Friday, June 08, 2012

Mexico Civil War Update – Car Bombs on Wed, 14 Dismembered Bodies dumped on Thursday Body Count Continues to Rise – Spills over into AZ

Beheadings and Car Bombings too! Oh My - Too Close to U.S Border - Unsafe! image borderland beat

From Valley Central: 14 Dismembered Bodies were dumped in Ciudad Mante, a town of 115,000 people located just 280 miles south of Brownsville, TX According to Borderland Beat the victims were 11 Males and 3 Femaleslittle else is known at this time. With multiple beheadings, hangings and dismemberments over the past few months, the violence with which murders of what appears to be opposing drug cartels targeting each other, government officials, the press, and random passersby’s is escalating to the point where on might categorize the U.S. – Mexican border as a war zone. Due to the nature of the “us. versus random people who disagree or might disagree, or just happen to be visiting”, murders and types of murders, contained (not necessarily) on the Mexican side of the border, is both an indication of internal inability by the Mexican government to marshal the forces to stop the mayhem, which is, in effect a Civil War – it appears the drug cartels want to silence reporters, and murder those who would be lawful, while claiming territory.

A car double car-bombing took place in Ciudad Victoria, no one has taken credit for the latest display of “Middle East type terrorist methods”. Just to put this into perspective:

The massacre (what else?) yesterday was 280 miles south of Brownsville, TX; the car bombing on Wednesday was approximately (by car) 288 miles south of Brownsville, TX. To put that into perspective it takes approximately 3 hours to drive from Massachusetts to New York City – going through Connecticut traffic – or, too darn close for comfort to the U.S. border.

Too close for comfort - inside US Border, vestiges of a burned vehicle with 5 Bodies - Bombed? Mexican in Origin? Do the Math - image AJC

In fact, if one lives in Arizona, it’s already crossed the border from the Atlanta Journal Constitution: 5 bodies were found in a burned car (bombing?) 35 miles from Phoenix – repeat 35 miles from Phoenix.

One should wonder why the U.S., even in an election year, would not have already shut down the entire border, with an order to allow those seeking relief (refugees) from war, allowed in with documentation, and keeping those with AK-47’s (supplied by the Department of Justice - See Fast and Furious) out, or if they cross the border, deceased. There are limits, and with the types of non-traditional Mexican cultural methods of execution and now car bombings, one can bet the house, drugs may not be the entire reason these types of crimes are taking place – call it a Mexican Jihadist Revival of sort and it’s too close for comfort.

There style of government in Mexico is somewhat European in nature, socialist, with elites at the top, with access to privileges, position and scads of cash, and then – the masses – those who are left with little if nothing else. They govern not from a position of strength rather from a position of negotiation – with what amounts to “Terrorists” – and again, they are a hop, skip and a jump from the U.S. border and in some cases, over the U.S. border. It’s starting to sound a lot like say – Chicago – or Detroit, with the money’s run out in some cities, the lights are off at dusk or not on at all, and crimes are rampant –but the types of crimes are basic thug crimes: Robbery, drive by shootings, the usual stuff one finds in any urban area in the U.S. (And why we ask, is that allowed to occur? Lack of long-term juvenile detention facilities – bring back the 1950’s and see crime rates fall). Although comparing Mexico and the border to Chicago is akin to apples to oranges now, (except for the Euro-model), the chances of this car-bombing, beheading, hanging and dismemberment craze moving north in a terrorist grab in the name of……….is not that far-fetched.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Elizabeth Warren (D) for Senate in Massachusetts – Campaign of Mayhem!

Elizabeth Warren - Red Carpet for Time Magazine - image

Warren Cookbook: Pow Wow Chow - Wow, She's Plagiarized, Cherokee's Not Thrilled - image

Elizabeth Warren, Democrat and former Obama Advisor, to of all things, the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, is once again in the spotlight for something somewhat hypocritical. Although the Administration, before foisting her off on Massachusetts to run against popular incumbent Senator Scott Brown, must have known something was “slightly wrong” with Warren as she was passed over to head the agency she “created” by Obama (begging the question: why did we need a bureau when we had the Consumer Protection Agency in the first place?). The answer becomes glaringly clearer by the day – as one fraud committed by Warren, after another, comes to light.

