Friday, December 05, 2008

Sarah Palin Shocker - No to Oprah Appearance!

From Hillbuzz:

Oprah refused to allow Sarah Palin on her daily yawnfest during the campaign, but wants her on the show now. Palin, apparently, told her to stuff it.

You betcha!

We like Sarah Palin more and more each day.

2012 can’t get here soon enough.

Funnily enough, Oprah will be off the air by then!

Could not have said it better myself. Ms. Winfrey displayed ridiculous partisanship, campaigning for Obama vis a vis her television "show". During that time she publicly refused to invite Palin on her show - and if memory serves, Palin did not comment on this major faux pas at the time. Palin might have refused then, as she has now - when she received an after-the-fact invitation. Oprah, a former beauty contest contestant herself, should have known better. A professional would have been more concerned with ratings, rather than petty partisanship. Palin, is granting interviews to every press outlet but Oprah, and now Oprah whining. What's not to like about Palin?

Barney Frank(D-MA) Has the Nerve to Chastise Obama in the Press.

Barney Frank (D-MA), is disappointed in President-Elect Obama’s “lack of assertiveness” in dealing with the current economic crisis as well as his intention to be “post-partisan”. In a recent AP article, Frank, along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cohort Chris Dodd (D-CT), whine that Obama has done little to address the current financial crisis. This crisis, a result of the boondoggle over at Freddie and Fannie, can be laid at the doorstep of both of those blowhards. Frank, who has received a pass from the media on his involvement in this mess from the beginning, is now calling on Obama to play a more significant role in "fixing" the economy – prior to his inauguration. One has to give the President-Elect credit – he’s playing by the rules – apparently this has Frank and Dodd’s panties in a proverbial bunch. Their solution – take it to the press.

Dodd, who is under “investigation’ by a Senate Ethics Committee for a ”sweetheart deal” of a mortgage he and his wife received from Countrywide Financial, complains that there is no need to wait until Obama takes office –

“The Obama team has to step up," Sen. Christopher Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and one of the lead negotiators, said Nov. 21 in Hartford, Conn. "In the minds of the people, this is the Obama administration. I don't think we can wait until January 20." (AP) He has got to be kidding.

Meanwhile, Frank, as usual, is deflecting blame by pointing fingers at the “other side of the aisle’. Obama’s plan to be post-partisan is not setting well with Frank:

"It is a grave mistake to assume that parties are irrelevant to this process," he said. "My one difference with the president-elect, about whom I am very enthusiastic, is when he talks about being post-partisan.

"Having lived with this very right wing Republican group that runs the House most of the time, the notion of trying to deal with them as if we could be post-partisan gives me post-partisan depression," Frank said. (AP)

Frank, ever the clown, went so far as to suggest that legislation aimed at preventing abuses in subprime mortgages might have a better chance of passing next year when the Democrats have an even larger majority. Frank must have been paying attention to a recent “documentary” by John Ziegler entitled “How Obama Got Elected”. The video, available on You Tube here - and shown below, is based on “civic knowledge” exit polls taken November 4th - there is a shocking disconnect with Obama voters and facts regarding who actually ran Congress for the past two years! Additionally, these voters had no clue who Barney Frank is!

Perhaps Barney feels all voters are as fuzzy on the facts, which might account for his increasing and ridiculous outbursts. Obama, who has put together a team that is moderate to centrist - post-partisan if you will, most likely holds no such delusions. One has to have a bit of sympathy for the President-Elect – he will have to govern this nation through a financial crisis created, in greater part, by members of his own party, threats of terrorism both at home and abroad and constant complaints from the angry left due to his moderate appointments. If conservatives think that this is going to be a long four years, there is comfort in the fact that this will be a longer four years for the President Elect - he has Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, those stand-up (comedian) Democrat institutions with which to contend.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Catholic Priests Opposition to Pro-Abortion Candidates Intensifies

A Catholic Priest in Modesto California has urged his parishioners who voted for Obama to take confession – a Catholic sacrament of admission of sin. The priest did note that those who knew Obama was pro-abortion and still voted for him were in need of this sacrament. The Bishop in control of that particular parish cried foul – stating parishioners were under no such obligation. This most likely came after the usual hue and cry went out from those who feel that the Catholic Church (rich in Democrat voters) is off limits when it comes to Christian denominations decrying pro-abortion candidates. They draw on the question of “separation of church and state” as applied to the Constitution – which is ludicrous to say the least. However, the Church has every right, under the same clause, to follow its own doctrine, and as such, denounce political candidates who would uphold practices contrary to the Church.

The problem arises when the leadership within the Church (in the United States), has strong affiliations with politicians, most notably Democrats. This results in the chastisement of priests who are merely following established doctrine, by those Bishops who are choosing a political party over the pulpit. In November, at a semi-annual Bishops meeting, Frances George of Chicago noted:

"If the election is misinterpreted ideologically as a referendum on abortion," said Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, "the unity desired by President-elect Obama and all Americans at this moment of crisis would be impossible to achieve."

