Thursday, July 14, 2011

2012 GOP Update: Pawlenty – Sees No Difference Between Fees & Taxes, Bachmann Leads in Polls, Palin to Announce Late Summer

Pawlenty vs. Bachmann, Pawlenty Sees "Fees" as the answer (ie. Taxes!), yet criticizes Bachmann for lack of experience at a Governors Mansion - image:

In the latest Iowa poll released by Magellan StrategiesMichelle Bachmann leads the field in Iowa by 13 points, followed by Romney at 16, Pawlenty the third in line, by 8 points, the balance of those announced also in lower single digits. 24 percent of the respondents are undecided, with Sarah Palin not included in the polling. Bachmann leads in all poll demographics, Female and Male Voters, Fiscal and Social Conservatives, as well as voters 65 plus. Although there is still a significant amount of time between July and the 2012 Caucuses/Primaries, it is interesting to see Bachmann, currently the lone woman in the race, pulling far ahead of her male counterparts. In casual grocery store, to art gallery polling, this blogger finds that across a wider range of demographics, to include political affiliation, the general consensus is, at this point, although some may not care for the women running (they automatically include Palin), they would prefer to see either Bachmann or Palin in the White House as opposed to any of their male counterparts or the current occupant. Granted, these are non-scientific polls, based on casual conversations in primarily New England States, however, the fact that the respondents are unknown, chosen at random, and in states considered “Democrat strongholds” – it is reminiscent of the Carter-Reagan contest of 1980, but with more at stake – there appears to be more willingness on the part of the staunch Democrats to look at the women in the GOP.

Perhaps being so close to Massachusetts, where taxes are the norm, regardless of the economic clime, Pawlenty’s inability to see the difference between fees and taxes is a deal-breaker. In an interview on Fox News, Pawlenty has no problem taking umbrage at Michelle Bachmann (given his standing in the Iowa polling, however, he also had no problem in assessing fees on cigarettes and other items while Governor of Minnesota. While Romney was Governor of Massachusetts additional “fees” were assessed on a multitude of services – all fees are considered revenue for the State involved – revenue for States is generally derived from taxes. In any wise, both fees and taxes are additional monies taken out of the individuals pocket and placed into the hands of the State. Note to Pawlenty: Semantics: Fees Are Taxes!

Sarah Palin, also on Fox, noted that she would make a decision by August or September (AP.) Palin, as previously noted in this blog, can afford to announce into early fall, as she has a solid grass roots organization and name recognition. In addition, with the release of the documentary “The Undefeated”, Palin’s story is being told across America – one which is in direct contradiction to the general impressions proffered by the “mainstream media”. Although currently playing in limited venues in key states, how long before the DVD’s will be available for grassroots supporters and private viewings? Dubbed, the “Road to 2012”, the film is making an impact on both the choir and those who may not have been fans of the former 2008 GOP VP candidate. In effect, Palin, through the documentary is on the campaign trail, however, once announced; will that translate into a surge in the polls? Palin currently, when included, generally places third in all polling, therefore, if announced, she and Bachmann may find themselves the first women in history to be frontrunners in a major political party. Although there is a “rebuttal documentary” regarding Palin, it is receiving little play with the exception to those dedicated Palin Derangement Syndrome leftists. The film was produced by a British filmmaker, with a debut at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Again, in Toronto. One has to wonder how many of Hollywood’s elites will flee the country (or at least threaten to flee) if either Bachmann or Palin are elected to the office.

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