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Pope Benedict Gives Obama Book on Catholic Principles – Newsweek Declares Obama Represents American Catholics Better than the Pope - Analysis

The Obama's Pose for Photo's with Pope Benedict After Private Meeting- Reuters

On Friday, two heads of state, President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict met as any two heads of state might do – the exception being that Pope Benedict is the Leader of the Catholic Church as well as the Head of the Vatican State, which is confusing to some of those outside of the Catholic Church and Faith. The lines where church and state differ are often blurred in many nations – the Vatican State is a theocracy, where the religion guides the laws of the land – the religion happens to be Catholicism and the Pope represents the millions of Catholics worldwide – including those in the United States. It is unusual in that most religions do not have one central nation – for example, there is no single state of Islam, although many nations are Islamic Theocracies. There are no other Christian denominations where a theocracy is in place. Catholics in the United States understand that, like members of any other religion in the nation, they have the individual right to practice their religion and the tenants of that religion handed down by the leader of the specific church. Herein lies the problem for those in the United States who are not Catholic, or who put their place their politics above their faith – the Catholic Church, under the leadership of Pope Benedict is firmly pro-life, while the President of the United States is firmly pro-abortion – political supporters of the President find that problematic as American Catholics make up a rather larger percentage of the voting bloc.

During the meeting, Pope Benedict gave Barack Obama booklets published by the Vatican that outline the Catholic position on the sanctity of life, including its opposition to abortion and embryonic stem cell research – The study of Bioethics is simply defined as relating to both humans and animals and the subsequent obligations of a moral nature relative to biological research and its applications. Most religious have taken positions on bio-ethics throughout the century, in opposition to practices such as abortion, stem-cell research, euthanasia, “test-tube” babies, etc., while animal rights activists such as PETA, stand in opposition to animals used in commercial and medical experimentation. Those who are of a political rather than moral mindset fail to comprehend the difference between morality and politics – or that those in politics are capable of having both personal faith and morality and the ability to govern to the law of the land.

The Pope’s intent was to help Obama understand the thinking of the Church (and possibly, in the hope, that the extreme positions on abortion that the president has taken in his political tenure thus far, might be reversed). It was a moment where the Leader of the Worlds Catholics gifted secular-progressive President of the United States with a book on Catholic teaching – after all both men affect the lives of millions of American Catholics – Catholics whom the Pope has a vested and moral interest in conveying the teaching of the Church as it relates to issues of day. The Vatican is, in direct opposition to the U.S. President on these issues, and many United States Politician’s who profess to be Catholic, and who put aside their faith in favor of political campaigns from pro-abortion groups such as N.A.R.A.L., have been called out by the Pope, most notably , Nancy Pelosi. In the case of Pelosi, it is comparable to preferring the “30 pieces of silver” to practicing her faith – a faith which she openly touts when up for re-election. It is a conundrum with American Politicians’ – they profess to have no faith, when politically convenient, and then, during election cycles are followed by camera crews as they enter their respective churches, essentially attempting to “brand” themselves as “Good Catholics” – thereby garnering the important Catholic Pope. Benedict understands this about American Politicians – this is obvious from his aformentioned meeting the Speaker Pelosi.

Political Cartoon: Obama asks the Pope: Are you Bitter? Reference to Statement made by Obama on Religion as a Dysfunction - credit:

However, the press of the United States is not about to let the Pope stand in the way of potential Democrat (Obama) voters. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, daughter of Robert Kennedy, has made a career of dividing American Catholics from the Pope. Outside of being a Kennedy, (not the best representatives of the Catholic Faith in America), her other claims to fame are a book she penned, entitled “Failing American’s Faithful, How Today’s Churches are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way” - she is also the former Lieutenant Governor of the State of Maryland. Newsweek called on a Progressive Kennedy to write an unbelievably insulting piece on the President’s visit with the Pope: The Piece: (an exclusive for Newsweek) Asks: “Is Obama More Catholic than the Pope?” and answers: “Without a Doubt”. According to Kennedy Townsend, a non-Catholic (Protestant), progressive secularist (Obama), is somehow in a better position to morally guide the American Catholics than the Pope. In her quest to place Obama at the head of the Catholic Church in America, Ms. Kennedy Townsend refers to the fact that women in the church are denied priesthoods, she speaks of the revulsion of the men in the Vatican towards women in the church – based on a meeting which took place between nuns and the Vatican in 1979. Lastly, she blames those American Bishops for denying, abortion supporting, John Kerry communion during his presidential campaign. This is her reasoning, that those that do not choose to follow their faith to the letter, preferring politics to church, should not be called on the carpet, when they use that church to further their political careers (back to Pelosi, Kerry and yes, a host of Kennedy’s).

