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Donald Trump from The Today Show on NBC to This Sunday’s CNN State of the Union, Trump Takes on the Media – A Serious Man for Serious Times - Opinion

NBC’s morning talk show, “The Today Show”, featured a two part interview with Donald Trump, the 2012 GOP “possible” Candidate – the big question, is he going to run and is he serious. In both segments it is obvious that Trump is serious about running for the highest office, and in addition, he feels that he has no choice but to run. It is, at times, while viewing the clips, almost as if Trump would rather not, and he appears somewhat saddened at the prospect, yet resolute that he should run for the job. It is specifically in the first part of the interview that one has the sense that Trump means “business”, and the fact that he must wait until his “Celebrity Apprentice” ends to declare his candidacy, is not out of the ordinary, considering the balance of the top GOP possible that have yet to enter are in a similar situation. Trump’s however is not contractual, as is Mike Huckabee, who is under contract with Fox, and currently touring with a new book to weigh polls and his options. The Celebrity Apprentice, which airs of NBC, on will end early June (if the program follows the previous season), is the main reason given by Trump for not declaring earlier. The program features celebrities competing in business projects with the goal of winning for a favorite charity. Apparently, Trump feels it would be a disservice to many to end the show early by declaring – and as he is known as a philanthropist, it makes sense. He gives one interested in a Trump presidency the sense that Trump will complete a project, that he is decisive, and additionally, not intimidated by any Today Show “journalist” (or anyone else for that matter.)(The Today Show is not necessarily hard news, rather a “talk show format”.)

Trump, to his credit, not only stands up to the show host, specifically regarding the subject of President Obama’s birth certificate, a topic that Trump notes is of concern, but overall, not of great import. He holds the believe that the President may not have been born in the United States, a believe held by a growing segment of the U.S. population. (Fox News Polls: 1 in 4 Americans do not believe that Obama was born in the United States). The fact that Trump, like Chris Matthews of MSNBC, has suggested the President show his actual birth certificate, appears to be a key issue for those interviewing Trump, apparently certain show hosts cannot get past the fact that he even questions Obama’s legitimacy to be President. Trump, on the other hand, had no problem pushing past the issue, and forced the host to continue – he can handle the press, a key ingredient for a Presidential candidate.

The key points of the interview in total: Trump wishes he didn’t have to run, but sees no other recourse in order to save the country, Trump wishes Obama had been a competent President (paraphrased), Trump understands business, and it is his brand of business (making deals and leadership) that would be the cornerstone of his presidency, America comes first, and he knows he can win (although in the second part of the video, he appears humble at the thought when saying, if I were to be elected – which, is somewhat refreshing. In addition, he debunks those who insist he will not disclose his “financials”, by talking about how proud he would be to do so, as his business model is extremely successful. The final point, the show’s hosts, after the interview, nervously (and this is the key), laugh off the fact that Trump is contemplating run, - he appears serious! Both hosts, specifically Meredith Vieira looks a little perplexed, given the fact that Trump basically ran her over in the interview (both segments).

It is suggested that the video is watched (both segments) as one gets a sense of who Trump is in the field of potential candidates, and how he would stack up – which is why, as more of these segments air, and Trump gives his direct and commanding answers to sometimes ridiculous questions, his poll numbers climb. How serious is the Trump candidacy? Trump is schedule to appear on CNN”s “State of the Nation” this Sunday because, as the clip previews, he “appears to be serious about running for President”.