"Aggressively pro-abortion policies, legislation and executive orders will permanently alienate tens of millions of Americans, and would be seen by many as an attack on the free exercise of their religion," George said.

These statements may be seen as unusual considering the Catholic Church has, for years, been supported by and supporters of Democrat Candidates (Massachusetts: Notrious Cardinal Law received support from Ted Kennedy (D-MA) when petitioned to step down after the child molestation scandal hit the US Catholic Churches )

Why the sudden change of heart towards the tie-in between pro-abortion Catholic candidates and their role in the church? Perhaps it comes to rest on the media itself – with the last two elections (2006 and 2008), high-profile Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, were touted by the media as “Catholics”, they campaigned as “Catholics”, and yet are decidedly following anti-Catholic doctrine. This “advertising of religious affiliations” which is, by the way, OK for some politicians’, but not for others (Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, to name but two), woke the Church from a long apathetic sleep. Therefore, kudos should go to those priests that will stand up to the Bishops - as well as those Bishops who will support the doctrine and follow their religion before politics, practicing their rights under the First Amendment.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Giving Credit Where Due – Palin Inspires Georgia GOP - Hollywood Envisions 2012 Clinton-Palin Match up.

The state of Georgia received a great deal of media attention in the past few weeks, due to the all important run-off election between incumbent Republican Senator Chambliss and his Democrat opponent, Jim Martin. The media hype surrounding the ability of various political stars to turn the election fueled many debates in both the press and cable news, especially regarding the ability of Palin to either help or hurt Chambliss – with the majority of articles being somewhat negative. Chambliss won the run-off handily – Palin who was in Georgia on Monday, crisscrossed the state holding rally’s to get out the vote. Martin campaigned with the rapper “Ludicrous” on Monday. The question now remains: Will Palin be given the credit for helping get out the vote for Chambliss in a big way? Most likely, if she is acknowledged in the media, it will be reported that she appealed to the “base” – a term used exclusively for Republicans in the media – defined as “right-wing, Christian, etc.” – or, better put, an attempt to marginalize the Governor’s general appeal and denigrate a segment of society that has not conformed to elite dogma. There may even be a few remarks thrown in about the Governor’s feminine side for good measure – in order to downplay the fact that “as a woman”, she is somehow not capable of standing on experience or merit, rather must use her femininity to achieve a goal. These assumptions are based upon the past so-called “new articles” mentioning Sarah Palin.

Palin’s ability to continue to take center stage may be part of the media’s angst. At the Governor’s conference with President-Elect Obama on Tuesday, the Dallas Morning News reported that “Mr. Obama made a beeline for the GOP vice presidential nominee, shaking her hand before those of 47 others, sharing a friendly chat..” One can read into that greeting several different scenario’s, however, the most likely being Obama greeted Palin first, out of respect for her ability on the campaign trail, and secondly her ability to effectively Govern the most important energy producing State. Of course, there may be another (although unlikely at this point) reason entirely – that Palin poses a threat to Obama as a candidate in 2012. Considering the effect that Hollywood believes itself to have on the majority of the populace when it comes to issues of government, Hollywood Today’s, article is a warning that the gloves are off Obama and 2012 is now in play. “The Future is Here, Hillary vs. Palin”, envisions the 2012 race with both top-of-the-ticket candidates as women – the choice of Clinton and Palin is explained in clear, and honest terms, giving credit where credit is due. This may be a sign of early “buyer’s remorse”, or most likely, the fact that many are looking forward to 2012 – requiring a political high if you will. Regardless of the reason, it is heartening to think that the nation will not have to wait another 24 years (Woman as V.P. nominee Timeline: Ferraro to Palin) before seeing women compete for the nations top job.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sarah Palin - Continues to Take Heat (Sexism) from Press and Partisans

Sarah Palin, Republican Governor of the State of Alaska and former vice-presidential candidate continues to be in the “limelight” and is the most scrutinized, and marginalized political figure by both the press and party partisans. Why all the hoopla over this rising political “star”? Simply put, the Governor is a forceful figure, she appeals to both the cultural conservative base as well as those who lean Republican, she is a favorite to be on the 2012 Republican ticket, and she is a woman. The fact that Palin is a woman who retains her femininity, is pro-life, pro-second amendment, earned a degree the hard way, does not hide her Christianity, and does not speak New York, Los Angeles or Washington D.C. language appears to be the problem(s).

During the 2006- 2008 (longest primary season on record), fist Hillary Clinton, then Palin, we’re viciously attacked by the press and those within their own and opposing political parties, not for policy, rather because they were women. Clinton was never allowed to stand on her own merits: it was either her husband, Former President Bill Clinton, that was brought into article after article as “baggage”, her fashion sense, and her physical attributes, including her laugh that we’re included in most press reports. Once it was clear that Clinton was dispatched from the Democrat contest, the heat came off, (somewhat). It was difficult to determine, during that entire period, what was most insulting to Clinton, however, as married women understand, to be compared to and demeaned because of a spouse, is perhaps most frustrating and denigrating. The fact that the media had not risen above the sexist rhetoric, was surprising – however, the picked a battle, racism versus sexism to support a candidate and in schoolyard fashion, threw every they could muster at Clinton.