Newsweek is, apparently, unaware, or refuses to acknowledge that the proverbial “train” has “left the station”. According to a poll conducted by Gallup and released right before Obama’s controversial acceptance of an honorary Degree at the Catholic University, Notre Dame - more American’s consider themselves pro-life, rather than pro-abortion. This sent shock waves through the media; The Week went so far as to call the results a “pro-life delusion”.

Therefore, it is no wonder that Ms. Townsend is up in arms over the Pope’s possible influence on American Catholics and has taken it upon herself (and Newsweek by design) to anoint the President of the United States as Head of the Catholic Church. From the media’s perspective, American Catholics who follow their faith, are considered “Conservatives”, outside the mainstream, “abortion rights activists”, and those who should, and are, incidentally, watched over by the office of Homeland Security as “potential terrorist threats”.

From a the perspective of one who holds a degree of moderation and sanity in relation to the Catholic Faith and personal political think – it is very simple. The Constitution of the United States, allows a practicing Catholic to oppose politicians as well as laws, that do not coincide with their faith. In other words, Catholics are protected under the First Amendment – one which grants them the freedom to practice their religion. Obviously, Newsweek and Ms. Townsend missed that point. The same document, also gives the people right to assembly, therefore, one has the right to practice one’s religion and the right to demonstrate that religion publicly. The gross misinterpretation that takes place in the columns and over the airwaves, of this particular document which governs our nation, is that the separation of church and state only applies to the establishment of one religion in the nation. It is that simple.

As a Catholic, on points relevant to faith, Benedict speaks for all Catholics, including those who reside in the United States, should the tenants of their faith prevent them from voting for a politician on the basis of specific believes, so be it – it is a right protected under the Constitution. As a Catholic, Barack Obama does not represent the Catholic Faith – not at all. Therefore, Catholics that take umbrage with Newsweek’s quest to form a new Head of the Catholic Church in American, are free to cancel their subscription (which is in steep decline), or write a letter to the editor (which may or may not be published), denouncing the ludicrous nature of Ms. Townsends piece. This blog prefers taking both paths, a letter to the editor with a note to cancel any existing subscription.

Finally, as an American Catholic, Pope Benedict is a breath of Fresh Air, a Pope who guides the Church with a firm, loving hand, and one who does not, as some of his predecessors have, shy away from making a point on Church Doctrine as it affects Catholics worldwide.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama to meet with Pope Benedict – Expect Head of State Meeting – Not the Scolding Pelosi Received.

The Associated Pressreported that Obama will meet with Pope Benedict today, noting the White House “expects "frank" but constructive talks in President Barack Obama's meeting Friday with Pope Benedict XVI—two men who share similar views on helping the poor and pushing for Middle East peace but disagree on abortion and stem cell research.” The article speaks to the President’s visit to Notre Dame in conjunction with “Catholic Activists”, a term that connotes a rebellious faction of the Church, one whereby the views of a “few” are “radical” in opposition to abortion and stem cell research. One would think that the views held by so-called “Catholic Activists” would be the same view as those held by any practicing Catholic – first and foremost the sanctity of life.

There will be no question that the two will meet as heads of state rather than on a theological level – unlike the meeting with Pelosi, who publicly proclaims herself a “practicing Catholic” while openly supporting abortion, Obama is not a Catholic and therefore, his views on that subject, are not germane to the meeting. Simply put, there is no significant relationship between the two men, other than as leaders of a “nation”.
On the other hand, the White House will, undoubtedly, use the meeting as a way to boost Catholic approval – Catholics, as a voting bloc, have the ability to influence elections – Obama received the majority of Catholic votes in the last election – this is where religion and politics part ways – Catholics, as a group, are mostly aligned with the Democrat Party and have been for decades, that said, in the 2004 elections the Catholic vote went to George Bush, rather than John Kerry, who is a “practicing Catholic”, along Pelosi lines. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the White House plays the meeting between the two leaders, and whether or not, the “message” will be directed at Catholics in general. Also, any “message” from the White House may be similar in content to those released by Pelosi when she returned from her visit, one which neglected to mention that the Pope was not pleased with her stance on abortion, and reiterated the Church’s policy on that subject to the Democratic Speaker of the House, in no uncertain terms.

