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The Palin-Biden Debate – Palin Scores – Biden and Media as Expected.

The post-debate commentary on the Palin-Biden debate is, at the very least, amusing to anyone who watched the 90 minute tango last evening. Biden was, indeed, all experienced Washington politician. He answered each question articulately, often straying from the truth, which anyone with any basic knowledge of what has taken place in the past 10 years saw clearly. In several instances, specifically points on how McCain and Obama voted, Biden was inaccurate - for example: stating that both McCain and Obama voted the same way on a budget resolution – the truth was that McCain voted the no, and Obama yes a resolution ( which called for tax increases on those making $43,000 a year or more. Biden also confused the 1st and Second Articles of the Constitution when asked by Gwen Iffel how each would view the Vice-Presidency (which one defines the office of the Vice Presidency – which, if one is a strict constructionist, does allow for inclusion in the Legislative Branch as regards the tie-breaking vote in the Senate – by strict constructionist – one who does not interpret the Constitution rather takes it as it was written). In all press instances, specifically the New York Times, not one mention of any inaccuracies on the part of Biden were noted, rather, he was portrayed as the “knowledgeable statesman”.

Palin, for her part, has been criticized for being “overly folksy” by the
Washington Post. All media agrees she did better than expected. From an independent point of view, her accent and hominess appear to be genuine, her lack of details as regards specifics is not particularly alarming as most “Washington outsiders” are not lawyers who by rote can recite case law, as well as look the public straight it they eye and lie through their teeth. Palin scores on likability and specifically a connection with those American’s outside of the beltway and yes, those elitists who may have felt her answers were at times evasive, or non-existent. In focus groups by networks: Fox featured pollster Frank Luntz who’s focus group gave the debate to Palin hands down, on the flip-side of cable television, CNN’s focus group gave the debate to Obama. History, does indeed, repeat itself, one only needs to refer back to 2004 focus group and polling results to understand the unusual parallels.

The Seattle Post understands all too well, stating that the performance by Palin does not change anything between Obama and McCain, thereby attempting to lower expectations post debate.
The most interesting post-debate coverage: CSPAN. In taking callers post-debate most Obama supporters who felt that Palin failed miserably, specifically citing the “Tax Increase by Obama”, tended to be too young to vote. The host, very politely told each caller that she was thrilled they were interested in politics at such an early age. Bringing up the question: If a teacher wears blue all day – does that really sink in as a plug for Obama?

Overall, Palin did her job remarkably well due to lowered media expectations (which some wonder if that was a ploy on the part of Palin – in other words, brilliantly out-maneuvering the much despised “mainstream” media) Biden was adequate – neither will sway those committed to one party or the other, however, it is yet to be determined who will win with those “uncommitted” middle-class voters: Biden who so valiantly and emotionally claimed to be “one of us”, or Palin, who has the actual credentials. If there is any sway from this in the polls, it will show in approximately 2 to 3 days.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Barney Frank Faces Race in the 4th - Meet Earl Sholley.

Barney Frank, (D – MA) Representative, 4th District, a member of the House since 1981, has received a lot of press lately, specifically in regards to his involvement in the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae fiasco. Frank, who can be directly linked to the failure of both institutions, has been the most stalwart proponent of the big government bail out plan which passed the Senate last night. Barney spend has spent a good deal of time pointing the finger at the Republican Party for these misdeeds, however, back in September of 2003, when Republicans wanted to regulate Freddie and Fannie, Franks was adamant Frank:
“No `Crisis'
``I don't think we are facing any kind of a crisis'' or ``threat to the Treasury,'' Democratic Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts said. At the same time, investors in the two companies shouldn't assume the government guarantees the companies' ability to pay debts, he said.
Snow cautioned that the new law should ``should not be merely an exercise in moving existing agencies from one part of the government to another.''
He also said he favored efforts to pressure Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to file financial disclosures with the Securities and Exchange Commission the way other companies do “

There’s volumes more material available that indict Frank, from both the left and right perspective, and he now faces problems in his home district The Globe is reporting that his constituents have lost confidence (suggest reading the comments) in Barney’s judgment. Frank also endorsed Barack Obama who has benefited financially from the Franks alliance with Freddie and Fannie.