Trump is no Ronald Reagan, there was only one Ronald Reagan, and in previous blog posts, it was noted that the 2008 clump of candidates all tried to “out-Reagan” one another – which made for a side show of sorts. Trump, in the final segment with Meredith Vieira, was asked about George Washington and he noted, Washington didn’t even know he was George Washington – Trump, will not be Ronald Reagan, Trump will not be George Washington, Trump will be Donald Trump, and a growing, cross-section of the voting public (despite his great showing in early polls on the GOP side, which is obviously of import, as he needs to get through the primary and nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate in order to run for President, try asking a cross section of neighbors how they feel about Trump for President: in Massachusetts, despite political ideology, despite race or ethnicity, despite being “non-scientific”, Trump is considered a “can do guy” who would lead this nation out of economic disaster. In other words, his appeal is broad-based, which is threatening to those “journalists” who are ideologically tied to a non-Trump political camp. Should Trump run, and he is obviously weighing this, seriously, in noting he would rather not, but sees no choice, as he finds no other competent candidate, (his assessment is most likely based on business acumen and leadership of all other potential candidates, and looking at the field, one might be tempted to agree with Trump – which may be why there has been no breakaway candidate from the crop of “potentials”.) In this scenario Trump takes the GOP nomination, and should he take the GOP nomination he will take the Presidency. To those who are on the left side ideologically, one finds a good deal of vitriol, not because the man is a “joke” as some might say, but because they are aware, he will, with the backing of a variety of the American public, be the next President of the United States.
Who would not want to see the debates between Obama and Trump? The debate would feature Common Sense, Business Acumen and the “regular guy” against ideology, an elitist and a teleprompter gone bad – which one would Trump the other given a weary American public? Asked and answered.

CNN’s segment should be one of those “must watch” Trump Interviews (although pre-tapped, but must give that one a grain of salt – however, given the propensity of the press to “edit” pre-taped interviews, of which Trump is aware, one can be the House, should anything be changed or “enhanced”, he’ll come out swinging – with his own copy of the interview.)

NBC Today Show Part 1

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NBC Today Show Part 2

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CNN – Previews – Interview with Donald Trump State of the Nation
Link: Preview here


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NJ Governor Chris Christie “Tenure is Failing Our Students” - Good Teachers Deserve a Better Union

Chris Christie, Defending Education - image New

Chris Christie, in an interview with Diane Sawyerof ABC News, covered a variety of topics, in a one-on-one interview (see video below). Christie, who is, perhaps, one of the most popular conservatives, spoke bluntly about the teachers union, calling them “political thugs”, while praising the good teachers of New Jersey. He hit the nail on the head when he referred to tenure and the inability to remove incompetent teachers due to tenure. The fact remains, that tenure in the nations lower education systems, allows incompetent teachers to remain on the job until they choose to retire. It is a “right” protected by teachers unions coast to coast, and Christie’s position is affirmed by a University of Washington Study revealing that teacher layoffs should be based on competency, not tenure.(Olympian)

However, Teachers Unions argue otherwise, A Rhode Island union leader, had defended an extremely troubled school system believes in tenure over competence, going so far as to support teachers who did not necessarily “show up for work”:

She defended the teachers against reports that many are absent on any given school day, saying the absenteeism rate being reported to the public is unfair because it includes teachers who are out on long-term leave.
The school made headlines last year when the district’s Board of Trustees approved the firing of the entire teaching staff under a federal model used for failing schools. Just 7 percent of 11th graders tested in October 2009 were proficient in math. The firings caught the attention of President Obama, who called the move an example of holding teachers accountable for poor student performance.
The teachers were rehired months later after agreeing to work a longer school day and make other changes. But the school year is off to a rocky start amid reports of student disciplinary problems and an absenteeism rate among teachers that administrators consider alarming.
Students staged a walkout last week, and administrators say they have refrained from giving grades to hundreds of students because teacher attendance has been so spotty that there is no real way to gauge student performance.

(Boston Globe)

The ends result one sees in the Globe article, students who, due to the support of incompetent teachers by a union that appears only to support keeping as many dues paying members on the rolls as possible, will lose the competitive edge that the public school system has given our students nationwide since its inception.

Chris Christie, who is a father of four, understands the public school system, and its obvious woes, like parents across the nation. The Governor also stated he would not be entering the 2012 GOP Presidential Race. Christie, a die hard Jersey man, will be keeping a watchful eye on what is perhaps the bluest state in the U.S. and should be applauded for his fight for the rights of the taxpayer supported schools hiring competent teachers over the union’s objections.

