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Wow! Palin Paid $14,000 To Decorate A Bus! ABC News and Assorted Media in Frenzy!

The bus in question: A Bargain compared to one dinner for two at the White House - image ABC News Blogs

It isn’t even August (the approximate date given by Sarah Palin for an announcement vis a vis the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination), and yet, one would think that as she has yet to announce, there would be a little less focus on the woman the media loathes to the point of obsession. Case in point, as the FEC candidate, party and PAC filings are available online to one and all: ABC News (blog) has it’s pantyhose in a knot over the fact that Palin's PAC (not Palin herself) paid “almost $14000 to decorate her tour bus”!

Apparently those over at NBC, although working in media, have no clear idea of what it might cost to say, “wrap a bus”, or even “buy commercial air time”. Consider when one “wraps a bus” one must pay for the graphic artist (designer), the production (placing graphics on wrap), the wrap itself and the installation!

Palin appears to have managed to get a bargain.

Go figure, she is, after all, a fiscal conservative.

Simply because, although unannounced, the media is treating Sarah Palin as a direct rival (or threat if you will) to the President (Barack Obama), it is surprising that they did not compare his about to be cancelled: $36,000 per couple birthday dinner he is throwing at the White House! on yes, your guessed it, the taxpayers dime. Therefore, if one is going to compare, Governor Palin’s bus wrap at $14,000 would last at a minimum of 24 months, with perhaps a need for a touch up now and again, while the Presidents Birthday, for one couple alone, at approximately twice the cost will last a fleeting few hours.

It is precisely this type of insanity from the media that has more than a few American’s looking at who would be the best choice for president (assuming that Barack Obama will not make a second term and will be defeated in 2012) - As no serious challenge has come from the left, one can also assume that Obama will be the candidate, this leaves the general public with several GOP alternatives from which to choose – In today’s economic climate, which is not, by the way, improving any, debt ceiling or no, (yet another crisis), more moderates (from all parties) are taking a hard look at the women who would be President, rather than the men – simply because they walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to spending wisely and cutting costs when it is possible. This may explain Michelle Bachmann’s meteoric rise in the polls against Tax or Fee former Governor’s Tim and Mitt, as well Bachmann’s ability to answer a question, and stand by her convictions, even if it is not the popular stance in Washington or the media (see: Debt Ceiling). Should Palin enter (and it is a likelihood despite the pundits nay saying - which is more like praying) the race, she would, possibly be neck and neck with the Congresswoman, and honestly trump her given her gubernatorial experience, and name recognition.

The hysteria will be such in newsrooms, editorial boards and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and the resultant broadcasts or printed word will reflect the aforementioned – when Sarah Palin announces, that it would appear to even the most average of American’s (from an elite perspective), that all of the aforementioned have clearly lost their minds. (Finally the non-compliant light bulb appears).

The question keeps being asked and answered: Can Sarah Palin win the Presidency (or Michelle Bachmann) and there are more nay’s, she’s not running (Palin) than any yeas. Here’s the slogan for those who feel the need to have something silly to say in order to affirm a choice: (speaking clearly about those moderate Democrats) “Yes, she Can!!”
(Borrowed from Deval Patrick and Barack Obama who borrowed it from Deval Patrick (Governor of Massachusetts) Easy to Say, Affirms A Choice, Simple to Memorize, and somehow Meaningless at the same time when applied to anything other than a woman winning the White House.)

A Side Note: Both Sarah Palin (unannounced) and Michelle Bachmann (announced) are seeing an increase of attacks from blogs and the media, which will continue unabated (one can assume) through the primary season. Of course, since the primary is for Conservatives and Unenrolled (or Independents) and those Democrats who have lost complete faith in Obama and are considered moderate, no matter what “bombshell” comes from the media, it is fairly apparent that they will make a decision based upon substance, rather than hysteria, and not take the advice of a media who is obviously hostile to the concept of conservatism in any respect.

To reiterate: $14,000 bus wrap that will last over a year, or $36,000 dinner that will last, at most, several hours.

