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Ron Paul Supporter Digs Deep on Ad Seeking Sexual “Misconduct” Dirt on Rick Perry, San Francisco Chronicle Takes the Bait!

Handful of Protesters in NH for Perry Event - Media Blows out of Proportion - image Pegasus News dot com

A Ron Paul Supporter (Ron Paul, being a Libertarian running as a Republican for President, having a following that is rather dedicated) had taken out an ad in a Texas paper asking for information from prostitutes and others of the same ilk, to come forward with information regarding any dalliances with the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. The supporter is seen by the media (at large) as a “Republican” simply because he supports Ron Paul, who is labeled as a Republican (while truly not fitting the mold, with the exception of some economic theories), therefore, if this one so-called Republican, is seeking dirt on the Governor, then – “it must be true!” The Gate also refers to Karl Rove’s dislike of the 10 year Texas Governor, as additional “proof” that there’s problems with Rick Perry’s Character.
What is most amazing in all of this, is why certain print plus web publishers are surprised when the quarterly audits are out, and they show a loss of circulation and impressions – again. (Something like the monthly “surprise” in an increase in unemployment by the administration – there is a trend here.)

Call this blog crazy, however, given the fact that Rove is not happy with Perry is obvious – he’s part of the Texas Republican establishment, and supported Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s bid for the Governor’s office. Rove also is not enamored of Sarah Palin, who stuck her nose into Texas politics and supported Perry – who bested Kay Bailey – no one – surprisingly was shot. (Disclaimer: This is a joke based on the current state of the media ready to jump on anything as “proof”.)

How “dangerous” is Rick Perry as a candidate? (Dangerous to the DNC) – Apparently very: given the increasing number of ridiculous and negative articles, including this gem from the New York Times “For better or worse, Perry echoes Bush in many ways. Could that cost him swing voters?”
Therefore, on the one hand in San Francisco Gate Land – Perry is a possible sex fiend, began a Ron Paul Supporter is digging for dirt, and Karl Rove dislikes him, on the other hand, in New York Times Land, Perry’s a lot like Bush!

Give us all a break – and watch “The Undefeated!” – Stephen K Bannon’s gift to the nation on how the media can twist, turn and destroy a candidate, (or try to in the case of Palin), with malicious intent, not caring a whit if what they print is true, if what they broadcast is fact, as long as it is helping a “Progressive”. They apparently also do not care much about their stockholders or employees, who are disappointed financially and for the most part unemployed due to the “rising cost of printing the papers” and the decline in circulation.

Herein lays the deal. Although this blog has not committed to a candidate, as the preferred “horse” has not yet entered the race”, it is the absolute audacity of the press and their willingness to speculate the news, right or wrong, that is most annoying. Although Palin has not yet announced, at the rate the Press (both print and broadcast (blogs well, there are blogs, as is this one – for the most part opinion about facts sometimes with references sometimes without), Governor Rick Perry will make Sarah Palin appear to be the most electable Republican in the bunch – which may have been the plan all along – or not (Anyone jumping on that conspiracy theory?)

It is the fact that someone is standing up, a political newcomer to the press that does not leave their safety zone of Progressive think to actually ask questions, and report realistically, it is the fact that Perry actually stands up for his beliefs, which, apparently he is finding out does not play well with the Press. It appears that he may be undaunted. With one exception:

In a recent visit to New Hampshire Governor Perry, who, according to “The State”, was greeted by “protesters” even though he has so far, drawn the biggest crowds to the traditional Republican Primary events in that State. Those protesters, holding signs and dissatisfied with the Texan’s Reponses are one former State Democrat office holder and a few community organizers (see photos) (Note: New Hampshire is now a Red State, increasing its conservative base from fleeing Massachusetts conservatives (causing a loss of a Congressional Seat in the Bluest State.), and a “community organized group” - the state failed to mention the size of the group. However, WMUR, out of Manchester New Hampshire set a different tone on the “incident” – which is worth the read. (Due to the nature of the reporting - it is reporting!

