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Aurora Movie Massacre – Suspect first named as Iranian, News Site Scrubbed, and Suspect Now 24 Year Old White Male.

As news of the senseless shootings at a movie premier in Aurora Colorado came over the airways at approximately 4:00 am eastern, reports began to surface regarding one, possibly two suspects in the shooting. The first indication that a suspect had been caught came from News9 in Denver, (Video from You Tube)


AURORA - There is one suspect in custody after 14 people were shot and killed at the Century 16 Movie Theaters at the Aurora Town Center.

There were at least 50 people injured to Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates.

Oates says 10 died at the theater and four died at the area hospital.

Nicole Williams, with Swedish Medical Center, says the hospital was allerted to a mass casualty incident at 1:15 a.m. Friday.

Williams says the hospital was told to prepare for at least 20 patients.

According to witnesses, the shooter kicked in the emergency exit door in theater 9, threw some sort of disorienting smoke bombs and started shooting.

The captured shooter has been identified as Mohammad Alam, an Iranian immigrant. The identity of the other shooter is still unknown, Oates states.

(KUSA-TV © 2012 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

(See Screenshot below)

Screenshot from above video News9

Approximately an hour later, the site was “edited” and there was no further mention of a name, only “suspect” –

That changed with the Associated Press Reporting that the suspect was now a 24 year old white male.

There are a slew of contradictions that can only come into play in a horrific scene such as what occurred in Aurora, however, one finds it somewhat a cautionary tale, as news breaks, and fingers are pointed, and suspects named – those in the media might, instead of completely eradicating the initial post naming the Iranian national as the suspect, and instead, edit it to indicate that this information was a) incorrect, and b) make an apology to said suspect for putting that information out on the web.

The fact that today, screen shots can be taken in a matter of seconds, to prove or disprove media complicity by some who may be seen as “conspiracy theorists”, it would behoove news organizations to edit and correct rather than replace entire posts – thus putting to bed any suspicion that may follow.

As it is, it would be, from a conspiracy theorists point of view, more politically correct to have a white male perpetrator, than an Iranian immigrant perpetrator.
It is not uncommon tactic for those who wish to make a statement through terror, do so by killing innocent women and children.

Again, if it were an error, strike the error, call it an error –

The gunman now named, is most likely a repeat of the disturbed individual who attacked former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s, in Arizona, no discernable ties to any particular organization right or left.

The media has already jumped into speculation mode: specifically with the announcement of a 24 year old white male suspect – Apparently no major media linked the original story by news 9 naming a completely different suspect. That could be linked to prudence, or waiting, or the fact that there actually are two suspects, one not politically correct. (Conspiracy).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney-Obama 47-46 New CBS/NYTimes poll – Romney Ad Answers Obama’s – “You Did Not Build it” – Strong Rebuttal to President’s Progressive Ideology

An Empty Food Pantry in New Jersey - not uncommon as food prices rise, and household income shrinks - image from (one of hundreds)

From the Hill Blog: ”Romney edges ahead in latest national poll, most blame Obama for economic downturn” – Romney Leads Obama by 1 point, 47/46 – or a statistical tie in the latest CBS/New York Times Poll. Additionally, the majority (64%) believes that Obama is responsible for the state of the economy. The natural inclination for those across the socio-economic spectrum when the economy affects those who have the lowest household incomes to those “middle class” families, is to look at steps taken by the current President and then vote accordingly in the next election. Although one might take umbrage at the comparison between Presidents Carter and Obama, the fact that the economic downturn in Carter’s last year in office, did not improve, rather worsened – it is happening again.

From CNBC Jobless Claims Spike again to Smart Money’s, “Rising Corn Prices and Your Grocery Bill” one does not see a reasonable time-line in which to turn the economy around – even if tomorrow the President decided to cut all corporate tax rates, and repeal all unnecessary spending, while increasing the tax cut, across the board, for all income levels (Federal taxes, not Social Security Taxes) – it would be too little too late. (Granted the act of cutting taxes eludes some, however, the theory goes: (This theory has worked under both Democrat (JFK) and Republican (Reagan, Bush) administrations) when one cuts corporate taxes, that leads to investments and jobs, jobs by the millions not thousands, which in turn increases the taxes paid to the Federal and by the same token, State Department of Revenues. More individuals working and paying taxes makes up for the slight but effective across the board tax cuts – and the Federal Government, without unnecessary spending, can see a vast improvement in income within a relatively short period of time (10 to 12 months).

