Saturday, May 13, 2006

This Just In - When lightening strikes

Ted Kennedy

is it terribly astonishing?

On his way back to Hyannis from a commencement address at a local Western Massachusetts College today, Mr. Kennedy's plane was forced to make an emergency landing at a New Haven, Connecticut airport, due to a lightening strike. For more detailed information check CBS-TV3 WSHM.

As it will be Mother's Day (Yet another Hallmark moment) soon, a special thanks to the good Senator from Massachusetts for his support of child sexual predators (He, along with the upstanding Senator from Nevada, Reid, did their best to block the national sexual offenders registry.) as well as the practice of "a women's right to choose" or the death of yet another child. A bit radical?

Perhaps, perhaps not.

Is there truly a "wrath of God"? I believe that is between the believer and his or her believed. As a Christian/lapsed or perhaps disillusioned Catholic, I feel strongly that yes, Christ does send us personal messages, if we care to listen. Also, all God's moral decrees are readily available in print, in any language for that matter, so, there is no excuse for the defense of death or evil. Yet, above it all, He is a Merciful God, therefore a sinner would face no earthly punishment.

As a mother of a daughter who is my everything, I look to reason from a child for guidance. Would that all adults took that route? When discussing what was to happen to the souls of the 9/11 hi-jackers, my daughter reasoned as the young men we're cruelly duped and deceived by a religion that was clearly anti-Christ, He would forgive them if they were sorry for what they had done. I thought long and hard and realized that she had a good point - - I could find no gospel that did not spare the life of a sinner who was truly sorrowful for the pain and suffering he (or she) had caused.

Does it not then follow, that when all "liberals" are painted as anti-American's, while all Republican's members of the "KKK", that, just perhaps, Satan is afoot? Name-calling and finger pointing and reveling in someone's pain and suffering over politics is as delusional as hi-jacking a plane and flying it into a building, or believing that lightening would strike a plane simply because it carried one sinner. In these examples, someone has essentially brainwashed (as in cult) someone else into believing that a group of persons fits neatly into any one category. Not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Democrats are raging lunatics (ok, Howard Dean and that ilk are a bit off the ledge) nor are all Republicans wearing white hooded robes, carrying crosses and invading foreign countries in the name of oil.

At least let us hope not.

As a mother, a rather conservative mother, I am grateful for my child and her viewpoints. Those strong opinions keep me in check, a reality check so to speak.
Mothers, (and fathers) be grateful for the day and take the time to listen to the reason of your children. It can be eye opening.

Friday, May 12, 2006


One has to take a break every so often and smell the proverbial spring flowers, hopefully, without sneezing. Having done that for the past few days due to agnst over a missing husband in Asia (found in Manila on his way to Diego), waiting for additional recommendations regarding a biopsy (who knew such a small incision would be so bloody painful?) that was "not-cancer, but not-benign", and generally trying to muddle along in the cloudy northeast, etc., it is time for a bit of a rant.

On Tony Snow's first salvo to the Press: Good. Well-Done. Although the media is playing it as typical of a "Bush Flunkie" to scold them, Mr. Snow is no-nonsense and seasoned. In other words, he is confirming the opinion of a majority of American's in regards to the credibility of the press in general. Numbers do not lie: newspaper subscriptions are generally down, Fox News continues to be the number one cable news broadcast, and the Drudge Report continues to rack up more hits than Babe Ruth.

If the media would report facts rather than opinion laced nonsense, they would not be experiencing a downward spiral.

On NSA and my telephone line:

I'm not offended if the NSA has my telephone, my cell or my doxy's cell (kidding, he values his privacy) in a data base in a dusty building in Idaho. If this helps to prevent and track down some crazy; go for it. Those American's not in collusion with known enemies of the peoples of this land should have nothing to worry about. As usual the ACLU has it's panties in a bunch. (Now, that should raise some questions.) As far as this middle-aged old woman 9is concerned they can listen in: maybe they'll learn that most American's have a desire to be protected.

