Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Excuse me but! Finding Pet Friendly Campgrounds is a Most difficult task!

image and article form Ottawadogblog.ca

After searching high and low for multiple weeks, I finally found a camping area that would accept me and my three pups for short-term campout. Normally most campsites, even in Pet friendly areas, suggest that one has their pet at their side, on a short leash at all times, with no access to any of the campgrounds amenities, specifically, the trails, the ponds (if any) the beaches (if any) and so on. This is especially true of Connecticut & Massachusetts. To be fair, some do offer dog parks and such for the dog, but...it’s not the same as sharing the experience with ones four legged friends.

Those that rely heavily on the companionship of their canine companions, be it for service needs and/or just the presence of unconditional love, should have some outlets that will allow them to experience nature without penalties (of course, picking up after one’s pups and insuring they have all vaccinations are common sense under any circumstances).

As we spend a fortune on medical, food (which is taxed) and shelter for our animals (I’m thinking tax deductions here), it is right and proper that those with pets, especially in states and municipalities that charge fees (i.e. taxes) in the form of dog tags, should have outlets where they can comfortably take their pets for a day or for that matter a week (if camping).

I did find one campground in Maine, which will share experience once returned. The experience will be based on how much enjoyment we have in this experience. It will be a somewhat longer drive, but the hope is that it will be the perfect experience for both human and pet.

There are “dog camps” in Massachusetts; however, those are weekly retreats, offering activities that would suit most anyone. The downside is that they are only offer 2 to 3 times a year and are priced for cabins, rather than tents.

If anyone who cares to drop a note in comments as to options for campers it would be appreciated. Criteria: off leash camping – sensible rules are fine (must have vaccinations, and pick up the wastes), but should offer beach access (even if times are restricted to early morning), and trails that are also off-leash. - Canada options obviously welcome.)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Ted Cruz – 2013 – First Year Most Influential Senator – No apologies – No remorse – As it Should be.

Ted Cruz, the junior Senator from the State of Texas, made some promises on the campaign trail and once elected, put himself to work – on the promise he made. These included stopping the Affordable Health Care Act – otherwise known as Obama Care – and he did his utmost to do so. He talked to his constituents in town hall style meetings, and went about the other states doing the same – the conclusion was that he needed to do something – so he did.

In a 21 hour non-filibuster (due to Senate rules) – he attempted to educate the general public on what might happen should the government fund Obama Care – things such as millions might lose their policies, and doctors might not be available. He was maligned not only on the left, which would be expected – but on the right as the old guards in the Republican Party are more interested in getting along and keeping their jobs based on polling from DC rather than doing what their constituents want. Which makes Ted Cruz, one of the only guys in DC that is actually doing with he was sent to do – constitutionally, work for the people who sent him there.

Accordingly to Real Clear Politics, Senator Cruz, also has his head on straight – he places the blame squarely where it belongs for the “alleged” government shutdown: at the feet of Harry Reid and the President.

Both men wanted to insure that the legislation went though – on time – which, in retrospect, had they listened to Ted Cruz, and came to some compromise, the President’s approval ratings would be through the roof – but that would take two – and Harry Reid, who is the fact totem leader of the country, was having none of it.

Therefore, yes, it was their fault, and they went the extra mile by shutting down national monuments spending more on the shutdown than would have been necessary. The entire “debate” over Obama Care has cost the county a boatload of cash, and it is a disaster – putting it off a year or two and working across the aisle might have made the transition perfect –yet – with a lack of bi-partisanship and party about the people, that is displayed on both sides of the aisle, that was not going to happen.

Ted Cruz, who many suggest may run for the office of the Presidency with experience equal to the current office holder, may or may not be in for a surprise as he has yet to even remotely hint at a run. The perfect place for Ted Cruz in this bloggers book would be to replace on Harry Reid at the helm, of course, there has to be a real change in power in the senate in 2014 for that to take place. That chance in power is evidence by the growing distaste for all incumbents who are more party less people. In that scenario - the prediction from here –Obama’s last terms in office may be the best he has had – should the Senate and the House both become more Libertarian-Tea Party and less standard “Republican” party or “Democrat Party”. It is looking as if this could possibly occur.

Of course, there would be the usual attention hounds, McCain, King, the like – but they are no longer relevant in this date and age, and as they are cheerleaders for the Democrats, they might as well change parties (it happens frequently)

Therefore, Cruz remains one of my favorite political figures, along with Mike Lee, and, without a doubt, Rand Paul, there are others, but for brevity sake, saving that for another day.

These leaders give us hope, something that has been lost amongst the partisan “hacks” that have been ruling for the past 30 odd years.

Monday, December 23, 2013

As we Close 2014 -CNN Outlines Why It Might Have been a bad Year for Obama –They missed a few!

In an effort to figure out why the President’s poll numbers have been less than stellar these past few months, CNN has suggestedsix reasons why: Obama Care tops the list, the polling is number 2, the Snowdon Leaks at 3, number 4 – the IRS targeting, Number 5 is the Presidents “stalled agenda”, and rounding out the list: the “selfie” snap shot at Mandela’s funeral.(CNN)

They may have two of them correct, specifically the Obama Care rollout – which, due to the hyper-partisanship in the Senate (between Democrats and McCanian Republicans and the Constitutionalist), has come to fruition and is now laying waste to the lives of millions, while bits and pieces of the legislation are picked away – all without Congressional approval. The second woe that stands out in CNN’s list is the IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups, specifically Tea Party, during election cycles.

The balance are on the order of personal, or out of context: The Snowdon Leaks – although the buck stops at the top of the heap (i.e. with the President) – Snowdon’s filching of state secrets as a contractor hired by an agency that works for the Federal government is so far removed from the President it might as well be the moon. In this instance it is a case of general incompetence and little oversight of the hiring process associated with the contractors, coupled with the same as far as the government agencies are concerned. Agree or disagree with Snowdon, the point is – like other spies, one is either caught or not and this was not personally a pervue of the President.

(The contents however…)

The Stalled agenda, considering Obama Care, may be a plus rather than a minus for this particular President. The polling was bound to happen, historically, second term Presidents rarely have high poll numbers, given the degree with which the public interest is waning and looking for the next best President. A second term gives one’s detractors an ability to trash the daylights out of the guy sitting in the throne room, in a political move to swipe Congress and the Senate for their Party. Suffice it to say: Clinton, Bush, Gorge W (although Clinton’s numbers were unusually high for second term Presidents).

If, however, the polling goes to Carter levels, the one might want to find a good fictional – historian to set the record straight.

Lastly, the “selfie” – one must give the guy a break. In many instances, especially state affairs, the President has been criticized, however, since the public should be used to gaffes at this point, and since it as a funeral of a former head of state and icon, perhaps the length of the ceremony was too much to bear, and there was a need for a bit of levity, and sharing the moment, no better way to capture that amongst heads of states, than – the selfie.

What CNN did not mention: the level of incompetence in the administration is mind-boggling, unfortunately the President, or is aid in charge of hiring staff including appointments, needs to take a long vacation.

Benghazi, although part and parcel of the State Departments’ purview, the President’s Cabinet members hound have played this one straight instead of blaming some grossly ridiculous cartoonish video – while not demanding that whoever gave the orders to stand down while a U.S. ambassador was murdered should have been hung out to dry.

Lastly, it is the high partisanship displayed by the President that has caused the problem he’s faced with now. Either that or he was working with the wrong Republicans’ (i.e. the McCain’s, etc.), as had he actually listened to those who were newly elected (similarly to himself, less to no experience in legislation) tea party, and tried to work with them rather than investigate and harass them – maybe, just maybe in a utopian world – Obama Care would have become the signature legislation known as – you can now afford insurance, we’ve opened up the state lines and all carriers can go anywhere, no mandates on every single policy (which had he looked at Massachusetts, he would have avoided all the mistakes that are breaking the budget in this Commonwealth) and finally those who have no insurance and cannot afford it, will be given the option of Medicaid – simple.

He would have made new friends and a ton of enemies on the left, but would have had skyrocketing poll numbers.

Of course, first he would have had to muzzle Harry Reid.

