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Final PPP South Carolina Poll 1 – 20 – 12 – Gingrich Up by 9 Points Over Romney - Romney Lowers Expectations.

Public Policy PollingJanuary 20th S.C. poll shows Newt Gingrich with a significant lead over Romney in the Palmetto State. The poll here has Gingrich leading Romney in all key Republican demographics. One note, however, although ID is required to vote in S.C., it is an open primary, where anyone registered voter may cast a ballot. Gingrich, in national polling, is leading among independents, so it is likely the same can be said for South Carolina. On the issue of ABC’s release of Gingrich’s ex-wife’s interview days before the primary, the polling conducted shows that it is of little to no consequence, in, fact, if anything; it has pushed the electorate behind Gingrich.

With the state of Florida and then Nevada weighing in prior to Super Tuesday, it is not without some merit that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be polled – this would end any questions as to how the electorate in Massachusetts feels about Mitt Romney as opposed to Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. In simple “supermarket surveys” conducted by this blogger, (absolutely unscientific), Gingrich is the first choice, followed by Ron Paul, then Obama and then Romney (This is Western Massachusetts). It is hoped that a firm such as PPP will poll Massachusetts prior to Super Tuesday.

That aside, South Carolina has accurately predicted the nominee since 1980, and the Romney campaign is lowering expectations. In a video via - Romney notes that “Newt Will Win a Few Big States”. In the 2008 election, Romney followed a similar patter, losing Iowa to Huckabee, he lost NH to McCain but the margin as not as great), and then McCain won SC, Romney was out by February (immediately following losses across the south and Midwest, which are key to a Presidential Victory, regardless of the party.).

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CNN SC GOP Debate Winners: Gingrich – He Dominates - Romney, Paul, Santorum – In Order – Gingrich Get’s Second Standing Ovation.

Gingrich - Commanding, Clear and Concise through-out the Debate - Image CNN

The second GOP South Carolina debate hosted by CNN last night was billed as the “Fight for the South” – it was, from the start, a large and boisterous crowd, and the CNN crew was ready – excellent format, and a moderate and balanced approach as far as the distribution and control of the flow of discussion.

The opening questioned posed by CNN”s John King, regarding the allegations Gingrich’s second wife was making on national news outlets CBS and the Washington Post (a story, which had run in length a year prior and summarily dismissed as old news), in an “interview” just prior to the South Carolina primary – elicited a lecture by Newt and a righteous scolding of King and the media as a whole – it was greet with extreme applause and a standing ovation by the crowd. The support for Newt was indicated upon introduction of the candidate, what some in the media have taken for “booing”, is actually enthusiastic, “Newt, Newt, Newt” – which, was heard at several points throughout the debate – there was no doubt that Newt Gingrich was comfortable in him role – and as he is now in leading Romney in South Carolina Polls, and in a statistical tie in national polls, he can be considered one of “the front-runners”. He also was able to deflect criticism, specifically charges from Rick Santorum, who was obviously trying to knock down both Gingrich first, and then Romney.

Gingrich continued as usual, with smart, concise answers to questions and attacks by his peers, which were mostly directed by the new winner of the Iowa Caucus, former Senator Rick Santorum. Santorum won Iowa in the final vote tally by 25 votes – giving Romney second place. Therefore, Romney can no longer be considered the front runner. Should Gingrich win the south, and given the reception and display of support for Gingrich, and his first debate performance on Fox, it is more than likely he will carry the Palmetto state, the stage is then set for a more lively primary with the ability of those who are at all interested in an alternative to President Obama, an opportunity to fully vet the candidates as they stand on the stage and are called out on issues by their peers.

Romney, perhaps, gave the best performance to date, yet waffled heavily on the question of the tax returns, and also managed to somehow leave the impression that he was brought up as a poor individual, who clawed his way to the top through his own entrepreneurial skills, rather than be given a better start in life – nice narrative, however, not exactly accurate. He did however, jump on his Mexican heritage, which may be a tad late due to his stance on immigration – not exactly endearing him to those who may be of Spanish heritage be it from the mother country, or Central, South America or the Islands. Overall, however, he appeared more genial, with his smile more genuine, and had several interesting exchanges with Newt Gingrich which were congenial, both men being attacked by Santorum in a lengthy and hot-headed statistical manner. One charge leveled by Santorum on Romney, however, is to be noted: the fact that his ability to debate the President on the Massachusetts Mandated Health Care might be compromised due to the failure of the system (One need only check the Massachusetts budget, the fact that the State Run arm: Commonwealth Care” is so overburdened they cannot accept any more enrollees, and the fact that insurance premiums in Massachusetts have risen above the national average due to the Romney’s plan, is, in Massachusetts, a given) – Romney continues to support the plan, and looked somewhat uncomfortable with that line of questioning. Ron Paul, was on target on all points, and managed to give as good a performance I the debate arena as any to date. Frankly, it was difficult to choose a second on virtue of sheer debate points, between Romney and Ron Paul.

