Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Things that Drive Me Crazy
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I was writing (if one could call it that) every day for a while and then, suddenly every bit of news, every personal pitfall seemed to weigh so heavy that it was impossible to continue.

Then, over the weekend, events transpired where I felt the need to put a few things to paper (so to speak).
Things that drive me crazy:
Those that profess to be pro-life and/or pro-choice, but only limit the scope of their belief to abortion drive me crazy. Death; whether it is by abortion, by euthanasia, buy the state – is death. One cannot therefore, be for abortion and against the death penalty or for the death penalty and against abortion.
Those that believe that sexual predators can be rehabilitated drive me crazy. As the states begin to adopt mandatory sentencing laws, those that have been convicted of multiple crimes against children are packing up their bags and moving to more "reasonable" states. Living in Massachusetts, new level 3, out of state, sexual preditor keep showing up in my city every month. I imagine it is the same for Vermont (our neighbor to the north). Children living in these states are now fair game for a whole new crop of imported "curable by state standards" creeps. We had a creep in our backyard over the weekend – he may or may not be registered, or even dangerous for that matter, but it led me to the list predators on family watchdog.us. In the past month there have been several new people move within a 5 miles radius of my house. Those that support rehabilitation and 2 month sentences for child rape can't possibly have children. They also lack reason and compassion. They drive me crazy.
The immigration debate drives me crazy. The borders should have been nailed shut on the 12th of September 2001. Individuals in prisons are the only immigrants that should have been sent back to their country of origin (a first class plane ticket one way is a lot less expensive that paying for incarcerating a felon), and those that were here working illegally but supporting a family, should have been put on a fast track to citizenship. Never mind giving those here illegally drivers licenses, give them citizenship cards. Currently the price to become a citizen is so exorbitant that few can afford the process. $800 may not be much to the typical Kennedy, but is might be a great deal to someone earning minimum wage. Solution: Lower that fee to $45, and additionally, revamp the test for citizenship to a level even one of our high school inmates could pass. This would solve several problems at once. (Specifically, increase the cash flow into social security and make it next to impossible to import "cheap" labor, driving wages upwards.) At the same time we are increasing our citizens by 20 million or more, move our troops to the border until a fence is installed, borders, north and south including the coasts. With all the partisan crap that we put up with from our alleged leaders in Washington (and the individual states), we should be receiving tax relief in the form of "combat pay", for being citizens!! (Yet another incentive)
The election process is really driving me crazy. Bickering and partisanship have sunk to new levels that I thought were previously rock bottom. This proves that if you think that there are no limits to a pit, think again. When it comes to the traditional two party systems, there is a virtual bottomless bit of nonsense and name-calling. This results are obvious. No one is working.
Call me crazy.
Fire them all.
Hire new people!

Hire those stupid or brave or committed enough to run, but lacking the connections and billions of dollars from special interest groups.

One candidate who does not drive me crazy….
Enter Mike Huckabee. I like Mike. I like his Buck for Huck! Do I agree with every position? No, I do not. He's looking more and more like a significant third party candidate by the day (and yet stunnigly chasing Mitt Romney in Iowa). As long as I have been participating in the general electorate (the year that 18 year olds could finally vote – do the math), I have never been inspired by a candidate. It is always the same, each election – which is the better of two evils? Finally, I have found a candidate who inspired me to open my wallet! A lot of pundits feel that Mike can't win due to lack of cash, or name-branding. Hogwash. Back in the 1990's there was a little-known governor from Arkansas that received the same scorn. Mike is also from, of all places, Little Rock Arkansas. It should be noted that there are striking differfence between Mike Huckabee and Bill Clinton. Those would be based upon policy.

One can be comforted by the old adage that history has a way of repeating itself.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is in the Air!

Somewhere. The northeast is blanketed in snow. There is little new in the way of news. Nancy Pelosi continues to disappoint, along with so many of her peers on both sides of the aisle. Politics in Massachusetts remain the status qua and frankly, one becomes bored with all of the sameness. Perhaps with the coming of spring (whenever that arrives), there will be renewed hope that one of these politicians will come forward and actually offer their constituents a bit of unheard of honesty. As the media (general media) continues to pound home a specific agenda message (as if the general public were too stupid not to see through the facade), turning to any news broadcast has become a Chinese torture test. Tuning out, for the moment, would appear to be the best choice to allow ones sanity to remain intact.

Dream ticket: Rudy Giuliani and New Gingrich

Why? Guts, motivation, intelligence and proven track records.

Problems? Of course, bushels of skeletons abound in both closets. That said, is there anyone coming out of the era who is free from guilt of some sort?

Question? Is there anyone else (combination) who has the experience to deal with the mess that has been created in congress and the senate?

Granted this mess was created by the very citizens of this United States.

When one third of the students in the public schools in dc are found to be illiterate, is it any wonder that we are faced with this current do nothing but investigate ones political adversaries majority in a frenzy of revenge motivated sessions? Where are all the better ideas? Why is it that a small group of aging hippies, elite media executives and wealthy socialists have been allowed to make such a sham of the day-to-day business of the United States government? It is safe to assume, that the socialist driven educational system in our country has produced (over the past 30 years) individuals incapable of original thinking and quite able to pull a lever in a voting booth (using the antiquated imagery)?

