Friday, September 19, 2008

Hacking Palin's Emails to Michelle Obama’s insults - Democrat Meltdown 2008

How low will the Obama campaign and the DNC go to try to salvage their election chances? Apparently – right to the bottom or beyond. Sarah Palin’s personal email was hacked this week and the prime “person of interest” is David Kernell, the 20 year old son of a Tennessee Democrat State Rep. It figures. Michelle Obama, speaking in front of a crowd of 600 women, in an attempt to close the gap that Obama never had, asked constituents “to make their choice on the issues, not because, "I like that guy" or, "she's cute."”. Ms. Obama, was of course, preaching to the choir, yet quickly inserted “I’m talking about me.” These two instances are of course, ridiculous in that, the hacker only proved the desperation of the left and the popularity of Sarah Palin with the media and the base. The media, because any tidbit, including what her dog ate for breakfast, would be breaking news, and the base, because they are ever watchful for yet another insult, for some reason – sexism – they are paying attention to every utterance. If Ms. Obama finds Palin “too cute” to vote for, well, so be it, and that would include her audience. The problem with her statement was that she also told her fans not to vote because “I like that guy”, which is the only reason someone would vote for her husband.

Several notable defections to the McCain camp were revealed earlier in the week: Donald Trump a former Hillary Clinton Supporter, has endorsed McCain, and more startling “top Clinton fundraiser and member of the Democratic National Committee's Platform Committee Lynn Forester de Rothschild endorsed Republican presidential nominee John McCain on Wednesday.” What gives?

What one has to understand is that although the race may be tight, the left may have reached a rather disturbing conclusion: The basic make-up of the great divide between right and left has not changed. The Republican Base and those Independents that voted for George Bush in the last election, will undoubtedly vote for McCain in this election, with one exception, and that is the base numbers. The Republican base is more energized over Sarah Palin than it could possibly muster over Dick Cheney; and the numbers are daunting. The Democrats can rely on the core of supporters as well as those union endorsements, and rank and file who have voted for any D on a ballot since they cast their first vote. Although Obama did attract record crowds at large arena’s during the primary that was well before any mention of dubious associations, or insults from the candidate himself when behind closed doors in San Francisco (clutching guns and bibles), were heard. Where are the throngs now? At a recent Obama stop in Manchester, New Hampshire which is a hop; skip and a jump from Boston, MA, huge crowds of 8,000 attendees were reported. 8,000 attendees – for a candidate for change in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area is, in effect, “chump change”.

Should there be a late October surprise to add to Obama’s woes, and there is no reason to believe that this cannot occur; (unsubstantiated rumors are circulating) considering there is so little the public knows about Obama compared to the lower rung of the Republican Ticket, then those crowds that were 80,000 then 8,000 will just fade away. Should that surprise come out of the State of New York, then it was foretold during the primary, yet few paid attention to Robert Novak back in 2007. Will it matter? No. The dye is cast.

Recap - the bottom line - most voters have made up their minds and by increasing attacks on Palin, the Republican base is more determined and solidified, and those independents that recognize irrational behavior, are most likely going to choose Palin over Obama – while the left goes into therapy yet again. Deja Vu - 2004 all over again - this time the lead on the Republican side will be greater, and that is due to one factor and one factor only – the left has managed to irritate a mighty big base.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jeff Beatty - Can He Take John Kerry’s long-held Senate Seat?

News articles from the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe gave mention of Republican, Jeff Beatty’s Senate Campaign against entrenched Democrat, John Kerry. The media in Massachusetts is of the opinion that John Kerry is immune to a challenge, no matter where it comes from, due to the perception that the state is primarily Democrat. Reality check: this is not the case. In the Bay State voter enrollment is broken down as follows: 2006 Total Registered Voters: 3,990,805 of which 1,472,705 were Democrat, 498,702 Republican and 1,987,053 Unenrolled. In other words, other 50% of the states electorate decline to be affiliated with either party. (*Note: Both parties, Republican and Democrats lost equal amounts of voters in the previous year). Source. Looking at the “unofficial results” given by the Globe ,(source) total votes cast by Democrats: 403,561, (73% of the enrolled Democrats decided to sit out the election), of those 27% voting in the primary, 31% cast their vote for the challenger, Ed O’Reilly. Mr. O’Reilly ran against John Kerry’s lack of legislative effort for the Bay State, and his political positions which shift according to what might best serve John Kerry. If one considers that a percentage of votes cast for O’Reilly were from Independents, the fact remains that 31% of the respondents in a low-turn-out Democrat primary wanted someone other than John Kerry. Should Jeff Beatty (and John McCain for that matter), garner 12% of the Republican vote, 10% of the disenfranchised Democrat vote and becuase the Unerolleds trend conservative: 30% of the Unenrolled (a McCain strong suit and a natural for Jeff Beatty given the number of Unenrolled who signed the primary petitions for both Beatty and O’Reilly). These are extremely conservitve numbers, and yet given the most conservative outlet, Mr. Beatty and John McCain would garner at the least 52% of the vote. Dispelling another myth - that the State will Never vote for a Republican.

The Blue State Myth: Republican’s cannot get elected in the Bay States, and further the Bay State never votes Republican. Although a rare occurrence, to be sure, most recent Bay State Republican elected officials include Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Jane Swift, Govern William Weld, Edward Brooke (elected to the Senate in 1962 and the first African-American elected to the senate by popular vote). Additionally, the State’s Electoral votes went to Ronald Regan, a non-Beltway Maverick Republican – twice.

