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Non-Citizens Voting In the U.S. 2010 Mid-Terms – Colorado Study Concludes Records Indicate 5,000 votes cast by Non-Citizens

A report from the Hill Blog, yesterday, indicated that the US. House of Representatives is seeking to “shore up” voter registration rules in the wake of a Colorado Study indicating that five thousand non Citizens voted in the 2010 election. The Committee on House Administration was compelled to question the current voting rules given the fact that a report released by Colorado State ( PDF Here ) indicated:

Of the 11,805 people who showed a non-citizen credential when they received their driver’s licenses, 4,947 – or 41.9% -- voted in the 2010 general election.
(From Colorado State Findings PFD noted above.)

Although the State is unable to match some of the 11,000 plus records to determine if the non-Citizens had since become eligible votes through gaining citizenship, all records were based solely on those who had obtained green cards – and with the process, it takes a minimum of five years to become a U.S. Citizen – the said five years did not apply to those 5,000 records in time fashion. This belies the objections to the House Findings by one “Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas) (who) raised doubts about the reporting, noting that the study itself said it was based on inconclusive data and that it was “impossible to provide precise numbers” on how many people who were registered to vote in the state were not citizens.”

After 9-11 a report (available in pdf here) was issued by the Congressional Research Library on a State by State Basis on obtaining drivers licenses (which are used by most states to register to vote.) The State Laws, to say the least, lax. One find for example, that Colorado allows those who might not have a social security number, to sign an affidavit certifying that they are legally within the U.S. and therefore eligible to receive a drivers license and then vote.

In Massachusetts, there are no requirements whatsoever, other than a social security number to obtain a drivers license.

Of course, one cannot expect those here illegally to be using fraudulent or stolen social security numbers – which might explain the 30,000 extra votes which materialized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in just 13 hours, where three (at least) U.S. Congressional Seats were on the line, and the Incumbents did receive the required number of votes in order to hold onto their seats.

What happens if you work for a State and actually turn over records of undocumented (illegal) aliens, who are using state services, have social security numbers and the like? - You got to Jail! Two workers in the State of Utah had turned over personal information on 1300 plus illegal immigrants, and were summarily fired for releasing personal information.

The words “racists” are thrown around quite readily whenever anyone questions a voters eligibility, especially if they have a Spanish name, however, regardless of country of origin, no one who is not a legal Untied States Citizens should be voting in this nation.

It should be a pretty simple process: voters provide valid Identification, such as a driver’s license. Those drivers licenses issued, should be done so only after a background check on the social security number used at the time of application. It should also state on the license if the person holding it is not a U.S. Citizen, rather they could be from any nation, given rules for students on visa that are able to obtain drivers licenses in most states. In this automated society, where information should be easily shared between say the State DMV and the Social Security Administration, or that States Department of Revenue (if one must circumvent the SSA) in order to ensure that those licenses are valid – and if one does not have a license or does not drive? A State Voters identification card should be issued based again, on a valid social security number.

It’s a red flag when Republicans or anyone for that matter are tagged as racists for attempting to quell what are voter fraud, and so much more. Fraudulent Bank accounts, credit cards, access to State Welfare services, and yes, even fraudulent Social Security Benefits. There must be communication between State and Federal agencies, as well as laws in place in each state requiring voter id, with poll watchers to insure compliance. As for citizens who release names of those here illegally, especially, even if the information is “private”, those citizens should be applauded, not fired and prosecuted. One has to wonder how many state workers have been tempted to do the same, but fear the repercussions. To vote is a privilege of citizenship, not a right, and should be approached as such.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trump 2012 – Tied with Romney in Latest Poll – Hits the Talk-News Show Circuit - Building Team Iowa

President Trump? Image via

Donald Trump is not pulling any punches about his intention to run for the Office of the President, as of yesterday, Trump had hit the news and talk show circuit from “The View” to Fox to CNN. Trump’s in-your-face, reality based style is driving show hosts such as Bill O’Reilly to quip that he’s (paraphrased) genuine, but likely to put up a golf course at the White House! In O’Reilly follow-up interviews on Trump with political analyst Karl Rove and comedian-pundit Dennis Miller, Rove apparently was stunned over O’Reilly asking if “The Donald” had a chance. Rove could not say no, but appeared somewhat uncomfortable, in that beltway, insider, I know it all, Rovian style. Miller on the other hand was straight up and appeared serious when he said Trump had his vote.