However, with a draught and the emphasis on use of corn for ethanol (both parties guilty), corn products (including high fructose corn syrup found in everything from salad dressings to cereal to soft drinks) become more scarce, the price rises, and this hits consumers of these products directly. Those prices won’t come into play until the end of summer – early fall- however, there has been an increase in food products over the past three years – inflation caused by rising fuel, labor costs, and other factors including new Federal regulations that affect all businesses.
This scenario sets up a “Romney is looking better by the minute” point of view from every household who goes to the grocery store.

Meanwhile, the President’s campaign is attacking Romney is what can only be classified as “class warfare” – asking for tax returns, after they have been supplied, demanding answers regarding investments (while the President’s tax returns reveal that he also has Foreign Income), going so far as to insinuate that Romney’s leave of absence on several occasion from Bain Capital – a company he built, but then left on several occasions (To run for Senate against Ted Kennedy), 1999 to run the Olympics in Salt Lake City), that was when Romney decided to sever his relationship which in real terms might take years – was criminal in nature. Go figure.

As that tactic appears to be gaining little to no traction (given the polls) a new tactic was conceive - attack business – all business – Romney is, after all, a businessman. Class warfare was begun with the Presidents insistence that no one who built a business did it on their own – it was the Government who helped that person, the government built roads, supplied teachers, and so on. The fact that the person who built the business and hired employees and paid taxes to the government so it could function, and took the risk to begin with – in progressive think, does not matter. (See Elizabeth Warren, Candidate for Senate (D), running against Scott Brown (R-MA), and similar verbiage the President used, brought up by Warren several months ago.

Romney has, to date, not answered the call to supply more than two years of tax returns, (which – there is no rule that a candidate need to submit any tax returns at all), and waited it out – as the calls from the media and the Obama Campaign became more shrill.

However, once the President made the remarks about business as the benefactor of government (not the reality of the other way around), Romney chose that moment to fight back. The ad below is an exemplary political ad, hard-hitting, factual and above all – drawing a distinction between candidate Romney and the President on an ideological plane. Therefore one had a clear understanding between a Progressive Ideology versus the more traditional Democratic Republic – Free Market Ideology – brilliant and effective.

What is most amazing is that the Obama Campaign is pulling out all the stops now, months prior to the election – the only hope they might have is if, and only if, Romney makes an unacceptable choice of running mate – and unacceptable to the “mainstream” media, rather than rank and file Republicans and those Independents that are so pivotal in any election. However, as concerns the choice of V.P. – one would think Romney will consider a logical and statistical choice, based upon the political advantage the V.P. brings to the table, a candidate that will be completely vetted.

Notwithstanding it will, in all likelihood remain in the polls a tight election, however, that said, when individuals are voting with their pocketbook, strange occurrences take place, as happened in 1980 – those who went into the voting booth convinced they would vote for Carter as both the President and the individual were Democrats, came out having voted for Ronald Reagan or Jon Anderson (an Independent), propelling Reagan to a landslide not seen in electoral history.

Of course, the above is conjecture based on the premise that history repeats, and any number of events could take place that would change the course of events – if this were 2010, or even 2011.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newport RI, Personal Reflections on dining by America’s Seaport

Lucia Italian Restaurant (upstairs) on Thames - image

Every so often one needs a break from the routine of general life, and there is one place on earth that brings the peace, tranquility and conversely excitement than Newport, RI. There is much to do and see from an historical perspective, however, dining being one of the joys of life – finds a plethora of restaurants from which to choose. Understanding that this is not a food blog by any means, it was the repeated experience that compelled this blogger to share with readers or anyone who happens upon the blog favorites well worth visiting.

Two restaurants in particular are well worth the trip. The first is Lucia Italian Restaurant on Thames. Italian fare that is exemplary. The ambiance, is old style Italy – with a wait staff that is extremely knowledge and the service beyond reproach –from soup, to entrees to desert, it is by far one of my favorites. Suggested, what-ever soup of the day happens to be available (in this case it was a fresh pea soup), followed by the Haddock Sapporito, Haddock filets baked with marinated (fresh) tomatoes, red onion, asparagus and a Balsamic glaze, where there the delicate haddock is not overwhelmed, rather complemented by the combination of flavors - the presentation is simply beautiful. One must top off dinner with the excellent mascarpone mousse and of course, espresso.

Note on Lucia’s, it is the only place where I have found, I can return and find that the excellent meal almost a year prior, which was so well done, will remain the same, in taste, presentation and quality.

The second, The White Horse Tavern(off Farewell Street), has a rich history and an eclectic menu. Options range from buffalo streak to the Hessian’s Fete, a filet mignon wrapped in bacon with a stout infused sauce – served with a grilled half lobster tail, topped with a mango relish – simply suburb, desert, of course, crème broulet topped with seasonal berries and, yes served with espresso to finish. . Reservations are required. Again the wait staff is knowledge and the service impeccable.

