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Is Anyone who Votes in Massachusetts taking Progressive PAC’s accusations of plagiarism Against Scott Brown Seriously? – A Rant.

Lizzie Warren, Progressive for Senate and Scott Brown (Republican Incumbent) - image: ABC News

The Progressive PAC (Political Action Committee), American Bridge 21st Century, (See About Section on Website:, went bleating to the press (Boston Globe), regarding a huge “mistake” (possible scandal!) made by Scott Brown, Republican Senator from Massachusetts. The Globe and the rest of the major media and local affiliates ran with it – the accusation: Brown plagiarized Elizabeth Dole’s website, specifically a page on personal reflections on academics for students. The problem with the reporting by news outlets such as ABC, is that the headline is somewhat misleading (as is the PAC), in that it does not mention the fact that Brown, upon election, had a staff that worked on every aspect of his website. The website in question - one that was modeled, with permission, after one Elizabeth Dole’s (also a Republican) site.

The problems: one page, (or possibly more) were not changed; rather, Dole’s original message(s) were left. What Brown had was a “staff problem”, and the fact that he hasn’t, to anyone’s knowledge and or reporting, fired anyone, really goes to character. It was reported on the Springfield affiliate of ABC in the evening news, that Dole’s spokesperson thought it was a lot to do about nothing (paraphrasing) (at the very end of the report which featured a photo of Brown in the background and one line "Plagiarism?" , which is exactly what the PAC, a progressive (i.e. socialist arm of the Democrat Party) organization, is most guilty of – having nothing on Brown of much substance, given their support of one useless candidate, Elizabeth Warren.

Apparently, Brown is also not allowed to have a sense of humor, Warren, when asked about the old news – Brown’s posing for Cosmopolitan when he was trying to pay for college, 30 some odd years ago – quipped (paraphrasing) that she would not take her clothes off – Brown, who has a rather typical Boston sense of humor, shot back: “Thank God”. A huge hue and cry against the one politician in Massachusetts who has done more for women and children from a legislative standpoint than any other, went out from every media outlet – and the people – especially the all important independents – are laughing with him – (See ABC link for entire, “Wow, Scott Brown is a Truly Horrible Person story (in conjunction with a “Democrat Super PAC) for partial sourcing. If Ms. Warren can’t take a joke for what it is, she has no business trying to be a Senator (and one might question her actual “experience”- other than “Obama Appointee”. When the Democrats in Massachusetts have a weak candidate (and they do), they will stop at nothing to try and unseat the most popular Senator the state has seen in decades – that’s Scott Brown.

Brown is maligned by the left and the right, so therefore, Brown is doing something right. As the Progressives claim that Brown votes straight party line, can be debunked by a trip to the U.S. Senate’s “Roll Call” page(s) – starting with his first session, through the next, one finds that Brown votes both sides of the aisle, and is a Republican – Independent, more in the mode of say, Olympia Snow than say a “Rapid Republican” - pick one.

Does Brown always please this blog when he casts a vote? No, and he should not, he votes in a manner that has been consistent with his time served in the Massachusetts Legislature, crossing the aisle when it was a sane proposition and not so much when it was something ridiculous. This is the clue, that Brown’s a moderate, Weld Republican, and that Warren and the Progressives and their Pals at ABC, NBC, and every other disingenuous outlet are desperate.

Also consider who has been elected, time and again, in the State of Massachusetts that most will die in their “lofty positions” (see Ted Kennedy) – while the other fifty look on and shake their heads in disgust – it is the constant “How do you people keep electing these….. (Fill in the blank, add name and expletives)” – The answer: “We try not to – there is either no choice, or a limited choice, mostly no choice.” When there was competition, the whole state went upside down, in 2009 when Brown ran, the entire state was covered by media (only after they figured out Brown was going to win) and activists, from Tea Party to Republican to Concerned unaffiliated came from across the nation to keep an eye on voting (Where is Jimmy Carter in fair elections?) here in the Bay State and uncovering multiple instances of cheating, by, you guessed it, Democrats, reporting minute by minute, until the final tally revealed Brown as the New Senator. (Unfortunately, these individuals, PACs and so forth were nowhere to be found (understandably) during the midterms in 2010 – and we all know the results there – incumbents, unlike elsewhere, managed to not so soundly eke out a win, with little help of 30,000 extra votes in 13 hours from “Community Organizations”.