Is there hope? Certainly, there is always hope. One just has to sift through the drivel until the hope arrives in the form of a one-two punch team of savvy politico's who have the best interest of the country in mind.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Iraq in January -

Made headlines when she left but little has been seen or heard of her findings. One would think Madam Speaker would have come back and given a full report regarding the state of Iraq - considering her vehement anti-war stance. This fact-finding mission would appear to have been the perfect opportunity to state the facts the way she sees them. What readers were given was great news regarding a bird loose in the speaker’s home. Could it be that Pelosi was stunned into silence by the Raven? Or is it that the size of her ride home to Wine Country is a tad more important than her findings in Iraq?

Given the fact that Ms. Pelosi is two heartbeats away from the Presidency of these United States (and a woman), this is the perfect time for her to step up to the plate and make history. Although many may argue that she has already made history by being the first woman to attain such a lofty Post, there is much work to be done for women’s rights, and as Nancy is center stage, she could change a good percentage of the country’s perceptions regarding women in power.

Going back to all the hoopla regarding women’s rights, specifically as outlined in college courses, women are told we have invested heavily in this country, that we have come a long way but, and here’s the but, we are still earning 75 cents on the dollar to our male counterparts and here comes the kicker: it’s all our fault.

Why? Because we are a backbiting bunch, self-invested and willing to do anything to get a leg up. This from a socialist professor of history. Bunk. (For the most part)

A certain percentage of men feel that women react rather than act in any given set of circumstances, that it is our gender that renders us incapable of leadership. (Bunk again)

Nancy now has the position and the power to make known that the above two statements are not accurate and the ability to change perceptions.

Changing perceptions are important for all women, but at this point most importantly for Hillary Clinton

In a recent non-scientific poll of office peers and friends (leaning both left-right-and left of Mars), One vote for Giuliani, due to the heritage factor (voting for another of Italian decent). When asked if women should vote for Hillary based on the fact that she is a woman, the resounding answer was no. (Guilianni Scored High)

Hillary is in dire need of an image change and Nancy can help her - but only if she takes the high road.

Hillary and "power hungry" are often heard in the same sentence along with the following statement: “The country is not ready for a woman president”. What is most disturbing is that the second statement comes from both genders.

If Hillary would step up and say: I did not stay married to Bill to gain power, but rather to torture him for the rest of his life and rub his nose in it! She’d win the hearts and minds of the biggest voting block. (women!) Never mind where she stands on the issues. To aid in her increased credibility Nancy could report on her findings in Iraq, in a bi-partisan, non-gender way - be those findings party line, or God forbid, in line with what the Bush administration has been saying all along.

These two are in a position to make history, or to stop it in its tracks. Hopefully they remember that they have sisters.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2, 2007

What’s new in 2007?

Apparently not a great deal – the world is violent, the United States still maligned (especially from within), and certain reporter(s) (One must assume there is more than one “list”.) from the mainstream press apparently have exclusive knowledge of what makes a trend; what is in and what is out, what is hot and what is. Not. Since when? One would think such lists would be available from luminary publications such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Seventeen”, “Star” and the ever popular supermarket tabloid “The National Enquirer” – not so. One only needs to go to the pages of that great American tabloid, the Washington Post, to find the answer to 2007’s trends. Self-proclaimed “List Czar”, Hank Steuver (extensive bio available at Hank Seuver.com gives American’s, nay, the world, the guideline to personal behavior this coming year.

Hank’s Washington Post approved advice. God is out, promiscuity is in. His extensive list includes: Out: Bringing Sexy Back: In: Bringing Soldier’s Back; Out: Blood Diamonds (when we’re they ever in?), In: Moissanite (not according to WWD), Al Gore made both the in and the out list: Hank conflicted. Bible Study Groups are to be replaced by Iraq Study Groups, and the list goes on ad nausea.

So, is this actually a “what’s hot and what’s not?” list? Hardly. Thinly veiled enthusiastic sarcasm regarding the powers that be in Washington, (or incoming and outgoing more to the point), (Bibles out: must be referring to those “right wing Christian’s who failed to retain a house seat in 2006. Promiscuity, Al Gore, No God in the Public Square or America’s Conscious, must be aimed at “that other party”.

In any event, Mr. BBC, Mr. MSNBC, Mr. Washington Post Lifestyle Writer (Give me a break), while trying to be savvy and funny, comes across a bit Borat (tasteless “documentary” that received rave reviews in this same paper and others - due to its valor in exposing anti-Semitism by using it extensively throughout the film. Sadly, some American’s who still read the papers (what 20% and falling? (note: that is sarcasm, ok, might be accurate), actually fell for the whole “Borat hype”, and I daresay that some idiots who read Mr. Steuver’s list may miss the sarcasm entirely, drop their bible’s and make sure that they have premarital sex. (Does Mr. Steuver’s bio also include a stint at Planned Parenthood?)

All kidding aside, Bill O’Reilly’s “Culture Warrior’s” aside, it is precisely this type of tripe that lowers expectations – especially of the press.

Other noteworthy articles courtesy of Matt Drudge and the very noteworthy: Drudge Report that indicates trends for the coming year:

Dem’s Eager to Put Stamp on Congress myway.com

9 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself Like Saddam news24.com

US Toll in Iraq lower than in Past Wars My Way
(Anyone with any sense of history or the availability of Google, could get this one figured out)

And the list goes on, and on… Very little has changed, the left hates the right, maniacally so (for more evidence of “off your meds” insanity, go to the political or town forum (pick anyone), at Mass Live the Springfield, MA Republican’s answer to…let’s just say: it’s good comedy; real people, or real journalist (more to the point), post what they feel are deep, insightful, groundbreaking notices on these forums. A Sample: “Impeach Bush Now. Bush Lied!” It is no wonder that promiscuity, absence of God and Al Gore are now “in” according to the very same “Crowd”?

Happy New Year!

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