Rick Santorum, although passionate in his delivery (which is an improvement over his dry delivery in the past), played the “party line” regarding Newt Gingrich and his contentious history with the Republican Party – with the basic story line of someone who has big ideas yet is inconsistent and does not follow-through. He addressed the fact that the Speaker was ousted by his own Party, laying the framework as being Gingrich’s inability to lead, which led to his ouster rather than relying on facts. Facts, which, if one was present, or watched the History Channel from time to time, would understand that Gingrich not only had big ideas, he also managed to force his programs on both the Republicans and the Democrats, while working in concert with President Clinton – It is known that Gingrich refused to support former President George H. Bush, when then President Bush wanted to raise taxes, Gingrich was considered to have “stabbed Bush in the back” as Bush announced the plan, Gingrich had left to rally, across both sides of the aisle, to put a bill through that would not allowed for Bush’s tax plan, thus making an enemy out of the Republican hierarchy – Bush blamed Gingrich for his loss to Bill Clinton, and the rest, as they say, is history – woe the successful speaker who is able to work with both sides of the aisle to get things done for the American people, even if he is bucking his own political party. The fact of the matter was, Gingrich was then caught between an angry GOP and a Democrat Party who saw the opportunity to oust the Speaker who was able to twist the arms of their own members, and therefore, ethics charges were brought up against the speaker, which led to his ouster, it was the Democrats, joined by those Republicans who felt he was not “loyal” to his party, (rather than the American people), who ended Gingrich’s career. Santorum was one of those “party loyalists”, therefore, Santorum’s suggestion that character counts, should be taken to heart. Especially when he has re-written historical fact (there are video’s, 8 X 10 color glossies and an entire treatment at (the Congressional Record), to support the facts, rather than Sen. Santorum’s narrative.

Romney and Gingrich post debate: congenial, balanced - image LA Times

Therefore the only two candidates that can stand on that stage and claim outsider status, are Gingrich and Romney: Ron Paul is a sting Congressman, although to be fair to Paul, he has bucked the system all the way, and Santorum would still be in the Senate had he not lost his seat in the wave of losses suffered by the GOP in 2008 in the wake of an 8 year media narrative that destroyed George W. Bush and anyone associated with the Republican Party.

Gingrich, to his credit, has a long history (which is verifiable) of writing legislation and supporting sound legislation, oftentimes from those across the aisle – of all the candidate, with the exception of Ron Paul, he has a public record of achievement that is both outstanding and available.

Santorum, for his part, is fighting for the South, the Pennsylvanian, therefore, must use everything necessary, including a bit of deception, in order to prove he is equal to the other candidates.

Gingrich for his part, deflected and delivered, and, as is his usual, answered each question poised, and each rebuttal with conviction backed by fact.

Overall, those in South Carolina have choice to make between now and Saturday when they go to the polls. It will be these last two debates that will give to take away from each candidate, not only in South Carolina, but in national polling as well.

Best Headline: Chicago Sun Times, Lynn Sweet (not exactly a fan of Conservatives) : ”Newt dominates South Carolina CNN debate; deflects "open marriage" charge”

The second comes from CNN: Gingrich Delivers Show Stopper at Beginning of CNN Debate

Complete with video:

Gingrich deflects the charges made by his ex-wife, as well as the fact that Gingrich had sent evidence to the fact that his second wife’s chargers were false, and the fact that his daughters had personally tried to intervene on his behalf. To his credit, Gingrich did not make assertions regarding his ex-wife’s well-known bitterness and vindictive character that has led to her telling abstract tails over the years regarding the speaker. ABC, which aired the interview, was also being touted by one Barack Obama while in Disney Word, in a joint presentation on tourism. The timing could not have been more perfect for those on the outside comparing campaign tactics. It is evident now, that the Obama campaign and the media feel that Gingrich is the greater threat to Obama. A fact that, if one has to go back and grab a bitter ex-wife to make claims that, that frankly, have been repudiated before, as well as summarily dismissed, and run them through every major news outlet (and they are), it speaks volume about the threat level Gingrich presents to the Presidents reelection campaign.

Full Debate Video:

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2012 GOP Update - Perry Out! Will Endorse Gingrich

Breaking: Rick Perry will be dropping his bid for the 2012 GOP nomination today (CNN) and will then endorse Newt Gingrich (Politico) - article here at Hot Air .

Newt Pulls Ahead in SC Polling – Romney Unhinged, Right/Left Attack Gingrich – Gingrich best positioned, as of now, to Beat Romney/Obama - Analysis

S.C. - A Clear Choice - from

According to Newsmax, a yet to be released Insider Advantage Poll taken last night, shows Gingrich ahead of Romney by 32 to 29% with Ron Paul and Rick Santorum both losing ground dropping from the last poll which had Romney up in a significant, double-digit lead, and Governor Rick Perry pulling 3%, 10% were either undecided or had chosen another candidate, marginals are not yet available. Internal polling must be showing the same statistics or perhaps a wider margin or New Gingrich in the Palmetto State, as Mitt Romney has gone on the attack. From the Bellingham Herald’s Headline”Romney Unloads On Gingrich As Polls Show S.C. Race Tighteningto Romney’s PAC over which he has no control, running ads that depict the former Speaker as “unstable” the former Governor of Massachusetts appears to be losing his cool. Should this be the case, then one can anticipate a 2008 repeat of Romney’s performance after his SC loss to McCain and Huckabee; Romney’s PAC ramped up the ads, and he pulled out after Super Tuesday, after winning a dozen state caucus and primaries.