Therefore, if Perry, in an authentic Texas manner (note to New York Times, Texas is a large state, and has many politician’s, both Democrats and Republicans, and not all Republican’s are like Bush! (playing the Bush Card in desperation), can stand up to the media (a la Palin) that will endear him to the rest of the nation (including Republican’s (who are not so moderate they might as well be Democrats, Democrats, who have not lost their minds and gone over to the “progressive” end of the party and most importantly independents who are looking for a straight shooter (from the hip, either by word or deed). The more the let looses it (and that is becoming glaringly apparent) the higher Perry’s polls will go.
The thought now that one of the Republican’s in the field cannot beat Obama in November should be a given, the nation has had it, and therefore, the job is to pick the right Republican, not necessarily the one the beltway would like to have as the nominee or the New York Times and co is comfortable with (watch for good press, it’s not a good sign), or Karl Rove Likes a lot, or the list goes on. The most authentic, non-groomed, under coached individual who has experience in government at the state level, is the most likely to be able to at least attempt to get us out of this mess – so to those voters who are on the fence this early, start digging and do your homework.

To every single one of the Republican Candidates – Visit Massachusetts!! Do not abandon us for the sake of the GOP – if you have Tea Party leanings, there are Tea Party’s across the state (See Scott Brown vs. Coakley) – it is not a “Winner Take All State”, and if anyone of you would like to stick it to another Republican candidate, this would be the place to campaign – it’s an hour and a half from New Hampshire to the Middle of Massachusetts and the Western Part of the state – Note to Guvnor Perry – Western Massachusetts residents have often wished to secede from the Commonwealth. You might find a stop in Worcester or for that matter the Springfield area, would contain supporters, in the form of Republicans, Tea Party, Green Party, Unenrolleds (which are the majority of vote share in the State) and yes, Democrats.

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Nancy Pelosi (D-CA8) Will be Up for Re-election in 2012 – A Public Service Announcement

The search for Nancy Pelosi reelection has begun to generate a good percentage of visits to this blog, to that end: Nancy Pelosi (along with all members of Congress) will be up for re-election in 2012.

Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA8) former speaker of the House, will be also be up for reelection along with all members of Congress. Pelosi, who faced a challenge in the CA 8 the district, in 2010, it remains to be seen if she will face competition in 2012 (more probable than not).

As the dust begins to clear and challengers become available, information and biographies will be available on this blog.

Rick Perry - Media Goes Into Overdrive – MSNBC Hosts Embarrass Themselves - Stewart – Jon Stewart – Skewers Media!

Maddow, Shultz and Matthews - One's Fictional "News" Source - image

From: What’s happened to Jon Stewart? Stewart, a comedienne political pundit, apparently goes to the dark side, as MSNBC, in its usual ridiculous partisan style, makes claims regarding Conservatives that are simply over the top – In the video from shown below, Stewart shows some commons sense with a bit of humor. Stewarts ratings, have taken late night’s 18-49 year demographic from NBC’s Jay Leno, and with this new twist, and the obvious angst against the media and current economic and political situation, is watched by more in that same Demographic than the target of the clip below – MSNBC.

Rick Perry, upon his entrance to the national stage, immediately shot past Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney in the polls, which led to:

”Klein: Is Perry Too European to Be U.S. President?”(Bloomberg)

”Perry can unify some parts of GOP, but all of it?”>(Kansas City Star)

Perry Draws Criticism for Noted Texas Talk(Your News Now Austin)

”Just Because Perry’s Undefeated Doesn’t Mean He’s a Good Campaigner”(From NPR)

”Perry Has Texas in Shambles(From Eastern Iowa Gazette)

The above from one Google News Alert! Considering Rick Perry is averaging 100 plus “Google News Alerts” per day (outpacing: Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich), and the majority is similar to the above – Perry must be thanking God that he’s not a Conservative Woman!! (Or for that matter, any woman who attempts to run for President be they Conservative or Democrat (See Hillary Clinton).