What’s a 4th District Bay-stater to do? Barney Frank is up for re-election this year and there is an alternative: Enter: Earl Henry Sholley, Republican, 4th District. Sholley, has great credentials, but has gotten little press in the Bay State (not unusual for non-Democrat candidates). To learn more about Sholley, a viable alternative to Barney Frank, visit

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Media looking at Palin; ignoring ACORN, Ayers and Freddie Mac

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"Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of four people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and four in Arizona. Not a single one looking into ACORN, Ayers or Freddie Mac."

Palin – The Opportunity to School The Press (1984-2008)

Had anyone watched the debates from Alaska and checked Palins overall approval rating in the state (which is based on performance, not a popularity contest) at 80%; one has to understand that she is a formidable opponent. Palin may not appeal to the majority of journalists and of course, NARAL (Pro-Abortion), rather to the average working woman with children, regardless of party, and the mighty Republican base. The problem that she has faced has been a reaction to her womanhood. Historically, there have been two women who have made it to the bottom of the ticket, Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin and one woman who has undertaken the task of running as a Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton – all three have come under the microscope and have faced a very sexist media. The phrase, “History repeats itself”, is apparent in the way the press and specific groups have gone after Palin; much in the same way they went after Ferraro in 1984. From the July 24, 1984 Pittsburgh Post Article ”Mondale is Planning to Keep Ferraro on a Short Leash” to attacks on family members ”FERRARO'S FATHER, IN '41, HAD LIQUOR LICENSE REVOKED” it is evident that a woman running in a traditional male bastion faces the task of getting past not only those who truly believe that a woman’s place is in the “home”, but also women who are more tied to a political party than any true sense of feminism – and continue to call themselves feminists – who attack a candidate based on issues ranging from family to personal choices made when putting themselves through college. Clinton suffered attacks from within her own party – stunningly from a media, specifically women commentators and journalists, who represent more ‘fluff’ in the industry than actual hard news. Male to female ratio in journalism is dismal, as it is in government. One would think that given the credentials of all three of these women, those who were capable of supporting them would not have taken cheap shots at everything from what they choose to wear to the occasional gaffe that all politicians make.

What remains to be seen is how the debate will play out tomorrow night. One has to understand that although Biden may have experience, his tone is rather boring and he is prone to gaffes, while Palin has a track record of being more formidable in the debate forum. Should she exceed expectations, which have become dismally low given the media’s constant drumbeat of “inadequate” the past three to four weeks, and impale Biden in this debate, the press will then face a daunting task and the attacks will become more vicious than to date. How important is the press in all of this? The more the press can keep the focus on Palin through attacks and “scandals’ yet to be created, the more they can keep the heat off their chosen candidate – Obama. Unlike Ferraro, both Clinton and Palin have been crucified in the press, not only because they are women (which does play a large factor), but more so because the press has an obvious agenda and that is to place their candidate in the White House. This perception of the press is what has killed rankings and driven subscriptions into the tank – the general public is suspicious of and generally scrutinizing each and every article and broadcast for hints of partisanship and sexism.

Palin has the base, McCain can count on those moderate conservatives as well as right-leaning independents and Clinton Democrats who are concerned with the overly Progressive tone of the party, while Obama has the dedicated Progressive Democrats and those independents that are looking for a change in party and would lean left in any case. This will bring the 2008 presidential race to the same conclusion as the 2004 race; where one must recall that polls were extremely kind to John Kerry, up to the exit polls that had most conservatives in the doldrums through the noon hour on Election Day, only to find that Bush had succeeded handily. The difference in 2008 is Palin; she will continue to draw on the working mom and most importantly the large Republican base, despite all the criticism from the press. A point she had made still is bandied about by those who the media targets: Palin did not get into this to please the press; she did it for the American People.