The reason for a positive message for U.S. Catholics may lie in the 2010 General Election, where states such as Ohio, where the President's brand has suffered in the past month in the polls, may need a positive "Catholic" boost in order to stay within the ranks of the Party and not hand over contested seats to the Republicans. One has to believe, that in this instance and with this economy, the vote will go to the Party that is least offensive, making that particular move - moot.

Of interest, the Catholic News Agency had one article regarding today’s visit, entitled: “Vatican announces Pope 'available' for Obama visit”. The article goes on to state the following:

The afternoon meeting between Obama and the Pope is out of the ordinary, since the Pontiff usually meets with heads of state at midday.
To be sure, the Catholic Church vigorously disagrees with President Obama on abortion, embryonic stem-cell research and same-sex “marriage,” but the announcement shows that Pope Benedict wishes to engage the new U.S. president.

Additionally there is no news of the impending visit in the Vatican’s Weekly Newspaper one which the AP article notes is friendly to the Obama administration, in so much as the paper gave his first 100 days in office a good grade, further that on ethical issues, Obama had not taken a radical direction. There is a possibility that something got lost in the translation, or that those writing for the Vatican press, have more of a “world” view than traditional Catholic View – or they neglected to notice that the Pope took exception when Obama reversed a decision by George Bush his fist week in office, by allowing US funding of abortions overseas.

Comparing news on the visit: – The Catholic News Agency and the Vatican’s L’Osseratore Romano Hint: try the English version linked here, the search the Italian language version, using a good web translator: Suggestion: Systran.

In all it will undoubtedly be a visit of two heads of state and the issues will focus on the world’s poor, and the ongoing struggle for peacee in the Middle East - two very safe topics.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tehran Said to Be Burning - Khomeni's Special Forces in Retreat, Protestors Pushed Back, Clashes Taking Place 11PM

Update Iran 07-09-09 - 11pm
Clashes are still taking place in Tehran, Khomeni's forces pushed back protestors -

From Twitter

Despite being beaten, general feeling is that we WON today!

Analysis,The end of mullahs’ dictatorship has bgun as death-knells are tolling for the regime"

Update Iran 07-09-09 - From Twitter. Iranians are sending reports in from Twitter; asking where the coverage is from the world media - the You Tube Video's below are of the protests today in Tehran.
Time: 9PM Tehran

have absolutely confirmed report sm ppl took clubs from basij hours ago. Did not attack basij. basij retreated

ppl asking police 2 join them as news spreads of unconfirmed reports that police fired on Basij in Teh. today

Theran is burning in fire. Basiji's running away frm the people in places. Success, almost

Impossible 2 estimate how many ppl on streets, its in every corner of Tehran. More ppl on roof chanting alrdy & in mosques

9PM "It's dark but cars still honking horns, ppl still on sides of strts,ppl on rooftops shouting, fires mostly out."

Video 18 Tir

Video from Tehran Tir 18

Although the protests had been confirmed earlier by the Los Angeles Times, there has been no additional information from US or British media regarding the balance of the day. The protests originally were planned for several days - it is worth noting that what transpires over the next 48 hours will be historic in nature.

Iran Has Risen – Confirmed Protestors in Streets – Tir 18 – Army Rumored to have Turned on Khomeini

As of: 8:43 am, EST, several sources via social networking sites such as Twitter are confirming that the protestors have gather in the street and that the clashes between the Iranian Regime and those seeking a Free Iran has begun again. The Regime, as promised, is using every method available to squash the protestors – the question now remains, how large of a protest is taking place, and to what extent the brutal regime will go. Within the past few weeks, leading clerics have begun to question the legitimacy of the election, which has spurred on those seeking freedom. The thrust of the protests now appear to be less about Mousavi’s presidential bid, than a bid for general freedom from the oppressive Iranian Theocracy. The Los Angeles Times has also confirmed clashes in the streets as of 5:30 am.