One person who is most likely grateful for the lack of Media angst (although it still exists) would be Sarah Palin, as her bus tour headed back to Alaska for the first day of school (her youngest daughter did accompany the family on this trip), the media was still wondering why?!! Why the “abrupt” decision to halt an Iowa Bus Tour?!!! Perhaps it was the fact that the road was being hogged by Greyhound One, and its caravan of SUV’s? Regardless, for now, Perry is taking the heat off of Palin, and the fact that the media has gone so overboard in such a short period of time, leaves one wondering if Perry’s candidacy was not without some design – When Palin makes her announcement in September, the media will, perhaps be worn out by the Texan, and have little left to skewer Palin (although that won’t happen in the real world).

In reality, the GOP field has a lot to offer the nation, which is why, with each entrant onto the national stage, the media seeks to find someone more suitable, knowing full well that no GOP candidate would suffice, unless Barack Obama quickly changed parties in a last ditch effort to gain reelection.

Moreover, this is not to say that each candidate should not be fully vetted by the public, however, this is made increasingly difficult, as the press is not grounded in reality, rather in ideology - to the point where there is a growing lack of trust in media in general. This obviously does no service to the nation, regardless of partisan politics, the public will vote, and it is increasingly probable that vote would be cast for a Republican. It would be hopped that, in some Utopian world, the media would take a fair and hard look at each candidate comparatively, including Candidate Obama, in order to give the country a fair shot at recovery. That is, if anyone is still listening.

Watch the video; it is both funny and to the point.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GOP 2012 Update: Perry enters Race Takes Lead in Polls, Criticisms Heat up on Perry’s form of Dress, Diction and Straight Texas Talk

For all the brouhaha from MSNBC over Perry's Hat, one finds few photos, if any of Rick Perry near a hat! (unless being worn by someone behind him - that said, he would at the very least appear authentic in a cowboy hat - image

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, entered the GOP race for the Presidential nomination this past weekend, and is now leading the field by 10 points in a new Rasmussen poll, Rasmussen poll. In addition, the critique on Perry from the media has been ramped up a bit:
From Chris “My legs are tingling for Obama” Matthews comes this gem:

"He looks like a clown," Matthews said. "He dresses very fancy. There's something about the way that he puts himself together that doesn't look authentic. He looks like, I don't know, a wax figure pretending to be governor. There's something about him that doesn't add up to me. Maybe it's this Texas B.S., this boots and tuxedo thing they do down there. Why does it work? Outside of Texas it doesn't travel very well."

Apparently, Chris Matthews might think Obama is the "height of fashion" in this attempt at fitting in - while visiting Texas - of course, not terribly authentic, now is he?

Apparently Matthews has never travelled to Texas, or for that matter, out of the studio – it is Texas, Big Texas, Big Hats, Big Boots – Matthew should at least try Nashville first, where they do wear cowboy boots, and there’s country music and all – to at least dim the culture shock of leaving the studio prior to going onto Texas.

Of course, not to be outdone, the AP now has a charming way of insinuating that those that live outside of the bubble that is the east coast elite (and those that consider themselves elite elsewhere – headlines ”Perry's colorful tongue takes the national stage”. Apparently, authentic local colloquialisms do not belong in politics – to whit – you sound funny, you talk funny, you have “Perryisms”, why, even the President is being magnanimous.

Obama said Tuesday he was inclined to cut the governor "some slack" since it was so early in his run. The president was asked on CNN about Perry's suggestion that military members would respect the Texan more than him because Perry served in the military and he didn't.
"I think that everybody who runs for president, it probably takes them a little bit of time before they start realizing that this isn't like running for governor or running for Senate or running for Congress," Obama said. "You've got to be a little more careful about what you say." AP Source

This from a man who held one term as a community organizer, one term in the Illinois Legislature and half a term in the U.S. Senate – seriously – The President uses “Chicago Gang” colloquialisms when on the stump, what scares the U.S. Public more? A straight talking and shooting (see coyote/dog) Texan or a smooth talking hipsters that will bring a gun to a knife fight?