What can possibly go wrong in 2014? -

Friday, December 20, 2013

Obama Care – Now You Can Keep A Plan that is More Substandard than the Plan you Lost Under Obama Care Mandates! – The Fleecing of America – Answer: Civil Class Action Law Suit

It’s all in a day’s work in D.C. as the nation’s indecisive and glaringly incompetent administration changes yet another facet of the disaster known as Obama Care. Due to mandates of this particular plan governing insurance coverage for certain instances, which were previously not covered under some private insurance plans (i.e. fertility services), those types of plans were cancelled. Some of those plans offered sterling benefits, at a reasonable price; yet, those individuals were told they could not keep their plans. Top that off with the fact that the administration knew this was the scoop years ago when the bill was being “developed”. They weren’t alone, as one would think most of the Congresses understood what was about to happen to those families and individuals, but for political and or ideological reasons, let this behemoth become law, and then fund the darn thing.

To cover their increasingly large behinds, the Feds with their media buddies are beginning to downplay the projected millions of plan losses by noting that the White House is suggesting that “fewer than 500,000” have lost healthcare coverage”(News10.net)

Then the administration announced they would yet again, unconstitutionally ignore this law by offering those without coverage the ability to avoid fees from the IRS and those who have lost coverage will be able to get “catastrophic insurance”, which is insurance that may or may not prevent bankruptcy in the event someone needs care.(NPR)

If one is one of the estimated millions who lost their coverage under the bungling of the implementation of this plan with no rules imposed upon the American public by the Democrat controlled Congress and Democrat controlled Senate in 2010, then the fact that they are being offered coverage that is sub-standard, after losing great plans that were deemed substandard by the same bureaucracy then there should be a massive suit brought, not against the government per say, but a civil suit against those who knowingly and willingly defrauded those millions – class action toward any Congressional Representative, Senator, or Health and Human Services Secretary who was willing to allow these “few” people to suffer the consequences of their incompetence.

In 2014 and 2016 those same individuals who even suggested they might support this ridiculous burden on the American working family should face the consequences of the voting public.

You can keep your plan- or you can keep you’re: Senator, Congressional Representative, Presidential candidate who supported this mess. (Taking that line from the very effective advertisement currently running in New Hampshire targeting Democrat Senator Sheehan for her dedicated support of Obama Care – with 20,000 New Hampshire residents now able to buy catastrophic plans after losing decent plans, and only one Obama Care insurer in the state.)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obama Care Glitches In Land of Romney Care – New Depths of Disaster - Let’s Blame it on the Website! The Repercussions.

According to the Boston Herald Governor Deval Patrick has insisted that everyone in Massachusetts will have health insurance by the deadline and insured by January 1, 2014. That may be a tall order since even under Romney Care, not everyone in Massachusetts was insured. In fact, many preferred to pay the fine rather than the higher and unaffordable premiums under Commonwealth Care – it was that simple. Those that are not subsidized do not have a choice.

Apparently these individuals will not get any exceptions under the hybrid Obama-Romney Care either: Red Mass Group reports that. as of the 17th of December those who are unsubsidized (working and making too much money) will not be eligible for extensions under the new Obama Care. The numbers are dismal - as of yesterday, the 18th of December, not one individual, subsidized or not, was able to sign up through the website.(Red Mass Group).

Apparently, Red Mass Group (Read Here) has been chronicling the disastrous roll-out of Obama Care in the Commonwealth upon which it was modeled. From individuals denied coverage due to their non substantiated criminal past (a mistake), to those who are now on phones with state workers who will “describe” a plan to them. Frankly, if one has been to the DMV does one really trust a state (read government) employee to give them the straight scoop – especially since nothing appears work – it’s a question of trust as well as proof of disaster.

From Massachusetts doctors sending out notices telling their patients they are either ending their practices or going to a fee for service sans government intervention method (preferred!!) – one wonders how long it will be before the Feds throw in the towel and turn to some in the Senate or Congress that have suggested solutions which fell on deaf ears – (make that the hyper-partisan ears of Harry Reid, Democrat sheep leader). Pull the mandates for individuals and employees, open each state to competition and watch the premiums fall – those who cannot afford the now lower plans would be on Medicaid, which is the vehicle used in the past. A few tweaks were all it would have taken to prevent this mess. The worst of it was that it was modeled on a system that “pretended to cover” everyone in the first place – but, at least the website worked.

2014 for the Independent, the Libertarian and those few incumbents who never voted for the Bill, or voted to Fund the bill (recall Ted Cruz); will be in fairly decent shape. Those who are still supporting or furthering Obama Care on either side of the aisle, will be facing a rough road – they may even loose with the dead voting.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Read it and Weep – Sen. Coburn (R-OK) Wastebook for 2013 shows 30 Billion in Government Waste – Yet Military Pensions are Cut? – Time to Reboot Washingto

From CBS News the Waste book is here, and it is, as usual, chock full of idiocy when it comes to delving out taxpayer dollars in D.C. The full report is embedded below. Suffice it to say, the Federal government who cannot handle a simple taxpayer disbursement to various departments without going over the top in spending, surely is not capable of handling a nationwide health care exchange, or for that matter, anything other than what they were originally designed by the Constitution to do – manage coining of money, secure the borders and meet on occasion to write a law or two. Time for change indeed, of a fiscal and sane nature, with the best options at hand - to get those most comfortable in D.C. a ticket home via the voting booth.

Understanding that the Federal Government is clueless as to spending and allocations, they recently cut the budget (to show fiscal restraint), but not their favorite pet projects, but the pensions to retired and disabled military personnel This was much to the objections of one party over another – the party who cut the pensions – those Democrats.

It is not without a bit of irony that the lot of them, both with a D or an R – have done little in the way of helping the general working family, rather spend most of their time, vested in their own re-election. What’s a billion dollars here and there amongst friends? Ridiculous and expensive spending could be used as a means to cut the budget down, rather than to bring it to new heights, and mandatory pencil counting should be installed in every department with the warning: If you fail to bring that department in under budget and show savings, you’ll be see a budget cut next year. That is not the current system. Under the current system, if one is in the position to work with a department budget, it is a requirement to spend the lot of it, or they will be in peril of reduced funding for the following year. Reversing that budgeting process would keep DC in buckets of cash, and the taxpayer seeing a reduction of or no taxes. The Federal government could revert back to their original money making option of tariff’s.

The Book

Wastebook 2013FINAL

Monday, December 16, 2013

The rise of Conservatism against All Perceived Odds? – Is it possible?

Newt Gingrich at Amherst College - See Article and more photos at The Daily Hampshire Gazette

In the deepest liberal enclave in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, an odd event occurred this past week – New Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and 2012 Presidential Candidate spoke before a packed house at Amherst College – and received standing ovations. (MassLive) – The article does note that Gingrich is not as “Polarizing” as say “Karl Rove” – however, he is to the right of Karl Rove, which makes this all the more stunning. Although sponsored by the College Republican’s one might think that meant 100 people tops in an auditorium –however, there as overflow and the estimates are over 1000, if one counts the room holding 800 to 1000 and the overflow noted as 200.

Then Rasmussen conducts a poll of the most influential people – in the world. and of all the individuals that might be conservative, Ted Cruz came in a stunning 3rd, behind the President and the Pope, who took first (Washington Examiner).

With the hoopla surrounding various legislation and acts as of late, with Republican Leadership bending over backwards to “to get along” by being less Conservative rather than negotiating deals and working with the more liberal elements of the Democrat caucus, it just boggles the mind as to why they refuse to recognize a trend – perhaps one that is away from Washington’s blind eye, business as usual perspective and more toward the prospect of listening to the people rather than the media, the lobbyist, and the like.

Although only two examples, one can find more than a few as of late, and as the mid-terms are coming up this year it will be interesting to see how well those candidates that don’t associate with either party, or modestly do – will be elected over those incumbents who really annoyed the daylights out of people (by either association with or support for Obama Care, Immigration (the way it’s currently being managed and a host of other complaints).

It is quite possible that the younger generation and those who are sick and tired of being taxed to smithereens, while “Rome burns and the Washington elite fiddle” – might just vote en masse to shake things up a bit. Should that occur, it will be, despite the pundits, more conservative candidates, albeit liberty candidates, who end up with the majority.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby its Cold Outside – Suddenly “Global Cooling” surfaces

The 1950's saw a bit of snow in the northeast - image from Examiner.com

In the good old days, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, one did not yet know there was global cooling or global warming – it was either cold with snow one could wade through up to one’s neck, or blistering hot, so much that the greenish/purple river looked like a good place to take a dip. Fast forward to the 1970’s where it was certain the word was entering a second ice age, that school of thought lasted until it determined the earth had begun to warm – and the global warming trend began.

