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End Week Polling Shows Huckabee with Edge in General Republican Primary with Huge Lead over Obama in Key State of Texas

Mike Huckabee Leader of the Pack - image Politico

, Public Policy Polling, a decidedly left of center polling institute, has, since early January factored that Mike Huckabee, former Govenor of Arkansas, would be the best choice for the GOP Nomination. There analysis was based, not on his polling numbers at the time (which were lower, in some cases than other GOP “contenders”), but rather on how well he would fare against each of those considered competition. This particular Pollster is one to watch, as they have an unusual ability to forecast correctly, and have a fairly solid record. One need only look at the races and analysis for the 2010 election on their website Here">, to get a sense of their overall methodology and accuracy.

The Huckabee Factor:
In a poll released on January 21, 2011 Huckabee, in a sample of 512 likely Republican Primary Participants, bested the front runners in double digits. (Republican candidates for President in 2012 used for this survey were Mitch Daniels, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and John Thune.) Huckabee leads Romney by a full 10 points, Palin by the same amount, with the balance most in single digits. Only 16% were, at this point, undecided this early in the game. Polling for second choice, (should a preferred candidate fail to run), Huckabee fairs equally well.

In reviewing the marginals, the poll was heavily weighted with those Republican’s who considered themselves conservative at 73%, with 25% moderates, and 3% who consider themselves liberal. Keep in mind these are individuals who historically vote in Republican primaries. This, however, does not indicate the poll was intentionally skewed to a more “conservative” share of voice, given the recent Gallup Polling that indicates Conservaitves ideology among the U.S. Populace, continues to increase, and leads both Moderates and Liberals. In addition, Gallup surveyed Republican’s in particular, and those results, 72 Connectives, 24 Moderate and 3 Liberal, are in concert with the Public Policy Polling methodology In other words, Public Policy Polling was “conservative” (meaning cautious) in their polling schematics.

The firm released as new poll as of the 22nd of January, focused on the State of Texas. Setting the stage – why Texas? Texas, which just increased its clout in the upcoming 2012 presidential race, due to increased population, will experience a gain in Electoral College votes. Texas, in this instance, has gained 4 seats (see 2012 Electoral College map on www.270towin up to 38, making Texas one of the richest in Electoral College votes, only bested by

In the poll released January 22 and taken on the 20th, Huckabee leads President Obama in the Texas by 16 Points – the balance of potential candidates:

Mitt Romney has a respectable 49-42
advantage, and Newt Gingrich a 48-43 lead. But homegrown Perry only matches the
president at 45%, and Palin posts an insignificant 47-46 edge.,

In these polls, marginals reflect the makeup of the electorate in Texas perfectly. One can “follow” Public Policy Polling on either Facebook, Twitter or through a feed reader available on their blog Given the fact that none of the above mentioned potential candidates has actually “announced” an intention to run (with perhaps the exception of Mitt Romney, and that other potentials such as Mike Pence of Indiana are not included in the polling (Pence is still undecided as to which race to run in: Indiana Govenor or National Race). However, those political junkies will not have long to wait. Huckabee indicated in a recent interview that he will make a decision in June of 2011, which, incidentally, is the same time frame he choose for the 2007 run. Sources in Arkansas, however, do indicate the former 2-1/2 term Govenor from Hope Arkansas, will enter the fray.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Conservatives in GOP Push Indiana’s Pence To Run for 2012 Party Presidential Nomination

GOP's Pence for President? Answer due by end January - photo Think

According to Politico GOP Conservatives are pushing Indiana Congressional Representative, Mike Pence, to run in 2012. Named in the article are Dick Armey, Chairman of Freedom Works’ Tea Party and the Chris Chocola , President and CEO of the Club for Growth. This puts Pence in the position of choosing between a run for the Indiana Governor’s seat or a run for the GOP Presidential Nomination.

In terms of “conservative red meat”, Pence fits the bill, as he is a fiscal and social conservative, who Armey believes could best the current pack of those speculated as possible contenders including Palin, Romney and Huckabee. Armey, bluntly called the pack, “old names” who he believes “don’t have much of a chance”. (Politico)

What is interesting in the choice of Pence is that the two organizations who back him differ slightly: although both grounded in fiscal conservatism, Club for Growth is more Washington Establishment, while Freedom Works is decidedly Tea Party.
Moreover, although the argument can be made that a Governor of a State or Commonwealth would make an excellent Presidential candidate due to having had executive experience, Congress is a stepping stone to the Presidency. The last, before Barack Obama, was President John F. Kennedy who went from the Senate to the White House in the election of 1960. (Barak Obama went from the Illinois State Senate to the Illinois Federal Senate Representative, to the White House in short order).

