Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is in the Air!

Somewhere. The northeast is blanketed in snow. There is little new in the way of news. Nancy Pelosi continues to disappoint, along with so many of her peers on both sides of the aisle. Politics in Massachusetts remain the status qua and frankly, one becomes bored with all of the sameness. Perhaps with the coming of spring (whenever that arrives), there will be renewed hope that one of these politicians will come forward and actually offer their constituents a bit of unheard of honesty. As the media (general media) continues to pound home a specific agenda message (as if the general public were too stupid not to see through the facade), turning to any news broadcast has become a Chinese torture test. Tuning out, for the moment, would appear to be the best choice to allow ones sanity to remain intact.

Dream ticket: Rudy Giuliani and New Gingrich

Why? Guts, motivation, intelligence and proven track records.

Problems? Of course, bushels of skeletons abound in both closets. That said, is there anyone coming out of the era who is free from guilt of some sort?

Question? Is there anyone else (combination) who has the experience to deal with the mess that has been created in congress and the senate?

Granted this mess was created by the very citizens of this United States.

When one third of the students in the public schools in dc are found to be illiterate, is it any wonder that we are faced with this current do nothing but investigate ones political adversaries majority in a frenzy of revenge motivated sessions? Where are all the better ideas? Why is it that a small group of aging hippies, elite media executives and wealthy socialists have been allowed to make such a sham of the day-to-day business of the United States government? It is safe to assume, that the socialist driven educational system in our country has produced (over the past 30 years) individuals incapable of original thinking and quite able to pull a lever in a voting booth (using the antiquated imagery)?

Is there hope? Certainly, there is always hope. One just has to sift through the drivel until the hope arrives in the form of a one-two punch team of savvy politico's who have the best interest of the country in mind.

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