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Trump Endorses Mitt Romney – Let the Panic, Punch Lines and Punditry Begin - Analysis

Trump Endorses Romney - The "Thrill is lacking" - image

From the Boston Globe: Donald Trump, Real Estate mogul, and reality television star has backed a GOP Candidate – the new American Idol, one Mitt Romney. Romney appeared somewhat “befuddled” during his endorsement by Trump in Las Vegas, according to the Boston Globe. That’s one version – there are several – over on the far left - Mother Jones speculates that the real reason Trump endorsed Romney was political in nature, that Romney needed a Trump endorsement instead of that endorsement going to Gingrich – in a tea-party infused vote-getting scheme, that also involved Trump holding Romney’s hand in public.. One can find articles outlining how Romney bought the endorsement, which makes little sense considering the wealth on both sides of this “deal”.

Endorsements, as far as they go, give publicity to both parties, unless of course, the endorsee has no access to airtime, or is in essence only known in a small circle – for example the endorsement of a private citizen, is, to this mind, of more import that that of a Hollywood Star or Television Star, musician, athlete, or the everyday endorsement on finds from the Media for either the President or Mitt Romney – depending on the outlet. It is a manner in which both parties get attention, and most publicists will note that any publicity is good publicity.

But what about Trump and his conservative credentials – are they more “tea-party” or “Republican Party”? It’s hard to tell from this perspective, one might say neither – and be closer to the truth – As a self-made man, who has done well is real-estate despite his personal ups and downs, perhaps Trump understands Romney better than perhaps the more intellectual Gingrich or the very balanced Santorum, and as a stated Republican/Tea Party kind of guy – the Libertarian, Ron Paul.

Trump’s endorsement will be talked about for the next 48 hours, or perhaps less, as Romney at present seems to be filling the need for the media’s feed of a main and central national Character. Although pushed by the right media (Fox News and the Drudgereport – especially), Mitt Romney has had problems generating enthusiasm above polite clapping – however, the left jumped in, especially when it appeared on Newt Gingrich might actually run over the GOP’s pre-ordained candidate, Mitt Romney. Trump, who is a frequent guest on Fox News, and from local New England talk host, Howie Carr, plays golf with Rush Limbaugh. Perhaps Trump is more a part of the “mainstream” Republican machine than first thought – and should Romney win the nomination, and then of course, the Presidency (anyone who believes that this race is winnable by the current President lacks a clear senses of history and a dose of reality: inflation, increased unemployment figures, and personal income, across all spectrums, especially the poor and middle class, and his record), perhaps Trump (as suggested and most sanely)would be in line for a new gig, say Ambassador to China.

How likely is that to happen? Not at all likely – considering the fact that Romney is a businessman, and as such, he does know how to make “deals” – and since he is actually a hybrid (politician and businessman) one can best be sure that he will make promises to win endorsements and support, and when it comes time to get down to business, chose who he feels is the best fit for the “job at hand” – the old saying: “S—t rolls uphill” refers to the top of the Corporate heap, when a staff runs amok and bad things happen, well, the guy at the top suffers and generally – is fired. Romney, and this is Massachusetts “lore” (i.e. rumor as there is only hear-say), has been known to promise the moon and the stars to those who will help him achieve a goal, like the Governorship of Massachusetts, and then completely forget that promise once elected. Apparently, this leaves a lot of resentment on the floor, but overall, those individuals recover and become - opponents, or if rank and file Massachusetts Republicans get back in line and support whoever they are told to support.

It goes without saying the endorsement was odd, considering that Romney has appeared to shun “the Donald” at every step, and he did appear very uncomfortable in accepting the endorsement from Trump, but for that matter, so did Trump – he lacked the enthusiasm one might except from a Trump endorsement.

The GOP race for the nomination continues this weekend in Nevada where Romney is expected to win handily – given the fact that he has had an organization in place – and that’s the key – follow the Establishment GOP Logic, and one finds a pattern that makes some wonder why bother to vote?

The Reality

There are always a batch of GOP approved candidates and one of those is a favorite (regardless of electability), and so, the guy that comes in second or perhaps even third, (if the guy that comes in second is...less than acceptable by the elite corp), that candidate then becomes a cheerleader, and in four years or eight, is on the stump and yes, before the party begins, is touted as the front-runner – (See Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, and now Romney – just for fun.) The main point that is never mentioned is that they are all, to a man (and or to a woman, if there were one who had gotten into the race, or done well enough to stay in the race) Republicans. For better or for worse, they are "Party animals", just like their Democrat counterparts.

Should Romney get the nomination, then it will be for some, a choice between Obama Lite and Obama, and, truth be told, people who hold doubts about the former Massachusetts Governor, even those in Massachusetts who would prefer that Ron Paul be the nominee (and there are more than a few of those), will hold their nose and vote for – Romney. In this season of “anyone can beat Obama” should be a shoe-in; even if there is a third party candidate from which to choose.