Addendum: Will Palin get a "fair shake" from the moderator? Gwenn Ifall, from PBS, (network funded and paid for by the taxpayer), will be releasing her new book on Inauguration Day - the Book, Pro-Obama. From past debates, Ms. Ifall has been obviously partisan towards the more Left leaning party. Gwen, most likely oblivious through arrogance and a sense of media self-import, should be true to style. Why not have Ophra moderate the debate - with intermissions featuring the Obama Children's Youth Choir (See Hitler) (Update: that particular YouTube video has suddenly been set to private, and all traces taken from public view). Fortunately, the average American has more common sense than most of these so-called "journalists" and pundits who are so blinded by the propaganda that they espouse, they can no longer see the forest through the trees. Suggest a double bag of popcorn for this debate.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hero’s in the House – Democrats and Republicans

The Bail Out of Failed Lenders – from Freddie and Fannie to A.I.G. to Wall Street, can be directly linked to politicians - one party is directly to blame for the mess and the other for failure to act (Again, John McCain warned of the problem, Obama was not present and Barney Frank should be investigated and indicted) - Today, certain members of the House, members of both parties, stood up and defied the leaders of their respective political parties in order to look out for the Constitution, Democracy and “we the people”. They deserve to be wholeheartedly thanked. Wall Street may stumble, but it will recover. History has proven that the markets react and recover. The Bill, as it was written and the subsequent rhetoric by certain House Members (Barney and Nancy), were tantamount to yelling “fire” in a crowded room. Perhaps some felt that the adage “There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute” (PT Barnum) was applicable in this instance. Others, listed below felt that was not the case. This was truly a bi-partisan rejection of Big Government gone Socialist. Contact information for each Representative is listed

Ariz. - Giffords, Grijalva, Mitchell, Paster,
Calif - Baca, Becerra, Filner, Zee, Napolitano, Roybal (Allard), Sanchez (Linda), Sanchez (Loretta), Schiff, Sherman, Solis, Stark, Thompson, Watson, Woolsey
Colo. - Salazar, Udall
Conn. - Courtney
Fla. - Caster
Ga. - Barrow, Johnson, Lewis, Scott,
Hawaii - Abercrombie, Hirono
Ill. - Costello, Jackson, Lipinski, Rush
Ind. - Carson, Hill, Visclosky
Iowa - Braley
Kan. - Boyda
Ky. - Chandler, Yarmuth
La. - Cazayoux, Jefferson
Maine - Michaud
Md. - Cummings, Edwards
Mass. - Delahunt, Lynch, Tierney
Mich. - Coyners, Kilpatrick, Stupak
Minn. - Peterson, Walz
Miss. - Childers, Taylor, Thompson
Mo. - Clay, Cleaver
Nev. - Berkley
N.H. - Hodes, Shea-Porter
N.J. - Pascrell, Payne, Rothman
N.M. - Udall
N.Y. - Gillibrand, Hinchey, Serrano
N.C. - Butterfield, McIntyre, Shuler
Ohio - Kaptur, Kucinich, Sutten
Ore. - Blumenauer, DeFazio, Wu
Pa. - Altmire, Carney, Holden
S.D. - Hurseth, Sandlin
Tenn. - Davis, Lincoln
Texas - Cuellar, Doggett, Green (Al), Green (Gene), Jackson (Lee), Lampson, Ortiz, Rodriguez
Utah - Matheson
Vt.- Welch
Va. - Scott
Wash. - Inslee
Wis. - Kagen
Ala - Aderhold
Alaska - Young
Ariz. - Flake, Franks, Renzi, Shadegg
Calif. - Bilbray, Doolittle, Gallegly, Hunter, Issa, McCarthy, Nunes, Rohrabacher, Royce
Colo. - Lamborn, Musgrave
Fla. - Bilirakis, Brown-Waite, Ginny, Buchanan, Diaz-Balart (L), Diaz-Balart (M), Feeney, Keller, Mack, Mica, Miller, Ros-Lehtinen, Stearns, Young
Georgia - Brown, Deal, Gingrey, Kingsten, Linder, Price, Westmoreland
Idaho - Sali
Ill. - Biggert, Johnson, Manzullo, Raskam, Shimkus
Ind. - Burton, Buyer, Pence
Iowa - King, Latham
Kan. - Moran, Tiahrt
Ky. - Davis, Whitfield
La. - Alexander, Bustany, Scalise
Md. - Bartlett
Mich. - Hoekstra, Knollenberg, McCotter, Miller, Rogers, Walberg
Minn. - Bachmann, Ramstad
Mo. - Akin, Graves, Hulshof
Mont. - Mehberg
Neb. - Portenberrym, Smith, Terry
Nev. - Heller
N.J. - Frelinghuysen, Garrett, LoBiondo, Smith
N.M. - Pearce
N.Y. - Kuhl
N.C. - Coble, Foxx, Hayes, Jones, McHenry, Myrick
Ohio - Chabot, Jordan, LaTourette, Latta, Schmidt, Tiberi, Turner
Olka. - Fallin, Lucas, Sullivan
Pa. - Dent, English, Gerlach, Murphy, Pitts, Platts, Shuster
S.C. - Barrett
Tenn. - Blackburn, Davis, Duncan, Wamp
Texas - Barton, Burgess, Carter, Conway, Culberson, Gohmert, Hall, Hensarling, Johnson (S), Marchant, McCaul, Neugbauer, Paul, Poe, Thornberry
Utah - Bishop
Va. - Drake, Forbes, Goode, Goodlatte, Wittman
Wa. - Hastings, McMorris, Rodgers, Reighert
W.Va. - Capito
Wisc. - Petri, Sensenbrenner