Pence is apparently gong to decide on which office he prefers to run for by the end of this month. Pence is, like a John Thune (R-CO), a virtual unknown to the Public, as the actual 2012 field begins to take shape in mid-2011, there may be other “unknowns” suddenly on the national radar – not unlike Arkansas Mike Huckabee, who was in that same position in 2007. He is now, along with Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney are currently the top three “polling” choices for those firms that deign to speculate – come February they may add Pence to the list, (along with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and possibly Rudy Giuliani, and yes, Donald Trump).

If the election of Obama was any sign of the attention span and voting habits of the American Public, the likely nominee will most likely be the individual who is the most media savvy and photogenic. Should a “straw man” be pushed into a run, in order to say, act as a block for another candidate, then the GOP will find themselves with another John McCain on their hands.

To learn more about Mike Pence and his stand on the issues visit: Mike

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Richard Neal (D-MA2) – Up for Reelection in 2012 - From No News During 2010 Mid-Terms to Media Spotlight – Neal Kicks it Up A Notch. What Gives?

Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA2), photograph: Politico via AP

During the 2010 Election, Google Alerts and/or news of the Congressional Representative from the Massachusetts Second District appeared to be almost non-existent, one could Bing, Ask, or even"Scrub the Web, and come up short of mention, news or comment. It was as if Neal was caught in an almost virtual “news blackout” – rather unusual for a Congressman who was vying for the top slot on the House Ways and Means Committee. This was up until the results of the 2010 Election dropped all high-profile Democrats in Congress off a rather lofty perch. Neal’s method of campaigning also changed in 2010, from a once every two year postcard to constituents warning about the evils of Republicans, to actual campaign stops surrounded by local elected officials at nursing homes and Smith College. Neal was more visible in the Western Massachusetts district than he had been in decades, but still it was limited and somewhat sparse coverage.

Now, Richard Neal appears to be everywhere in the local and national news, (clearly bypassing Google alerts for one Mitt Romney) – although one might look at the fact that Massachusetts is set to lose a Congressional Seat with the release of the 21010 census, it is doubtful, from a logistics standpoint, that either Neal or John Olver (MA1) would be in danger of losing a seat although that has been cause for some speculation from the East of the Bay State media. It would, in all likelihood, in this Democrat controlled state, with most district Representatives being quite visible in Congressional circles, with a few exceptions, it is one those few exceptions that will, in all likelihood be merged into another district, the most likely being the 10th merging with the 4th (or one might argue, the most sensible.)

One has to wonder, therefore, what gives with Neal – the 2010 elation was a lot closer than he would have been comfortable with, and he may be gearing up for 2012, where, in all likelihood, he will face opposition from a center right Republican. It may be that Neal has realized that being out of the spotlight gave the opposition ammunition, and as that 75% win margin predicted by the New York Times in 2010 failed to materialize, it is time to get out and talk to the “folks”, or at least the media, while sending out constituent post cards, far more frequently than in an election year.

A recent media roundup for Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA2) follows:
”Western Massachusetts organizations get $2.6 million for homeless, mentally ill” an article from January 19th, crediting Neal with ‘Bringing Home the Bacon” (Springfield Republican)
”Life sciences push focus of conference” an article from January 17th, announcing Neal as a speaker at a symposium at Smith College to further development of a Life Sciences Industry in the Western Part of the State. (Springfield Republican
January 15th, Neal Attends a MLK Scholarship Breakfast(CBS Local News)
January 11th, in the wake of the Tucson Tragedy:

Congressman Richard Neal and Senator Scott Brown were both in Springfield Monday and spoke publicly about the tragic shooting. "I'm not going to change my schedule or the manner in which I meet people, I can tell you that," said Neal (D-Springfield). (NBC Local News)"

There are 4,295 news articles which include or mention Neal on the Repeal of Health Care Legislation, the most recent: from NPR: January 19th, “House Moves Towards Health Law Repeal Vote, includes remarks made on the floor by: Richard Neal
The Boston Globe, January 17th ”Some in Congress look at incentives in disability benefit” The article, on the “abuse” of Social Security Benefits and the rise in Children who are diagnosed as having behavioral issues, being added to the SSI roles, showcases Neal in his quest to end the abuse:

Neal, a Springfield Democrat, said he has been talking about children’s SSI with lawmakers in both parties, including Dave Camp, a Republican from Michigan who now chairs the House Ways and Means Committee. Neal said he also met with Michael Astrue, commissioner of the Social Security Administration, and said Astrue expressed concern about the issues raised in the Globe series.