Therefore what we have is one Scott Brown:
Accused of personally being guilty of plagiarism, until one gets to the end paragraph, and it’s noted that it was a “staff error”, (which by the way, is now being touted by this group – key word Progressive – as throwing his staff under the buss – lifted from their website, see link above). Consider this: Does anyone really believe that when an individual is elected to the Senate that they first run and put up a website - themselves? Does anyone believe that the Senator had the time to parse the website for accuracies and/or inaccuracies? Given the state of public education today, (as well as private) does one honestly expect an intern (paid or unpaid staff for that matter) to be error free?
Here’s the real deal: This group has had at least a year (if not more) to dig into Brown’s background as they stump for Lizzie Warren, and this is all they were able to come up with? Seriously, that and the tired (misleading) “he votes with Republicans!!” Here’s the deal: when one is a Republican they are expected to, on occasions, vote with the other Republicans because the share similar ideology. Not unlike Democrats, who vote consistently along party lines. Except Scott is different from the rest of the Massachusetts Congressional members (both the House and the Senate) in that he actually has, in his short career, cross the aisle more times than: Richard Neal (MA2), John Kerry (D-MA), the infamous Barney Frank (D-4), the rest of them from Tsongas to Capuano, who never stray, never move an inch off that party line? If one thinks this is not understood by the majority of voters in Massachusetts, one should think again.

Scott Brown was not elected by the Massachustts Republican Party – or the National Party for that matter – both of those organizations came rather late to the dance. Brown assembled a team that included disgruntled Democrats, the largest voting bloc in the state – Unenrolleds- and then the Republicans. At any one of his field offices during the campaign, one could find more Democrats, Green Party members, Libertarians and the like manning the phones for Brown – one can hazard to guess, with the exception of a few Tea Party (although they are a fairly large part of the Massachusetts political scene which no-one covers (due to being too clueless to do so) that these same individuals are still in Brown’s camp. Moving them over with cries of Sexism and Academic Plagiarism will only fly in say Amherst (if it isn’t being Occupied and the collective aren't busy that day parroting one another’s latest brilliant turn of a phrase).

The only way Brown will lose reelection in this Bay State, is if the rest of the world isn’t watching and the Brown Campaign does not invest in poll watchers in every precinct in every city, hamlet and nook and cranny of the state, in order to make sure that the vote is on the up and up. Even then, without that kind of oversight, it may be difficult for the Massachusetts Democrats to come up with enough dead people, those who are no longer sure if they are voting or singing off on lunch (referring to activists who troll nursing homes to “help “individuals vote Democrat – this is by experience and constant letters to this blog of individuals who work in these institutions) by stuffing machines that appeared only in the last election, designed to allow individuals from every possible language barrier, to vote (specifically in areas where there are few if any individuals to take advantage (for example, large wards in Chicopee and other 2nd District larger cities, had these voting aids, which were kept in storage until the mid-terms, and distributed to districts that were, let’s say, less than diverse).

Therefore, expect it all, especially if one is not watching, because as of now, they have nothing to go on, and even with the help of the Boston Globe, and the National Press, and the local Press (has anyone read any polling data on trust and the media as of late?), it is doubtful that Brown won’t easily hand Lizzie Warren her comeuppance.
Of course, living in Massachusetts, one has learned to never say never – the land where even the most corrupt and incompetent of politicians continue to be reelected, where upon indictment and incarceration, are then given posts at Massachustts best universities, or another department, in order to maximize their pensions. It is what it has always been – best book on the subject: The Bluest State – available in paperback on Amazon.
Therefore Brown is going to need a lot of help in order to get elected, mostly votes and poll watchers, and those who would watch the alley ways and side streets where “activist” are helping individuals vote (outside of the polling station).

Here’s the skinny. Although a fan of Brown’s when he was a State Legislator (wishing this blogger lived in his district at the time), and believing he’d be a solid conservative voice in the Senate, while also believing him when he said that he would vote in the best interest of the people of the state, not the party (and he has), there is a reason – his record, the man can stand on his record.

One last note: anything from this Super Progressive PAC on anything else Scott has penned? Easily no, and one would think if they truly had something on Brown, it would have come out long before – so, to the PAC that loves Lizzie (because she’s an Obama Appointee and avowed Progressive, insuring she will vote with Nancy and Barney and Harry at every opportunity), keep digging – and good luck with that. All of Massachusetts, especially the 51% of the electorate that decides (those who are moderates and unenrolled) are probably a little more miffed at Brown for voting with Democrats from time to time, but when faced with a Progressive Democrat, man, woman or what have you, which way do you honestly think they will cast their vote?

