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Mitt Romney and the Media – “Fighting Uphill Battle” Unequivocally Stating the Obvious Negative, or Subliminal Reporting On Mitt Romney the Norm

Romney and Obama - a Tale of Two Ideologies and the Press - image

From Politico: the Headline: “Romney: 'I'm fighting uphill battle' in media” covers the remarks made by Republican Presumptive Presidential Nominee in reference to the type of reporting from what has become known as the “mainstream” media – which is consistently negative, and growing more contentious and sensational by the day.

If one watches the morning news, it is obvious that the President is treated, on the campaign trail, as above the fray, while Romney is consistently vilified – based on remarks or “information” coming from campaign sources. The print press has been relentless, and the blogs that feed the press – even more ridiculous. What the independent sees, however, is a disparity, wondering what those in the media whose obvious support for one candidate over another, is doing – besides alienating at least fifty percent of the electorate – and fueling a greater partisan divide. The fact that Romney has been successful in his career, has been fodder for the media to portray the candidate as an “out-of-touch”, mean-spirited, rich guy – which, when one looks at past presidents from both major political parties, Romney’s “wealth” is sometimes dwarfed by those know by Progressives as coming from the Second Estate – the Robber Barron’s who made their wealth through dubious means, and emerged as the nation’s leaders – the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the Kennedy’s. When the last Senator Ted Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter in 1980, there was little mention of his off-shore holdings – which is common knowledge in the Bay State. Fast forward to the current contest, and the fact that President Barack Obama is not, decidedly, in the poor-house, but doing quite well in the Millions category – apparently is given a pass. Of course, there is a pass given to this President, not due to the fact of race, or competence, or anything other than a shared ideology – it is a political bent that is fueling the coverage of both Candidates.

The question now remains is the public buying into all of the negatives – it’s quite possible that, unlike the eight years the press hammered away at President George W.Bush, (and sometimes to be fair, deservedly), which was pivotal is allowing John McCain to be painted with the same “Bush” brand, and made it impossible for anyone with an – R – in their resume, to be elected (or re-elected) in 2008. By 2010, something occurred that shocked the media – apparently, this Tea Party thing, and the general public, decided to upend the entire Congress and almost caught the Senate – Now with Romney, there has been a) too much time between Bush and Romney to draw any specific comparison (although they have tried), and b) too little time to do as much damage as they hope. It is a matter of trust, and the trust in the instructions of News, both print and other, is in the tank –and not by half of the nation, but by two thirds or more.

Gallup Polling’s annual “Trust in Institutions” polling from 2011 indicated that merely 28 and 27% of the respondents put their trust into newspapers and televised news. The 2012 poll suggests that the situation has not improve with a 21% suggesting Televised News was trustworthy, and 25% placed their confidence in newspapers.

Gallup is not knows as a politically motivated, rather bi-partisan polling firm, therefore, these numbers should be fairly accurate.

The Headlines:

The Sample of Headlines from Google News alerts regarding Mitt Romney from one alert (an alert may contain one to 10 articles and there are multiple alerts throughout the day) dished up the following:

From the Boston Globe: Romney attacked on Bain Question”

The LA Times: Dick Cheney Hosts Fundraiser for Romney (one must read the article to get the full effect)

The Boston Globe Mitt Romney and his tax returns: Déjà vu?” (Reference to the Obama Campaign requesting Romney release scores of tax returns, which is neither precedented nor unprecedented in the political arena).

Upstate ”Romney gets rocky reception from NAACP”

The Washington Post Mitt Romney’s Cynical Response to NAACP Booing”

New York Daily News: Mitt Romney Uses Old Hilary Clinton Footage to Attack President Barack Obama”

The Dickenson Press: Stinky Economy Plays into Mitt Romney’s Hands”

And on and on and on...

However, if one has a Google Alert set up for the President – one finds the following – far too many mentions to post in one short blog – 99.9% of those in supportive verbiage – rather than any mentions of missteps, such as Solyndra, or Fast and Furious, or the drums of war beating again as the U.S. heads towards the Persian gulf.

It is a divide so obvious and so great, is it any wonder that a) the press has scored so low in Gallup’s polling and b) Romney is raking in contributions, and not, as portrayed in the press, at just those big fundraisers (the President has those as well but they are reported in glowing, rather than “negative” terms) but at the clip of $3.00 to $10.00 per donation, adding up to a net plus in the last reporting to $34,000,000 more than the President managed to amass.