January 19th, the Hill Blog”Democrat Slots on Ways and Means Announced” Neal is set to serve as a ranking member of that committee.

The list goes on and on, when previously weeks might go by without a mention!

Therefore, either Congressman Neal is now determined to be in the spotlight ahead of the 2012 general election, but one might want to ask, given the statewide and national scope of most of the articles, and specifically the number of articles coming out of Boston, for which office?

It may not, in retrospect, have anything to do with either redistricting or Neal seeking reelection or a higher office; it may have to do with Neal doing his job in a highly unusually visible manner. It is always of interest with a leopard, so to speak, appears to change its spots, so speculation naturally, occurs. The only offices higher in the grander scheme of things are one Senate Seat (Brown (R-MA) and Kerry (D-MA), the later with lower numbers in approval that one Scott Brown from Wrentham, but then again, closely aligned with Neal. The other office, of course, is the Presidency – is that unthinkable – hardly – recall Calvin Coolidge, the allegedly last Republican from Northampton.

Therefore, in the interest of the MA Hampden Second District having a Congressional Leader in the spotlight for, again, the first time in decades, a quote of the week is in order – and it is a doozy.

On the Health Care Repeal Vote: (The Boston Globe)

“This legislation is modeled after a modest, market-driven proposal offered by that left-winger, Mitt Romney,” said Representative Richard E. Neal, a Springfield Democrat. “But what do we hear? The usual scare tactics.”

This particular quote was chosen due to Neal a) reminding a nation of Republican’s that alleged 2012 GOP Presidential Front-Runner (depends on the polls), Mitt Romney, was responsible for Universal Health Care, and b) giving some “blue meat’ to his own party – Progressive Democrats. Two birds, one stone, one quote.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Newt Gingrich and Michael Moore - Grasping at Media Relevancy

Michael Moore,image videosearch and Newt Gingrich image Letsgetrealblog

Granted, one might wonder why one would choose Newt Gingrich and Michael Moore to highlight a growing problem in the public arena – two men with entirely different political ideologies – it is not the differences, per se, rather the similarities certain personalities display in order to remain on that national stage that forces the comparison.

In a spate of recent articles, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, on the one hand takes the opportunity to criticize Sarah Palin for her “controversial” use of language, and lectures Governor Palin on thinking prior to speaking ( Gingrich was referring to the video responses Sarah Palin made to those, including prominent Democrats and the media in general, over her use of the phrase “blood libel”, which has been parsed ad naseum. Palin, Gingrich concludes is controversial but continues to be a “phenomenon”. Palin, for all her perceived faults, chief amongst them is the beltway’s insistence that her lack of ivy league rhetoric, and her plain speaking, straight forward, “what you see is what you get” approach, is, when compared to Gingrich, far more relevant in the current political arena. The remarks make sense in the grander scheme of what plays in Washington, pretty much stays in Washington, not unlike the former Speaker and his constant aspirations to the Oval Office, which have yet to materialize. Stepping outside the Beltway, and away from the rank and file of the (this is becoming a tiresome moniker) “mainstream media”, one finds that Palin’s remarks were viewed in a different light by the general populace, or those who would put Newt in the White House. (Despite the poll commissioned by the Washington Post and ABC News that compares Obama’s, the News Media and Sara Palin’s response to the Tucson Shooting – which in and of itself, put’s Palin on a par with both, regardless of the results, leaving Gingrich left with nothing but comments.)