Does the Good Senator, with a sense of humor, have a shot, you betcha. To those Tea Party members who feel that a vote for Brown is against their principles of purity – would you rather have a repeat of the 2010 elections? Think again – get off the couch, go and vote, even if you have to hold your nose – imagine Lizzie Warren as the next Progressive Socialist Democrat Senator from Massachusetts – would you want to personally be responsible for that nightmare scenario?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Groups – Socialism to Anti-Semitism, Starting Another French Revolution – Winter approaching – will Occupy revive in time for 2012?

The Occupy New York Camp, holding 2000 protestors -image the Blaze dot com

Although touted by major media groups as part of “A long American tradition” (Los Angeles Times), that are only seeking ”fairness and a future”, the groups beginnings in progressive socialism, using the ideological collective forum, allows speech that is both incendiary and anti-Semitic. Although there is now a concerted effort to tie the fledgling “Occupy” protests to the Tea Party (Politico), as in the similarities of a “protest movement” – there is little similarity between the two groups, with the exception that the “Occupy Groups” are protesting. Otherwise, Occupy groups have no specific “collective” goals.

For example, if one looks at videos (which abound) on protests in smaller urban and suburban areas, those few college students, professors, and the like, chanting in unison, and skipping merrily up the street appear frivolous, joining in the “fun” of the protest movements their 1960’s era professors so badly miss. However, in larger urban centers such as New York and Los Angeles, the “collective” is a bit unorganized, not only allowing violent and Anti-Semitic speakers a platform, (1st Amendment), but supporting the individual as part of the “collective”.

Although some may find the process of the collective chant amusing, and downplay the significance of the group due to small numbers, the fact that as a “collective” that type of rhetoric is not only protected but encouraged, belies the fact that the “Occupy” as an individual has no clear concept of the nature of Socialism and individual “wealth”. For example: Via Pajama Media’s “Tatler” comes a video of a Los Angeles “Occupy” individual proposing a “French Revolution” in order to support “Socialism” and option to take rather than spread any wealth. (See Video Below)

In another instance, an Occupy Protestor shouting “Jews Control Wall Street” – got a little help from the “collective” who chanted “freedom of speech, this brother needs to be heard and healed” (See YouTube video here) - This encourages and lends to an anti-Semitic stance that has been long-held in nations that are indeed “socialist”. There is a fine line between the goals of Socialism and Nazism – both use violence as a means to gain power and overthrow a system that has wealth on the top, with “peasants” on the bottom, in exchange for a system that puts only the few “elite” (those that begin the movement) at the top. The end result, the balance (protestors) being less well off than anticipated, otherwise known as the “masses”.

It is not clear that those that are at these gatherings even understand the consequences of what they are asking for, or more to the point, what they are asking for. To uphold Socialism as an “Ideal” shows a lack of disconnect and or education as history has proven the model does not work. In Russia for example, the Revolution was certainly bloody, yet, who ultimately paid the price? It was the “masses” that faced bread lines and forced labor, lack of freedom, imprisonment, censorship, and cramped housing, while the “leadership” lived in lavish lifestyle. As there was no incentive to create wealth through enterprise, the system collapsed – not on political principals, but on economic principals.

The former “Soviet Union” is now made up of a series of “states”, and is no longer a collective. The smaller “socialists” nations, such as Austria, appear on the surface to be working out just fine, however, those at the top of the food chain, stay there, while there is no opportunity for advancement for say, the worker in the chocolate factory, or their offspring, who will work in the chocolate factory. Although those in this society willingly appear to give over up to 70% of their paycheck in exchange for government paid vacations, government paid electricity, government controlled housing, and the system is embraced by this nation the size of Rhode Island, it does not allow for any margin of error, or for that matter, the ability of the individual to rise above their “station in life”. This is an example of a “successful” socialist government.

The one link between all former and current socialist systems is a combination of a bloody beginning, a working populace that is demanding parity, and a state formed where those who demanded parity continue to be the peasants (with very few exceptions), with little change in status, and no freedom to change the outcome should the individual feel they had made a mistake in the first place.

