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2012 GOP Update: As the Tea Party/CNN GOP Debate Approaches, Palin Receives Chilly Reception from Fox – Stock Rises on CNN

Palin on Announcement - Will She or Won't She - Social Media or CNN? - image anotherblackcoservative blog

The next GOP debate will take place on September 12, this coming Monday night, In Florida. Full schedule here at All candidates who participated in the MSNBC debate held this past week will also appear on stage in Tampa. The criteria of the debate is listed at CNN’s polticalticker.blogs. There is Wolf Blitzer’s take on Palin and her possible entry into the race one has to ask: Does this sound like the Wolf Blitzer we know?

Palin, on CNN, is mentioned in 20 articles and videos in the first two search pages.
Over at Fox, the network to which Palin may be employed as a part-time political analyst, there is a distinct chill in the air, it began two weeks ago – and when one queries the Fox News site, one comes up with articles of a slightly different tone. Highlighted - Ann Coulter’s piece on Palin and her “late entry” into the race. Coulter, if one recalls, championed Duncan Hunter in the 2008 race, and one would believe that she chooses candidates that are close to her ideological viewpoints, yet are not electable, therefore, this keeps her from endorsing a real candidate. That said, there appears, in reading the articles, almost an anti-Palin attitude at Fox, when one compares them to CNN.

This twilight zone phenomena leads one to speculate that perhaps, just perhaps, Palin has already rendered or is about to render her resignation at the Network. While CNN hosting the Tea Party Debate may have a scoop up its sleeve (One would need one Tea Party program from a recent rally in New Hampshire in order to understand that innuendo.)

Therefore, since Palin has noted in the recent past, that she will make a decision as to her entry into the race by the end of September, and as that is plenty of time for Palin, should she decide to run, (and it appears likely given her recent stump speeches and critiques of the GOP candidates), to make the New Hampshire primary and compete with both media frontrunners, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. She continues to place third in the polls, including that much ballyhooed Fox poll, which implied that 74% of Republican’s would rather she not run, yet failing to mention the huge sample of Democrats included in the poll for that specific question. In fact, Palin did place third in the Fox poll of note: and had not yet announced. The later being the key.

An article standing up for Palin and her right to choose, comes from the less than Palin supportive, Alaska Dispatch, a blog that has an actual “Palin Watch”. However, that blogger has more of a right to criticize Palin than those co-workers (or possibly past co-workers) on Fox, given the fact that it is an Alaskan Blog, and a left of center Alaskan blog at that.

It is quite possible that Palin will bow out of the race, and endorse another candidate in time, or go on to work towards promoting both GOP and Tea Party candidates for Congress, as she did in 2010, or - alternately, it is the hope of many, for a variety of reasons, that she run in 2012 (this blogs being the fact that she is qualified, vetted, perhaps more than any other candidate in history, has a message that is on point, and does not take any ridiculous assertions made regarding her, without sounding off – especially when it involves Karl Rove (she receives points just for that fact). She’s a women of firsts, and as a feminist this blog would like to see one more first (yes, it is selfish), Palin as the first woman to run successfully on the GOP ticket.

For another take on Palin and her supporters, one strongly suggests reading the latest form the blog Keep in mind these are the same activist bloggers who played a huge role in electing Scott Brown to the vacant Senate Seat in Massachusetts’ January 19th 2010 special election.

Palin’s support might run a bit deeper than the “Tea Party “alone, and perhaps, just perhaps, those who prefer to button up the race early (pre-primary) and choose the two candidates (Perry and Romney) for “the rest of us”, might just have to put those plans on hold. Only time will tell, of course, but it is strongly suggested that one watch the CNN Debate on Monday the 12th.