On Hillary Clinton & Murdoch of Fox

Good for Hillary and good for Fox. Hillary has consistently moved to the middle and in some instances to the moderate right middle, where she has her historical roots. Will she win any presidential seat in 2008? Unlikely, highly unlikely. Why would a woman, often referred to as a femi-nazi by her husband, not want Hillary in office? Try this one on for size: Reality. Her move to the middle will alienate the hard core leftists who have gained control over the DNC, middle Americans (those people voting in the heartland), do not trust her, neither do most women in general. It's a personal issue; not any woman will do, and although Hillary isn't just any woman, decision's she made from the heart regarding her husbands infidelities has rendered her unsaleable. She is simply not presidential material. (Not mentioned, evangelical Christians, die hard conservatives, and similar conservatives who make up a good 48% of the voting block.)
Again, this is simply: math

Speaking of my husband, he is stationed on a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The press (UK and Al Jazeera) have proposed that terrorist prisoners are being held on this island. When I heard that uttered on one of the cable news broadcasts (either cnn or fox), I had to stop and think -- where would they house these people? On a Raft? Google Diego Garcia and view the ariel photo's. These alone give a more clear view of why the press needs to be reigned in. There is one road on a 2 mile island, a few barracks, some historical WWII cannon's, planes and what-nots, wild donkey's and ferral chickens. Perhaps they have them shackled to a palm tree. Doubtful.

If some former DNC appointee in a Classified Position within our Government isn't spilling the beans to the press(i.e. treason): why not make it up?!

There is so much more happenning, Iran, Kennedy's, etc,. However, two problems, The Border and Pedophiles come to mind as somewhat more important. I was recently visiting a website entitled Family Watchdog, and learned that approximately 168 (that's not a typo) level 3 offenders (the worst possible convictions) are living within less than blocks of schools, and less than one-half of a mile away from my home. Now, I have a twelve year old daughter and I can state with certainty that this gave me pause. While reading our local paper's on-line city chat this morning, not one but two abductions of middle school girls were thwarted this week. I checked other newsites, but this story is only in a forum; why?
Why isn't this individual's description and vehicle description being shown on the three newsstations as well as in print in the one (1) daily paper that services the area? That's a good question.

The Border:

A wall, a wall where, when an individual is a level 2 or level 3 child molester (forcible rape of a child under the age of 14, 12, 8 or 5 does not matter), will be placed on the other side and introduced to Mexico! Payback of sorts. Those twelve million undocumented workers are more than welcome to stay in exchange for the 168 pedophiles living in my neighborhood, and the hundreds of thousands more living next door across America.

Thank God It's Friday, God Bless America, God Bless Our Troops, God Help Us Deal with The Insanity and Perversion that Invades our Daily Lives under the Protection of the First Amendment. While Hamilton, Madison and Jay are spinning in their graves over the disregard and abuse of their beloved Constitution of the United States of America, the ACLU and Criminal Defense Attorney's ensure that our children, your child and my child, are not constantly endangered.

Although the Republican's finally passed legislation on a National Sex Offenders Registry (not without some serious grandstanding by senators Kennedy & Reid), more needs to be done. There is no cure and this is not a disease this is a choice, something along the line of sado-masochism, which is legal because it invoves adults. These monsters will repeat offend. Perhaps when a Level 3 Offender moves into your neighborhood, every resident and every school within a 5 miles radius should be informed. Nah, I prefer the exchange with Mexico.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Islamic Savages

The recent murder of Iraqi journalist, Atwar Bahjat, is receiving little to no attention within the mainstream media. The 30 year old, Iraqi woman, was brutally murdered for the crime of being a sunni-shite, woman. The entire beheading and humiliation was recorded using a cell phone. There are details at Mudville Gazzette as well as a story in the London Sunday Times, which are brutal and haunting.

It is a reminder to all women, and men, that there truly are religions where a woman is seen more as property; and a woman that exposes herself to those outside of her family deserves death.

That is the religion of peace that one hears so much about.

All all Muslims savages? That is doubtful. However, the vast majority of the radical sects bring new meaning to the word; and those are the peoples that want us to be just like them. They despise our culture because to include, coca-cola, McDonald's, the Muppets, our music, our plays, our television programming, our liberalism and the fact that we have laws in place that protect segments of society they are compelled by their religion to destroy. For example, women running about with heads uncovered and anyone who is homosexual. How does an act that receive no airplay nationally affect the United States one whit?

It is not one act, it is multiple acts and more acts to follow until the Religion of peace is reduced to little more than a Jim Jones Cult, unfortunately, I believe they will follow in the trail of blood and insanity caused by the Irish Republican Army Catholics. It is not a far stretch of the imagination to think that radical cells located within the united states, are not able to kidnap "suzy smith, WACB", lop off her head, and show it via videophone to the nation.

Our prayers are with Ms. Bajhat, a women experiencing freedom in a climate where women are treated as lower than the family dog; she has paid the price.

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