Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things that go bump in the night (or broad daylight)

Former president Jimmy Carter (should have stuck to peanuts) recently gave an interview to Der Speigel, the German version of Time Magazine. In the interview/article, this aged sage of the Socialist Party (let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?) offered that the Israeli’s were not justified in attacking Hezbollah and that the United States was equally guilty of offering aid and support to same. The usual, its George Bush’s fault, and the DNC would do a better job at keeping the European’s happy, without any specific plans, came into play.

Is it any wonder that the world cannot view our great country with respect when we allow the committable to run amok?

In recalling the Carter Presidency, it is relief that comes to mind, relief that his tenure was economically and politically devastating. Recall new loan home interest rates at 19 to 21%, and don’t even mention the great respect shown by the Iranian’s and Europe during that time. It was with a resounding voice that the American public elected Ronald Reagan, with much gnashing of teeth from the socialist left.

(I.e. media, Kennedy, Kerry, etc.)

Does a county that values freedom so intently, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation really want to get in bed with, talk to, or chat it up with those zero-tolerant, Sunni and Shiite hardliners? Granted Saudi Arabia is our “friend” in the Middle East, but their stance on Gay Marriage is far from accepting which should give pause to those hard-line left gay marriage proponents in Massachusetts. Apparently the Saudi’s (and I would take it the Iranian’s, Syrian’s and especially Hezbollah), feel that a man dressed as a woman, and attempting to marry, are eligible for no special protection, rather, they are eligible for arrest!

Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends?

Because, contrary to a common drumbeat of irrational thought that states we are hated because we are in Iraq, Afghanistan, or that we are just a horrible Imperialist country (now who says that? Socialists and Communists, that’s who!), we are truly hated because we allow our women to run amok uncovered, in fact, we even allow them to drive, we allow homosexuals to roam the streets, and we offer freedoms that compels those followers of Islam to blow us to smithereens.

Unfortunately, the left (not Democrats in general), are either blinded by party rhetoric, senile (Carter) or plain stupid.

The public gets it. Which is why each election cycle, the DNC either looses seats, or loses seats, (perhaps this time they’ll hold onto seats), and the RNC becomes stronger.
Although polls (and polls are just that) indicate the DNC will take charge this November (as they have in the past 8 or more election cycles), it will be more of the same and the marginalization of the DNC will continue.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The level of debate;

42865. Did they get O'Reilly & Hannity?
by BerthaKraus, 8/14/06 14:38 ET
Two Fox News journalists kidnapped in Gaza: witness
1 hour, 24 minutes ago
Palestinian gunmen kidnapped two foreign journalists working for the Fox News television channel in Gaza on Monday, a witness said.
The witness, a Palestinian who worked with the two journalists, said one of them, a producer, was an American, and the other, whose nationality he did not know, was a cameraman.
The Fox News bureau in Jerusalem said it was checking the report.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the abduction.
The witness said two vehicles blocked the journalist's transmission truck in the center of Gaza City and a masked man put a gun to the bodyguard's head, forcing him to the ground.
The kidnappers then sped away with the two journalists.
Similar incidents in the past in Gaza have ended with the release, usually within hours, of kidnapped foreign journalists or aid workers.
Many of the abductions were carried out by Palestinians pressing a grievance against the Palestinian government or its security forces.

. More lies
by Flooty, 8/14/06 16:39 ET
Re: Did they get O'Reilly & Hannity? by BerthaKraus, 8/14/06
there's no such thing as a "journalist" at Fox

42865.1.1. Yeah, those FOX
by Shirl, 8/14/06 18:24 ET
Re: Did they get O'Reilly & Hannity? by BerthaKraus, 8/14/06
Guys can't hold a candle to the likes of Dan Rather and Mike Wallace. I wonder who at CBS will be "invited" to interview that little tyrant in North Korea.

Hi Shirl, the type of response to two

Journalist being kidnapped in the Middle East, is typical from these types of posters. Regardless of network affiliation, these acts should be viewed as both an occupational hazard as well as a marketing ploy by the kidnappers. The fact that Fox is demonized by those who prefer only one side of the story is nothing new. They deny the credentials, validity of reporting, etc of any reporter affiliated with Murdoch's organization, and completely ignore reports from sources they value (Reuters, AP) when it suits them. What is new and disturbing is the rhetoric against the journalist (contractor, member of the US military, anyone who disagrees with the socialist point of view). These types of comments coming out of east and west coast blogs and newspaper forums (low brow, low class, unkind and unnecessary) are effectively used by grassroots campaign staffs in other parts of the country. Copied and pasted into mass emails, with links further proves that those who affiliate themselves with the dnc (but are truly not democrats), cannot be trusted with America's future. Depending on what side of the fence you sit upon, this might be good news or news not to be believed as it does not fit into a neat little box.

Hard news, by the way, was invented by Dan Rather, who is one of O'Reilly's hero's. Mike Wallace also was responsible for hard news stories (any reporter going into a war zone deserves respect) now; both men are old and not necessarily wiser. (Only because they either cannot or chose not to hide the fact that they are liberal socialist)

The number of journalists killed, imprisoned, kidnapped each year is astounding. Most of those are not reported simply because it does not suit anyone's particular agenda. They are the Iraqi, Iranian, Russian, Korean, French, Italian, Columbian and Mexican journalists.

My prayers are with the two Fox employees (one journalist, one cameraman), as well as all of those who have risked life and limb in an attempt to bring a particular truth to the world.

Marketing ploy: kidnapped journalists are normally ransomed by the corporation or country of origin, the terrorists (as in Palestinian, Hezbollah, AlQueda, etc.) expect press coverage as well as funds. American's and the French appear to be most at risk, due to the ability to pay and report.

Just a note Shirl, any conservative worth their salt will celebrate the fact that these forums exist. Attempting to have an intelligent debate with those so blinded by hate and ideology, is, for the most part useless. Forum posters (as well as blog posters, check out the daily kos, it's about part), appear cult like with their repeated posts, undying devotion to a cause, and refusal to face a truth when it slaps them in the face.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the return of the twelfth Iman

Ahmadinejad is, without doubt, one of the most frightening characters of modern times. The current president of Iran has a strong belief in the return of the twelfth iman , or Islam’s version of the Apocalypse. In fact, he believes that he just may be that Iman.

As rumors of Iranian Mullahs preparing their flocks for the coming end days stream out of the Iranian blogs, (Big point: they are informing their flocks that giant underground nuclear bunkers have or are being constructed in Tehran).

Fact, Hezbollah is fully funded by Iran with Syria acting as Iran’s lapdog. They are refusing to come to terms with the UN Resolution calling for cease fire, placing the Israelis’ in an untenable situation. Hezbollah is taking direct orders from Ahmadinejad in order to fulfill the prophecy of the return of the twelfth Iman.

What is most interesting is that this modern madman has gone so far as to appeal to the people he despises most. Check out the President of Iran’s blog where he appears to want peace, or at the very least to place blame for his actions elsewhere.

The date, August 22nd, has some sort of religious connection to the return of the twelfth iman. One thing is certain. Should Iran be lead to train nuclear weapons upon Israel, Israel will, without doubt, level the Middle East, even to its own death.

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