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The MSNBC GOP Debate - Romney and Gingrich on Technicals, Perry, Cain and Bachmann and the Heart of the Matter – Analysis and Opinion

Romney and Perry the Media Decides - image

As MSNBC is rejoicing this morning over a possible boost in ratings due to hosting, with Politico, the GOP Debate at the Regan Library, the fact that the media has, to all appearances, made up their minds as to who the GOP front-runners may or may not be is rather astounding. The general consensus is that bothboth Romney and Perry are in a battle for front-runner status, and that the course to the 2012 nomination is set. (NYTimes). To wit – rubbish!

Romney did a fine job on the debate stage last night in Simi Valley, on technical debate skills he held the lead, on cheer leading the GOP he shared the spotlight with Newt Gingrich, and on looking and sounding “Presidential” Romney gave it his all. That said, he is still fighting the fact that the Massachusetts Mandate is a disaster in Massachusetts, and although initially a grand idea, was left in the hands of a Democrat controlled, mandate happy legislature that drove it into the ground. Not unlike the President’s version with state and union wavers available, the Massachusetts model allows individuals to opt out of penalties, simply because the state coverage is as expensive as the other plans available, and at one point, was not accepting further applicants, as the budget would not allow additional expenditures. In addition, the Commonwealth has only a few select insurance carriers from which to choose, which spelled disaster from the onset. Yet, Romney still defends the Massachusetts model, as it stands, rather than as it was intended to stand.

Overall, Romney appeared least flustered, the most moderate of the bunch (discounting Climate Change guru Jon Huntsman), comfortable and witty. Score one for the former Bay State Governor.

On the other hand, Rick Perry came into the arena after dealing with the ongoing disaster in his state. He’s still “on the job” as Governor of the Lone Star State, something the media and those watching the debate must keep in mind. He appeared tired, yet feisty – giving no quarter and sticking to his guns when it came to challenges to statements he has made that some on the east and west coasts might find to be a bit over the top. For a first time GOP debate debut, Perry, for all his negatives in technical debate skills, was the most genuine of the bunch – something that will not be lost on those looking for the candidate that is not part of the establishment. Although repeatedly challenged on his calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme, the man is correct in his assertion that those now paying in (including some on the lower rung of the Baby Boomer generation) will not receive benefits. Technically, a Ponzi scheme is one in which those at the top of a pyramid benefit from those at the bottom paying in, while those at the bottom stand no hope of benefiting.

On the Theory of Global Warming and the Theory of Evolution, Perry points out the obvious – they are theories, theories in which the investments made by the current administrations in Green Jobs, has obviously not paid off.

As to his mandate on teen hpv vacations, his answer as to why he thought it was a good idea, at the time, and noting that there was an opt-out (which makes a mandate less of a mandate and more of a choice), was heartfelt and sound. He was out of the gate with “I would have done it differently”, yet stood by his choice to fight cancer and disease both for humanitarian as well as costs savings purposes.

He may not have articulated his points as well as say Romney, he has, to the eyes of the media and honestly, to the eyes of those who are now in the process of “vetting” the candidates available, a “Palin problem”. Perry, not unlike Palin, uses local colloquialisms, those sayings and inflections of speech that are part and parcel of the everyday in far flung places like Alaska, the Mid-west and yes, Texas – far flung to those who are sitting on the ivy league coasts both east and west. Yet it is precisely this type of down-home, from the heart, stick to one’s guns, and call it like they see it personalities that ring true to the average voter, and scare the dickens out of those that would see the President reelected.

One last note on Perry: It was to his credit that he gave credit where it was due as regards to President Obama – and although ideologically different, he was the only one on the stage to do so.

The balance of the stage:

Bachmann also appeared somewhat tired, answering when asked, but not as fiery as in previous debates, and although mocked by the moderators for her statements on $2.00 a gallon gas (and yes, it can be done), and drilling in the Florida everglades (which was a question poised to her and answered – she did stand for herself, however, again appeared off her game.) She continues however, to appear genuine, regardless of her less than stellar performance in this particular debate.

