Friday, October 11, 2013

Truckers to Roll Into DC to Protest – That’s a Big 10-4 on the Beltway ##T2SDA – Misinformation and the Media.

Truckers to Roll Into DC to Protest – That’s a Big 10-4 on the Beltway ##T2SDA – Misinformation and the Media.

Today, the nation’s truckers will take part in a protest in Washington D.C. – the event will be designed around the capital’s beltway – using two lanes and keeping one open for emergency vehicles – this according to the organizers facebook page: Local media is covering the event and taking it seriously – although national media is bent on considering it a hoax – (as if no-one would want to protest in D.C. – the only city in the nation that has any real growth – no discernible production jobs, and an income that exists solely on taxpayers dollars and the largesse of lobbyist.

The disconnect between the beltway (or DC – specifically the administration, the senate and the Congress, is what is driving the truckers as well as veterans and middle income families nationwide – from tax burdens, entitlements designed for policies gain, billions in waste, and the fiasco known as Obama-care (The Affordable Health Care Act) –those in Washington know best, while those who sent them apparently are to supply their wealth. It is not how the founders and those that designed the ultimate document of freedom the U.S Constitution foresaw the future.

Today, should there be 3000 trucks, or 10,000 trucks or 2000 trucks circling the beltway in shifts, in a peaceful protest of the regulations that are strangling an industry that move more goods through this nation than any other – along with other issues with Washington that so many people in this country are dissatisfied, those who have even though about how bad things are at this point, might want to take a omens, regardless of party affiliation and offer gratitude to these truckers who, without, their lives would be more difficult, and who are taking time from their lives and livelihood to make a statement for all Americans.

Best articles that are on the Net are local: From WTVR local – CBS – updates (with some snarky opinion),

ABC 7 DC appears to be taking things more seriously.

My Fox are concerned with traffic issues –but note that there are thousands expected to participate.

Follow #T2SDA on Twitter for real time updates and some nasty comments from those who would sit and do nothing.

There are several mainstream media outlets and progressives’ outlets’ (which the Mainstream media uses as a source), suggesting either a hoax, and or a goal of anarchy - what this is – merely – a group of hardworking Men and Women who are critical to the nation, making a point, as allowed under the First Amendment of the Constitution., God Speed to them, and a note of thanks with prayers for safety as they protest an overreaching government.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Truckers Washington Round-up May Extend to Monday -Activists call for repeal NDAA as Precaution

Truckers are said to be arriving this morning at staging areas in Virginia in order to meet for a protest that will take them around the capital. Also coming into the nation’s capital are veterans who are disgusted that they cannot visit war memorials, yet rallies for Illegal Immigrants have been allowed on the Mall.

According to the Washington Time - the truckers may have to extend the protests until Monday – there is an instructional video for the drivers form the organizers of the event. At

Local news outlets and conservative news outlets are the only one’s covering this particular story.

Some activists have concerns regarding this weekend’s event, and have asked for the repeal of NDAA as a precaution. From the Digital Journal are the details of the bill that allows detention of individuals who are suspected of “terrorism” As it has been well documented anyone with a bible, who might be pro-life and Is either Catholic, Christian, or toting a legally obtained firearms is now, instead of a normal American a terrorist to the Obama Administration.

Given that premise the truckers need protection – prayers, and funds to support their protest. It is, after all, another protest that will go widely unreported. Other notables include millions on the mall for a tax protest in 2009 and more recently 2 million bikers that rode through the capital – If it were not for local news and (usually c-span2 on cable) the people would be keep in the dark about any protests that did not fit a specific “government sponsored” agenda.

The Truckers have a right to protest unimpeded, they also have constitutional rights that might be questions by those who haves sworn to uphold that very document.

For more news on the subject (or more to the point direct discussions with the organizers) visit: and listen in.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

3000 plus Truckers Head to DC for Protest – Drive for the Constitution – Meanwhile – Harry Reid, Blocks Bills and Want $1 Trillion More Added to the Deb – Does Anyone Not Want to Ride Along?

There’s been little to no media coverage, unless somewhat negative in scope, on the Ride for the Constitution, a movement if one will, of the Truckers of this nation who are protesting the economics that are perpetuated by our Federal Government, that are directly impacting their industries and the lives of millions of Americans. The website for more information is located at, and there was one piece that really brought home the frustration of these road warriors on a local network affiliate out of West Virginia.

The video above really speaks to the heart of the matter – the economy and individual pain at the pump and the grocery store and anywhere in between is literally driven by trucking. It is the number one way to move goods in this nation. The trucking industry as a whole is one of the backbones of the nation, and the families and firms are generally small businesses that are, like all American, striving to stay even.