That said this nomination process is not over, and that is a good thing – for entertainment purposes, for the country – especially – as long as Gingrich, Santorum and Paul remain in the race. This is true, should the aforementioned amass delegates in those 26 proportional states, then the contest remains anyone’s ballgame until someone reaches 1100 delegates, and that’s a ways off. This shines the light on the candidates and their ideas far longer than the Obama campaign would like – strategically it is sound – and sound strategy that goes against GOP logic. Therefore, a week after Super Tuesday and the settling of the dust, so to speak, the calls for this one or that one to get out of the race will begin (a la McCain and Huckabee).

The closest to a second place at this point is one Newt Gingrich, who is much maligned by the press and the Romney Campaign, and the GOP, and anyone who could possibly be considered establishment, with only 5 states weighing in by the weekend, it is still too early in this game to crown a winner – (although both candidates would prefer that the case) – So, grab the popcorn, and sit back and enjoy the ideas that will be bandied about and especially the hysteria from the left, and the most important thing to be assured of is this: no matter which one of the candidates wins the nomination, and despite the rhetoric from the RNC that they will choose a candidate if their choice is not brought to the convention on say, the popular vote, those who fought hard and long and lost, will come back as fierce proponents of the nominee – then begin their careers as either talk show hosts for Fox News, or perhaps earn a post in the administration, or, wait eight years, (in the case of the very young Santorum, who is the most appealing candidate at this point – from an anti-Romney point of view), and run as the “anointed” one. The problem both Gingrich and Santorum both have is they have both bucked the Republican system, Gingrich to the point of causing much chagrin and gnashing of teeth and blatantly false accusations and rhetoric from those who know him well – because – when all is said and done, the head of the free world is also the titular head of the party that brought him to the table.

Therefore, the Trump endorsement will mean little in a week or two, as so many endorsement do, what will matter is how strong those Conservatives, the base, react in this election, and one can bet the house, they are not going down the road of concession anytime soon. Newt and Santorum, therefore, (or one of them) will be with us through June, when the primary season ends – and that will make their job, as party cheerleaders (following the common wisdom that it must be Romney, will be Romney, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it being Romney), will be to bring the base to its senses and get them out to vote.

Of course, one cannot forget South Carolina and its predictive primary nature. It is a case where anything can happen, and yes, (no tin foil here – only pragmatism), Gingrich may well rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of Romney’s PAC’s assaults, and the myriad sources of irritation, and win the nomination outright – Romney may be in “safe” territory now, but on Super Tuesday, the shakeout will begin, and should he fail to sweep on Super Tuesday, especially in battleground states, then it will be anyone’s (well, the guy with the most delegates) at that point game. Call this blogger crazy, but on several points, Gingrich is the better candidate, intellectually, in the debate arena, and in the ability to appeal to both spectrums, in spite of the media, and in spite of the negative ads – there is a genuineness about the man, as there is about Rick Santorum, (someone who is given little credence, and who should be watched closely, as he has substance.) Gingrich also knows how to bully both parties into doing what needs to be done, a quality that one finds, to date, lacking in one Mitt Romney. Romney is, to this mind, the appeaser, one who would enter the White House with good looks, and the perfect agenda, and then sit right down with Harry Reid and negotiate something that would appeal to both parties, rather than actually be what the country needs. Perhaps he has changed, and does so daily, but one gets the impression that what the nation needs is someone who could care less about what either Party wants, but what is necessary to put the House in Order – and that’s with or without

Trumps endorsement – which, one has to believe was given based on the hard line Romney has taken with China - a favorite target of Trump is the reason that is the beginning and end of the “why Romney” endorsement.

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Excellent Article on Isreal and Newt Gingrich

This blogger came accross an excellent article outlining Newt Gingrich and his history with the State of Isreal - it is simply a must read - From "Hiding the truth about Newt Gingrich and Israel". Well researched, and well written. One has to understand that the media, and the powers behind the political parties, be they Republican or Democrat, distort the truth, on a consistant basis - listerally pushing candidates taht are "favored" over competant candidates who are not - regardless of the truth, or in some cases the popular vote of the party members.

Breaking: Trump in Las Vegas – May Endorse Newt Gingrich Today

Trump with Gingrich - image Christian Science Monitor

Google News viaAFP: Sources have indicated that Donald Trump will endorse Newt Gingrich, 2012 GOP Nominee today from his Trump International Hotel and Tower. Trump, who has yet to endorse, has made the statement on several occasions that he would consider an independent run if the GOP did not nominate the right candidate – basically, Trump has made up his mind to push who he considers to be the right candidate towards the nomination. For all the pooh-poohing from the pundits on Trumps brand, especially when it comes to politics, they could not be farther off base.