What we can understand, from a non-scientific point of view, is that there are elements that man has introduced to the earth which would cause havoc with the climate. Take China for example, when it is dry, they create “rain” so much that it apparently causes quite a rift internally at times BBC. That said, when one hears of artificial rain (cloud seeding) in China, one can almost bet there will be some sort of weather occurrence elsewhere – it is either coincidence or nature’s way of getting even. Man has introduced chemicals into the environment that have poisoned by the air, water, flora and fauna, even though there are regulations in place in developed nations, some turn a blind eye in order to continue manufacturing rather cheaply.

As one sits in New England wondering where the nice warm weather is – while it is an unusually cold week, feeling more like February than December, it is not without some interest that one finds an old article on global cooling ”Global Cooling the New Norm (courtesy of Steven Goddard at wordpress.

Blaming weather disasters of warming or cooling of global proportions may help some deal with weather occurrences that have been taking place since time began – hwoever, there are these cyclical weather patterns that develop and last – years!

However, if one caulks’ up the entire warming and cooling of the earth and the subsequent disasters that occur that are weather related to “historical trends”, then one cannot study, or promote products that would save one from either too much heat or too much cold.

That’s where science and the Al Gore’s of the world appear to fit in- profitably one might add.

Jaded, absolutely, however, one thing is fairly clear, weather patterns have existed over era’s, both cooling and warming, but man has stuck their finger in the perfect pie of client by introducing chemical components, and that is undisputable, yet cause and effect can be both local and global. It it’s not just corporations but corporate Governments responsible for this phenomenon – and until one can figure out a way to keep both of the aforementioned in check, then the atmosphere will remain tenable.

In the meantime, let it snow, or warm, as the trend may dictate.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ted Cruz – the Castro Walk-Out – Sometimes It’s not Politics, sometimes It’s just personal

While attending the funeral services in South Africa for one of the greatest leaders of that nation and the symbol to end segregation worldwide, Nelson Mandela, the junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, walked out during a Castro speech according to McClatchy. One who has read anything or heard anything about Ted Cruz, and his personal life story understand that his family came to the U.S. from Cuba. If one understands Cuba, it is small communist island nation to the south of Florida, whose ruling elites have made a point of torturing and murdering those with whom they disagree. It is one nation with which, due to multiple factors, relations between the U.S. and said nation have been strained these past 60 years. Cuban’s regularly attempt to set foot on American soil, risking life and limb in boats and makeshift rafts to get to the U.S. shore. If everything was rosy in Cuba, one would think boatloads of American’s would be attempting to do the same.

Suffice it to say, Ted Cruz has personal family history with the nation, and as a result, distaste for its ruling elites. Therefore, when he walked out on a speech, and his walk-out was not televised, and was as discreet as possible for someone of his stature, it was obviously from the point of view of the opposing U.S. political party -a purely political move – grandstanding was the word used by Democrats – as if the man who risked his reputation with his base by lauding Nelson Mandela (his base believes that Mandela as not a saint, per se), would pull a stunt to disrupt the funeral proceedings of someone he believes was a worthy man. (Christian Science Monitor)

It is becoming apparent that Cruz is a threat to the Progressives, he is a strict Constitutionalist, who is popular in his home state and may or may not have Presidential aspirations for 2016, but will remain, regardless of his future political aspirations, a champion on the people and the Constitution. As he is perceived as a threat, then one might understand the vigor with which the media, bloggers from the left, and twitters from the DC Democrat machine, daily and consistently attack the Senator.

Form a research on news mentions point of view, using Google News Alerts, set to all news, as it happens, from all sources, on potential 2016 candidates, there is no comparison as to who has the most daily mentions from both the potential (or named as potential) GOP candidates as well as the potential Democrat candidates – on a scale of 15 to 1 email news alerts, Cruz leads the field, with over 90 percent of the mentions extremely negative, most having little relevance to anything of import, just the constant, palpable distaste and hate – from the left (and also from the establishment right). That speaks volumes about the worth or the potential threat that Cruz brings to the table no matter what his intent is – be is a route in 2014 which brings him a Leadership Position within the Senate, or a 2016 run at the Presidency. In that article from the CSMonitor, in the ending paragraphs of the piece is this little gem worth considering:

Look, Cruz’s push this fall to shut down the government in an effort to defund Obamacare was a disaster for the national GOP’s image. Lots of establishment Republicans dislike him personally and don’t trust him, which is not good for his presidential aspirations.

But it would be a mistake for Democrats to treat Cruz as a caricature tea party conservative. His rhetorical skills are far superior to, say, those of Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. His academic achievements early in life were considerable. He was just announced as one of the finalists for Time's "Person of the Year."

Democratic lawyer and crisis consultant Lanny Davis makes that point in The Huffington Post. Democrats, he says, should remember that many in the party dismissed Ronald Reagan as an actor whose extreme views rendered him unelectable. “So fellow Democrats: Let’s debate the issues with Ted Cruz and win the election on the issues. If we think it’s better to engage in personal attacks and ridicule, and not take Cruz seriously, think again,” writes Mr. Davis.

Enough said.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rand Paul on Economic Freedom and Blind Justice – In Detroit – Is it Acceptable for a “Republican” to Want to Help All Americans? Only If One is the Opposition Political Party.

Rand Paul is an interesting character in the grander scheme of politics – being a Libertarian in Republican’s clothing. Although there is a claim to kinship between the two political parties, it is the slimmest of such, given the ideology of the Libertarian is based on the individual freedoms of the people, rather than big government, while Republican’s, as they stand today, appear to be more interested in being “liked” or “moderate”. Rand Paul, like a very few others in the Senate and the House are polar opposites of the usual politician, as they tend to make remarks, or hold personal beliefs that may or may not resonate with their “base”, or their “peers” – more outcast, cowboy – or more Libertarian. That said, he and a few others, are doing their darndest to bring the Republican Party back to the roots of the 1860’s, when the Democrats where slaveholders and the Republicans’ were freedom fighters. It is not that a great deal has changed ideologically, it is the messaging that has changed, and the general dummying down of the public by a barrage of anti-Republican, pro-Democrat education and entertainment aimed 24/7 at the “masses” is a tough firewall to breach. They are taking on the task anyhow.

Therefore, when the Senator from Kentucky goes to Detroit to try to do something to haul that desolate and blighted city out of the muck and mire the Press and the opposition party (Democrats) tend to suggest he has motive, a lot of nerve, or is just “too Republican”(MLive). The problem with that reaction is that it appears to be saying to the people of Detroit and the Nation that anyone who has the “label” Republican, is now allowed to help or try to suggest options, as that particular piece of land and all the people living therein – belong to the Democrat Party. It doesn’t matter if one agrees or disagrees with the ideas of aforementioned Senator Paul; they are simply unacceptable out of the gate.

When the Senator suggested The justice system may not treat minorities in Detroit the same as the say the “rest of us”, - of course, it is with the Republican brand that he is cloaked in – regardless of the fact that he is looking at outreach on Democrat Holy turf, being a Republican, his ideas, and the Party in general should be given the opportunity and the respect due for even attempting to do something to life a city so desolate, out of the ashes. (Los Angeles Times)

Here is the question the people in Detroit should be asking – How can that Senator from Kentucky help us, when the Democrats have done nothing to improve our economic situation?

They could take it a step further and ask why the Democrats think they “own” them.

But that would bring up the whole messy, economic slavery, as opposed to physical slavery that the Party of the KKK has so deftly managed to continue through entitlement programs and a very large blind eye – as long as they get a return of votes, there is nothing to see.

What if that Senator from Kentucky really means what he says, both personally and politically – would not that be a shocker?

What if a life-long Democrat Voter, living in poverty, wanting something better, a helping hand upward, actually voted for that Kentucky Republican Senator, Rand Paul, in 2016? That’s the question that must concern those Democrats and their sycophants in the media, but only slightly. They need only look to the sheep in Massachusetts or Illinois, or any other state in decline, to understand the herd mentality of the Political Party slave. It’s a hard step to take to become an Independent voter – one who pulls the lever for the person they feel will actually do the right job, rather than the D or R because they feel….enslaved to the brand. One can only hope that the Senator, should he decide to run for President in 2016, succeed in his endeavors.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ted Cruz – Publisher picks Texas Senator for New Comic Book – Cruz also on short List for Time Person of the Year.

Ted Cruz, Junior Senator from the State of Texas - image from the Texas Tribune

From CNN Ted Cruz, the Jr. Senator from Texas, is now the subject of an educational coloring book for children. The book is in a series of politically oriented books published by Really Big Coloring Books.