ABC New Video

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2012 GOP - Trump Surprises Wall Street Journal/NBC Latest Poll

The Wall Street Journal/NBC's latest GOP Poll shows Donald Trump within 4 points of former Massachusetts Governor and 2008 GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney and tied with former Arkansas Govern er and 2008 GOP Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee. The poll included likely GOP primary voters; with one interviewee suggesting Mr. Trump's competitiveness, despite the "jokes" about him personally, was his appeal to "regular" people.

An article posted earlier today from the International Business Times suggests that Trumps stance on business, as well as foreign policy, although appearing "risky", would make American "Respected" on the world stage, and improve the economy.

The question now is when Donald Trump will formally announce his candidacy. With both Congresswoman Michelle Bachman and former Governor Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney in the mix with Donald Trump, the network ratings for the GOP debates might reach historical proportions.

2012 Trump Polls High in New Hampshire, Trump Train Heads to Florida – Trumps Appeal – He’s Not a Politician

As the “Google News Alerts” mount daily for one Donald Trump, real estate mogul, reality television owner/producer, and all around Renaissance Man, one finds his bid for the Presidency a topic of both derision and excitement. The derision is from those that would maintain the status quo, regardless of Party, he is too “right” for the Progressives, and too “left” for the Beltway pundits, which, for some reason unknown to any of those who would comment on a Trump bid for the Presidency, makes him perfect for just about anyone who currently dislikes politicians – from both the right and the left.

Public Policy Polling, a firm that does not hide its obvious affiliation to the Democrat Party, included Trump in one recent poll, the New Hampshire Republican Poll. The poll released on April 5th, and taken between March 31st and April 3rd, places Trump right behind neighbor and 2008 GOP Presidential Primary runner, Mitt Romney, by 27% to Trumps 21%, which is stunning considering: Romney has been open about his intent to run for the 2012 nomination basically since losing the 2008 nomination. Although not officially announced, he had been considered by pollsters to be one of the 3 top frontrunners (with Huckabee and Palin) since polling on GOP “potential candidates” began immediately following the 2010 midterms in November.

Trump on the other hand, made a few statements at that time about a potential run, and then went full bore the past two weeks. In two weeks, Trump surged past all the “potentials” to within points of Romney in Romney’s back yard. The pollster concluded that those in the GOP in New Hampshire must all be “Birthers” (or those who feel there may be something amiss with Obama’s Birth Certificate), due to Trump sharing the same belief (or questioning why the President hasn’t released a long form certificate.) In this particular poll, Trump is thrown in as an “afterthought” – the 20th question of the poll asks: “Here’s one last scenario: what if Donald Trump ran for President and the candidates were Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump.
Who would you vote for?”
– the Preceding 19 questions do not mention Trump in the list of options.

The following polls by this firm by state (having to do with the 2012 contest, both GOP and national), Georgia, (also released on the 5th and taken March 31-April 3), and Florida GOP (released on the 5th as well but taken between the 24th and 27th) make no mention of Trump. Although the firm noted, in an email inquiry, (paraphrasing) that it was waiting for Trump to seriously announce his intentions before polling him along with the other “potential candidates” (who have not announced), the strength shown by Trump in New Hampshire should see him included in all future polls, however, the language used in the release (he appeals to “birthers”) for example, appears almost to intentionally dismiss Trump.

Be that as it may, Trump is headed for Florida and will be the keynote speaker at a April Tea Party rally. Florida is a key state in any primary, along with Iowa and New Hampshire, where Trump has boots on the ground and appearances scheduled.

What happens when one mentions Donald Trump in conversation outside of the newsroom or the Beltway? “I like Trump – he’s not a politician”, “Trump tells it like it is”, “Trump knows business, and how to fix this mess”, the list goes on: Not one mention of Obama’s Birth Certificate, not one mention of a Cup of Tea with Donald Trump – mainly because those conversations are being held in Massachusetts and New York with a cross section of Republicans, Independents and yes, Democrats. The Donald crosses racial, socio-economic and party lines, in blue states where people have had enough of politicians. One might consider a “poll” of approximately 100 individuals, asked one question, not particularly scientific (absolutely correct), but receives the same or similar answer – “He’s not a politician”. Therefore, to those who would poll, it would be interesting to see how Trump fares with the rest of those who lead the pack of the GOP candidates, but have also, “yet to announce”, should he poll single digits, so be it, but it would be fair, would it not, to see how Trump performs in general, a poll the public has access to.