One has to remember, that whoever Trump endorse, will take on that apprentice, American Idol mantel, as Trump has the ability to get his message out to the general population. This is one endorsement, if made today that might well put the chosen candidate on the fast track. Between the recent spates of “state by state” endorsements from Sarah Palin for Newt Gingrich, and should Trump endorse today, that will put considerable weight behind the former speaker of the House.

He did, indeed have a dreadful performance it the debates in Florida, yet, a second place finish, under a barrage of negative advertising from the Romney camp – came in at a respectable 31.9% with 531,294 Register Republicans (closed primary) to Romney’s total of 771,842 (State of Florida a larger version of the State of Massachusetts in 2005) – This may be the impetus that Gingrich needs to get back on track – push the positive and answer then ignore the negative’s coming from the Romney campaign, one which is laterally fighting on 3 fronts in Nevada. Is there yet another uptick in the future for Newt Gingrich, absolutely, one can never say never, in this particular race – Gingrich ahs the gravitas and the poetical experience necessary to take on the field – especially if he gets a little help from Donald Trump.

The Nevada Caucus – Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum – Is “Romney’s State” – “Safe GOP Moderate?”

Nevada has a varied population, perhaps as diverse as Florida’s, but obviously a Western flavor of frontierism that continues to pervade those who head west to find their fortunes. There are also obvious difference between the north and south of the State, but overall the State leans Conservative, with a bold streak of Independence. Like the Florida Primary, the Nevada Caucus is a Closed Caucus meaning only those who are Registered Republicans may vote in the caucus, however there is an opportunity for voters to change registration to vote in the Republican primary NV GOP.


Sarah Palin has, again, endorsed Newt Gingrich in the same manner she had in South Carolina and Florida, ( Las Vegas Sun) it worked in South Carolina, however, the closed GOP primary, left out the Tea Party base that holds the Governor in such high esteem - yes, Independents and disenfranchised Democrats – were not voting on last Tuesday. It remains to be seen how much impact she will have on Nevada, since it is, again, a closed GOP Caucus.

Sharon Angle, the Tea Party Firecracker that upended the establishment GOP in Nevada in 2010 beating the incumbent and going on to lose to Harry Reid has endorsed Rick Santorum. Santorum is modeled on Gingrich, yet more of a Mr. Rogers style, social values Conservative, not, repeat, not to be confused with the fact that he has a solid foreign and domestic policy agenda – in other words, Santorum is the combination the best of the evangelical political worlds – but then again, so is Newt Gingrich. The choice between the two comes down to age, wisdom and the grandfatherly look, to youth, a Gingrich protégé (politically speaking), who is handsome and very presidential when he loses the sweater vest. Yet again, Tea Party members must be Registered Republicans to vote for either of the aforementioned.

It is no secret that two of the contenders in this race, Santorum and Ron Paul have a gift (so to speak) for the Caucus, while Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney may be relying on their advertising – that said, Gingrich is closer to the think of the Western Conservative than Romney. Regardless of the fact that this primary is closed, this is going to be one interesting Saturday.

Check Northern Nevada Talk: check out KKTF FM – talk radio Carson City/Reno. - Northern Nevada Tea Party focused Talk .
Not unlike the Florida panhandle – just for reference.

Ron Paul, may have more strengths in the caucus State and this may be his opportunity to grab a win – he is activiely courting the one voting bloc that is designated “Romney”, the Mormon Church. According the San Francisco Chronicle, Ron Paul Supporters are going door to door, and laying out Ron Paul’s policies, which align with that particular faiths vision of independence and liberty – comments from Nevadan’s in this piece, may give Romney’s team heartburn, especially if he loses any of the 25% voting bock that is the Mormon Church in Nevada.

Nevada will be the 5th State to weigh in on the GOP nomination – Grab the popcorn!

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Romney Wins FL Closed GOP Primary: State Scorecard: Romney 2, Gingrich 1, Santorum 1 – Nevada On Deck - Analysis

Romney wins Fl by 14% over Gingrich in Closed Republican Only FL Primary

Mitt Romney the former Massachusetts Governor, Bain Capital Founder and Salt Lake City Olympic Savior has won the Florida GOP Primary – with 100% of the vote counted, Romney captured 46% of the Republican closed primary; Gingrich 32%, Santorum at 13% and Paul at 7% (Freedomslighthouse). The FL State GOP, in moving the date up in the calendar year, was penalized and lost delegates – 50 delegates instead of 99 were awarded to Romney prior. In Florida’s case all delegates were awarded to the winning candidate (Romney) and it is not a proportional state – over half the states award proportional delegates (everyone picks up delegates, according to placement).

The total delegate count to date is illustrated very well on CNN Politics: where Romney currently leads with 84 delegates, 66 won in primary contests, and the balance awarded by the GOP as “unpledged delegates”. Gingrich at 27, Ron Paul at 10, and Rick Santorum at 8 with one unpledged delegate – the total delegate count to win the election: 1144.