In the poll, one finds the general public grading the response as follows: President Obama: 78%, the News Media: 53% and Sarah Palin 30% approval. The poll and marginal’s are available here: at Gingrich goes a step further, in praising Obama’s speech in Tucson (which one can agree was an astounding speech, (including Sarah Palin: note to Newt) regardless of detractors who felt the atmosphere, audience etc., were not in keeping with a memorial service), Gingrich, again refers to the poll, noting he was amongst the majority of Republicans’ who felt the President did well with his speech. What this brought to Gingrich were several articles and blog posts which highlighted Gingrich casting aspersions on Palin in his lecture and his magnanimous gesture of giving praise to the President. In other words, Gingrich was on playing to the choir in both instances and received the reward of “national press”.

Over in cableland, Michael Moore (remember him?), appearing on MSNBC’s, Rachael Maddow, decided it was high time he weigh in on gun ownership (Goes to Martin Luther King Day.) – According to Mr. Moore, anyone who owns a gun is a racist. He draws this conclusion by noting that when someone is a crime victim, it is not “freckle faced Jimmy” committing the crime. Now, such a broad and ridiculous statement from Moore is nothing new, however, it is the fact that he uses such a truly unbelievable statement in order to gain “attention” while everyone else is “in the limelight” so to speak, even Newt Gingrich, that he had to say something, anything. A reasonable person, even one who is not familiar with a gun, will know that Hispanics own guns, African-American’s own guns, Asians own guns, and yes average white men and women own guns (and Bibles!), making Moore’s remark about as relevant as – Newt Gingrich’s remarks on Palin, her use of a term that has been “beaten to death” by the media. Moore’s statement, in itself is racist, suggesting that only those who are not “freckled faced Jimmy” may be committing crimes. Additionally, the Tucson shooter was one deranged “Freckled Faced Jimmy” – go figure.

It is time for the political discourse to move forward and for those in the quasi-public eye, to try another tactic. Perhaps NBC or ABC or any one of the networks that runs reality television shows, could produce a series similar to Survivor (but placed within the safe confines of Washington, New York or Los Angeles), pitting left against right in a series that would pit a Moore against a Gingrich in a race for airtime; along with a slew of other “quasi notable and or relevant blowhards” that have become part and parcel of America’s airwaves.

Michael Moore with Rachel Maddow

A note: Although more than a few posts have been made on the subject regarding Palin and the “beating”(for lack of another word) she has taken over a situation that she clearly had no part in whatsoever, the fact that two weeks later, those who so heavily vested in themselves (from the right) and ideologically challenged (from the left), feel the need to continue the drumbeat, only servers to highlight how relevant Ms. Palin has truly become in general, in this opinion, one is compelled, to write on last treatment on this particular subject, due to the inability of those who seek the limelight to, in plain words, “zip it”. Of note, those who have not been so ridiculous: (GOP 2012 assumed potential candidates) Huckabee defended Palin even though she is considered as a serious rival for the 2012 GOP nomination (CNN), while a statement from Mitt Romney on Palin, is, (in a granted, brief search), nowhere to be found . Both Huckabee and Romney stand with Palin as the “frontrunners” and are viewed as those most likely to run and gain the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Palin the More Presidential-esque she appears, Media Ratchets Up Negatives – Claims by Some Hinge on the Deranged

On the 12th of January, CBS News, chief political consultant, Marc Ambinder noted that Sarah Palin was “presidential-esque,” in her video response to critics released on that date.(CBS News Political Hot Sheet). The “complement”, is, of course, backhanded, as the author goes on to explain that the video speech “elevates her status as a prominent Republican,” and further, “Sarah Palin, in a sense has thrown a gauntlet," Ambinder told Plante adding that she is "in a sense politicizing what she accuses other people of politicizing." (Source CBS).

Of course, the term Presidential had been bandied about on the east coast as soon as the video aired, sources noted that the transformation of Palin’s cadence, her hairstyle, the flag in the background, the lapel pin, were all brilliant, let alone the context of the speech. In other words, it was the first time that the phrase “I really can’t stand that woman” was followed by, “but that was brilliant”. The big question asked: “Who’s advising her?” There was much speculation on the move by Palin on TLC’s highly rated program “”Sarah Palin’s Alaska” as having clearly introduced her to the viewer in a more than positive light, with subtle “political messages” apparent in each and every episode. “Average women may identify with her!” was the biggest charge against the former Govenor of Alaska.

In retrospect, those in the news meida (and pundits to the right and left) stood up and took notice of Sarah Palin when she first stepped up on the stage at the Republican National Convention in 2008 and upstaged, not only John McCain, but then candidate Obama; they (referring to east cost “liberals” with whom I politely agree to disagree) continue to be, politely put: obsessed, especially as the 2012 speculation had begun.