The company website: www.coloringbook.com offers a variety of coloring books from political (including Republicans and Democrats, Tea Party & Tea Party II, Occupy, and Barack Obama) to butterflies and holidays. Cruz is also on the short list of the TIME magazine person of the year along with 9 other news influencers, including the President Time’s short list includes

Bashar Assad, President of Syria, Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder, Ted Cruz, Texas Senator, Miley Cyrus, Singer Pope Francis, Leader of the Catholic Church, Barack Obama, President of the United States, Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Edward Snowden, N.S.A. Leaker, Edith Windsor, Gay rights activist

TIME Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs announced the group on the TODAY show Monday morning. TIME’s Person of the Year will be announced Wednesday morning.

Ted Cruz generates a great deal of “press”, given the left –leaning media and blogs to whom he causes much angst (otherwise, they’d be writing about someone else). As noted in the Hill article, the magazine’s short list is not necessarily an honor, as it has included figures such as Adolph Hitler – go figure. How relevant is all of this? It really depends upon one’s political point of view.

Ted Cruz, although much vilified on both sides of the aisle, appears to be an individual who speaks his mind, regardless of the personal and political consequences, for what he feels is right (and is the non-political use of the word). For that reason, these two occurrences, no matter how little of consequence either one is, are an honor.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Ted Cruz speaks to personal beliefs, takes heat – Texas Editorial bemoans competition from the “right”.

Senator, Ted Cruz, on the passing of Nelson Mandela was respectful, and spoke to the true measure of the man and his struggle to end Apartheid in South Africa -for which he apparently took some heat from Tea Party activists who are fans on Facebook. Cruz, along with a contingent of 20 Democrats, will be going to South Africa to say farewell to Mandela. (CNN). Understanding that there are those who we may be in political disagreement with on some points, the fact that he man himself, was fighting diligently for his people, at great personal risk, and succeeded in ending a system that was so far from equitable, speaks to his measure- rather than any Communist trends that he may have adhered to. The problem with the right, as with the left, is those members of both sides that allow for no compromise, regardless of any situation. Good for Cruz for showing understanding.

In Texas, as elsewhere in the nation, there are multiple challengers to incumbents, and that has two of the Dallas Morning News crew with their panties in a bunch Although placed under “Political News”, it is truly editorial in format, suggesting that challengers to Congressional offices, from the Tea Party or far right, should not be taking place, as these individual s have “no experience”, at all. Funny how both sides of the aisle, Republican and Democrat value “experience” in Washington which was not the general intent of the founders. The general intent for the House specifically, was to have a multiple of individuals serve, be they merchants, farmers or doctors of the day, when the term was up – they returned home, and someone else took their place. Additionally Congress was only in session for a few months (another plus in the past). Forgetting a moment that the challenger offers no experience, what they do offer, is a choice for the voter. The problem with having choices is that one might choose someone not to the liking of the two over at the Dallas Morning News. They, along with others in the industry and in politics may be in for a bigger shock than expected when the dust settles in 2014.

The anti-incumbent sentiment has grown, and for both sides of the aisle, so one might anticipate should this hold (and since Congress nor the Senate, show any signs whatsoever of changing their ways), the 2014 elections may turn into a free-for-all. By that, one might anticipate changes to the right, center and yes, far left, in all forms, in all districts. It is the distastes for all things Washington that has produced an opportunity for those who have never served, to go to D.C and put in their two cents.

If one thought the 2010 elections were specifically historical – then one might want to hold that thought for something that in theory and perhaps in practice, may trounce the records.

With the news holding slightly better approval ratings that said Congress, one might wonder if media news, as well as celebrity, etc., would hold any sway for a very angry and disgusted group of Americans – the Voters. It will be interesting to say the least.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Can there possibly be a power shift in the Senate in the 2014 midterms – Absolutely.

Politico has suggested that the GOPis targeting several states, both “blue “and “purple” in an effort to regain control of the Senate – they rank these specific races all but “mission impossible”. The efforts of some to tie the fate of the Democrats to that of the President and the especially unpopular Obama Care program is one that is one somewhat firm ground, however, there just maybe another reason why the balance of power will shift, having a small percentile hinging on the President himself, and the balance – a general distaste by the voting public for the current crop of politicians residing in Washington.

A recent Pew poll suggests that the younger generation, those 18 to 29 year olds, have soured on the President, and although it is written as if it is a personal issue with President Obama, it is more than likely that the rank and file “masses” (to use Progressive Speak) have learned to see the forest through the trees as regards to policies that work, politician’s that make promises they don’t keep, and generally a need to change – everything. It is the Progressive (or far left) policies, just as it is the Far Right policies that turn the general populace away – and in this case, there may be heck to pay on both sides of the aisle. What is being suggested is that no one Senator or Congressional Representative is truly “safe”, especially in those blue and purple states. It is the fact that an entire generation has lost the opportunity they were promised, and they are not alone. Those that are in or nearing retirement are not enamored of either “brand” of politician; there isn’t an age demographic in any recent polling that suggests anything other than contempt for the government.

The question is; what happens in 2014? One might suggest that it is going to be a free-for-all, regardless of billions spent, or where the challenger is on the political spectrum, the incumbent should not get too cozy or comfortable should this trend continue.

Should this occur, anticipate new voice in both halls of Congress, along with those standard “Party Bearers, be they Socialist, Communist, Tea Party, Independent, Left, Right or Center, the net effect would be a Congress and Senate that would most closely resemble the founders vision of government, or a complete break of the political party system. Which sounds a bit far-fetched, as it should, sound logic dictates that those with the most cash and the most personality will surely sway the electorate – but what if?

On the November day in 2014, those going to the polls decided to do the unthinkable, vote for anyone that was not an incumbent. It might be the high cost of living, specifically in blue states where taxes are a driving factor, or something as banal as a general distrust of the government which has Congress seeing approval ratings that are almost in minus territory. When the dust settles, one might find the status quo intact, or the Congresses radically changed. A radical change would be a combination of the two major parties, holding some majority, with new elected officials that hold both right, left and center viewpoints – which, contrary to the current shift where party liens dictate movement of legislation, there would be a set of “brokers” in their midst that would, regardless of “sides” shake it up a bit and get things done.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Pew: American’s turning Isolationist – Libertarian view towards U.S. role on the world stage.

Jefferson & Washington- Washington Surrounded Himself with men of unlike -mind -to further debate and bring to bear the best of the new nation - which one might humbly suggest, good management was the reason that the U.S.got off the ground and in approximately 100 years became the rival of the world in economics,opportunity and rising individuals to a level of prosperity never seen since. image first peace dot It has happened before and was bound to happen again – previous to WWII, and after struggling for years economically, the vast majority of U.S. Citizens preferred not to engage in any wars or conflicts. In fact, up until the Japanese’s bombed Pearl Harbor, did the public get on board? Today, with similar economics in play, the majority of Americans, according to Pew Research See the U.S. Power Declining as support for “global engagements “slip, for the first time in over 40 year, the public sees less intervention. (Pew) To be fair this is a political poll based upon the current administrations overall job approval, as well as their foreign policy which is brought to bear when concluding that the public is displeased with the policy, rather than war weary. That said, wither or not one feels that the President or his administration is not doing a stellar job vis a vis foreign policy maneuvers, then that does not overall, take away from a gut decision to prefer not to enter any conflicts period.

This is, historically, one of those periods where the general public, and perhaps some leadership of like mind, (the honorable Jr. Senator from Kentucky for example) would before to build from within rather than use the military to intervene in global conflicts. These cycles began with the First President, George Washington, who felt it better for the fledgling U.S. to take more reasonable approach to building first, before becoming involved in conflicts that would drain the economy and the young army. He suggested a twenty year hiatus on any involvement that did not directly affect or attack U.S. sovereign soil.

Granted we do have a global economy, and must as citizens of the larger world have interaction to insure that all continues to run smoothly, however, as a rule, that would apply to economics and a “Mind you own business” approach to anything further, specifically military. The Military should be used to protect the U.S. soil, and only when the U.S. is attacked should the Government respond. It is one of the few jobs laid out in the Law of the Land – or the Constitution, that is specific tot eh Federal Government, the others being to maintain common currency, and to provide for roads and such structures as necessary. One might find the government today, would make the founders weep.

The perfect scenario would be that the Federal Government ran exactly to the Constitution where the people mattered more than the next election or what cash could be found to line one’s pockets further – it is the great divide now, between the Federal government and The American People, so evident that may have further lent to the poll results.

