Friday, July 07, 2006


What is up with the New York Times? The Paper of Record has decided that it is imperative that the American Public know all there is to know about the Pellicano case -- to that end, one of their reporters had decided to visit the jail to speak directly to Pellicano, poorly disguised, quickly unmasked and barred from the prison. LA Times Of course, the Times is appealing this decision. What type of disguise did the Times Reporters use to garner classified information to further defame the United States? One can only imagine. Gone are the days when integrity and journalism were used in the same sentence as regards to the nations former bastions of truth and justice in print. Additionally, how many American's were served by viewing the vacation of home V.P. Dick Cheney complete with details of a security system? Times Reporters must be having difficulty getting in to the Pentagon these days. Give them time. Afterall, there must be some response to North Korea that they can unearth and further place American's in peril.

North Korea Aims missile at Hawaii Reuters
Enough said. After pacifying North Korea in deference to China coupled with a penchant for protecting communist regimes headed by brutal dictators (The United States will give you untold billions, please don't develop and nuclear program), is it any wonder that they are now lobbing long-range missiles in this direction?

What should be news:
The border is still open.

Things that make one yawn:
A Pink Code (peace group reminiscent of the 1960's) mother is on hunger-strike, joined by the Hollywood Braintrust. Why is this news?
Joe Biden made a remark about Indian's owning convenience stores? So What?
Pink Code does not merit serious mention and Bidon did not say anything that anyone else isn't thinking (or saying).

The local newspaper forum:
Month after month, day in and day out, the same anti-war, anti-American, anti-fill-in-the-blank, posters fill page after page with nonsensical posts. These posts are punctuated on occasion from what appears to be conservative rebuttals. Again, a difference "same" group of posters. Is it possible that there are only ten or twenty people who visit this website on a regular basis to post to a "hot topic" forum in a community that boasts a population in excess of 100,000 people? Springfield Republican's website.

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