The political cheerleaders in the U.S. media may find a backlash – similar to the one in 2010, but more important, a need to replace the ever decreasing readers and viewers who simply cannot stand another issue/broadcast – regardless of the coupons, crossword puzzles, and other “exclusive news”. It has little to do with the internet, or Fox News (often vilified), or the “blogs” (guilty as charged) – if one reads all material, or one watches all network news (and cable news network’s) one sees a definitive difference in reporting on the same event – from the press to MSNBC in the extreme, to Fox offers straight news, with no inflection of opinion, and opinion programming, clearly marked as not news, yet compared to MSNBC, extreme right, to CNN, where there’s a seeming middle ground. CBS, NBC and ABC, both local and national is clearly in sync and clearly invested in the campaign.

Romney, however, is most likely the least surprised at the fact that he will never be friends with the media, and will have little to no fair coverage, nor would any other candidate who may have been the front-runner and the presumptive GOP nominee. It would not have mattered one bit, the treatment would be the same.

This is why, in a short history lesson, the Founders, in letters published in the Federalist Papers, debated heavily over giving the Press certain rights, there was keen opposition mainly due to the possibility that the press might actually try to change or overthrow the government – from the Federalist Papers #84 – written by Alexander Hamilton

I go further, and affirm that bills of rights, in the sense and to the extent in which they are contended for, are not only unnecessary in the proposed Constitution, but would even be dangerous. They would contain various exceptions to powers not granted; and, on this very account, would afford a colorable pretext to claim more than were granted. For why declare that things shall not be done which there is no power to do? Why, for instance, should it be said that the liberty of the press shall not be restrained, when no power is given by which restrictions may be imposed? I will not contend that such a provision would confer a regulating power; but it is evident that it would furnish, to men disposed to usurp, a plausible pretense for claiming that power. They might urge with a semblance of reason, that the Constitution ought not to be charged with the absurdity of providing against the abuse of an authority which was not given, and that the provision against restraining the liberty of the press afforded a clear implication, that a power to prescribe proper regulations concerning it was intended to be vested in the national government. This may serve as a specimen of the numerous handles which would be given to the doctrine of constructive powers, by the indulgence of an injudicious zeal for bills of rights.

On the subject of the liberty of the press, as much as has been said, I cannot forbear adding a remark or two: in the first place, I observe, that there is not a syllable concerning it in the constitution of this State; in the next, I contend, that whatever has been said about it in that of any other State, amounts to nothing. What signifies a declaration, that "the liberty of the press shall be inviolably preserved"? What is the liberty of the press? Who can give it any definition which would not leave the utmost latitude for evasion? I hold it to be impracticable; and from this I infer, that its security, whatever fine declarations may be inserted in any constitution respecting it, must altogether depend on public opinion, and on the general spirit of the people and of the government.3 And here, after all, as is intimated upon another occasion, must we seek for the only solid basis of all our rights.

To put the essay into perspective, the Bill of Rights was put forth by the State of New York, insisting that the language in totality be included in the framed Constitution. There was a rather heated debate – much of which is available in biographies of Madison, Jay and Hamilton. That said, the questions raised in the past, were not, obviously unfounded. In the end it was included by a vote as well as the need to keep the New York contingent in the fold.

To be certain, the document is timeless and somewhat prophetic – in not the way that the press would cause a revolution, per se, rather in how the press would choose political sides, and a progressive ideology to support and include in their “opinionated straight news”. That is not to say the press is without purpose, nor that the entire body is to be maligned, as there are obviously solid journalists with integrity who will not inflict their personal opinions into an article to make one appear less than perfect, or perhaps use video footage that has been so badly edited, one is immediately caught (Andrea Mitchell, editing Mitt Romney’s on the campaign trail),or consistently being forced to retract incendiary headlines or statements, under threat of law suit (too numerous to mention).

If for example, the media woke up tomorrow, and began to report straight news, and use investigative journalism in reporting for good, or ill, on both candidates, one can bet the house, there would be a renewed subscriber base or viewership – one that had the highest score in Gallup’s trust in institutions polling. That would have a net effect of creating more jobs in journalism and the trickledown effect of an increase in revenue. The aforementioned is, of course, wishful thinking.

Mitt Romney might, in the long run, wish to thank those in the press for being so gung-ho for one political ideology, as only 30% are listening with attention, while the balance are not buying it – like the collective boy who cried wolf, sooner or later, the people will rise up and elect a Republican candidate – just as they did in 2010 and with each negative article or broadcast, as the cash pours into the Romney Campaign, it may represent a return to 2010, at all levels – the only way the press has to prevent this is to treat each candidate – equally.

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Mexican Newspaper Stops Covering Violence After Second Bombing – Safe in AZ, TX, U.S.? The Chaos on the U.S. Border Begs For Sound Solutions.