Donald Trump has, in all likelihood, not toyed with the idea of “running for President”, but has done his research, including internal polling. This may have occurred around the time he decided to tell everyone that would listen what he thought about everything going on with our country. What is interesting is that, seemingly out of nowhere, and in the space of two weeks, Trump, went from a “celebrity throwing his name around but not serious” to a man hitting every talk show, network and street corner.”. He had me at “put soldiers on the border”, and his attitude that America is exceptional.

Prior to that, it was difficult to take him seriously, or more to the point, there were questions on my mind that Trump had an ulterior political motive that had zip to do with the GOP, and possibly a Democrat candidate (see hypothetical blog post here: Trump and the Obama Birth Issue).

For now, I’ve changed my mind and, along with several other Bay State political junkies (from a variety of political affiliations), are waiting for Trump to make it official, in order to volunteer for his campaign. It is not about Obama’s birth certificate, nor is it about the Tea Party (although I do admire the Constitution and applaud those who put the intent of our founders first, along with our fiscal house), it is about who would be best suited to drag us out of the depths we now face, and has the will and the passion and yes, the arrogance (which is necessary, along with a little bit of crazy) to even want the job.

What to watch for: the Negatives which are sky high compared to one Sarah Palin! Consider those who continue to write about “Donald Trump’s Fake Presidential Candidacy”, and then bring up an issue that would put Trump in a category as a “Real Presidential Candidate” Negatives equal a threat to the status quo, be it right or left. Should Trump be perfect, absolutely not! As a moderate conservative living in Massachusetts, the fact that any one candidate could be perfect appears contradictory – that candidate could not be human. Trump, far from perfect, but making no apologies, is extremely appealing.

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Trump and Clinton 2012: Trump to New Hampshire and Iowa Hitting the right Meetings, Hiring Staff, LA Times Makes Case for Clinton Run

Trump In on 2012 - image New York Post

What are the odds of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being Top of the Ticket 2012 Candidates? If one is prone to placing a wager now and then, the opportunity exists in several off-shore sports betting websites. For example: Both Trump and Clinton are on the “board” on with Clinton at a 15/1 and Trump (recently added) at 50/1. Most wagers are going to Sarah Palin who is at 10/1 and Barack Obama who is at 4/5 (the incumbent, one should note, always has the higher odds this early in the game, regardless of actual outcome). What are the odds of the American Public hiring a President who has either a “rock star personality” or has been involved in “entertainment”, appearing on Television shows? Those odds become fairly high, when considering the nation’s history since 1980 vis a vis Barack Obama and one Ronald “Death Valley Days” Reagan.

Therefore, all those pundits who operate out of ivory towers, use charts, or other props, and think Beltway, Beltway; Beltway just may be out of luck this time around. Obviously, rumors are rumors and wishful Monday Morning Quarterbacking is what it is, however, as to the actual who would the U.S. electorate accept (overall), one can bet it will be someone who is easily recognized as a celebrity of sort, someone who is in the spotlight, has been seen by millions of TV viewers and is both loved and hated at the same time. One just has to take a quick look at the GOP hopefuls who are polling at the top of the heap of “those who may step forward”, such as Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin. Although Trump is only recently on the board, he’s in the same position, except for two stunning facts: He is, granted a “celebrity”, but he’s also a businessman with zero ties to traditional politics. That’s points for Trump.

Understanding that last night on the Fox Program “The O’Reilly Factor”, veteran journalist Bernie Goldberg dropped “the Bomb “that Trump is indeed, running for President, and he cited “sources”.