Not to be outdone by the President, the RNC inner circle is in a tizzy:

"Inappropriate and unpresidential," tweeted Tony Fratto, a Republican who worked at the Treasury Department and in the White House under President George W. Bush.
That was his quick verdict after Perry said at a campaign appearance Monday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke would be committing a "treasonous" act if he decided to "print more money to boost the economy." Perry said such action by the Fed would amount to a political maneuver aimed at helping President Barack Obama win re-election.
(What Perry Said:)
"If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don't know what y'all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas," Perry said, responding to a question from the audience.AP Source

This refers to the print of money by the Feds, a bad plan in some economists as well as a growing percentage of the American Public, who votes, and has a say in all of this (witness the 2010 election where historic gains were made in the Congress by “Republicans” of Tea Party Philosophy – many an incumbent Republican and Democrat were replaced by those rabble rousers. To which many in the nation were quite pleased. The other note to those who are clueless (Press, RNC, DNC) "Treat Pretty Ugly"in Texas is not a threat, it's a fact, it's like being shunned, or laughed at, or basically voted out of office, or confronted with strong verbal scoldings) Where's the disconnect? Look to the East!!

Therefore, Rick Perry stands up, and doesn’t back down, he’s not from Massachusetts, or New York or Washington, he’s from Texas. He speaks like a Texan, he dresses like a Texan, and he loves this nation like a Texan.

How long will it take the Photoshop maniacs over at Newsweek to slam Perry on a cover in looking like a Texan? (But with their usual creative twist) See other’s who have scared the left and the mainstream media and the Republican hierarchy: Palin and Bachmann come immediately to mind.

What’s wrong with Rick Perry – He’s authentic – that’s cause for concern in a political landscape where authentic is not the norm – illusion is all that counts, and business as usual, should stay that way – Not this time: Perry, Palin, Bachmann are not the usual suspects, (Although Palin has yet to announce her “intentions” – she has the time of Ronald Reagan on her side). The national debate should be a focus on who is most qualified to lead the nation. It is about leadership and frankly, if a tough talking, gun tooting Texan, a former Governor of the State of Alaska, that upended the Republican Party, the Democrats and Big Oil, in favor of her States Constitution, or a Tax Attorney, Congresswoman from Minnesota, who had stood firm in her conviction not to raise the debt ceiling, are on the ticket for the GOP, one might be surprised at how much the resonate with the individual – not Washington, or Debbie Wasserman Shultz harping on about whatever, on the local Sunday Talk Shows.

Fact of the matter is, one of those aforementioned will be the next President; none of them are out of the question, it is that the American voting public has had it with “the usual” and are looking for leadership in the form of someone who embodies the American Spirit of can do, must do, and must do it on your own, especially when that candidate has done exactly that.

Of course, this is one opinion, but when the President is holding steady at 39%, taking a bus tour in a glorified and armored greyhound bus into Iowa to tell the folks that he’ll have plan in September to fix the economy, it comes off more than a little disingenuous and somewhat insulting to the public who has heard the same line time and again. I addition, he’s lost his swagger, his sense of humor and appears to know he’s in over his head, with no way out, but for the gift of a general election – and that Tea Party that is much maligned and feared by the media, the elite and those sitting at the RNC headquarters in Washington, will be the ones to help make it happen. Those darn terrorist mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, teens, working men and women who pay too much in taxes (combined federal and state) and support those yahoos in office (along with the fifty percent of the nation that does not pay taxes), those who prefer to follow the constitution, democrats, republicans and independents all, and they prefer that their politicians are straight talking, shoot from the hip, men and women. The hue and cry about evangelicals, tea party support, and well, just about anything the left thinks will scare the average Joe and Jane from the morning news to the eleven o’clock even news (running snippets on national news), with the catchphrases: Tea Party Candidate, Evangelical Right Wing Christian (emphasis on Christian), are only doing those candidates a favor. Those just happen to be the qualities that the American Public is seeking now, after having tried Carter II (or as some pundits who had worked in the Carter administration have noted – their worst nightmare since Carter (Pat Caddell) (paraphrased).

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Why The GOP Presidential Field Is Insufficient and There Simply is No Candidate that Will Work for the American People.