More Crime south of the U.S. Border - move those patrols north! - image from the

From Pesident Elect, Neitro has vowed to cut the Murder Rate in Mexico by 50% within six years – “The president-elect plans to launch a new offensive against the smaller, more locally-based gangs that have proliferated in Mexico in recent years, US congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Rep, Texas), a close associate of Peña Nieto, told the news agency.”. Six years may be a long wait for some families living inside Mexico – from the Houston Chronicle comes a tale of desperation as an entire family of 20, made up of businessmen and politicians are now seeking political asylum as two members of the family were murdered. One for reporting threats, his son, for visiting his father grave. The town is located 80 miles south of El Paso Texas.

The violence continues unabated, although the Mexican army reports a huge drop in violence in the past year – which has been reported by KHON-Hawaii, makes one wonder which border the Mexican Army is talking about.

It may be that there will be less reporting on murders, beheadings, shootouts, kidnappings, both inside Mexico’s provinces, or directly on the Mexican/U.S. border as Journalist literally take their lives in their hands (Mexico being the 3rd most deadly place for Journalist – in the world – Reuters). In fact, this week, one of Mexico’s Border Newspapers has reported in an editorial it will no longer cover any stories related to the cartels and violence – a move of desperation after having a second bomb attack at the newspaper offices.
(Reuters) One cannot erase the facts.

Even a trip deep into Mexico – by air- may be life threatening: back in June The BBC reported on a shoot-out in Mexico City’s airport that had passengers “diving for cover”. The border, however, remains the most violent, from Borderland Beat July 11 13 murders took place La Laguna region of Mexico in the last five days – bodies found in garbage bags, executions – the normal everyday life of the Mexican citizen surrounded by vicious, beheading prone, “gangs”which have, evidently shut down one newspaper – to date.

It goes without saying that unless and until Mexico beefs up its security forces inside its own country and protects its own citizens, and places its army on the Mexican side of the U.S. border – the violence will continue to spread both north and south of the border. As to the Southern U.S border, with Arizona being the primary entry point (after fencing was installed in San Diego and the Border clamped down in El Paso by the Clinton Administration), the balance of the border should be fenced, droned and monitored by the Federal Government – but to date, under both the Bush and the Obama administration – nothing has been done – This leaves on lone demonized, Arizona Govenor, Jan Brewer, fighting for the citizens of both nations. Although the press in the U.S. and the Obama Administration in particular, along with Mexican’s former President (and one can suspect, given his ties to the U.S. Democrat party, the President Elect), have fought tooth and nail to keep the border porous – yes, for votes, from both parties, but votes by whom? It is estimated that only 5% of the U.S. Hispanic population is eligible to vote Pew Research and those who are eligible might not even care to be labeled “Hispanic”, they are the legal immigrants who came here through the “front door” – and are businessmen, teachers, mothers, fathers, lawyers, doctors, students, Democrats, Republican’s and Libertarians, therefore it makes no sense to keep the borders unprotected.

Shouts of Racist can be heard every time someone suggests shutting down the U.S. Mexican Border – and the question is why? The nation should protect it’s sovereignty, in doing so, it is protecting the lives of individual Mexican and American citizens along the border as well as in every state of the U.S. – where the Mexican “mafia “operates, dealing not only in drugs but in human capital. Women suffer to the extreme, brought over the border by drug cartels, which they pay in order to enter the U.S. illegally, then they are brought to “safe houses” raped, beaten and held for ransom – they area also, not always Hispanic, if one is naive enough to think that is the case, the one should read a bit more of the police blotters and information coming out of the border states – this does not include forced prostitution (as young as 13), another offshoot of the “Culture” that is being exported north of the border. Both nations should get their act together and quickly. The chance of this happening is, of course, ridiculously low – it is simply not a priority, one or the other may lose “votes”. (Speaking of both politicians of all political persuasions in the U.S. and in Mexico).

Yet millions of illegal immigrants risk live and limb to get here every year, and to stay here “illegally” – breaking our laws (this is not, by the way, tolerated in Mexico – who has strict enforcement of illegal immigrants) – In fact, some of them do so without any legal status in Mexico or the U.S. – A report from WIST NY speaks to the millions of illegal immigrants living in NY, NJ and CT, who have no identification what-so-ever, making it impossible for them to get a bank account, get a job, get married, or get their G.E.D. (Keep in mind, they are still here illegally) – The Solution was found:

New York City's Mexican consul, Carlos Sada, estimates there could be hundreds in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut who are not included in his country's registry or who have errors on their birth certificates. He added that there are "considerable figures" of people in the same situation across the U.S.
Oaxaca's civil registry officials recently traveled to New York and spent a week in the city working to give an identity to dozens of immigrants.
Civil registry officials also have traveled to Los Angeles on the same mission, and officials from the states of Puebla and Guerrero will probably come to New York soon, said Mexico's consulate in the city.
Haydee Reyes Soto, director of Oaxaca's civil registry, said Mexicans with no U.S. or Mexican identification are "twice as vulnerable."
Soto said dramatic scenarios can unfold, with immigrants being arrested but with no place to be deported to. If they have children in the United States, they can't offer them Mexican citizenship because they don't have it themselves. That can result in the separation of families.
Lack of identity is a serious problem as states approve their own laws to fight illegal immigration and local police departments work with federal agencies to identify immigrants for possible deportation, said Leticia Alanis, president of La Union, a Brooklyn nonprofit that helps immigrants.
Groups like Make the Road New York and El Centro del Inmigrante, on Staten Island, offer ID cards to their members, which sometimes helps immigrants without Mexican identification.
"We ask them to send a letter to themselves and when they receive it, we ask them to bring it to us. Like that, we can check their address," said Gonzalo Mercado, director of El Centro.

Why not just grant these individuals political asylum – fast track their illegal status to legal, make them legal Citizens of the U.S. , (revamp the test), and at the very least, have them pay taxes. Having another nation, hand out ID’s for their citizens, so that they can continue to stay in the U.S. illegally – makes no sense. If one is living in a nation that is besieged by beheading, jihadist like “drug” cartels” whose sole aim is to murder as many journalist, politicians and businessmen, then perhaps asylum should be granted en mass. Once there are secure (not secure for a quarter mile) borders in place on both sides – then give them the opportunity to repatriate to Mexico – or stay.

To follow the ongoing “cartel” wars visit Borderland Beat, and pray that the next administration in both nations pays a bit more attention to actually enforcing border security along the southwest corridor. If not, beheadings, mutilations and the like can become a part of anyone’s hometown in the U.S. as it is known that the cartels operate on both sides of the border now, in cities far from Phoenix, (which bears the brunt) – it is only a matter of time. With all sincerely, if one is religious, pray for those who must live with this – the families, the children, the young journalist who only want to exist in their homeland of Mexico in peace – yet face the fact that any second, either themselves or their loved ones may end up in a garbage bad in pieces, or their heads displayed as trophies on a car – or have a day at the beauty salon, interrupted by spraying bullets. Pray also for those families in the border states specifically Arizona, who have to live with the violence spilling over the border, with no help from the federal government, whose sole job it is to protect our borders – and one final note: if one thinks Jan Brewer ,the Governor of Arizona is some sort of bigoted, racists, crackpot, think again – she’s doing what no one else has had the cajones to do – stand up for the citizens of a border state, and in doing so – stand up for the citizens of Mexico.

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Michelle Obama Campaigns in MA at $2500 ticket events – Richard Neal (D-MA1) Running Unopposed - Asking for Cash to Defend Against Republicans?

The Very Elegant, First Lady Michelle Obama, will help her Husband, the President, in Western Massachusetts Fundraisers - image christiancameleon.blogspot

Welcome to Massachusetts, the Bluest State, where one might think that there are so many Democrats, why bother to campaign here – unless of course, the incumbents June FEC filings were lacking compared to the Opponent – who just happens to be from Massachusetts.

In August, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, will make a swing through Western Massachusetts – not on the stump for the President, although one might think that she would be well-received, at any event, and draw crowds despite her political affiliation – however, she is coming to the wilds of Massachusetts (any place east of Boston), to fill the President’s re-election campaign coffers – hoping to catch on Mitt Romney, the Republican who is currently hauling in cash from donors rich, poor and in the middle (one must read the total FEC filing report to understand that the majority of Mitt Romney’s contributions reported in June were not, as reported, from “rich friends”, rather from individuals, in smaller amounts, in zip codes representing all ethnicities, in every state of the union. The Obama Campaigns report was not as “rich” or revealing for that matter. With the economy to consider, donations are hard to come by, for non-profits, let alone politicians, therefore, one must make a pilgrimage to a place one feels might be more open to putting up the cash one needs to fund a campaign successfully. (For information on the FEC reports for June, visit

The Springfield Mass Republican through their website Masslive is reporting that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, will attend a $2500 per person event at the Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame, followed by a trip to the Berkshires and an event with James Taylor, again at the same cost per ticket, followed by one last fundraiser at Governor Duval Patrick’s ”retreat” in the Berkshires, again to meet, greet and fund raise – In Massachusetts.