A non-interventionist policy is extremely appealing, especially when combined with a smaller federal government, allowing the states to prosper as they should, instituting term limits for Congress would be more beneficial, as well as lengthening the time the Congressional Rep would serve, equal to that of a Senator – two terms each, at 4 years per term would give ample time to legislate, perform one’s service to the nation, and go back to the law firm, doctors’ office, or farm. From: Chapter XlIII

The Government at work

Washington’s first act was to surround himself with able men, who should be his advisers. He chose for his cabinet four men. Two of when were heartily in favor of the Constitution, and two had been opposed to it. The Secretary of State was Thomas Jefferson and the attorney general was Edmund Randolph. Both of these men had preferred a confederation of the Sates to a strong union.

(This is from the book: A Short History of the United States by Horace E Scudder written in 1890 from Cambridge. It is recommended that this particular book in its original form be introduced as a class on American History, up to the Reconstruction – for what it tells, in a story designed to interest those students how might not otherwise care for history, to enjoy and find a love for the subject.

What the above illustrates is that, regardless of the time, from the very beginning to present, there were men who agreed and disagreed, hwoever, in the past it was such that money and power did not get in the way of what was a reasonable debate over the best interest of the nation.)

Ironically, as Jefferson was a states’ rights man and is the found of the Democrat Party, it is interesting to note that the limited federal government founder of a political party would be considered a “tea Party terrorist today.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Massachusetts - Obama Care Hikes in Employer Premiums – Businesses Hold Breath for 2014 – MA Health Care Connector (Formerly Romney Care) Uses Community Organizers to Canvas Prior to Election Spends Federal Obama Care Grants

Massachusetts businesses are growing increasingly concerned about the erratic premium increases due to Obama Care mandates according to the The Springfield Republican (Masslive) Apparently, some will find no increases, while others will find increases up to 50% - forcing small businesses to drop coverage, according to the article.

Over at Red Mass Group – it has been discovered that the Health Care Connector is using Federal Obama Care grants to fund Community Organizer Groups to “educate” the public – prior to a statewide election – they knocked on doors. Apparently, paying organizers to solicit votes prior to an election using Federal Funds is raising a few eyebrows (Red Mass Group)

What on earth did they expect? Massachusetts has consistently voted a more progressive Democrat track in the past 10 years, and therefore, the writing should be on the wall. Romney Care was far from perfect with many families opting to pay fees rather than buy the pricey Health Care Connector (Romney Care) insurance – however, with some of the highest premiums in the country, one might not have considered it could get any worse – apparently, Romney Care is not Obama Care or Obama Care is Romney Care on steroids.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday – President on the Stump – Democrats for Reelection Running in Opposition Direction – Child with Cancer looses Health Insurance - Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) the Remake of 2006.

It is the shopping day known as Black Friday – as one might expect, in an economy with a reduced workforce, retailers have suffered and millions are heading to stores earlier (With Massachusetts one of the few exceptions to the Thursday sale start due to blue laws.) The days have become darker, less optimist for a political party whose leadership has followed a familiar path, one that was doomed to fail before they set foot on their ideological path. The primary cause of the disaster – arrogance and an unwillingness to bend on the side of the Democrats, have caused the health care reform act, known first as Obama Care and now as the Affordable Health Care Act, to bring the party to its knees, reminiscent of the Iraq War under George W. Bush.

The Washington Post speaks to the the President as turning introspective as he campaigns across the country –presumably for the Democrats who are up for reelection in 2014 – all Congressional Representatives as well as a rather serious chunk of the Senate. His focus – blame the Republicans.

The constantly used tactic by the President to play partisan and blame the “other guy” so to speak (not that the other guy is blameless in some cases), when the Health Care Reform Act (Obama Care – Affordable Health Care), is, in a word, causing a disaster in the economy, and in the homes where millions of people are being adversely affected. One recent situation was reported out of Texas, where a family with two children with a rare form of cancer, happy with previous insurance, were told they were out of luck – one child is in serious need of immediate care –

Krista says an insurance agent told her that Hunter's information got lost when they made changes under the new Affordable Care Act. Now, Krista is on a mission to re-gain that insurance, but they're running out of time before his next chemo treatment, and the agent says they can't expedite. "The lady's like, the only way we can expedite is if your son was pregnant and in labor, or if he was an illegal," Krista said.
(KXII – Gainesville, TX)

This is not an isolated case, as millions have lost their coverage, and think tanks suggest up to 90 million insured will be forced into these exchanges, which are, at best inept. – The administration was well aware this would happen, so were the Congressmen and Senators on both sides of the aisle who read the bill.

As much as one might not care for Senator Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, (especially the Republican side of the aisle) as they desperately tried to stop Obama care from being funded and shutting down the government to do so ), they deserve credit for trying to save millions of Americans heartache and frustration.

As a strategy for the Republican’s however, allowing Obama Care to go on as usual was, in a word, Machiavellian. They knew what was in the law, so did the Administration, and they knew loss of coverage was going to mean huge drops in poll numbers for the President and by extension the Presidents party. – Formerly known as the Democrats.

It’s to the point, where there is so much fallout from this legislation that Democrats running for reelection are trying to distance themselves from the President (Denver Post) – Shades of George W. Bush – and if one recalls, that mid-term saw the return of the Democrats – Nancy Pelosi took the reigns as Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, become the Senate Majority Leader. – It was a political route, and one can anticipate another.

If the President could see the forest through his ideological trees, and wish to help out those in his party, and the rest of the nation (if this were remotely possible), the following would have to happen – it would upend the Republicans to boot.

The President would call an emergency session of both congresses – He would use the national bully pulpit and make an immediate announcement that there would need to be changes made immediately to insure the nation was back on track both economically and medically. Obama Care was going to be more than fixed; it would be new – before the next Congress convened.

He would look at the auto insurance industry in Massachusetts, and equate that with the Romney Care fiasco – and use the Auto Insurance option as a model for the Health Care Mandate. In brief.

Open all borders to all insurers, all types of coverage, make mandatory coverage for all carriers basic – preventative services, excluding $3.00 monthly birth control – plans could be al-la-carte, allowing individuals and families to purchase those “riders “allowing them to choose coverage that might be applicable or give peace of mind. – It would be personable responsibility. Those who could not afford insurance at all would be offered either Medicaid or the same coverage that Federal Employees have, again with multiple options.

That website would be turned into an information center, listing what was available to whom. The employer mandates would be gone, and so would the wind from the sails of the opposition.

His bounce among independents and grateful American of all parties would be significant and those Democrats would be begging him to help them campaign.

Totally unlikely but, if one considers the course of Carter’s presidency, and one is a student of history and has access to the information, one would understand that there is still time to turn it around.

One last thing – the President would have to suggest that perhaps the Republican’s were right on the health care option, and reach out publicly to that Party as well as in person, to seal the deal. Blaming the other guy is akin to crying wolf – after a while, the Wolf looks mighty attractive.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Howie Carr, the Sane Voice of Boston – Making the Season Brighter – Offers up his Jaguar as holiday prize

Howie Carr's giving away his "Jag", image by Banks from thephoenix.com

Normally, I am not one to avidly listen to talk radio, keeping the news/weather on the morning and evening drive, as the process of listening to a radio host can be time-consuming and raise one’s blood pressure. That said, there is one exception, as one day several years ago, I happened to find the News/Weather was stuck in between programming for one Howard Lawrence Carr and I was hooked. (Granted in limited time frames). From the guests to Howie’s ability to either make one agree or disagree so strongly one wishes to punch the dashboard, to the irreverent call in lines, Police Blotter sequence and of course, the death pool, Howie Carr and the program that spans New England weekdays from 3pm to 7pm is one of the little oasis of conservative – independent thought in a sea of blue.

Therefore, when this gem showed up in my inbox and it really is the season for giving Thanks, as well as the start of the Christmas Consumer Crush, what a better way to showcase both the spirit of the season and a fine New England personality?

So, tune in, who knows you, might get a chance to meet Howie, win a Jaguar and have a very Merry Christmas. He may even have one of his latest books (being a rather prolific writer) on hand to sign for you and yours.

From the WRKO Studios

BOSTON, MA – Boston’s Talk Station WRKO AM 680 and on-air host Howie Carr announced today they will give listeners the chance to Win Howie’s Jaguar this holiday season.

From December 2nd to December 13th, Howie will contest twice during his show – 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. – to qualify up to 20 listeners to participate in a Grand Prize drawing and earn the chance to drive off in a 2013 Jaguar XF, courtesy of Jaguar Exeter.

