Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2, 2007

What’s new in 2007?

Apparently not a great deal – the world is violent, the United States still maligned (especially from within), and certain reporter(s) (One must assume there is more than one “list”.) from the mainstream press apparently have exclusive knowledge of what makes a trend; what is in and what is out, what is hot and what is. Not. Since when? One would think such lists would be available from luminary publications such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Seventeen”, “Star” and the ever popular supermarket tabloid “The National Enquirer” – not so. One only needs to go to the pages of that great American tabloid, the Washington Post, to find the answer to 2007’s trends. Self-proclaimed “List Czar”, Hank Steuver (extensive bio available at Hank Seuver.com gives American’s, nay, the world, the guideline to personal behavior this coming year.

Hank’s Washington Post approved advice. God is out, promiscuity is in. His extensive list includes: Out: Bringing Sexy Back: In: Bringing Soldier’s Back; Out: Blood Diamonds (when we’re they ever in?), In: Moissanite (not according to WWD), Al Gore made both the in and the out list: Hank conflicted. Bible Study Groups are to be replaced by Iraq Study Groups, and the list goes on ad nausea.

So, is this actually a “what’s hot and what’s not?” list? Hardly. Thinly veiled enthusiastic sarcasm regarding the powers that be in Washington, (or incoming and outgoing more to the point), (Bibles out: must be referring to those “right wing Christian’s who failed to retain a house seat in 2006. Promiscuity, Al Gore, No God in the Public Square or America’s Conscious, must be aimed at “that other party”.

In any event, Mr. BBC, Mr. MSNBC, Mr. Washington Post Lifestyle Writer (Give me a break), while trying to be savvy and funny, comes across a bit Borat (tasteless “documentary” that received rave reviews in this same paper and others - due to its valor in exposing anti-Semitism by using it extensively throughout the film. Sadly, some American’s who still read the papers (what 20% and falling? (note: that is sarcasm, ok, might be accurate), actually fell for the whole “Borat hype”, and I daresay that some idiots who read Mr. Steuver’s list may miss the sarcasm entirely, drop their bible’s and make sure that they have premarital sex. (Does Mr. Steuver’s bio also include a stint at Planned Parenthood?)

All kidding aside, Bill O’Reilly’s “Culture Warrior’s” aside, it is precisely this type of tripe that lowers expectations – especially of the press.

Other noteworthy articles courtesy of Matt Drudge and the very noteworthy: Drudge Report that indicates trends for the coming year:

Dem’s Eager to Put Stamp on Congress myway.com

9 Year Old Boy Hangs Himself Like Saddam news24.com

US Toll in Iraq lower than in Past Wars My Way
(Anyone with any sense of history or the availability of Google, could get this one figured out)

And the list goes on, and on… Very little has changed, the left hates the right, maniacally so (for more evidence of “off your meds” insanity, go to the political or town forum (pick anyone), at Mass Live the Springfield, MA Republican’s answer to…let’s just say: it’s good comedy; real people, or real journalist (more to the point), post what they feel are deep, insightful, groundbreaking notices on these forums. A Sample: “Impeach Bush Now. Bush Lied!” It is no wonder that promiscuity, absence of God and Al Gore are now “in” according to the very same “Crowd”?

Happy New Year!

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