In spite of the fact that she pretended to be part Cherokee Indian in order to gain placements at colleges and universities as well as a job at Harvard (see: minority status appointment), she won a majority of the delegates (95%) at the Massachusetts Democrat Convention held last weekend. Of course, this is Massachusetts, where indictments and jail time for Democrats is par for the course. In fact, it’s difficult to recall a Speak of the House who has not been indicated or served time, or had a family member being hunted down for decades, therefore, Warren’s “indiscretions”, to the political class apparently are a lot to do about nothing.
That aside, she’s now making national news on two new fronts: The Cherokee American Indians are asking Warren to stop claiming she’s one of them and have been for some time – she’s simply not a Cherokee (Legal Insurrection)– She’s from Oklahoma (as far as anyone can tell).

She was a house-flipper back in Oklahoma buying houses on the cheap, and reselling them to family members at high interest rates, who then “flipped the houses for high profit – (Boston Herald), which, on the face is not a bad thing, except this is exactly the type of profiteering that Warren rails about when on the campaign trail.

The question posed last week by WRKO’s Howie Carr, (paraphrasing), “Someone should look into how Warren got the loans for those houses – Do American Indians qualify for special interest loan rates?” Understanding that Carr is a right-leaning independent, this is a fair question considering how much and how often Warren has fabricated her past. To answer Carr's question: Yes - American Indians do qualify for low interest rate loans (HUD)- Would Warren apply for such a loan? - Who Knows!

The bigger question is – what else is out there that makes Warren even more ridiculous as a candidate for the United States Senate?

Granted, she is running against one popular, Scott Brown, a Republican who has a voting record that drives both sides of the aisle crazy, and is known to be rather Independent – he’s also rather busy since he entered the Senate in the special election dubbed the “Massachusetts Miracle” – writing legislation and getting it passed in a climate that is chaotic (being polite). All the aforementioned regarding Brown does not appear daunting to Warren, nor the Democrats, who perhaps forgot about the drubbing they took when they ran Martha Coakley against Brown in the first place. Coakley was not as flawed a candidate as Warren – Coakley was a Democrat who never expected a Republican to do well, so she sat back and neglected to campaign for 3 weeks, she believed the Boston Globe and the local university polls that gave her a huge lead over Brown, then a State Senator. By the time Coakley woke up and smelled the coffee, Brown had a ground game going, was receiving millions in donations from across the country and crisscrossing Massachusetts in a pickup truck, - and the worst part of this fiasco for Martha – he was the real deal.

Scott Brown, The Real Deal - image

Therefore, Warren, who has already put more embarrassments up on the board than Martha could possibly have done, with more time to stick her foot in it than Coakley (that was a special election with mere months to campaign, versus an entire year), stands to embarrass Massachusetts Democrats once again. Of course, she could very well win, if all eyes are elsewhere and the dead are voting – See Pew Research via Metro west Daily News. However, even with the dead voters on the rolls (or moved, or duplicate) in Massachusetts (Galvin rolls with the Obama administration on this one), there may not be enough to allow Warren the win – but relying on the usual bag of tricks becomes a pretty big gamble with time enough to let the voters here in the Bay State get to know who Elizabeth Warren really is.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Gov. Scott Walker Bests Unions – Makes History as First Governor to Survive Recall – Race A Harbinger of 2012 for Dems and Unions.

The Protests that Failed Miserably - Unions march on Wisconsin - with 300,000 union members in the state - (after having drop out option), crowds bolstered by out-of-state interests (Photo Politico

New York Times: With 99% of the precincts reporting in, Scott Walker has won the Organized Labor backed Recall, making history as the only Governor to survive such a challenge. No matter how one parses the recall effort by Organized Labor, the sheer magnitude of Walker’s win in Wisconsin is a clear indicator of how tired the nation is of left of center politics, big government and the tax and spending that goes along with the whole kit-n-caboodle. Walker received 53.2 percent of the vote, compared to Democrat Tom Barret’s 46.3%, a third candidate, Hari Trivedi won .6% of the vote, giving Walker a clear victory with 6.9% of the vote (at 99% reporting). (New York Times statistics - see county by county graphic.)