The Fox News Network, with their Greta Van Susteren show, gave the organization behind the movement about 2 and half minutes yesterday – that video is below. Zeeda Andrews, below, explains the organization and the peaceful protest it plans.

Watch more Washington, Dc videos on Frequency

Those who would be willing to help bring to light the problems facing the nation should be supported in every effort, they are Conservative yes, but that does not delineate a political party – rather the true spirit of the nation’s founders.

Other’s not so much in that spirit are still blocking bills and legislation offered to stave off disaster, and those are bills are in the hands of one maniacal leader of the Senate – the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Not satisfied with driving the economy into the ground – he is now asking for yet another Trillion dollars to spend – that’s his apparent compromise. See the video below from The Hill Blog.

Suffice it to say, with our Veterans unable to visit the memorials in DC., yet the Federal government allowing other protests to take place unimpeded (illegal immigration), one would think the priorities of all parties are – in a word – distorted to the extent they no longer represent the people.

These truckers, taking time, talent, treasure and guts are merely pointing this out.

Good for them.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Constitutionalist – About to Descend on Washington DC – Nationwide Truck Protest #T2SDA

Image US.News - now suggested over 1 million riding to DC.

It was first brought to attention by the US News and World Report Article Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen” and as a results, sites such as the Daily Kos and others of the leftist Ilk, appropriately denigrated the Republican’s, Tea Party, etc. without giving a thought to what might truly be occurring.

For the greater part of our nation’s commerce is tied into the trucking industry, they are family businesses or small businesses, and this industry has been particularly kind to veterans, from several recent conflicts – it is a way for families to survive, and for the nation to “keep on trucking” – they are, above all, the average American.

They are Fed Up.

They have a website - Ride for the They also had a twitter account – deleted but, one can find the latest my merely searching ##T2SDA. Additionally their facebook page was also deleted – but again, they have a less user friendly version up - here.

The reason that these may have been deleted is most likely due to the original overwhelming support for those who would dare to question the Federal government – Also they plan to make a few citizen arrests – which, are within their constitutional rights. For the Twitter and Facebook – White House and Control of all that is fit (or allowed) to be seen, somehow, this group is going forward regardless – and plan to be in DC the 11th of October – mid-week there were 3000 truck drivers – that came forward. What we do not know is how many plan to attend but would never put their name out there – fear of the federal government and all that.

Who are they? An interesting article entitle Veteren’s in the driver’s seat> from trucking does give some insight

One has average American’s in trucks that deliver the majority of America’s goods to market – that have some military background, and are headed to DC to protest and possibly arrest John McCain, Harry Reid, while they are at it.

Overdrive Magazine has a few details hereworth the read.

What this boils down to is simply those American’s who work hard, are sick and tired of the games being played in Washington with their Tax Dollars and their livelihoods, the ridiculous childlike demeanor of Harry Reid, and his cohorts In the Senate, as well as those that run DC should understand, that, not unlike the feudal lords of old, their peasants are educated and armed.

So the scenario’s can work out in several way s- but most likely what will happen is the following; massive lines of trucks will descends on DC – they will drive through the city in protect, on a weekend so as to politely not disrupt traffic, and then go on their way – it will receive zero attention, even if there are 5000 truck or 10000 trucks surrounding the capital or the White House for that matter.

What makes one wonder, from an historical point of view, is when the government no longer words for the people, the people tend to take it back (that’s called a revolution). Therefore are these men and women who are driving towards DC – the revolution or the harbinger of more to come. Moreover, will those living in the isolated bubble that is D.C. be aware or even care, what is taking place?

It is lunch on K Street, most likely not.

To offer moral support tweet with the hashtag ##T2SDA

As a footnote and in conversation with friends, regarding a slew of scenarios’ as to the defense of the Congress – should one or more members be detained by said truckers – what recourse to they have for defense?

The D.C. Police?

The District has no national guard to call upon

The Commander in Chief would have to call on his armed service member to protect and defend.

Would that happen?

How long does it take President Obama to decide – three weeks?- By That time he might be back living in Hawaii as a Civilian – or better yet – Chicago.

It is an interesting game of what if – when the people rise and can stand the tyranny, corruption and contempt for those whom they hired.

Monday, October 07, 2013

The Government Shut Down – Week Two – The Embarrassment, The Boondoggles, The Pending Protests, the Obama Care Disaster (Affordable Health) –The Protests

Truckers on their way to D.C to protest - image from US News - date of protest October 11 - plan to shut DC down

This is week two of the government shut-down which was caused by a power hungry speaker and administration, who, for all intents and purposes – refused to negotiate on some small points. Mainly, as stated in news stories, etc. the program known as Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care Act – simply was not ready for prime-time. Therefore, certain members of the House and Senate felt the best way to protect the American Public, was to defund the darn thing, and fix it Of course, they were called everything from Terrorists to Anarchist – by the Democrat Leadership and members of the Republican Party that should wear labels so one could tell which side they were really on.