Those most likely to attend the event: politicians and supporters from not only Western Mass, but one would hazard to guess, nearby states such as Vermont, New York and Connecticut. Springfield, MA is centered in such a way as to be easily accessible to most major metropolitan hubs in the Northeast, and should one need to come from further afield, Bradley International Airport is only a half-hour’s drive south of the City of Homes.

That said one will have to wait until the August reports are made available to see how well the First Lady did in the State most dedicated to her husband’s 2008 rival, Hillary Clinton. August FEC filings will be available in September.

One of Obama’s largest supporters in the area, Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA1) – appears to have the need to raise some capital for his campaign the “Republicans”, of course, he is running unopposed if, and only if, he can make it through the September primary. It is a fairly safe bet that he will come out unscathed, to go onto the ballot in November – with no opposition. A fundraiser was sent out via email yesterday subject line: From Stockbridge to Southbridge: (Text of email)

July 10, 2012

Dear Friends,

Hi, I'm Congressman Richie Neal. For nearly a year, I have been traveling the new First Congressional District visiting with supporters and meeting new friends. From Stockbridge to Southbridge, I have been listening to the concerns of people like you, and sharing my views on issues that are important to our region.

I have no better friend than retiring Congressman John Olver, who has glowingly endorsed my candidacy for reelection. John and I have partnered for 20 years to provide leadership to western Massachusetts
I share the same core Democratic values as you: preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare, making health care more accessible and affordable, growing our economy through investment in education - which includes lowering student loans, and creating jobs right here in western and central Massachusetts.

I am proud to stand with President Obama as we passed the landmark Affordable Care Act and succeeded in providing affordable and accessible health care to millions of uninsured, ended the practice of companies denying coverage based on preexisting conditions, added a safety net so families do not go bankrupt because of medical bills, allowed young adults to remain on parents' health insurance, and offered preventative care services for women's health.

While there were not many of us, I voted against the war in Iraq and took to the floor of the House of Representatives to speak against our invasion. Over a career, I can say this is the best vote I ever cast. With our troops home from Iraq and as we wind down our presence in Afghanistan, we need to start investing in America again.

If you are committed to maintaining Medicare and Social Security, support programs that allow hard working men and women like you and me to have a chance to succeed, and are against draconian spending cuts proposed by Republicans than I ask for you to join my grassroots campaign.

You can help in a variety of ways; going door to door in your neighborhood, participating in phone banks, writing Dear Friend cards, and putting a sign on your lawn or a sticker on your car. Our organization spans each of the five counties and 87 communities of the new First Congressional District. I invite you to check out my website, Facebook, and follow me on Twitter to stay updated. Let's continue to communicate throughout the campaign and see you on the trail!


Congressman Neal
Richard Neal for Congress

Therefore, he is asking for help to fight Republican’s while he must first fight Democrats to retain his seat – which – considering that he ran opposed in the last election – and had to part with some of his “war chest”, to retain his seat, it makes sense that the man who had the most money in Congress in 2010 (and was begged by the Democratic Leadership to please aid those in states where Democrats were under siege by those rascally Tea Party Candidates and their Republican Counterparts (who took 60 seats in the 2010 election)-was unwilling or unable to “share the wealth” so to speak.

One finds that entrenched, and by entrenched, those who have “served” the public as an elected official since 1988 – a “career” in public service one might note, normally do not find themselves out begging for campaign cash, especially in supposed heavily politically simpatico areas.

Some factors (or observations) that may enter into play:

Perhaps Massachusetts, not unlike the balance of the nation, is short on cash – individual donors, giving $3, $5, $10 and so on, are in the category where they are living on fixed incomes – and are sending cash to those who they truly believe will keep the nation secure, or, as a Congressional Representative, promote the values they hold dear while in Washington. (See Romney by zip code FEC Filings June to understand the power of the individual donation.) Therefore, the usual larger donations may have become smaller in these hard economic times.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Massachusetts is not as Blue as one would believe, given the fact that the majority of the constituents in the state are – unenrolled, unaffiliated, independent, non-party people, who may lean one way or the other, depending upon who’s available on the ballot. This, in the case of Massachusetts history, generally offers the occasional Republican Governor (Weld, Celluci, Swift, Romney – in most recent memory), and the occasional State Legislator or Senator (Scott Brown comes to mind). This does not happen with the unerolled alone, nor the 12% of the state electorate that describes itself as “Republican” rather, crossovers from, using a more modern-day term, “blue dog democrats”. Go figure.