It is the ignorance of history and facts, specifically coming from those who are American born, or who have lived in the United States for most of part of their lives – here, in the United States, where we enjoy a Democratic Republic (often confused as a Democracy), the individual, no matter how poor, has the ability and tools to rise above a station. There are the very wealthy, there are the corporations who hire the “workers”, however, those workers are free to go elsewhere for employment, or to begin their own businesses. The system that is based on capitalism, much maligned by those “socialist” ideologues who refuse to look at the failures of their systems, may have flaws, however, this system continues to provide: the workers who the Government relies upon for taxes in order to promote socialist style entitlement programs, those workers who are free to move from job to job and state to state (without permission from a government), and to achieve goals high above their “peasant” or “masses” positions. It is the most simplistic of explanations, yet factual and unfortunately, lost on those who are “Occupying” a nearby neighborhood.

How long will these Occupy protests continue? It is hard to say, it may become a movement that offers solutions to those who long to be socialists, or with the coming winter, and the constant reliance on “free” food, camping areas, and the like, there may have to be a break in the less inclement states until Spring. One has to understand, as well, that should CBS, NBC, ABC and their local affiliates, begin to broadcast the “collective” assemblies, instead of the “happy protestors” prior to the “Collective Assemblies”, the nationwide response may turn to one of “who cares, kids having fun” to one of some alarm’, but most likely “amusement” (unless of course, those chanters begin to collectively recognize the French Revolution). This is where the media fails. It is a grand diversion from the scandals assailing the current Administration, from cronyism with Green Industry, to the Fast and Furious scandal under the Attorney General, but is it enough to carry those like minded progressive socialists through 2012? Will those in the “collective assembly” in the Northeast and large urban areas in the Midwest be as prevalent once the temperatures truly drop and the snow starts to fly?

Having attended “Tea Party” events and meetings (granted a handful) what one finds is a neat, orderly, group with a focus on education (communism, socialism, the isms and economics), who police themselves, without the assistance of the local “parks and recreation” department of a local government – saving tax payers dollars. Meanwhile, having not attended an “Occupy” protest, and basing this opinion on reading articles, watching videos, and confirming multiple sources, it appears these groups anticipate someone else must pick up after them, that everything is free, and that they are learning – nothing – but they are fabulous “collective” chanters. Therein lies the crux, they appear as media darlings, and should the reemerge in 2012, will be a grand diversion from any shenanigans of a political nature specifically coming from the administration – nothing more than useful tools, not unlike the Socialist masses of the early 1900’s and throughout the 20th century.

You Tube Video “Occupy” protestor proposes Occupy model after the “French Revolution” and “socialism”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama Jobs Bill – DOA in Senate – Reid Casts “No” Vote Along with Republicans - Republican’s Holding Line on Blank Checks

President Obama’s, must pass, or the sky will fall, job’s billfailed to make it through the Democrat controlled Senate yesterday. In the GOP debate last evening a question was posed to candidate Mitt Romney, asking if he would take a chance on not passing the job Bill (which funds federal and state workers, and does nothing to aid the private sector in jobs creation), in order to prevent a tax increase (without the bill the temporary reduction of the Social Security Tax will expire and paychecks will see a nominal cut.), Romney would vote against more spending – Agreed. This blogger would rather see a slight decrees in salary, send more to Washington (at this time only) in order to prevent another billion dollar pie in the sky plan from this administration.

Pieces of the bill are expected to go back to the Republican controlled House.

2012 GOP Bloomberg Debate Winners: Romney, Bachmann – Best Quote of the Debate – Full Video - Opinion and Analysis

The GOP Field - Capable - image The Blazed dot com

Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachmann were the obvious winners in the Bloomberg – Washington Post – WBIN TV GOP Debate held last evening – Romney for his measured responses, cool composure and a show of humor more than met the expectations set by the nature of the forum – the economy. Bachmann, who is not performing in the polls as well as her counterparts, did an outstanding job last evening – it appeared, during two particular exchanges as if Romney and Bachmann would make a perfect pairing – both agreeing, calling upon and complementing each other. In the second segment of the “kitchen table” style debate, moderated by PBS’s, Charlie Rose, the candidates asked questions of one another – Most were aimed at Romney, not without criticism: Romney however, turn to Bachmann, asking a question that invited a serious response, rather than critique – she more than met expectations – later Bachmann acknowledged Romney very positively in response – setting up a candidates chemistry with one another. The fact that the field of eight offers six extremely effective candidates: those who have solid ideas and plans on the economy, the background, knowledge, and most importantly, the drive to take on the most difficult task at the most difficult economic time, makes this one of the best GOP fields seen in decades.