Watching Trump is, in a word, refreshing. At first, one might have been taken aback, and quite frankly could not comprehend Trump as a GOP frontrunner, let alone a Trump Presidency. In fact, this blogger was wondering what other candidate Trump might be trying to help by appearing to enter the fray. After yesterday, and reviewing clips of the usual circuit, the fact is clear: Trump is serious and Trump wants to be the President.

What’s wrong with Donald Trump? He has a plenty of history, of which everyone inside and outside the United States is aware – the good, the bad and the ugly. Trump pulls no punches, and has fans on all sides of any aisle – he’s a threat to the established GOP, and is certainly entertaining. As to Rove’s wondering aloud if Trump would have the experience necessary to run the Oval Office, in light of the present administrations lack thereof, and subsequent state of the nation – Rove believes the American People are looking for the experienced politician - seriously.
Apparently, those who think an inexperienced, nationally and internationally known personality, who has the intellect, the money and the straightforward manner of Trump, might not have the backing of those would voted in the last election based on a “rock star” image, think again.

Trump is no dummy, he’s straight up, shoots from the hip, and does not shy away from the subjects that most of the “frontrunners” or those experienced politician’s might, he’s speaking to the people, those that do have questions regarding where the President might have been born, those who would like to see soldiers on the border, those who think we do have a world-wide “Muslim Problem”, and the list goes on. Trump is not only throwing the proverbial red meat to the rank and file conservatives, he’s got the Tea Party Points down, and the taxpayers points down – he’s taking no prisoners and he’s making no apologies. He speaks in such a manner as to say something that one might think outrageous, until Trump lays it out and suddenly, realizing he’s sincere, he gets points for being straight forward and making sense out of something ludicrous. That man is no dummy.

Now that Trump has taken it upon himself to step it up, one has to wonder when those who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for summer to roll around before announcing might not want to show their hands a tad sooner, if, and this is a big if, they had the intent to run at all. This includes Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, two of the front runners in most polls. Mitt Romney, already in, but not officially, will, in all likelihood, fare about as well as he did in 2008. Not that Mitt Romney is not sincere about his quest for the office, nor is he lacking the intellect, business, or governing experience that might appeal to Karl Rove, however, that’s the point. The individual that breaks out of the box in this 2012 pack of announced, semi-announced and yet to announce candidates will be the non-traditional candidate. The atmosphere of the nation has not changed; it if nothing less it is more anti-big government than in the 2010 elections. All one has to do is ask those sixty some odd freshmen members of Congress with no experience that swept into office in a group in November of 2010 if someone who is unknown, but has the smarts, convictions and love of nation, can get elected.

The State Column is reporting that Harris Interactive has Trump tied with Romney and behind Palin and Huckabee (who have yet to announce) . In addition, The State also indicates Trump is in the process of building a team in Iowa. Although one may be reading this in total disbelief, think back to 2008 when it was apparent that Hillary Clinton, with her experience, and the popular vote would surely be the nominee, and then along came Barack (granted propelled by the Super Delegates at the DNC rather than by any popular vote).

Trump, is going to be the one to watch in the GOP primary, and the debates will be most likely be the highest rated programs of this sort, since Neilson began rating. Imagine the following line-up, Pawlenty, Ron Paul (assumed as he always runs), Palin (if she enters), Bachman (Tea Party all but announced), Romney (and yes, they will all go after Romney care), and Huckabee, and the few unknowns (That are either out there but not on this blogs radar yet). Talk about entertainment! Is it any wonder the media (networks) are in a state of convulsion as so few have announced and they have debates schedule as early as May of this year?

Donald Trump current social media links:

Donald Trump Facebook Like!

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Fox News O’Reilly Interview

Trump on CNN:

CNN Piers Morgan Trump and Weiner (D-NY) video (Embed Disabled by CNN) talks policy

Trump on Ingraham

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

States Begin to Look at Ways to Push Welfare Recipients Off Public Rolls – The Case for a Return to Workfare

Two states have begun to look at ways to push those on the welfare rolls into employment, either through the private or public sector, from CBS Chicago: an Illinois State Representative has introduced a bill that would require drug testing for any welfare recipients – in this way those on the public dole would be “job ready”. Representative Sacia, brought the bill to the House three years ago – his inspiration – a constituent who asked why job applicants must submit to drug tests while those receiving welfare do not. (CBC Chicago).

Meanwhile, in cash strapped New York, the MTA is looking at those on unemployment to pick up the slack after losing workers to budget cuts.

According to Newsweek based on 2009 figures, over 37 million American’s were, at that time, receiving some form of government assistance, either through welfare, unemployment benefits and or food stamps. When one looks at the workfare program designed by FDR in order to up the unemployment rate, one finds a variety of new releases on the subject, both pro and con.