Therefore, although Obama’s approval rating in Massachusetts, (according to Gallup) is still over 50% - with 9 other states, the balance being under 50% approval – it will be interesting to see, given the margin of error, if those 50% that do not approve of the President, will vote for the former Governor. It is not, given the Commonwealth’s history, out of the question.

The race for cash, however, in the Bay State, in this particular location, is interesting to say the least – in Neal’s case, one understands he faces a primary opponent, and that the redistricting has made the opponents job a tad easier, however, Neal still controls the population centers East of the Berkshires and West of Worcester. The First Lady, on her fundraising trip to the Hills, will most likely see donors coming from local Western MA politico’s and members of academia, as well as reinforcements from other states that are just close enough to make the trip.

The last President to visit and not fund raise was Bill Clinton in 1995, he came to Worcester to sign an Education Bill with Ted Kennedy – the streets were lined for miles with people hoping to get a glimpse of the sitting President (Worcester Telegram and Gazette). Then First Lady, Hillary Clinton, received the same reception when she visited the Bay State in 1996, with a mantra from the crowded Boston Streets”Hail to Hillary” (Boston Globe)

Understanding that First Lady Michelle Obama is her working for her husband’s reelection campaign, and not officially to visit with the “masses”, it would be interesting to compare the greeting she might receive from the ordinary Massachusetts citizen, vis a vis, the Clinton’s – that would be indicative of popularity and the way that Massachusetts may vote in the General Election.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama Campaign Begging for Cash – Romney FEC Reports Individual’s Onboard Romney Bus – Romney Double Harvard Degree – the Smartest Guy for the Job

Romney and Obama - comparison -Image USA Today

One can find myriad articles regarding Mitt Romney and Money – most of which is aimed at creating what is known as “class warfare” – with the Obama Administration and MSNBC harping about Romney having monies in Overseas Funds – just like millions of American workers, including union members who have pension funds and 401K investments, and more probably have similar investments than not. So, what’s the big deal?-

Panic has set in as the June Fundraising Filings through the FEC have been released. The Politico Headline “Obama to donors: Help!” says it all. Politico is not known to “lean right” in its ideological reporting of news, not as glaringly apparent as say, MSNBC, where the so-called analyst pull numbers out of a hat and scream hysterically at one another, while editing video’s, so poorly, in attempts to make Mitt Romney look – well stupid.

In June, Romney’s Campaign took in over half of the monies raised by President Obama’s Campaign according to the New York Times. The rest of the more left of center new outlets and the Obama Campaign, are crying foul – Romney’s raising money from “rich” friends! Not so if one cares to take a look at the FEC filing for June – what occurs is one finds that by zip code and individual contributions, Romney is out raising Obama in smaller amounts, only there are a good deal more of them.

Compare: The list by zip codes for the Romney Campaign filed for June here with the list by zip codes for the Obama Campaign filed for the same period here suggests that individual donors are giving more to the Romney Campaign than to the Obama Campaign. It’s that simple.

Both Candidates, to be fair, are raising money in millions of dollars from “rich” donors, but it is the type of “rich donor” that makes the difference. Romney receives campaign contributions from business, while Obama receives those contributions from Hollywood – perhaps rather simplified, but they do run in different circles both ideologically and socially – one being the President and the other being the candidate for the Presidency.

However, when it comes to having an academic pedigree, that’s where one is touted as “brilliant” (Obama) and the other, with a little editing help from MSNBC, as rather – out of it, not quite bright – the problem with that, is Romney of course, hiding his light under a bushel as usual – between his charitable giving, his personal heroics, and his educational achievements – few to none of the media outlets are delving into Romney’s background that reveals an above average, philanthropic, man who would rescue complete strangers from a sinking boat, taking care to get the family dog to safety. Now the New York Times adds one more facet to Romney’s personality that has, as far as anyone is aware, gone fairly non-reported – his double major at Harvard, and apparently, not just any double major. The New York Times article Romney, at Harvard, merged two worlds is worth the read.

Apparently, Romney is one of a select few who have completed both a business and law degree in an intensive course taking 5 years, there are normally twelve who attempt to achieve this feat – Romney being one of the first. Since 1969 when the program began, there have been 500 graduates. Some went onto law, others into business, and alumni contain some commonly known names in industry and finance – some of whom are supporting the Romney campaign. The article also notes that President’s Obama and Bush both attended Harvard, Obama receiving a Law Degree and Bush an MBA (he previously received his Law Degree from Yale -as did both Hillary and President Bill Clinton). Therefore, Romney, by virtue of his double degree on a fast track program, shows a competitive and intelligent man who took his education and ran with it – all the way to the bank, to the Olympics, to the Governor’s Office in Massachusetts and in what can only be deemed probable, to the White House in 2013.