County by Country Wisconsin turned Red - Graphic from NYTimes

Understanding the make-up of Wisconsin in political speak, one sees similarities in the political landscape that makes Wisconsin a sister-state to other “liberal” leaning states such as Massachusetts. In other words, they should have seen it coming – but blinded by political ideology and a sense of entitlement and the inflated value of union organizations, the left pressed on and hit the brick wall of reality - and the people who vote. The entire effort began when Walker offered the state employees, the option of opting out of union membership – and passed a law giving union members said option. It was a call to arms as union and Democrat activists from across the nation flooded the State of Wisconsin Capital to protest, the Democrat State Legislators fled the state to nearby Illinois in order to avoid casting votes (which they did not have a majority so – to whit it was more for show), - it was a circus culminating in an effort by Unions and State and national Democrats to recall the Governor because he had the nerve to offer people a choice.

Apparently, Organized Labor has missed a few clues along the way that they are not the most popular group in the nation – In a “Trust in Institutions” poll by Gallup, Unions or organized labor, received an approval of 19%, right behind televised news at 23%, public schools at 38% and ahead of Congress at 17% - the most trusted institutions: The Military, Small Business, Organized Religion and the Police. The poll was conducted in July of 2010, prior to the 2010 elections, and one can bet the house, that the situation has not improved. There is a general distrust of Organized Labor and the media, that pervade a larger percentage of the nation, than one would, at first glance consider.

However, the truth is in the proverbial pudding: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, once the law allowed individuals to choose between a Union or no 16,000 dropped the union, leaving Wisconsin with 339,000 union employees – that’s a 14 plus % loss since 2010. In addition:
The Unions’ as lobbyists “At $10.75 million, We Are Wisconsin, a political action committee largely funded by Washington-based unions, spent the most of any special interest group during the 2011 recalls, according to the liberal-leaning Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which tracks campaign spending.”
And finally, the rub: ”And therein lies the rub for many union critics, who say unions’ role in protecting workers’ rights has eroded, replaced by greed on behalf of union members — which, in the case of public unions, comes at the expense of taxpayers.
According to the BLS, on average, the country’s public sector union workers earned $153 more per week last year than their non-union counterparts — $922 instead of $769.”(The Quincy Wisconsin Journal).

What the Labor Leaders (degreed professionals) missed was the fact that the nation has been paying attention, and when offered a choice between paying union dues, most of which goes to political causes, or not – some members (or 14% in this case) opted out of paying those “dues”.

In a nutshell: Walker is also a credit to the State – there’s been an increase in jobs, a decrease in personal taxes, and there’s a balanced budget – in other words, he’s doing his job as Govenor, and the recall was merely a nuisance propagated by out-of-state union organizers who put the state of Wisconsin through a costly recall – the people rejected the effort, case closed (Of course, the case is never closed with the ideologically challenged).

One can, no matter what part of the nation, find those who are weary of the Government Spending, the Debt and Deficit, the way the nation in general is in a malaise, and finally, the people are tired of being treated like idiots. From news organizations that believe they are peoples only outlets, to repetitive chants from labor and committed ideologues (politicians and the press that adores them), it is, what it is – rejection.

Finally, it does not matter if one is form the left or the right, what matters is this rejection is final and complete – the populace in general have had it, and Wisconsin is, in this estimation the first clue as to what is coming in the general election. It is not so much that on the Presidential contest that Romney is perfect – what counts in the minds of the general voter is that Romney is not Obama. Romney is a careful centrist Conservative, while the President is more left of center, and not ashamed (nor should he be) of his ideology – (except when on the campaign trail in Middle America). Therefore Romney, by character, will not appeal to those who are “far right” – but he’ll have their vote, but he will appear to those who are centered, and those include old time Democrats in the Clinton mold. What has happened, in spite of the press making excuses for the President (Read: Politico article here) and fawning over a “rock star” instead of a President, is that the people rejected the policy while no one apparently was paying attention, and as a result the entire brand. Apparently, no one was paying attention in Wisconsin either, and the results are evident.