Give the Devil his Due:

Romney did extremely well in this Republican Only Primary, winning by 14% over Gingrich who, despite the barrage of negative advertising continued by Romney and his PAC, came in a respectable 2nd with a vote tally over 500,000. It appears that Romney’s forte is the negative ad, which played well in this particular state. Santorum and Paul, unlike Gingrich, did not compete in the State of Florida.

The Speech: Romney’s wife Ann gave a very remarkable and entertaining pre-Mitt introduction speech, the candidate himself, gave a short pointed speech skewering the President – and what Romney has learned in the last month since he was hammered by Gingrich in SC is to become a better communicator. Watching Romney deliver a speech prior to this elicited a deep desire to take a nap – in all seriousness, the man does not exude excitement or the ability to connect with the given audience – he now has this down (or appears to given his speech upon winning Florida: keep the speech short and to the point, as if watching a PowerPoint rather than a teleprompter: Romney ticked off the speech speaking first to the hard won battle between all candidates, and then why he, and not Obama should be the next President, he also looked sincerely into the camera, looking more Mitt than ever before - he out-Obamaed the president in his ability to work the camera to his advantage. For that performance – Mitt deserves credit – his fortunes may well lay with his ability to be coached through both the debates and the speeches – if he can continue in this vein, he may do as well in the Republican only contests.

Doesn’t the Republican only contest represent all facets of population?

Hardly: In a closed primary only Republican’s can vote, therefore, as the Tea Party is mainly made up of the anti-establishment (i.e. non-Republican and non-Democrats) they were not truly represented in Florida, in addition, Independents tend to also include those who would normally vote for either a Republican and or Democrat, making it difficult to tell if Romney could carry any Democrats, as in Blue Collar workers.

Therefore although Florida is another notch in the delegate belt, what Romney needs to do to convince everyone on the planet that he is indeed capable (we all know he’s the GOP chosen candidate and that the last man anyone in Washington wants in the White House is Newt Gingrich, who will boot them to the curb, no doubt) – he needs to win a state that a) is an open primary, with proportional votes, and by a wider margin that 14 points. Romney simply is not picking up the base, therefore, he has to be picking up the independent and Democrats that will swing, if he cannot, he will be yet another Republican Nominee who almost beat the incumbent. On that Speech by the way, Ann Romney delivered a rousing speech beforehand, thanking those who helped the campaign, and obviously the main cheerleader for her husband, Mitt.

On Newt Gingrich:

In delivering his Concession Speech, CNN political Analysis David Gergen” said it best (Paraphrased) “That was the speech Newt should have delivered in the Debates and he may have won Florida.” Gingrich’s speech was rousing, acknowledging briefly the fact that Florida was a loss and making a point that there were 46 additional states to weigh in – in addition Gingrich had honed his message as not only the Anti-Romney candidate (although Rick Santorum has some creds on that as well), but as the Anti-Establishment Candidate – an independent voice, for the people that would not give a whit about political party –in other words, a man that would run the nation based on the ideal our Founders put Forth in framing the Constitution. Political parties were their worst nightmare – Gingrich personifies the individual who would challenge the status qua, and shake things up in DC.

That is where the Tea Party and those who feel entrenched politico’s including those non-elected Party officials that plan who wins and who loses, need to meet Newt Gingrich. The strong oratorical skills shown in SC and in the speech last evening are what makes one want to see Gingrich take on the President – he shoots from the hip – and he manages to outperform expectations – whereby compared to Romney, who has two decent debate performances to date, and both in Florida, may have appeared strong, simply because he attacked Gingrich and Gingrich failed to show up – regardless of the fact that he may have been advised to tone down the rhetoric, or if he were road weary – there is no doubt that he lost Florida on the debate, and also on the fact that it was a closed Primary.

Where does that leave the GOP? This is a primary season unlike any other – watching CNN (by far superior to FOX for those who are not blinded by the GOP or any party), Political Analyst Donna Brazile said it best when she noted the Contests should go on, and mentioned popcorn. In addition, she also noted that Romney should not put his singing talents up against the President – although lighthearted, (and paraphrased), Ms. Brazile was spot on – this is a contest unlike any other in political history – where the public demands more action, debates are billed as “The Fight of the Century”, and where the average voter is thrilled to tune in. The fact that millions, depending on the network, anywhere from 5 to 7 million (approx.) viewers will tune into a Republican Debate, regardless of the fact that there have been dozens of debates so far – GOP Debates – who knew Republican candidates could be so entertaining?

Why didn’t Sarah Palin’s endorsement put Gingrich over the top?

Palin’s endorsement of Newt Gingrich (or, if I were in Florida I’d vote for Newt) most likely reached the right people (Tea Party, etc.), but they were not allowed to vote in the Florida primary – had this not been a closed primary – as the polls were based on “likely Republican voters”, including independents and Democrats”, the righteous indignation of one Sarah Palin fell on deaf ears.

