Friday, May 16, 2008

The GOP, What Gives?

The question has been posed: “What do you think the GOP needs to do to reverse the slide in support and start winning elections?”

What a challenge! First, the fact that the party appears to be dazzled by the media (including so-called Conservative pundits) insistence that it appeal to conservatives, moderates and the “independent voter”, is the biggest problem. When Republican candidates espouse the progressive theories, proclaim themselves pro-choice and side-step border control – they should be running on a different ticket. The fact that the party has, for so long, stood for traditional values (pro-family, pro-life, environmental conservation, pro-education, tight security, few to no taxes, and fiscal responsibility), the recent 8 plus year swing to the left of center has left many in the rank and file disenfranchised. Additionally, the party’s “elite” have become no different than those who they are desperate to defeat. It is glaringly apparent.

How did this happen? It is easy to be a “Monday Morning Quarterback” when it comes to any administration, but, that said, this administration and the RNC combined have systematically chosen to ignore two all-important facts. A progressive (socialist), ideology has been firmly established in two American bastions, the press (all media) and the educational system. For the past 30 odd years, curriculums across the country have been re-written to suppress history, civics and basic geography. These courses have been combined in a “social-studies” course that, from primary through post secondary education, pounds home all that is wrong with America, focusing on the mistreatment of obscure indigenous tribes as American (English) settlers first step foot on the continent, rather than teaching the history of the nation with pride and objectivity. From the time a child has been through the “system”, a progressive mind-set has been established, add to that the daily drumbeat of left versus right played through the media (including prime-time television and cable shows aimed directly at the pre-teen, and teen audience).

Instead of speaking up and speaking out in defense of traditional values, and challenging those aforementioned institutions, many in the party (elected officials) chose to remain silent, or worse, change positions. This leaves the base shattered and apathetic. Meanwhile, the media continues to plug away. The new mantra is: “Anyone with an R next to their name cannot win this year!” This from those clearly left of center pundits, as well as conservatives pundits such as Howie Carr out of Boston. The power of the media to eventually change our form of government from that of a Republic to the unknown that our founding fathers so feared (The Federalist Papers) – appears to have begun in earnest. These same conservative pundits, backed by or part of those “elite” Conservative groups with very deep pockets, both desperate to hold power and ratings, backed specific “acceptable” candidates, while cannibalizing those within their own party in a clear and deliberate attempt to run the primary process. To what end? Not one of the “chosen” candidates made it past Super Tuesday, and those same pundits (Ingram, Hannity etc.) are now in a position where they must back peddle on a daily broadcast basis, lending further to the appearance of disarray within the party.

What to do? Speak up and stand strong, stop apologizing for being Republican and holding those conservative principals upon which the party was founded. Do not let Progressives go unchallenged, or they will change our government in the same manner they have changed our educational systems, perverted our constitution (progressive judges: Marriage has an overwhelming religious meaning, and the courts, under our Constitution, have no right to weigh in on this issue. To do so is in clear violation of the Constitution as regards the separation of church and state. That said a domestic partnership protects the rights of all individuals, an acceptable alternative. The prevision, again, by progressive think, of the 14th Amendment, as regards the right to abortion is another such example.), hijacked our media and have altered the face of the Democrat Party beyond recognition. Additionally, do not give a pass to those elite conservative groups and their media counterparts who have done no less than those whom they despise. It is one thing to express an opinion, it is entirely another to push an agenda. Conservative groups should uphold and promote values not candidates. Those pundits are subject to ratings. The base, the regular people, are the ones who support the pundits – tune-out, write letters, email and call in your indignation. We are now at a crossroads where, if we, as Republicans, do not stand up, and together, in support of our principals, especially our high-profile candidates, elected officials, media personas and, yes, the special interest groups, we stand to loose much more than elections. Let those in leadership positions get back to work, the work of the people and ask their party members as well as those outside the party, to do the same. That message, an end to partisanship, reaching out to the “masses” without compromise, in order to move forward, is the key. If anyone can help to make these changes happen, it would be Governor Mike Huckabee. He has the experience within the party, the skills to negotiate an the backbone to talk about the issues, clearly and without apology.

Visit Huck Pac for more additional solutions and debate.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

McCain-Huckabee Speculation

Clinton Wins All-Important West Virginia

The Arkansas News Service is reporting on the U.S. New and World Report blog that floated a Mike Huckabee as Vice President piece earlier in the week – additional speculation from Novak, floating a “credible religious right type” informer who made the claim that Mike Huckabee would see Obama as a president that America “deserved” – a statement that was flatly denied by a very credible Mike Huckabee, finishes the article. U.S. News and World Report has a follow-up here: Responses from those on the “right” to the idea of a McCain-Huckabee ticket.