In this opinion and in order of performance, the field placed: Romney, Bachmann, Santorum, Paul, Huntsman, Cain, Gingrich, Perry. It is not without some prejudice that the focus on Romney and Cain and Perry, left little time for other candidates to show their worth in both previous and this debate. Based on the tone of answers, the content and overall demeanor of the candidate: Santorum, if given more time, is solid and knowledgeable, and has risen substantially in expectation, Paul, who is more Libertarian than Republican, gave solid answers, and appeared to feel most at home in this environment – again, with Paul as with Santorum, a lack of focus on the candidates does not give full time for viewers to assess the individual merit. Huntsman also held his own, although appearing a little less confident than in previous debates while Gingrich, the one that can be counted on for both wit and worthy answers in the forum, appeared to sit this one out – as if he were not feeling up to par. Cain, needed to expound on more than his 9-9-9 plan – and when asked his choice of the individual he would choose to replace Timothy Geithner answered Greenspan. Cain was on the board at the Kansas City Federal Reserve in the 1990’s – this was a time of virtual prosperity, and although that may have been his basis, it belief the fact that Greenspan, as notably pointed out by Ron Paul, was in his career assessment entirety at the Fed, “A disaster”. Paul chose Volker an appointee of Jimmy Carter, who served until 1987 at the Fed and was, in Paul’s (and this bloggers) opinion, responsible for holding the line on inflation during the 1980’s. It would be Paul’s preference to eliminate the Federal Reserve and re-institute the gold standard.

Finally, Rick Perry’s performance in this debate mirrored the past performances – dismal. The Governor of Texas does not appear comfortable in the debate forum.

Best line of the debate goes to Michele Bachmann during a discussion on the merits of Cain’s economic plan and the distrust by most of those on the podium of giving Congress another “revenue stream” (Bachmann): “When you take the 999 Plan and you turn in upside down I think the Devil’s in the Details”

If one is a reader of this blog, it is apparent that, residing in Massachusetts does not make for a Mitt Romney “fan”, however, in looking at the performance, and content placed in the performance, one must give Romney his due. Additionally, in honestly recalling his performance as Govenor (based on being a constituent only), the Commonwealth fared well – given the fact that Romney was the sole line of defense against a legislature that is comprised of an overwhelming majority of Democrats, the vast majority Progressives. (Thus giving the handle: The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts” to the Commonwealth when locals speak to the state government). Negatives from this point, are his refusal to acknowledge that although his health care plan was sound in theory, that once he left office, it fell to the Democrat controlled legislature and under the control of the new Govenor, Deval Patrick. In that time, mandates appeared, which have driven the cost of the program over the edge. In addition, private insurance in the state (there is limited choice of carriers) is consistently (on an annual basis) rising in cost by double digital percentages. Commonwealth Care, the State’s plan, is no longer accepting new “clients”, and those who cannot afford either the state insurance (if it were available) or the more costly private plans, are able to obtain a hardship waiver, and avoid the fees assessed for non-compliance to the mandatory program. Mandatory and Fees are what make this health care program in Massachusetts a Conservatives’’ nightmare. Granted Romney, at the time did not have a crystal ball, however, trusting the Democrats controlling this particular state (home to Barney Frank, Richard Neal (known as Pelosi’s Tax man) and the balance of the state’s Congressional democrats) not to drive a limited savings program into a billion dollar giveaway, which ultimately hurt the middle class, was, in a word: naive. Therefore, choice of Romney is not out of out “state pride”, or any “GOP” label, but an honest assessment of the man and his performance – he appears more than capable of taking on the task at hand.

As does Bachman, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul and Cain.

The full video via the Washington Post is shown below.

The next GOP Debate will be held on the 18th of October: CNN is the Network, sponsored by the Western Republican Leadership Conference and held in Las Vegas, NV.

In closing there is a good reason why the Obama Team is attempting to diminish the field of eight, outside of the obvious From Bloomberg: Obama Aides Seek to Counter Republican’s Message on the Economy Before the Debate” worth the read. It is that the field is effective and has the plans that are proven, are confident that they are able to take on the task, and hold no illusions as to its difficulty – noting this all with both the gravity of the situation, however, with the clear point that as a nation, the American People will prevail, and perhaps most importantly, they have a sense of humor.