It will not be the social issues, it will be the spending issues and the ever increasing unemployment (or the unemployment staying the same) and it will not matter if someone sat on a board as a Christian Counselor, or if someone misspoke about this historical date or no (Bachmann), it will depend upon whether or not the individual instills confidence, stands up for themselves without changing their tune fifty times in fifty debates/press conferences/or what-have-you, that the individual can relate to those who vote (rather than those who tell someone how to vote: see Hollywood and the media as well as your professor or high school teacher).

It is beyond time for leadership that has the stamina and self-confidence to make a decision based on fiscal sanity, and who better than a woman? One who would make the necessary cuts in the budget without throwing out the baby with the bathwater? One who is a warrior and a mother? Most importantly one who puts America first, ahead of party, and ahead of politics, as both of these women have shown they are more than capable of doing. Although this blogger is waiting for Sarah Palin, and has endorsed her wholeheartedly, both as a strong candidate (based upon past performance), and as someone who would stand up, not just to our media (most of which, when she is elected, will move to another country along with half of Hollywood (suggesting France), and spend weeks if not months in therapy), but to the nations that stand in direct opposition to American exceptionalism. She will stand not for one party or the other, but for the people.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2012 GOP Update: Pawlenty – Sees No Difference Between Fees & Taxes, Bachmann Leads in Polls, Palin to Announce Late Summer

Pawlenty vs. Bachmann, Pawlenty Sees "Fees" as the answer (ie. Taxes!), yet criticizes Bachmann for lack of experience at a Governors Mansion - image:

In the latest Iowa poll released by Magellan StrategiesMichelle Bachmann leads the field in Iowa by 13 points, followed by Romney at 16, Pawlenty the third in line, by 8 points, the balance of those announced also in lower single digits. 24 percent of the respondents are undecided, with Sarah Palin not included in the polling. Bachmann leads in all poll demographics, Female and Male Voters, Fiscal and Social Conservatives, as well as voters 65 plus. Although there is still a significant amount of time between July and the 2012 Caucuses/Primaries, it is interesting to see Bachmann, currently the lone woman in the race, pulling far ahead of her male counterparts. In casual grocery store, to art gallery polling, this blogger finds that across a wider range of demographics, to include political affiliation, the general consensus is, at this point, although some may not care for the women running (they automatically include Palin), they would prefer to see either Bachmann or Palin in the White House as opposed to any of their male counterparts or the current occupant. Granted, these are non-scientific polls, based on casual conversations in primarily New England States, however, the fact that the respondents are unknown, chosen at random, and in states considered “Democrat strongholds” – it is reminiscent of the Carter-Reagan contest of 1980, but with more at stake – there appears to be more willingness on the part of the staunch Democrats to look at the women in the GOP.

Perhaps being so close to Massachusetts, where taxes are the norm, regardless of the economic clime, Pawlenty’s inability to see the difference between fees and taxes is a deal-breaker. In an interview on Fox News, Pawlenty has no problem taking umbrage at Michelle Bachmann (given his standing in the Iowa polling, however, he also had no problem in assessing fees on cigarettes and other items while Governor of Minnesota. While Romney was Governor of Massachusetts additional “fees” were assessed on a multitude of services – all fees are considered revenue for the State involved – revenue for States is generally derived from taxes. In any wise, both fees and taxes are additional monies taken out of the individuals pocket and placed into the hands of the State. Note to Pawlenty: Semantics: Fees Are Taxes!

Sarah Palin, also on Fox, noted that she would make a decision by August or September (AP.) Palin, as previously noted in this blog, can afford to announce into early fall, as she has a solid grass roots organization and name recognition. In addition, with the release of the documentary “The Undefeated”, Palin’s story is being told across America – one which is in direct contradiction to the general impressions proffered by the “mainstream media”. Although currently playing in limited venues in key states, how long before the DVD’s will be available for grassroots supporters and private viewings? Dubbed, the “Road to 2012”, the film is making an impact on both the choir and those who may not have been fans of the former 2008 GOP VP candidate. In effect, Palin, through the documentary is on the campaign trail, however, once announced; will that translate into a surge in the polls? Palin currently, when included, generally places third in all polling, therefore, if announced, she and Bachmann may find themselves the first women in history to be frontrunners in a major political party. Although there is a “rebuttal documentary” regarding Palin, it is receiving little play with the exception to those dedicated Palin Derangement Syndrome leftists. The film was produced by a British filmmaker, with a debut at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Again, in Toronto. One has to wonder how many of Hollywood’s elites will flee the country (or at least threaten to flee) if either Bachmann or Palin are elected to the office.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2012 GOP Update – Bachmann Leads Romney in Latest Iowa Poll

Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) has taken the lead over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, in the latest Iowa polling data from American Research Group. Michelle Bachmann leads with 21%, followed by Romney at 18%, Ron Paul at 14% and unannounced, Sarah Palin at 11%, the balance of the candidates are in single digits with 10% undecided.

Romney, who ran for the GOP nomination in 2008, lost the Iowa Caucus in the 2008 Republican Primary to former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, went on to win New Hampshire, and lost in all important South Carolina.

Monday, July 11, 2011

2012 GOP Update: Michelle Bachmann Leads Mitt Romney in Latest Iowa Poll, Pawlenty Gains – The “Undefeated” – Waiting for Palin.

2012 - The Year of the Women? - image MSNBC

A poll of 500 likely Iowa caucus voters commissioned by theIowa Republicans, finds Michelle Bachman (R-MN) with a 4 point lead over former Massachusetts Govenor Mitt Romney in the latest survey. Bachmann leads Romney in Favorability by 10 points, with an 11% Unfavorabilty. Romney is at 21% with a 66% favorable, with Tim Pawlenty at 9% (a plus) with a 60% favorability. The margin of error is plus or minus 4%; therefore, this might be considered a statistical tie. Go to: the Iowa Republican to read the entire article.

From this perspective, it is still early in the political game, even in early caucus and primary states such as New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina, (the three leading up to Super Tuesday). Should, for example, Sarah Palin, enter the race, those numbers may change dramatically, and for the first time in history, one might find two women leading the polls in one of the two largest national party general election process. Additionally, Governor Rick Perry, who has yet to announce, would change the dynamics, most likely affecting those who are currently in the field. Neither of the aforementioned are considered “dark horses” rather, they are most likely viewed as able to compete an already competitive field. One might suggest that the latest either one of these candidates would announce would be early October, 2011, however, that announcement must come with a pre-set grassroots organization and the wherewithal to run a blitzkrieg campaign in at least one of the three key states.

Palin is being aided by filmmaker Stephen K Bannon, with a documentary that debunks the myths regarding the lack of just above everything “Palin”. CBS News’, Jan Crawford, after viewing the documentary opined

"The Undefeated" goes a long way towards debunking that tired narrative. It shows an unbroken line in her thinking over the past two decades. The things she's saying on her bus tour about freedom, free markets, fiscal responsibility and the proper role of government are the same things she's been saying ever since she entered into politics.
It got me to thinking about the grossly unfair and inaccurate story line that developed over the years about Justice Clarence Thomas - another favorite target of the Left. The rap on Thomas was that he was unqualified for the Supreme Court and incapable of serious thought - so as a Justice, he blindly followed conservative superstar Antonin Scalia.

Perhaps most intriguing I the article in Huffington Post (yes, the Huffington Post), by Amy Siskind, entitled “The Undefeated: The Movie I Wish Hillary Had Made” - the premise, is obvious, getting to know the real person, and debunking media myths, however, for the film to be as well received by both the MSN, Conservative and more Left of Center outlets, is telling. Additionally, literature accompanying the film proclaims “The Road To the White House 2012”, although unannounced, the message to Palin is clear, support for a candidacy is there, and it is only a question of time before the former Alaskan Governor and 2008 GOP Vice Presidential nominee throw her hat into the ring.

Two Women: Let the attacks continue/begin.

The film on Palin will begin playing in 10 theaters in some key demographic states this weekend July 13th, for a full schedule visit: victory film The film debut took place in – Iowa. The most ridiculous article to date: (one can now, with certainly, claim Palin Derangement Syndrome) comes from Gawker Magazine online ripping through every aspect of Palin, and an article released in Newsweek, entitled: “Palin plots her next move” is more foreboding than complimentary.