Enter Sarah Palin, a Governor of the State that half the population can’t find on a map, a woman on the Republican ticket, and one who for many women gendered excitement, including those who were not in the media’s “Palin demographic”, because she was not the typical politician, she was married, she had children and she managed her job; not unlike the “rest of us”. Although the general school of media thought was that Palin was a poor substitute for Clinton, and would never have been chosen had Clinton been on the top of the ticket – this argument is fallacious. Women, in politics are, to be sure, scarce, however, that said, women are the largest demographic. It is not inconceivable that two women, both with positions in government, could be chosen to run for a higher office, in the same general election – unless of course, the school of thought remains that “the quota has been met.” That seems to be the case.
Palin’s additional problem, besides being a women, is that she is a social conservative with all the markings of a feminist, with the exception of her pro-life stance.

Additionally, Palin continues to generate press, as she goes about the business of her State and her Party. On December 1st, Palin was in Georgia, campaigning for Senator Chambliss – in an article by Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, he complains that “Sarah Palin is reportedly drawing decent but not great crowds in her sweep through Georgia on behalf of Saxby Chambliss.” And then admits: “The turnout is certainly a lot better than any other political figure this side of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton could attract.” Palin, who was in Georgia campaigning for Chambliss, because she is adept at rallying the base, is then demonized:
“The Saxby Chambliss signs are plentiful, but it’s clear even before you walk in that this is a Sarah Palin for President event, four years ahead of its time,” reports Jim Galloway from the Gwinnett Center.
The enthusiasm and turnout reflect Palin’s appeal to the party base and should be helpful to Chambliss in his re-election effort. But polls say that the same traits that endear Palin to the hard-core GOP are turnoffs to independents and moderates.
“Palin’s image, being the way it is for independents, puts her at a distinct disadvantage from a general election standpoint,” Tony Fabrizio, a veteran GOP strategist, told Politico. “But it wouldn’t be the first time the hard-core base ran off the cliff.””
The idea that Palin could be campaigning early for 2012 is, in itself ridiculous, and should she, in 2010 make a stronger appearance in the most traditional places (Iowa, New Hampshire), and then one might be able to conclude that she might be running for a higher office. The remarks about her “image”, vis a vis independents is not necessarily accurate given that recent polling indicates that republican leaning independents favor Palin and the left, does not. It is as it should be, at this point in the game, just a month past the general election. Should Palin continue to be the popular governor from the State of Alaska (which, due to her rise in politics, more people can find on the map, with a positive net gain for the State in tourism), and continue to connect with the base as well as those who lean Republican, she will present a viable threat to the left in 2012. This is understood all too well. In Alaska, KTUU Anchorage, reported that the Chairwoman for the Alaskan Democrat Party has a few complaints regarding Palin’s travels outside of the state. Palin, who has been absent from the State for a period of 5 days out of 27, should, according to this “party hack” be attending to state business. Palin, who must defend herself consistently, while the governors, both Democrat and Republican, the lower 48, attend the same conferences, take time off for book tours (Massachusetts, Deval Patrick (D), or campaign for members of their own party, do not come under the same scrutiny nor are the subject to this intense criticism. Therefore, should Palin continue to grow, and be seen and recognized by those who both love her or love to hate her, over the next four years, she will become a greater threat to those who would not see any woman as President or Vice President. Palin is doing a service not only to her country, but to her gender, by proving that a woman can govern and be a central figure in a political party, and perhaps in 2012, through her efforts now, perhaps other women will be inclined to seek office, including the office of the Presidency.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Hillary Clinton Leads Obama Security Team - A Strong Center to Right Message

Hillary Clinton, Senator from the State of New York and 2008 presidential candidate will lead Barack Obama’s Security Team as Secretary of State. Clinton, a former Goldwater Girl,has proven to be strong in terms of national security issues during her tenure in the Senate. She has a consistent centrist record on issues of Homeland Security and National Defense, (Review of Senator Clinton's Record by Roll Call Vote available at - A sample of her record: “Yea”: Hatch Amendment. No. 4037; To retain jurisdiction over the Secret Service in the Committee on the Judiciary and the Chambliss Amendment No. 1271; To prevent funds from being made available to provide assistance to a country which has refused to extradite certain individuals to the United States).
Case in point, Barack Obama could not have made a better choice: Clinton with Gates as Secretary of Defense, and former Clinton Associate, Susan Rice as U.N. Ambassador, will be the voice of reason in this administration. Understanding that her bid for the Presidency would be better launched from the Senate, it is without a doubt that Clinton, by her acceptance of this post – put her country first – not her party and not her own ambition. She is a true patriot.

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