During the 1930’s when unemployment figures were sky high – FDR instituted the “New Deal”, one part of which was Work Fare – those who were unemployed were put to work by the government, building parks, highways and the like – there is a pro-FDR policy piece here at the Roosevelt Institute that outlines the program and its consequences. The policy is, using a cliché, a catch-22, given the fact that yes, people were put to work, however, the questions of civil liberty arose. Those who entered the program were put into work camps, and were paid for the job done by the Federal Government. The difference in those able bodied Americans on the workfare program as opposed to those receiving checks for Welfare should be obvious; the program gave individuals a sense of purpose and at the least a resume and temporary income until the economy improved with the onset of World War II.

While visiting a local Western Massachusetts Park – Robinson State Park in Agawam Massachusetts to be exact, one hiking the trails will find placards off the beaten track that offer photographs of those who worked on the park, and a description of the work they did. It is a piece of history buried off the beaten path so to speak, but when one looks at those photographs, one finds individuals who appear to have a sense of pride and purpose. Although one might view workfare as welfare, one can also ponder how many of those able bodied individuals on the welfare roles today would be accepting full assistance (assuming one is able bodied), if that assistance meant they would be shipped to various parts of the nation as needed to work for the government. Unfortunately, at that time in our history, there simply were no jobs at all, why today, although limited, jobs are available in some areas of the nation, and an ideal program would be welfare to workfare with a private employer match after a limited period of time, those employers given a tax incentive to hire those on workfare. There must also be safety nets in place, fiscally, so that when one is off the roles, one might be eligible to receive aid, but then one would also be fast tracked right back into the workfare program.

Robinson State Park, taking the Red Trail towards the river, by a small brook, one finds placards dedicated to the Workfare Program - image

One has to give it to FDR, at least he had a solution, whether one agreed or disagreed, as to the outcome of many of his decision, he gave American’s out of work and living off breadlines, a job, be it government or no, and a sense of pride, which, logic dictates, would propel those on workfare into the private sector.
Therefore, for cities and states to begin to find ways to cover those employment areas, due to budget cuts, that may be lacking an employee or more, why not go back to the workfare system – those on welfare are already receiving tax payers dollars – it appears to be a simple solution. The problem with simple solutions is that politicians and special interest groups find ways to make them extremely complicated

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Donald Trump and the Obama Birth Issue – What gives? If Obama Cannot Seek Second Term, Will Clinton Take the Reigns?

Donald Trump has produced a hopsital birth certificate in order to prove that some such document can be found rather rapidly by just about anyone, including the President. As Trump pounds away on the issue of why Obama hasn’t taken the time to placate members of the general constituency as to their doubts about his eligibility to hold the office of the Presidency, it is almost as if, the Donald is challenging Obama to do so in order to shut up the bunch – either that or Donald Trump has something else in mind.

In pondering the usual and or not so usual the past few days, a video surfaced which has gone viral quickly, with clips from the President clearly stating he was born in Kenya. A copy of the video, now on YouTube is below – those that are sending it along in emails are warning that it may not be up for long (paranoid one would think – wouldn’t one?). It is an interesting amalgam of clips not only of Obama speaking out on his place of birth, but on his Muslim heritage. Frankly, the fact that a President is of Muslin, Jewish, Mormon, Catholic or name a religion, faith, should not even enter into the equation as every U.S. citizen, natural born or not, has the right to choose his or her own religion, and that religion is not, constitutionally an impediment to holding a higher office.

As there is little time left before Obama’s term is up and the 2012 elections are upon us, would it not be convenient, should another prominent Democrat be able to run in Obama’s stead, if he were found to be ineligible? During the 2008 elections, prior to supporting McCain, Trump supported both financially and in word, one Hillary Clinton: From the left Newshounds: Trump phones in Fox in praise of Hillary’s speech and ABC News’ on Clinton donors contributing to McCain after the Super Delegate Coup at the DNC – one of those Donors? The Donald

Granted, one can believe that Trump is seriously considering a run at the Presidency, and considering the current crop of no-one has announced, he is beginning to be taken seriously by those on the right, however, how much more so, if he, along with the disgruntled Kennedy family, get rid of Obama and make a place at the table for one Hillary Clinton.

Although farfetched, even to those who have degrees of moderation and sanity, it does smack of making one wonder – why an intelligent, world renowned business man would so intently focus on this particular issue, which , should it prove true would eliminate the President at this point, from running for reelection.


