Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Musings

Artillery kills cat in New Jersey Home, from the Star Ledger.
A piece of artillery crashed through a Jefferson Township home on Friday, landing on a child’s bed and taking out the family cat. Of course, this miss-firing could have resulted in a fire, or caused severe injury to someone living in the house, but the headline’s focus on the fate of the family cat is somewhat interesting. One may want to look into protective gear for dogs and cats as a sound investment.

April Blizzard in New England

In other noteworthy news, two Massachusetts men tried to hi-jack an above ground swimming pool in nearby Granby, CT. from the Stamford Advocate Apparently, the plan was a to disassembled the pool, transport it and assembled it over the state line. Point of order: it is April in the northeast and temperatures cannot be expected to rise to pool warmth until July. This crime is a direct result of global warming theory taught in schools nationwide as fact.

Other school news:

From ABC2Baltimore A Baltimore high school teacher was brutally attacked in the classroom. The attack was videotaped and then placed on My Space by her enterprising students. Who is to blame? Apparently the teacher – she used a “trigger” word. What is a “trigger word”? When you are about to be attacked and use language to try to dissuade your attacker, i.e. threat of any kind to insure your safety, and that attacker ignores you and beats you to a pulp – if you are a teacher, it is your fault.


This story follows on the heels of other student videotaped beatings across the country. One might ponder what could be done to solve the problem? Should teachers be sanctioned not to use “trigger” words? Should film classes be instituted in all schools so that these would be “Fellini’s” might actually make a living someday outside of the usual fast food establishment? Or should someone, anyone, slap the following people “upside the head”: School administration, parents of these children and the children themselves.

Proposed Student Dress Code (photo from UK Daily Mail)

Never mind filing charges – that seems to be the glory these well educated public school students seek. Here’s a thought, publicly humiliate them: Make them wear signs front and back while attending classes for the balance of the school year (A giant handwritten apology would be appropriate.) Have them sit and write 100 times: “I won’t beat up my teacher, classmate, or school janitor and post a video to “name a site”. Make sure they are placed in actual detention and include community service, (while wearing the sign) – Make their parents do the same - and videotape, upload and distribute through you-tube. One might find this new fad disappear quickly. Additional benefit, this would keep the ACLU busy filing ridiculous lawsuits per normal.

Could it be the elite attitude that pervades our public schools (teachers are the elite, students are the masses) could be tied to the elite attitude of the press when it comes to educating the pubic? From Reuters
Obama under Fire for Remarks made at San Francisco Fundraiser

Once again, some budding "Fellini" at an Obama fundraiser wanted to preserve the words of the same, believing these utterings to be words of wisdom: In speaking about regular people in Pennsylvania, Mr. Obama noted the following:

"You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them," Obama, an Illinois senator, said.
"And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations," he said.
What he fails to comprehend along with his San Francisco friends, is that the people he is describing as bitter, clinging to guns and religion, are real Americans!! According to Obama, one that clings to religion is bitter, and one that takes advantage of and supports the second amendment is also bitter. If someone is interested in protecting our national border, they are anti-immigrant and if one does not want to see an influx of foreign goods, and a decrease in American production, they are anti-trade! The man’s an elitist idiot and he has plenty of company – the press.

Antique copy of the Elite Press - repeat - Antique"

Out of the following list of publications with an online presence, only one chose to run this particular story, and it was more an explanation of Obama’s remarks (insults) rather than the righteous indignation it should have been. These are all, every one, a Pennsylvania news source, and it is fortunate for the residents of the state that there are other news outlets, otherwise they might not know how Obama considers them unfortunate for being so religious and racists (anti-immigrant) and ignorant (anti-trade)
The one paper that mentions the story Allentown.
The list of papers that do not mention the incident.
• Philadelphia:Inquirerand Philadelphia City Guide
• Philadelphia:Newsand Philadelphia City Guide
• Pittsburgh:Post-Gazetteand Pittsburgh City Guide
• Pittsburgh:Tribune-Reviewand Pittsburgh City Guide
• Allentown:Calland Allentown City Guide
• Beaver:Beaver County Times
• Bloomsburg:Press Enterprise
• Bradford:Era
• Butler:Eagle
• Carlisle:Sentinel
• Chambersburg:Public Opinion
• Connellsville:Courier
• Danville:News
• Doylestown:Intelligencer Record
• DuBois:Courier-Express
• Easton:Express-Times
• Erie:Times & Newsand Erie City Guide
• Gettysburg:Times
• Hanover:Sun
• Harrisburg:Patriot-Newsand Harrisburg City Guide
• Hazleton:Standard-Speaker
• Honesdale:Wayne Independent
• Indiana:Gazette
• Irwin:Standard Observer
• Kittanning:Leader Times
• Lancaster:Newspapersand Lancaster City Guide
• Lebanon:News
• Lehighton:Times News
• Levittown:Bucks County Courier Times
• Lewistown:Sentinel
• Lock Haven:Express
• McKeesport:News
• Monessen:Valley Independent
• New Castle:News
• Norristown:Times Herald
• Oil City:Derrick
• Phoenixville:Phoenix
• Pottstown:Mercury
• Pottsville:Republican & Herald
• Primos:Delaware County Times
• Reading:Eagle & Timesand Reading City Guide
• Sayre:Times
• Scranton:Times & Tribuneand Scranton City Guide
• Shamokin:News-Item
• Sharon:Herald
• Somerset:Amercian
• State College:Centre Timesand State College City Guide
• Stroudsburg:Pocono Record
• Sunbury:Item
• Tarentum:Valley News Dispatch
• Titusville:Herald
• Towanda:Review
• Uniontown:Herald-Standard
• Warren:Times Observer
• Warrendale:North Hills News Record
• Washington:Observer-Reporter
• Waynesboro:Record Herald
• West Chester:Local News
• Wilkes-Barre:Citizens' Voice
• Wilkes-Barre:Times Leader
• Williamsport:Sun-Gazetteand Williamsport City Guide
• York:Dispatchand York City Guide
• York:Recordand York City Guide

