Wednesday, January 28, 2015

History as Entertainment – the Worth – The Sons of Liberty

The History Channel’s “ the Son’s of Liberty” May have played fast and loose with some facts, made a few up here and there, but overall, gave the viewer the understanding that a long war was fought by those that despised taxes and injustice, and forged a nation out of, what amounted to, a band of odd fellows, most privileged, and all English.

Sponsored by Sam Adams brewing company , the mini-series may have done the job that most teachers or, rather today’s curriculum have failed - make history entertaining, to offer those with zero background a glimpse into what happened in the distant past, and how this nation came into being.

Impossible, at any wise, in a short 3 to 4 hours of fill, yet, there will always be those critics of anything history, who will point out inaccuracies and condemn without considering the value. That value would be to make history enjoyable for those who would not have given it a second thought, and perhaps, just perhaps, inspire one or two at the least to do a little more digging into the past. History is no longer taught, and if so, with a political mindset, also playing fast and loose with facts in order to mold an opinion. Historians have for eons cast their own point of view on events – without the actual documents or 8x10 color glossies, one might cast doubt, regardless of the pedigree of the author.

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