John Kerry – Long shot? – Jeff Beatty (R) and The Massachusetts Senate Race.

Although John Kerry (D-MA) is still believed to be on solid ground when it comes to retaining his Senate Seat; one has to understand that the only challenge he has faced to date was a very feisty campaign from Ed O’Reilly during the Democrat Primary. Kerry did win the primary – so that he may go on to face Republican Jeff Beatty in the general election, but, it was hardly a mandate. Kerry won the primary, leading 67 to 33 percent with 50% of the votes recorded One would think that’s a strong indication that the Senator would be able to beat anyone – however, one also has to look at the fact that 33 percent of the state’s Democrats preferred O’Reilly to Kerry – or, in other words “anyone but Kerry”.

Kerry, not a favorite in the Bay state, has done rather well in recent polls, except for one, which asked about replacing him. The Suffolk University Poll in June showed that 51% of the state’s voters would prefer to see Kerry Replaced. The question is: with whom? Additionally, 51% of the state’s voters are made up of Unenrolled or undeclared voters – those who are least likely to vote in a primary.

This sets the stage for the Republican Challenger, Jeff Beatty. The Boston Globe, has already begun stumping for Kerry headlining that “Beatty Camps begin campaign on the negative side”. The interesting point is that Beatty has continued to contrast the difference in style between himself and Senator Kerry, also, drawing attention to some of the Senators more dubious dealings; which brings up the question: If a statement is fact, how then can it be negative?
The answer: Only if the candidate that is being “maligned” with the truth is a Democrat!

Beatty has what is referred to as “relevant experience”, and has been campaigning across the states to capacity crowds, which include Democrats. During the primary, Kerry was able to draw crowds of 50 to 100 in each of his “Kerry in Your Corner” stops – attendees included staff, and no Republicans were present.

Although Kerry is funded to the teeth, Beatty has heart and a grassroots campaign, and cash at hand to run commercials, something that O’Reilly did not have. Kerry’s involvement in AIG and the Freddie and Fannie Mae fiasco are well documented. In fact, Kerry, along with Obama and Dodd were the three highest paid Senators from those institutions (otherwise known as campaign contributions). Kerry and AIG had ties to Boston’s Big Dig, a sore spot for many Bay state Voters. Kerry blocked Big Dig Provisions and then received large campaign contributions from the insurer

Beatty, a highly decorated Veteran and Small Business Owner, is seeing more website traffic on a daily basis, and has received over 40,000 individual donations.

