, should be the focus here, along with the cover up, the accomplices, and the fact that this practice could be taking place elsewhere should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind – pro-or anti choice. It is the morality of the issue, certainly, but more important, the physical and psychological damage done to women – in the name of “choice” that should be in the forefront. How, one must ask themselves, would those women, who, understanding they were anesthetized during the procedure, reading about this story today, cope with the fact that they were implicit in the horrific murder of their child? Understanding that most women seeking an abortion are under the impression, that what they carry is truly nothing more than a “blob” not yet determined to be an actual “human”. That is the mantra that is taught, and bought, hook, line and sinker. Somewhere in the back of one’s mind, there is that nagging suspicion, that having an abortion is killing, and those that feel that way, may find themselves after the procedure suffering years of guilt, anxiety, and depression.

There are laws in certain states that mandate a woman receive counseling as well as have an ultrasound in order to fully weigh the pro’s and con’s of the decision. This should be a standard – if a women feels, after seeing a child on an ultrasound, that it is not in her best interest to have the procedure – so be it. With laws like this in place, it would help to eradicate what can only be termed as infanticide.

The media, alternatively beating it’s breasts in apology for not cover the story, and defending themselves from the accusations, are, at the least, covering the story in some kind, however, the focus should be on what steps can be taken, nationally, to protect women who feel they must resort to this particular procedure, no matter their background. It should be a women’s health issue as well as a murder trial, and there should be a whole lot of screaming from women’s rights activists on this subject – certainly with all the hoopla spouted from these same groups regarding access to safe, legal abortions.

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