Monday, February 16, 2015

The Long Cold Winter - Massachusetts

The Long Cold Winter - Massachusetts

It has been one of those winters, winters that are so cold, dark and snowy that one is inclined to do little except plow out and rake the roof, bake in the oven (to further warm the house) eat soups and stews and play online video games, catch up on reading and basically hibernate.

With all of the atrocities taking place in the world – too many to count, it further weighs on a mind already besieged by yet another round of snow , while politics, which generally appeals, is at the point of where to being. It is not writer’s block per se; it is winter block in all its unfathomable glory.

How does one get out of this rut? Perhaps wait it out, there’s little to be done to grab winter by the horns at minus 7 in the morning.

Yes, complaining, and waiting for a thaw of sorts, even an even 32 would be a heat wave comparably.

Therefore, a few links of interest are in order:

Sunshine News ”Six Questions for Rand Paul” worth the read as that is usually a conservative leaning area of the Fl State and they have, apparently embraced Paul.

On the changing faces of politics - From Newark: Bookers BBF’s in Washington, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz” offers a glimpse into what can happen and how the government body elect should communicate. Although reading the comments are rather disheartening What is most interesting is those on the left will give no quarter, while those on the right are inclined to move an inch. (Unless one of those mentioned is a primary opposition opponent.

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