All pundits involved (with the exception of Novak, who should try a actual reporting for a change - “credible religious right type” (note: smears two entities in one stroke of the pen, Christian conservatives and Mike Huckabee – a two-fer!), are speculating based on the fact that McCain needs help in certain areas and Mike Huckabee fills that bill. They point to the south, as well as blue-collar working class individuals who, they note, Mike Huckabee identifies with. Here’s a thought, given the map of the GOP race to date, Mike Huckabee has done very well, including states that have voted since he announced an end to his candidacy. Protest votes send a clear message; unfortunately, pundits and the GOP and possibly John McCain may miss the message.

It is not true that Mike Huckabee appeals to only the “Evangelical, Southern, working class” that the media and pundits continually point to in an attempt to explain his appeal away vis a vis their elite mentality. One look at the HuckPac blog roll shows a stunning array of non-typical Huckabee supporters.

Conversation with mother-in-law, an 85 year old, sharp as a tack, Yankee, Catholic, non-nonsense, kind of lady – I don’t like that Obama, he has no experience, and change, what kind of change? I like Hillary, but it’s looking like she doesn’t have a chance, (she reads the actual newspaper, watches CNN, FOX and MSNBC), I don’t like McCain, he’s too old (seriously, this was said, but there is an explanation) – I don’t know if I’m going to vote. Except, it would depend a lot on who McCain chose as V.P., (here comes the age factor), I’m not crazy about Mitt Romney, given his record in Massachusetts, we had enough of him, but, I’d vote for McCain if he chose Mike Huckabee. – So, I had to ask, why Mike Huckabee? Because he’s honest, and he has a plan, I watched him a lot on CNN in the beginning and I know they told us that he couldn’t make it because he didn’t have enough money, but they liked him, and so did I. He’s a compassionate leader and he cares about the country and the people. (For the record, she has voted both sides of the Aisle, and considers herself to be Independent). McCain can now add Senior Citizens to the list of those who would vote for him, only if he had a younger running mate! Preferably one who was bolstered in the beginning of the primary cycle by CNN and MSNBC! (How ironic is this?)

From a geographic -demographic perspective, a McCain –Huckabee ticket makes sense in any wise, Mike did well in the south and the Midwest, and of course, West Virginia. He’s known, and although, not well liked by neo-conservative groups (that should be a bell-ringer as to why he’s electable); it’s a smart-choice on a GOP ticket.

That said all of the above is mere speculation. McCain has the choice to make, and there are many qualified candidates for the VP slot – short list, long list, top of the list, at this point, that list is subject to change. Although personally a Mike Huckabee supporter who would love to see him on the ticket, I prefer a “wait and see”, actual announcement to wild speculation.

On another note, a very positive note: Hillary Clinton took the state of West Virginia last night in what can only be seen as a stunning defeat for Barrack Obama and a huge boost to the Clinton Campaign. It was an across the board, across demographics victory that should send a clear message to those Super Delegates who have yet to commit that perhaps Obama is not the right choice at this particular moment in time. The Base, again, that all important Base, which, although as fragmented as the RNC base, has that big block of working-class voters who identify with Hillary Clinton, along with women, (it might be worth noting that this particular minority is actually a huge majority), who are critical to a win in November. Just as the RNC has relied heavily on values voters (or those who are also Christian conservatives, those who prefer less tax, those who prefer less government), in the past to push G.W. Bush in to the White House for two terms, neither party can, at this point, afford to ignore the candidates (or potential v.p.’s) that will bring these voters home.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Mike Huckabee responds to Novak’s “anonymous sourcing”:

An Anonymous Source - From TDL

“On another note, I was very disturbed by a column by Robert Novak that quoted some “anonymous source” in saying that while I strongly supported Senator McCain, I thought that maybe America “deserves Obama,” as if to say that I secretly hoped he won.
Where do people dream up this stuff? Forget the “anonymous” sources—there’s nothing anonymous about my stand and here it is. We don’t “deserve” Obama—we DESERVE a President with the character, convictions, experience, and wisdom to see the problems we face and try to lead us to solve them. We deserve a President who truly loves this country and from whom there is no doubt as to his respect for Faith, Family, and the kind of Freedom that those before us have given their lives to pass on to us. John McCain meets that criteria and that’s why I am campaigning for him and not hoping for Obama. The nonsense that I want Obama to win this year so I can run in 2012 is absurd. I love my country more than my own ambition. So let the record and truth be clear. And let the “anonymous” sources either show the courage to stand up and be accountable for their comments or shut up and leave commentary to people who aren’t afraid of their own shadow. “Full article at Huck Pac