End notes: Although a proud daughter of a Union Organizer, (Amalgamated Meat Cutters), and a union member at one time (International Ladies Garment Workers), it was glaringly apparent to anyone with a pulse, even in the 1970’s that labor organizers served a purpose, when it came to employment and conditions that were so desperate for some that Unions offered a “safe haven” from dangerous occupations – then Acts were passed and regulations, such as OSHA, which mandated safety in factories, while the factories began to disappear for more appealing (lower tax) nations, so went the unions and members who actually needed a union. Today, with few exceptions (firefighters, police, first responders, anyone working in meat-packing, need a union, not to be the political mouthpiece of a particular party, but to take those dues and make those members who serve their state or city, or where conditions are dangerous, and ensure their trust by taking care of their members in realistic terms. There are other unions, however, that appear to be redundant – anyone with a desk job, for example, in the real world, stands in danger of getting a paper cut, or fired if they fail to perform, therefore, those government employee unions, and teachers unions are somewhat ridiculous – as are unions protecting sports figures who make salaries that are beyond six figures.
It is the Teachers Unions specifically that are of most interest, specifically due to the ability for incompetent teachers to gain tenure, while competent teachers are hamstrung by union rules from advancing, both in terms of economics and privileges. Giving teachers nationwide the opportunity to opt out of not one, but two unions, would serve both the state and local governments as the dwindling numbers that would come with an option, would produce competent and competitive teachers – better serving our children, rather than, as the recent case seen around the world – an ideologically challenged teacher screeching at a student for not agreeing with her politically with no basic of facts to back up her diatribe. (Tenure: suspended with pay). video here – suspended, on the tax-payers dime, and obviously teaching a political ideology rather than teaching. It is no wonder, therefore, that there is a direct correlation between the emergence in Philadelphia of the Teacher’s Union and test scores declining with the growth of organized labor’s in the nation’s schools. There simply are no standards – when it comes to competence and it shows. Not all teachers, by any means, are “bad teachers” – in fact, one would hazard to guess the majority are there fighting tooth and nail to educate the nations children’s, despite the insanity – and despite the yolk of organized labor hanging about their necks.

Wisconsin today, the nation in November, it will be the people, not the ideologies from either side, who stand up and decide which way the government will run in the future – those are the middle of the road sensible non-blinded by either side of the aisle, individuals who voted to give Scott Walker the ability to continue his term as Governor.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Obama & Senate Democrats Drag Out Equal Pay Act (Fair Pay Bill) for Women – Again – JFK’s Act Apparently Not Good Enough – Ignored Most by Feds

John F. Kennedy -Signs Equal Pay Act in 1963 image:

Wooing the Women’s vote, once again, the Obama Campaign (Administration) and Senate Democrats are rolling out yet another Women’s Equal Pay (or in this case Fair Pay) Act or Bill. According to the Washington Post the wooing (seriously wooing), women, again (that’s not in the Post)begins: – and the gist:

President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats are courting female voters by pushing a bill that calls for equal pay in the workplace.
Democrats say women now earn on average 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man and that the bill would require companies to show that differences in wages are not based on gender. It also would prohibit retaliation against employees who reveal their own wages or seek details about their employers’ pay policies.
Republicans say the legislation would place unnecessary burdens on businesses.

Of course, one has all the elements of the beginnings of a “how stupid are women anyhow?” tale – Democrats screaming about women and equal rights (pay/abortion/blah, blah, blah), always followed by those rotten Republican’s blocking a bill for equal pay! (name a reason), of course, this only occurs when there is an election at stake, and right now – it’s Wisconsin’s Governor’s recall and impending chaos in November (Chaos if one is on the “D” side of the aisle).

This is nothing new, of course, and similar to “free student loans or student loan forgiveness”, the administration (or more to the point, the campaign element of the administration and it’s cohorts in the Congress) every time it’s glaringly apparent that there’s “Trouble in River City” (Pool hall – reference “Music Man”) they roll out the “Equal Pay” or something similar to try and “trick” not “woo” women (or fill the blank, depending on the bill).

The most recent the Paycheck Fairness Act, S3772, was rolled out in November of 2010, and failed to pass – the basic reason was the presentation was incredibly flawed and did little to actually “promote equal pay”. Anyone with a pulse understands what happened in November of 2010 - (if not, historic losses in the House by Democrats), and of course, this did not appear to help and nor was it designed to be taken all that seriously.

The problem is that the Equal Pay Act was already written, signed, sealed and delivered by one John F. Kennedy - in June of 1963! The Act, of course, goes mainly unnoticed, by the Obama Administration which pays female staffers 18% less than their male counterparts! (Say Anything Blog) – A Blog really? Yes, backed up the White House – (see annual salary report below:

Powered by Socrata

That said, not to pick on the Obama administration, or members of Congress, or members of the Senate, or other government agencies, or most employers (with exceptions of those run by women, for the most part), women continue to be paid less than men on the dollar for equal work.