The Grand Prize event will take place during a live Howie broadcast from 3 pm to 7 pm Wednesday, December 18th at The Fairways at Woburn Country Club. Each qualifier will receive a $50 gift card to The Green’s Grill and Pub at Woburn Country Club. One lucky finalist will win a two-night stay at The Old Harbor Inn in Chatham, MA and a shot at the Grand Prize.

Even if you aren’t one of the qualifiers, everyone is invited to join Howie for his live broadcast at The Fairways at Woburn Country Club, 5 Country Club Rd., Woburn.

“Win Howie’s Jaguar!” is sponsored by Jaguar Exeter, Perfect Smiles and The Fairways at Woburn Country Club.

For more information, visit www.wrko.com

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trust President Obama? – CNN/ORC – Public – Not So Much – 1 in 4 Believe He Can Manage the Job – It is Not the President’s Fault – the American Public did this to themselves – in 204 and 2016 – Verify – then Trust

A new CNN Poll is out on the Trust in and Job Approval of President Obamaand he is well under water with 53% of American’s finding the President to be untrustworthy, and perhaps worse, only 1 in 4 believe he is competent.

The question one might want to ask is when did the “public” decide that enough was enough? – With approval ratings in 2012 hitting the 40 plus mark in only 10 states (Gallup’s Trust in Institutions), the fact that the public granted the second coming of Jimmy Carter a second chance is mind-boggling. Yes, he’s a nice guy and his intent and vision is not in malice, however – that’s not a reason to allow a second term.

Between the debacle of Obama Care – now called “The Affordable Health Care Act”, the Nuclear Option pulled by the Government Puppet Master, Harry Reid (D-NV) – or the one that actually runs the country, and his new dealings with Iran (See Jimmy Carter, and multiply X 10), there is a palpable angst within the ranks of the so-called low-information voters. Those who are not in that category may be watching extra episodes of “Preppers”.

In 1980, it was not so much that Jimmy Carter was not a nice guy; everyone knew he was a nice guy, the problem was – he was no capable of running more than a peanut farm. In 2008, ironically, we hired a nice guy, who was adept at organizing communities. Both men had zero military experience, managerial experience, or any practical experience at all – and we, the people, gave them the reigns to the most powerful and economically stable countries in the world – which they both promptly drove over a cliff. It is fair to say that they both inherited problems, each President inherits problems, including Clinton and Reagan – but, unlike the aforementioned who quickly hired the right people, and cooperated with those that had a light bulb shining over their heads - Carter and Obama danced to a tune of a very different drummer.

It’s not their fault at all – it is our fault.

To those who blindly followed the media, shame on you, to those who stayed home and did not vote in “Mittens” or “McCain” – (the horrible alternatives, understandably), in the millions, those who would have sealed the election for Romney if they could just get past their fear of a Religious Cult and or their distaste of “Rhino’s”, we’d not be in such a mess today and the Republic would be better off. The bonus would not have to watch a painful realization by the American Public that the Leader of the Free World might not qualify for a job at the local Denny’s.

So, there you have it, nice guy, in over his head from the beginning and he belongs to all of us for the next three (3) years. Suggestions write to the President and tell him to get new advisors (preferably of the Reagan/Clinton administrations – heck the Bush administration – pick one), tell him not to campaign but to talk to the American Public and actually restore confidence instead of blaming every Republican, Unicorn and Bigfoot. Maybe he just needs a bit of moral support, who knows – but he’s ours, and we are stuck with him. The Republican’s, who let the RNC run campaigns into the ground by hiring RHINO’s, well, they are just as much to blame. Before babies are thrown out with the bath water, (see 2013 local elections where fine Democrats and Republicans lost Mayor’s offices and similar seats due to being incumbents), perhaps, a bit of honesty with the American Public about what one really is concerned with (rather than the Party to which one belongs) would be helpful. Ted Cruz, much maligned, is honest, so is Rand Paul – and I’m fairly certain one might find a first term Senator or Governor not tied to the apron strings of a national party on both sides of the aisle who also speaks from the hip. Whoever gets the next job from “we the people” better have some management experience – They are going to be taking on the mess of a lifetime.

Expect the President to be in a freefall (see George W. Bush) from now until he hands over the reins to the next President.

Monday, November 25, 2013

2014 – Balance of Power in the Senate Hangs on Mistake of Democrats End to Minority Filibusters, and the Affordable Health Care Act, formerly known as Obamacare.

One does not even know the players in the 2016 Presidential stakes, however, there are the “maybes” that are being touted, yet it is a long way off. What is of import, perhaps more so than the 2016 elections, are the 2014 midterms, which will determine what power the political parties wield, and the power of the President. There have been a few errors recently that have set in motion the possibility for a serious route for the Democrats in 2014, and it is of their own doing.

The first was the disastrous rollout of Obamacare, the website dysfunction alone was not that big of a deal, it was the cancelled policies (with more to come) and the President insisting, time and again, individuals could keep their plans, he finally offered half an apology, and suggested that those who lost their plans, were paying more, or could no longer afford insurance, were getting better plans in the long run. What this did was assure the American people that trust in Obama was akin to trusting the wind – he’s lost much in the polls.

This, of course, with a less popular and floundering President, an angry and annoyed opposition party (over the Reid use of the Nuclear option to end all debates in the senate), will not necessarily affect the President (other than his legacy) but it will affect those Democrats running for reelection in 2014. The die has been cast, and it is only up to Republican’s or Independents to lose, rather than win those seats that a child could steal at this point.

An article in the Boston Globe suggests that donors to the Democrats, and specifically the fundraiser in Chief Obama, are starting to have grave doubts about investing in campaigns that stand no chance of winning. That, coming from one of the media cheerleaders, is telling. This is regardless of the fact that a “Hail Mary’ of delaying the enrollment until 2015 put into place this weekend and designed to “save” Democrats in Danger of losing the house, in all probability won’t matter a bit.

Those who have had any experience with the program at all are not thrilled and the majority of the public wants the mandate gone. – Delay or not wont’ help. The bigger problem is the Reid end of the 225 year Senate Filibuster in order to place more power in the hands of the controlling party. Of course, that’s a short term move. When the Republican’s suggested that they might opt to do the same in 2005, the Democrats were mightily opposed, as the editorial in the Dallas Morning News suggests that move will come back to haunt them – sooner than later.

An interesting take on the move by Reid can be found at Bloomberg news, written by Megan McArdle , who writes that Reid invoked the Nuclear Option out of desperation, in other words, Reid knew that in 2014 there would be a turn in fortunes for the Republican’s and/or Independents, and that the Democrats would most certainly loose the Senate, and at present it appears the House will remain in the hands of the Republicans. The reasoning is simple, Reid, in making this move, was helping the President get as much as he could in the remaining time – such as judicial appointments.

Either that or Reid is well aware of what has taken place in the special elections, and in the smaller local races across the nation – Democrats are poison, and more lost than won, down to the City Council. When that occurs, and the distrusts in Washington, especially for incumbents are as toxic as it is now, those in power should be as non-toxic as possible. One might also suggest that those Republicans’ who are feeling rather confident should rethink their positions, as they also could become a former Senator or Congressional Representative on the turn of a dime. That is not to suggest someone would choose a Democrat over a Republican, rather “other” than the standard Party.

What should be most interesting in the coming months will be Gallup’s Presidential approval by State, should it drop to more dangerous levels, mimicking his overall drop in approve (under 40), then those Democrats up for reelection might want to distance themselves from the President, in much the same way that the Republicans did with Bush in 2006 – although, one might recall, that did little good whatsoever.

Friday, November 22, 2013

With the Affordable Health Care Act (DBA/Obama Care) Imploding, Harry Reid, D-UT, most Powerful Man in the Country – destroys 225 years of Senate precedence to give Democrats Supreme Power – Reaping what one sows.

Image and article from: The Democracy Chronicles

The Affordable Health Care Act (named so in an attempt to hide the fact that it is Obama Care and or Romney Care on Steroids), apparently is going so poorly that even Time has spoken out on the entire fiasco – let alone the disastrous roll-out, the President’s lying eyes and tongue hast caused his perfect “likability” and “trust” polls to plummet. Read Time Article (see cover) here at time.com to get the full taste of the problems that are facing a very lame duck President.

To combat his inability to get things done and inability to con the American Public, he called on the most powerful man he knows, Harry Reid, Democrat Senator from Nevada, otherwise, the Majority Leader of the Senate. Regardless of the reasoning, whether to further another agenda of the President’s, or take the headlines and the heat off the Affordable Health Care/Obama Care Act, the move to block filibusters under a “Nuclear Option” puts the Democrats firmly in the driver’s seat. The action stops any dissent from the minority party and basically breaking rules that are two hundred years old can oftentimes have consequences.