Perry and Bachmann - Fear from the Left - Translates into "Ridiculous Press" - image Newsmax

With Texas Governor, Rick Perry’s entrance into the political arena of Presidential politics, the resounding theme from the media in general is one of anticipation, as in, what else you got? The problem is, that regardless of who runs for office on the GOP ticket, be they a moderate Republican, a staunch fiscal conservative or a candidate that supports both fiscal and social conservative issues, a candidate that supports both fiscal and social issues, and is also Christian, and lastly, a candidate that would combine all of the above, none of them, to the eye of the media, would be sufficient to run this nation.
The problem with the GOP or the Tea Party for that matter, is that no matter who is “leading” or a “leader” (a strong personality that has the ability to make sound statements that resonate with those that share the same ideology), is, simply, they are not Progressive Democrats or outright Socialists. Anyone expressing values, be they fiscal or moral, is anathema to those who would see the nation return to a Constitutional form of Government. Therefore, the media will never be honest, or positive about any one of the GOP candidates. In this specific cycle, the reason is clear, crystal clear.

During the two years leading up to the 2008 election (and previously) George Bush was abused by the press, regardless of whether the man was right or wrong, there as a no holds barred attack, and this attack went on day after day, in print and in airwaves, with the premise that “all Republicans” were George Bush. The result, in 2006 Congress, with Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA8), a Progressive Democrat, at the helm, Bush had little he would be able to do, and the nation was run, constitutional, with the power vested, not in the President, but in the Congress and Senate. With the election of 2008, it was a similar game plan, denounce every candidate as fringe, and promote only the most Progressive Candidate – and it worked. We now have Barack Obama at the helm – a man who’s obviously tried his best, however, there have been too many factors which have led to a downward spiral in his popularity, the economy and his handling of the same, being on the top of the list. He’s lost his mojo with the public, but he’s still the champion of the media, and anyone who might apply for his job, is the enemy.

The problem with the aforementioned is: no one is listening anymore, to the right or the left of the media discourse, the appearance of bias is so great, that Joe Citizen is no longer relying on the “news” to form an opinion. This is approximately what happened to Jimmy Carter, when one is an abject failure, and the media continues to be the cheerleader, eventually the people will get tired and hire someone else, no matter what may be said of the individual (clown, cowboy, dangerous, lacking intelligence.)

Ignoring history is one of the key elements of the mistake made on a daily basis – and the rank partisanship of the media is so apparent, that it is no wonder that there is no one Republican that is in the current field that appeals to “Republican voters”.
The reality is that the GOP contest is one that is not only interesting, it is becoming more so with the entry into the race of Governor Rick Perry of Texas, as well as the potential for Palin to enter in September. With Independents, Democrats disenfranchised with the Progressive road to Economic demise, and a general sense that Mickey Mouse could do a better job; the Republican Field looks mighty interesting.

Those reading the news regularly, (or more to the point, heading to the web, reading the news, doing their own fact checking, are distraught over the inability of the administration to see the forest through the trees when it comes to kick starting the economy – there is historical evidence in place that proves there are policies that work, and those that fail – yet, they continue to follow paths that are known to fail, and continue to come up with new ideas, that sound very much like the rhetoric of the 1960’s. With street gangs, and “flash mobs” robbing stores, and causing riots, from Philadelphia to Chicago, and into the Heartland, with inflation on food and essentials rising and the paychecks going now where fast, and with a leader at the helm, that appears to be either clueless or incapable of making a sound decision, they are looking carefully at the GOP field, and making choices – one can predict with a certainty, that the GOP primary process in 2012 will draw a great deal of attention, from all voters, including the Independents, the Democrats and the Republicans who make up the much maligned Tea Party, or not. This will follow into the general election.

What’s wrong with the GOP Candidates now? According to the media, everything:
From the Daily Beast (the online version of Newsweek which is print only) comes the article: “Dominionism Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry’s Dangerous Religious Bond. This piece insists that both candidates are connected to a cult that seeks Christian domination. The surreal idea that both candidates are connected by this type of common bond, smacks of the desperation of the media, and almost parrots MSNBC’s Rachel “conspiracy theory” Maddow.