Looking at CNN’s exist polls: Florida is less evangelical and/or religious, Florida Republicans are more moderate (think Massachusetts), and therefore, they do not depict those who, in November will actually cast ballots for the Republican Nominee – or, if the Republican ninnies is not to their liking, will a) stay home and not vote at all, or b) vote for the incumbent. It is the fact that Romney cannot connect with the base, something he desperately needs to do, and that leaves this race wide open.

Nevada, the next state on the agenda, will hold its Caucus on this Saturday and again, Romney is favored by the media and establishment to win – however, one must watch the Caucus State, where the Tea Party is stronger than the Republican Party and where Ron Paul and Santorum have been in place since last week. Gingrich flew directly there from Florida and will concentrate on that campaign rather than do the morning talk shows – what one does know is that none of these campaigns would be continuing if they felt that there was not an opening in which they could capitalize and possibly reach the nomination – therefore, given intelligence and internal polls in states that have Santorum and Paul appear set to go the distance, to Tampa if necessary.

Although anyone who has read this blog over a period of time understands that this blogger is no fan of the former Govenor of the Bay State (this blogger being a resident), for myriad reasons ranging from Fees (Note to Mitt, these are taxes no matter how one slices it), to Social Issues (specifically as regards the Catholic Church and its inability to promote adoptions in Massachusetts), and the facts about Robama Care and how it is not the best plan and never was. There is some resentment in Massachusetts, one might add, due to the many promises Romney made to GOP members and did not deliver (note to the FL AG), but more importantly, the rank and file conservatives (which include the 12% of the Republicans and the 51% of the Independents in part) who feel he abandoned the state to seek higher office, used the Governor’s office to do so, and then left the state with Deval Patrick a model for Barack Obama (literally), and a State Legislature chock full of like-minded progressive Democrats. In other words, hanging those who still held out a shred of hope that Massachusetts would, somehow not become the most taxes, highest cost of living, mandated Democrat controlled state in the Union. Perhaps it’s not fair to Romney; however, that’s how it appears. As Massachusetts is an Open Primary – it will be interesting to see how well Romney does in the State where he governed, against Gingrich and Paul who already have organizations on the ground, with Gingrich (PAC) running ads well ahead of the March 6 primary.

If Romney does end up the nominee by virtue of no help from his friends in high places, then so be it, it is, at this point, debatable (no pun intended) if he can best the incumbent, who has only prepared for a Romney victory. It would be a battle of billions in dollars spent – and to this point of view, the outcome is less certain, even though those same establishment voices continue to push the theory that Romney is the best candidate to beat Obama. One has to understand, (or reiterate) a closed Republican Parity in Florida where the voters think Mitt Romney is a stronger candidate is the Establishment of the GOP, whereas, the Open Primary in SC would be those most likely to vote be they independent, Republican or Democrat – and in that primary, Gingrich took the “most likely to best Obama vote. Again, only two states, out of 50, and only 4 having weighed in so far – it will be a long road, and as Romney said, the one who emerges from the ashes of the GOP 2012 primary season, will be battled hardened, and ready for Prime Time.

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Last Florida Polls – Gingrich Polls Within Reach 45% of Romney Supporters May Jump Ship Romney’s Attack Ads - His Undoing – Again

Romney Constant Attacks on Newt Gingrich May Have Adverse Affect on - Romney -Image from The West Orlando News Online

As Floridian’s go to the polls this morning, a last poll conducted by the Insider Advantage Group showed the gap between Romney and Gingrich closing to a 5 point Romney Lead, there is no margin of error shown on the poll stats provided in PDF from Real Clear What is interesting in the marginals is that the poll reflects the make-up of voters in the state, more so than other polls taken. The biggest gap in “may change one’s mind” leading up to the final days comes from Public Policy Polling, where Romney leads by 9 points, however, and here’s the big if (see page 5 of the PDF from PPP Crosstabs: Committed to the Candidate: Romney, more than any other candidates see support that is willing to go to another candidate (even up to the last day) 45% of Romney voters may jump ship. Although Romney's leading in early balloting, it may be the only area in which he leads when polls begin to close this evening. At this point, and with polls this divisive, it will be difficult to say, at this point, who might win the Florida primary with Gingrich and Romney within 5 points, and variables that suggest Romney has not “sealed the deal” with the voters.

One reason may be his scored each attempt to destroy opponents, to the point where both right and left pundits are coming to the defense of Newt Gingrich – Romney has no problem playing fast and loose with the facts, something he is well known for from the 2008 campaign. In that campaign the negative ads were just almost but not quite as egregious as those used to date in this campaign, and it may well be that he has placed some serious doubts in voters’ minds regarding his stability when it comes to the national race – a candidate that will say or do anything to get elected, regardless of accuracy (mistakes here and there, can be attributed to the exhaustion of the campaign trail, however, Romney is on 24/7, and on Newt Gingrich.

Therefore, he is not taking time to talk about Mitt Romney and he is also not taking shots at Obama, but so over-focused on eliminating his chief competitor that he has lost sight of the “prize”, it is his usual undoing.