Cain is a firebrand, and although a lower tier candidate by virtue of the media and the polls, he has some solid ideas and appears to have found his footing in the debate arena, lending more to the conversation overall.

Santorum appeared steadier on the debate floor, and was not, in this instance involved in a rout with Ron Paul, but one can see the media focus has shifted to their candidates of choice, leaving those in the wings, to answer fewer questions.

Ron Paul is Ron Paul, the perennial candidate for President, who is a brilliant man, yet somewhat quirky in his brilliance, he lends to the conversation, but is, at times, more than a strict constructionist – an absolutist when it comes to isolationism and policies that are more akin to George Washington’s rather than the later day reality of the United States. (See Washington’s resignation letter for reference.) Paul of course, won the straw poll immediately following the debate.

Huntsman – the most moderate of the bunch (giving Romney the appearance of a tooth and nail conservative), again, lends to the conversation, but appears to be destined to the lower tier.

What must be understood overall, is the fact that the GOP debate was held in “hostile” territory, one could see the disdain apparent on Brian Williams, (NBC host who appeared in an early SNL episode where journalist were shown to be campaigners for Obama), face, before the debate, and during the debate as he was almost patronizing those on the stage. What has to be rattling, all of those that are now tearing apart the GOP candidates, both announced and unannounced, is that one of them, should the polls hold true and no third party candidate emerge, one of those on the stage, or a candidate who would announce within the next two months will be the next President. (On a third party candidate - see Massachusetts, Deval Patrick’s miraculous second term win, and the third party Trojan horse candidate that allowed him that “second chance”, while David Axelrod watched on intently - as documented: Axelrod, who is the mentor for both Patrick and Obama, uses the Massachusetts campaign model - nationally).

Therefore, at this point, Romney and Gingrich won on points, but Perry won on being Rick Perry. When Karl Rove takes pot shots at both Perry and Palin, and anyone else he sees that might not be a “good fit” on the East Coast, one is compelled to take a second look at those candidates.

The next debate will be on the 12th of September, hosted by CNN and the Tea Party – a first – which gives CNN the leg up on all networks for recognizing the movement which is not yet a political party, yet has the potential, over time, to evolve into the next great American Party. Mitt Romney in a Q&A on if he was a Tea Party Member, did his best to walk around the answer, as noted later by Chris Matthews in the post-game analysis by the left on the right. That said, Romney’s answer was, although diplomatic, in trying to maintain his moderate distance from the Tea Party, while trying at the same time to score points with the Tea Party – appropriate for its overall intent: If the Tea Party stands for the Constitution and lower taxes, then I agree with them (extremely paraphrased).

One last note on the MSNBC debate, although in extremely hostile territory, every candidate on the stage held their own against the dogged left.

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GOP 2012 – Pre-Debate Prattling – Perry To Debate, Romney’s Economic Plan, Bachmann Loss of Ed Rollins, Paul & the Youth Vote, MSNBC Wed. at 8PM EST

The September 7th Contenders - photo 2012 Presidential via Politico

The GOP Debate at the Reagan Library is co-sponsored this cycle by NBC (MSNBC) and The schedule and pre-debate guide is available at,and, as noted on Politico each debate presents a “crucial test” for each candidate in the arena. Brian Williams of NBC and Politico’s Harris will be the moderators, and the post debate analysis will be in the hands of MSNBC’s Matthews, Maddow and Sharpton! In this instance, those included are: Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, the next debate will be September 12th in Florida sponsored by CNN and the Tea Party Express which will take place in Tampa Florida.