In a nation that is disenfranchised with the economy, the fact that two candidates (or all candidates) are religious is not a deterrent, rather shows stability – to the average voter. From the left point of view, Christian’s are dangerous, because?

If that aspect doesn’t’ work, let’s look at dubious fundraising, no matter how deep one has to dig to get something dubious on a candidate: Rick Perry, Politico has uncovered may count on donors who have rather deep pockets, and he may have a donor who is also a lobbyist or may receive money from a PAC! Good Grief, that man is both a Christian and is raising funds to run for President!

On the flip side, the only mention of Barack Obama’s ability to challenge a candidate came from Yahoo news: Obama’s Bus Catches Buzz:a comparison of campaign buses, Obama’s (which looks like a hearse, and Palin’s (complete with American Themes). The opening statement (paraphrased) Obama’s bus is better than Palin’s bus. Palin has yet to announce her candidacy but the media is not taking any chances.

Palin’s Bus Tour, which one can read into that road trip, the road to the White House 2012, comes under the scrutiny of Politico Sarah Palin tour comes to abrupt halt, as if Palin is undecided as to what to do next – except head back to Alaska so her younger daughter who had accompanied the family on the bus tour of American Historical sites, (and yes political arena’s), could begin the school year. Abrupt end?

Herein lays the problem, in the face of one of the worst financial crisis, as well as growing social unrest and the potential for UK Type Mob riots (refer to Philadelphia, Chicago, etc. or just Google Philadelphia Youth Gangs, the Milwaukee State Fair attacks, etc.), individuals are looking for strong leaders, with fiscal conservatism as the primary key, and an ability to have some moral authority (i.e. a faith in the Constitution as well as a religion), and is not afraid to stand up and be – themselves. It is refreshing that what the field now contains (so far) one woman who has more chutzpah than twenty men, and is fearless in the face of scorn and criticism from the left or the right. (Bachmann), one gun toting, Texan of humble birth, who is, in reality, what the American Dream is about, telling the public, you too should have opportunities, your children should have opportunity, and (paraphrasing again) “I’m going to pray for that, and then deal with the fiscal crisis – There are jobs in Texas, private sector jobs! Perry, one can well imagine, won’t cozy up to the media either, or be well treated (that’s a given) by the media, but, both candidates are being looked at closely as potential replacements for the current “non-leader.

Should Palin enter the race – or when Palin enters the race, there will be three that have been maligned, tested and are standing firm in the face of the onslaught from blogs, to crazed Progressives, who cannot get past the “tax the rich”, dogma of Obama (who should take a hard look now, at London and see what that led to (he apparently has not been briefed on our own grab and stead from the “rich” flash mobs, who break into stores, attack innocent shoppers, and basically take what they want, because someone may be “richer” than they are.

Therefore, in reality, what is wrong with the current crop of GOP candidates, is that they are – right.

Not right-wing, but just plain right, about the state of the nations economics, the U.S. standing in the eyes of the world, and the fact that America is an exceptional nation, with boundless opportunity under a free market system with fair taxes.
This does not sit well with the 20% of the nation’s Progressives.


Therefore, as these individuals who have taken their time, their treasure, and their families on the road to the GOP nomination, be they Tea Party or GOP Regular (think Mitt), with the outcome being that one will challenge an already neutered incumbent, watch for the media to attack with a vengeance, regardless of fact, or fact checking that is correct. Pay strict attention to those men and women who are in competition for a job that clearly, no one should want, unless that person is so dedicated to this nation, and believes that the United States is worth fighting for, that they are willing to take abuse 24/7 for those of us who are not as courageous. It is that one of these people will be the next President.
Recommended: The Undefeated: which will be available in September on DVD – although focused on Palin’s political rise through Alaskan Politics to the National stage, one must understand that this film not only exonerates Palin, but more to the point, shows the press and it’s tenacious resolve to destroy anyone whom they see as the enemy – It was made for Palin, yes, but it applies to every candidate, from the Tea Party member who is running for Congressional office, or the Senate, to the Presidency – watch your media carefully, both from the right and from the left, and form one’s own opinion. It is “hard work” as one Democrat this blog holds dear once announced, when told how to research a candidate and their issues, to see where they stood, and how well their ideas match their own, and then decide whom to choose – that it was hard work. Yes, it is hard work, but it is well worth the time and the trouble.