Here’s a solution: Enforce JFK’s fine Bill! - and stop treating “us” like second class citizens, - even if the male dominated political class only gave us the right to vote after every single “group” had theirs. It is disheartening to those of us who may be old enough to “remember when” (and also know how to research beyond what’s trending on Twitter), that the proverbial “let’s pull the wool over those silly women’s eyes, again, and we’ll get the vote based on “equal pay”. How insulting, how incredibly pompous can this latest bunch of charlatans be?

One thing of note, perhaps those who are so vested in the party politics that they neglect to see the forest through the trees would fall for this cow dung (See Nancy Pelosi casting her “super-delegate” vote for Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008 – thereby robbing Hillary of her right (by popular vote in the primary) to be the nominee and eventual President) – but then there are those of us in the so-call “trenches” women that actually work, 40 to 60 hours a week, some are paid fairly, other’s not so much – mostly if one works for the Federal Government.

There you have it, nothing new, there’s a recall in Wisconsin today, and it is smart money on Governor Walker to pull it out, and continue with his sterling record of raising employment, lowering taxes, and giving individuals the right to make a choice to be in a union, or – not to be. Given the Administrations vested interest in Unions and organized labor (being an Organizer from the top down), it goes without saying that should the Democrats loose Wisconsin’s recall, (similar to the beginning of the end – the elections of 2009, in order: Virginia Governor’s special election, New Jersey’s Governors special election and finally: The People’s Seat – Scott Brown’s Massachusetts Miracle), then one can pretty much figure that November will not be a ride in the park for any Democrat (incumbent or not – White House to the Congress).

It will mostly be because of disingenuous nonsense that is trumped as “new” when it is so very old, aimed at “women” or pick a category” all I the name of getting that groups vote – smacks of desperation - therefore, due to fear on the campaign trail, women will once again be reminded: You’re not paid enough, but we’re doing to write this Bill that can’t get passed even though there is an RFK bill in place that we ignore, then blame the Republican’s and you’re going to Love it and vote for me!
In a word: Pathetic

Monday, June 04, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Gets the Nod from Mass. State Dem Convention – “Bubbling” Warren looks forward to Debate with Scott Brown- Won’t Commit to Debates

Elizabeth Warren, Obama Democrat gets the Go-Head at Dem. State Convention to challenge Senator Scott Brown in November - image The

From the Boston Globe:Elizabeth Warren received the go ahead at the State Democrat Convention held in Springfield MA on Saturday June 2nd – she will face popular Senator, Republican Scott Brown in November. From the Globe:

“I’d love to see some debates with Scott Brown,” a bubbling Warren told reporters moments after her victory was announced. “Let’s get started on this. I’m ready.”……
Warren, who called Brown a “Mitt Romney Republican” and a “Wall Street Republican,” listed a series of votes the incumbent had made, including votes against a Democratic bill to prevent a doubling of student loan interest rates and in favor of big oil subsidies.
She also invoked the memory of the late Democratic Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who for 47 years held the seat that Brown won in a special election in 2010.
“It’s a long way from Ted Kennedy to Scott Brown,” said Warren.
(Boston Globe)

Brown has already accepted an invitation for one radio debate, and would like to see at least 3 to 4 debates, according to the Boston Herald, however Warren is not ready to commit” to any debates(Herald)

The point of the debate process would allow a small percentage of Massachusetts residents to see both the incumbent Brown and the challenger Warren go toe to toe – In the special election of 2009, Brown bested Martha Coakley in the two debates, which were not exactly “prime time” – Warren, who has already started hedging, may be difficult to pin down, and chances are debates will take place at odd times – the first debate on talk radio: WBZ AM Boston, with Dan Rea, was accepted by Brown – however, according to NECN: “On Sunday, a spokeswoman for Warren replied in an emailed statement that the Democratic candidate is glad Brown accepted her debate challenge on Saturday and that she will reach out to her rival to discuss details.” - , which is not necessarily a definitive “yes”, as implied by the cable station.

Warren, a Harvard Professor and Obama appointee, may be a step up from Coakley in the debate arena, however, judging from a debate between her and primary challenger Marisa DeFranco, she will struggle against Brown – (see: Video here) – Thereby, by narrowing the debate schedule and timing, it would benefit Warren – who is going to have an uphill battle, despite the implications by Massachusetts media and a recent poll by Western New England College and Masslive (The Springfield Republican) suggests that voters will identify Warren with Obama and Brown with Romney – giving Warren the edge, given the polls outcome of a significant lead in the Bay State by Obama over Romney However, missing from both the Western New England Polling Institute, and the Springfield Republican site, Masslive are the marginals – one can see the methodology – however, how the poll was parsed to be inclusive of the make-up of the state is not available.