Romney is not going to go down without a scathing fight, however, and he is getting help from both the left and the right media. Last evening the Drudge Report headlined an ABC Nightline Interview with Newt Gingrich’s second wife – in which she allegedly unloads on her ex-husband, the former Speaker. Interestingly, Matt Drudge first “broke “the story which was picked up by the AP in seconds, that he interview would air after the primary –allowing the innuendo to hang out over the week, which would have possibly planted some seeds of doubt in some S.C. voters minds – however, ABC, not to be outmatched by Matt Drudge, decided to run this particular segment on Thursday night, directly opposite the highly billed CNN Republican debate. It is, from this perspective, an old story – and if dragging a bitter second wife on camera to speak to the problems she had in a marriage that ended in 2000. Gingrich’s daughters released a statement noting that oftentimes marriages end and there is some bitterness attached. The only thing missing from this latest attempt to air all of Gingrich’s laundry (which is well-known and has been brought up repeatedly during the eight hundred debates thus far) is something current. Apparently, as the saying goes, they’ve (Romney, Left, and Right) have got squat.

Not to be outdone in controlling the message of the race, and to bolster Rick Santorum, a group of evangelical leaders, the same leaders who told their congregations or anyone who would listen, not to vote Republican in 2008, let loose with a press relapse to this blog outlining their radical hard-line stance and interpretation of Christianity. Excerpts from the press release (warning: disgusting):
Source: Email Press Release (Return-Path:
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Rod Mitchell 281 350 5506

- Rev. Huey Mills 803-320-0770
- Rev. Ray Moore 803-691-9007
- Molotov Mitchell 919-760-3556


Santorum gets another endorsement

Columbia, SC (MMD Newswire) January 18, 2012 -- Days before Saturday's GOP Presidential primary here, there are signs that South Carolina evangelical Protestant leaders are starting to follow the lead of peers in Iowa and Houston who have rejected Mitt Romney, a Mormon, in favor of Rick Santorum, a Catholic. The driving thrust of the evangelical argument: Homosexuality.

The Rev. Huey Mills, pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Lancaster, said, "In obedience to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, most South Carolinans and I have a sane and healthy homophobia, while Mitt Romney has a very bad case of homophilia; the man very clearly endorses dangerous, unhealthy homosexual conduct. Romney actually proclaimed gay youth pride days as governor of Massachusetts."

Lt. Col. Ray Moore, a retired U.S. Army Reserve chaplain who lives in Columbia, said, "With President Obama, Gov. Romney favors the homosexualization of our U.S. military. While heading the executive branch of his state, Romney caved to the co-equal judicial branch on same-sex marriage, signed wedding licenses for gay couples, and embraced homosexual civil unions. Romney is so liberal that he even spoke against the right of the Boy Scouts to screen-out homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals. His positions are simply unacceptable."

Mills said, "The Word of Almighty God, from the Books of Moses to those of the Apostle Paul, commands faithful Jews and Christians to be homophobic. Carolinans have a God-fearing homophobia, while Mitt Romney wrongly endorses homosexuality as a good choice for our young people. Mitt Romney proved during the recent Meet the Press debate that he's just as liberal on the gay agenda as he always has been. In 1994, he said 'I think the gay community needs more support from the Republican Party,' while at January 8 debate, Romney proudly announced, 'a member of my cabinet was gay. I appointed people to the bench regardless of their sexual orientation.' When asked when he last stood up and spoke out for increasing gay rights, Romney said 'Right now.' That Yankee is hopelessly left-wing on homosexuality."

Today, following the example of pro-family leader Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa and national Christian radio host Dr. James Dobson, Pastor Mills announced his endorsement of Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania Senator who came up just a few votes short of defeating Romney in the January 3 Iowa Caucuses. Vander Plaats endorsed Santorum as a function of the latter's signature on The Marriage Vow, a political pledge document also signed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) last year. Dobson endorsed Santorum last Saturday at a gathering of prominent U.S. evangelical leaders in Houston, Texas which voted 75% in favor of Santorum over shortfall contenders Perry and Gingrich.

No offense to the very Catholic Rick Santorum, but he is hardly capable of sustaining the type of campaign necessary to defeat Barack Obama, therefore, the only thing one can imagine is that these “church leaders” are once again, meddling, in a misguided attempt to shut down the process, ensure a weak candidate and see Obama reelected. In 2008, when this same bunch (see interview with Dobson and near hysterical Sean Hannity available hereon YouTube, refused to support any candidate from the GOP – the premise, things would get so bad that people would just flock to their point of view.

Apparently, this has not happened and they are giving it one more shot.

It is the point that all news outlets from the New York Times piece on Newt Gingrich as a Racists for suggesting the young people work in schools, to the Drudge Report, rewriting headlines (notice this happens all the time) in order to push a narrative (when one clicks on the article, it is far from the innuendos complicit in the headline), to the usual suspects from the left, including MSNBC who went over the ledge on Gingrich’s daughter having a job, questioning if it were legal?!!!

It is, frankly, no secret that Mitt Romney is the favorite of the media (from the left and right) and the Beltway, and he is not the favorite of those who are voting, and that situation is likely to remain unchanged – if those that push the narrative against Gingrich (who is literally the most vetted candidate in this campaign), find him out of the race, hoping against hope that Romney will prevail, they had better watch how fast, anybody but Romney (Perry, Santorum or Paul) rises – especially going into the south.