Florida may well end up being a Newt Gingrich win by the time the votes are tallied, and if so, it will be a hair breath win, not be a “blowout” for Romney as anticipated but a squeaker which, when all is said and done, will be similar to the Iowa vote – meaning nothing more, nor nothing less for the Romney Campaign. That applies should Romney win, with less of a commanding lead than South Carolina (which is traditionally the state that accurately predicts the nominee, and that state went to Gingrich). Should Romney leave Florida and somehow lose Nevada – then even with a win that would be a psychological blow, especially if Gingrich bests him in a state considered “Safe Romney”.

Of note: Gingrich ads are running in Massachusetts – which is interesting – a state that is a Super Tuesday State, and former home to the one-term Governor Romney.

Video’s below

Sarah Palin Weighs In.

Chris Matthews Weighs In!!

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2012 GOP Florida Latest Poll: Gingrich Closes on Romney, Leads Double Digits in Hispanic Vote

The latest Insider Advantage Poll, conducted in Florida Sunday, shows the gap closing on Romney, who leads Gingrich by a mere 5 points (margin of error unknown, sample of 642 likely voters) - 9% undecided. The large Hispanic bloc is breaking for Gingrich by a margin of 42 to 29%.The blanace of the poll: Romney and Paul at 12% Each. (NewsMax).

As the FL Polls Turn – Media Touts Romney Lead, but 24% May Change Mind - Palin’s Friday Endorsement of Gingrich in FL Primary.

Sarah Palin, shown with Newt Gingrich, image - from the AP via slantright

The numbers on Florida polls are literally everywhere, from the Right centered, Rasmussen Reports, showing Mitt Romney with Double Digit leads to Quinnipiac polling which shows Romney with a lead, but 34% thinking of changing their minds before casting that vote.

The Florida Polls (Using Real Clear Politics, for reference: (includes national polling) shows Romney with an 8 to 9 point lead over Gingrich with all polls, except for Rasmussen – of those polls, Quinnipiac has the greatest amount of undecided’s 6%, and the larger number will to change their mind before the election 32%, none of that data appeared anywhere online – as if it is somehow insignificant that those who are about to cast a ballot are still seeking an option to Romney – The Rasmussen Poll of 750 Likely Florida Voters, shows that 21% are still likely to change their mind – as of the 28th, (subscriber link) something that is not noted in most releases and significant because the number one issues is Florida: national security, might not be Romney’s forte.

That hasn’t stopped the media from pushing the idea (and that is the Drudge Report, Fox and the rest of the media – in concert – (this should set off bells, whistles, sirens) Mitt Romney is the second Obama, someone who cannot be beat, which is – in a word ludicrous – the man did win the Governorship of Massachusetts, but truthfully not on his own merits, it was a remark made by Shannon O’Brien to the mothers of the State of Massachusetts, a week prior to the election, with Romney’s numbers taking a nosedive, that sent voters running in the direction of the man who would introduce fees, and mandated health care to the Commonwealth – the other race he lost to Ted Kennedy in the 1994’s, Teddy being more politically astute than poor Shannon.

Above political pundit and author Ann Coulter and Mitt Romney - image slanted right blog
Ann Coulter Appears to Trust Mitt Romney, or is just a moderates moderate, using conventional Washington think that only a candidate that is left of center can win - image slanted right blog

Therefore, there’s an issue of trust that has spanned decades, when it comes to Mitt Romney.

Someone had to step up and help the tiny voices out of the Bay State who are hoping someone pays atteniton to the Romney Tax increases, etc. before it's too late! Enter Sarah Palin, who, using her Facebook page offered the following note in regards to what is happening to Newt Gingrich. Frankly in a match-up vis a vis credibility between Romney surrogate Ann Coulter, and then Tea Party Leader and credible politico Sarah Palin, there is simply no contest. One can only hope in the last day before the remaining 50 % of the votes are cast (Florida votes early and by mail and possibly often – not unlike Massachusetts) those that have not cast their votes or had harbored doubts about Romney got a chance to read Sarah Palin’s note:

‘Cannibals in GOP Establishment Employ Tactics of the Left
by Sarah Palin on Friday, January 27, 2012 at 5:57pm
We have witnessed something very disturbing this week. The Republican establishment which fought Ronald Reagan in the 1970s and which continues to fight the grassroots Tea Party movement today has adopted the tactics of the left in using the media and the politics of personal destruction to attack an opponent.

We will look back on this week and realize that something changed. I have given numerous interviews wherein I espoused the benefits of thorough vetting during aggressive contested primary elections, but this week’s tactics aren’t what I meant. Those who claim allegiance to Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment should stop and think about where we are today. Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, the fathers of the modern conservative movement, would be ashamed of us in this primary. Let me make clear that I have no problem with the routine rough and tumble of a heated campaign. As I said at the first Tea Party convention two years ago, I am in favor of contested primaries and healthy, pointed debate. They help focus candidates and the electorate. I have fought in tough and heated contested primaries myself. But what we have seen in Florida this week is beyond the pale. It was unprecedented in GOP primaries. I’ve seen it before – heck, I lived it before – but not in a GOP primary race.