To recap: Romney has monies in offshore accounts, as do many of the 401K’s and pension accounts of millions of Americans, Romney is receiving more individual donations that Obama by zip code and by state (The FEC really boils it down), and the Romney is Smart – Really Smart. He knows how to run a business and he has the legal background to boot.

To get a feel for Romney’s record in MA compared to the Obama Campaign Version - read: “Obama ad has Romney’s record in Mass. Wrong”, and op-ed in the Boston Globe. The real numbers and circumstances referred to in this particular op-ed regarding Governor Romney’s time in MA is corroborated by statistics previously published on this blog.

Bloggers note: at first look, Mitt Romney was the least desirable of candidates for the GOP, however, once one does a bit of digging, one finds that Romney is possibly the best candidate for the times, as well as the best candidate that has come forth from the GOP since Ronald Reagan – that is not to compare Romney to Reagan, it is speaking to ability to lead, and to manage a nation of this size and scope, while empowering it’s people to do more, to do better, and to achieve the American Dream. It took quite some time before the transition from holding one’s nose to vote for Romney (as he possibly might do better than the President economically) to defending Romney when something was not quite right in the press. This was done reservedly and morphed into actually liking the candidate and understanding that now, in this period in our nation’s economic history. Today America needs a strong, smart, and savvy leader, who has a philanthropic side (compassion) and a touch of hero. Mitt Romney maybe overly squeaky clean for some but perhaps it’s time to have a leader one can look up to as a role model that has little to no criminal activity it his/her past (speaking to drug use by Presidents and candidates - other than a run in at a boat ramp in a public park). Romney is the type of neighbor one would want to move in across the street – whether he’s rich, or smart, matters (who doesn’t want that type of neighbor), but more importantly - he’d be the first one in on a rescue in the neighborhood.

Monday, July 09, 2012

The Battle over U.S. Ballet Integrity in TX – AZ's Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) Led with Voter I.D. requirements - Multiple States have laws in place

Ballot showing voter fraud in California – article Public Corruptionwatch

From the Austin Statesman, Headlined:” Trial over Texas voter ID law begins in Washington” speaks to the Texas voter requirement that all eligible voters show proof by providing photo identification. The lead verbiage from the Statesman’s article is “Controversial law” – which apparently applies to a multitude of states and commonwealth’s that now require voter identification at the polls.

The premise used by the detractors is voter suppression or disenfranchisement – however, in most instances, states requiring voter I.D. at the polls, issue I.D. cards at little to no cost. Acceptable forms of photo I.D. vary – but, in general a Drivers License, or general I.D. issued by the state or municipality where one is voting is sufficient. It is rare for a U.S. citizen not to have a photo I.D. as well as any other “acceptable forms” of Identification – so why call foul?

Democrats and Republican Governors and Secretary of State’s alike have signed and upheld legislation for voter integrity - and to date, although battles in the Courts are constantly waged to overturn these laws, the State’s involved have seen little to no opposition from within their state, rather it comes from outside interests.

State’s that have Voter ID Laws: Arizona, first signed into law by then Governor Janet Napolitano after the citizens of Arizona voted for proposition 200 – a voter I.D. requirement. Janet Napolitano now serves the U.S. through her work with the Obama Administration. Other states that have voter I.D. laws in place: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, and, Wisconsin.

The premise now is that voter ID laws are targeting those who are here illegally and somehow, they are “racist” as those who are suggested to be here illegally are Hispanic. This argument has been in play since Arizona became a major thoroughfare for illegal immigration once Texas and California had their borders shored up over a decade ago, and illegal immigrants began to pour into and through Arizona. However, those illegal immigrants are not solely from Mexico, or other Latin American Nations, although they may represent the bulk, there are nationals from other nations that also take the perilous journey into the U.S. – those moving human cargo over the Arizona border are now tied to the murderous Mexican Drug Cartels.

The point is that it is a privilege and a duty for every American Citizen over the age of 18 to vote for public officials – it is way in which we, as citizens, participate in the Republic style of government that is the United States of America.

Hispanic or Latino Citizens (or rather American Citizens) do not cry foul over voter I.D. requirements, but business groups that hire illegal immigrants at lower wages and under less than stellar conditions do, as well as the U.S. Government – regardless of which party is in control of which house, due to the fear of disenfranchising “Hispanics”. This blogger, who is Spanish, feels that targeting individuals who’s legally immigrated from Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Venezuela, and other Spanish Speaking nations, are just that – Spanish American’s, Mexican American’s, Venezuelan American, no different that Irish American’s, Italian Americans, and so on – but labeled by the Government as: a race – therefore a voting bloc, and accompanied by all the stigma such a designation brings.