Laying it out from a pragmatic and historical point of view, and the point of view that one should be able to have an opinion that may deviate from those who feel they are endowed with the ability to tell others what to do (i.e. pundits, and preachers and the left and right media): some quick takes: Newt is right about South Carolina: if he does not win South Carolina, then Mitt Romney will gain momentum and win the nomination. It is not out of bombast or arrogance, but out of a deep understanding that Romney, who relies on a teleprompter, and has iffy debate performance at best, and frankly, little to differentiate himself from Barack Obama, will be a candidate not unlike: Bob Dole or John McCain. It is the writing on the wall. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, the opposition has more research on him than any other candidate, and that is significant in and of itself. Romney, like it or not, is the preferred candidate of the Democrat Machine. That leaves the balance of those who would run for the GOP nomination in SC. The insider advantage poll, has been accurate in predicting the outcome of southern political contests, be they Republican or Democrat, so we are now aware, a few days prior to the primary, where the standings are: a tie for first between Gingrich and Romney (statistical) and the balance of the candidate without the support to push past Gingrich, unless there is interference. With interference in the shape of “breaking news” or right wing crazy men, then Santorum and or Paul, or Perry may pick up 10 points – the result, they lose, Gingrich loses and Romney wins. The nation loses. Should Gingrich prevail, then Santorum, Perry and Paul live to go to Florida and continue the vetting process there, having successfully knocked Romney off his perch, and off his stride. When this happens to Mittens, he lashes out, his PAC overreacts, and he will, eventually drop out, leaving the balance to “duke” it out for the nomination.
It is hoped that those who think they have significant influence (Drudge, and all media), either through innuendo or hate, are largely ignored, and the CNN debate tonight, allows the field to develop naturally.

This Debate at 8pm eastern promises to be a free for all – in other words, CNN, who offers the best debates and return of votes coverage, will let the candidates attack or retreat on their own.

Should Romney prevail, so be it, should Santorum be suddenly impressive and rousing, so be it, should Perry or Paul rise to the top so be it, and if the Speaker should deliver yet another brilliant debate performance – so be it. Let the natural order and the people of South Carolina make up their own minds, before calling one man the leader after only 2 states have cast votes, or to have another bolstered by a group that is clearly jumped over the hedge and down the rabbit hole.

It is no secret that this blogger prefers Newt Gingrich, simply because he is the smartest guy in the room, has made mistakes – and admits they were mistakes, (compounding his intelligence with common sense), and who is positioned to be the best individual to take the presidency - it will be the debate arena, along with all those negative ads, that will decide this election. It will be the clips and the attention paid to each candidate as the race progresses, and if the candidate is weak (in a John McCain sort of way), they will not insert themselves into the American’s Public Eye, in spite of the media. One has to ask themselves, which one of the aforementioned candidates appears least intimidated by the media? The last question: why would they who pundit and press are so against one man? The answer may lay in the fact that this man cannot be bought or sold, is not defined by one group be they Republican or Democrat, and is polling gangbusters with the all important Independents – in every poll. This is the scenario – and this is the fight that conservatives and those who feel their country is of value need to understand – one man or woman, one vote (ok, not in Massachusetts where the dead vote), should decide who the nominee will be, state by state, for as long as it takes, but in this instance and to stop the next Bob Dole or John McCain, it is in the nations and the balance of the candidates best interest to see Gingrich take the lead in S.C.

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Mitt Romney Opposition Research from 2008 (PDF) - Does Not Include Docs Released by Mass. SOS Office 2011. More Dirt on Mitt Romney

Romney & McCain - McCain Opposition Research 2008 to Endorsement in 2012 - image: NYDaily News

The Daily Caller has released a PDF document here that outlines 200 pages of opposition research on former MA Governor, 2008 and 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

After a four-page introduction and timeline of Romney’s personal and professional life, the file’s next six pages cover what the authors called “top hits.” The last six pages are an appendix describing a “Boston Video Archive.”

The biggest portion consists of a detailed and heavily sourced exploration of Romney’s evolving positions on social issues (22 pages), economic issues (21 pages) and domestic policy (48 pages).

A 33-page section details his business record at Bain Capital, and 16 pages cover political issues that the authors believed can be exploited against Romney.
(Daily Caller)

It is apparent, from this limited research that Romney would have issues with Conservatives, however, one has to consider that up until recently no one had access to his documents from the Massachusetts Governor's office. Those were made available in late 2011 by Secretary of State William Galvin. Dirt of Romney - Shovelfuls.

The above referenced document can be downloaded at

2012 GOP Race - SC State #3 – Sarah Palin” “If I were a South Carolinian, I would vote for Newt” – Flashback: Palin’s Endorses SC's Haley Aanlysis

Palin and Gingrich, the endorsement and it merit - image from ap via politico

Last night on the Fox News Program, Hannity, Sarah Palin made a salient point about the Republican nomination process, as well as an endorsement of Newt Gingrich as a good choice for those South Carolinians. (See video below).

In understanding Palin’s statements, one has to look beyond South Carolina for her reasoning – she is suggesting that a lengthier primary season, with full vetting of candidates, is necessary to prevent the nation finding one man elected who does not exactly represent his campaign platform. She knows whereof she speaks.