Bachmann, who is definitely in the limelight, is catching flak in both print, as well as from her competition: Immediately following Bachmann’s stellar performance in the CNN Debate, a Senior Pawlenty aid made a sexist remark (see article here at the leftist “Time Magazine”.), for which he later apologized. The point being when all else fails, attack a woman because she might be attractive. Of course, that was coming from Pawlenty’s aid, however, this weekend, on Meet the Press, Pawlenty went roaring after Bachmann’s “lack of experience” in matters of governing. He’s walking a fine line - there is a general consensus among conservative as well as independent voters, that Governors have more experience than say a member of congress or the Senate and would be more capable of governing the nation (Evidence for that case: Barack Obama, one term Jr. Senator from Illinois).

That is Governor Pawlenty’s opinion; however, when Palin enters the fray, he and his aides might have to come up with a few “bombshell” remarks in order to keep the candidate in the news. Both Bachmann and Palin have a take no prisoner approach to negatives, and are far from “shrinking violets when faced with criticism either from the left or from within their own party. Points for these two women. One has to wait and see how these remarks made by Governor Pawlenty and staff, impact his overall poll rankings in the early caucus states, negatives, either in spoken, written or commercial form do not play well with Conservatives, Independents and or Moderate Democrats. The most damaging commercial in recent political context pitting female/male candidates to date, in this point of view, came from the campaigns of one Martha Coakley, who ran against Scott Brown for the open Senate Seat in the Bay State: Coakley ad here on You Tube - the result: Senator Scott Brown.

Therefore, Romney, Pawlenty, Cain, and the rest of the “boys”, including not yet announced Rick Perry, should understand that attacks on one record are just fine, don’t cross the line – otherwise, you’ll become just like your Democrat counterparts – (see Hillary Clinton).

Personal note: As a Conservative Feminist, who would, of course, want to see the first woman elected to the highest office be a qualified female, one with the wherewithal to stand up to both the press, the political left and the political right, one that would transcend criticism in the long-run, and defend themselves during their terms in office. One must reference the recently released Rasmussen poll on women and the Presidency noting that within ten years, 73% of respondents, across the political spectrum felt a woman was most likely to be President. Of note: the only option as far as time-frame offered to respondents was 10 years. One has to wonder, with the economy, the state of the nation in general, how that poll would have looked had Rasmussen suggested 2012? One has to understand that if one thought 10 years from now a woman would be elected, that they might also take that stance in less than two years (or 2012).

With that said, out of the current field, Michelle Bachmann offers her congressional experience, however, she also stands up for what she believes is right, an endearing quality to those of us sick of the “establishment”. That said, should Palin enter the race, then it stands that the former Governor from Alaska would have the full support of this writer. This is not necessarily because Governor Palin is a woman, (although that is a bonus), rather, in looking at her experience, from an historical context (and note: having attended no preview of the “undefeated”, rather having done due diligence prior to her acceptance of the 2008 VP nomination) – one finds: A woman who is in it for the people, does not differentiate between fraud or abuse by party, gets the job done, whatever that job may be, and sticks to the Constitution (in this case State of Alaska) and the courts, when it comes to her decisions. In all cases, she sticks up for herself. One has to look closely at those elite who cannot comprehend anyone who had to claw their way through their degree programs, perhaps going to several schools to achieve a goal. It is what the average American has to do, loans included, to accomplish their goals. It is this East Coat or West Coast mentality that someone who went to Harvard or Yale are ultimately superior is a fallacy. GPA’s for Presidents Bush, John Kerry, and other recent Presidents and candidates (with the exception of one Barack Obama) are available, and show less than stellar performances when it comes to “smarts”. Therefore, give us common sense and an above average or even average GPA at the finish line, relevant governing experience, the ability to cross the aisle in good times and bad, and that individual has this vote - Male or female, right now it does appear to be a female. Bonus: someone who has no direct connection to the Beltway and makes the media crazy.

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