What makes one shake their heads in wonder are multiple – however, should the Democrats not be reading the tea leaves for 2014, and believe that they will continue to hold both the House and the Senate in 2014 – then that may explain Harry Reid’s actions – either than or it was a Kamikaze move in desperation of support for a Presidency in failure.

To understand completely what has taken place, the party in control of the Senate now has the option to shut out the opposition party and just pass whatever pleases them. The problem lays in the fact that should things change in 2014, and the Republican’s regain control of the Senate, then that move just set the Democrat party back – centuries. Harry Reid and his army of partisan pygmies might as well return to the pro-slavery south from which they came, and just retire - those old shortsighted fools. One might also guess that although the Republican’ are equally as popular as the Democrats (which is not giving them a whole lot of traction) they can at the least say they had little or nothing to do with Obama care – which at this point, with no fix in sight, and trust and liability an issue, then one might suspect 2014 will not go the Democrats way – especially if they are campaigning with the President to gain reelection outside of MA, HI, IL and DC.

Obama now has George Bush Syndrome, yet Bush took the sidelines, while Obama’s ego won’t allow it – that’s going to cost the party the Seats in the House – it’s already costing them the credibility with their constituents who are not progressive far left.

If there should be a group of like-minded Cruzian or Pualian new legislators in the Senate and the House, one can anticipate a whole different nation by2016- one which would give the nation a taste of Liberty on steroids.

That would ensure a third party and a balance capitol at last. Suffice it to say, if one is as student, it is time (or past time) from the formation of a new party to reduce an older party to dust. At first, one might think it would be the Republicans, yet, one believes more and more, that it may be the Republican’s survive (as the newest party – The Democrats being the oldest coming from the Slave states of the Civil war and pre-dating the Republican Party – who gave the U.S. Lincoln. Therefore, faced with moderate conservatives and hard-line constitutionalists, and a marginalized group of Democrats In a tight corner, the die would be cast for a return to prosperity, and accountability.

This is indeed a great time to watch events unfold, and one would probably pick up a good deal of spare change at the moment by playing chess with any Democrat, with an eye towards winning repetitive checkmates.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

To Hades in a Hand basket - No Vetting – Al Queda in US by Invitation – U.S. Citizens subject to Random Government DNA Sampling

It goes without saying that the competence level of government agencies can be called into question, along with the blatant non-enforcement of laws in place at the Federal level, specifically those that refer to the borders and controlling those borders, as well as individual vetting upon entrance into the U.S.A.

From ABC News comes the blazing article with FBI video – click herefor full article:

The 2010 video, obtained exclusively by ABC News, was part of a broader ABC News investigation into the flawed refugee vetting program, which officials said may have let “dozens” of terrorists into the country.

No need to say more on that subject.

Additionally, the Constitution has not been trampled upon as much since Abraham Lincoln literally stopped negative presses by jailing newspaper editors - - from a local NBC Dallas affiliate, Texas drivers were stopped by a Federal program, pulled over and given options as to which type of test they were going to take, either alcohol level, dna swabs…..

One might note that it is fine to let terrorists into the country, it is also fine to force (by intimidation) citizens who are minding their own business to submit to DNA testing under the current administration. Is there no end to the massive intrusion into privacy and is there no end to the lack of attention to critical details that may end up in the slaughter of innocent citizens?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

President Obama Approval Plummets – Blame on Obama Care – Affordable Care website and rollout – There’s more to the downward spiral – Democrats and Administration Incompetence, Confusion and Ownership

Addendum: This morning CBS News Poll finds the President at a 37% approval, again an administration friendly media - this does not bode well for 2014 and those who supported the President and his plans.

ABC News with the Washington Post conducted a poll which revealedthe President has taken a hit in job approval, as well as other categories, including trust. The administration friendly media has the approval at 41% - one can well imagine that it might be a tad lower. (ABC News).

Considering that the Affordable Health Care Act was rejected from the beginning by half of the population while the Republican’s wanted no part of the mandated government program – offering options that would make it more efficient, such as insurers allowed to sell cross state boarder, which would drop premiums significantly, expanding Medicaid, and tort reform, to name a few. Each option was rejected by the Democrats who wanted – control and credit for what they perceived as the perfect plan – ego got in the way of true reform, and now they do own it. Although the President is attempting to blame Republican’s its going to be a hard sell, and as 2014 looms, those Democrats up for reelection will be faced with a steep uphill battle. Certain Republicans, who turned to support or “get along” for public appearance sake, will also suffer the consequences – such as McCain in Arizona.

It was not the roll out alone – it was the President’s denial of any issues, the loss of millions (with more to come) of individual policies, the fact that the President continues to mislead the public, especially those who are losing health care plans, is icing on the cake for any who would challenge a Democrat – be it a dogcatcher.

Will this leave the Republican’s unscathed and fairly safe –it may, as long as those Republican’s danced with those who felt the program a nightmare and refused to go along – They favored repeal and rewriting in order to salvage a bill gone bad – of course those offers were, again rejected. The last to protest was Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee, who, much maligned about protesting, and shutting down the government to stop Obama care – were 100% correct in what they were trying to do to avoid the pain and suffering of those millions of people.

Go figure.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nancy Pelosi – Is Up for Reelection in 2014 – #1 Reason Obamacare In Place Today

Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. Representative from California 12th District - who got a "gig on 30-Rock" (TV Show) - Image from and article here at Reuters.com

Nancy Pelosi is up for reelection in 2014, in fact she, along with every single Congressional Representative in the U.S. is up for reelection every two years. Congressional Representatives are elected during Mid-Term elections and again during the General Election (when the U.S. votes for a new President).

Nancy Pelosi, in 2009, was the Speaker of the House of Representatives (one Chamber of Congress), as such she was the one individual who pushed Obamacare through stating the infamous words: We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what’s in it” (YouTube) – She is still a cheerleader for the Democrat team, rather than the United States citizens - On NBC news, Ms. Pelosi suggested that all Democrats would stand tall in 2014 in support of Obamacare”. This might not set well with other Democrats, who are facing reelection in both the House of Representatives or the Senate (Both Houses of Congress), as the problems with the Bill, including the rollout fiasco, the high insurance premiums, the loss of policies for millions of people, the part-time status of most workers whose employers don’t want to pay the price for Obamacare, et al., who will have to face constituents who are not enamored of the plan as it was put together by, voted on, and passed and supported by the – Democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi is the U.S. Representative of the 12th District, which includes the City of San Francisco - that’s it; one City delivered upon the nation the most badly crafted legislation in history.

If Ms. Pelosi had said there was a mistake made and we need to fix it, or offered to work with Republican’s who had some reasonable ideas, instead of sticking to the Democrat Party Line rather than throwing the American Public a life-line, then she would be suitable for reelection. As it now stands it behooves those who vote in San Francisco to take a hard look at any other candidate and choose an alternative U.S. Representative.

A few suggestions as to fixes for “Obamacare” or The Affordable Health Care Act: remove the mandate on individuals and corporations – offer Medicare, with no to limited premiums to those who cannot afford private health insurance-Medicare is already in place. Open state borders, all of them to competition. When a state has only 3 insurance carriers, there is no incentive for those insurers to lower premiums. However, when there is ample competition, the insurers do lower premiums and fast. One shining example is Massachusetts auto insurance changes. Several years ago, Massachusetts only allowed certain carriers to offer auto insurance in the state – Massachusetts had some of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation, until the State opened up the borders allowing competition – there were no changes in the quality of the plans, there was an instant reduction in pricing on premiums however. This made buying car insurance affordable.

The same would be true for health insurance. Only an idiot would think otherwise. This brings up the point that any Representative or Senator who supported Obamacare in any way, shape or form, or did not vote to stop Obamacare when they had the chance so it could be revised –should be shown the proverbial door. This is regardless of whether or not that individual is a Democrat or Republican. It is time to put the Party aside and put the people first. If a representative, such as the CA 12th District’s, Nancy Pelosi, is not smart enough to do the job, or is making additional cash from lobbyists who will make money off the suffering of the Citizens, then, that individual should be replaced – get out and vote.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Elizabeth Warren, Junior Progressive Democrat from Massachusetts - -2016 – Picking up Steam with the Media

Warren, Clinton and like-minded John McCain -there's also a split ticket option, Clinton-Warren 2016 image Yahoo News

It may happen again, a little know Senator from a prominent Democrat state, might just well come into the Democrat convention and pull the rug out from under one Hillary Clinton – in much the same manner that one Barack Obama did in 2008. That Senator, Elizabeth Warren, is now seeing a daily increase in press attention – similar to that seen for the current occupant of the White House. In addition, she makes Hillary Clinton appear to be a moderate, at best.