Notice, all articles or op-ed pieces relative to McCain’s campaign appear to cite “anonymous sources, meanwhile:

The media’s obvious obsession with Obama continues unabated. Race and Republican Talking Points must be the problem - not the fact that Obama has no experience what-so-ever and is running on a message of change and hope with no clear plans to implement either. He uses borrowed speeches and slogans from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (check his record thus far. Obama’s problem is not that he is black, it is that he might just be incompetent to lead the country. Citing Anonymous sources, white, working class, gun-toting and bible hugging fanatics, dinner party conversations and a host of other ridiculous babble, the progressives apparently are out of options. They still have an option, yet, they refuse to acknowledge a woman, to the possible ruination of their party and yet another loss in the fall - this time - to McCain.

Politico: Can the Sisterhood Sava Hillary Sisterhood?
Charleston Gazette: Mountain Mamma Looking for Landslide Mountain Mamma?

Anyone else insulted by the articles titles? Apparently, a woman is characterized in negative terms, while, the male on the ticket is given a pass and a parcel of excuses as to why he may or may not understand that there are 50 states in the Union.

Monday, May 12, 2008

John McCain, Arianna Huffington and a Dinner Party

(No Hard News Available, Media Resorts to Dinner Party “He Said, She said” reporting)

From the New York Times to the LA Times or one left coast to the other left coast, the musings of the far-left of center, Arianna Huffington had been reported upon last week with apparent vigor. The question of whether or not John McCain voted for George W. Bush in the 2000 election appears to be a big issue with Huffington, who is reaching deep in her attempt to bolster her chosen candidate, Barrack Obama. Apparently, Huffington claims that while at a dinner party in Hollywood, John McCain stated he did not vote for Bush in 2000 – John McCain denies the conversation ever took place, and the NY Times has picked up the piece going to great lengths to find “anonymous sources” at the same dinner party who “overheard the conversation” and therefore, it must be true. The reports, and Huffington suggest this “story” leads to credibility – the question is: whose? In Middle America, or those individuals who are neither heavily vested in the daily rants from the right or the left, John McCain is a straight-forward kind of guy. Patriotic, fiscally conservative, crosses the aisle in order to get a job done without making too many compromises, and, most notably, someone who appeals to both Moderate Republicans, Moderate Democrats and those all important Independent voters.

photo credit lifeisart

Who is Arianna Huffington? – Wikepedia (Reliable source?), paints the picture of a wealthy Greek socialite, educated in London, married to Michael Huffington, a congressman from California (R), whose apparent bi-sexuality did not deter Ms. Huffington from the marriage (bling!). They later divorced, after he lost the congressional seat to Diane Feinstein. She is very bitter about the “right side” of American Politics. Is it any wonder? A published author, Arianna has written on a wide range of subject, from Maria Callas, to How to Overthrow the Government. She is described as a progressive. No kidding.

Yet, given the current climate of “there’s nothing to find out about John McCain”, and “Barack Obama’s increasing gaffes, it appears John McCain will win out in a national election. Obama is even having trouble in Bob Byrd’s back yard, no less, a heavily democratic stronghold, (papers are crying racism, making the excuse that the state is heavily white, and those whites are gun and bible owners - therefore, they are racist, or objectively, people who read the news and know how Obama feels about guns and religion). The progressives, (including print and blogs), are desperately looking for any story, no matter how unsubstantiated or ridiculous, to “pin on McCain” in the hopes of making Barack look good enough to vote for!

The Old Adage: No News is Good News, will continue to hold true for McCain throughout the election cycle. The ridiculous musings of a bitter old woman (this comment from an actual old woman), will hardly be the stuff that individuals in Kansas, Ohio, Idaho, most of California and Upstate New York will even read about, or if they do, will even care about.

With the nomination of the DNC handed to Obama by these same entities (one assumes it is the political party that actually nominates the candidate, however, not in this instance), these types of farcical attacks should be expected to escalate. With the stars aligned in favor of the DNC this year, it is with amazement that one ponders how a press, bent on a progressive stand, aligned with individuals with Puffed Up self-opinions, and reporting on non-news, from people of little consequence, may be the catalyst that actually hands the White House back to the Republicans!

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