The following is an update from Twitter

NOW FROM IRAN PPL & Basiji Clashes in SA’adatabad Enghelab and Tehran Universty a lot of demo
Guards moving toward Jmalzadeh Cr. and Police replaced at Enghlab Sq.
Army Unit (IRG) Positioned infront of Interior Ministry
Enghelab Sq is not completely closed but Police standing everywheree try to find key protesters among crowd.
People Gathering at Vanak Sq
Army Helicopters Flying Over Enghelab Sq, Park Laleh and Azadi St.

It has also been reported that the regular army had been asked to step down, while “special forces” handled the protestors. The protestors are not only students, but men and women of all ages. Should the Army side with the clerics from Qom and the Protestors, the end of the Tyrannical Iranian Regime, could very well be at an end, much earlier than anyone would have predicted.

Update Iran 18 Tir: (7-9-09) Regime Vows to Smash Any Dissent as Protestors Said to Gather in Tehran

The Iranian Regime has promised to “smash” any attempts at protests today in Iran. Today is 18 Tir, the anniversary of the 1999 Student Uprising, where the regime arrested and murdered students. There are reports (unconfirmed) that the protestors are beginning to gather in Tehran (via social networks Twitter and fears are that communications will be cut in the Capitol to prevent news from the protestors of reaching news organizations outside of Iran. In the past few weeks, sites such as Twitter were the main source of communicating the atrocities that have been committed against the Iranian people by the dictatorial regime.

Republican Charles Baker, CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Enters Massachusetts Governors Race.

Charles Baker image: healthcarelawadvocates. org

Charles Baker stepped down as CEO of Harvard Pilgrim’s Healthcare yesterday announcing his candidacy for Massachusetts Governor. Baker, who described his political think as similar to former Governor William Weld’s, is a fiscal conservative, socially liberal Republican. He will face Christy Mihos in the Republican primary. Mihos, who ran as an independent in 2006. Mihos characterizes himself as a “populist” Republican, and welcomed Baker into the race noting that “the best thing for the Republicans looking to win the corner office is a solid primary race.”

The winner of the primary will face incumbent Governor, Deval Patrick, who, according to the latest Rasmussen Pollwould trail both Mihos and Baker - Mihos currently had the edge, with favorables at 46% , compared to Baker at 37%. Patrick’s approval rating in March was at 33% (or roughly the percentage of enrolled Democrats in the State).

The addition of Massachusetts Treasurer, Tim Cahill, who left the Democrat Party this past week to run as an Independent against Patrick, will, in all likelihood, pull some fiscally Conservative Democrats away from Patrick, giving the edge to the Republican challenger. Cahill, who has served as the State Treasurer for the past 8 years, may be seen as a “Democrat Insider” by the State’s Unenrolled voters, who make up over 50% of the electorate.

That said, a three-way race for the Governor’s office, is what many pundits believe propelled Patrick into the office in 2006 – however, in 2006, Patrick won the Governor’s office with a final vote tally of 1,234,984, Healy, the Republican Candidate garnered 784,342 votes, while Mihos, running as an Independent took 154,628 votes. The numbers, as they say, don’t add up. Had Mihos not run as an Independent, the addition of 154,628 votes to Healy’s side, (938,970), still would have given Patrick a sizable lead of 296,014 votes. In 2006, the Republican “brand” was out of favor – times have changed. The further the Democrat’s Party Leader, President Obama, slips into the polls (refer to latest tumbling numbers via Rasmussen), the higher the unemployment rate rises, the economy will dictate a change in Brand. Although rare, this does occur in the State of Massachusetts, where the Brand is already suffering with a recent rise in the State Sales Tax of 25% (among other issues), coupled with a national view of the Democrat Party, will further serve to tarnish both the Governor and Cahill (guilt by association), leading to a Republican win in 2010.

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Iran Update 07-07-09 – Ahmadinejad fails to Deliver Confidence in Televised Address, Strikes continue in Bazaars, Date to Watch: July 9th (18-Tir).

From Iran Protest Pictures: Khomeni Man of God?