Interestingly, although the only near positive note about her speech from the “mainstream media” came publicly from CBS, it is clear that Palin represents a new threat level to those who would prefer a more Progressive approach to governing and are privately concerned about her appeal to a demographic which they feel should belong squarely in the Progressive column – women.

What are news organizations to do? Continue to respond to Palin’s response of their criticism, thus continue perpetuating the very accusations which they accuse Ms. Palin: “Keeping Sarah in the Spotlight”.

The big “news” today is Palin’s interview with Fox News’s, Sean Hannity, last evening (clip below) in which she continues in the same vein as the video released on the 12th. She speaks about her much maligned use of the term “Blood Libel”, which, as she points out, was used in a Wall Street Journal article a short time before she used the term. The fact that word definitions evolve over time, giving them a broad meaning, was apparently cast aside, with the focus on the arcane, to set the “wheels” in motion to criticize Palin. An interesting treatment can be found at Legal Insurrection.

Today, however, the AP released an article (Kansas City Star), “In Fox News interview, Palin explains ‘blood libel’ comment”, however, in viewing the video, one has a sense that she answered a question asked by the host, rather than used the segment as a way to “explain” anything. Palin lays out the sequence of events that brought on the accusations – and in addition ends with her strong convictions about the First Amendment.

The best of the ridiculous articles written today on Palin comes from the Bennington Vale Press: (California) written by a BC Bass: “Palin Says “Blood Libel” Comments Directed at TLC Jews Who Canceled Her Show” seriously, one can only hope this type of diatribe is satirical in nature.

Here are two words to appropriately describe the ridiculous fascination with maligning and accusing this woman every time she opens her mouth. “Enough Already” She is obviously able to withstand the criticism and, what’s more, stand up for herself, while standing up for the “rest of us”. This makes her somewhat Reagan-esque to boot - and with six months before any announcments or intentions on 2012 are made, one can only watch and wait.

Fox News Video

Entire video sequence can be found on » ‘They Can’t Make Us Sit Down and Shut-Up’

Monday, January 17, 2011

Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman, The Young, the Restless, the Beltway and The Tea Party.

Priebus speaking at McCain Town Hall 2008 - image norunny eggs blog

Newly elected RNC National Chairman, Reince Priebus, according to a very brief biography from the Associated Press Is a 38 year old lawyer from Wisconsin, who had risen to the top of the Wisconsin NRC, and has a stunning legal resume :

Served as committee clerk for the Wisconsin State Assembly Education Committee. Clerked for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in Los Angeles.

He is married with two children.

A lengthier blog post, can be found here on The Republican National Convention Blog, which gives one a more in-depth look at the new RNC Chair’s life.

He is credited with the huge change in Blue Wisconsin, where Russ Feingold was defeated by Tea Party backed, Ron Johnson, and saw two Wisconsin Congressional seats go Republican. That said, one gets the impression, after reviewing Tea Party Blogs, that Mr. Priebus may understand the Tea Party (Politico story here), but they also understand him, and it is not necessarily complimentary: considering some that the two groups, The RNC and the Tea Party, although often joined in the minds of many, are two separate entities with two very different goals. The RNC is a political party and machine, while the Tea Party is a limited government, grass roots organization that is becoming more organized.

The commonality that concerns Mr. Priebus is the organizations (multitude thereof) ability to raise funds and also to put together impressive ground games that have no equal (with some exceptions, notably, the growing yet persistent Massachusetts Tea Parties).
With a crop of 2012 contenders for the White House that, of course, have not yet announced, he is walking very thin line as far as what happens when the primary dust settles (on or immediately following Super Tuesday (or whatever it will be in 2012 given the states propensity to continually roll back their primary dates); should Mitt Romney perform (despite beltway predictions), no better or nor worse than last time, will the RNC get behind whoever emerges as its torchbearer in 2012?