Perhaps they were sources such as New Hampshire’s WMUR, a must read for political junkies everywhere: Back in mid-March of this year, WMUR reported that Trump was heading to the Granite State to attend an all-important “Politics and Egg” Series in June. Further, Trump has reached out to New Hampshire foremost politico in order to “set up meetings” – named in the WMUR “scoop”, one Congressman Charlie Bass. Congressman Bass is a Republican Congressman from the 2nd District, who served 12 terms before being bested by a Democrat in 2006, and was reelected in 2010. How influential is Bass? Bass hails from an influential New Hampshire Political family according to all, noted as The Clinton's or Rockefeller's of New Hampshire.

That aside, Politico noted back in March that Trump was actually looking to hire staff in New Hampshire.

There have been myriad reports on Trumps impending Trip to Iowa, (See this blog.)

Those sources alone would be enough to indicate that Trump is more than “thinking about” entering the 2012 race, he is “exploring”, interviewing staff and laying groundwork.

Will She? Clinton 2012 - image southasiaspeaks wordpress blog

Hillary Clinton’s stock is continuing to rise, as the numbers out on the President continue to plummet, a recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times bluntly states: Why Clinton Must Run in 2012 and goes on to list the obvious reasons why Hillary must come in and salvage the Democrat Party. The blog, by John Phillips, states the obvious, and what has been obvious to almost every breathing right of extreme left to moderate Democrat that would vote for Clinton in a primary match-up. One need only search this blog for reasons why even a moderate Republican would find Clinton a formidable opponent and ready for “prime time” going back to 2007.

Although it is much less certain that Clinton would enter the race (although there are some valid arguments being med in favor of a Clinton run), Trump looks like a given. If he does not push the rest of the pack (Palin, Romney, Huckabee) to move up their announcement time lines) and begins to poll at least even with the aforementioned, come November of 2011 he’ll be a force that will be difficult to best. The 2012 Presidential Sweepstakes, the best of Reality Television from the GOP Primary to the possible DNC Primary to the General Election.

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Obama Likely to Announce Reelection Bid, while Democrats Believe they Can Win Back the House – Polls of Yester Year

According to Politico: Democrats are targeting certain freshmen Republican Congressional Office holders, who had won districts, that formerly were won by both Obama and Kerry back in 2008 and 2004 respectively. This assumes that these individuals will be a) easy to pick off, and b) that the Democrat brand has recovered. If one subscribes to what one reads in the daily papers, and/or stays strictly tuned to MSNBC, that scenario does appear valid; however, otherwise, it appears to be wishful thinking. It is apparent, of course, that in the face of so many offices being up for grabs in 2012 (all Congressional Office holders are up for reelection and a bevy of Senator), with the race for the Presidency being the highlight that all eyes on the big prize, might allow for a few to slip through the proverbial cracks back in to the “D” column. That remains to be seen.

As to the Office of the Presidency, Obama is said to be gearing up to announce his reelection this Monday morning, with a video on his website , (see Video Below) (Politico). According to the AP, the plan: is to brand himself as “a reformer”. Seriously, the upbeat AP article points out the fact that few Republican’s have entered the race against the President (other than Tim Pawlenty), the balance are looking at late June to decide – therefore, despite all odds, should no GOP heavyweights get into the race, Obama stands a fairly good chance. After all, there was that slight uptick in the Unemployment numbers, out of so many issues, that is the one saving grace for this particular President.

Apparently, Polls are of no concern.(nor do they paint the entire picture, see Carter)

Rasmussen April 3rd: 26% approve, 46% disapprove of Obama’s Job Performance.

Gallup45% Approve, 47% Disapprove (Gallup is generally conservative - not politically rather mathematically), They also had this recent gem Huckabee, who has yet to make a decision to run or not to run, as well as Mitt Romney who is more vocal, yet not officially announced) both statically tie Obama in a hypothetical matchup.

Quinnipiac (University –can run left of center), Obama on deserving a second term: 49% no, 43% yes

The above numbers should either improve or degrade entirely through the coming months leading up to the end of 2011 and the announcements by those GOP possible Presidential contenders who are keeping every political junkie in suspense. There is that 5 trillion pound gorilla in the room: specifically the rising cost of gas at the pump, inflation hitting food, and the kicker: the Fed is said to be considering raising interest rates.