I am sadly too familiar with these tactics because they were used against the GOP ticket in 2008. The left seeks to single someone out and destroy his or her record and reputation and family using the media as a channel to dump handpicked and half-baked campaign opposition research on the public. The difference in 2008 was that I was largely unknown to the American public, so they had no way of differentiating between the lies and the truth. All of it came at them at once as “facts” about me. But Newt Gingrich is known to us – both the good and the bad.

We know that Newt fought in the trenches during the Reagan Revolution. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, Newt was among a handful of Republican Congressman who would regularly take to the House floor to defend Reagan at a time when conservatives didn’t have Fox News or talk radio or conservative blogs to give any balance to the liberal mainstream media. Newt actually came at Reagan’s administration “from the right” to remind Americans that freer markets and tougher national defense would win our future. But this week a few handpicked and selectively edited comments which Newt made during his 40-year career were used to claim that Newt was somehow anti-Reagan and isn’t conservative enough to go against the accepted moderate in the primary race. (I know, it makes no sense, and the GOP establishment hopes you won’t stop and think about this nonsense. Mark Levin and others have shown the ridiculousness of this.) To add insult to injury, this “anti-Reagan” claim was made by a candidate who admitted to not even supporting or voting for Reagan. He actually was against the Reagan movement, donated to liberal candidates, and said he didn’t want to go back to the Reagan days. You can’t change history. We know that Newt Gingrich brought the Reagan Revolution into the 1990s. We know it because none other than Nancy Reagan herself announced this when she presented Newt with an award, telling us, “The dramatic movement of 1995 is an outgrowth of a much earlier crusade that goes back half a century. Barry Goldwater handed the torch to Ronnie, and in turn Ronnie turned that torch over to Newt and the Republican members of Congress to keep that dream alive.” As Rush and others pointed out, if Nancy Reagan had ever thought that Newt was in any way an opponent of her beloved husband, she would never have even appeared on a stage with him, let alone presented him with an award and said such kind things about him. Nor would Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan, have chosen to endorse Newt in this primary race. There are no two greater keepers of the Reagan legacy than Nancy and Michael Reagan. What we saw with this ridiculous opposition dump on Newt was nothing short of Stalin-esque rewriting of history. It was Alinsky tactics at their worst.

But this whole thing isn’t really about Newt Gingrich vs. Mitt Romney. It is about the GOP establishment vs. the Tea Party grassroots and independent Americans who are sick of the politics of personal destruction used now by both parties’ operatives with a complicit media egging it on. In fact, the establishment has been just as dismissive of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. Newt is an imperfect vessel for Tea Party support, but in South Carolina the Tea Party chose to get behind him instead of the old guard’s choice. In response, the GOP establishment voices denounced South Carolinian voters with the same vitriol we usually see from the left when they spew hatred at everyday Americans “bitterly clinging” to their faith and their Second Amendment rights. The Tea Party was once again told to sit down and shut up and listen to the “wisdom” of their betters. We were reminded of the litany of Tea Party endorsed candidates in 2010 who didn’t win. Well, here’s a little newsflash to the establishment: without the Tea Party there would have been no historic 2010 victory at all.

I spoke up before the South Carolina primary to urge voters there to keep this primary going because I have great concern about the GOP establishment trying to anoint a candidate without the blessing of the grassroots and all the needed energy and resources we as commonsense constitutional conservatives could bring to the general election in order to defeat President Obama. Now, I respect Governor Romney and his success. But there are serious concerns about his record and whether as a politician he consistently applied conservative principles and how this impacts the agenda moving forward. The questions need answers now. That is why this primary should not be rushed to an end. We need to vet this. Pundits in the Beltway are gleefully proclaiming that this primary race is over after Florida, despite 46 states still not having chimed in. Well, perhaps it’s possible that it will come to a speedy end in just four days; but with these questions left unanswered, it will not have come to a satisfactory conclusion. Without this necessary vetting process, the unanswered question of Governor Romney’s conservative bona fides and the unanswered and false attacks on Newt Gingrich will hang in the air to demoralize many in the electorate. The Tea Party grassroots will certainly feel disenfranchised and disenchanted with the perceived orchestrated outcome from self-proclaimed movers and shakers trying to sew this all up. And, trust me, during the general election, Governor Romney’s statements and record in the private sector will be relentlessly parsed over by the opposition in excruciating detail to frighten off swing voters. This is why we need a fair primary that is not prematurely cut short by the GOP establishment using Alinsky tactics to kneecap Governor Romney’s chief rival.