Flashback 2008:

It is no secret that Barack Obama ran to the middle in 2008, sounding more moderate by the month, with the exception of a few instances where individuals managed to tape events at which he was speaking to his base. For example the comment made at a San Francisco fund raiser noting (Paraphrasing) “conservatives in Pennsylvania were clinging to their guns and religion…”, a comment that did not go unnoticed in most conservative outlets, but got zero traction from what has become the “mainstream media”. The fact of the matter, the President was not fully vetted – by anyone, other than a few conservatives, who, although they were loud, got very little attention in the grand scheme of things. It was the fact that Obama was “untouchable” by virtue of his ethnicity, by virtue of his intellect, and the problem with John McCain and the GOP in general, - they were polite enough to go along – to tone down attacks – in other words, point out facts. It is a pattern of the elite arm of the Republican Party, not unlike the elite arm of the Democrat Party (which one has to credit with more smarts when it comes to street fights), that everything must be politically correct and if the media or someone is slightly offended – retreat! McCain, in the style of Olympia Snow, (for those who are not familiar with the Senator from Maine, she is the feminine equivalent of a John McCain), did not stand for his principles, rather caved to the pressure from the media and advisors to “play nice”. In the end, it is not so much that McCain would have made a better President, it was the fact that he stood zero chance of getting elected – it was not only the Republican Brand that was poisoned by years of media hype, it was McCain’s retreat in the face of facts that allowed the Democrats to run roughshod over the man. He was, in essence, a weak candidate that was chosen by the RNC early, because he was slightly more moderate than Mitt Romney! One Mike Huckabee, who was doing fairly well, was inappropriate because he was an astute politician who was willing to say things that might make people uncomfortable. He was also stellar in the debate arena, not a national sleeping pill (see McCain).

Therefore, Palin became the “cause” of McCain’s demise, yet the truth of the matter was, she had, one her own, brought more excitement to the debate, and spoke to the heart of issues that were on the minds of those who were not caught up in slogans, and or were trying to be overly politically correct. It was McCain’s weakness as a candidate overall, his moderate tone, that gave Obama the edge.

It was the process of a left of center candidate, moving right just enough, mostly through television advertising and some appearance, to appeal to the independents that will ultimately decide an election. This is exactly what Palin is speaking to: avoid nominating an individual who is not fully vetted, or perhaps a candidate in the vein of a moderate who is so strikingly familiar to a McCain that one of two things would happen: Obama and the Democrats would be overjoyed at the prospect of besting Mitt Romney (already prepared, already noted and by DNC operatives who have the dirt on Romney and no other candidate, as well as Nancy Pelosi’s “endorsement” of Romney as her favorite candidate.) Instead of pushing for one candidate so early in the process, and this includes all media – right left and center – the process should continue in order to ensure that not the party, necessarily, but that the people have been able to fully vet these candidates in order to ensure that he public has a Presidential Candidate that is ready to take on the monumental task of running a campaign against a machine, and to clean up the mess left behind, by not one, but two administrations.

Palin on the stump for S.C. Governor Haley, one of many she "endorsed" who went on to win their respective seats - image: election republic dot com

Palin, love her or the alternative (how’s that for my politically correct readers?), she has the power to move mountains when it comes to the fortunes of those seeking public office by virtue of a call to arms of conservatives to bring aid, cash, and work to a campaign. In 2008, Palin was single-handedly responsible for the election, and in some cases, reelection of individuals who were on the verge of defeat. One of the more notable in this instance was the stumping she did for South Carolina Governor Haley, who endorsed Romney – Palin, who is a Republican after all, will endorse a Moderate to move a seat from one side of the aisle to the other, but for the most part, looks for the most conservative and honest politician to endorse. Her success rate is legendary – she might not have won all of the House and those Senate seats and Governors office in 2010, but she did take the majority – no mean feat.

Palin stumps for Perry image

Therefore, her signal to those who would have preferred she be on the debate stage, and there are millions, and to those who respect her, especially in South Carolina, most likely recall the help she gave to their Governor Haley, and with the suggestion that a vote for Newt is her preference for South Carolina, will speak volumes. She is underestimated at every turn, and that is to a great extent problematic to those who choose that route. She is also keenly aware of the rift she causes within the “mainstream” media, who will see her endorsement of any candidate as a negative, regardless of the reality, therefore, her endorsement of Newt Gingrich in South Carolina was coached in language that suggested an endorsement for one state, so far. She, like many Republicans and Independents and those Tea Party affiliates are not ready to nominate any one individual, rather there are several candidates that are worthy of the opportunity to prove that they deserve the nomination. The process of just giving a “pass” to those who are pre-qualified, and pre-chosen by the “party”, obviously has not worked to the best advantage of country.

Individuals like Haley, and Rick Perry (who was in a heated race with Kay Bailey Hutchinson, former Senator from Texas), saw Palin swoop in and snatch them from the jaws of defeat, best remember that she has that capability. Numbers don’t lie, and Palin has the numbers to support her ability to move candidates as well as issues.

Will she continue, State by State, to endorse Newt Gingrich – perhaps – as the fact of the matter is that in order to best Obama, one has to be smart, savvy, politically astute, and not terribly afraid of being politically incorrect and/or offending the media. In addition, one has to have the debate skills necessary to go toe to toe on a stage with Obama – that leaves one candidate. To those who are wavering between Romney solely based on someone telling them a poll said he was the most likely to best Obama – need a reality check. In order to best Obama, the individual that is the nominee, needs to be able to best Obama in the debate, to draw a contrast that will both assure, encourage and win the hearts and minds of the American voting public. Therefore, one has to ask: who is most capable of both governing, debating and standing on ones records, no matter if it is business or government or both? Is that really Romney, is anyone really sure?

