Thursday, March 13, 2008

Winter of Political Interest Interrupted by Spring Scandal and General Disarray

Days are now growing longer and as the temperatures are set to rise in the North East, the heat of the primary season is dwindling down and the two major political parties have little to offer except bickering and boredom. Hillary Clinton continues to apologize (see Briebart), Obama continues to preach incessantly, and John McCain continues to put everyone within a 100 miles radius – asleep (*no need for links to any particular articles.)

Enter Elliot Spitzer, former New York Speaker and current (as of yesterday) Governor, caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie-jar. Apparently, Elliot laundered some money and played fast and loose with a call girl (politics as usual in this morally enlightened society), and resigned with much apology.

Meanwhile on CNN and Fox, Governor Mike Huckabee has been weighing in on the current presidential race and Spitzer’s problems. It is evident by his demeanor and his answers that the much better candidate has slipped through the hands of the American people. He’s straightforward when it comes to answering questions on the Democrat’s issues of having a woman and an African-American running for the first time. He notes that neither name tag should apply, and rightly so. His comments on Spitzer are focused on the man's family; and not one mean-spirited comment comes from him, rather, honest, focused analysis of all situations noted. He does add a plug for John McCain, but, that is in the best interest of the party, and Mike Huckabee is, after all, a Republican.

One thing is apparent, the media misses Mike Huckabee, the spotlight is now on their team self-destructing and to interview McCain may be more enticing than watching paint dry, but not by much.

The summer should bring more of the same (bickering, scandal, boredom, and the fall – chaos – regardless of who’s running on the DNC ticket, the chances of McCain winning the top job at this point, seem minimal at best (Vegas odds current lines

There is always 2012.

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