Wednesday, June 11, 2014

David versus Goliath – how Cantor Lost to the College Professor – David Brat

As Washington insides and pundits left and right are thawing out educated guesses as to why David Brat, a little known economics professor, bested, on no budget, a well funded, Congressional Majority Leader, the truth is rather simple – perhaps too simple. (See this link for Meet David Brat by NPR).

It was not necessarily the strength of the much maligned tea party, it was not that Brat “got lucky”, it is not that he is particularly far right, or far left, but more Libertarian –and pragmatic. It is simply put, an atmosphere in Washington of wealth, and degradation, as well as a propensity to watch out for Corporations rather than the general public, that has the general public, Democrat or Republican, rather sick of the same people in the same office. Therefore, they vote them out, good, bad or ugly, that’s the rub.

This phenomenon did not start yesterday, and it is not an across the board given, however, if one is to look back at minor races nationwide in 2013, at mayors races, in smaller cities, one might just find that incumbents, no matter how popular, got the boot. That boot was given by the general public, not because they were tired of the individual, rather because they were tired of multiple terms in D.C. and they took it out on the local level. Therefore, one can hypothesize, (exactly what this is all about), that this phenomenon will carry through the next few reelection cycles, and will reshape both major political parties. As to the Professor, David Brat, he will be doing exactly what our forefathers had done – Congress was made up of your ordinary neighbors, not the legal scholars of the day, those “gentlemen” preferred the Senate – but the real work is done in the House – which is history.

Expect more David Brats, not only in the House but in the Senate as well, this is going to be a season of unforeseen upsets, and it all comes down to the perception by the people, that Washington is working for Washington, and the lack of trust in the government (as witnessed by pollsters), is set firm. There is also a question of each parties base and the heft it carries foreword – specifically with the GOP – when Romney was nominated (as they are pushing Jeb Bush) – the backlash came not from the general voting public, rather from within their own party – millions stayed home and as a result, the race was lost President Obama. Perhaps, just perhaps if they (Those who run the RNC) paid attention to who will actually turn out and vote, and base decisions on which of their grass roots is going to put them over the finish line, they’ll be more careful in choosing a nominee that may appeal to just about everyone – even if that individual is reviled by his peers – and today, that leaves several people in mind. (And that goes for the Democrats as well, for in DC one can’t really tell the difference between the two.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scott Brown as the”Carpetbagger”, Politico Asks – “So What?” – Valid – Are you listening New Hampshire?

Politico’s article on Scott Brown, Republican running for Senate in New Hampshire, offers some valid points as to his “residency” in the state, and the moniker of “carpetbagger” that some have attempted to attach to Brown. The article states what anyone living between the Granite and the Bay State understands – we travel. Most of the Massachusetts residents living on the border or near the border of New Hampshire, have, over the years, moved next door, over the state line, escaping the extreme liberalism that is the Bay State. Friends have gone over the border, no excuses, for better schools and nicer real estate options, and all were, to the point, conservative in nature, although most “unenrolled” or independent minded. Scott Brown, therefore, has a lot of company in New Hampshire that is extremely like minded.

Never mind that the State flipped houses, that was due to those tax-hating liberals who thought nothing of going over the border as well – short commute to Boston and all. One might think that there were enough of them that would not appreciate Brown as an alternative; however, one might be wrong in that regard.

When Brown broke on the political scene in Massachusetts, weeks before he announced his run in 2009 for the Senate, he was a curiosity as a State Senator - with many wishing their state senator would be so attentive to constituents needs. That was the big reason Brown was so popular in MA – he was genuine. He did not work for one group or the other, he was not a brand X and that is what got him into some hot water with the Political “you own me” groups. Let alone, once elected, those who were “late to the campaign dance” declared their victory in getting Brown elected (State Republican Party, for one, Tea Party for two). Brown, with the help of a few trust aides, did it himself.

Yes, guilty, a Scott Brown fan, because is actually is a legislator. One might not care for everything Brown suggests, or the way he votes, however, since all of us, (the State in question), are not of the same political mind set, or share the same needs, one would think a legislator who walked the walk for all of their constituents would be welcome. One hopes the residents in the State of New Hampshire recognize what they have in Brown giving himself over to a race, to represent them.

Very rarely are there those who will not vote a party line, one way or other, just visit, the congressional record, and look up ones Representative or Senators and find a party line state of mind. It is “us versus them” that get’s nothing accomplished. Brown manages to straddle the middle ground without comprising his principles or his constituents, and plays to no particular group.

It cost him the Massachusetts election - simply because he was accused on one side of being party line, and on the other – no so much. One might hope the New Hampshire streak of independence would allow them a tad more intelligence than their taxing neighbors to the south.

In a word this former constituent is jealous – look at what Massachusetts has to offer in its senators – both progressives, one running for the 2016 nomination (although denying) – Senator Warren, and the other – invisible in most of what he does – Ed Markey. Think long and hard, New Hampshire, you too could be just like your neighbors, which may not be the most envious position to achieve.

Then read the article at Politico to find how many real “carpetbaggers” are in the Senate, State House, et al –it might surprise.

Monday, June 09, 2014

ABC Previews Campaign 2016 – the GOP – and the one Democrat – Hillary Clinton

ABC News had current 2016 previews of candidates for the GOP Presidential nomination – from Governor Rick Perry the checklist includes his pro’s and con’s – the con – in brief, he was accused of withholding funding for a state rep (who happened to be a Democrat, who was prosecuted for drunk driving. That’s the con, seriously.

The Ron Paul 2016 “checklist”, does much the same, with Paul’s biggest con – not being high father –and oh – maybe plagiarism . Seriously.

The main page of ABC News – offers Hillary Clinton as the absolute candidate - the timetable for Hillary is 8 years in the making and is a tad on the hopeful side, considering no mention of Elizabeth Warren.

In the pro’s and con’s of having someone fresh, interesting and of course, with a fairly clean slate (see con’s under GOP), then either Perry or Paul would suffice. What is interesting is the few that offer Clinton may not run at all, and the rise of “buzz” regarding Elizabeth Warren.

The only way that the GOP can lose both the Senate and the White House in the next two elections would be to follow the status quo and the “good old boy” network that has haunted the last two Presidential campaigns. It’s going to get interesting, once someone or two actually announce, and that will be in late 2014 early 2015.

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