Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Hollywood Exodus is threatened!
Sarandon: “If McCain is Elected, I’ll leave the Country”

It begins yet again, Liz Smith, New York Post, has reported (seriously), that intellectual heavyweight and movie actress Susan Sarandon is threatening to leave the country if John McCain is elected. article here Susan has decided that both Canada and Italy would be the preferable place to live while the United States is under the control of John McCain.

When G.W.Bush was elected, one relatively famous, yet forgotten, writer or historian (cannot recall which), left the country is a huff, and never returned – dieing on foreign soil (cannot recall, but believe it was France).

As a result of the 2004 election, a face-off between John Kerry and G.W. Bush, many had to put up with the malaise of co-workers who were afflicted with what was tagged by certain media types as “Bush Derangement Syndrome”. This was normally three or more days of mourning, crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth (behind closed office doors), and a complete and utter loathing of the lone conservative (author) in the place. Four years later, the country is still standing, all dire predictions have not taken place, the sky has not fallen and now the focus of these same people has changed from the laughable John Kerry to the Progressive and possibly more impaired Barrack Obama.

Susan Sarandon may be a good actress, but intellectually she might need a little help. The President does little more than lead a party, if that party is not in the majority, the president can do little. She has chosen to support Barrack Obama who has made several gaffes regarding geography, including the much ballyhooed 57 state remark,

the fact that he has no clue which states border Illinois (where he resides), and, of course, my personal favorite: Massachusetts is pronounced with a “Th" not the traditional “s’s".

It could be argued that these mistakes were made while the candidate was exhausted from the trials of the campaign trail, or, he could be lacking some critical background - basic geography. With Reid and Pelosi just itching to have Barack at their beck and call, the aid of notable Hollywood Actress might be just the ticket they need to yet further the People’s Progressive Party (previously known as the Democrats). Then again, these types of endorsements failed to help both Al Gore and John Kerry.

Sane and reasonable people, even those who understand that the above scenario may just become a reality, do not threaten to leave the country, except on vacation. Those are generally known as conservatives, or independent voters who understand that the worst that can happen is a return to the dismal days of the Carter administration, followed by a total sweep of the congress, senate and white house by anyone other than – a Progressive Democrat. It may be what the RNC is banking on.

Friday, May 30, 2008

John Kerry - "On September 11th We
Were Bascially At Peace"

This type of statement from the Junior Senator from Massachuetts is just another in a series of mind-boggling statements which begs the question: "Why does the Masachusetts electorate continue to employ the man?"

The statement was made during an Obama campaign conference call. The story from The Hills Blog Breifing Room is shown below.

May 30, 2008
Kerry: On Sept. 11 We Were at Peace
@ 11:21 am by Andy Barr
Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) believes that on September 11 "we were basically at peace."

Asked to clarify his remarks, specifically asking about the attacks on the U.S.S. Cole during Barack Obama campaign conference call, Kerry said, "well, we hadn't declared war," The Hill's Sam Youngman reports.

Asked if al Qaeda was a threat at the time, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee said, "well yes, obviously they were a threat. But, fundamentally we were not at war at that point in time."

Kerry also called John McCain "out of step with history and facts."

UPDATE: Responding to Kerry's claim, RNC spokesman Danny Diaz said: "It’s absolutely critical that the next Commander in Chief understands the challenges America faces. Yet it’s clear that Barack Obama has a thin understanding of history and fails to grasp the threat of terrorism."

"After a week’s worth of examples demonstrating Obama’s lack of preparedness to serve as president, his campaign is understandably desperate to shift the focus. Considering it’s now been 873 days since Obama visited Iraq, any suggestion that he even understands what’s happening on the ground is laughable."

Mike Huckabee
On the Campaign Trail

The Hope Star is reporting that Mike Huckabee is campaigning for John McCain and speaking for him as well, in supporting Republican candidates across the country. Mike Huckabee continues to play down his possible place on the V.P. list, and goes on to re-state his support for the party and candidates. He is headed to New Hampshire to campaign for Bob Clegg article from the Boston Globe here . Clegg is a state senator running for Congress. To learn more about candidates Mike Huckabee is supporting visit:

Jeff Beatty (R) Grassroots MA Senate Campaign
Continues to Exceed Expectations

Yesterday, Jeff Beatty’s campaign delivered over 11,000 certified signatures to the MA Secretary of States office. They anticipate adding 6,000 more certified signatures by the June 3rd deadline.

Jeff Beatty’s campaign in a press release yesterday noted:

Meanwhile, over in Washington, Real Clear Polticis is reporting on the woes of Jim Ogonowski, the candidate that has received the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Backing by prominent MA politicians such as former Governor and 2008 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, apparently has not helped Ogonowski with the “popular” vote. (Or the ability to manufacture enough signatures to get his name on the ballot) (This may also be an indication of how popular Romney is with the Massachusetts rank and file and the rank and file nationally for that matter). The deadline for final submission is June 3rd. With a campaign already tainted by press reports of fraudulent signatures, it would behoove Ogonowski to stand aside and wait for the next available open seat, which may not be long. The problem remains the same in both parties in the Bluest State, the inability of the Party Elite to understand and connect with the boots on the ground. Jeff Beatty is poised and ready to take on John Kerry and, with the lack of enthusiasm towards the Junior Senator by the electorate due to his absence from the state even during election cycles, the task at hand may be eaiser than anticiapted by the Media and Kerry's campaign.

To learn more about Jeff Beatty and his stand on the issues visit: Jeff

Thursday, May 29, 2008

John Kerry Makes Appearance in
Western Massachusetts

Photo, Springfield Republican, MassLive

If one has difficulty remembering the last time John Kerry made an appearance in the other half of his home state, it is because he simply does not travel here that often. He was in the area yesterday, visiting supporters for his 2008 re-election bid. Local CBS Affiliate Channel 3 speculated about the possibility of Kerry being given a place in the Obama administration, noting of course, that Obama would first have to get the Democratic nomination, then actually get voted into the White House. Kerry replied that he’d like to keep his current job.