Coming from Massachusetts, and having experience as a constituent only, it is the constant warning sent forth regarding changes of opinion from campaign to office, change of opinion while in office, and less money one one’s pockets due to fees, fees, fees. Mitt Romney may have lowered taxes – he touts, 19 times, but he raised fees, mainly on the backs of the “so-called” middle class. On his website he attempts to explain why a fee is not a tax. Frankly, one has to be honest, when one is paying even one red cent to the state (or Commonwealth in this instance), then one is being “taxed” no matter what language is used.
It is the very few differences in the manner in which Romney governed Massachusetts between campaigns (one for the senate and then the 10 year run at the White House (starting in 2006, one must remember), and the manner in which Obama has governed. Perhaps not in terms of ideology, some of the time, but in terms of “which way the wind blows” governing. It does not serve the public well.

Therefore, thank you Sarah Palin for endorsing Newt for South Carolina – perhaps she will take it upon herself to hold back endorsing one candidate, or endorse that one candidate state by state, giving time to rally her pack and her massive group of online followers.
Let the late night jokers, and the pundits that have already crowed Mitt Romney as the nominee take notice that it is not over until the people have cast their ballots, and only one person, to date has made that loud and clear one Sarah Palin.

Video via

Food for thought: To reiterate the issues of debates and the import see PAC video below: (Nancy Pelosi Approves this Message see: Politico article on Pelosi looking forward to a Romney nomination – why? The Obama Campaign prefers Romney over any other candidate (initial source: Boston Globe).

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Fox WSJ SC GOP Debate – Romney Flops, Gingrich Standing O! – Winners In Order: Gingrich, Perry, Weak: Santorum, Romney, Paul – Analysis, Full Video

Gingrich surrounded after 1-16-2012 SC GOP Debate - image:

Mitt Romney, the heir apparent to the GOP “throne”, flopped last evening at the South Carolina GOP Debate hosted by Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the South Carolina Republican Party – assailed on all sides, most particularly by Rick Perry and Rick Santorum, Romney had one of his worst debate performances since he began running for President in 2006. Perhaps the most painful segment to watch was his non-answer to releasing his tax returns, which was first posed by Rick Santorum, then by a WSJ moderator – Romney dodged the question until finally settling on the “historical date of April” to release his tax returns. There was a deafening silence from the crowded room, which had up to that point, been enthusiastic on most Romney Q&A’s, of which there were many due to the his status as “front-runner”.

Santorum’s performance was solid, but a repeat of the previous debates, his attacks on Romney and the balance of the candidates pointed, but chock full of the usual statistics. Rick Perry, on the other hand, proved formidable, and had perhaps the best “laugh line” of the entire debate in referring to Romney’s over-long answers and Fox News’ decision not to have either a bell and or other time reminder, noted (paraphrasing) “They should bring out a gong”. Perry also delighted South Carolina Governor Haley, who had endorsed Romney earlier, by pointing out the struggle she was having with the Justice Department over a host of issues, including the labor board’s push to pull Boeing from building in South Carolina due to their “right to work” laws.

Ron Paul was – Ron Paul – he is solid in his position on economics, yet appears somewhat weak when attempting to voice his anti-war stance versus his defense stance. Paul clearly is an isolationist, yet looks at the fine points of between spending on the nation’s defense, and what he considers wasteful spending – his prime example was spending billions on an embassy in Iraq instead of spending that money to build bases at home – citing the massive base closures during the 1990’s and beyond. Paul is on the right track, but tends to get flustered, which was most undoubtedly frustration with the inability of the moderator to understand his point of view. Online polls after the debate, including one on the pro-Romney Drudge Report shows Paul the clear winner of the debate with 57,000 plus votes, followed by Gingrich, Romney, Santorum then Perry. The problem with any online polls is the “American Idol” factor, where there can be multiple votes for a single candidate, either by poll design or clearing one’s cache to “trick” the poll and vote multiple times. Paul has a huge internet presence, and therefore is expected to win every poll online – Paul is currently, according to the Real Clear Politics running third, behind Gingrich and Romney in Carolina’s.

Newt Gingrich simply stole the show, and proved, despite the near shut-out by Fox News on Q & A’s compared to the other candidates, why he is the best man in the debate forum, hands down. Gingrich began with a so-so attempt to address the issues of the Romney/Gingrich PAC battle, and specifically Romney’s record at Bain Capital, a sore point for Beltway Romney fans – after this point, Gingrich hit his stride, and knocked the debate out of the ballpark, drawing what was characterized as the first standing ovation at a political debate. This occurred when Fox News moderator, Juan Williams accused Gingrich of being racists over suggesting that students work while in school. Gingrich laid it out in no uncertain terms that the point he was making was not racists, but addresses poverty overall, and the fact that instilling a work ethic, puts pride into a community. He noted that although certain facts make some people uncomfortable, such as the highest number of individuals in this country on food stamps under this administration, it is – a fact. Gingrich suggestion that our youth be given jobs, is perhaps best supported by several video’s, including one dedicated to the”EBT” card - here on You Tube”. An EBT card is the politically correct version of food stamps – lest someone be embarrassed by the older paper version, credit cards are distributed that can be used at a variety of locations, not all of which include “food”. There is no doubt that hunger and poverty affect a broad spectrum of American’s today, regardless of race, and that the heavy reliance on government versus self was the point Gingrich made. It is a question of background and age, and political ideology that muddies the water on Gingrich’s excellent point.