Whether one is inclined to day sail, or visit a nearby beach, shop or take a walking tour of the rich historical sites that abound in this port city, there is truly, something for everyone – those of us who gravitate towards the sea, history and of course, fine food, will continue to return as often as possible.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Obama Borrow Remarks on “You didn’t build it” from MA – again! From Duval Patrick (“Yes We Can”) to Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)(Candidate)

From: The Hawaii Reporter: Obama pushed his policy goals of infrastructure (aka stimulus) spending and "government research" as part of a collectivist utopia "doing things together." It's simply stunning that he would tell Americans, "If you've got a business—you didn't build that."
After all, could individuals be resourceful and hard-working enough to create whole new enterprises?
Obama said:
Look, if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. You didn't get there on your own. I'm always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart.”
(Hawaii Reporter)

The President went on to say that (paraphrasing) someone built the roads…there was a teacher (who was responsible implied.)…But, the question is who said that first?
Elizabeth Warren, Candidate for Senate (D-MA)

From There is nobody in this country got rich on his own...” you hired workers the rest of us paid for, you used roads the rest of us paid for (paraphrased) and so on- this is from a video (below) from the Warren Campaign on “fair taxation”:

Elizabeth Warren is the “next great hope” of the Progressive Wing of the Democrat Party – the plan – install her as Senator from MA, bring her to the Democrat Convention in 2016, run her for president – sound familiar?

Of course, it is well known that the President has “borrowed” remarks by other Massachusetts notaries, specifically Governor Duval Patrick’s “Yes You Can”. Apparently, if something works in Massachusetts surely it can work nationwide.
Otherwise, how else would Scott Brown have been elected to the MA Senate? How else would one explain the historic gains in the House in 2010 – merely two years ago? It was a rejection of those very principles espoused by those who run on slogans rather than ideas, division instead of inclusions, and blame instead of giving credit where credit is due.

Warren is a prime example of a progressive academic, The President, although having had some experience in government with a term here and there in the State Legislature and then the Senate (Illinois) before running for President, also was and remains an academic. There is an old adage – “those that can’t do – teach”.
This is not to malign, in any way, the thousands upon thousands of credible teachers who exist solely to make a difference, to encourage individuality, and to ensure that each student understands they can achieve the American Dream of building one’s own business, becoming an astronaut (if we had a vibrant Space Program) a doctor – surely they are out there in private and public schools across the nation. Then there are those hard-line progressives who see the only way this country should be – is under Government control – with an elite group of academics and politico’s caring for the masses. If that isn’t a step backward, what is?

The rhetoric from this campaign is growing increasingly negative, lectures on wealth versus “the rest of us “have been the pivot (and in some cases “race”, but not as often as in the past election. (2008). What should be on the table – for both Obama and Romney is vision - how each candidate sees the future of this great nation and what they can do to improve the economy, education, security – and fair game is records and the defense of records. Perhaps the President would like to explain his record on job creative so that the American people can understand where he creative private sector jobs that fill the government coffers to enable them to continue to pay for the growth of government pogroms. For without taxpayers in private industry, there is no income for the Federal Government. One cannot count government employees, as they do pay taxes, true, but the taxpayer pays their wages – it’s a catch 22. Romney, to his credit, and in spite of the Obama Campaigns best efforts, did his best to create jobs in Massachusetts as Govenor, despite the Democrat Controlled Statehouse (both Legislature and Senate) doing their best to undercut every single thing he proposed when it came to increasing business development and jobs. One has to live in Massachusetts to fully understand the disparity between what is reality and fantasy – those who do understand – well, at least half of them.

Not unlike the balance of the nation, there is that deep divide between political party affiliation and ideology – one that has existed for eons, yet, never with so acrimony and blatantly untrue rhetoric – painting all with a broad brush so to speak. The days of politely agreeing to disagree are fast becoming a thing of the past. What this nation needs, now more than ever, is a leader who has an ideology that includes civility – especially when it comes to working with and treating those who have opposing views with respect, not derision. There is one candidate that meets that criterion, having not divided a government but worked with, to the best of his ability, to create jobs, balance a budget, all in the face of an opposition party that remained as relentless then as it does today.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mexican “Gang “attacked Christian Youth Group Near Mexico City – Religious Wars in Mexico - Cartel Gang Related?

Police in Mexico Search for gang that attacked Christian Youth Group -image

From the BBC a group of Christian Youth camping in a region near Mexico City were attacked at their campsite – some of the youth were beaten, the young women were raped. Does it smack of normal violence in Mexico or is this fundamentally persecution of Christians?