Ahmadinejaddelivered a televised address yesterday designed to dispel any doubts about the “legitimacy” of his election – to recap, Mr. Ahmadinejad has the support of Ayatollah Khomeini and some of the leading clerics, but lacks the support of major clerics throughout the country (see previous articles where clerics, specifically hose in Qom are now speaking out against his election) – also, the Iranian people do not agree: (From the Boston Globe)

Iranians in many parts of the capital continued late Tuesday what has been a nightly ritual of defiance -- climbing to their rooftops to shout, "death to the dictator" and "God is great." The shouts could be heard during Ahmadinejad's address.

Although the article in the Globe noted that the situation in Iran had “calmed”, there are indications that it is the calm before the storm. The strikes continue in the bazaars
from July 8:

In the fourth week of the uprising, merchants at the Bazaar in Tehran, Tabriz and Orumieh in northwestern Iran are continuing their strikes over the brutal suppression of young protestors. Despite suppression and threats by agents of the State Security Forces and plainclothes agents, wholesalers and retailers are refusing to open their businesses and return to work.

Lastly, there is the anniversary of the 1999 student uprising in Iran, (an excellent treatment here at PBS) protestors were killed and detained - the regime employed the usual tactics when challenged, resulting in the general oppression of the people increasing to the point where it appeared the regime had succeeded in stifling dissent.

Appearances are deceiving. Another article here speaks to the significance of the date as it relates to July 9, 2009

As social networking website have been the only communication for news and/or the pulse of the Persian Peoples struggles against an oppressive regime, one watching “tweets”, can sift through the nonsense and understand that yes, 18 Tir’s anniversary in 2009 may bring additional protests. There are reports that the Iranian government is already disrupting internet and wireless service to certain areas in order to stop communications between freedom fighters in an attempt to regain control over the country. The passion evident in the snippets from “Tweets” below, gives one an understanding that the Iranian government may fail in that endeavor. One problem that exists for those who are fighting for their freedom is the ability to get their information (via photo’s and videos) to the news agencies (CNN World, the BBC, etc.) that confirms to the world, the ongoing struggle and the scope of the resistance. However, these people are so committed to their fight for democracy and to telling their story to the world, that they will find a way.

From Twitter

“2mrow, we will once again show our resolve for achieving democracy in Iran. Let's stay united, victory is dawning”

" 'govt can silence people for a short time but can't run a cty when the people don't want them'"

"Black-outs yest.: Khomeini Shahr, Shahin Shahr, Folad Shahr, Kashan and Rasht"

"Iran, our motherland; if we have to soak you in blood, we will set you free. Help us stand strong tomorrow"

Note on Time : It is currently: 2:41 pm in Tehran, July 8 at 6:31 AM Eastern U.S.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Timothy Cahill, MA State Treasurer, Leaves Democrat Party, May Run as Independent Against Deval Patrick

State Tresurer Timonthy Cahill Leaving Democrat Party - photo: Boston Globe

Timothy Cahill the current Massachusetts State Treasurerplans to leave the Democrat Party this week, according to the Boston Globe. Cahill, who is apparently fed up with the tax and spend party policy, will most likely run as an independent against Governor Duvall Patrick. Patrick, who also faces a challenge from Republican Christie Mihos, has been losing popularity as the State's financial woes continue unabated. It is not so much that Massachusetts differs from other states in lacking funds, rather it is some of the programs that the state has initiated that are making Patrick’s chances of reelection slim to nothing. Mandated benefits added to the State’s Universal Health Care (Commonwealth Care) program, after Republican Mitt Romney left the Governor’s office to campaign for the 2008 Presidential race, has brought the state to its fiscal knees; corruption on Beacon Hill continues to run rampant, the Turnpike authority continues to make the news, and the Entitlement programs have completely run amok.

It is no wonder that Cahill, as State Treasurer, wants out prior to the 2009 election. In the past few months, the following stories broke around the Bay State: "Massachusetts spends $2 Million per month Housing Homeless", "Massachusetts Welfare Recipients Provided Cars at Taxpayer Expenses" (includes insurance and Triple A), along with the constant drumbeat from the Beacon Hill regarding the need to raise the State Sales Tax, (in order to cover expenses). The Sales Tax was signed into law by Governor Patrick on June 29th with the budget which included cuts to municipalities and the increase of 25% in the State Sales Tax (effective August 1st).