It begs the question, how smart are the “elite” of this country? Is it any wonder our children (or those educated by the elite for the past 35 plus years) are stealing pools in the middle of April, beating their teachers and classmates, and proudly posting the results to social websites, turning out in droves for inexperienced, yet decidedly charismatic, Al Jezeera adored, candidates, and incidentally firing rockets at family pets (assuming the military is recruiting from the general population).

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Case for Re-thinking the Candidacy of Hillary Clinton

Photo credit: AlJezeera (Arabic version) Title: The Iron Lady

Although a tedious and somewhat perplexing task, (translation software cannot, of course, offer a literal word by word translation) a trip to the Arabic
AlJezzera News site
allows a glimpse into the views of another culture in regards to the U.S. Presidential candidates. One thing is certain; the Al Jezeera Islamic viewpoint is one that decisively favors one candidate over another.

On Hillary Clinton (keep in mind translation software in use): “hylaary] Clinton. Iron lady the palace” "Important questions hesitates a lot in stubborn mass mediums American and the internationalism her coverage for news of campaign the senator [hylaary] Clinton is sovereign the White House previous and Senate bit current [waalsaae'yt] for the democratic winning in candidacy her party in elections the American presidency (November/November 2008) in confrontation of group from males of the party [aal'ashdaa'] advances them the senator is faithful your ['awbaamaa] having [aalkaaryzmaa] and the natural power on the interview [aalmstrsl] who [yxlb] the minds, and the previous senator John Edwards who describes him the some “in democratic children of the party golden” Lama be distinguished in him from beauty in the features makes him similar in boys the American cinema [baal'i][aaft] to his southern intelligence his atheism and accent and his concentration on cases [aaldaaxl] American.”

Apparently the Arabic News Services understands that, Hillary, the Iron Lady, Clinton (depicted as one to be feared), has been confronted by the males in her party who are advancing her opponent, the faithful Obama, who has the natural power of the interview, and the “beauty of a movie star” and overall intelligence.

Ladies, stand up and take notice. One might note that this is the same news service that is a direct conduit for the ranting and ravings of one “Osama Ben Laden” and company, their view of the west is one of distaste – they hope for an eventual conquest and conversion of the corrupt United States and in that conversion, women would be treated abominably. Obviously, a hope is only a hope, but that said, a candidate who is feared by those who would see our country destroyed, is a candidate who may be more desirable than one who is lauded by our enemies or, in McCain’s case, largely ignored.

Although, on a personal level, I disagree with Hillary Clinton’s stand on multiple social issues, I am also well-aware that a “mother of our country” might be the ticket as far as security and national safety are concerned. I have no doubt that in a scenario where our country was threatened and Clinton were in a position to take charge, she would be decisive, she would indeed bring fear to those who would do us harm.

In discussions over why I would choose Clinton over my own party candidate or Obama, male associates accuse me first of choosing her because “she is a woman” – they could not be more in error. It is because I feel she would be the one that would keep us safe. It is because I am one of those voters who is acutely conscious of the conscious threat of terrorism.