On a personal note, this blogger picked beans at a farm for 25 cents a day back in the early 1960’s, and has found ways to make a living ever since. The fact that work is a good experience was then instilled in offspring, who, instead of taking an allowance, found a job, in a weak economy, working in food service, and is proud of the work and pay received. It is the understanding that when one works, one receives money, and one is better able to support themselves, and buy that new Iphone, pair of sneakers, what-have-you. This is what is lacking across the spectrum, a work ethic instilled in our youth, and it crosses, racial, ethnic and socio-economic lines. There is also the factor based on a dependence on government and the “ownership” of an individual by a political party, based upon fulfillment of their needs, rather than a literal hand up. Telling the truth and presenting solutions to poverty, regardless of race, is what drives those who would opposed Gingrich politically over the ledge.

Gingrich followed with a series of quick witted, yet well thought out thorough answers on everything from No Child Left Behind, to issues of national security, and extension of unemployment benefits. The later drawing again a huge surge of applause, given the former Speakers suggestion that those who are on 99 week unemployment benefits, in a scenario where a training program in return for benefits were in place, would have earned an Associate’s Degree.

Overall, after watching this debate, it is clear why Mitt Romney, between his Super PAC’s (which did damage to competitors in 2008 as well), and his weak showing in debates (again revisit 2008), is not the clear front-runner at this point in the primary cycle. In fact, there are choices in this group of five candidates, that allows for one or more to break out and pass Romney, and the obvious import of the South Carolina primary, given the shortened primary calendar, will make that clear. Romney to date has won the Iowa Caucus by 8 votes (the recount is due out today, the 17th, so that is still not a clear win, if it ever was, more of a tie). He won New Hampshire, period - there are 48 more states to weigh in, but that said, the nation and the GOP should have a clear idea of who the frontrunner(s) are once past Super Tuesday on March 6th. It is at that point where realistic projections can be made. At this point, all the hype regarding Mitt Romney may have hurt him more than helped him – and, the media, the beltway and those who would see a true moderate as the nominee, should have not raised expectations too high and too soon - expectations that clearly cannot be met nor explained away.

Gingrich’s overall demeanor and debate performance was stellar, commanding, even toned and perhaps the best performance to date. Perry as well, given the time allotted, gave the performance of his campaign to date. Although this blog makes no secret of the fact that Gingrich is the preferred candidate, based on extensive research of his record, both inside the legislature , and out, it is policy to give a devil his due. Had Romney won that debate, then Romany would have been given credit. It is important to note that polls at this early stage, showing Romney leading the President, and then Romany being touted as the best for the job, are disingenuous at best. Polls are subject to change given time and circumstances. It is not secret that the 2008 election was won by Obama in the debate arena, if that is the case, then why would the party push an “heir apparent” regardless of talent, when there is an individual who clearly would rule in that arena, and that individual is one Newt Gingrich. He owns the debate forum, despite the distortions of his remarks this early in the game. One post debate Fox commentator noted that people would (paraphrase) “pay to see Gingrich debate Obama”, understanding the outcome. It therefore, defies logic, to this mind, to push a frontrunner that is weaker in the debate arena, as well as in other areas as proved by last evening’s answers by Romney).

The next debate is Thursday night, CNN is the network, and the time is 8PM Eastern: for more information refer to CNN pressroom.blogs

Gingrich Standing Ovation

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Huntsman Ends Campaign, to Endorse Romney, the Consequences - Right Media Vs.Mainstream Media Now Resembles MSNBC – Romney vs. Gingrich - Analysis

Former Utah Governor, Jon Huntsman has decided to end his campaign for the GOP nomination and will endorse Mitt Romney as of Monday the 16th. The fact that the Utah Governor failed to secure a stronger finish in the New Hampshire primary, and his extremely low poll numbers going forward, has not been lost on some media – excellent article to be found at the The Christian Science Monitor.

In reviewing the most recent poll numbers in SC at Real Clear Politics Gingrich is fast on the heels of Mitt Romney, and from the pollsters results, one can find that the race is shaping up similarly to the Iowa Caucus where one finds poll numbers erratic, and Romney, Gingrich and Ron Paul leading the pack – all within a variety of margins of error (depending upon the pollsters marginal’s. In addition polling taken in recent days finds that 8 to 20% of those polled are still uncertain as to which candidate for whom they will vote. The polls thus far, are only as good as those taken a day or two prior to the primary, as anything else that has been released is akin to reading tea leaves!

How important is South Caroline in a win, even if it is by say 7 votes? It is of supreme import as the Palmetto state has accurately “predicted” through their primary winner, the eventual winner of the GOP nominee for the past few decades. A win in South Carolina from a psychological point for a campaign, can be extremely meaningful, it is not that a photo finish will mean a hill of beans, but a wider margin of 2 to 6 points between the two front runners, will be the tell-tale sign of either rejection or acceptance going forward into Florida, Nevada and the Super Tuesday. Gingrich has a firm grasp on the south, and is polling well; he polls well across all demographics in most polls, with two other that are considered to be pulling votes from the same “well”, one Rick Santorum and one Rick Perry. Should either one of those drop out of the S.C. race (which is, at this point, unlikely), those votes are assumed to go to Newt Gingrich, however, should their leads diminish over the next few days (given two debates, one tonight the16th on Fox news and one on CNN on the 19th (best debate arena to date, hands down goes to CNN), then any points lost may be evenly split between Gingrich and Romney – those voting for Santorum most likely to go to Romney (who if he does end his campaign, would, in all likelihood, endorse Romney as the RNC choice). Should Texas Governor Rick Perry end his campaign, the split may be even, although the later two, along with Gingrich, allegedly have the same “base”. That said, with 8 to 20% undecided – and Gingrich within the margin of error in most polling with Romney (i.e. statistical tie), then should those undecided’s break for Gingrich, he would have a clear advantage, with or without Perry and Santorum in the race. Ron Paul should remain at his current level in SC which is at approx. 14 to 18 % of the vote.