Suffice it to say the big dust up was for a discretionary spending bill that in no way shuts down the government – it only stops discretionary spending or those programs not ready for prime time, and others considered non-essential, check go out, and all sallies forth as usual.

Except the White House and Harry Reid, got their panties in a bunch and the media, long in bed (literally in some cases) with the administration – rose up and shouted form the root top that the sky was, once again, falling.

The problem is, no one is watching the news, and so a great percentage of the American People, are not noticing – at all- there is nothing unusual about their day today lives, and as we have heavily vested in dummying down the population since 1972 (first teachers union progressively established in Philadelphia), they have (the Progressive administration and all those Democrats) wrought what they have sewn.

The ones who are watching, with a great deal of skepticism, humor and a slight bit of anger over stupidity on the part of the administration are the libertarian, tea party, those over 50 who can still read and write and are vested in knowing what happens daily – outside the lives of entertainers – they completely get “it”.

It would be a child-play game of the Wealthy Elites, having a snit because they have not gotten their “way” – The made a program (sadly lacking a working model) and now they want it to go through as if, it can be fixed as it goes along. One has to question the intelligence of any group of people who feel a government program can come out of the gate flawed and then somehow magically get fixed in less than say fifty years.

Here’s the rundown of idiocy:

NOAA – the governments weather forecasting arm – has been shut down – especially they website – and what they didn’t count on? Accuweather, the Weather Channel, etc. They agency, according to the Gloucester Times is concerned with furloughs One would hazard to guess the long-suffering fisher folk out of Gloucester might see an opportunity here to pick off an extra fish – or two and make a buck – having been strangled by the agency that gave Long Island and New Jersey a nor-Easter, little warning and a basic super storm that cause more havoc that Katrina.

The Government is also keen on shutting down parks – unfortunately – they aren’t sure which ones are funded by the Government and which one’s weren’t - so a man who owns a hotel in the blue-ridge mountains that has some historical significance, but is again, privately owned, was met by a swat team of federal agents who forced him to shut down.(Washington Post)

The brightest Administration since Carter, also attempted to shut down Mt. Vernon, again, privately funded. (

They kicked elderly homeowners (ok, second homes, but still) out of their domiciles, as it may have been historical (FrontPage Magazine)

They have closed every monument that would remember any war that was fought, from WWII to Vietnam, and barricaded the entire wall and area – That was the straw, apparently, that has one group of truckers (possibly teamsters – who also do not want Obama Care (Affordable Health Care Act) driving across the country to meet in DC, they area also picking up veterans along the way so that they can visit the memorials - One might hazard outguess, that these men, and women, some of them veterans, might not be swayed to back off by a few agents. (USNews)

Plainly put, what happens when the General Smarter than given credit by the Elitist in Washington, have had enough and decide to challenge the idiocy of the entire “show” that is DC.?

As poll numbers fall – it is without a doubt, as some Democrats have suggested, anarchy will ensue, not as the entire group of Chicken Little’s fear –it will be at the ballot box. It will cross party lines, and it has begun now.

On The Affordable Health Care Act – personal story – One of my dear friends, who has not had health insurance in Massachusetts since the inception of Romney Care – has, year after year, applied, and finding that her and her spouse, make too much money for subsidies yet cannot afford the health insurance offered, were given a pass on paying the fine, some years they did, some years they did not. With the Affordable Health Care Act – she was hoping that finally she’d be able to get some sort of inexpensive health care plan. Unfortunately she was directed back to Commonwealth Care – where she could not get past the second screen. Why? The slight glitch in the program automatically enrolled her as a felon – she tried to fix this mistake on the part of the Commonwealth and proceed to the next screen, where she was asked “How long have you been a felon”.

Now being a law abiding and somewhat disgusted citizen, she railed about the bunch of crap that the entire program has been from the beginning and if Massachusetts cannot manage it, how on earth can Washington – she is not a low information voter.

It is not wonder then that so many are exempt including members of Congress, the President, certain unions, large corporations that have made donations to those in DC, from having to participate in – the Affordable Health Care Act.

It is a comic tragedy that is playing out this week in D.C. as the media sounds even greater and more urgent alarms, and the President calls the Republicans’ nasty names, and vice versa (with a few voices of reason, but too few), while the nation as a whole – yawns.

Yes, Virginia – they are acting as if this is a Banana Republic.

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