Perhaps the most telling as to winners and losers and the overall appeal of the field comes from personal conversations during the debate, from a conservative viewpoint and one which many might consider the “typical New York East Coast Elite liberal viewpoint: These diverse individuals saw and agreed on the same points in this debate: favorite quote of the conversation and most telling for Michele Bachmann (from a devotee of the press) “I’m not hating her” – translation: She’s capable, worth watching and I may be changing my mind – The fact that those Democrats who are Democrats (rather than Progressives, and even some who may be Progressive, but on the fringe, are now desperate for an environment and a leader who will get us on the path to “out of this mess”. They are looking towards the GOP field, and they, as well as Conservatives, like what they see.

The Washington Post Debate in its entirety

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bloomberg GOP Debate Eve: Cain Up in Gallup Polling, Refuses to be intimidated by Professional Left, Calls Occupy Protestors Like He See’s Them.

Herman Cain when he announced his candidacy for U.S. President defied the odds his entire life - image Fox News

There is a reason Herman Cain is surging in the polls, he’s an individual who deflects criticism that is baseless, and is not afraid to say what the thinks (which is rare in the Political Class, but then again, Herman Cain is not from the Political Class).

Gallup Polling over the weekend shows Herman Cain neck and neck with Mitt Romney, followed by Rick Perry (all three with double digits), Romney has the highest “score” at 20%. That said, 20% are undecided, a few more debates will see that number tighten up, now that the field is complete.

Meanwhile, Cain is out there being – Herman Cain. If one has the opportunity to read his book (suggested), one can get some insight into Herman Cain, his youth and influences, and his penchant for setting personal goals – a novel idea lost on those U.S. citizens born after 1980.

Cain has some “harsh” words for the “Occupy” protestors (See LA Times Herman Cain Steps up Attacks on Occupy Wall Street Protestors), words that basically tell them to go out and get a job. Of course this is met with horror by the professional left, who wholly supports President’s Obama’s “jobs” bill that is going up to vote today – the bill extends, yet again, 99 weeks of unemployment and monies to teachers, and other government employees in order to avoid layoffs in the only sector that does not create a job! It is not as if there are a great deal of highly paid positions available, or even service positions in some parts of the nation, however, when one is able to extend unemployment for four or five years, one has little incentive to take a lower paying job, or two lower paying jobs, rather than let go of the government handout. Herman Cain understands that hard word, even taking a step backwards, (or four or five) if one sets goals, can lead one upwards. A novel concept, especially to those who expect everything should be handed to them on the proverbial silver platter.

Cain also, apparently is not “black enough” for the likes of Harry Bellefonte, and the Academics, (especially the MSNBC crew who, for the most part, are slightly paler than Casper) who feel is his danger – (see video below) – Cain’s response (Paraphrase) “I came off the Democrat Plantation a long time ago. Here’s the difference, I’ve been working in the real world, and the Professor has spent his life in academia”.

The debate tonight, one in a series between now and the primaries in January, will allow Herman Cain to take the stage, with Romney and Perry as perceived political class frontrunners, and “raise some Cain” – should he continue to be himself (and there is no reason why he should not) in a debate that is focused on the economy, one can anticipate that some of those undecided’s (referring to Gallup polling) and able to watch this debate on Bloomberg TV (check upper tier channels) and/or view on the Washington Post website, may change to a Cain fan after this debate. Time and polling will tell. However, at this present time, Cain appears more than able to take the mantel and run with it.

Boston – Police Arrest “Occupy Boston” Protestors – Don’t Mess With the Rose Kennedy Garden! Asking for “economic equality” - Trampling the Taxpayer

Early this morning, the “Occupy” group in Boston found a bit of resistance to its ever growing inability to understand that the people who live and work (operative words) for a living, or finance the “State” gardens, have little love for the lunatic fringe (backed by unions and Democrat politicians and, of course, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore), especially when they desecrate property. The video below shows the Protestors being rounded up by Boston’s finest. The Herald, reporting on the incident noted the following:

The protesters, part of the national Occupy Wall Street movement, had tried to expand from their original site in Dewey Square to a second site across the street, along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. A local conservancy group recently planted $150,000 worth of shrubs along the greenway and officials said they were concerned about damage.”

All said and done, the fact that the protestors are “camped” and have no clue as to how to clean up their own mess (See the UK’s Daily Mail: “Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR”), it is a matter of time before the simple trampling of taxpayer funded gardens and parks, and the ridiculous youth (armed with iPods, IPhones, and the like), fueled by Organized Labor and the Democrat Party could end up rioting – taking collectivist chants to a whole new level of smashing storefronts. Of course, once the first frosts slam the northeast for more than two days, and temps drop enough for the clueless to get a bit frosty, the whole “Occupy” movement may have to move to warmer climes, or demand free lodging at the Hilton.