One more thing: Run Sarah Run!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama Approval Below 40% - Heads to the Heartland – GOP’s Perry, Bachmann on the Move – GOP Candidates Don’t Forsake Massachusetts!!

Perry and Bachamnn - image Newsmax

From The Los Angeles Times, President Obama’s approval ratings have gone to a new low, according to Gallup Polling, at 39% approval, an approval rating somewhat reminiscent of the ratings Carter enjoyed as he began to campaign for his reelection in late 1979. Suddenly, Obama will head to the Heartland in a three state tour, the message based on economics, and the end result of the trip touted as not ‘political’ by the White House. (LA Times). That said, last evenings CBS 11 pm local broadcast of the national news, indicated that the trip was indeed political, given the attention paid to the GOP candidates in Iowa and elsewhere this weekend, one of which will ultimately force him into early presidential retirement. The trip is, according to UPI, funded by the taxpayers, and the President will speak in small venues, with the largest hamlet, with a population of 8,000. Immediacy following this exhausting three day schedule, Obama will be heading towards Martha’s Vineyard for a vacation with his family. Last year the most popular t-shirt on the Vineyard was “Miss Me Yet? With George Bush as the focus, this year, there appears to be no new designs on this island playground of the rich and famous – perhaps it’s the economy?

In contrast, both GOP Newcomer, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, and Michelle Bachmann, Congresswoman and small business owner, were at the same event in Iowa where the tone was polite to one another and no-hold-barred regarding the polities of the Obama administration. Bachmann, coming off her win at the Aims Iowa Straw Poll, shared the stage with Govenor Perry, who announced his intent to run, prior to the start of the polling. He managed to edge out the Wall Street Journal’s front runner, Mitt Romney, and with Bachmann’s win, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty decided to call it quits.

It is interesting that the newscasts from all major networks after the entrance of Perry and the win of Bachmann in the Straw Poll, reference them as “Tea Party”, in accord with Democrat talking head, Debbie Schultz, who weighed in with the fact that all candidates in the GOP were attempting to be like the Tea-Party, and that they were like “Lego’s” (a popular child’s toy). Shultz has her work cut out for her, as the head of the DNC, turning the Tea Party into a villain may be the wrong strategy, but running on Obama’s record, being out of the question at this point, Shultz has little left. One has to wonder, just what did this Florida Congressional Representative do that got her this particular position? Understandably – being the Head Cheerleader for a team going down to the finals in flames is not the most desirable position to hold. It does beg that question.

Therefore, a look at what’s on Press for newcomer, Rick Perry (readers are most aware of what is being said about Michelle Bachmann, a press that despises conservative women more than anything else given the fact that NOW felt compelled to call out Newsweek, on their coverage of Bachmann as being Sexist!) is in order:

From ABC News blog, the note that Rick Perry’s wife told him to enter the race, and do his duty to the country, apparently given the tone of the speech, at the Red State conference, (shown below for reference), the fact that it was a speech that, although red meat for conservatives, was resounding with Independents as well as New York Democrats, and that leaves them little to say about Perry in the race. Next up: Perry’s and Bachmann’s evangelical base – (wait; there are a few hundred stories on that racing to print). There is nothing more frightening to hard core Progressives that the “religious right”, of course, the “Tea Party” is a strong second.

In New Hampshire, Governor Perry appeared to do quite well for his first foray into the granite state (with exception of national media report, therefore one should look to the New Hampshire Union Leader for what most likely occurred: Perry appeared to come across quite well on this, his first excursion into New Hampshire More than a few Massachusetts residents are waiting for his next trip to the Granite State in order to directly volunteer.