That’s going to be the crux of the matter – what if the nominee is a Tea Party backed candidate? (See Politico article where the author notes that the Republicans may have co-opted the Tea Party, but...then again, it might be the other way around – bet on the later.) States where the Tea Party candidate will do well on the national scale running in an RNC primary? Everywhere, including Massachusetts, California and very Conservative Upstate New York – the rest of the nation, south, Midwest and West –it is a given almost that should one of the front runners of the 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls have Tea Party “creds”, that person will, despite the best efforts of the beltway conservatives, and those who are known as “country club conservatives”, be the nominee. What remains to be seen however, is if they will put aside their insider ego and with the flow. It remains to be seen who will even through their hat into the ring, the speculation at present being on those most highly visible in past and present Republican events, however, it also remains to be seen if this one 38 year old from Wisconsin, home to the Green Bay Packers, will be able to continue to work with the Tea Party and push forward and push past Washington Beltway think, as quietly as possible, and pickup additional seats in the Congress, take the Senate and yes, the White House – with a Tea Party backed candidate. It’s more than a fine line he’s walking, and should he be able to pull that off? It will be one of the biggest political stories of the decade.

Suggested reading (tea leaves of course): Tea Party Patriots (46 listings), Wisconsin Tea, Tea (42 listings), and although somewhat aligned the Wisconsin 9-12 Project.

A note: the Tea Party is primarily a fiscal conservative, constitutionally based movement, while the 9-12 project, the brainchild of talking head, Glenn Beck, is a social and fiscally grounded organization, which at times joins with local Tea Parties in grassroots and planning efforts. However, keep in mind that they are two distinctly separate organizations with difference in ideology.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is Travel to Mexico Safe? Murder, Beheadings, Kidnappings, Drug Runners Shoot at U.S. Citizens from the Border - Safe?

Due to the number of inquiries as to the safety of traveling to Mexico during spring break, if one is considering a spring break destination, review the following before making what could be a life-ending experience.

The Miami Herald ran a story this morning entitled: The Teror War We Ignore Next Store, detailing the fact that over 30,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since 2006. The Herald refers to those Mexican Drug Lords making Al Queda as relevant as the “Simpsons”. The popular tourist destination, Acapulco, according to the Miami Herald, has morgues with their hand full of bodies that can only be called “grisly”:

Acapulco, set on a stunning emerald Pacific bay, has been shaken by a frenzy of violence so gruesome that one must reach far to find parallels. The depravity of some of the killings and dismemberments is all the more chilling because some of the victims are minors.

Over in Cancun, the UK’s Mirror reports on “The Killing field of Cancun” which speaks to beheadings and murders from Cancun to Acapulco to the U.S. Border to Guadalupe - with no end in sight.

Finally this week the war got a tad closer to home (if you don't consider those inside the U.S. in border states) the El Paso Times reported that Mexican Gunman fired at U.S. Highway Workers in an isolated ghost town east of Fort Hancock, Hudspeth County sheriff's officials said.”. There were no fatalities – this time.

The State Department on Travel to Mexico: has issued a travel warning as of September 2010.

It is imperative that U.S. citizens understand the risks involved in travel to Mexico, how best to avoid dangerous situations, and who to contact if one becomes a victim of crime or violence. Common-sense precautions such as visiting only legitimate business and tourist areas during daylight hours, and avoiding areas where criminal activity might occur, can help ensure that travel to Mexico is safe and enjoyable. U.S. citizen victims of crime in Mexico are urged to contact the consular section of the nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy for advice and assistance. Contact information is provided at the end of this message.

That said, taking into account the increased body count, specifically from those “tourist areas” such as Acapulco, one might want to travel to someplace less dangerous say Iraq or Afghanistan.

The fact that Mexican nationals feel perfectly comfortable shooting at U.S. highway workers within the boundary of the U.S.A. screams “put up a fence, get the military to the border, and shut the insanity down. Throwing money at the Mexican Government to aid in the “War on Drugs” is like giving the keys to a pharmacy to a junkie.

Unless and until the U.S. is willing to shut down that border, (which would incidentally cut down on all those crimes being committed in Arizona – where the drug gangs routinely and illegally visit), with troops with live ammo and no restrictions, then traveling to Mexico would be simply put - suicidal. There are plenty of places in the world and within the safer confineds of the United States, for that matter) where one can find warm beaches, entertainment, and fun, without the prospect of returning home in a body bag.

Suggested Reading: Borderland Beat

Alternative (Safe) Spring Break Destinations:
Any Beach in Florida
The Bahamas
Any southern state with a beach
Skiing Anyone? New England Ski

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