Friday, March 06, 2015

What if – Court Strikes Down ObamaCare – Ted Cruz has the Answer

There is a big what-if involving the unconstitutional subsidies that are coming from the Federal government to help enroll individuals into the federal health care plan – the case is now in the Supreme Court and may be struck down in June . (See in brief State Lawmakers Keep busy While Supreme court Weighs Obamacare (NPR)

The what if, apparently has no backup plan, save for one written by Ted Cruz, (R-TX), and it is receiving scathing reviews based on partisanship. The Daily Beast article: “Ted Cruz’s Obamcare Substitute He Cares Really” is fraught with vitriol – from jabs at Cruz for being born in Canada, to the short length of his legislation – written as an Act- apparently few pages than the original..

What is wrong with the Beast, and those other publications that picked up on both points in order to jab at Cruz is twofold: one, his birthplace is of little consequence, as he was an American Citizen (or had dual citizenship), as his parent was an American and this disclosed not one individual from becoming President. (See John McCain). Secondly, although the first bill had too many pages to be read even a tenth of the way through before being voted upon, and was fraught with errors, including no separation clause, a huge gaffe which made the entire act stand or fall on any mistakes. There were mistakes, obviously. With Cruz’s bill (here in PDF), it is a 31 page, easily read, and smart option for the government to adopt. (

While those at the Beast cannot fathom purchasing insurance across state lines, it has been proven to drive down the costs of premiums, the lack of mandates on the proposed bill, will also allow individuals to buy coverage at their comfort or needs level. The Bill contains adequate language to cover what the insurers cannot do, which protects the individual rights of the consumer. It is not just a better than nothing piece of work, it is a beginning blueprint for bring back choice to the consumer, with the odd effect of allowing more individuals and businesses to afford insurance in the first place. Ultimately, this would lead to more individuals being covered under private insurers than those currently covered under the new Affordable Obamacare Health Law (a bit of an oxymoron, give the rising premiums due to the current law).

As the 2016 race heats up and the Democrats have little in the way of a bench for the primary, while the Republican bench is plentiful, with a variety of individuals who have a variety of options, there will be, of course, jabs from the right and the left as the winnowing process heading into the primaries for the 2016 general progress. That said, Cruz get’s points for putting together a fairly decent proposal, with protections in place for the consumer, driving down the cost of health care and increasing those covered.

Good for him.

Irrelevant side note:

As the snow is still 3 to 4 feet deep in my yard, and when one more flake falls, or one more record breaking cold temperature is recorded, it is becoming increasingly difficult to become enthused over anything other than board games and avoiding looking out the window, either at the office or at my personal desk. Spring is allegedly rising, and when summer breaks over 2015, one might hope for return of warmth and interest in life in general, and the sport of the political arena.

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