That is important because if the poll was taken giving Western Massachusetts a larger share, than say, Worcester (Central Mass) there is the issue of population and voter affiliation being – equal to the actual election. Suffolk University Polling includes its marginals with the results, giving a distinct overview of the methodology and the makeup of the polls, which allows those who would read the polls, to understand if the poll accurately represents the electorate. In the case of Western New England’s polling – it does not.

One might believe that the lay of the land has changed since Scott Brown shocked the Beltway and won the “People’s Seat”, but it has not. Coakley got a little help from Barack Obama, and that association did very little to pull up her numbers – Invoking the late Senator who’s seat was open, may not do much for the general electorate, but Democrats in general who make up approximately one-third of registered voters in the Bay State.

What is perhaps, the most interesting aspect of the race, to date, is Warren’s advertising, which does not mention “party affiliation” rather speaks about her being “a regular person” – which begs the question, why is she distancing herself from screaming from the rafters “I’m a Democrat, friend of Barack Obama and a Harvard Professor (the later in there) – In the best scenario for Warren, she will pick up the majority of Democrat votes, and possibly shave off 8 to 10% of those unenrolleds who consistently vote Democrat – Brown would pick up the balance – giving him an approximate 5 point edge in the end results, despite the media’s best intent to forward Warren.

As to Obama’s lead in Massachusetts, that may be a given, understanding that in the last two Gallup state by state polls, (2010 and 2011 respectively), the President has approval ratings over 50% in 10 states, one of which is Massachusetts. The latest from the conservative (meaning careful in the instance) pollster suggests nothing has changed over the past three years , with Obama holding 50% or more in the same states. In addition, Gallup also reports on the partisan trends in states whereby the Republican’s have gained an advantage in several states – the top Democrat leaning states in Gallup’s research are: DC, HI, RI, MA, NY, MD, CT, VT, DE and IL, while the Democrats lost voters in : UT, WY, ID, AK, KS, NE, ND, AL, SD, MT (See article: States Move GOP 2011)

That said, Massachusetts has that independent streak, and to date, Brown has managed to vote his way, creating angst from the Far Right and the Far Left, which means he’s no rubber stamp, no matter how hard the state media, with the Democrat Party, attempts to paint him as a Mitt Romney Clone.

That also may not be the best idea, given the fact that Obama’s popularity in Massachusetts is based on polls that suggest he has overwhelming Democrat support – (the key word) – yet when push comes to shove in November, Mass voters may do what they have rarely done, vote Republican, for both Brown and Romney. As of this point, and this early out, it is clearly impossible to take polls seriously regardless of the results, (unless a specific pattern has been developed such as the state by state research by Gallup, trending three years of statistics – even that is subject, however, to change).

It will be, above all, entertaining to see (or hear) the debates between Brown and Warren, even if they are available to a narrow audience, one will be able to find recaps on YouTube, or the news sites, such as NECN, which should carry the entire debate on their website.

Bloggers personal note: In the early stages of the Brown Camping, it was recognized that he had the temperament, experience, and ability to run for Senate, and would appeal to both Republicans in Massachusetts (the few), some Democrats (no kidding) and those unenrolled (the majority). In a visit to a phone bank center located at one of the eight Brown campaign offices at that time, it was interesting to note that the majority of the hundreds of people phone banking were not Republican Party affiliates, rather: Democrats, Unenrolleds, Green Party, Libertarian – Brown, for all the hoopla surrounding the “Kennedy Seat” at the time, was helped by the “people” – After his win in January – Brown went back to each location across the state (in his pick-up truck no less) and personally thanked those who helped is campaign, those who voted for him, and even those who did not, he wanted a opportunity to meet them. In going to one of these events, it struck me that, although he may have run late for the next event he made sure he shook every hand, and spoke to each constituent there – it was not about partisan politics, it was genuine. – This is the kind of public servant, who regardless of party, is about doing the business of the people. Therefore, given the close ties that Warren has to the President, and seeing yet another rubber stamp in the making, it is clear that a Senator who has voted with and against him own party in the interest of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, gets the vote.

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