As each debate passes, one more candidate (or two) shine, while others are forced to face the inevitable, however, it is still too early for those in the current “top tier” to consider doing anything but staying in the game. In past election cycles, debates and early caucus and primary states, generally leave the field depleted, with one or possibly two candidates pushing through to “Super Tuesday”. The debate forum allows prospective voters to hear candidate’s ideas on crucial issues, as well as to view how well they perform under pressure. In the last televised debate on Fox, both Bachmann and Romney appeared to fare the best in this opinion, however, with Rick Perry in the arena, all bets are off. Going into the debate, the latest round of GOP candidate news is, as usual, somewhat biased (sarcasm) and there may be actual infighting among the candidates (also sarcasm – as there is supposed to be jabs, barbs, and remarks made in any political competition – it is the fact that one can deliver a well timed barb, and the fact that one can deflect it with grace and ease, that makes for grand political theater and allow the “rest of us” the ability to decide how well both the attacker and the target sparred – let’s call them verbal gladiators.

From the Press pre-NBC-Politico Debate:

Mitt Romney unveiled his Economic Plan this week and immediately was met with widespread criticism – perhaps the most dismissive from Time Magazine’s Swampland. Included in the article is a quote from Brad Woodhouse of the Democratic National Committee:

If Mitt Romney has expressed a single original idea on the economy in the entire time he has been running for President – for the second time – you could auction it off on eBay in the rare stamp collection area.”

He goes on to tie Romney to the Tea Party (Fear Factor for the Left) (source Time Magazine).

Michelle Bachmann cleaned house, cutting loose two of her campaign officials, yet the New York Times headlines: “Loss of Top Two Aides Raises Questions About Bachmann Campaign; referring to the loss of Ed Rollins, former campaign manager for Ronald Reagan and most recently for Mike Huckabee in 2008. Bachmann, in losing Rollin’s early, does nothing but lighten the campaign load (in this opinion, given the Huckabee experience in 2008). The headline might have better read: Bachman Cuts deadwood from Campaign. Campaign staffers come and go on a regular basis in the early stages of campaigns, and one must remember that this is the early stage of the campaign. Bachmann, although called “crazy” by Time, is smart, savvy and understands her positioning, both in the polls, and most likely with the “Republican Establishment”.

The "Republican Establishment" (i.e. members of the political class) feels it has the right to pick the next GOP candidate – something akin to the Democrats Super delegates, and the wonder of how Obama got elected (except the Republican Establishment does not have an ACORN).

Meanwhile, Ron Paul the Libertarian leaning “Republican” is racking up support as usual, or more than usual, across the youth spectrum, specifically on campus’s. Paul is a very smart man, his understanding of the Constitution and the laws governing the U.S., is exemplary, what he lacks in foreign policy gravitas however, is in equal measure to the aforementioned.

Rick Perry, who shot to the top of the polls upon announcing, knocking Mitt Romney off his pedestal for a moment, (as polls will remain fluid through early 2012), was at first, not attending this debate due to the disastrous wildfires in Texas, however, Texan’s, are tough, and Perry is flying over to California to the debate after all. He receives advise from the Houston Chronicles “Texas on the Potomac”. Included in the article are “Five Things Rick Perry Should Avoid at Tonight’s Debate” (that’s actually the title). It appears that Texas are all in with a native son, (whether that advise is satire, or heartfelt, is often difficult to determine.)

That said, regardless of the media calling each of their own debates – crucial, while constantly harping on the “lateness of the hour” – there are these factors to consider. Debates are crucial in that they winnow the chaff from the wheat, just a bit. However, one must understand, outside of the media and the political junkies, very few people on the street (with exception of those Tea Party Members who actually pay attention) know who these candidates are, and won’t until the Nominating process is at or near it’s end! In fact, during the 2010 election, coming out of the polls, some individuals polls immediately following casting their vote were unable to tell who else was on the ticket, including Vice Presidential candidates. Therefore, as those who pay attention early, are those who again are political junkies, and are also able to forecast a train wreck well in advance (example: The 2008 Democrat nominating process: throwing Clinton under the bus, and Super delegates made up of members of Congress, bypassing the popular vote, and nominating Barack Obama.)

In some bizarre state of political Machiavellian tactics, that may have seemed like a grand idea at the time, however, normally letting those that go to the polls, have their say early in, and through the entire nominating process may be the better of the two ideas (see Republican Establishment).