This is now costing the tax payers (those who are the not the 99%, but rather those who are actually paying for the 50% who don’t work (including those “Occupying” a nearby park), and small business owners. One has to wonder what these protestors actual use is - to the administration and the Democrat Party in general. With the Hollywood, has-been’s, that’s obvious: press.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Now "Occupy" is in a City Near You – Pelosi (D-CA8 -Up for reelection in 2012) Condones Bizarre Cult Behavior by Protestors – Bring on the "Koodaid"!

Occupy Wall Street Jazzercize - image NY Daily News


Serious Protestors 1972 - image flker from pieman424

The video below, “Occupy Amherst – Take 1” shows a small contingent of purportedly UMASS students, and most likely professors, merrily skipping up the side walk to overthrow the “lobbyists, bankers, and others who are apparently responsible for a bevy of complaints: They want their country back – the protestors seem apparently normal at first, yet it is not long before they break into a repetitive cult like speak (similar to all “Occupy Wall Street protests): The “leader” makes a statement, the entire group, “parrots” every single word, throughout the entire “protest”.

The question is: what is the purpose of “Occupying Amherst, of all places, where no one there, or hardly anyone, would not be simpatico with the protestors, no matter how bizarre their behavior appears? The City itself has the moniker “The People’s Republic of Amherst”, from the western foot hills of the state, to the north and south shores – it is the open communist, progressive bent of the occupants (much like Vermont), that gives the name some credence.

One might tolerate these protests, in a matter of fact, one should tolerate the protestors, if one does not agree with them politically, and that is not the point. However, this blogger having been of an age to have attended protests in the past, where one hundred thousand youth would find their way halfway across the country in order to be heard, makes this look at this “movement” as ineffective, lazy and frankly bizarre. If they were to “Occupy Wall Street”, then they should head there en masse, and now allow 700 of their compatriots sit out (or in) on the Brooklyn Bridge – that’s hardly a number worth getting hyped up about.

The support of the unions, specifically the SEIU (see clip from the Occupy Atlanta video), has greatly helped the numbers grow – and perhaps, just perhaps, this will last through the 2012 elections. The repetitive speak is also accompanied by non noisome clapping – whereas the participants “raise their arms and wiggle their fingers” instead of clapping – to show respect.

It is, in a word, both hysterically funny and alternately sad, that these individuals are seriously participating in a protest that has “no meat” to it – and a message: generally government cronyism, that is particularly resonant with the members of the Tea Party (where one won’t find waving of fingers, but boisterous cheering, music, and a lot of picking up after themselves.)

The media: Outside of video’s being posted to You Tube and Face book (and other social network mediums), there is no media coverage of these protests: other than short clips where the protestors appear somewhat normal – every day students running or sitting in – (accompanied of course, by 700 pound gorillas in SEIU t-shirts) – but there have been, to this blogs knowledge, any reports on the evening news showing repetitive speak and the twinkling fingers of these focused, apparently brainwashed, and about to down the Kool-Aid, protestors. Why is that? Is it out of a sense of embarrassment that the left would not show the world how “Effective” their protests are - the strikers that in solidarity with the unions and MSNBC, are truly “focused” – is it embarrassment, it is in concert with the powers behind the protests (If one believes, these clueless chanter’s thought this one up on their own, think again – specifically one that is “nationwide”). There is coverage, but selective, and therefore, taking the heat off someone, somewhere (most likely Obama, whom the protestors support, so why not show them as they truly are? After all, they have Nancy Pelosi’s blessing, and they allow zero speech from anyone, even those who may be sympathetic. Take the time to watch the “Occupy Atlanta Video”: it is not without some amusement and absolute astonishment on the faces of the member of Congress and apparent aids, that tells the story – “These people may be here to: (pick one: cover for, support, or otherwise take the heat off: Obama) but their nuts!

"Occupy Amherst"

Pelosi on Occupy and Eric Cantors support for Tea Party Protests

Pelosi: (paraphrased from video above) “God Bless the Occupy Wall Street Protestors, they’re young, focused and it’s going to be effective”

Pelosi on Cantor’s: (Paraphrased from video above) “Protestors are of growing concern, pitting American’s against American’s” – Response from Pelosi (again Paraphrased): “I didn’t see him or his colleagues complain when the Tea Party was spitting on members of Congress (she is referring to the alleged incident of which there is zero proof, of Congressman John Lewis, a Civil Rights Leader, being spit upon by a Tea Party member).