Therefore, the law in Texas is no more controversial than the laws in any states that are attempting to ensure voter integrity because of voter fraud, not “racism”, not in today’s society.

Why is voter integrity of import?

The simple answer is that voter integrity protects each and every eligible voter’s vote – especially in states that have been known to, in the past, have a bit of fraud going on – or the potential for fraud. For example purging voter rolls of deceased individuals and individuals who are no longer eligible to vote in a state due to the fact that they have moved. It is estimated that 1.8 million deceased voters are still on the voter rolls in many states and Commonwealths(CBS News). The States and Commonwealth’s who have not updated their voter rolls to reflect the actual registered voters – In the 2010 election, for example, Massachusetts was found to have deceased and non-resident voters on the rolls – lending to possible voter fraud, however, nothing has been done, and the Secretary of State going into the 2012 election has yet to take action and clean up the voter rolls, and most likely will not.

Therefore, if one is a registered voter, whether that person be white, black, Hispanic, a woman (the Majority, not a minority - but still paid less on a dollar than her male counterpart), Asian, or simply put a Citizen of the United States, and someone who, a part of a political party intent on remaining in power, votes twice, or is not an American citizen, regardless of their nation of origin (not race), that is taking away the vote the Citizen cast.

It is this opinion that all fifty states and Puerto Rico (our 51st state) should have voter I.D. requirements, to protect the integrity of those who are eligible to vote under the Constitution of the United States of America. Perhaps if those special interest groups are so concerned about disenfranchising legal voters, they might take the money spent lobbying or producing commercials, and find those voters that are unable to obtain Identifications Cars and donate the necessary funds to buy an I.D. or if the I.D. is free, provide education as to how to drive to City Hall and get an I.D. (o set up transportation). It seems a better use of the money and the time to this Spanish American Citizen.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Jaws Returns – Great Whites in New England Atlantic Waters – Cape Code Beach Closed as Swimmers Paddle to Shore – Safety Tips

Map of Great White Shark Sightings in MA - from

There have numerous Great White Shark sightings in New England and the Cape Code region – the most recent taking place in Orleans, MA at Nauset Beach, where one of the large predators had swimmers paddling into shore, as one man in a Kayak, was being stalked by the Great White, he made it to safety. (See Video below)

Great White Sharks are not new to the Atlantic Waters, a combination of warmer water and a food supply of grey seals, brings the Great White’s into the area, sometimes too close for comfort according to Accuweather.

There have been four fatal Great White shark attacks in New England Waters since the 1700’s according to the information site:, the last one occurring in 1936 in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.

What to watch for – Seals in the water – that’s the shark’s natural prey. Things that look like seals – “boogie boards”, surf boards, small boats (kayaks, inflatable). What not to wear: brightly colored or patterned swim suits. What not to do – urinate in the water, or go into the water with a fresh that is still bleeding. Under no circumstances swim in the ocean without a life guard present, especially if the conditions for sharks exist (warm water, seals). Stay within range of shore – Keep your dogs out in range of the shore or out of the water! - Great White sharks are not the only sharks that will view people as a food source.

There are no dolphins in New England (outside of aquariums) – if one sees a fin – it’s most likely a shark. Get out of the water. Not all sharks are dangerous – sand sharks are prevalent in the New England Waters, and are harmless.

For more information on what not to do visit – “Reducing the Risk of a Shark Encounter”.

Enjoy the beach!

CNN Reports on Cape Cod Great White Sharks

Bloggers note: Having lived in the South Florida area for several years, and being a “body surfer” who barely swims, let alone floats, the presence of sharks in the water, was considered “normal”. However, when attempting to avoid crowded urban beaches, and heading a few miles north to spots such as Juno Beach, one became keenly aware of the probability increase of a shark attack on the loan surfer or swimmer. It was with great fortune that a marine biologist gave our group several tips (most of them noted above) on how to have a pleasurable day at the beach, in the water, without having constant anxiety. Then with the release of “Jaws, the movie” the concept that these creatures are everywhere and to be respected, became more evident.

Also, bloggers adventures in Deep Sea Fishing: Final tip to those whose sole purpose in fishing is to catch a shark – stick one’s foot on the shark and have one’s photo taken – don’t do it until you are bloody sure that shark is quite deceased. Sharks, even those taken out of New England waters (Rhode Island in this instance), can take a bite out of one’s leg – especially if one is standing on a deck, with one foot on the “trophy”. Blue fish on the other hand, completely safe and put up quite a fight.

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