There are increasing attacks on Christians in Mexico which are documented by - some are interdenominational attacks (Catholic-Christian) not unlike the Protestant/Catholic wars in Northern Ireland, however, the vast majority are attacks on both traditional Catholics and other Christian denominations.

Why the increase in violence against Christian’s in a nation that has been known to be predominately Christian since the Spanish landed in Mexico in the 1400’s?
The possibility exists for completion among religions, and one of the fastest growing religions in Mexico is Islam. Although there are plenty of irrational video’s on YouTube nothing the imminent threat of a terrorist attack on the U.S. via Mexican Radical Jihadist, refer to the international security website:

What is of interest a video from the firm indicating that the Mexican Drug Cartels (gangs) and Hezbollah (radical Islamist Terrorist Organization with roots in Lebanon and Iran), have a history together:

In addition, Borderland Beat, the best source for news from the Mexican/US. Border, released the following documentary footage:

The text follows:
The documents leaked by an anonymous source to Borderland Beat, together with ongoing criminal cases in the U.S. federal court system, paint a more complicated picture of what the risk may actually be for radical Islamic organizations to use mexican cartels to attack US targets. Borderland Beat You Tube Channel

To understand the conversion of Mexico to Islam the best (rational) piece comes from Al Jazeera below

As the border violence, specifically in Arizona, continues to escalate, with drug cartels in Mexico routinely using Beheading and mutilation of bodies as the chief modus of instilling fear as well as execution, one might want to pay closer attention to what might be happening on the southern border of the U.S.

Although one must keep in mind that the majority of Muslims, specifically in the U.S. and presumably in Mexico, convert for peace, or have immigrated to avoid the violence associated with the radicals, it is still worth watching, as criminal organizations and radical religious zealots, can often be found working together – one receives training necessary to overtake a rival gang, the other money to carry out attacks in the name of their religion (refer to the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and it’s war on Protestants and England – specifically a religious war between two Christian denominations.

Therefore it is not so much the “rank and file” every day Muslin convert, or Muslim in Mexico, it is those who are invested in the drug cartels, that sit on our open U.S. border, specifically in Arizona, where there is a natural pathway (since the Clinton Administration built fences in San Francisco and Texas), into the United States. It is not beyond a reasonable hypothesis therefore, that certain elements of Radical Islam (either converts or Hezbollah nationalists from Lebanon or Iran) would treat a Christian Youth Group or any other victim (see reports from with the respect shown those who refuse to convert, or are considered “infidels”.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Democrats and Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns – 2002 - 2012– Dem’s Harass Romney for Returns – A Fishing Expedition Reveals – Nothing but Innuendo’s

2002 Candidate for Govenor Shannon O’Brien – DNC and O’Brien Had Romney Returns to Establish Residency – Would have used Bain as angle for fraud, if there was an angle

The Obama Campaign has recently suggested that Mitt Romney must be hiding something because he will not release twelve years of tax returns according to the Boston Globe. In fat if one takes a trip over to Barack Obama’s Campaign site, one finds twelve years of tax returns, three of which cover his term in the White House – one finds that on an average, the President is worth a few million dollars, has overseas income and pays his federal taxes using a 1040, he also files with the State of Illinois. That said it is not a requirement that any candidate or president release his or her tax returns. This was a political ploy begun in the 1970’s by one Georgia Governor, James Carter, calling on Gerald Ford to release his tax returns for 10 years.(Toledo Blade).

Other presidential candidates have released twelve years, two years, or four – while those who are incumbents generally release taxes for every year they are in office. To view Presidential tax returns since the “fad” began, visit where tax returns that were found to be available are on display Including Mitt Romney’s.

This is not the first time Mitt Romney has been harangued to release tax returns, in his race for Govenor of Massachusetts, his Democrat opponents suggested that he was not legally a resident of the state, a subsequent review of his tax returns put that witch hunt to bed – and Romney went on to become Governor. However, the double standard by party and even within the Democrat party exists: For example: Barack Obama’s close friend, Govenor Duval Patrick (Boston Globe pay per view archives) refused to release his returns:

“Reilly, who is of relatively modest means, has released his income tax returns and demanded that Gabrieli and the other Democrat in the race, Deval Patrick, release theirs. They have refused. This week, Reilly complained that the public knows very little about their corporate records.”