In this opinion: Whether it be Tea Party, Democrat, Green Party or any political individual who uses that black, white, yellow or green, who uses that particular slur, they need to have their knuckles slapped with a ruler – the class/racial rhetoric, which has been escalated by individuals such as Pelosi, has taken this nation twenty steps backward from where the U.S. was only five years ago – Was their bigotry and intolerance, absolutely, but it was in small isolated pockets – there was no open “us versus them” when it came to black, white, Hispanic - there were the elitists bigots, there were the usual caricatures of bigotry, but either one lives in a bubble, (which is hardly the case), or is an ideologue (again, hardly the case), then one understands that there has been increase in the way American’s view one another by “class” (i.e. Race and education), and it is a particularly “Progressive” point of view, split the nation in order to “win politically” – it is disgusting. However, it did not go the way staunch Progressives had hoped:
Example: Occupy Atlanta – Video Below: where the same Congressman, John Lewis, of whom Nancy Pelosi Speaks was prevented from speaking by these “focused” young people. She was right, they were “effective” in not allowing the Congressman to Speak:

Occupy Atlanta

In closing, there are few protests that one should not support, the only ones that come to mind are the ones involving anarchist who prefer to break, smash, and otherwise destroy property, just for the fun of it. Any other protests, such as the Occupy Wall Street (bizarre behavior aside), should take place, in peace – it is our U.S. Constitution in all its glory – whereby groups, no matter what political ideology, may assemble and protest. It is this opinion, having participated in the past from Democrat Anti-War (slogans: “Dump the Hump” - anyone recall that one?), to the current day Tea Party rally (which is similar in scope to the rally’s of the 1960’s, however, participants, pick up after themselves, are peaceful and on-time – and contrary to the constant drumbeat of the media that doesn’t go there (but reports from afar), is a diverse crowd, both young and old, black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, Asian – these protests are against heavy taxation and government intrusion into daily life, the points are clear, and the speakers are precise, cheered and not parroted. The 1960’s to early 1970’s anti-war demonstrations were basically the same: peaceful, less concerned, granted, with pickup of after oneself, but overall the message was clear, and the protestors were individually driven, versus the concerted, contained and staged appearance of those who Occupy Wall Street from afar.

As a child, at my Austrian grandmothers knee, it was the stories of the evils of the Communists and the Socialists, (and the NAZI’s were lumped in that group, as they are all groups that have a top heavy elite, and the balance are basically “slaves to ideology and in reality”), that were imparted to this blogger, that made the impression, from the old footage of demonstrations, to the books by the various leaders that were read together with this woman who had seen the devastation of a family by those who would change the world, that formed the suspicion in the mind of a child against any group that promised the impossible, and required a class structure. That is the point: In America there is no class structure, which is not in keeping with the Progressive/Communist/Socialist Plan. The premise is that everyone, regardless of socio-economic background, race, or religion, has an equal opportunity to be whatever they choose, to advance, to achieve a dream, to have goals, to even, one day, become the President of these United States, does not sit well with those who want, not power for the people, but power over the people.
It is not wonder then that Ms. Pelosi, an avowed Progressive, would feel so strongly proud of these “Occupy Wall Street” protestors.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

GOP Debate Reminder: Tuesday, October 11th, at Dartmouth - Bloomberg TV, Washington Post

The next GOP debate will take place this coming Tuesday, October 11th, with a pre-debate analysis beginning at 7pm est, followed by the debate at 8pm on Bloomberg TV, or streaming live on the Washington Post website.

Those who live in the Western Massachusetts area and have Charter Digital services can find the Bloomberg on Channel 299, those without Charter; check your local cable provider listing for Channel number (Comcast does carry the channel in Western MA).

This debate will focus solely on the Economy. There are nine candidates, currently, who have participated in past GOP debates, and have declared themselves for the GOP 2012 Presidential Nomination: (In no particular order)

Herman Cain:
Mitt Romney:
Rick Perry:
Ron Paul:
Newt Gingrich:
Michele Bachmann:
Rick Santorum:
Jon Huntsman:
Gary Johnson:

For a full list of candidates: visit:

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