Friday, December 20, 2013

Obama Care – Now You Can Keep A Plan that is More Substandard than the Plan you Lost Under Obama Care Mandates! – The Fleecing of America – Answer: Civil Class Action Law Suit

It’s all in a day’s work in D.C. as the nation’s indecisive and glaringly incompetent administration changes yet another facet of the disaster known as Obama Care. Due to mandates of this particular plan governing insurance coverage for certain instances, which were previously not covered under some private insurance plans (i.e. fertility services), those types of plans were cancelled. Some of those plans offered sterling benefits, at a reasonable price; yet, those individuals were told they could not keep their plans. Top that off with the fact that the administration knew this was the scoop years ago when the bill was being “developed”. They weren’t alone, as one would think most of the Congresses understood what was about to happen to those families and individuals, but for political and or ideological reasons, let this behemoth become law, and then fund the darn thing.

To cover their increasingly large behinds, the Feds with their media buddies are beginning to downplay the projected millions of plan losses by noting that the White House is suggesting that “fewer than 500,000” have lost healthcare coverage”(

Then the administration announced they would yet again, unconstitutionally ignore this law by offering those without coverage the ability to avoid fees from the IRS and those who have lost coverage will be able to get “catastrophic insurance”, which is insurance that may or may not prevent bankruptcy in the event someone needs care.(NPR)

If one is one of the estimated millions who lost their coverage under the bungling of the implementation of this plan with no rules imposed upon the American public by the Democrat controlled Congress and Democrat controlled Senate in 2010, then the fact that they are being offered coverage that is sub-standard, after losing great plans that were deemed substandard by the same bureaucracy then there should be a massive suit brought, not against the government per say, but a civil suit against those who knowingly and willingly defrauded those millions – class action toward any Congressional Representative, Senator, or Health and Human Services Secretary who was willing to allow these “few” people to suffer the consequences of their incompetence.

In 2014 and 2016 those same individuals who even suggested they might support this ridiculous burden on the American working family should face the consequences of the voting public.

You can keep your plan- or you can keep you’re: Senator, Congressional Representative, Presidential candidate who supported this mess. (Taking that line from the very effective advertisement currently running in New Hampshire targeting Democrat Senator Sheehan for her dedicated support of Obama Care – with 20,000 New Hampshire residents now able to buy catastrophic plans after losing decent plans, and only one Obama Care insurer in the state.)

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