In this bloggers mind, the candidates tonight who manage to get in barbs remain animated, and engaging, while not going over the top of reality, and maintaining their cool, will win the day. Early Projections: Perry, Bachmann and Romney will come out shinning, Santorum, Gingrich, and Huntsman will be heard, at any cost, and Cain, he may be the wild card. It will be, as a feminist, interesting to see how well Bachmann handles the two “top tier” candidates Perry and Romney, and how much equal time will be given across the board, to all candidates – or if the focus will be on the “Top Two”.

Again, the next debate will be in Tampa Florida, on the 12th of September and hosted by CNN and the Tea Party Express, >Wolf Blitzer will moderate – grab the popcorn!

A Full schedule of all debates is available at, with 3 scheduled in Sept., two in October, one in December in 2011. In 2012, when the primary season begins to kick off: there are, at present, five additional debates scheduled from January through March.

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Palin in New Hampshire – Fires Up Crowd Estimated at 1,000 plus – Question of Not If, When She Will Announce

Sarah Palin Fires Up New Hampshire Tea Party - photo Anna Hemond

At first, the crowd in Veterans Park, Manchester, NH was mainly Tea Party Express personnel and press, lots of press, Press from New Hampshire, neighboring New England States, and CNN, as the hour wore on, and the Tea Party rally began, the field started to get crowded. “Embedded” NBC Reporter, Alexandra Moe tweeted “Palin ends speech to over 1,000 in NH: "We will continue to fight for what is right; thank you Tea Party"

Although many in the press were there hoping Palin would announce, thereby getting “the scoop”, so to speak, there is no doubt that Palin is the one to watch from now until she announces. There were a few clues dropped: During her speech the crowd erupted with a chant of “run, Sarah, run” to which she thanked them for “their encouragement” (full CNN video below). That said, there was perhaps, the biggest clue available in the form of a Tea Party Program Book, distributed throughout the crowd. A CNN Tea Party Debate is scheduled for September 12th. A recent post on CNN on September 1st, notes that Palin was invited to attend, however a Palin Representative had not yet responded.

The event drew Tea Party members from Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut, and featured Presidential candidate, Buddy Roemer, as the candidate speaker. The fact that the Tea Party movement in New Hampshire on Labor Day could draw that size of a crowd, speaks volumes about the change in attitude in the region. Comments from those queried who were of an age to recall life under Jimmy Carter, see a route in 2012, of similar proportions.

Crowd packs the stage, left right and center - photo Anna Hemond

Other candidates who had supporters at the event were Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Bill Hudak who will run in 2012 in the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District (Note: Massachusetts has yet to announce the outcome of the redistricting and which seat will be chopped due to loss of population in the 2010 census), and Christopher Hill, a New Hampshire, an airline pilot, and veteran who is also running for President.

What this blogger brought away from the event was the power that is Sarah Palin, and her ability to strike a note of real life camaraderie with those in the audience. It is, in a word, contagious. Having listed to stump speeches from local to Presidential Candidates for both major parties (including one James Carter), since 1972, without a doubt, Palin delivers. Bottom line, the most inspiring speech to date, and one can anticipate more in the future. In the interest of full disclosure: Shouting “Run Sarah Run appeared to be the only option, as a conservative, as a mother, and as a feminist and one who wishes to see the great nation back on the right track.