Favorite Beatty quotes: “Kerry has the cash equity, Jeff Beatty has the human equity,” he said. “Remember, Jeff Beatty bumper sticker, $2. Jeff Beatty yard sign, $5. John Kerry concession speech — priceless’

Favorite Kerry Quote: “Do you Know Who I am?

One has to look at the long-shot in this race: Jeff Beatty, who only has that designation due to Kerry’s wealth, and brand recognition. That nagging Suffolk Poll, strangely unlike other polls taken, carries validity. The poll did not mention any particular candidate by name with the exception of Kerry.

Therefore, Should 30% of the Democrats who voted for O’Reilly turn their attention to Beatty (a distinct possibility), and 12% of the states Republicans go to the polls (They are motivated, McCain is extremely popular in Massachusetts), add a conservative 30% of the Independents to the mix and the odds change significantly. Beatty is not the long-shot in this contest, John Kerry holds that position. Give Kerry 70% of the Democrat vote, 0% of the Republican vote and 20% of the Independent Vote. Math is not on his side.

House Republicans – True Grit - On the Bail Out and Drilling for Oil

There are a group of House Republicans who have, in recent months, created a bit of a “thorn” in Nancy Pelosi’s side. The first “revolt” came with the energy crisis; Nancy Pelosi decided that there would be no vote on offshore oil drilling, going to extraordinary lengths to stop the debate – the House Republicans, including John Culberson and John Boehner, stayed to debate, long after Pelosi shut off the lights, turned off the CSPAN cameras and shut down the Congress. They stayed, using every available devise to communicate with constituents, and debated and demanded a return as well as a resolution that would include offshore oil drilling. Their success has not been touted in the press, in fact, there is little mention lately of the fact that Nancy Pelosi lost and the energy bill that included offshore drilling was passed. If it had not been for this “revolt”, the bill would not have seen the light of day. The price of crude had dropped significantly as a result of the addition of off-shore drilling's inclusion in the plan.

They are at it again – this time they are not enamored of the $700 Billion Bail Out and have been virtually left out of negotiations and ignored by Pelosi – (She did not even read the suggestions they had made). That was until she realized she needed them on board - why? – no one party wants to be responsible for this fiasco – and considering the mess can be laid at the feet of the Democrats (see previous posts on financial crisis on this blog). It is also worth noting that although there were warnings about this same fine mess from certain members, specifically John McCain, his bills got nowhere - blocked by Democrats, and little was done to stop the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac crisis. The bill now has the support of Boehner, (as a result of McCain’s trip back to Washington and his ability to bring all parties together – also going unnoticed) however, it does not necessarily have the support of the rank and file Boehner, to his credit, noted that he had told his party members to vote their conscious. Video’s taken yesterday by John Culberson (R-TX); clearly show that there are great misgivings about this bailout – as there should be. Culberson with John Carter outline the Republican House recommendations in the videos below.

To date, this group of rebellious men (quite American in concept), have got their point across, it is hopeful that they will succeed in having some impact on this bill that is being shoved down the throats of the public. It would not be for a lack of trying – they deserve credit for taking their jobs seriously – working for the American people.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Current Economic Crisis – Democrats No Responsibility.

There is a great deal more to the current economic crisis than meets the eye – especially in regards to who is to blame, and how the media in general has conveniently forgotten what it had reported only a few years ago. Short and simple: Democrats put regulations into place that forced banks to lower borrower standards, causing the housing bubble, which has now burst. Behind every single failed entity are the fingerprints of high profile Democrats. The YouTube video shown below highlights approximately half of the reports available on the web, through newspapers websites as well as through The Senate and The House websites. Red Tide has more on Barney Franks (D,MA) role in this fiasco. Like so many residents of the Bay state who understand what bailouts mean (see Big Dig), the last thing people want is yet another tax burdon - this from the bluest state.

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