Unions Delusional - Madison, Democrats Attempt to Block Union Bill, Socialists on Losing the Unions, UAW Targets Bank of America

As the nation finds public sector workers, and public unions more unpalatable, (*Gallup survey of confidence in institutions 2010 where organized labor and public schools were well under 50% in public confidence, somewhere near the Congress which hit bottom under the guidance of Nancy Pelosi (D-CA8), with recent 2011 events in Wisconsin, polls of conflicting nature are being released by news organizations and pollsters USA today claims a small majority (47 to 42%) support public employee unions, while a Rasmussen poll suggests the opposite: Those on the ground in Wisconsin would prefer to have a direct hand in voting on any public employee benefits or pay hikes. ,
First the Republican Govenor, in an attempt to improve the budget chances for the state of Wisconsin, asked for pay and benefit concessions from public workers, which were accepted, however, he went a step further, actually signing into law a bill limiting collective bargaining and allowing teachers and other public workers to opt out of the unions. Meanwhile, the Democrats who were elected fled the state in order to halt a vote on original budget bill to which the union bill was attached – only to find the Govenor, losing patience with the vacationing Democrats, found another constitution away to move forward and save the state of Wisconsin (and some of those teachers and public employees) some extra cash.

Now, the Democrats in Wisconsin are going to court to protect their unions in a never ending question to the holy union dues, which for the most part, fund the Democrat Party. The AP via Breitbart: Apparently, a court in Wisconsin is now being asked to “offer clarity” on whether or not the Govenor and Legislature has the ability to place this law governing unions on the books. Somehow, one gets the impression that this will head to the Supreme Court eventually and that may not be what the unions bargained for at all. The problem here is simple, the Unions lost a foothold in Wisconsin, they still have the right to exist, have limited collective bargaining rights, but rights none the less, employees have the ability o join or not join, if they find the union attractive, and it’s a matter of individual choice, given to the state workers of Wisconsin, based on a State Government, by the Govenor and the State Legislature.

Regardless of which high profile politico (from Obama to name a Democrat) has stuck their two cents in against the “evil Republicans” (of course “evil “is only implied in most news reports on the subject).

However, the Socialists who are behind the unions are a bit miffed at the union leadership for letting the situation get to this point, and their total lack of leadership. Apparently, they were seeking the brutal anarchy of the 1920’s Red Communist Union Scares in Chicago, and instead, got well, protestors of less than passionate nature. From socialist comes the article “Labor Movement After Wisconsin” Which in essence bemoans the fact that the movement is losing, and places blame: “Yet the official leaders of labor movement show no sign of leading a real fight.” (

Is it really any wonder that the American Public has a bad taste in general for the shenanigans of organized labor? When cities such as Detroit, which features not only a fleeing population, but a high unemployment rate, and the UAW, those sitting there suffering, must get a real thrill when the UAW storms into a Bank of American Branch and shuts it down for over half an hour Apparently, according to the Lansing State Journal, the Union was protesting the bank for making money, and not paying taxes, which was erroneous, while, this bank had repaid all Tarp Loans, and the union, with three days convention on its hands, probably had no other industries to target, as they are all – gone.

Public Employee Unions, alienating one tax payer at a time.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mass. Update Union Membership Down, Job Fair Cancelled, Gov. Patrick Stumps in WI for Public Employees Unions, Agawam Teachers fight for Pay Raise

Agawam Mayor Cohen, the Next "Scott Walker"? Asks Teachers to Skip 1% Salary Raise! photo Springfield MA Republican

Massachusetts appears to be suffering the same pangs of recovery as most states, the ongoing battle between public employee unions and the states and municipalities that cannot, for budgetary reasons, continue to fund additional salary and benefit increases has begun to hit home. Of interest is that fewer than 12% of the Massachusetts workers belong to unions (Boston Globe), yet Governor Deval Patrick has taken up the public employees union cause in Wisconsin, with plans to speak at a Wisconsin Democrat fundraiser on April 30th, from the Globe:

“The announcement for the event declares: “The featured speaker will be Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick who, unlike Walker, has used negotiation and compromise as a way to solve his state’s budget challenges, without putting education, health and infrastructure at risk.”

Someone should let the Governor know that over in the Western Part of the State an apparent fight is brewing between the City of Agawam and their teacher’s union. The Mayor, Richard Cohen, needs to make budget cuts, and has asked the teachers to fore go a 1% salary increase which will save the City over a quarter of a million dollars. Further, the Mayor has forgone any salary increase asking the Union to do the same. One can well imagine how well that went over with Agawam Teachers. The teachers union is balking, and apparently the Union President is ”Trash-Talking “the mayor over his request that they forgo a pay raise in hard economic times.