Finally, on Bain Capital and what one might or might not expect to find - Opposition Research from the McCain 2008 team against Mitt Romney, somewhat contradicts the President as well as the Media and their timelines – Knowing how rough and tumble and downright nasty the GOP and DNC Presidential primaries can be – opposition research focuses on the pitfalls, statements and any vulnerabilities that a candidate may have – in reviewing the McCain opposition, it is quite clear that if something existed they would have found it (McCain-Feingold anyone?) –

From the opposition research one finds a great deal of negatives about Bain Capital viewed as possible fodder – however, these are indirectly related to Mitt Romney’s involvement in Bain – other than as an investor – the key piece to the puzzle: (The-Romney-Book)

Current Bain Capital Managing Partner Josh Bekenstein Founded Company With Romney In 1984. “Mr. Bekenstein joined Bain Capital at its inception in 1984. He has been a Managing Director since 1986.
Prior to joining Bain Capital, Mr. Bekenstein spent several years at Bain & Company where he was involved with companies in a variety of industries.” (Bain Capital Website,, Accessed 2/26/07)


Romney Ran Day-To-Day Operations At Bain Capital From Its Inception In 1984 Through Early 1999, When He Left To Assume Control Of The Salt Lake Winter Games. “When Mr. Romney finally set up shop just across the hall from Bain consulting in 1984, his initial plan centered on providing venture capital – seed money – 136
for ideas spun off by Bain consultants. … By the time Mr. Romney left the firm in 1999, the investments it had sold off had made enough money to deliver an average annual return that amounted to as much as 100 percent before fees, several of its investors said.” (David Kirkpatrick, “Romney Political Fortunes Tied To Riches He Gained In Business,” The New York Times, 6/4/07)


Romney Served As CEO Of Bain Capital Through August 2001, Even Though He No Longer Ran Daily Operations. “Although he gave up running day-to-day operations at the venture capital firm in order to head the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, he remained CEO and held his financial interest in the company through August
2001.” (Stephanie Ebbert and Yvonne Abraham, “Camps Spar Over Romney Word Choice,” The Boston Globe, 10/31/02)

Finally, guilt by association:

Bain Capital Is “Remains Romney’s Creation” As Over Three-Quarters Of Its Partners Came On Board During Romney’s Tenure, Joining The “Corporate Culture … He Nurtured Over 17 Years.” “Bain Capital remains Romney’s creation. The corporate culture is one he nurtured over 17 years. A Herald analysis of the firm’s leadership shows that more than three quarters of the managing partners joined when he was the boss.”
(Brett Arends, “American Workers’ Bane,” Boston Herald, 6/22/05)

What we’ve learned:

Candidates for office either release or don’t release tax returns – they are under no obligation to do so.

Release of tax returns is a personal and privacy issue, hwoever, when pushed, politicians use the release of tax returns as a way to either push themselves up or knock the other guy down.

It’s a new practice – tax return by release of candidate began in the 1970’s.

Class Warfare – watch out for millionaires who don’t release their tax returns, unlike the President, a millionaire who does?

The Bain brouhaha – much ado amount nothing

Boiled down to reality – Romney began Bain Capital, it is suggested that he was the influence over their decisions simply because three-quarters of the staff came on board while he was there.

He did indeed serve as CEO however, it was in name only – the actual guy in charge since 1986 was Romney’s Partner Josh Bekenstein – title Managing Direct – with all that it implies.

That said, although the New York Times reports that Romney ran day-to-day operations at Bain, (With the Managing Director and partner not included in the Times report) – he left in early 1999.

He has investments in Bain and as a result receives “income” from investments. (If one has a 401K, one also has investments, and will derive income from those investments, other investment vehicles, savings plans, annuities, pensions (includes Government and Private Industry)

Therefore, it’s a question of corporate law, and the severance of a partnership rather than mere employment, which, for the benefit of the Firm and most assuredly the Benefit of Mitt Romney (who is no financial slouch) the time to hammer out a suitable agreement as to retirement would take some time in the real world – up to 2 or 3 years is not out of the question for mid-to upper level management contacts, depending upon the firm.

Additionally, information on Romney’s tax returns obtained by the State of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Democrat Party, had there many any abnormalities for the period in which Romney was severing his partnership at Bain, would not have gone unnoticed. In fact, it would have been a key point of contention and used in Shannon O’Brien’s favor, thereby sinking Romney's Gubernatorial campaign, and well, Obama's campaign would be yelling for someone else' tax returns. This is the time period for which the Obama administration is calling on Romney to release, it’s been done, and one would think that the Obama administration knows this – they also know that Romney would then release the tax returns, and he would be “rich” – but not have broken one darn law.

So, we now know that Romney was successful in business, fixed the Olympics and that the unemployment rate continues to remain above 8%

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