Two articles of note this morning: How Elizabeth Warren is Winning the Internet and Why it Matters (The Washington Post), and Wall Street’s Nightmare – President Elizabeth Warren (Politico)

Both articles insinuate that the Senator is in position to run for the office through the primary, and she may well be preparing. However, although it is far too early to speculate on who may or may not run, on this particular choice, she reminds a great deal of Barack Obama, therefore, and one must give her a closer look.

She mightily appeals to the Progressive base of the Democrat party –which includes the media, unions, and some rank and file Democrats, in recent days she’s been the attack dog on Republicans’ – spelling out the two party system as the only one available.

Experience: Harvard Professor, newly elected Senator to the State of Massachusetts – that’s it. (One could go into her real estate dealing in Oklahoma, or her college applications, or what have you, but suffice it to say, any aspersions cast on Warren, will be maligned, and those types of "stories" ignored by the media, as it refuses to vet those with similar ideologies.

One suspects that it will not be long before the media starts with the cut of pantsuits and hairstyles if the two hypothetically anointed candidates – Clinton and Warren – Clinton as it’s her due (following the logic of two major political parties who give the runner up the option of being fist in line to the next general election (See McCain, Romney and others to numerous to mention (brevity).

Leader of the free world? – Let that sink in a moment – Clinton, for all of her “baggage”, would be ready, however, the neophyte from Massachusetts – not so much – we’ve been down that road for the past 8 years and the results were less than perfect.

As it is early, way too early to make judgment calls on the Republican side, and hoping some will have the wherewithal to run as Independents, a third party, in this climate, would be the way to upend the major players - given the anti-incumbent sentiment seen 2009 local elections –As the Congresses (and that lumps in those Senators – continues to decline or even remain at the status qua – one finds this political season perfect for that type of introduction into the political landscape.

Elizabeth Warren, Junior Progressive Democrat from Massachusetts - -2016 – Picking up Steam with the Media

Warren, Clinton and like-minded John McCain -there's also a split ticket option, Clinton-Warren 2016 image Yahoo News

It may happen again, a little know Senator from a prominent Democrat state, might just well come into the Democrat convention and pull the rug out from under one Hillary Clinton – in much the same manner that one Barack Obama did in 2008. That Senator, Elizabeth Warren, is now seeing a daily increase in press attention – similar to that seen for the current occupant of the White House. In addition, she makes Hillary Clinton appear to be a moderate, at best.

Two articles of note this morning: How Elizabeth Warren is Winning the Internet and Why it Matters (The Washington Post), and Wall Street’s Nightmare – President Elizabeth Warren (Politico)

Both articles insinuate that the Senator is in position to run for the office through the primary, and she may well be preparing. However, although it is far too early to speculate on who may or may not run, on this particular choice, she reminds a great deal of Barack Obama, therefore, and one must give her a closer look.

She mightily appeals to the Progressive base of the Democrat party –which includes the media, unions, and some rank and file Democrats, in recent days she’s been the attack dog on Republicans’ – spelling out the two party system as the only one available.

Experience: Harvard Professor, newly elected Senator to the State of Massachusetts – that’s it. (One could go into her real estate dealing in Oklahoma, or her college applications, or what have you, but suffice it to say, any aspersions cast on Warren, will be maligned, and those types of "stories" ignored by the media, as it refuses to vet those with similar ideologies.

One suspects that it will not be long before the media starts with the cut of pantsuits and hairstyles if the two hypothetically anointed candidates – Clinton and Warren – Clinton as it’s her due (following the logic of two major political parties who give the runner up the option of being fist in line to the next general election (See McCain, Romney and others to numerous to mention (brevity).

Leader of the free world? – Let that sink in a moment – Clinton, for all of her “baggage”, would be ready, however, the neophyte from Massachusetts – not so much – we’ve been down that road for the past 8 years and the results were less than perfect.

As it is early, way too early to make judgment calls on the Republican side, and hoping some will have the wherewithal to run as Independents, a third party, in this climate, would be the way to upend the major players - given the anti-incumbent sentiment seen 2009 local elections –As the Congresses (and that lumps in those Senators – continues to decline or even remain at the status qua – one finds this political season perfect for that type of introduction into the political landscape.

Friday, November 15, 2013

USA Today – Obama Presidency at Stake – Dems Running for Exits – The Problem with Academics – The Lab Rat Theory – The Fix Lays in 2014 and 2016.

USA Today is wondering if Obama’s Presidency is at stake over the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care), and the fact that indeed it is a mess. Apparently, there have been a few problems. One must ask – did anyone expect anything else? The problem with blaming the Republican’s at this point is timing. The House was controlled by Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi when the rammed the Act through at midnight in December 2010, prior to handing over the gavel to incoming Republican’s who took majority too late. The House did try to stop the Bill from going forward, but was ignored by the Democrat controlled Senate, specifically by Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. The last gasp that gave anyone a snowball’s chance in Hade’s was the option to defund through a Senate vote on a Republican House budget, but Harry Reid, (Democrat) stopped it cold with some help from certain friends – specifically John McCain and Graham – notable Republican’s in Name Only. Ted Cruz was blasted for being everything short of a terrorist (wait, he was called that by some Democrat), for trying to stop this mess from going forward.

Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, was doing it for the people (although most don’t recognize that fact, especially the media). The other Republicans’, like McCain and Graham, were trying to let it go through to its natural state, hoping it would be a disaster and make the Democrats look really bad, but a few million people would have to suffer. Republican leaders were correct – it’s a mess, people are suffering, and well, Cruz’s method may have been less painless. If one were a rank and file citizen, one might think Cruz’s method, called political suicide, would be an honorable way to fall on ones sword by saving millions grief.

Now, Obama, in his largesse and backed into a flipping corner, is going to “let people keep their cancelled health plans for another year”, according to state media (CBS). Apparently, the administration, run by Academics (Professors) from the top down, believes that they are a) ruling the county and to heck with the Constitutional Process, and b), can continue to screw up – in plan terms, until they “get it right”.

The problem lays in the fact that theories, are one thing, and practical experience is another. The last theorizing President that the U.S. had been Jimmy Carter and things (economically, etc.) went downhill quickly. Progressive Professors, (see Elizabeth Warren and run like hell), are to be honored for their ability to communicate their versions of history, politics, science, the arts and humanities all day long to the young and those who want to obtain a degree. However, theories are fine when tested in a lab, the problem is that the President (Professor from Harvard) and his buddies (I.e. the administration) has taken a theory and used the U.S. citizens as the subjects in their Lab.

Simply put, folks, we have three more years of this. It’s not that they aren’t well meaning, but…the ego that surrounds an “elite” member of society (progressive speak), is that since they are so flipping smart, they must be right, no matter how ridiculously bad things turn out – and their ego does not allow them to permanently fix a theory they feel should work.

God help us all.

Those Democrats who went into this with eyes wide open and supporting a party over the people the represent – should be summarily given the boot in 2014 and in 2016 – along with them, any Republican who thought it was a good idea to quietly let this monster of a bill go through, and implode taking millions of citizens with it – shame on them all.

There is good reason the general citizens is looking at the entire DC crowd with suspicion – but, they have no one but themselves to blame. Some keys: If someone has experience, that experiences should not come from a campus that experience should come from real life, i.e. preferably, doctors, businessmen, even, yes, attorneys, preferably plumbers, electricians, farmers, nurses, and those who are in the trenches, with the “rest of us” – currently known as “the masses”.

The best way to get one’s message across to the Media that is in cahoots’ so to speak, with the Academic fools, (an old saying, “over-educated fool”, is now starting to make perfect sense). Should be turned off, shut down, and basically ignored – for at least six months. That may be difficult as there is a good deal of entertainment to be had watching beads of sweat gather on the brows of those who are lying for the State.

The Public has but one recourse, and that is to vote and wisely – which remains to be seen if that will occur. If those incumbents, and those with long-term political affiliations or those who can hold up their college professor credentials are on the ballot – vote for the other option.

Otherwise, in eight years from 2016, this will be happening all over again. Anyone who would put forth a bill for term limits in the Senate and in the House, should be paid special attention, and get a vote, regardless of whether or not one likes the “Political Brand” of that individual –check first to see if they are currently an Academic, otherwise go ahead and pull that lever!

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