Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tehran Said to Be Burning - Khomeni's Special Forces in Retreat, Protestors Pushed Back, Clashes Taking Place 11PM

Update Iran 07-09-09 - 11pm
Clashes are still taking place in Tehran, Khomeni's forces pushed back protestors -

From Twitter

Despite being beaten, general feeling is that we WON today!

Analysis,The end of mullahs’ dictatorship has bgun as death-knells are tolling for the regime"

Update Iran 07-09-09 - From Twitter. Iranians are sending reports in from Twitter; asking where the coverage is from the world media - the You Tube Video's below are of the protests today in Tehran.
Time: 9PM Tehran

have absolutely confirmed report sm ppl took clubs from basij hours ago. Did not attack basij. basij retreated

ppl asking police 2 join them as news spreads of unconfirmed reports that police fired on Basij in Teh. today

Theran is burning in fire. Basiji's running away frm the people in places. Success, almost

Impossible 2 estimate how many ppl on streets, its in every corner of Tehran. More ppl on roof chanting alrdy & in mosques

9PM "It's dark but cars still honking horns, ppl still on sides of strts,ppl on rooftops shouting, fires mostly out."

Video 18 Tir

Video from Tehran Tir 18

Although the protests had been confirmed earlier by the Los Angeles Times, there has been no additional information from US or British media regarding the balance of the day. The protests originally were planned for several days - it is worth noting that what transpires over the next 48 hours will be historic in nature.

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