Should Mrs. Clinton moderate her position on the current tax code, abortion, marriage and immigration to a more conservative stance, she would be the ultimate candidate. To be fair, all candidates lack true conservative credentials. Obama is the most progressive, McCain has voted consistently across the aisle (which may or may not be a good thing), considered switching party alliance not very long ago, and supports embryonic steam cell research. One thing is certain, women, as Democrats, share the same concerns for the safety of our nation as those that are conservative. It is with a great deal of hope that Mrs. Clinton is given a chance to continue and complete her quest for the Democratic nomination and give Americans, as a whole, a choice between two candidates who have the nations security in mind.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jimmy Cater plans unsanctioned meeting with Hamas Leader

(When you thought a former president could sink no lower)

photo from NYT Paul Conners(AP)

Once again, former President Jimmy Carter is meddling in U.S. Foreign policy. Should there be an enemy of the United States or our ally, Israel, one can bet the house that Carter will travel to that country or dictator or terrorist group, speak magnanimously of the same, denounce the US and Israel and of course, pose for as many photographs as Reuters and the Associated Press can handle.

Historically, the man has been on the wrong side of foreign policy from the moment he backed the return of the Ayatollah Khomeini to Iran, and everyone knows how well that turned out.

Al Jezeera is, of course, thrilled with the visit. A video report on the impending visit is shown on the homepage, with links to Al Jazeera’s YouTube page (an interesting spot in itself)

Fox News is reporting that the State Department has confirmed Mr. Carter’s visit to Syria is unsanctioned.

(Fox Report here)

While World Net Daily is confirming the plans of that doddering old fool (opinion).
Hamas Confirms Plans to meet with Jimmy Carter

To sum it up, I find I am increasingly annoyed, but not surprised that this egotistical, progressive saint is able to continue to drum up press for his progressive ideals which include a hefty does of anti-American and Anti-Semitic policy.

The Arabic Al Jezeera website has a Carter replacement at the ready. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama (Carter's twin) is featured prominently on the Arabic Language website. (Including a full profile from birth to present). In an article today regarding General Patreaus’s report on the Iraqi Surge, Al Jezeera describes Barack (Jimmy Carter) Obama’s posturing before the general: The translation notes: (aalmtrsh) democratic for the elections presidential American faithful your “awbaamaa” the sitting called in first for the listening to “diplomatic momentum” in dealing with the crisis Iraq dialogist of Iran includes…..”

It is only fair to note that this translation service will miss a word here and there, and some of the context might be lost, that said, all press, is giving Mr. Obama a pass and from an historical perspective, the same pass was given to one former preacher, peanut farmer from Georgia who went on to become our 39th president with disastrous results.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Republican President in 2008 - Against All Odds

Obama Teeshirt

If political fortunes can be foretold by the “sportsbook”, and one is inclined to play the safe odds, putting money on the “horse” with the best chances of gaining the White House, then Barack Obama, who has the lowest payout should he win the presidency is the one safe bet. Odds are driven by a variety of factors and popularity of a given “horse” is one of the main factors.

For More: Odds from the UK released today curtesy of Yahoo News

The latest line in the USA: click tab for exotics, presidential elections, courtesy of

Conservatives and Moderates alike can now look forward to 2012. They may ask: who’s to blame? The answer: Those right wing spiritual leaders who sat back and failed to endorse or weigh in until the 11th hour, one might think on purpose. This condemnation is based on a conversation between James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and Sean Hannity, Fox right-wing reporter, during a program segment last year. Hannity was close to tears as Dobson insisted that the right would be better served if a Democrat were elected to the Presidency.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Child Hero, Crazed Converts and Greetings from the Bluest State

From CNN, 11 Year Old boy takes wheel of a run-away bus. (Read Full Story) A salute to the heroic Cleveland boy who stopped a run-away bus with 27 classmates aboard. With all the hoopla over youngsters brawling and spiraling out of control, this is a refreshing change of pace.

Photoshop but to the point, Example of Sharia Law - h/t Red Squirrels NutCracking Nationalsim

From Fox, New York City Cabbie runs Islamic Website that mocks US GI Deaths and calls for Sharia Law here in the States This convert to the religion of Peace even has a website, links provided by Fox. What is needed in New York is an 11 year old boy from Cleveland.

Revelations from the Bluest State courtesy of the Boston Globe. Apparently, homicides due to domestic violence doubled in the Baystate in the past year. As a result, judges are rethinking the usual Massachusetts template of justice, otherwise known as criminals need treatment, not detention, and only placing half of those arrested into treatment programs. That should make 50% of those living with abusive spouses in the state feel 50% more secure. This mentality of cure the criminal is applied across the board, across the state, regardless of the nature of the crime. New state slogan, Massachusetts – 50% safer than last year!

Monday, April 07, 2008

McCain’s V.P. picks – Monday Morning Speculations

An ABC Political News Blog theorizes that Condi Rice may by lobbying (funny choice of words when talking about McCain’s VP choices), for the VP slot, although she has patently denied an interest in pursuing politics in every interview given in the past 4 years.

Fox News is reporting that conservative groups are lobbying against a possible Romney pick as V.P., which, why would they bother?

If McCain is smart his choice would come from the south – possibly Florida.

Does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Not really.

Our choices are limited, at best.

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