As I said in my speech in Iowa last September, the challenge of this election is not simply to replace President Obama. The real challenge is who and what we will replace him with. It’s not enough to just change up the uniform. If we don’t change the team and the game plan, we won’t save our country. We truly need sudden and relentless reform in Washington to defend our republic, though it’s becoming clearer that the old guard wants anything but that. That is why we should all be concerned by the tactics employed by the establishment this week. We will not save our country by becoming like the left. And I question whether the GOP establishment would ever employ the same harsh tactics they used on Newt against Obama. I didn’t see it in 2008. Many of these same characters sat on their thumbs in ‘08 and let Obama escape unvetted. Oddly, they’re now using every available microscope and endoscope – along with rewriting history – in attempts to character assassinate anyone challenging their chosen one in their own party’s primary. So, one must ask, who are they really running against?

- Sarah Palin

Gingrich is still besting Romney on a national basis, this despite, Romney’s continual assault, and the Republican Establishment firmly behind him, whether they are “entirely accurate or not”, it is a whole-hearted effort to Stop Newt! – Why? Simply because he has, in the past, failed to support, or knocked down the ludicrous ideas of some of the most powerful men in the beltway – they are, simply put, getting even. – At the expense of the nation.

Sarah Palin is spot on, and in this opinion (and having lived the history and knowing that one can access the Congressional Record and “Fact Check” these bozo’s, ) this is the best treatment of what can happen if a decent candidate, and qualified candidate, dares to run against the Beltways “chosen candidate).

At this point, with one day left and it is hoped that the people of Florida come to their senses – (and this is spoken as an individual who has lived under “Romney’s governorship”.), and vote for ABR (Anybody but Romney) – if not, there are only 46 states left to weigh in, of those half are proportional delegates and should Florida prove to be as moderate as say New Hampshire , then the contest will shortly move to less moderate states, where an opportunity exists to best Romney (especially in Nevada). It will help whoever the nominee is, in the end, (and that includes Romney’s debate coaches and his use of a teleprompter), (familiar) and his health care program (familiar) to do their best against Barack Obama in the fall. They will be battle hardened and much more capable of taking the heat that will be dished out by the other team. Well, hopefully, if the right candidate is chosen as the nominee, otherwise, if it is someone who so resembles the President, then independents and moderates (see blog title) may have to vote for the President – it’s an adage “Better the Devil you know that the Devil you don’t”.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Florida Attorney General Applauds Romney Care? Plans on Being on Romney's Health Care Advisory Board - Red Flag!

The Florida Attorney General, in an interview with Fox News' "On The Record" (video below) compared Romney's Health Care Plan to Obama's and was extremely favorable about the plan - Frankly, it is hoped that the AG was not referring to the current Massachusetts Health Care Plan as the model - if she was, that's a problem - it is exactly the model for "Obama-care" - and with all due respect:

The Massachusetts Model takes up the majority of the budget (see the Mass 2011 Health Care Budget - and costs for health care reform (Commonwealth Care) at $1,781,800,000).

Taxes have been raised to cover the costs of "Romneycare" - ( See 25% Sales Tax Increase), and the Commonwealth lost population to the point where a Congressional seat was lost (in the silver lining column, Barney Frank did resign due to the redistricting.)

If one cannot afford Health Insurance in Massachusetts, one if forced to pay a fine (for a married couple who does not have health insurance that amounts to a fine comparable to a per month charge for a Commonwealth Care Plan - payable directly to the Massachusetts DOR) - it is less expensive to pay a fine in some instances than to purchase health insurance in Massachusetts. Massachusetts has a choice of three carriers, plus "Commonwealth Care" - which is run by the Commonwealth (or the State) - the costs and demand has been so high, they are no longer accepting new enrollee's. Also, it offers excemtpions if one cannot afford either the State Health Insurance or their Employers Health Insurance, leaving those families uninsured - and one can bet it is more than 2 percent of the population.

If this AG is referring to Mitt Romney's version of Mandated State Health Care - she's drinking Koolaid, or has been promised a position with a hefty bonus.

It has driven doctors out of the business (before this bloggers family doctor quit his practice, he spoke to the fact that between malpractice insurance and the costs of the Mandate, he could not longer afford to practice in the Commonwealth), and patient wait time is ridiculous.

A good health insurance program would allow more carriers to compete - Massachusetts did the smart thing when they opened the borders to Auto Insurance, and as a result, premiums were drastically reduced - however, that did not happen under Mitt Romney's watch.

Hopefully, Fox got it's heading on the video below dead wrong, otherwise, what this woman is suggesting is in way way, shape or form, a conservative ideal - although, to this point of view, Romney was never a conservative, as a moderate, he's to the left ideologically speaking (or as he governed). If not, and the good people of the State of Florida have several choices, and at this point, Newt Gingrich, Rick Sanotorum and Ron Paul are all better choices than the man who literally gave us Obamacare.

Video from You tube: Heading is correct if the Fox Sub-headings are to be taken literally

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