It is now up to the Beatty Campaign to get past the media to the people. – And they are ready. The campaign is running television ads across the state, (see first advertisement below) in a solid and honest compare and contrast message. John Kerry failed to “Report For Duty” when it came to the people of Massachusetts. This is a message that will resound with normal, every day, rank and file taxpayers: not party hacks, or those who would stand on the words of the Boston Globe or Herald as Gospel, rather, those people with enough sense who have “had enough” of politics as usual. To learn more about Jeff Beatty visit his website at To learn more about John Kerry, visit his sponsored website:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art Imitates Life – SNL Palin-Clinton Appearance Close Call!

Saturday Night Live must have some clairvoyant staff writers. The opening skit last weekend was an unlikely Palin-Clinton press conference. The AP has since reported that this comedy skit came close to a reality when both Clinton and Palin were invited to attend a rally in New York City scheduled for next week. The article entitled “Clinton Blindsided by Scheduled Event”, noted that both women were invited to attend a rally at the United Nations next week hosted by American Jewish groups in a protest against Iran’s Ahmadinejad. When Clinton’s aids learned of the event; they quickly cancelled the former candidates’ appearance.

One has to wonder how Clinton would have fared in a joint appearance with Palin. Although the media has treated both women with scorn and derision (cutting Clinton some slack when she released her delegates to Obama); an opportunity was missed - two of America’s prominent women on the same stage sending a positive message to millions of women both in the United States and abroad. It is, perhaps, because of the deep division that the left continues to promote (media and politicians), this meeting would never materialize. Imagine a scenario where despite political differences and differing ideologies, both Clinton and Palin spoke in concert against a Theocratic regime that treats their Iranian counterparts as objects of subservient bondage. Politics trumps compassion once again – only in America. Palin is scheduled to attend. Women in Politics need to set aside differences and stop deferring to their "male handlers" and the "media" in order to make a substantial difference.

Massachusetts Realist - Thank you Ed O’Reilly for your Heroic run Against John Kerry

Ed O’Reilly, an attorney from Gloucester, Massachusetts lost his primary bid against entrenched incumbent John Kerry in Tuesday’s primary. The Associated Press reported that Kerry had managed to hold onto his seat at 8:12 pm, with less than 1 percent of the precincts reporting in. The primary was not without controversy; many Bay State voters were not notified of a change in polling stations; making it impossible for them to cast a vote. Apparently, the Massachusetts Legislature is being blamed because of an unrelated political battle that set business back a few weeks. How many of those disenfranchised voters would have cast their ballot for O’Reilly is most likely moot, due to the apparent overwhelming support for the junior senator (despite polls to the contrary). O’Reilly was underfunded but undeterred during a campaign that did give the 24 year sitting Senator who has not authored a piece of legislation since 1999, a run for his money. Therefore - hats off to Ed O’Reilly for putting his life on hold and trying to do the right thing for his party in the population starved, over taxed Bay State.

Kerry, who was the first to bring Barack Obama to the spotlight during his 2004 campaign and also the first to endorse Obama’s candidacy for President, will now face Republican Jeff Beatty, a new-order Republican with a substantial grassroots organization and the blessings of the NRSC. The Beatty campaign will kick of a state wide media blitz today. Although the odds and the climate favored O’Reilly over Kerry, (and many Massachusetts Democrats expressed surprise that Kerry managed to hold onto his seat), perhaps those who ponder “how could this have happened, will not follow in November with “I did not have time to make it to the polls”. If one wants change, one has to get to the polling place and effect change – unless of course, you live in areas of Massachusetts where your polling place is suddenly “moved” with no notification.

Monday, September 15, 2008

John Kerry Senate Seat - Unsafe

The Massachusetts State Primary will be held on Tuesday, September 16 – voters that do go to the polls (low voter turnout expected) will choose between incumbent John F. Kerry and Ed O’Reilly, who has run, what many feel, is a successful grassroots campaign. A debate between the two candidates, that was originally broadcast on WBZ TV Boston, was shown on TV 38 (available statewide) as of yesterday – too little too late to impact a race? That depends a great deal on the independent and democrat electorate.

It is generally determined that John Kerry’s seat is “safe” in the general election based upon polls taken at the beginning of August. One poll left out of that analysis is the Suffolk University Poll that suggested over 50% of the state electorate feels that Mr. Kerry should not be rehired. Although it has been mentioned that yard signs are hardly an indicator of which way the election will go –Ed O’Reilly signs are in yards and along roadways in Massachusetts – in large numbers. Further, Mr. O’Reilly has been endorsed by several of the Bay States newspapers, including the Goucester Daily Times (Note: that is hardley the Boston Globe).

What remains to be seen is if those Clinton Supporters are still holding a grudge against Kerry for endorsing Obama early and ignoring the Bay state Democrats who overwhelmingly supported Clinton. What are the odds that O’Reilly will be running against Republican candidate Jeff Beatty in November? 60/40 would be the best estimate. Here's why the challenger is favored - should voter turn-out be low the incumbent may not survive the primary. If this is a popularity contest, as so many of the US elections have become, then Kerry, is in big trouble. Also, consider that the media has given O’Reilly access to both print and local television (granted sometimes limited to the Web) giving voters a chance to meet Mr. O'Reilly – therfore, democrats know who Ed O’Reilly is, and who he is running against. Local Western Mass. NBC Station, interview with both candidates: here.
Prediction: O’Reilly will emerge as the challenger to Republican, Jeff Beatty in November’s race for the Massachusetts senate seat formerly held by John Kerry.

Addendum 9-16-08: Re: Voter Turnout - As of 7:35 a total of 7 women had voted in my precinct. On February 6th by that same time: 302 people had voted. One had to admire the PUMA stickers, the women with their daughters and the smile when I menioned a low turnout were priceless. (Western Mass). From Eastern Mass, the report is similar.

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