The Springfield Republican article here talks about Kerry’s 25 years in the senate and his visit to two cities in the Western Half of the state, Northampton and Springfield. To some in this neck of the woods, it appears that it may have been 25 years since his last visit. He has faced little or no opposition to his seat in the past, however, 2008 is different, which may be why he has a sudden interest in making an appearance in this forgotten part of the Bluest State.

Enter Jeff Beatty. Jeff Beatty (R) is the strongest opposition candidate that Kerry has faced in the past 25 years. Beatty is a conservative Republican, willing to work with those on the other side of the aisle in order to get the job done. He has the necessary credentials to enter the Senate as a viable replacement to the lackluster Kerry.

Jeff’s Republican opponent, Jim Ogonowski, failed to collect the necessary signatures in order to place his name on the ballot, and some of the signatures he did collect are being called into question. The Boston Globe reported yesterday article here that Ogonowski fell short of the necessary votes, and from the Left Leaning Carpetbagger blog , reports that Ogonowski is supported by the national party, an embarrassment since he failed to garner the signatures. Jeff Beatty on the other hand, is more of a grassroots candidate, has out raised Ogonowski by both funds and signatures, and is polling very favorably against John Kerry. This may be why John Kerry is suddendly inetrested in WEstern Massachusetts.

To learn more about Jeff Beatty, visit his website: Jeff Beatty .com Kerry may have the support of the Bay state rank and file Democrats, but it is the Independent or Unenrolled voters, who make up more than 50% of the state’s electorate, who will make the difference in this election. It may just be time for a change.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nathan Bech (R) Challenges Olver for 1st Congressional District (MA)

Nathan Bech

Nathan Bech is challenging John Olver’s Congressional seat this year. Olver has held this seat for the past 17 years and epitomizes Massachusetts Progressive politics exported nationally. The 1st Congressional District is the largest district in the state of Massachusetts in area, and includes the noteworthy cities of Northampton and Amherst (often dubbed by locals as NoHo and The People’s Republic of Amherst). Those two areas, in particular make up Olver’s core constituency. The rest of district is fairly grounded in reality (considering this is Massachusetts). Bech lists his top priorities as the economy, healthcare and Iraq, with environment, education, immigration, taxes, government waste, energy, second amendment, national security, veterans and the sanctity of life to follow. Note: he takes a strong conservative, yet moderate stand on all issues and is worth consideration: pro-choice, border control, simplified taxes and cutting taxes for the middle class, and of specific interest to this household, tax credits for parents choosing to enroll children in parochial or private schools. To learn more about Nathan Bech and his stand on the issues, go to:

Some interesting statistic on the makeup of the Massachusetts Electorate: From the Cape Code Times a listing by Cape county (a slightly progressive part of the state) shows that the unerolled in the state make up more than 50% of the electorate. A great deal will depend on the state's unenrolled in 2008 - should they vote moderately, those congressional and senate seats currently being challenged could, if supported by the party, export Massachusetts conservatism to the nation - for a change.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Barack Obama and the Chicago Political Machine

Last night a reference was made on the O’Reilly Factor to Barack Obama’s ties to the Chicago Political Machine headed by Mayor Richard Daley. Bill O’Reilly promised further investigation into these ties prior to the November election. Finding references is not particularly difficult. On February 26, 2007, The Washington Post reported that Obama had endorsed Daley for Mayor, a switch from a prior position that Obama held regarding the corruption surrounding Daley’s administration. Chicago politics is strikingly similar to Massachusetts politics, you pay to play.

Speaking of which,

Jeff Beatty questions Jim Ogonowski's Fraudulent Ballot Signatures

Jeff Beatty, Republican Candidate for Senate (MA), has questioned Jim Ogonowski’s, the other Republican candidate for MA senate, collection of signatures. (The Lowell Sun article here) Apparently Ogonowski is, to date, short of the 10,000 signatures necessary to be placed on the November ballot. Ogonowski is running a slick pre-campaign, has been to Washington to request and receive help from the beltway, and knows how to get around Massachusetts politics. It is alleged that the signatures include several deceased residents. Surprised? Jeff Beatty, a relative newcomer to Massachusetts politics, has cried foul and is asking for an investigation. Pundits and bloggers from the Bay state such as the Red Mass Group, are calling Jeff an amateur. Frankly, better an amateur (i.e.: newcomer to Massachusetts politics) than a fraud. Jeff Beatty is in the best position to defeat John Kerry in November – polls indicate the same (Google John Kerry 08 senate race polls). However, with Mass. Politics Chicago style, being right is does not always go over well with either the political party or the press, which brings me to:

Hillary Clinton’s Historical References

Hillary Clinton made historical references in order to explain or defend a Democrat primary lasting well into June. Unfortunately, she referenced the assignation of Robert Kennedy and, Obama and Company, (campaign and the media) took it very personally. Clinton’s remarks were clearly an historical references, yet, as in most instances, regardless of who might be speaking (President Bush on the 60th anniversary of Israel, Mike Huckabee joking at an NRA convention, etc.), remarks are seen as a personal affront to Barack Obama. Clinton’s remarks sent the press into overdrive – see article from the New York Times here. The problem appears to be that Barack Obama is already concerned about an assasination attempt and, at the request of Homeland Security’s Chertoff, is surrounded by Secret Service details. Apparently, whenever anyone in a high profile position makes a statement, they had best figure out if somehow, someway it may be of some offense to Barack Obama. The word ridiculous comes to mind.

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