Cahill also had additional struggles within the party, as the Party refused to give him delegate status at the National Convention. His crime, refusing to chose between Clinton and Obama. Recall that Massachusetts Democrats, outside of higher profile Elected Officials, such as Kennedy, Kerry and Barney Frank, endorsed Clinton who carried the State by a substantial margin. The animosity among grassroots Democrats over the treatment of Clinton by the national party is still a sore point with the rank and file in Massachusetts.

One would think, should Cahill run, it would set the stage for a three-way race, that would, generally split the vote three ways with the end result a Patrick second term. This is of course, unless Democrats as a whole are switching parties just like Cahill (the untold story), and moving either to a Republican and or “unenrolled” status. This would make it a race between Mihos and Cahill. Any campaign manager looking for a lock in on the state (and or individual districts), should begin checking the individual registrars offices in each municipalities to see just how many Democrats are jumping ship on a monthly basis, since February of 2009. (400 here, 500 there, etc.) Cahill may understand this more than anyone, and should he have the pulse of the State’s electorate, it is a smart move indeed.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Iran 070609 - Khomeini, desperate, warns the “west” against “meddling” as Qom’s Key Ayatollah call Election a Fraud

Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri Calls Election Fraud -image Foreign

The “blame the West” rhetoric of the Iranian Regime, absent from the press for a few days, was repeated again yesterday by Khomeini on Iranian State television. Per usual, Khomeini threatened the U.S and the U.K. of a “firm fist” in response to “meddling” by the aforementioned nations. Ahmadinejad also stuck his two-cents into the “Blame the West” game, once again, this appears to be falling on deaf ears.
The problem with this particular line of rhetoric is twofold, one, the U.S. government, under the current administration has had no intention of meddling in the affairs of Iran, other than one statement issued by Obama “condemning” or “strongly condemning” the use of force against the protestors. The other problem is that Iranians’, specifically those protesting, find it insulting to their intelligence – they know better, after all, they are the ones that are fighting this battle alone (with aid coming in the form of compassionate assistance to the wounded in demonstrations from a variety of foreign embassies.)
Why the need to demonize the “West” at this point? The support for Khomeini among his peers is becoming almost non-existent. From the City of Qom, one of the most important Shiite Religious Centers in Iran, and of import; Khomeini is an alumni. During the election cycle and even after questions of voter fraud arose, the Ayatollah’s of Qom remained silent – that silence has been broken and now, they are siding with the protestors, and have disputed the results of the election. , of specific import:

“That voice came from Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, a founder of the Islamic republic who for many years has been Iran's most influential dissident and an idol of youth and Iranians of all generations.
Montazeri, now in his 80s, issued a statement on his Web site that denounced the election as a fraud -- an opinion that is likely shared among the thousands of clerics and seminarians who behind the scenes are no doubt weighing in on the battle for power inside Iran.

This is being reported by several sources including the Nigerian Press.

As the crackdown by the regime continues and executions, specifically in Qom, continue, the further Khomeini and Company are painted into a proverbial corner.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Iran Update 07-05-09 – Leading Clerics Defy Khomeini, Saudi's Give Israel Flight Clearance to Iran, The Regime's Demise Escalates

There is news regarding continued defiance and a general breakdown of support for the election results among the clerics in Iran today from the New York Times and the Associated Press. This is significant in that with each passing day and each atrocity committed by the regime, Iran Elites (the clergy) either are moving their money out of the country or now those politico’s who took part in the 1979 revolution understand that the regimes days are numbered and are now reevaluating their positions by switching sides. A general strike has been called, for 15-17 Tir, pleas for help from all countries are now coming out on Twitter and other social networking sites.

What impact would a democratic Iran have on the situation in the Middle East? With the threat of nuclear war by the regime, and the consistent funding of such organizations as Hezbollah and Hamas ended, stability would start to gain a foothold in the area. Which may be why the Arab press has been somewhat quiet on the situation in Iran, however, an Associated Press Release today noted that the Saudi’s will not interfere with Israeli jets en route to Iran.Associated Press. It is in the best interest of those countries of the region to collaborate against the current regime. That said - how do Iranians view the role the United States has played to date? With disgust - consider the “Tweets” from Iranians (as well as Europeans):

“Obama wants 2 save Ahmadi and by that he will say that he has negotiations with Iran. Shame Shame Shame”

That says it all.

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