The media influence.

With all the railing against the Mainstream Media choosing a candidate and stumping for one over another, namely Barack Obama, by the likes of Andrew Breitbart and Matt Drudge (and name a pundit, especially on Fox News) it appears they have taken the same low road when it comes to anyone who get’s within striking distance of Mitt Romney. Gingrich, to the Republicans, represents someone who will end the status quo, a man who has a past, a man whose past indicates he will work for against both parties, to push legislation that is Conservative in nature without abandoning his Conservative principles. Gingrich, who worked with President Reagan and then President Clinton, has angered more on the right, perhaps than the left, for getting things done. To Mitt Romney’s credit, he did work with the Massachusetts legislature, but handed them almost everything they requested – the excuse: “I was outnumbered.” So why is Mitt Romney being pushed so hard by everyone from Charles Krauthammer to Ann Coulter (who has yet to pick a nominee that would win)? How much are these pundits of the Beltway vested in Politics as Usual?

For example; a recent headline on the Drudge Report, touted, “FLASH: Newt Booed At Huckabee Forum Over Romney Attacks... *” (see Screenshot), which led to this link on” with video.
Those watching the Huckabee Forum with each candidate answering questions from a SC audience, never saw any such booing taking place, and when one reviews the video, which is short in length, one notices perhaps a 5 second grumbling, the question was not as implied, regarding Bain, rather it was regarding Newt Gingrich’s views on Capitalism and he explained it quite well. The grumbling, which again, was minor (see video) started when he mentioned Mitt Romney’s claim of creating jobs, and ended abruptly as he was reminded of the rules by Huckabee (apparently no attacks on other candidates). This was not an attack rather a contrast, and by way of example – Gingrich quickly changed tactics, the grumbling had long stopped and went on to give an outstanding answer which applause given was cut off on this short video.

Screenshot of Drudge Headline: links to: video below

The problem with rushing a candidate though without vetting (and that is exactly what is happening here with Mitt Romney), is one is going to end up with either another McCain and or Barack Obama. It is clear that the left is in the “tank” for Mitt Romney, which should tell the right that there is something out there that may be problematic.

They should also be aware that Newt Gingrich most likely knows what that problem(s) may be – given the fact he has visited Massachusetts more than Romney and given the fact that Romney eradicated his email records, and then was angered by the Secretary of State, Galvin’s decision to release hard copy documents. If Romney is concerned about these documents, it follows that there may be something there that most likely runs contrary to his current “Conservative” message – he was most concerned that the Obama campaign have access, however, it is possible that other GOP campaigns have gained access to these records as well.

Again, although Romney had his staff dumped email records of his term in office, (called highly unusual by all GOP Gubernatorial predecessors) the hard copy remained:

An Associated Press examination of much of the available Romney archives holdings earlier this year suggested the material available then was far from comprehensive. More than 75 cartons reviewed by the AP included staff and legislative documents but no internal records written to or from Romney himself -- except for ceremonial bill-signing and official letters.
News organizations have pressed to view the archived Romney files. Also, the Democratic National Committee recently submitted three open-records requests to current Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, seeking to learn more background about the Romney administration's purge of emails and other electronic records.
Romney's campaign, meanwhile, has asked Patrick's office for any evidence of collusions between his staff and Obama re-election officials.
Boston Globe December 6th, 2011

This is a candidate of choice? He may be, but without a fair process, (i.e. slanted news stories regarding other candidates and the constant drumbeat that Romney is the only one who can win against Obama (without, by the way, any statistics that suggest he is that capable), it will be up to those voting in the Republican Primary, including independents, who will make that decision – the innuendo’s and false claims from headlines prove that the vast right wing conspiracy is nothing more than an RNC front.

Now there are 5 major candidates left to debate and follow through with the process, with the likelihood of there being 3 or 4 after the Carolina's: Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum and Perry. One might look for an additional announcement prior to the S.C. primary of a suspension of a campaign. It is unlikely at this point, however, it has been rumored, not confirmed.

It remains to be seen if the right media will go to the lengths that he left media did vis a vis Romney and Obama – but it is likely: See Right Leaning Mediaite: headline: “Chris Wallace Confronts Pro-Gingrich Super PAC Spokesman About Gingriches Ties to Equity Firm” more of the same type of inflammatory headlines, and little substance in the actual article, other than additional right centered media making assertions. It is interesting to watch this play out, and to understand that there is little difference between FOX and MSNBC other than ratings. What is telling is that CNN is quickly becoming the choice of the moderate – go figure.

To answer the questions poised, Gingrich is being maligned with misleading and inaccurate head nines simply because: he’s in Romney’s way. Let the process take its course, and the last man standing will be the nominee, regardless of whether or not that nominee is approved by the RNC and its surrogates.

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