(video from CNN)

Link to You Tube Video Palin's New Hampshire Speech

Grass Roots Organizations Organize 4 Palin (find your state)
Students 4 Palin (Campus arm)
Sarah Pac
Team Sarah

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Sarah Palin In New Hampshire Today, Media Circles Wagons – Rolls Out Huntsman – Relies on Skewed Fox News Poll Data - Analysis

Palin will roll into New Hampshire today, The Question Remains: When will She Announce? - photo ABC News Blogs

Sarah Palin will speak today in Manchester, New Hampshire at a Tea Party sponsored event – the question of when she will enter the 2012 GOP race is apparently driving American media over the ledge. New Hampshire, from any point of view, is one of the most important, if not the most important “First in the Nation” GOP primary state, and Palin’s speech today is much anticipated, not only from the media, but from both Palin supporters as well as other GOP candidates – on the one hand hoping today will be the day she announces, on the other hand, fearing that she may. The New Hampshire Union Leader’s As Palin returns to NH, questions abound” features the usual political science professor, a quote from a “conservative” and or “Republican” and one of the lowest rung GOP candidates, John Huntsman who is not overly concerned with Palin entering the race. The article also includes polling which indicated that Palin does poorly among Republicans, yet in this instance, admits that things may change should she formally announce.

The poll which all media is abuzz, including the New York Daily News, is a Fox News Poll released on September 1st, which shows Perry leading Romney, followed by – Palin. The poll included 911 registered voters, of which 40% indicated they will vote in the Democrat primary in 2012. In the 2nd question for Republican’s only, Palin is not included in the field of choices, however, question #3, asks all respondents (includes 40% Democrats), if Palin should run for President, of those 74% said no – leading to the headlines: paraphrased: “Palin Loses Republican Support, Republican’s want Palin out of the Race”, however disingenuous this may appear, and it does, (with 40% of at 74% being Democrats), one thing is certain, in Question 28, with Palin included in the race, she places third behind Perry and Romney, without having announced. Perry, if one wishes to recall, was polling being both Romney and Bachmann prior to his official entry into the race.

In this case, one must agree with Palin when she quips ”Polls are for Strippers and Cross Country Skiers”. This is true when polls are skewed only slightly.

On things is certain, Manchester New Hampshire will be the destination today, for the media, who endlessly harangues Palin, yet is obviously obsessed, to Tea Party groups from the newly Red State of New Hampshire as well as nearby States such as Massachusetts (See Partial List of Massachusetts Tea Party Groups), and those who Republicans and Independents and Moderate Conservative Feminists who might want to see Palin Speak – on Labor Day, in the “Live Free or Die, Granite State, where the first in the Nation primary is held.

Will Palin choose today to announce her candidacy for the 2012 GOP nominee? That is up to Sarah Palin, and though the media continues to pound home that she must adhere to their timetable, Palin understands (as do those who recall living through Jimmy Carter’s presidency), the polls on one Ronald Reagan, the media attacks on one Ronald Reagan, and Reagan's November , 1979 entry into the “race” (note: although his biography indicates his “closest circle” knew well beforehand) which resulted in a complete route of Carter the following year.
Many may retort that Palin is no Reagan, and agreed, she is Palin, unique unto herself, and as such, one who slayed dragons, both Republican and Democrats, without regard to political party, and or self aggrandizement. Her entry into the race would undoubtedly change the polls (strippers and cross country skiers alike), and not unlike Reagan, surprise the media and those inside the Beltway.

It is not without some feminist bias that this blog continues to endorse a Palin candidacy, however, it is also not without some thought and research, that leads to the conclusion that Palin, of all candidates would be the best to lead this nation, at this time, without respect for party, but with a great deal of respect for the people whom she would represent. It is the sacrifice she has already made, that must weigh heavy on her decision, and yet those of us who ask her to take the next step, and to put herself in front of the media firing line, do so out of some desperation for our nation, as well as knowledge that she is competent to do the job and lead women, regardless of party, into the 21st century. At times we forget, that women still earn less than their male counterparts, and had only receive the right to vote in 1920, but most importantly, that regardless of party affiliation, and regardless of the wrath of NARAL and other pro-abortion groups (as if that is the only issue affecting women), Palin would lead us forward, and take no flake from the press nor her detractors, without answering in kind, which is what has been lacking in the Office, lo these many years, and through several administrations.

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