Friday, March 21, 2008

McCain and Clinton Added to Curiosty Breach at the State Department

Perhaps now, Keith Oberman can calm down a bit and ratchet the conspiracy theory rhetoric down a notch, or perhaps - not - After all, the personal information pulled belonged to McCain, Clinton and Obama. Either they are all Hollywood types (unlikely) or have something else in common. The question now remains, how long did these contract employees linger over Obama's file?!

Much Ado About Obama-Gate – Cover Boy calls Foul!

MSNBC headlined breaking news last heaving reporting a breach of security involving the State Department, contract employees (those hired by staffing firms and working for the Federal Government in a variety of capacities), and a sneak peak at Governor Barack Obama’s passport credentials. It took less than 10 minutes before Keith Oberman drew the conclusion that yes, this just might be another Watergate. At that point, watching this news sitcom became riveting – Obama campaign staffers were on the phone calling for investigations into what they felt must certainly be a malicious act, due to the fact that it took 70 days for the first instance to be reported. This leads one to believe that Obama staffers and perhaps the Senator have no clue as to how this government functions – 70 days is light speed!

Here come the investigations, the analysis ad nausea and the hope by NBC, ABC and the Obama campaign that perhaps this story has enough juice to take the heat of the Senators affiliation with sundry anti-American clergy and former weather-underground members, thereby propelling him to the top of the polls once again.

With McCain, leading in the head-to-head polls by double digits, surely something should break that will turn the tide of fortune back upon Barrack?

Not for nothing, but the one-term Senator from Illinois has been elevated to rock-star status in the minds of the media, the youth and most Democrats. One has to wonder if those same contract employees (those not affiliated directly with the government in any way, shape or form), sneaked a peak at Brittney Spears passport, or anyone else who has had their face and/or entire body on the cover of any glossy magazine (see People, Times Multiple Magazine Covers).

Perhaps the Senator should be flattered that his rise to stardom transcends mere politics and has taken on the trappings of Hollywood. After all, is there really a clear line drawn between fact, fiction, Hollywood and the DNC frontrunner? All one has to do to look at the affection held for Obama by the news media, the Hollywood rank and file, and those inclined to vote upon hope, not experience and/or issues. With fans screaming and fainting at campaign rallys one can conclude that that this type of “breach” from low-level contract employees is all in a days admiration. Where are the paparazzi? – Right besides Obama, press-pass in hand.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s Schedule Released – To Wit – Big Deal

Under pressure from the media, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has released her White House calendar from the time she spent there as First Lady. The dates that are of most interest, according to an article by Brian Ross of ABC, among other outlets, are those in 2000 that coincide with visits between Monica Lewinsky and then President Bill Clinton. What is of import? Mrs. Clinton’s presence in the same, huge abode, while these visits occurred. Are there no depths to which the press will sink? Apparently not. The accompanying graphics - a photograph of Hillary Clinton, one of Monica Lewnsky and one of the “blue dress”, headline the article and are as malicious as its contents. What boggles the mind further is the insistence by ABC “News” that Brian Ross is pat of its Investigative Unit. Have they no shame? When will the news organizations in this country begin to cover this election cycle with articles that outline difference in policy between the candidates? There seems to be no end to the articles written in favor of (or seriously about) Obama or McCain - outlining how presidential one looks, or how the other has visited a place of import. Granted, Obama has had some negative coverage over his association with a racist Pastor, that for all purposes is not particularly relevant given the Bill of Rights that are so often referred to by this same press. Overall, the coverage given to these two candidates has been valid. Surely, Hillary Clinton has made important visits, given speeches and has policy differences that could be reported upon and analyzed; yet, the press chooses to focus on her role as a wife, during a time when her husband was having an affair? When will they lay off on commenting about her looks, her dress, her hairstyle, her husband (reminder to the press, he’s not running) and focus instead on the facts? It has becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between ABC News and the Globe, Sun or National Enquirer.

As a conservative feminist, I feel that Mrs. Clinton does not deserve this type of “good old boy” treatment from the press, rather, all things being equal (who am I kidding), I long for articles that outline her policies, perhaps her voting record while in the Senate, and possibly what experience she might have gained as First Lady (rather than the drivel reported by ABC). Although, as a conservative I might not agree with 80% of Mrs. Clinton’s politics; when reviewing the garbage the media dishes up, I find myself identifying with this candidate on a personal level. This article, among others, is possibly the worst expression of gender bias I have personally witnessed in my lifetime. Will it never end?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snow Predicted for Easter Sunday

Kidding! More than a few people have noticed that Easter is early this year, March 23rd to be exact. Normally, the most important of Christian celebrations takes place in April - so why the early date? Apparently, the Easter holiday is based upon the solar calendar and aligned with Passover, which makes perfect sense considering the origins of Christianity, and its inseperable ties to Judiasim. The calendar is based upon the phases of the moon, therefore, the occurance of a March Easter and Passover are somewhat rare. Excellent article from the Contra Costa Times

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out with the old New York Governor - In with the New?

The New York Daily News has reported this morning that the newly anointed (not a mis-speak), Governor Paterson has admitted to having affairs during his marriage. One must ask, in today's political arena, how is that news?

Where are the absolute roll models that will lead the next generation with dignity?

Apparrently not present in the current crop of New York State Governors.

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