Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New York Times is the New Rolling Stone –Fabricating Stories for Personal or Political Purposes – Ted Cruz, A Time for Truth, #1 in Biographies at Amazon.com

In another case of creative reporting, the New York Times has kept Ted Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth” off their Best Seller list due to the fact that they had evidence the book did not qualify due to “bulk purchases”, except for one problem, there is no particular proof, and that includes the reports from, perhaps the largest book seller period, Amazon.com(Politico). Unfortunately, the Times has allowed itself to become akin to Rolling Stone Magazine, still reeling from the Major Failure in their article on a rape – the story was, basically fabricated in order to make it more salacious (CNN). In other words, the author of the Rolling Stone article fictionalized a rape in order to a) make a name for themselves, or b) drive an agenda or c) both. Either way, if one person within an organization makes national headlines for abject lying, it taints the entire organization.

The New York Times, having been the source for books and best seller lists for eons, apparently felt the need to keep Cruz’s tomb off the chart – perhaps because the book decimates those rich and famous politicians from both sides of the aisle. Or perhaps it’s just personal political angst of this one editor. Regardless of the cause, it says a lot about journalism in this nation as a whole, when there is no check on what might or might not be considered a report rather than an opinion. Perhaps if the story had read, Cruz’s book did not make the list because of a personal distaste for his political leanings, it would have been truthful.

In order to keep the ball rolling, one might want to order a copy at Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles, or wherever one purchases an actual book anymore – this bloggers preference is Amazon.com – due to speedy delivery and time-savings. The book can be found at amazon.com –where it currently is #1 in biographiesamazon.com, “A Time for Truth” by Ted Cruz.

It sounds like such a minor petty offense, but the suppression of books by what is considered (by some) a national trust, should not happen. One wonders if the political or personal tastes changes at the Times, which book would be next?

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