When the dollar is devalued as it is, and inflation has struck and it has, a rise in interest rates causes “hyper inflation”, the more companies have to invest, either in fuel and or loans (assuming there are available) theses costs are passed onto the consumer. Historically, this is what occurred during the last year of the Carter administration – His poll numbers, historically, were at about the same level as the current presidents at this time. (Source: Calary Herald via Google Newspapers Carter enjoyed a 40 plus approval rating in March, which fell to the 30’s immediately following based on the economy.

Additionally, Carter polled fairly well against “Challengers”, in the Gallup Poll in 12/79 - Carter had the command with a 60 to 36 percent lead over Ronald Reagan. The rest, as we say, is history.

Obama's Video Announcement from Relying on his Base

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2012 - Huckabee Leads both GOP and National in Latest Polls - Should Consider Post June Announcement - Opinion

Huckabee - Trump May Give Incentive for Earlier Announcement

a Farleigh Dickenson Poll link here released on the 31st of March, shows Mike Huckabee in a virtual tie with Obama (46/46) for the presidency. Furthermore, Huckabee also leads all “possible Republican Candidates” in Gallup’s “GOP Positive Intensity Tracking” poll. It is just a matter of when, and if, Huckabee will announce his formation of an exploratory committee, that has most media in an uproar as not one candidate (with the exception of Tim Pawlenty), has given an indication that they would announce much before June or later of 2011.

If Huckabee announces sooner than later, however, one can bet his lead would increase exponentially. Given Trumps entrance onto the national 2012 stage, Huckabee should consider the implications, given that some of his base may consider Trump as a viable alternative.

Trump 2012 – the Glenn Beck Factor – Backhanded Endorsement – Beck Calls Out Trump as an Extremists! Opinion

Glenn Beck: "The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment"? - Photo Conservative blogs central (blogspot)

From Politico: Glenn Beck on Fox News’, Bill O’Rielly noted that Donald Trump “made him feel uncomfortable” and that the nation does not need a “showboat”. (See Video Below).

Beck who is consistently pounding the “Fear Factor”, vis a vis the current administration and George Soros, would be at a lack for material should “The Donald” be successful in a bid for the GOP nomination and then the Presidency. Beck, on the one hand notes, that no one is better equipped to deal with the nation’s economy, however, on the other hand, Trump, who has issued no-apology statements that are not “politically correct” (or particularly mainstream) which are similar to those Beck makes on a daily basis, puts Beck in a virtual “tizzy”.

Beck, who is a smart, savvy, hustler of books and such vis a vis his radio and tv spots, would have to cast far and wide to find a way to stir up his audience should Obama, or another Socialist-Democrat not remain in the White House. If anything were to happen to George Soros, for example, Beck would lose half of his material – and be left with the “prepare for the worst, Obama is in charge” mentality that he has employed successfully over the last several years.

For example, those who have contacted this blogger, after listening to Beck, are convinced they must store up food, buy land in a remote corner of the nation, and be ready at a moment’s notice to save themselves and their families in order to avoid the riots and looting that will occur when the economy collapses under Obama. Frankly, that kind of fear mongering, along with a “buy my book on this subject, or invest in Gold”, makes his statements on Trump, to those who might think Beck, a snake oil salesman with several honorary History Degrees, (which one can’t argue aren’t deserved), a ringing endorsement of Trump.

The Obama Birth Certificate: Glenn Beck: “
Obama birth certificate ‘horrible forgery”, From July 2008.

On China:
Glenn Beck: Why we lose the War Game with China”
From May 2009

Of note: Beck has found a way to insert The Donald into his routine: From April 1st: “Mika: Trump another example of right wing hate – UPDATED – Why no coverage of real death threats?” In this particular article, he dismisses Trump.

Beck is after all, a survivalist and if Trump salvaged the economy, what would Beck have left?

Regardless of which way the GOP primary turns, be it Huckabee, Palin, Trump, or some as yet to declare candidate (a possibility in this era), one has to question how will that candidate fare with Beck?

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