No Coincidence, to this point of view Sarah Palin, who will most likely announce her GOP (or Tea Party?) run for the Presidency, at a Tea Party even in Iowa, took a weekend road trip to the following states, by bus, (look for the similarities here), first to Iowa, then to Illinois, and could she possibly be headed to Minnesota? Is Obama stalking Sarah Palin? Considering the ridiculous claims from the left (including the White House and talking head for the DNA, Muppet Wasserman) it is not such an outrageous assumption.

Currently the Wall Street Journal online poll asks: To you think Palin should run (paraphrasing), and the answer, so far is “yes”, by a 51.5 to 48.5. . One has to understand this is the “Mitt Romney” paper of choice, however, as it is now, Palin would bring much to the conversation on the national stage, and she adds one more “Tea Party” “Lego Candidate” to Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s new battle cry. (Lest she be forced to contrast one of these candidates with the Presidents performance).

As first a feminist and a conservative feminist, there would be nothing more exciting that to see two qualified and outstanding women, compete for the GOP Nomination, which would be an historical first, and incidentally will also give fits to Traditional News Outlets as well as Democrats and Republican’s in Washington – what more could anyone ask for?

Note: Below is Rick Perry’s Speech at Red State, worth a listen. Secondly, the “Undefeated” video goes on sale and pay-per-view in December, after viewing the film in a Theater in Plainville CT, one understands it supports two objectives: one, that Sarah Palin, a viable Candidate can and should be a successful candidate in 2012, and 2) do not trust the media when it goes after any candidate running against Obama. Although not implicit in the script or the movie language, with Palin as the focus, every GOP candidate, or Tea Party Candidate, or anyone running against a Progressive Democrat, would be best served to watch this film.

Final Note to all GOP or Tea Party Candidates: Do not, repeat, do not, for once, and leave the Commonwealth of Massachusetts off your schedule. Keep in mind that in 1980, the State of Massachusetts voted for Reagan, and is at the point, where the interest is high. In addition, (check for updates with the Mass GOP), the state is not a winner take all; a Candidate needs only 15% to put them on the ballot. Of course, the thought that there may only be 12% registered Republican’s sounds as if it may be a waste of time, however, consider that has a fairly large Tea Party presence. Suggest visiting (on the way to New Hampshire), Western Massachusetts/Worcester County and the Boston Area, there are volunteers enough for every candidate; the investment should be minimal (unless one wants to really stick it to Axelrod’s other favorite candidate, the Governor Deval Patrick. Several Birds, one stone.

Rick Perry’s Speech at Red State:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2012 GOP Update, Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll, Palin Speculation Rampant – Time on Her Side to Announce

Palin and Bachmann, with Palin entry, historical milestone - Image MSNBC

Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday, effectively giving those participating in the poll a run for their money (literally, the cost associated with the poll is $15,000 per candidate) Ron Paul, placed a strong second, with Mitt Romney and write in candidate Rick Perry, garnering under the 1,000 vote mark. As far as Perry is concerned, he had just entered the GOP nomination race that day in South Carolina (with a very strong speech) – Romney, the perceived front-runner, would, in this opinion, have the most to lose with Perry in the race. Massachusetts political groups, including the Worcester GOP, are clearly pleased that Perry is now in the race.

Sarah Palin was in attendance at the Iowa State Fair, and is also considered a front runner by some polls placing third on Real Clear Politics. The prevailing speculation is that she will announce in September, coinciding with a visit to Iowa for a large Tea Party event. Those who consider late GOP race entries to be “too late”, might take into account Ronald Reagan, who announced formally he would seek the GOP Nomination in November of 1979. Palin, not unlike Reagan, had built a grass roots support network in the three years prior to the election. This strategy played no small role in the California Governors eventual nomination as the GOP Presidential candidate in 1980 and subsequent 8 year term as President of the U.S.

The process and those late entrants to the race, Perry and Palin in September, would lend much to the national conversation - To have two women, running as conservative GOP nominees, would be, in itself, historical in nature, and in addition, bring some balance to the debate.

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