Trash Talking?

Of course, should those teachers or other public employees decide to try the public sector they may have a bit of a problem – although the unemployment rates as dropped in Massachusetts, from 9 percent to 8.4% (Bureau of Labor Statistics), CBS3 Springfield is reporting on a job fair in Taunton, which was cancelled due to lack of employers participants. There were 20 to 25 tables available, with 10 reserved, one of which was a non-profit that helps individuals find jobs, and three were temporary employment agencies.

How dire is the situation in Massachusetts? Public employee unions are running advertisements outlining the benefits that public employees bring to the communities. Working’s latest commercial here . Apparently, even in Massachusetts, the unions feel that they may be looked at somewhat askance by those who work in the public sector and pay the taxes that allow the public employees to operate. On the website section “Get-Involved”,, one finds ways for Public employee union members to help their neighbors and families understand that they aren’t as bad as those pundits, with access to cable and radio, might be saying. Of course, when one’s salary is in excess of $100,000 a year, and one has full pensions, full health benefits and works possibly ten months of the year, sympathy may be a little harder to come by, especially when neighbors on Social Security are looking at a 3rd year without an increase, due to the rising cost of Medicare Premiums. , in fact, once the Medicare Premiums rise, those Senior Citizens will be looking at a pay decrease Chicago Sun Times. Perhaps they’d like to thank that teacher, as these Seniors also pay property taxes.

When is enough, enough? Apparently, in Massachusetts, enough is enough when there are simply no more taxpayers left to support the public sector, and when the backup system (i.e. Federal Government) can no longer print enough money to send to the Governor’s office, having made the decision to do what so many private sector employees have done (some pay cuts have been up to 10% in salary, along with a 25% increase in employees participation in medial and other benefits), play ball to keep ones job. It is not that all teachers, or other public employees are putting the union ahead of the students they teach, or the towns (citizens and taxpayers) for which they work, it is just that with every article about the union stepping in for pay raises, especially now, it certainly appears that way.

One wonders if the Town of Agawam will be besieged by protesters from the SEIU, and teachers union reps from Madison, and possibly even the Governor of the State (Deval Patrick), in order to ensure that those teachers get the 1% (which sounds like a pittance, but again one quarter of a million dollars or more), raise, which they and the union feel they deserve.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Geraldine Ferraro – The Great Hope for Women’s Participation in the Political Process – 1935 - 2011

Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to be nominated as a candidate for major party executive office ticket, passed away on Saturday, March 26, 2011. Ferraro was nominated as the Vice Presidential Candidate to stand besides Walter Mondale during the 1984 Presidential Elections. The outcome of which, was a second term for Ronald Reagan. The outcome had less to do with the fact that Ferraro was on the ticket, than the basic popularity of Reagan at the time, however, there were barbs left and right for the first woman to gain access to the lofty previous male dominated slot. What Geraldine Ferraro meant to so many women was that, as a whole, women were able to do more than play secretary, nurse or school teacher, hairdresser or clerk – that as a group, women were able to aspire to much higher positions, within business and within the government.

Although it would be decades before another major party nominated a woman as their Vice Presidential candidate (Palin/McCain 2008), Ferraro was the one who took the initial criticisms, the initial fallout from being a woman who dared to knock at that glass ceiling. She was, and will remain an inspiration to millions of woman. It does not matter which political party one might belong, as women, we must acknowledge the achievements of women, especially in the political arena, as we have so few role models that qualify as positive for young women today. Others that come to mind are Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, as they both attempted to break the male mold, and suffered the consequences of the fact that they were women, who dared to try and run for an office considered “traditionally male”.

It remains, to many of us, a mystery as to why a woman is put under such a fine microscope, regardless of political affiliation, by woman who are in the press, or for that matter, the electorate – it is almost as if a hair clip and or a small misstep is judged so much more harshly than if a male were involved. In excusing the women who have made remakes detrimental to all of the aforementioned, and as we can be sure, those to come, perhaps it is because as women, we expect perfection, rather than a reality that a woman is as worthy as man, and not perfect. Alternately, many women hold the same prejudices that men hold, that perhaps the nation “is not ready” to have a woman in the Oval Office, or even in the room next door. We are one of the last nations on earth to subscribe to that school of thought. Geraldine made it possible for those women who have the courage to put themselves forward for the good of all, to take the heat for it, whether to succeed or no – and we all, each and every one of us, owe her a great debt of gratitude.

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